Mixed or average reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 28
  2. Negative: 3 out of 28
  1. With simple, intuitive controls making combat and exploration a pleasure, what starts off as a fairly routine blade-swishing blizzard soon settles into a more interesting groove. With secret-packed levels offering countless opportunities to poke around, it's a formula that's familiar but satisfying.
  2. Overall Blade Kitten is a joy to play. The control system is well thought out and Kit possesses a dynamic range of moves.
  3. Play UK
    A pleasant surprise. [Issue#197, p.103]
  4. 70
    All the elements of a great game are here: gorgeous graphics, stellar controls, a robust move set -- yet Krome seems content to settle for mediocrity when placing them into a cohesive whole.
  5. 70
    A good game overall, but with some flaws: a somewhat confusing story and some repetitive moments in gameplay, extending too much some stages. A good option both for younger people and more mature gamers who want a challenge.
  6. 70
    Blade Kitten is far from an abomination. In fact it packs enough charm to make it worthy of a purchase for fans of the series, or action fans that enjoy the eccentric platformer.
  7. Jan 13, 2011
    Blade Kitten is a controversial platform / action game, with some strenghts (Kit can do almost everything, from climbing the walls to fight with a flying sword) and some flaws (the level design is mediocre, the combat system is simplistic and there are some minor bugs). With its nineteen levels, the game will entertain you for a few hours.
  8. If you are looking for a fresh, action based game to download, Blade Kitten is a great option. While the gameplay might not be purfect, Krome Studios has poured a lot of love into this one to make Blade Kitten stick out from the bunch.
  9. Ultimately, I appreciate the vibrant and unique world that Krome Studios creates, and despite the substandard voice work, I enjoy Blade Kitten's wacky characters as well. However, aside from a few puzzles and boss battles, the gameplay fails to leave a lasting impression.
  10. 65
    The real kicker to this title, however, is its cliffhanger ending (after all, this is only Episode 1 of what I presume will be at least a three- or four-part series) which is more frustrating than tantalising.
  11. Nice presentation and good mix of genres, but the gameplay fails to leave a lasting impression.
  12. There are some unlockables, but they can all be accessed by the halfway point, and the story is too basic to retain most players' interest.
  13. In conclusion Blade Kitten is a mixed bag, providing some fluid platforming with mediocre combat. Whilst the game never really blows you away, it never stoops to being anywhere near terrible. It's certainly unfortunate that Kit's first outing is one that is very forgettable and brimming with repetition, as there is certainly potential here.
  14. Blade Kitten is simple, but simple is fun when such a fantastic world surrounds you. Kit's characterization makes immersing into Blade Kitten's world difficult, but at least attempt the adventure. You may not want to kill Kit the whole time. Maybe.
  15. 60
    Blade Kitten turns out to be an amusing game but it doesn't manage to leave a strong impression. You might enjoy the first play through but after that the game will just lie there, collecting dust.
  16. Jan 12, 2011
    Blade Kitten is based on a internet comic and the comic is fun, but the game isn't. The gameplay is in 2D and way too simple, you're weapons are too strong and the many bosses doesn't deliver a competition. The basis is here and let's hope that any sequel will be better.
  17. If you're incredibly desperate for a sidescroller, then Blade Kitten will waste a handful of hours for you, and might even scratch your itch. You really would have to make sure there's nothing else left to play before considering opening your wallet for this, though.
  18. Blade Kitten is one of those good ideas that stumbles due to mediocre execution and almost mindless repetition, in terms of both gameplay and technical aspects.
  19. Games Master UK
    Dec 25, 2010
    It's a generously proportioned campaign, laden with collectibles; shame it's not a bit more fun to mess about in. [Issue#232, p.87]
  20. Oct 25, 2010
    Bad level design and boring battles make us yell "meh" at an annoying sound level.
  21. The tale is muddled and poorly executed, the action is unremarkable, and yet, for all its issues, Blade Kitten is still a playable game with enough sugary-sweet style to appeal to a younger audience – or indeed those with an interest in all things cat-girl.
  22. 50
    The platforming can be fun in short bursts and the presentation is very cute, but that can't save this game from its lackluster storyline and cyclical gameplay.
