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  1. Sep 18, 2012
    borderlands 2 is published by 2k games and developed by gearbox. one thing im specially told about this game borderlands 2 is awesome.
    borderlands 2 start with a great hand down cinematic story.Characters from the previous game initiate events that cause the planet to spit out precious minerals. Like any good story.The most significant change Borderlands 2 can boast over its predecessor
    is a cohesive plot that actually hangs together reasonably well and drives the story missions forward at a decent pace.The other big change in Borderlands 2 comes in the game's playable class structure. The melee-enhanced Berserker has been replaced this time around by a "Gunzerker" class that can briefly dual wield any two weapons, making for some enjoyably over the top combinations (I particularly enjoyed simultaneously using a shotgun in one hand and a rocket launcher in the other, which I can't recall ever doing in a first-person shooter). I also enjoyed the new Assassin class, which comes with the extremely useful ability to escape with the aid of a temporary decoy, and can use skill tree upgrades that make him a quality melee attacker.
    noow the time to tell something about graphics last borderlands using cell shaded engine which mean everything like cartoonist now the game using unreal engine 3.every thing in the game is design very well and work on more then 60 frame per second on xbox 360,ps3 and normal pc.if u like the review plz comment about this review thanks.
  2. Oct 18, 2012
    Let me say this right off the bat: Borderlands 2 is not a bad game. Borderlands 2 is NOT a bad game!

    On the surface, Borderlands 2 is a very good-looking, witty, polished shooter that seems like it would deliver everything the first game had to deliver, and some more. However, beneath that charming exterior lies an extreeeeeemely slow and repetitive shooter that makes anyone with a
    working gag reflex to put the game down and play with Microsoft Excel instead.

    I loved the first Borderlands, I would play and play before sleep (and then not go to sleep), I loved the gameplay; the RPG and the First Person Shooter combination was unlike anything I ever seen, I remember thinking that Borderlands was everything I wanted Fallout 3 to be. So, what went wrong with the sequel?

    First of all, do you recall the tutorial section of the first Borderlands where Claptrap escorts you around the bandit camp? That section took around 15 minutes and the game threw you into an open world, giving you a few quests to start yourself off. In Borderlands 2, someone thought it would be a marvelous idea to expand that 15 minutes of tutorial into a span of 2 hours, 2 mundane hours of you going through the same, boring, ice environment, listening to that poor excuse of a "funny little robot" called Claptrap yelling in your ear through the whole thing. I don't know about you, but I didn't find any gameplay in Borderlands 2 before reaching Sanctuary fun in any way shape or form.

    Gameplay remains the same as the first Borderlands: Shoot and loot, there are tons of different guns with different stats, you can swap them in and out at any time in your inventory, you can equip different shields and grenade mods too, for those who have played the first game, this will feel familiar to you. Speaking of shoot and loot, the shooting is the main course of the game, it begins to feel repetitive and boring killing the same type of enemy over and over and over, with the occasional "badass" enemy or miniboss thrown in to slow you down, looting remains the same; you go to anything that has a green light and mash the loot button to loot stuff, although, 99% of the time, you won't find anything that's better than what you currently have and you'll end up selling the loot instead, which begs the question of why not just have cash as loot instead in the first place if it's not going to be better items.

    My main complaint about Borderlands 2 is how slow the game feels, quests seems to drag on and on over long stretches of maps that feels longer than they should be, and to make maters worse, the quest rewards don't seem to be ever worth it; let me give you an example: I'm level 25 and I need 15k EXP to reach level 26, I look up some quests on the billboard that are around level 23 to level 25, and how much EXP do they give? 1000 EXP? Are you kidding me? That's not even 10% of what I need to reach the next level! The enemies barely give any EXP worth mentioning, so in the end, it's all just a huge waste of time. In the first game, you would be rewarded EXP for completing challenges, so maybe that's why this game feels so slow in the leveling compared to the first, I don't mind the "Badass Tokens" system they implemented in this one for completing challenges, but why can't we have EXP on top of that?

    My final gripe of this game is the so-called "humor". I'll be honest, I didn't find the humor in the first game funny, but the writing was tolerable, in Borderlands 2, the developers seemed so pleased with themselves that they decided to rub the humor in so hard that it will forever leave a shameful imprint of claptrap on your face. I watched a stream of someone playing the game for the first time and as soon as the "0 as a number" appeared in the intro, about 15 people in the chat went "Lol, that is so clever!"


    Not... really... It was kind of uncomfortable to witness and I was surprised my brain didn't slip out of my nostrils to escape further humiliation.

    In conclusion, I would say that Borderlands 2 is not worth £40 (I paid £60 for the Collector's Edition...), maybe pick it up at £15 if you really want to, but I say stick with the first game, if you haven't played the first one and you're really aching for a quirky, first person shooter with RPG elements, then I say definitely pick this up.
  3. Oct 18, 2012
    I understand why some people love borderlands 2, however I just couldn't force myself to love it.
    Single player felt a little too difficult for certain classes, while I understand the wants of the multiplayer crowd don't ruin single player in the process.
  4. Sep 18, 2012
    This game is great. Must buy. I dont wan to spoil it so i don't want to talk about it. I have to say something to the dude above me ^^^JabbaTheSlutsh
    Just because a game announces future DLC doesn't allow you to hate the developers. The game has all the content you need. If you liked it so much you would buy the future ones. On the other hand, I wouldn't blame you if they had ON DISK DLC.
    THAT IS a pisoff because you are buying things that are "locked" in your disk. (games like saints row 3, and Street Fighter vs Tekken. L Expand
  5. Oct 2, 2012
    One word review: BOREDLANDS...
    Oh my god, it IS boring...

    An awful sad, boring to the teeth game. Even worst than the ridiculous first installment, this train wreck of a game is dull, predictable and generic to the extreme. Same old same old mediocre FPS game disguised as a very bad written RPG. Avoid at all costs.
  6. Sep 19, 2012
    If you had even a passing interest in Borderlands, do yourself a favor and pick up Borderlands 2. This game improves upon every aspect of the first game in a big way. This is immediately apparent when viewing the character skill tress. At first glance it might seem that each new character class in Borderlands 2 is merely a crude facsimile of one from the first game, however, the skill progression for the new classes is far different from the classes of the previous game. For example, where Brick (the previous game's tank class) was a powerhouse when it came to melee, Salvador (the new tank class) is able to dual wield weapons for brief time to double his firepower. The latter ability is especially useful in Borderlands 2, as the weapons have been greatly improved since the first game. The guns are easily distinguishable from one another by their visual design alone and new weapon parts add a great deal of variety to the combat (you can get an assault rifle that shoots rockets!). Moreover, you won't have to grind for hours on end in the hopes of getting a useful item. Sure you'll still need to put forth a bit more effort to get the extremely rare items, but you'll be able to move forward in the story line knowing that upgrades to your current items are just around the corner. This is good news, because the story is fantastic. If you played the first Borderlands, you can expect to encounter much of the same humor found in that game, and nearly every conversation in the game will have you chuckling if not laughing uncontrollably. This is in part thanks to the amazing cast of characters in the game. Old friends return (Scooter, The Vault Hunters, etc.), but you'll also encounter new, unforgettable characters such as the surprisingly likable villain Handsome Jack. However, those looking for the bland, barren landscape of Borderlands will have to look elsewhere. The level design in Borderlands 2 is as varied as it is beautiful: ranging from tundras to verdant hills. To summarize: get this game as soon as you possibly can! Also, I would like to ask why users giving this game a negative review complain of a day one DLC. If they are referring to the Premiere Club Membership included with every copy of the game that was pre-ordered, their argument would then extend to every game that has ever given bonus content to people who pre-order. Was Uncharted 3 a terrible game because it let people acquire multiplayer rewards early by pre-ordering the game? Certainly not. Expand
  7. Oct 6, 2012
    This game doesn't do anything particularly risky. What it does is takes a successful formula and gives it a little extra unique flavor. The gun variety has and story have both been greatly improved. Character class diversity has the same level of quality and entertainment value as the previous title. Characters and environments are much more diverse and satisfying this time around. The bada** ranking system is a welcome edition and adds an extra layer of customization and replay value. A few small issues were overlooked, such as the the lack of a gps system to guide you on the map, but overall still one of the best games of the year. Expand
  8. Sep 29, 2012
    The game is improved in almost every area. However the AI is terrible. You can shoot people whilst other enemies stand oblivious just a few metres away. Claptrap is as annoying as ever and the humour is really childish. Guns are great though and lots of fun to be had with all the different designs.
  9. Sep 25, 2012
    Borderlands 2 was beyond all my wildest expectations. Greatly improved graphics and sound design, much more varied weapons, shields and class mods and the greatest intro you've ever seen in a video game. You have much of time to spend in Borderlands 2 with 40+ hours of varied missions and tons upon tons of challenges to complete. If you wanna chill you can gamble on the vending machines in the city of Sanctuary.

