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  1. Nov 10, 2014
    Wow what a piece of garbage this game was. Normally the reviews here don't do COD any justice, but in this case they do. The game is extremely slow and campy as hell. Don't know what Infinity Ward was thinking with the big ass maps like Battlefield. They work there because they have a higher amount of players. Playing a 4 on 4 game, when people rage from IED's, is horrible. Don't know how many time limit TMD's I played. Honestly, the game was so bad, I traded it in and went back to Blops 2. I wish Activision would get rid of Infinity Ward as they have two horrible strikes in Ghosts and MW3. Expand
  2. Nov 9, 2014
    Didn't really like this game. I want my COD in the present day combat mode. Present day weapons, incidents, places and in the present day time-line. Or scenarios from the past like WWII or something would fare better for me than this futuristic story-lines.
  3. Nov 6, 2014
    The game is overall ok. But its story mode sucks to the core. The multiplay is awesome except the extinction and squads. The graphics are good but the best the COD games are COD 4 Modern warfare and COD Black ops 2. It seems that COD Advanced warfare is awesome. Anyways this game sucks a little bit.
    I suggest you to the best COD games as I said. The guns in this game are nice but the guns
    in the other games are ok.
    There are big maps in this game and nice suits.The games worth it are Batman Arkham City , Assassins creed 2 and 3 and Batman Arkham Origins.
  4. Oct 31, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is to be considered the worst COD game. I am not a huge fan of Call of Duty because it never does anything spectacular. Ghosts is exactly what you might expect from a terribly average Call of Duty - terrible rehashed graphics, samey game-play like always and an entertaining campaign. The story of Ghosts lacks creativity and it makes you feel like you are playing an expansion to maybe Call of Duty 4. Truth is, MW3 had the best campaign in the series in my opinion, but the multiplayer lacked in many aspects; for starters it was terribly hacked, boring and sucked. Ghosts does improve on the multiplayer SLIGHTLY, but it is very hard to play the game in such terrible 2006-like graphics. Even Call of Duty 3 had better graphics, and the game was ported from the PS2 (if I am not mistaken) to the PS3 REMASTERED. Call of Duty never changes, and Ghosts is the worst in the franchise. Though you should get Advanced Warfare, it looks like the next COD.

    COD 1 (seemed like a full game) COD 2 (seemed like a full game) COD 3 (seemed like an expansion to COD 2) COD 4 MW (seemed like a full game) COD WAW (seemed like an expansion to Call of Duty 2 with COD 4 gameplay) COD MW2 (seemed like an expansion to COD 4 with better gameplay and graphics) COD BO 1 (seemed like a mixed game, seemed like a standalone expansion), COD MW3 (definitely just an expansion to COD 4 and MW2), COD BO2 (seemed like a new full game, but it didn't feel like one), COD Ghosts (Crap, don't bother. Seems like $60 DLC for COD 3) COD AW (I will give it a try)
  5. Oct 22, 2014
    I couldn't believe that 722 people gave this game a bad review. Probably only because it's different. Which is strange because most people claim it's just a copy of past Call of Duty games. (If it is a copy cat, you can't really say you loved MW2 and hate ghosts) Yes, it is different. They were listening to fans so they changed their game. there are better graphics, bigger maps, a higher resolution on next-gen and new game modes. People were begging for bigger maps. Now everyone realizes that that wasn't what they wanted. The maps are too big, that's one of the worst things. I really wish they wouldn't have made them that much bigger, but that is nothing that deserves 722 negative reviews. My friends agree that ghosts is a great game, and that Call of Duty is still moving forward. I'm willing to bet that at least 500 of the bad reviews on here will buy advanced warfare. If you're a Call of Duty fan, I highly recommend this game. But if you're just a MW2 fan then you should get off the internet. Almost every review I read called ghosts out on being the same as every other CoD. One user, "Gamingrules37" rated this game a 4/10 saying it was "the same game since MW3" First of all this isn't true and second, there was only one game between MW3 and Ghosts and God knows it's nothing like black ops 2. these negative reviews are ridiculous. Review ghosts, not the past CoDs, and stop saying it's a copy of the same game. That is why you buy CoD every year. It IS the same game, but it always has new maps and new weapons and new ways to die. You have to adjust, and if you can't then maybe you should stop playing CoD. Expand
  6. Oct 19, 2014
    The gameplay is decent, I'm not concerned about the "repetitive" parts, however the reason to give this game this score is the people that plays this game, this game is suppose to be for people from 17 and on, but the mainly "persons" that play this game are Kids from 8-11, so this is becoming annoying because they don't know what exactly the goal of the game is.
  7. Oct 15, 2014
    This cod game bring a new playstyle to the table and is a big change from the old "look forward and shoot" that comes out of all the other cod games in this one you must watch your area, and with the new patches, knifes are no longer overpowered, the guns that dominated the maps are balanced ghosts is not my favourite cod game but it is the players within the game that make is so angering. they camp with the hybrid thermal scope on LMGs but you still have a chance to kill them, this game tests all you your FPS skills
    i do not recommend this game for noobs
  8. Oct 7, 2014
    The multiplayer is fine and fun to play with friends, but not nearly as good as Bo2. The campaign had a cool story but a little disappointing. It's a good game, but just disappointing.
  9. Sep 25, 2014
    I think that its an okay game. ts not a great game but if you see it in a bargain bin at gamestop 5 years from now, Maybe you might want to try it. The campaign was really easy and it only took me a few hours to beat my first time playing through it, Plus the ending is horrible. the multiplayer is average. there are a few good maps. But none that are worth making the default map when you have a friend over (like nuketown from black ops 2). if you are going to get into cod. Start out with either cod 4/modern warfare, or black ops 2. Expand
  10. Sep 15, 2014
    call of duty is a game franchise that is beginning to suffer from it's own success, with the latest instalment ghosts the story mode although interesting feels like it has taken a step back from black ops 2 in that with black ops 2 both the decisions you make and how successful you were at the missions throughout the campaign have an impact on the final outcome. the on-line mode feels too similar to previous games. it is not a bad game but in my opinion add very little to the COD Franchise Expand
  11. Sep 13, 2014
    Too bad that after diluting the franchise with uninspired yearly releases, this game finally got many things right. The most evident one is online multiplayer, where we can finally play a Call of Duty game where the weapons are balanced. While the new marksman rifle class seems a bit overpowered, assault rifles, SMGs, even shotguns and sniper rifles, can hold their own. There's no single "best gun in the game", and the perks can really enhance your play style.