  23. Overall, there are no redeeming values to Blade Kitten. It wasn't charming, witty, well thought out or exciting.
  24. Blade Kitten has an apt look and offers good platforming, but it suffers from repetitiveness and a marked lack of originality that should always be present in a good platform game.
  25. Dull platforming and button-mashing action make Blade Kitten a disappointing first game for its cute-as-a-cat heroine.
  26. AceGamez
    Blade Kitten is, overall, a disappointing experience. While functional, it does little to impress and even though it may last a while, there is little impetus to play beyond the first level.
  27. games(TM)
    Blade Kitten saves itself from the lower reaches of the ten-point scale with some genuinely impressive level design. It's complex without being confusing, the tangled and involved areas seemingly offering multiple avenues but always pushing you along the correct route. [Issue#101, p.127]
  28. If you are trying to ween a GF (or BF, never let it be said GR isn't progressive) on to modern consoles, this could be a great stepping stone, as the gameplay and graphics are just as simple as they were back in the day. But if you're a hardcore, experienced gamer, you may want to skip Blade Kitten in favor of playing with other pussycats.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 10 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 10
  2. Negative: 2 out of 10
  1. Sep 18, 2012
    Well, Blade Kitten is a decent but fun downloadable game. But since I was playing the game, there were some minor bug problems and some of theWell, Blade Kitten is a decent but fun downloadable game. But since I was playing the game, there were some minor bug problems and some of the levels were good, but 2 levels including the final boss battle, Dreadnaught, is kinda too hard for me to beat and that's why they keep pushing the game too much time. But one of my favorites were the in-game cutscenes that any anime that fans choose may wanna take notes on. It's like Robotech meets Oh My Goddess!. The characters look amazing, I actually like Kit Ballard. And an incredible collection of concept art from the Blade Kitten website. Although there's no Episode 2, which they were supposed to be released as a downloadable content, but it never happened. It's kind of a challenge, but Blade Kitten is kinda disappointing, but I sure hope Atari or any other company could release all of the episodes of Kitten. Decent game, but worth renting. Full Review »
  2. Oct 19, 2010
    This game is sort of like Strider and Earthworm Jim platforming, but its much more fun. Combat is basic and enemies are best to be avoided.This game is sort of like Strider and Earthworm Jim platforming, but its much more fun. Combat is basic and enemies are best to be avoided. Blade kitten controls like a dream and levels are fairly good. The music is great and the graphics aren't too bad. There might be mixed reviews, but this game is worth buying for any platformer fan. Full Review »
  3. May 11, 2013
    I just registered so I could dispel the crap reviews this game is getting. I am really fed up with reviewers right seems they can'tI just registered so I could dispel the crap reviews this game is getting. I am really fed up with reviewers right seems they can't seem to understand that in order to be a 'good' game it has to be 'fun' to actually play! All these reviews of Journey...okami...far cry 3 blood dragon....ac3....dmc reboot etc etc. These may be solid games with solid gameplay and everything else....but they weren't fun! Out of all the demo's I have downloaded off of psn blade kitten's was the only one that I actually enjoyed playing. And this demo was actually the longest one I've come by the end of it you actually have an idea if you are going to like the game or not. Now your going to hear all of these bad comments about the gameplay and the fighting and....the regular crap people pick apart when reviewing a game. I downloaded the demo and for some reason a few days later I saw the game price dropped from $15 to $5 CDN/US. It wasn't even in the bargain didn't even say or indicate that the price was originally $15. FOR $5 there is a load of content here to enjoy. If you enjoyed the demo, you will enjoy the game. The game will offer you enough challenge with the enemies and ultimately.... a fun time! The demo enemies are easy once you learn their attack patterns and your own's a tutorial level afterall! Know that the difficult scales appropriately after the demo content.This argument that the combat system is about spamming the attack button and for some enemies it's about hitting an extra block button in between....yes you can probably beat all the enemies hitting a combination of 2 buttons....but you won't. You will be using all of Kit's special attacks...cause they are rewarding to do! The 2 button mechanic requires you to properly position yourself the same way against every enemy. Nobody would do this....especially when you can do it in a much more satisfying and quicker manner using the special moves! When all is said and done... Play the demo. For $5 this game is a steal. If you want a personalized review I'd rate it as probably an 7.5-8/10. The game has flaws....but they aren't nearly as bad as every other bad review would have you believe. Full Review »