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  1. Braid deserves success for being bold, original, and brilliant. Get it as soon as you can. [Jan 2010, p.83]
  2. It's an experience every gamer should enjoy, and is a game cut from the same cloth as BioShock and Portal, erasing videogame norms and reimagining the way we look at the medium. It does things with gaming that are usually reserved for novels and films, while also adding elements that would be impossible in any other form. It’s is a game that makes you think about your own life as much as it does about gaming.
  3. I was initially pretty skeptical about Braid, and it took me some time to get past the game's severe melancholy. I eventually found the game's story and the way it plays against the gameplay to be academically interesting, and the game's final payoff is terrific, but it's the ingenuity of the mechanics that makes Braid so engaging.
  4. One of the most innovative games in years, of the highest quality and unique nature, Braid is a game you can’t miss. Already a must have for PC and Xbox 360 users, Braid deserves a space on your Playstation 3 hard drive.
  5. Braid is a true masterpiece, something which will be regarded as a milestone in gaming not for any great technical feats but for the fact that it showed us that, even though not all games may comfortably fall under the classification, some can truly be regarded as art.
  6. Braid is the real deal: an innovative, creative, brilliant bit of near-solo games making that I can only hope is a sign of things to come.
  7. A moving story, serene visuals, and brilliant puzzles make Braid an adventure that you absolutely should experience.
  8. Sometimes touted as overestimated, Braid hasn't aged at all. It is such a recommendable game for PlayStation 3 users as it was for the others systems at the time, and hasn't lost its freshness and originality.
  9. 93
    A brilliant title. [Issue#188, p.87]
  10. Complex and beautiful, one of the best puzzle games of all time. [Feb 2010, p.84]
  11. It's equally confusing and brilliant. [Feb 2010, p.106]
  12. Braid is a rare gem in the gaming world. It combines a wonderful audiovisual presentation, a philosophical story and ingenious puzzle gameplay into a brilliant gaming experience. If one game would deserve it to be called art, Braid would be that one game.
  13. Braid is a fantastic gaming experience that PS3 owners have missed out of for far too long. It's depth is only surpassed by the engaging puzzles.
  14. One of the most original puzzle platformers in years, Braid is an engrossing experience from start to finish.
  15. 88
    Braid has turned out a fine game, going for the puzzling aspect more than the platforming. Manipulating time creates a never-before-seen experience and the unique audio-visual style adds to that. Take into consideration that no hints are provided and that some levels are real brain-breakers, making this a game for the patient puzzler.
  16. Braid is a great game that will force you to flex your mental muscle; in a way, it’s similar to something like echochrome, simply because you have to “bend” your mind into a certain shape before you can fully comprehend the skewed setting and premise.
  17. 87
    Braid is a Xbox 360 game that has found its way to the European PlayStation 3 gamers. It’s a little bit too late, but it is still a game that you have to play. It’s got a challenging gameplay set-up and is at the same time exciting, funny and addictive. A very good platform game with time elements and great puzzles.
  18. 85
    Despite the short length and somewhat limited replay value, Braid's artistic vision and intelligent design is more than enough reason to download the game right away. Jonathan Blow's notoriety in the indie landscape is well deserved.
  19. Despite the occasionally high frustration levels of Braid, the game is cleverly designed and often very rewarding.
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 26
  1. DavidB
    Jan 12, 2010
    Braid has novel concepts. That, however, is it's only gimmik, and it's not an amazeing one. The story is interesting, but not very engageing. There is zero replay value. It doesn't last as long as it's price tag would lead you to believe. It's mostly sold off as being an artistic, vibrant piece, but the PS3 has titles like Flower, Linger in Shadows and Pixeljunk Eden, all for the same, or cheaper, cost. If it had come out on the PSN a year ago, it'd be great, but there's other, better sources for artistic games now. Full Review »
  2. RussellL
    Jan 16, 2010
    Pffft. I have no idea why this gets high scores. Games are supposed to be fun. It's not fun. I don't care about 'concepts' and 'ingenuity'. I'm playing games for enjoyment first and I found none to be had here. Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2012
    Extremely hard and obtuse puzzles from a very early stage. Well designed game but just oversteps the fine line between challenging and irrirating for me. Full Review »