    The level of interactivity they added to the maps works in various degrees of success/failure. Seems like a little Battlefield envy worked there. Speaking of DLC, they managed to find another money-grabbing scheme: Character customization. Some Team Fortress 2 envy also made an impact.

    Not everything is great in multiplayer. As equipment goes, the annoying IED that litters every multiplayer map, has become this game's n00b tube. Most of the maps are a mess. They improved the maps quality in the DLC, though not all of them are good. While they got the guns, and the perks right, the killstreaks are mostly ground based, and save the "juggernaut maniac", they are no longer fun.

    The new Extinction coop mode is a good alternative to the zombies, but it's repetitive and loses its charm after several hours of play. One of the best new additions is the Squad mode where you play coop against bots, or a team of your own bots and another player's. It's less stressful than multiplayer, and even helps level up your character.

    Is not worth reviewing the campaign. It's a mess and as uninspired as it can get. The interface of the game is also uninspired. There's a lack of excitement when you level up your character, make a kill, or complete a mission.

    The gameplay mechanics are still the best out there. The leveling system is now better as you "prestige" a character that becomes part of your team and you can level up another.

    Overall, the game feels like it's going in cruise control. It's still a little fun, but not as much as it used to be. Despite solid gameplay, the franchise completely lost its charm a couple of years ago. This is my last Call of Duty game.
  12. Sep 6, 2014
    Well, lets get started on ghosts, The story sucked ass... Lets be honest, The graphics where better than black ops 2 but pretty damn crap considering when this game was made. The Multi-player was fun for an hour, the only fun thing I find doing on it is on local split screen, me and my friend verses 10 enemy bots, the max of bots you can have.
  13. Sep 5, 2014
    The game feel like a stepback from previous titles, because you really miss things like muting all players just my pressing SQUARE + X, camos for your all your secondary camos, including diamond camos and the new "3D moving" DLC camos Afterlife and Weaponized 115. The Campaign was O.K, but still felt like a stepback because of the different ending that Black Ops II had.

    BO2 was a much
    better game in my opinion, there you felt like a badass soldier with rock music playing in the background and you just run around kicking ass. That's the Call of Duty people miss, Ghosts is slow and unfair, because when you have such a low TTK everything will rely on who's got the best connection. If you for example play a game in Europe together with a host from the US, you will have a very bad time playing.