    If you liked Borderlands 1, you will definitely like 2.

    I have four words left so say: I Love This Game!
  10. Oct 7, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is game for pshyco`s, with graphics that suck like hell, and all you do is go and kill, the whole series is stupid, all its made is for killing and killing and not using your mind, to me this game is pointless, the only thing i see in this game is to kill 2 million people. It`s stupid once again it is a pointless game and does not make sense at all, i have to agree with these 16 bad reviews. It has no sense, i don`t know why people are giving 9`s and 10`s to this game totally not worth it. Overall i say, there is no goal except killing, the graphics suck, like the shadows. So i wouldnt pay much for this game to me it`s worth something like 10 to 15$, it doesnt look realistic. I dont know if you agree with me or not. But this is my review, i respect yours and you should respect mine. thank you. Expand
  11. Oct 17, 2012
    While not as good as the original Borderlands, this is still a pretty good game that only suffers by the consistent dumbing-down of the RPG elements and other details to (supposedly) attract a wider audience. In a game supposedly about loot, there is actually less of it and fewer different types in the sequel, than in Borderlands. Strange but true and this data is backed up on the Gearbox forums. No more weapon profieicneis, no more gun stats like zooom, recoil or sway, etc. Not all is bad news, and along with the streamlining negatives, the missions are a bit better and the locales more varied, but it can still get boring and Borderlands 2 doesn't manage to hit the same mood or environment level that the original did. Sometimes playing Borderlands, the mood and ambiance was so heavy you almost felt like you were out in a desolate wasteland, but you'll never forget you're playing a videogame with the sequel. There is an old saying that "the Devil's in the details" and by removing so many of the important "details" from the hit original, Gearbox seems to forgotten that. Expand
  12. Jan 12, 2013
    Its Borderlands, not different from the first one much, though the weapons are a little more diverse and the plot gets going quicker which is good being the first one was a little too spaced between the fun moments. The problem I have with the game is that you see a camp of baddies, you shoot one and they all go nuts, you kill them, you move forward and more baddies spawn, repeat a thousand times more add some boss battles and you got the whole game. But its still enjoyable, just as Skyrim was good for at least 50 hours before you realized that you are just stuck in a loop, and by then you got your moneys worth unlike most games released. Expand
  13. Nov 28, 2012
    I loved the first borderlands and sunk many hours in to it. i didn't get this one till they had a black friday sale on it for $25 because i just didn't have the time to play it and my friends who i would be playing this with online said they just didn't care for it much. so i didn't feel rushed to get it day one even though i really did want to play it. well since my friends arn't playing this i have to play it solo since i refuse to play with people i don't know online. nothing ruins my game experiance more then playing with A-Holes . it wasn't a huge deal to me since i enjoyed playing the first in both co-op and solo mode. Let me say that with in the first few hours some thing about the game just didn't feel right and i still can't put my finger on it exactly but i had a hard time getting in to it. I just kept feeling like going to play some thing els but i kept telling myself its going to get better when i start getting thoose sick guns. Even though the story this time around is much improved from the first one ... which the first ones story kinda sucked. i found myself with in 6 hours in to the game dieng... ALOT! and it pretty much happens around the boss fights. they have made this game so rediculasly hard to play solo its beyond stupid. It makes you wonder what the develpers where even thinking. the first one had such a perfect balance of when you went from solo to co-op it felt just perfect. Borderlands 2 still feels like a good game but just doesn't feel like the great game the first one was even if the single player issue wasn't so nightmarish. i would bump the score up to a 8 if they ever do patch it to fix that issue. for now i just want to quik finish it toss it on the shelf and there it will most likely sit . i have no intrest in the DLC. Expand
  14. Sep 27, 2012
    This might end up being the best game of this generation. It is the cross between rpg and shooter that we dreamed of since we first imagined the cross was possible (I though of it when playing halo 2, back in the day). A perfect game. Endlessly smooth gameplay, with a faster pace than the original. I just don't experience any 'I wanna get through this part because it is boring' moments here. One of the best games I've ever played. Expand
  15. dpc
    Sep 19, 2012
    Great game, like the 1st. However, I'm in the minority, I guess, about the new UI. I actually find it unnecessarily busy and not as clear as before, and comparing guns is just as awkward. That said, it's absolutely impossible to put down the controller and not want to push through one more level or pop one more bandit's head off. And few games, if any, make leveling and the RPG angle feel so immediate and satisfying. The gameplay and animations are stellar as is the sound and music. You can't go wrong with B2 because it really does have something for everyone. Expand
  16. Sep 19, 2012
    This is for the RPG fans who don't play shooters. Like you, I was skeptical. In fact, I still wouldn't play COD on a dare. But Borderlands 2 is different. It will latch on to the min/maxing, loot seeking, customizing pleasure centers in your brain just like Skyrim or Dragon Age. Then it will take your stat obsessed customization and reward you with visceral badassery. This is like rewarding sex with chocolate, or vice versa. So do yourself a favor: look past your skepticism and buy this game. Take five hours to work through the learning curve. Then pat yourself on the back for a great decision. Expand
  17. Sep 22, 2012
    In every way better than its predecessor. There are more ways to build your character, more locations (with more variation), a better storyline, more guns (which are all far more unique than those in the original Borderlands), the characters we all know and love from the first entry in the Borderlands series, and more humour. In conclusion, everything about Borderlands 2 is bigger and better than in the original Borderlands. If you even slightly liked that, you're gonna love this. Expand
  18. Sep 30, 2012
    There is only two words that can describe this game. Amazingly epic. The gameplay is perfect, the story is great, and the dialogue is HILARIOUS! This is also my favorite co-op game so far. Its still great even if your a lonely person that has no friends. I've spent about 10 - 15 hrs in this game so far and I don't think I'm even CLOSE to the end of the main story. Don't worry if you beet the story too fast, though. There are MANY side missions. Not to mention that there will be four additional DLC packs coming soon. There all also a BAZILLION (literally) guns to collect. Another thing that I should add is that there is the best Easter Egg ever. I don't want to spoil what it is, but if you find it, you will be highly rewarded. There are also some simpler Easter Eggs to find. Have friends or not, this game is definitely worth buying. 10 out of 10! Expand
  19. Sep 23, 2012
    Borderlands 2 developed by gearbox and published by 2k games is an improvement upon the first in every way. The most notable improvements being to the story, weapons, and UI. The story, thanks to a new writer, is vastly improved over the first and is never forced upon the player. This allows those who wish to experience the storytelling of Borderlands 2 to do so, as well as allowing the option to simply just run and gun through the missions. The guns received the most notable upgrade (being that you will be using them throughout the game) and the weapon manufactures are distinct with each appealing to a different play style. The UI is greatly improved and is more accessible. There are hosts of other improvements to the game that you will simply have to play to find out. I highly recommend this game to both returning fans and newcomers eager to find out what Borderlands 2 is all about. Expand
  20. Oct 15, 2012
    An amazing addition to the original Borderlands 2. While I enjoy this game, I will say Borderlands 1 was far superior. Borderlands 2 simply lacks the comedy that was found in the first installation of this series. It almost appears as if the game went from lowbrow sex puns, plays-on-words, and generally lowbrow witty humor to douchebag humor. Like high-five frat house humor. I totally screwed that chick, brah! Oh my god, dude! That's like totally awesome! *body five*

