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  1. It's undoubtedly a fun game, packed full with humour (although this does tail off towards the end), metal references, amazing encounters and memorable characters. It's the RTS sections that really let the game down for me, feeling like a good idea that hasn't quite been implemented well enough to gel with the rest of the game.
  2. 80
    We were hoping for a little more innovation from Brutal Legend beyond the standard sandbox set up and button mashing, axe-wielding action. But then again, if the Gods of Metal are pleased with it, then who are we to complain?
  3. The unwieldy Stage Battles maim the battle system and multiplayer, but this gaffe doen’t take away from Brütal Legend’s charm. If you’re a fan of Tim Schafer’s humor and the type of person who decides between wearing a Metallica and Slayer tee-shirt when you wake up, this is a must-play.
  4. There's nothing revolutionary about how it plays, but the likeable characters, rockin' soundtrack and jaw-dropping scenery make it worth experiencing. We certainly hope that Eddie Riggs (and Jack Black along with him) appear in the future sequel.
  5. Double Fine manages to create an enthralling and entertaining product, whose unbelievable originality clouds every imperfection related to a gameplay less complex than expected. Brutal Legend holds the real essence of metal, depicting it in its purest form, in the way that each of us has dreamed of at least once in his own life. Whether you love heavy metal or not, this title will offer you an experience you will not forget… and, who knows, you could discover a hidden passion!
  6. Eddie Riggs is the character that brings together the entire metal world and the smartly written story. His charisma and wit make Brütal what it is. The game mixes genres in unusual ways, but it’s a shame the side-missions all look alike and the game is pretty short. But it’s always a sign that you’re playing a good game when you’re left wanting for more. Brütal Legend isn’t the best game of this year, but it certainly rocks the most.
  7. It’s a celebration of a genre, and one done with such style, such detail and such incredible imagination that it’s difficult not to love it. Brutal Legend won’t appeal to everyone, but to those it does, it’s sure to hold a very special place in their blackened hearts.
  8. Tim Schafer’s latest game-baby is a tribute to Metal, with a little parody to the genre. The game has a lot of varieties that is either a curse or a blessing to the game. The game loses a lot of depth because of the varieties, but delivers a humoristic and ever changing package. However the game is technical a little messy, it plays a great tribute to the Metal genre.
  9. The combined gameplay styles work well together to provide players with enough variation that the game doesn’t become too repetitive, save for the times you’ll die and have to replay lengthier portions of the game.
  10. A brilliantly weird and different experience. [Dec 2009, p.124]
  11. Tim Schafer has created a wonderful and rich world of heavy metal for us to enjoy. His screwball sense of humour, mixed with all metal stereotypes known to man, is worth every penny. The game is as action-packed as we'd like it to be, but the storyline is far to short. We want more!
  12. Tim Schafer is a single conductor and Jack Black shows his versatility beyond music and acting.
  13. The story is great, the characters are likeable and it's utterly unique on PS3. It's just a great shame the core mechanics here are so disappointing.
  14. 79
    There are some brilliant moments, but it's too specific to be recommended to anyone but the serious metal contingent. [Issue#185, p.70]
  15. The story falters towards the end, and the fact that the game is so short is the biggest bummer of all. Regardless, it’s a great game that will be remembered for a long time coming.
  16. 78
    Brütal Legend is the perfect ode to heavy metal. Everything reminds you of the music genre and that's how the game sucks you in effortlessly. Once you come into contact with the gameplay however, some notes are a bit off key. In order for the group to top the charts in the future, it would be a good idea to kick out the bass player (RTS) and to give the spotlight to the lead singer (hack&slash).
  17. Brutal Legend isn't a bad game by any means, and there is certainly plenty of fun to be had while playing it. It simply tries to do too much at once, and as a result, doesn't do anything as well as it should.
  18. It would have been a fantastic film, but as an interactive experience, it isn’t ready for the main stage. The tragic thing is that with some fine tuning and more mid-game jokes it could have been great.
  19. The operative words here are "Heavy Metal". Not all that black metal with all that panda make-up, or that judd-judd hardcore or that god-awful crap with turntables either - this is the good stuff.
  20. Brutal Legend has one of the best stories, and some of the best writing, this generation. Unfortunately, the gameplay turns experiencing it into a chore, rather than a joy.
  21. Brutal Legend is a game chock full of sweet tribute to the metal gods. It is a love letter from developer Double Fine to the Heavy Metal sound and culture.