    Ghosts is playable, don't get me wrong, but it's much less noob-friendly than previous games so if you are between noob and above average you will have a hard time playing against pro players. If you are really, really good at COD, you might want to buy this, but still, I think you should wait until the price drops. This game isn't worth $59 at the moment.
  14. Aug 27, 2014
    By far the worse CoD. Usually i tend to love the same formula when it's a good one. This time around Infinity Ward created a bland and confusing campaign and the Online...
    STORY AND CHARACTERS: Confusing and very unbalanced...
    PRESENTATION: Well, as good as ever. If it was for the presentation i'll give my usual 9 to the CoD series.
    ONLINE: What is this?
    IW picked up the (great) idea of Treyarch pick 10 system and they managed to build a very confusing progression system. The maps were all pretty forgetable. Undoubtedly the worse online experience to the CoD series. And character selection? Drop it please!
    They better get i right the next time. I was expecting highly of Ghosts especially after the excellent BO2 but Infinity Ward f***** up this time.
  15. Aug 25, 2014
    One of the worst COD to date. Even though i did like the story and the guns the online play let me down. The gun wiggles around like its made of rubber and it glitches alot. Because of that this game gets 1/10
  16. Aug 23, 2014
    What the hell did I just play!? What the **** happened to this franchise!! What were the developers thinking when coming up with this god forsaken mess. The campaign is decent, nothing to shabby but still fun to play but the multiplayer on the other hand is just pure garbage. The spawns are awful, the maps are way to big, there's no weapon and perk balance, the killstreaks are garbage, the connection is so bad that sometimes i get kicked out of a game for no reason and the multiplayer is so boring that it makes me want to watch a game of golf on TV. OHH and don't even get me started on squads mode and the zombies ripoff but with aliens instead. Atleast the game still works and like I said the campaign is decent. Expand
  17. Aug 9, 2014
    This is perhaps the worst game in Call of Duty history. Despite an improvement in Multiplayer functions, "Ghosts" singleplayer is the same Linear based formula that got old after Black Ops. It's Extinction Mode is clearly derivative, seemingly ripping off Treyarch's Zombie Mode, and incorporating themes from the "Alien" series of movies into the game. The DLC is whimsical and stupid, and not worth the money. You'd be better off buying Battlefield 4, because I guarantee you will be disappointed by this lackluster title to the Call of Duty franchise. Expand
  18. Jul 19, 2014
    If you like a game where they patch and nerf everything good about it and ignore all of the mods and glitches that people use, this is the game for you! If you want to play a game so packed with micro-dlc because the developers care more about your wallet, than the actually gamer? Then Ghosts is totally for you. I have been playing CoD for 17 years now and I have to say that this is the worst game that I have ever played. The game itself has lag, it has really bad balancing, and to top it off it is filled with more little kids than ever. The community is trash, this is actually the easiest CoD since MW3, but everything is so horrible. It is just not worth my time even putting it in my disc tray. lol Expand
  19. Jul 2, 2014
    There's so many things wrong with this multiplayer gameplay & that unwanted PS3 version of extinction. The campaign really impressed me all the way though.
  20. Jul 1, 2014
    Yeah, I could play it for maybe an hour and then I just want to throw it into the burning pit of worthless games that should not have existed. As far as I can see, this is the worst COD ever (Since this review was written). If you still want to play COD, go pick up MW or actually... any COD is better than Ghosts. 2/10 since it's not a complete pile of crap... unless you play it for more than an hour. Expand
  21. Jun 16, 2014
    the game is awesome the graphics awesome i love the aliens mode like old days zombies!! yee black ops2 black ops1 the aliens is a certainly different thing more fun and more hard. online is too awesome and campaing funny i loved all campaing npc's like riley ! i love this game!
  22. Jun 1, 2014
    The create a class (Create a Soldier) system is the best class creation system in all of CoD, personally that I have seen so far. It's just so well put together that I personally like it more than BO2's class system. However, many aspects of the game are just plain horrible and they just make BO2 so much more better. For starters, 85-90% of the maps are oversized for the amount of players that are allowed. Stonehaven is a prime example, I always end up having to leave a game at least 4-5 times just to find a small map, which there are only 2 of without any DLC. The fact that IW (Infinity Ward) hyped up their fans for this crappy game neglects me buy/look at the new DLC's or even continue playing Ghosts. It just makes me feel like I'm getting my money milked. Don't let the franchise get to you. Save your money by not buying this game. Expand
  23. May 31, 2014
    The campaign is good
    But the multiplayer sometimes is really slow and tha maps are huge
    The mechanics of the game for me are good enough but the multiplayer is still without dedicated servers and with such powerful guns the connection can be devastating for the experience
    At last if its your first cod you will have fun but if you have been playing cod for a long time you will find out
    soon enough that this the worst cod ever made Expand
  24. May 29, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. it was a really good game . are they doing a call of duty ghosts 2 because they should. try the game its great . even for girls . if they are doing a ghosts 2 please tell me. Expand
  25. May 28, 2014
    Boring uninspired maps, questionable textures and graphics which looked better about 3 previous games ago, and ridiculous single player story, COD Ghosts is another lackluster, repetitive cash grab for a series that has long outstayed its welcome. If you're familiar with any of the 'efforts' by the COD franchise, I'm sure you'll have no need for anymore explanation and dislike this game as much as I do. The 3 stars I did give it were merely due to extinction mode which was an interesting twist on the horde mode that many AAA games spout these days. However, I found myself missing zombies and just wished I could've jumped into that after goofing around online for a little. Horrid game. Stop buying it people. Expand
  26. May 6, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is just the same old Call of Duty with a few new features. Black Ops 2, from what I've seen, still has more players than Ghosts and i'm not surprised. A waste of money if you ask me!
  27. May 6, 2014
    While the previous games in the series may have bought plenty of fun and entertainment to the player, over time each game's quality has degraded and degraded. Call Of Duty Ghosts is in my opinion the absolute low for the series, and I beg Activision to end it here, and not make their fans suffer by creating a turd even bigger than this one.
  28. May 4, 2014
    La verdad me parecio un juego totalmente aburrido en su modo multijugador la historia no esta tan mal pero la verdad que su multijugador es un ***** asco
  29. May 3, 2014
    I have waited for so long for that game and when i tried it i was so disappointed about it.There was a lot of good critics about it,so i wanted to buy it.The graphics of the guns are really ugly and the gold colour ew!The campaign is actually pretty good but the online play is just really weird ant the modes are not good at all.
  30. Apr 27, 2014
    They used the same engine from Modern Warfare 3, and when compared to Xbox 360 graphics, it looks like dirt. Nothing new added to the franchise.