    Christ, 2k. I'll still give your game a 7, but you dropped the ball on your writing this time around. Rehire the first team and fire your current one.
  21. Sep 30, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is, without a doubt, not as cracked up to be as everyone says it is. Borderlands 2 nothing but the original only with new environments, characters, character customization, etc. Borderlands 2 defiantly improved on the story, fun, and environment as the first one lacked character, story, and replayability. Don't get me wrong, Borderlands 2 can still get boring just like the first but due to the fact it must be played online, if not then it is boring. The characters are much more lively in this one as characters have much larger scripts, background information, and partake in the story more. If you're looking for more from Borderlands 1 then you'll find minimum here in Borderlands 2. Nothing bad about it but defiantly something to point out. If you're new to Borderlands then hop on into it and enjoy the wild ride while it lasts as it'll end within hours in. Expand
  22. 4DI
    Nov 18, 2012
    Borderlands 2 will give you a lasting appeal that is equivalent to 10 modern games, and it's not just because of the huge amount of missions. It's everything else that will bring you back again, and again.
  23. Nov 12, 2012
    Wow. I can't believe this game is so critically acclaimed. After all the hype, I figured I would try it out. What a waste of money that was. I found this game to be boring. Endless fetch quests, boring and cliche story, and annoying characters. I honestly wouldn't recommend buying this game unless you find a game of the year edition in a $10 bargain bin one day, but even then you probably won't have much fun with it. Expand
  24. Dec 9, 2012
    I am having a love / hate relationship with Borderlands 2. On one hand, I'm enjoying it enough to continue playing it after three weeks already, and I'm only about half way through, but on the other hand, all too often I'm finding that playing it is more of a chore than it is fun. Yes, it's great that there are so many varieties of weapons and shields but, well, there are so many that it's a bit mind boggling to sift through it all. Mostly I just pick up everything I find and then sell most of it all off at the next ammo dump. And the mission are so long, so very very long, that it takes upwards of three to five hours just to get from point A to point B in a side mission, that is if you want to waste the enemies instead of just trying to charge your way through them. When you finally complete the quest, it doesn't feel rewarding, instead it's just a relief that the mission is finally over. There are other nuisances such as picking up items that will change the look of your automobile that hog your backpack space when who cares what your stupid automobile looks like; that's such a minor part of the game anyway. No matter what others say, don't believe them otherwise: this is a really hard game to get through solo. If you're not playing with friends online, you will repeatedly find yourself outnumbered in frantic episodes of insanity during which you don't even know what's shooting at you and you will die again and again, and each time you die it's going to cost you some of that loot that you spent hours picking up. With all of this combined I found myself all too often just wishing the mission I was on was over already so I could get on to something else, and the problem is you can't skip the side missions, that's impossible, if you do you won't be leveled up enough to play the main storyline. Yet, on the other hand, with all of this frustration going against it, I'm still coming back to it and playing it because it at least has it's good moments, unlike Dead Island, and the visuals along with the humor is just enough to keep things going by a hair. Expand
  25. Nov 13, 2012
    Terrible awful game designed for 3 year olds. Avoid like the plague just awful awful awful awful cr@p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. Sep 28, 2012
    This game is like a first person diablo with guns. Borderland 2 is RPG meets serious sam. Once you start playing it , you cannot stop. I highly recommend this game.
  27. Oct 24, 2012
    I didn't like the original Borderlands game at all. Borderlands 2 is a step up though. I never really liked the cartoony style of the games,and it ruined the experience for me. Some people may like it which is fine,but for me I thought that the characters clash horribly with the environments. That is also why I never really enjoyed Final Fantasy 7. That's just me though and my score does not reflect the art style what so ever because that would be stupid to give a lower score just for that...This time around the game is a lot better than the first one, that is a given, most sequels today are worse but this one is a big improvement. I give this game a 7 because I just couldn't get into it, same as the first one. The game is not a 10, it is not perfect there are better games out there than this that are not perfect either. I give this game a solid 7. Expand
  28. Jan 16, 2013
    I know that I'm probably going to cause a lot crap on here, but I wasn't that impressed with Borderlands 2. I have played the original, and wasn't that impressed with it either. But after reading up on this game, and seeing new stuff I thought I would give it a try. Now its by no means a bad game, but I just found it to be average not that special. I don't know if its because im over saturated on first person shooters or what, but I played it for a while and eventually traded it in. The graphics were colorful, the humor was great, but online play for me was rocky. I kept getting kicked off, and the massive update that I had to install took better part of three hours to download before I could even get online. Also I think the balance is off when it comes to the enemies. I was level 7, fighting level 5 enemies and they were proving to be difficult,(and at one time actually killed me) now I'm two levels ahead but can't seem to drop them. However I fought a boss that was higher than me and held my own eventually beating him. Overall if Gearbox would fix the balance issues, the laggy online play, and maybe spice the gameplay the next Borderlands could be a awesome game. But as it stands right now, I won't be going back anytime soon.. Expand
  29. Oct 17, 2012
    Come on guys, I really understand that a lot of you LOVE this game, but everyone giving it a 10 is just unrealistic. I generally give this game an 8. It was a very good game to me. It does what it sets out to do and that is to give players a worth while first person shooter experience with a comic side to it. I have mixed feelings about the cell shading. On one side of the coin, it gives the game that "comic book" feel and makes it more fictional and really sets the environment up, On the other side, its a "been there, done that" easy way to texture. I really wish someone would come up with a new way to sell comic book style games without using cell shading, its quite predictable.. On another negative note, the game was sorely repetitive. Go here, kill that, loot this, get reward, rinse and repeat. Now that i got all the negative out of the way, this game was a wonderful time waster. When I was bored I knew i could turn on BL2 and have a good, ol' fashioned killing spree and be rewarded for it. The main story line was good, not great, but good enough that I wanted to complete it. They expanded on the dialogue from the first game in a comically gritty way and in more than one occasion I would burst out laughing at a funny quip or witty sentence. I also really liked how they made the bad guy believe he was the good guy. A good reversal complex on the bad guy added to his anger when you succeed because according to him "bad guys are supposed to lose". One thing I would have love to see added to the game is a romance section. While I know this sounds a little ridiculous to some, I think it would have given the main character a little more drive to complete his goal other than "Just because he/she's a vault hunter". Please don't confuse "romance" with "interactive romance" for I know that wouldn't fit into the genre. A scripted romance would have gone a long way in giving me more motive in my humble opinion. Expand
  30. Sep 21, 2012
    Greatest coop game of all time PERIOD. Beautifully balanced and addictive. I can't imagine how much play testing must have went into this game for it to have come out so great. Trust me: you will not find a better coop game out there. They perfected everything there is to perfect to make the ultimate 2 to 4 player experience.
  31. Sep 21, 2012
    My muted pessimism that Gearbox wouldn't be able to follow up to their previous effort was, thankfully, dispelled in the first twenty minutes. It's great. Another, more wholesome, helping of what we enjoyed in Borderlands with some new ideas to play with. Not many, mind you, but certainly enough. Stuck for a shooter this fall? Look no further.
  32. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a wonderful co-op experience. If you have a healthy friends list and they have the game as well you are going to have a blast. Assuming you played the first edition of Borderlands you know that it is an excellent blend of shooter, comedy, sci-fi, and of course looting. The game is truly imaginative and Borderlands 2 builds on everything that the first one did. The game is still worthwhile and fun if you play single player but to get the most out of it go online, hook up your mic, and play co-op. Outstanding game. Expand
  33. Dec 30, 2012
    I do not review a game before completing it. I just finished as a necromancer and it was great. I usually prefer more open worlds like Skyrim for Fallout3 but this was close. The mission areas were more open than any COD game I have played. The weapons were neat and the missions were more than the fetch type you get in Oblivion. I just kept getting this stale feeling while playing this game. I was doing the same shooting tactics with levitating enemies and throwing grenades. This game would of benefited greatly with more magic like in Bioshock and it would of easily jumped it up a few number grades for me. Worth picking up but not at full price. The 25 dollar black friday sales I saw were perfect. Oh also the story and humor... Never played first Borderlands. Claptrap was annoying. Jack was funny at first but got a little bit old after a while. The plot got extremely interesting once you started working with Roland. It just had so many side missions that did not develop the plot and those were mostly completely devoid of the humor found in the main quests. Also I will try to describe this without spoilers. The end of the plot builds you up and then leaves you dropped off like the last Tron movie in 2010. Expand
  34. Sep 18, 2012
    An absolutely amazing game. Borderlands 2 improves on everything found in Borderlands, from the brilliant writing to the ridiculous number of guns while adding in a plethora of new features. An absolute must have game.
  35. Sep 19, 2012
    Janna the slush... Really? A little over dramatic maybe? I'm pretty sure their not deleteing anything, its a glitch. Notice good reviews are disappearing too? I'm almost positive your score is still in the overall number. You dramma whores need to calm down, this is an amazing game that deserves better than you dubasses. Look at jabbas history, he only rates 1 unless its Spiderman.
  36. Oct 11, 2012
    omg this game is wonderful one of the best game ever.. have made to always improve, to write to enemies in everything. Basically the game is worth every minute of sacrifice .. i love it and i hope 3 for this generation. thank you 2k..
  37. Oct 2, 2012
    One of if not the best RPG's of this generation. This is one of the only games to have made me laugh 2K sure like their sick humour ;) If you liked the original borderlands you will like this game without a doubt it expands on it in every way. Another unusual bonus about this game is as the story progresses you build up a hate towards all of the enemies and get a great satisfaction once you finally finish them off. Expand
  38. Dec 1, 2012
    Great game when it works, but what's the point when the game is so riddled with glitches, the game is unplayable? Unless you like to waste your time building characters only to have your hard work deleted, avoid this game. Gearbox Software is a joke. They have no idea how to fix the glitch and when you visit their forums, they greet you with a particularly offensive brand of Programmer's Superiority Complex. What do they care? They have our money. They shouldn't get yours. They won't get mine again. Expand
  39. Nov 16, 2012
    Great Game! Im not the biggest Shooter fan but this one really kept me going with its really funny and deep storyline. I recommend it to everyone, whether your a shooter fan or not.
  40. Nov 19, 2012
    The BEST MMO type of game on consoles to date!! This game should be in the running for game of the year!! Lets get to it!!