  22. Brutal Legend didn't live up to my expectations. While I absolutely loved the immersive world, despite the graphical shortcomings, and the amazing voice work and soundtrack, despite the inclusion of Whitesnake and Skid Row, I was left miffed by the lack of main story content and the uninspired gameplay.
  23. Unless you're absolutely die-hard about hard rock and heavy metal, Brutal Legend is one game you can relegate to a rental.
  24. If only Brutal Legend's gameplay was as imaginative as its cool look! Try not to fall into a rut of side-missions spread over 64 square kilometers, and you’ll enjoy the short single-player campaign. And yet, Shafer & Co. can do much better than this. Just ask Ben, Manny, or Raz.
  25. 70
    Brütal Legend does a lot of things wonderfully: It’s a technically adept, graphically beautiful game with a surprisingly good story and a great soundtrack. The hybrid gameplay just doesn’t meet these high standards.
  26. 70
    Melding exemplary artistic merit with uninspiring gameplay, Brutal Legend is by turns captivating and clumsy, and certainly more fun to watch than it is to play.
  27. Brutal Legend has clearly been a labour of love for Double Fine Productions, and this is reflected in the degree of ambition demonstrated on nearly every level. Unfortunately, like the LOVE and HATE tattoos emblazoned on the knuckles of many a Hell’s Angel, with one you must have the other, and Brutal Legend is no exception.
  28. It may have its flaws, but at least those mistakes were made in the course of trying to do something new. [Dec 2009, p.100]
  29. Brutal Legend serves up a strange mix of action adventure gameplay and heavy metal that even more bizarrely works quite well.
  30. BL is original, hilarious and a notable action game. Likewise, it missed opportunities with a lot of weak spots. The side you take depends on your affinity to heavy metal. [Dec 2009]
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  1. dene
    Jan 16, 2010
    Simply a legendary game. Soundtrack is unbelievable. Gameplay is awesome, the humour is great, even the story is awesome. Definitely the game Simply a legendary game. Soundtrack is unbelievable. Gameplay is awesome, the humour is great, even the story is awesome. Definitely the game of the year for me. Full Review »
  2. Nov 18, 2010
    A couple of years ago i bought psychonauts, a game made by Tim Shafer, and loved it. It was original, fun and unique. since Brutal legendA couple of years ago i bought psychonauts, a game made by Tim Shafer, and loved it. It was original, fun and unique. since Brutal legend was made by the same guy, i simply had to buy it. I was somewhat disappointed. the game isn't bad by all means, but it's just not that good either. the humor is really good and the characters are interesting but the story is short and the gameplay gets boring quickly. the worst thing is that the game changes its own genre in the middle of the game, from a action adventure game to an rts. some gamers loved it but i did not. the rts elements are fairly basic so the game doesnt excel at anything. it tries to be some games mixed up but in my opinion doesnt succeed in doing so. it's a great tribute to metal and if you are a huge huge fan of metal you will love the game but if you are looking for a deep, unique and fun experience ,like usually found in Tim Shafer games, you might be disappointed. for me fun was really lacking in this game. Full Review »
  3. Jul 15, 2014
    I feel genuinely bad giving this review, because this game did make me smile and was quite fun for the first few hours. Jack Black is quiteI feel genuinely bad giving this review, because this game did make me smile and was quite fun for the first few hours. Jack Black is quite funny, the theme of metal music is a good one for the setting and allows for humorous level design and characters; it really had potential... and then it fell apart.

    The world quickly started to seem slapdash once the game opens up and the shift in gameplay style is jarring and irritating. The combat, though sluggish at times, was serviceable and could have been used far more effectively, likewise for the driving sections of the game, but the strategy sections which start to dominated the game are simply terrible. With difficult control and limited visibility, this quickly begins to feel like a PC real time strategy game that you're forced to play with a controller and the camera settings of a third person action brawler game... and yes that's as bad as it sounds. It takes an otherwise interesting and amusing game and destroys the element of fun it started with.

    This game would have been far better if it was, as advertised, a game where you spend 6-8 hours playing as Jack Black; hitting the things from 80s heavy metal LP artwork with your guitar whilst cracking silly one-liners. For the first 2 hours, and intermittently after that, this is what you get; but the awful strategy game hidden in here make it a chore to play. If you see it for bargain bin prices, pick it up and play through the first few hours if you want something light-hearted and amusing, but don't expect to ever actually finish it... I know I couldn't.
    Full Review »