    Singleplayer is short and really bad. It's also boring. Hey, atleast they added a dog. A reskinned and recoded dog from the other Call of Duties. For your information, that dog didn't brought anything new to the game.
  31. Apr 24, 2014
    oh god why? F*ck this game. Look If you want a call of duty shut up and buy black ops 2 now. F*ck me. What still here fine I'll go into details. Graphics are still just like modern warfare 1,2, and 3 not at all improved. The damn maps they are too big I know what your thinking "but I want big maps" 6 vs. 6 on big maps good luck finding anyone. So many damn children in M rated game its annoying and you all under the age no buy I mean it. Quick scoping is actually easier , why? Oh right because "F*ck you give me money". Knifing how do you f*ck that up? You get what I call an auto knife if it doesn't kick in hen you need it your screwed. Extinction ignore others its not a zombies rip off well completely anyway. You get a load out system that give you a class, pistol, and abilities by that I mean turrets and vest. You destroy hives instead of getting round which is kind of okay really. But it has an annoying $6,000 limit for weapons etc.. Oh right you die in 3-4 bullets unless its a shotgun or sniper. The story sucks about as bad as modern warfare 3. They even ruined the dog you bastards. The destructible map people wanted you get gas stations, log, and 1 nuke for 1 map so hope you weren't hyped for that. Right of course the DLC crap they do guess what so far 2 weapons that are actually worth a damn more money please smaller maps? More money, its legal robbery. Oh you can lean you know something hat exist in the ps2 era I know I still have mine. Before you go "so its modern warfare3?" no oh no you would think that is titan fall after this yeah that bad. No just no it hurts what I went through playing the f*cking game. The story length is slightly I mean slightly longer then battle field 4 by 1 or 2 hours so 5-6 hours. Do not buy this game Expand
  32. Apr 10, 2014
    I love Call of Duty: Ghosts. The multiplayer is AWESOME! The campaign ROCKS! Though this is my firs COD, so what would i know. I have never played black ops
  33. Apr 9, 2014
    To be honest,I had high expectations for this game but it went down the drain. The maps are too damn big and the storyline seems stupid if they're not making another ghost cod ghost 2. There's also a lot of glitches. But the multiplayer is sort of fun. That's why I rated this a 5,not a 2 or 3.
  34. Apr 8, 2014
    ghost multiplayer freezes all the time, other than that I love it. Love the new maps, the operations, and the gear. It is challenging, but not difficult to play.
  35. Apr 5, 2014
    Pros: Best graphics ever seen in a COD game to date. Great sound system. No lag when playing online. Smooth, consistent frame rate. Ghosts' beautifully perfect high weapon damage was the cure to the disgusting aftertaste of the disease Black Ops 1 and 2 gave me. Gone are the days of the retarded bullcrap of putting half a clip into someone, only to get several hitmarkers. Treyarch clearly showed their lack of intelligence by making all of their guns about as useful as a retarded toy airsoft gun that shoots marshmallows. Having useless pistols, 4+ shot kill rifles, shotguns with terrible range and damage, and other unbelievably stupid and idiotic low damage weapons, coupled with the fact that Treyarch loves sticking their noses in where they don't belong by nerfing already useless guns to the most retarded levels of garbage doesn't help when they have the worst lag ever seen either. BO 1 and 2's unplayable garbage multiplayer is the complete opposite of Ghosts' perfect multiplayer: Fast-paced, buttery smooth lightning fast action, with no lag, and weapons that drop soldiers dead before you can blink, make the ultimate multiplayer combat experience. No more annoying hitmarkers while dumping half a clip into someone only to watch them duck behind cover and survive, no more guns that can't even penetrate thin materials like wood. Ghosts will show players that war is hell, and all the whining scrub kids should go back to FailOps series if they can't handle high weapon damage. With this release, Infinity Ward establishes themselves as the clearly dominant studio with more intelligence, creativity, and logic. Treyarch had its day with World At War, but creating Black Ops was the road to their downfall. From now on, stick with IW games, they are clearly superior to the mediocre trash Treyarch comes up with. Overall expertly crafted multiplayer leaves Treyarch's garbage in it's shadow. Don't waste your time on Treyarch anymore. Nothing they make will ever even come close to Ghosts. Despite having some issues with map size and unbalanced, weak kill streaks, Ghosts' multiplayer is by far the best COD has to offer, and it renders Treyarch's pathetic, lousy efforts into obsolete garbage.
    Extinction exposes Zombies as the retarded garbage it truly is cause Treyarch had a retarded storyline that was probably thought up by some 5 year old with Down's Syndrome.
    Offline play is available in Squads.