    GRAPHICS = 9 Yes there still Cell Shaded. That said they are gorgeous! They are a step up from the original and there are a lot of new things and additions to the style they have developed that make your eyeballs want to pop out of your head! There
    are a few hiccups and graphical glitches here and there that could have been polished out but over all the game is beautiful!!

    GAMEPLAY = 10 The time you spend with your friends helping them out, leveling them up, finishing quests, trading weapons, and generally just having fun seems endless! The world Pandora seems alive and well, even if it is out to kill you every second your in it! The characters are very stylized and all are full of life as you would expect from the developers that gave life to claptrap! There are lots of creatures and baddies to kill of all different kinds and finding the right weapon for the job is half the fun. The boss fights are basically all about finding the soft spot and hitting it till the boss dies but its still fun and a good challenge. There are a butt load of weapons! They all act differently according to the manufacturer and the type of stats they have. The levels seem a little more linear than they did in the first game, this is something I personally loved and felt that it kept the game fast and furious instead of wandering around aimless in the same droll looking desert the whole game. Music/Sound EFX = 8 They went with the Dubstep sound track on this one... that said ..its a bit weak for Dubstep. For the most part the sound EFX are the same as the original game and don't really change much. So personally there's nothing really thought provoking or groundbreaking here. The only thing that really redeems the soundtrack is the voice acting! If it weren't for the great voice acting and character style this game would be an audio mess!! That said the characters are full of life and humor most of the time!

    CONTROLS = 9 The Controls are the same as the first game. Nothing has changed but they still feel natural and don't get in the way of the fun of the game! I guess it would be nice to have a little more customization to the controls but I really didn't find my self having problems with the defaults.

    REPLAY = 10 Lots of re-playability with 5 classes and 1 expansion already out, it seems like there will be plenty
    of content to come. This game should be in every ones rotation for a long time to come! OVER ALL! = 9 This is a Must have game for anyone who owns a gaming platform!!
  41. Nov 21, 2012
    Didnt like this game. Everything seemed good, but the story was all over the place and a game needs a decent story, you never connect with any characters and its just a crazy shooter which didnt impress me. I didnt hate the game but didnt complete it and got bored quickly.
  42. Jan 1, 2013
    I can stand the positive critic this game recieves from non-hardcore players. This game will dissapoint hardcore Borderlands players like me. Let's start of with the positive stuff: the game has gotten a nice graphical upgrade, the shooting feels more satisfying, and has a better storie (mostly), you've heart about this enough in other review. Let's get to the bad; the original charmed me with it's non-linearity, the nice atmosphere, the replayability and the unending variating loot. Everything has been downgraded in the sequel. -Non-linearity: Let's say, the story is pretty much forced trough your throat, especially at the beginning.
    -Atmosphere: There is a lot more variation in the environment, it's never mindblowing, like the original with it's wide landscapes.
    -Loot: Let just say, from the technical side, it has been downgraded a lot. The differencation between the manufacturers is nice but it gets really gimmicky also, the differencation within a manufacturer has pretty much dissapeared. For example: It's almost like there's only one Tedoire SMG, of course there are small extras like elemental modifiders, etc. but that's it.
    -Replayability: The SP gets pretty annoying after a playtrough or 2 and there's no neverending loot variation anymore.
    That's it, I know this review is pretty much useless because the hardcore BL1 players where this was ment for, have bought this game for sure :|
  43. Feb 20, 2013
    Everything I look for in a video game. Borderlands 2 features a unique world and a fantastic online community. The loot system in Borderlands 2 is flawless. This game was well thought out and user feedback is taken into consideration. This game is a must buy!
  44. Dec 15, 2012
    This game gave me something the first lacked : storyline. This game is great if you played the first and wanted plot this is the game for you, a drastic improvement over the first. Enjoyable multiplayer and second playthrough is actually really challenging.
  45. Nov 10, 2012
    this is much better than part 1. there actually seems to be a story to it now. the player advancement is more layered and you actually WANT to invest the points in smart ways. and of course the weapon combinations seem neverending, which if you like a looter game, its great!
  46. Jan 13, 2013
    As much as I am trying to enjoy the game, it just seems too weak. The game itself has parts where it just is not challenging at all. I lingered on getting the game, but eventually decided I was going to buy it and try it out, it came to my attention as soon as I got to about Chapter 2 of the game, I lost interest when I noticed it just was not challenging. I would not recommend this game to people lingering on it, only if you're a big Borderlands fan. I played the first one, but this one just seems a little shaky on points. Expand
  47. Apr 15, 2013
    I'll give this game a 6 for three reasons...awesome looting/diverse weapon designs, fun characters (handsome jack is a pretty great villain) and its got a pretty gorgeous world. Now I'm not a jagged gamer by any means but i cannot ignore the awfulness of the AI in this game. it isn't just terrible, it's completely broken all together. You can shoot someone twice and they'll usually come after you but sometimes they'll just stop attacking and go to normal patrol mode like nothing happened. WTF is that? How does that happen? I mean really that is a huge flaw...and what I dont get is that this wasn't really an issue with BL1 so how does it exist in this one? I really wish this didn't happen because it makes me want to take the disk out and play something else whenever the damn enemy just ignores the fact that he just got shot three seconds ago and go back to walking around like a moron. there should be a caution level in this game like in the elder scrolls or fallout. when you engage the enemy and then disappear from sight there should be a few minute caution level where everyone runs around trying to find the guy, but instead they just go back to what they were doing...just awful awful awful game combat design. real shame too cause the rest of the game is perfect. Expand
  48. Jan 28, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is no bad game by any stretch its cel shaded graphics are smoother, more crisp and sharper than the original although cel shaded graphics are not to everybody's liking. I understand what people are saying about the loot and quests being long and arduous and not worthwhile, the loot complaints are quite petty to say hte least, I'd be more concerned with the AI who in the 1st installment were quite ruthless but fair while in this its almost non-existent you can practically walk up to an enemy and look them in the eye before they take any action and then worse still after a short firefight the others will stop shooting and walk on?! The only time the AI seem to be on the ball is in boss fights, although the melee psycho's seem to work well cowering after taking a melee hit or two but otherwise unfinished is probably right in terms of the AI. One of the more irritating things is the inability to get out of the water if you fall in, amazingly enough your moon jumping from the first one has been toned down a slight bit but still big leaps are possible but if you land in the water you somehow can't get out which is quite hard to believe and frustratingly stupid as all you can do is respawn Expand
  49. Oct 19, 2012
    Hands down favorite game of the year. I love when developers take a successful game and really improve it the second time around. Cooler char classes and better weapon designs, plus awesome now mobs and really great new loot concepts overall. The story is great. The humor and pop culture references gives this game its own fun style. The subtle polish is very deep, you can tell this game is made with love. It's doing so many things right that it's hard to see anything wrong. The only thing you can complain about is if you're one of those people that just hates cel-shading. If so, I feel sorry for you because this game is hundreds of hours of pure fun. Expand
  50. Sep 24, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a more refined version of Borderlands. Essentially, if you liked Borderlands, you will probably like Borderlands 2. The gameplay is very similar, but there have been a lot of small improvements that really change a lot(the biggest improvement to me is that you can walk over ammo or money on the ground and automatically pick it up instead of having to click on it.)