    Campaign is generic and forgettable.
    Longer loading times, especially for multiplayer.
    Technical issues with some kill streaks' damage and effectiveness.
    Revised multiplayer in game scoreboard and muting options are confusing.
    Recycled sounds and dying animations.
    No 4 player split screen.
    Squads is rather bland.
    Despite all its issues, Ghosts is THE definitive COD. Where Treyarch has completely failed and produced the worst abominations in COD, IW easily showcases a display of creative, intelligent game-making talent. All the people who are saying Ghosts sucks and BO 2 is better are retarded. Even a blind bat could tell that BO 2's graphics are unacceptable garbage compared to Ghosts. Treyarch's days are over, and IW is here to stay as the dominant COD dev studio. I will be staying far away from Treyarch's mindless, retarded, unplayable garbage in the future, and I look forward to Ghosts 2.
  36. Mar 27, 2014
    Objectively it's a good game. It's fun and anyone can pick it up and have fun playing it because it's so simple. However that is one of its main issues. The game can get repetitive and boring after a while of playing online and the campaign is too easy it feels like i'm strapped into a roller coaster. It's a nice how you can be going guns blazing at one point in space and then go all silent spec ops killing dudes quietly, but I feel as if though I got no control. It feels like if it's all done for me and i'm just supposed to watch. It's too linear and scripted. The story is a bit weird too. I feel as though i'm the bad guy. I mean the U.S builds a doomsday device in space and the world is supposed to do nothing while the U.S. has a doomsday device hanging over everyone's heads. Also the countries fighting you have a good reason to fight you. They had been oppressed, impoverished, and exploited by the U.S for years. This game just feel like a cliche patriotic xenophobic movie like Rockie IV. Expand
  37. Mar 26, 2014
    Although it's long this review is actually a good one that means something, please read because I make points through to the end. So here it is. Really, all you haters, shut up. The graphics have not improved? check the data, the graphic power is higher and mostly dependent on your system and TV. The campaign is finished too fast? The majority of people don't even play the campaign, and those that do, don't really use it as their main game mode. Then there's the multiplayer. Who cares if there's recycled material, if you keep saying that the older games are better, then don't complain about recycled graphics. I'm seeing a bad review as i'm writing this and it's main point of "nothing new was brought to the table" (by hotstuff) is wrong as i will show shortly, and then it just has it's support being "it's bad." Oh yea way to convince me.
    Now let's focus on some actual pros and cons. The slide is more effective than the dive, since you're able to knife, shoot, etc. while performing the action. Some of the maps are interactive, like the gas station roof falling and possibly getting a kill, and even little things like a missile hitting the ground and cracking the street. Or even that platform thingy in the river that goes under if you stand on it too long. It provides more to do in the maps and more ways to counter your enemies and eliminate them unnoticed. Also there's climbing. I've said for years that when you mantle objects you should be able to fight, now you can! Gun game. My favorite party game since the introduction of it. Now they have the random gun rotation feature which is awesome. You never know what to expect and it keeps you on your toes and makes you a more weapon rounded player.
    Still with pros, the weapons are very innovative, as are the styles of perks and scorestreaks and such. Things like the automatic suppressor on the honeybadger really blow me away because it just shows that new gen gaming is moving forward enough to actually reflect more reality-like games. On that note, the health. I have heard complaints from friends that the health is too low. I disagree. In other games it's too high. Like 5 bullets to kill? Really? No. Ghosts health is better. Faster kills forces the player to be on your toes more and ready to react quickly and utilize all your advantages.
    A few cons, the lag repair. First off, people who say the lag is ridiculous, you don't know what you're saying. The issue is that the lag repair was so good that it actually forces people with super high-end connection to lag back around .4 seconds. You aren't actually lagging though cuz your even with the other players with either now better connection, or other high-enders...(is that a word???) that lag back to match you. Also, the one little peev of mine is the weapon sway. When you walk the guns sway excessively. Although the weapons retain their accuracy, it is an eye sore. That's about it for cons.
    Then there's extinction. It's fascinating the way it was put together. They nailed it. The graphics are incredible, the health is perfect, the maps are enjoyable, the guns are strong but not OP'd, the customize your own character is super awesome, and really overall it's a great game. Oh! and they finally got the knifing right after being too easy in black ops and too hard in BO2. I solidly recommend this game if your not a camper cuz i hate campers and they should all just go jump off a cliff. Plus right now the price dropped a lot because of all the stupid haters returning the game and giving it bad reviews so because of their stupidity, you get a great game for reduced price. Enjoy!
  38. Mar 18, 2014
    I'm not going to sigh in disgust at a game that presents itself fairly well and provides a good few hours of entertainment. And that's where it falls of its pedestal. After trying the multiplayer demo over the weekend the thrill had gone and I had no desire to carry on with the multiplayer. I found that when I was about to go back on it I was asking myself "why are you not playing Assassin's Creed or Battlefield". In other words what this game needs to do well is no other games in the entire world that are good. Then I'll play it again. But until that fateful day there are just too many other good alternatives to distract me. Some may say to do the single player campaign, but from the perspective of a guy who's played every CoD campaign since Finest Hour, I find myself asking "How different can this one really be?". Oh the enemies are speaking Brazilian? Yawn. At first they were speaking German, then Russian, then German again, then English. Some re-textured enemies are not going to convince me to fork out £40 on a mediocre (at best) game. And the campaigns all have the same structure. Lot's of death, a big explosion, another big explosion, a big gun you get to play with for 30 seconds and to finish off the level a big death filled explosion. Pretty much anything that will attract the attention of any adolescent teenager within a five mile radius. It's silly, over the top action that you could get from an 80's movie. Now, I'm not saying by any means that Battlefield 4's single player is any better because it's not. Or the fact that Assassin's Creed 4's multiplayer is better, because it's not. But switch them around and you have two longer term alternatives (AC4 offers a breath taking single player experience and Battlefield has enough of a reputation online to speak for itself). Ghosts is an average game and in a market where there are not stunning, ground breaking games coming out on a regular basis, I just don't see the appeal in a game where the main new feature is women followed by fish that get out of your way... Expand
  39. Mar 13, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a game infamous for ripping off it's own franchise. While playing this game, I can't help but feel that it should've been DLC. Instead, it's a $60 retail game with horrible online experience. Lag and a squeaky community kills this game, and the maps are way too vast for an 6v6 game. Reminds me of New Pork City in SSBB, it's that bad. It copies from MW2 and MW3 shamelessly, and dares to be called a new game, when in reality, it's what you played 5 years but with a dog. And the dog sucks dooky on a stick. Perfect. In fact, I bought this game because I love buying the same crappy game over and over again, because I love unbalanced gameplay and because I'm a CoD fanboy who's IQ ranges in the 80's. I love it, just my type. A nice 0/10. Expand
  40. Mar 7, 2014
    The game isn't as bad as many people are saying. Some drastic improvements have been made, during in game, they've worked on weapon balance, spawns, etc.

    But even though they tried COD: Ghost is still yet another game like the rest of the Call of Duty series, It's been copy and pasted, and given a few improvements.

    I played a decent amount of the game, but after about 4-5 hours
    online I began to find that the game is just to repetitive, which now it's just left with the rest of the games I got bored of.

    COD: Ghost could have been an awesome game! But again the developers got lazy, and just stayed to the same formula(Which is good yes! But after 5 or 6 of the same games with the exact same formula, it's time for an improvement! In example: Valve does a good job with keeping the same formula, but making each of there games fascinating at the same time) In all, I suggest you just wait until the price drops, since $60 is way over priced for a game that's only been slightly improved.
  41. Feb 24, 2014
    I am going to be as blunt as I can. Call of Duty: Ghosts is a pretty mediocre game. And this comes from a guy who actually enjoys playing Call of Duty, and one who loved what Treyarch did in "Black Ops 2". But Infinity Ward, who at least tried to renovate the franchise even though still including the fast and loveable CoD formula fans love, has brought us a 60 dollar package that is a little bit uneven. A great, fun multiplayer with exciting new additions, but an absolutely cringeworthy campaign and an even worse attempt to copy the successful Zombies mode from Treyarch's shoot-em-up extravaganza.
    First of all, let's talk about the campaign. They tried to sell it as an "Academy Award Winning Written Story full of heart". My ass. It is another "America, **** yeah" story with one dimensional characters and over-the-top dialogue. And the gameplay is just so boring. The missions are so linear (Except one that tries to introduce some stealth into the mix, but bad AI and level design ends up being messy) and the guns feel so similar, I thought more than once leaving the campaign and abandon it on a pile of cow feces. Still, it is not all bad. The visuals are spot on, even on PS3, and the framerate is top-notch. Too bad the voice acting makes you want to kill yourself.
    The multiplayer, with new modes and incredible map design, are the opposite. Ghosts has introduced lots of new toys for fans to explore, from verticality on the level's designs to a sort of "dynamic" appeal, which is not as dynamic as Battlefield's "Levolution" but still offers the chills. In fact, one of the new modes introduced, "Cranked" is one of my favourite multiplayer modes ever. Besides that, they added deep character customization that makes things even more enjoyable. Love it or hate it, multiplayer is awesome at Ghosts.
    Wanna know what is not awesome? Extinction mode. WHY? WHY DID YOU FEEL OBLIGATED TO ADD THIS IN THE GAME? It is an absolute mess. It is not very cooperative, at moments it is ridiculously unfair and the map designs take a turn for the worse. It is along with the campaign in the Cow feces, questioning Infinity Ward's competence.
    Buy this for the multiplayer, stay for the exact reason you bought it for. But it is not worth 60 bucks. Maybe an even 40 or 35 bucks will do just fine.
  42. Feb 17, 2014
    The absolutely worst game i've tried. Modern Warfare 2 is the greatest game in the cod series, which I would have given about 9.5 in rating, but this? This game is nothing more than a cheap bad copy of the other games, the cod series should've just quit on MW3, after that, the game quality have just gone down, down and down.
  43. Feb 14, 2014
    I've been in Video Gaming since the late 1980's and on online gaming since 1997, with average of 4+ hours daily online gaming, technically speaking i have spent playing online gaming much more than the life of many online players nowadays.

    Why i said that is to inform that i have seen almost all kind of online and offline gaming ever been created on all platforms, and i never and i mean
    never seen a game goes bad like Ghost.

    I'm totally honest when i say, because of this game i have changed my hobby to another field and i quit gaming, as i never seen any game more disturbing and failing like this game.

    Technically it is much better than all COD games, however practically it is score Big Zero with me.

    I can say why, however i will be wasting my precious time on this game, i don't know if they should call it a game.

    I don't know who design it, however these guys should be sacked and i mean it badly.

    The only one who seem to like it is the critics, i just wonder why don't they create games for critics and other games for the rest of us... :-)

    Fail bad...
  44. Feb 9, 2014
    Infinity Ward, do you know what this incredibly low user score means? It means, you need to make a better game, you can't just half-ass everything and expect everyone to buy it. I hope to god Sledgehammer and Treyarch doesn't make a **** game like this. Call of Duty is going to die if you don't work harder to compete with your competition (Battlefield, Titanfall, Destiny). If SH makes a bad Call of Duty this year, CoD and the huge community is going to die, slowly. You say this game didn't sell nearly as good as BO2 or MW3, you know why? Because all you advertised was FISH AI and A **** DOG.....seriously? Put some effort into your games. Call of duty (IW games in particular) has gone downhill from CoD 4. Call of Duty 4 was amazing, MW2 was really good, BO1 was good, MW3 was **** BO2 was good, this game is terrible. I'm a really big fan of CoD and FPS games, and I really hope you do something better next time, in 2016.