    one noticeable flaw for me was in multiplayer. The flaw is that the loot is still shared loot. If you are playing as a sniper character and playing with strangers, you have a very negligible chance of being able to pick up any loot whatsoever. It's not a gamebreaking flaw, by any means, but I would have liked to see individual loot in the multiplayer. Expand
  51. Apr 28, 2013
    Upon playing multiplayer with my brother-in-law, and i loved the unique visuals and feel of the game. At first I thought this game was going to be just another first person shooter, but I had a lot of fun. I just wish the turning was a bit slower or more controlled, because I found myself turning all the way around when I don't want to. But its fun.
  52. Feb 9, 2014
    "Borderlands 2" takes everything that made it's predecessor great and amplifies it by ten. It's a highly polished FPS/RPG hybrid that will absorb you and your friends for many hours. With intense combat, a better and funnier story, insane boss battles, more loot, and tons of other improvements, this game is quite literally the perfect sequel. Any issue you could have had with the original has been addressed here, and whether you are playing by yourself or with your friends this game is sure to provide hours of fun. Some technical issues plague the game, occasionally enemy AI would just break and stand there ignoring everything that was going on, but these occurrences are rare. This is an insanely good and well made game that I highly recommend to any gamer regardless of whether or not they played the first. So come one vault hunters, it's time to grab your guns and get playing. This is one trip to Pandora you don't want to miss. Expand
  53. Feb 18, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is a fun game to play in co-op with friends. The game's combat is tight and responsive and genuine strategy is often required to make it through alive. Borderlands 2 also has some funny writing, eliciting chuckles from time to time. That said, the title does suffer from some serious faults. The most prominent one is the fact that the game is woefully repetitive. As good as the combat is, it's hard to maintain interest when you have to fight almost exactly the same fight for hours on end. The world that Borderlands 2 presents is also nowhere near as interesting as some of it's major contemporaries such as Skyrim. Add to that a lackluster plot and it's hard to find motivation to keep playing apart from having shallow, time consuming fun with your friends. The loot aspect also gets old quickly. The 'thousands of guns' thing starts to look less impressive as you find near identical replica after near identical replica clogging up the frequent chests. The last monumental fault is that the game is INSANELY boring if you play it in single player. Don't even try that! Borderlands 2 is a very average title, yet it's ultimately saved from the scrap-pile and bumped up the scorechart by that most wonderful of elements; good friends! Expand
  54. Jun 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great squeal of borderlands, its funny, entertainment, chaotic, and mayhem.
    The only downside are the lack of replay value, your not able to replay missions after you've done them, not even story missions.

    This game is more like you don't want to lose your save files ,as it contains many hours wasted.

    Cartoon'ish graphics looks good, weapon handling can be better.
    as a singleplayer experience, its really hard to do so, your kinda forced playing with your friends.

    This game gets a 5/10.
  55. Feb 23, 2013
    This game is fun as hell. No matter if solo or coop i really enjoy this game when i play it with all the stuff, you can do in this game. The Cel Shading Look of this game really has style and the humour is great.
  56. Oct 28, 2013
    Borderlands 2 is/was a fantastic sequel to surprise hit Borderlands.
    Gearbox did something alot of companies neglect to do... listen to the gamers, they spent copious time scrolling through user forums to get an idea of what the public wanted improvements on.
    The biggest things to come out of it were the Interface and the storytelling.
    Borderlands 1 had the vaguest of stories and mainly
    focused on loot and epic battle sequences and mad a note of emphasizing the multiplayer fun factor.
    Borderlands is the classic example of tweaking a winning formula to make it even better.
    The narrative is fantastic, the writers did a fantastic job creating a believable and engaging story.
    While also making references and building on stories from the first game, creating wonderful links between the two stories, this is mainly done by interactions with the non playable characters of the Original 4 Vault Hunters.
    The New 4 are basically the same, with the exception of the Assassin, who is basically all stealth.
    Gunzerker is basically a dual wielding Bezerker.
    The biggest improvements made are the skill tree's and the customisation of each character.
    The dialogue is still humerous and witty, The AI of the enemies is greatly improved and with every boss battle it feels like you are doing something challenging and that you truly are contributing to the restoration of Pandora. All in all this game ads bells and whistles to a winning formula, without depriving of the original charm, the Single Player Campaign can become a little boring because the real fun is playing two player. This game is among the greatest of this generation.
  57. Oct 2, 2012
    I waited until going through the game and using different characters before writing anything. Borderlands 2 is a game that must be played if you truly love gaming. Gearbox has made a sequel that does what a sequel should: improve in nearly every facet of the experience. A company that truly loves their fans and listens to them. Others should take notice on what Gearbox has done with B2 before making sequels if they are really making games for the fans. everything that was loved about the first game is still here but better. Other than Claptrap occasionally getting annoying, the dialog is absolutely hilarious, the characters have more options which is great if you want to change things up according to how you are playing. The guns are alot better than before, the enemies are much more interesting and actually roll and move faster which there is the occasional bandit that gets stuck in their movement cycle. The game can get difficult in spots if you don't choose your attack wisely, especially if you stay with the level you are on and don't join a lower ranked game.The way the characters from B1 were used I think was excellent. I really hope those of you who haven't tried this yet will give it a shot. Best co-op game I have ever played. Expand
  58. Sep 18, 2012
    Expands and improves everything from the original game. The story is amazing, and it is also an absolute ball to shoot everything. There might as well be 12 separate classes with all the customization options. Buy this game.
  59. May 13, 2013
    Borderlands 2 fixed, improved and added new stuff in a way that it makes it way better than the 1st Borderlands.

    Lots of quest and things to do, levels to reach, weapons and character skins to get. This game will keep you occupied. The downside are its very same quests which can feel like a chore and a pain in the ass, some of them are boring and others are repetitive.

    So far, just
    one of the three DLC's its worth it; Tourge Campaign, the other two are boring and uninteresting as h.ell. Expand
  60. Sep 19, 2012
    Borderlands 1 was addicting, Borderlands 2 isn't addicting it's a overdose on your brain its that much fun. It's got so much stuff in it, by far 10x more things than Borderlands 1 had. 2k did exactly what a sequel should do explode your head with more over the top Awesomeness. Everything in it has been upgraded and re-done from Borderlands 1. The Story from what I've played so far beats out the whole story of Borderlands 1. Writing/Voice Acting is way more superior with hilarious lines you won't forget. Weapons of course 2k didn't lie, their big boy guns compared to the bb guns that were in Borderlands 1. The designs, how they shoot, what they do is been upgrade to actually fit the character you pick. This game is worth every penny, must buy for sure. Expand
  61. Dec 28, 2012
    After playing this game for a couple weeks, i can write an honest review now that im maxed level, and i have to say this is a fantastic game that any RPG/FPS fan will love. If you're a fan of the first one, consider this a must buy

    Pro's- Amazing world to explore, loot everywhere, cool legendary weapons to collect, fun endgame raid bosses every gun feels different, you can play for
    100 hours and never get the same exact gun twice, the game is HILARIOUS and full of references to pop culture, the story is vastly improved over the first, to the point where i wanted to focus purely on the main story to see the ending.

    Con's- Issues with maps, i found some of the quests nearly impossible to get too, the map was confusing to read at some points and would result in me searching for hours on how to get to something that according to the map was infront of me, sometimes you will get unlucky and get too many tough enemies that you have to fight at once and it will be impossible to kill them in one life by yourself, so you will find yourself charging in suiciding killing 1 then running back over and over, this is highly annoying but not intolerable.

    Overall a great game with minor problems but still a must own.
  62. Oct 12, 2012
    So far it's THE best game of 2012. It proves once again that you don't need to revamp whole game for the sake of making it better. It expands over Borderlands 1 with better story, more enemies, more guns, new characters and cool writing. What's really makes it amazing it how it tops Skyrim in all points, where it failed. Where Skyrim falls into generic structure, Borderlands delivers new content till the last minute of gameplay. And, I must say, gameplay isn't short one. For quick reference it has 18-20 main quests and 108 side quests. And it's only beginning, since exploration doesn't stops with side quests. What makes it truly amazing, that even the smallest quests are thought through and most have absolutely different backstories / structure. As for gameplay, controls are smooth and funny and development of skills only expands it. I can only root for it to become GOTY, since for me, it was unforgettable journey. I hope we see more of Pandora in DLCs soon. Collapse
  63. Apr 1, 2013
    This game scores 999 out of 1000. I was trying and trying to think of something wrong with the game. Perfect pacing check. Huge world check. Wide room for imagination check. Hilarious check. Then it came to me the title. Borderlands 2? That is the best they could do? How about Beyond Borderlands, The Son, Grandson and Great Nephew of Borderlands or Borderlands Too? That is it, that is the only demerit. Expand
  64. Sep 22, 2012
    I was a huge fan of the original and played it and the DLC through multiple times so I have been excited about this game for a while. I was also nervous it would not live up to my impossibly high expectations (especially after how crushed I felt after ME3). I've played about 15 hours so far and I need not have worried. This game is incredible. Graphically, the first thing you notice is that this game is alot more colourful than the first. The controls seem more robust too. And split screen online co-op is brilliant. Something that's been missing from the first game. If you love shooters, buy this game. If you're sick of shooters, buy this game. If you've ever enjoyed a loot based adventure game like Diablo 2 or Phantasy Star Online, buy this game. If you aren't sure if it's for you, then rent it. I guarantee you though that 5 days won't be enough time for you to fully enjoy everything this amazing game has to offer. Enjoy. Expand
  65. Nov 11, 2012
    I will admit that after playing the first Borderlands game I was not impressed. It just didn't resonate with me. The landscape wasn't appealing, the characters were boring stereotypes, and the looting got old real fast. Now Borderlands 2 is here, I bought this game simply because there was nothing else in the store that caught my eye, I am glad to tell you that this game is a big improvement over the first. The characters, graphics, variations in landscape, improved storyline, it all ties together nicely and creates a truly fun scenerio for anyone who enjoys shooters and/or RPG's. It also seems to me to be a more complete game. I strongly suggest that everyone give this game a chance, you won't regret it. Claptrap is still an annoying piece of sh*t and thats why I refuse to give the game a perfect 10, otherwise its fantastic. Expand
  66. Sep 20, 2012
    An excellent game overall. Everything the fans were expecting and more. Great visuals, HUGE gun selection, long and awesome story-line... just awesome. Gearbox truly optimized everything possible without sacrificing anything. One of the best game purchases i have ever made..I honestly don't know why anyone is commenting here instead of playing.
  67. Nov 1, 2013
    Borderlands was one of my favorite games of all time because it was just FUN and was entertaining. It had its own atmosphere that was original. It blended RPG and FPS elements and I found it refreshing and well implemented. Borderlands 2 continues this trend with not tinkering too much with the formula, but adding more to just about everything. The story takes awhile to complete and one of the few games I believe that's worth a $60 price tag. Even if the DLC is half as good as the first game's, there is plenty more to be had for this game. There's more story, which will either resonate in different capacities with different people. I liked the mysteriousness of the first game. I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 because this game isn't radically different and therefore the addictive quality of wanting to beat the game multiple times is not there like it was in the first game. Expand
  68. May 3, 2014
    borderlands 2.. a game where you know if you enjoy it, it is worth every penny. I enjoyed borderlands 2, just a crap load of things to do, I just finished the main story (did about 90% of the side quests in the game), and clocked in just about 3 days total time played, and I have about 10-12 more side quests to finish! The gameplay itself is a first person shoot em up, it also features a lot of comedic moments that I enjoyed. Leveling up and getting rare loot was satisfying (mainly because it's so hard). However to be honest I felt like the weakest part of this game was the rpg elements, I didn't even touch one skill tree, and it is impossible for a casual gamer to even reach the final tier of just one skill tree (it takes too long, and the game can get repititive to some).. but in the end I was still suprised at the length and quality of the length/gameplay that I'm willing to give it a 9. If you enjoy first person shooters definately take a look at the game. Expand
  69. Oct 2, 2012
    Everything from Borderlands 1 that made it good, plus. Story is OK (not first class, but OK) with a twist or two. The combat feels dead on (although stalkers piss me off), and the jump-in anywhere multiplayer is flawless. Oh yeah, and whoever did the comedic writing deserves some kind of award. I found myself,even playing the game alone, actually laughing out loud on several occasions, and not many comedy movies or games can do that. Everything that a sequel should be, and nothing that it shouldn't. The only small detail I would change is Zero's melee skill tree. For a game that focuses on such a vast list of random weapon loot, having a skill tree that almost completely ignores this feels a little wrong. Maybe a skill that infuses his melee with whatever effects/stats his current weapon has? Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Expand
  70. Oct 2, 2012
    WHY? Why is the user score an 8.6? I'm very confused. Borderlands 2 is simply one of the best games I have ever played, if not thee best game I have ever played. Borderlands 1 is a close second.
    Not only does this game give you everything the first one did but it completely changes, twist's, turns, flips the storyline and keeps you wanting more. And that's just the campaign, there are so
    many side missions, and so many easter eggs. SO MANY EASTER EGGS! It's just absolutely amazing, if you're looking for a game that's well worth the money, you've found it. In conclusion, I really cannot believe that anyone would give this game a low rating, it angered me so much that I just had to give this game a review.