    - Sky
  45. Feb 9, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This COD is Disappointing, but not a bad game.
    The Main Campaign itself has Gameplay that doesn't have flaws, aside from glitches and the fact it's the same gameplay from the other COD games. The Story is a simple 'Meh', does have some nice Moments, but the ending is just atrocious, I was like... "ANOTHER SEQUEL!?, ARE YOU SERIOUS!?".
    The Multiplayer is the worst of all COD games, even though I think that the 'Create a Soldier' is cool and the gameplay Isn't Ruined or Anything. The maps are frustratingly way too big, giving an opportunity for campers. Some Weapons are Stupidly more Powerful than others, Making everyone use that certain Weapon.
    Overall, The Game is just not bad, but the worst COD ever Made
  46. Feb 7, 2014
    Most definitely the weakest in the series by far, limited weapons, dreary killstreaks, uninspiring level design, appalling respawns and latency issues when 2 people are firing at one another as shown through the killcam.Some of the killstreaks are stupidly overpowered like the guard dog which is ridiculously resilient which makes you wonder if your body armour is made of paper, the juggernauts are now stupidly tough to kill to the point where you might as well put the controller down and not bother. The squad mode and extinction add a little novelty to the game but even these additions aren't enough to save this cod, for fans of infinity ward stick to MW2 or MW3, for series fans in general stick to black ops 2 at least its fast paced and more interesting to play. Expand
  47. Feb 2, 2014
    Ghost is Call of Duty's last leg. The campaign is very good and well executed. However, the multiplayer gets boring after a while and is nothing special. Any other game mode I didn't mention is also bad, starting with the fact that I can't even remember what it is called. Bad sign.
  48. Feb 1, 2014
    I'm gunna keep this short. Single player is just another hallway shooter, and multiplayer is the same since MW2. They've kept the same base recipe, then just added a little bit extra spice that only veterans will take notice of. (Or really care for that matter.) Pros: - Same addicting multiplayer if you're not bored yet. (Plus if you're a fan of spending $120 bucks on a game.) Cons:
    - Forgettable, boring story mode.
    - Tired mechanics.
    - After playing other great looking ps3 games, this just looks bland and awful. (Blops2 looks better for **** sake)

    I rented this game for a week and I've already had my fill of Call of Duty for this year. Maybe I'll just spend this time next year playing Titanfall or Destiny instead...
  49. Jan 31, 2014
    Look at the User Score. Thats what counts. You see it? Its as dark as the blood gets from the blood you spilled from your opponents in this game... Just don't get it. Look at other reviews. You'll understand. $60 isn't a right price. People who play this are children. Wait... Why am I in this section if I'm a PC Gamer?!?! Well heck with it I made it this far. Black Ops 2+Dog=Ghosts
  50. Jan 30, 2014
    boycott this franchise please! All COD has done is just recycle, recycle, recyle. If you compare the characters and maps etc from the previous titles in the franchise, they just take the same stuff and repackage it. I used to be a huge fan of MP of the series, but just got bored after they just repackage the same stuff repeatedly.
    It's just terrible! guys, boycott the franchise so they
    will actually put some energy into creating new titles instead of recycling old ones!
    don't buy this game if you played previous title/titles!
  51. Jan 29, 2014
    WORST COD EVER. The spawning on the game is absolutely terrible. Way more hackers than any other COD game. infinity ward, this game SUCKS. I dont know how you got so many sales. the single player is good but multiplayer sucks.
  52. Jan 24, 2014
    Played , COD 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, MW2 , BO1 ... and let me tell you COD stopped after COD4 i can't believe how they are out ideas and inspiration to make a new game , ive started ghost for 5min then stopped to save same Minutes of my life time . RIP COD
  53. Jan 20, 2014
    I cant give this pathetic game anymore then a 1. Not only does this game bring the same repetitive multiplayer and campaign, but they brought to us a "wannabe" zombies mode called Extinction. I would rather like this a lot more if there was survival involved like zombies but even you have to be at least level 20 to actually beat a f**king game on Extinction. Campaign was yet another disappointment, same boring rushed campaign. Then there is multiplayer, the biggest disappointment. People always say "OMG There is in game challenges! So innovative".