    Simply 10
  71. Feb 19, 2013
    One of the best co op shooters ever. This game improves on the first in every way. There's more great humor...more claptrap....more narrative, more style, more chaos. It's great to finally see a game company finally bring great co op action back.
  72. Sep 18, 2012
    This is a GOTY contender, hands-down! Borderlands 2 Improves on everything such as the UI, which was a big problem in 1. The Skill tree (which is the biggest change), and now you actually feel like you're playing that class to it's full extent, than feeling like you're playing a hybrid class. And the loot system, which I honesty had no problem with, but it works for me here. I still don't like how the loot system is set up online, because it allocated based upon your own party, which could create problems, if you're working with unknowns in your party. Take a tip from Guild War 2 next time :P. So I HIGHLY recommend you play with your friends, or join a forum which has a sign up sheet or something to meet people instead of pugging it, which 9-10 never ends good all the time. There a couple of bugs and glitches here and there, but nothing seriously major, and 9-10 will be patch up quickly within a month time. Overall I'm having a great time with this game, and if you know people online, it's gets even better, but the solo experience is still great nonetheless. This is a game you shouldn't pass up on, and this officially sets off, the hardcore gaming season. :D Expand
  73. Nov 13, 2012
    Borderlands 2 isn't only fun, it's addicting. The story mode can easily take up to 60 hours. The gun system is great, the characters are great, and the story is great. Now take all that greatness and multiply it by 7. That's how good it is doing co-op. Must buy!
  74. Sep 25, 2014
    A great FPS. I loved graphics/arts. It has elements of BioShock. or maybe BioShock has elements of borderlands. Weapons are of different variates and capabilities. You'll never miss a weapon. You'll always have a badass one.
    Enemies are really cool. Even when they die they are still funny :).
    I only missed a full RPG elements in this game. I wished I could make decisions and participate
    in conversations like in Skyrim.
    Happy I was able to play this one without the need to play the original borderlands. Story is connected of course but you can proceed from Borderlands 2 without looking back.
    Highly recommended from a gamer who's not a fan of FPS.
  75. Oct 13, 2012
    I don't barely see alot of first person with RPG in the industry but however a company named Gearbox made excellent things happened. Borderlands 2 is a sequel to the outstanding 2009 game Borderlands.

    STORY: In the original game there wasn't much story going and not an actual antagonist you have to deal with but the borderlands 1 was still lovable to play. In Borderlands 2 the sequel
    takes place 5 years after the events of the 1st game. After finding out that the vault in pandora was just tentacles the original vault hunters decided to go their seperate ways however, what they didn't know in the vault was actually a resource material called eridium where it spit out precious minerals all over the planet. Hyperion took the mineral and was well known for discovering it despite what the original vault hunters gone through. An antagonist named Handsome Jack want to discover what other vaults could be discovered using the minerals. Thats when Jack wanted every vault hunter who wanted to look for a new vault get killed by him and his army. Four new characters replace the original vault hunters. They are Zero, Maya, Axton, and Salvador each with their own special abilities are trying to prevent Jack from achiving a greater vault.

    GAMEPLAY: Still outstanding as ever since the prodecessor. Borderlands 2 offer the 4 new characters their own abilites and how they will play like. Zero's ability is that he can turn invisible like Lilth only that she can turn Dimensonally invisible while Zero is invisible for real where he can go up to anyone unnoticed and deal massive damage on them. Maya is similar to Lilth she is a siren where she can hold enemies with her power and destroy them with elemental abiiltes. Axton resembles alot like Roland where he can throw turrets to give him back up or support on the battlefield. Lastly Salvador is a gunzerker who can dual-wield any gun he wants either a combination of sniper rifle, and rocket launchers or two of each. The amount of guns in the game are 100x more avaliable than the original. You can actually trade with other people either with a second character offline or online. You can trade it regular or by having to duke it out for it.

    OVERALL: I don't have any actual negative things to explain on borderlands 2 since it manages to improve itself over the prodecesssor. In all I think Borderlands 2 is one of the best first person RPG games with borderlands 1 of all time
  76. Oct 29, 2012
    This game should definetly be a contender for GOTY. Great story and characters, hilarious side missions and Easter eggs and just fun to play. The only reason you shouldn't buy it is if you hate fun.
  77. Sep 19, 2012
    Visually original and stunning, great replayability, funny (not funny for a video game, but actual funny), straightforward controls. The best part for me is how easy it is to us coop mode- the voice chat vorks, the difficulty scales from single player to multiplayer. 4 hours in and I love this game already.
  78. Sep 19, 2012
    This game is basically flawless, super fun and instantly addicting! Right when you start the customization and additions to the first borderlands are apparent it was tough to improve but gearbox did it.
  79. Sep 20, 2012
    Loved the first game and this one definitely one ups it! The dialogue is hilarious! Love the cell shaded graphics. My only major complaint is that they made all pistol ammo one source. It was nice to have a revolver ammo and a repeater ammo...
  80. Sep 22, 2012
    Game is fun and a joy to play. If you had fun with the first game you should get this and if you haven't played the first game then you should still get this game.
  81. Sep 23, 2012
    I never could get into the first Borderlands. Probably because the only playable location was a boring, brown desert.

    Borderlands 2 is awesome. It finally clicks for me, and I've heard it has all of the elements of the first game but it's executed better. That and the fact that the locations are varied and really, really fun. The writing is also hilarious, as most critics and users
    have noted.

    Glad I bought this game, will probably play through as at least 2 different character types. Highly recommended.
  82. Sep 25, 2012
    Simply awesome! The action is intense, the story is hilarious, the cel-shaded graphics are even sharper than the 1st game, and the guns? Well, let's just say I keep getting suprised by even bigger, badder, and all around more impressive weapons! The RPG elements drew me into the original as I am not an FPS kinda of fellow and I was instantly drawn in by the slick controls and forgiving targeting. Borderlands 2 has the same easy control scheme and it even seems a bit improved and the RPG/Character customization elements are even better than before! I love the new Badass awards system, because not only does it add more customization to your character; it gives meaning to your achievements...they aren't just trophys or points anymore! Anyway, I could go on and on. FPS fan? Buy this game! RPG fan? Give it a shot, I did and I am loving it! Viva Pandora! Expand
  83. Sep 28, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is definitely a step up from the first game in many ways. Graphic, story telling, conveyance. I love the new token system, the advanced customization options with your character, the in game trading system between characters, the way they now let you crawl around when you are in fight for your life is a life saver!

    There are however a few irritating thing about the game
    that cannot go unnoticed. Like the fact that you tend to get stuck on everything. This is especially annoying when you are right in the middle of combat. This also happens when you are driving around in a vehicle and you run over a tiny rock, the ones that you could just mow over in the first game no problem. It messes with the flow of the game to almost a rage quitting level. The characters in 2 feel generic and less interesting than the characters in 1, but for the most part they are simply clones of the characters in the first game, aside from perk tweaks. Picking the same class as you did in BL 1 is going to be a safe bet.

    I still think that Borderlands 2 is a must own for anyone that played the first game. The claptraps will have you laughing at every turn, there is still nothing quite as satisfying as a head shot with a sniper rifle and the guns....oh, all the guns. I know I said a lot more negative than positive about BL 2 but that should just go to show you that when this game does something well it does it very well!
  84. Oct 1, 2012
    Anything and everything that was only OK in the first installment has become great (Inventory Management) and anything that was great has only become greater. 2K took one of the most interesting IP's in recent memory and managed to make it one of the best series this generation has to offer. The number of guns, multi-player, the bosses and the story line are fantastic! If you are looking for a great game look no further, 50 hours in and playing new game plus and still hasn't gotten old! Expand
  85. Oct 8, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is what a sequel should be, bigger, faster, funnier, longer. Graphically It 's no Killzone 3, Uncharted 3 or Skyrim, but the gameplay, cast, soundtrack,dialogue, guns, skills and story are stellar. Add in some crazy replay value, fun 2-4 player coop, a promise of Future DLC and we have a serious GOTY contender.
  86. May 7, 2013
    "Borderlands 2 is a really fun game to play with friends but isn't as different from Borderlands 1." I don't mean that in a bad thing but if you dislike the first Borderlands, Borderlands 2 maybe a turn off after the first half of the game.

    Borderlands 2 is an action/shooter WRPG and a shoot and loot type game. You got 4 character classes, one other character class as DLC. I thought the
    4 playerable character were a bit of a disappointment as I thought there could of been more characters classes in 2 then from the first game. Sure you got the one extra character, the Mechromancer but i don't see the value in paying more. There're multiple and randomly generated guns each with there own type of weapon and stats to fit anyone's play style. When your base level progresses, you can upgrade a skill level that gives small bonuses to your character class. Pretty much, The Borderlands series is more like Diablo 2 but with guns which is a great idea for a concept if executed well. I can understand being a console game but it would been nice to have control of player stats then having stats done for you.

    The major improvements to Borderlands 2 is its presentation. The game is much more funnier. Characters are interesting giving them voiced dialog, there're are bunch of references from the late 80s and modern times. The villain, Handsome Jack is everywhere and controls most Pandora, the current plant that series takes place one. You play as one of the Vault Hunters to open the other secret Vault and put a stop to Handsome Jack's evil deeds by joining the resistances against him. You'll see meet characters from the first game specially the previous Vault Hunts that will fight with you. The presentation to Borderlands 2 is greatly improved as well as the quest that I found tedious and annoying from the first game.

    The only newest feature when it comes too gameplay is the new element called Slag. Once Slag is placed on the enemy, any normal weapon will do 3 times amount of damage and much more with stat bonuses and critic hits. Other then that, its still the same game as the first one with slightly great improvements to the presentation.
  87. Nov 9, 2012
    I've always jumped from FPS to RPGs or MMOs.... This game combines both and the co-op is great. It's comical, great graphics.... and best of all.... gun collecting. Remember collecting cards as a kid? In this game you can collect and trade loot...
  88. Oct 28, 2012
    Fun game, built mainly for the co-op, could use more of a story and plot. Haven't really spent much time with this one, though I doubt I'll be striving for the end, already running into frustrating scenarios... Started off as the Assassin class, no sniper-rifle in sight, and I'm already level 5.
  89. Oct 29, 2012
    Staying true to its prequel Borderlands 2 still manages to offer the same interesting and addictive gameplay, the areas to explore are great, he characters and missions are downright hilarious and the story is something you will want to see through no matter how many times you die
  90. Mar 23, 2014
    Really addictive shooter that has a cool story and great humor ! I laugh out loud a couple of time while playing. I recommend playing it with friends as it's the best coop experience i had in a while.
  91. Oct 31, 2012
    Very fun game to play. The new additions of the badass ranks and the customization for your character adds just enough spice from the first Borderlands to make the second game in the series more enjoyable. I cannot say enough about how much fun it is to play this game with friends. You will not be disappointed if your want to online and kill some time with your friends on Pandora. This is a great way to kill some time with your friends without having to worry about "beating" the game. Expand
  92. Nov 6, 2012
    Probably my favorite game this year and one of my top ten favorites of all time. How often does a game make you laugh out loud? However Borderlands 2's multitude of pop culture references are just the sprinkles on top of a meticulously crafted world with hours upon hours of entertainment that never gets stale. The one complaint I have about this game is the fact that co-oping online can lead to "stolen" loot. It would be nice if they could implement player specific chests similar to what diablo 3 did with their loot system. Expand
  93. Nov 11, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is a great game, a step up from the first. Loads of fun to be had with this game but it does struggle to keep me engrossed as much as i would like it to. I had really high hopes for borderlands 2 and although it met most of them I am still left wanting in places. It is a must buy game, I think it has something for everyone...
  94. Jan 19, 2013
    ADDICTIVE as the first one, this sequel deserves and even NEEDS to be played by anyone who likes a shooter and action games, think about it as a blend of GUN pornography meets outrageous and CRAZY characters with HILARIOUS writing, extreme REPLAYABILITY, awesome CO-OP, some serious stats and skill trees to consider it RPG and even tactical elements all wrapped up with COOL art style and graphics, believe me, YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT! Expand
  95. Nov 13, 2012
    One of the best games of this generation. Very addicting gameplay, great amount weapons and skills. You cant get bored with the huge amount of content that this games has and you can invest much over 100 hours in this game.
    Coop is a blast and best fun i had in a long time. Woth every penny.
  96. Nov 13, 2012
    Beautiful game, my source of fun during these useless fall months besides running. There is witty and colorful gameplay, and it is such a nice feeling when you find that awesome gun. The characters and NPCs are amazing as well.
  97. Nov 16, 2012
    Borderlands 2 is an amazing loot and shoot game. The multiplayer is outstanding and it never gets old. The characters are better than ever and now have much more personality then in borderlands 1. I was not a fan of borderlands 1 and i was hesitant to pick up borderlands 2 but now i am very happy that i did and it will provide much fun for many many hours to come.
  98. Mar 20, 2014
    Borderlands 2 is The BEST GAME for PS3. If you enjoyed the first borderlands this game is an improvement in every way. More guns, diversity in landscapes, stellar music, in depth skill trees for characters, and tons and tons of side quests. This is the best game whether going alone or joining in with friends. And afterwards you have some amazing expansions to look forward to.
  99. Mar 30, 2013
    Borderlands 2 follows the story of 4 new vault hunters looking for the key to the vault. Our 4 previous protagonists make a return in this game with a surprise for each of them installed. An amazing attribute to one of the greatest game series in history. A deadly art style that deserves the word 'deadly'! What, CoD has 50 or so weapons, oh, that's cool. Borderlands 2 has like a bazillion, all with there own cool twists. Much greater gun designs than the first with more extravagant bosses. Great set of characters to meet and a load of jokes to keep you smiling. A fantastic, funny, extreme, explosive action-tearing game. Expand
  100. Oct 12, 2012
    So far it's THE best game of 2012. It proves once again that you don't need to revamp whole game for the sake of making it better. It expands over Borderlands 1 with better story, more enemies, more guns, new characters and cool writing. What's really makes it amazing it how it tops Skyrim in all points, where it failed. Where Skyrim falls into generic structure, Borderlands delivers new content till the last minute of gameplay. And, I must say, gameplay isn't short one. For quick reference it has 18-20 main quests and 108 side quests. And it's only beginning, since exploration doesn't stops with side quests. What makes it truly amazing, that even the smallest quests are thought through and most have absolutely different backstories / structure. As for gameplay, controls are smooth and funny and development of skills only expands it. I can only root for it to become GOTY, since for me, it was unforgettable journey. I hope we see more of Pandora in DLCs soon. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 25
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 25
  3. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. Jan 26, 2014
    What the original Borderlands did so well has been grabbed and near perfected with this sequel. The comedy may be hit and miss, but it thrives on its shooting and loot grabbing. Many hours of fun will await you in Pandora.
  2. 100
    Borderlands 2 is huge, intense and addictive.
  3. Oct 19, 2012
    It's a lengthy adventure full of personality, an endless plethora of weapons, and addictive co-op gameplay. Fans of the first game would be foolish to pass up another chance to visit Pandora and plunder the incalculable treasures therein.