    Face it Activision and Treyarch and Infinityward, COD is dead. It was dead 4 years ago so just let go of it and make a new title that might not suck!
  54. Jan 20, 2014
    Awful. Just awful The multiplayer is the same (that is, awful arcade shooter) , the campaign isn't bad, and the engine is just a reskinned version of the one in MW3. Essentially, it's the same drivel as the stuff they put into every CoD game since MW2. Overall, the series has gotten old and now its age is showing. If they had put even a little love or innovation into this title I would have given it a 7 just fro trying something new. Expand
  55. Jan 20, 2014
    This series went stale years ago and just needs to disappear from the gaming industry. I wonder why people continue to buy these games, time and time again. What will their next top-selling title be? Call of Duty: Consistent Disappointment?
  56. Jan 19, 2014
    I made an account on this website just to review this crap. This is the worst game I have ever played. I'm never buying a Call of Duty again. If you want a shooter, go with battlefield. You won't be disappointed there. Anyways, the Multiplayer is crap, absolute crap. At least in the other games the multiplayer was semi-fun. The campaign is short and terrible. Recycled crap that didn't make any sense. In the other COD games you actually got attached but in this you didn't care. DON'T BUY IT Expand
  57. Jan 16, 2014
    Okay. Another year, another CoD. And, I gotta say. I love this one. The story was cliche yet kept me involved. The multiplayer is the most balanced to date. And the graphics are absolutely breathtaking compared to previous installments. The weapon models and character models are cool, and I thoroughly enjoyed character customization. I love Squads mode. It's fun and hectic. And, yeah, I guess it's a little/LOT recycled. But, hey, this is a great CoD game. And it has to be my favorite game in the series since CoD: Big Red One. Expand
  58. Jan 12, 2014
    Good Lord i'm glad that i didn't bought the prestige edition !! I like all the other CoD really munch (except MW3) but this is really bad!! It's only fun to mess around with friends but everything Else is boring and dumb!
  59. Jan 12, 2014
    The latest Call of Duty is far from innovative but it continues the franchise's endlessly entertaining multiplayer. However, the campaign feels like a step down from that of Black Ops 2 and is only mildly successful at changing up the setting of the game. The new extinction mode is fun but repetitive. Enjoy the fun multiplayer and the new maps but little technical improvements are found in Call of Duty: Ghosts Expand
  60. Jan 10, 2014
    i struggle to award a 2/10 score to this ultimate disappointment. I have been playing this franchise since the days of call of duty 2 and have been enjoying every single release the two studios(treyarch/IW) have thrown at me. Me and my friends started playing competitively in COD4 and was ranked in the top 10% of league brackets for MLG in Modern Warfare 2, which I believe was the prime of the franchise.
    At the start of Black Ops, it was obvious Call of Duty was catering to the community, which was a horrible idea that led to insane inbalance in the multiplayer to levels of excruciating frustration, the maps are large and horrible, as you can be killed in all fields of view, and 90% of the time I am 2 shotted from a silenced LMG across the map with ADS at all times while prone.
    There are a few improvements but many downgrades from previous games, like the SAT COM, which is a pathetic attempt to add strategy into the game to replace the UAV, but the SC just turns out to be very unbalanced and confusing as well. I could write all day on the horrible segments of the game, but the website is lagging and I just cannot stand it.
    Please, I beg of you, Do NOT buy this game, if you are looking for a good new FPS, go for Battlefield 4, it is very fun to play casually.
  61. Jan 10, 2014
    DONT believe the critics they lie .Several hundred user review cant be wrong its rubbish.Spent loads of time on previous cods and loved them all in online matches but this is a weak effort living off past releases.Dont know whar it is the maps glitches or the ease it is to shoot someone.All the bad points still remain like being shot while the bullet clearly misses you also fast scopeing with sniper rifles always on target even though the sights havnt come up yet.But this one really plays badly somehow .DONT BUY YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IM SELLING MINE INTRESTER?. Expand
  62. Jan 4, 2014
    Let me just say it bland. This game sucks. Only the COD fanboy could play this without realizing how bad it is. It's the same exact thing as the last ones, only worse. If you start to get shot, you die instantly, no time to get to cover. Levolution(map interactives) are completely useless, like they added it just so they could say they had it. Textures are the same as they were back in MW1. Don't be fooled by the trailers, you barely get any selection to how your player looks. You have to do challenges to unlock new player uniforms, and the challenges are only available on certain days. This game is even worse for new players, when advanced players just run around screwing over everyone. 0/10 Expand
  63. Jan 3, 2014
    This game is definitely an improvement, Infinityward make the better versions of COD and are able to support the online gameplay better. I've been playing COD since forever (before COD i was playing Medal of Honor) I agree with most reviewers that the Story mode was lacking, but it was still fun. I mean video games that are "war" based don't get much better than COD as far as story goes... I hated the multiplayer of black ops 1 and 2, It was near impossible to get into a match, especially if you are on a team. Black Ops always lagged, the sounds of the guns are so fake, it makes that dumb sound like a little toy, It was always a lag when your shooting someone its like they somehow would kill you but they werent even aiming at you, until you watch the Kill Cam then its like they were shooting at you the whole time even when their back was turned to you...

    Some people on here complain about the game is the same game since MW2 or whatever, But it worked, MW2 was great, why would they drastically change something when they had the most successful game in history, all they need to do is tweak it and add a little bit to it each year, and they have consistently did that. The game works and as long as they don't drastically change it, then it will always be a successful game.

    I like the fact this game does not lag as much as the black ops, it rarely and i mean very rarely lags for me, and i'm on the same internet connection i played BO2 on. The guns are more realistic than Black Ops but not as realistic as they were in MW2. The game modes that they added to online has a game mode for every type of player, if you're one of the people who like to run around the map just gunning down anyone you see as fast as you can then just play Blitz and Cranked, its that simple, if you like sniping then play Search and Destroy, Search and Rescue, etc... It is that simple.... they have different game modes for a reason. I like that you can customize your soldier, I like how they advanced clan wars, I like the app because it works pretty well (in comparison to other video games apps)...I like the addition of the Riley Dog and they got rid of those 25 killstreaks such as the NUKE and MOAB...because all that did was give campers more of an incentive to camp...However i did get a lot of Nukes and Moabs and enjoyed everytime i did

    I think there is too many noobs and snobby little kids on here, that have unrealistic expectations, or their mad they aren't good enough in this one because they were so used to the lag in black ops 2 working in their favor... I mean seriously in black ops 2 everyone used the same SMG gun and ran around hipfiring...and forget sniping in that game, it would take 3 bullets to the head with a sniper rifle half the time to take someone down...

    I think this game is extremely fun, still has things that even the playing field online... just a little...

    It should have a few more maps...Siege is ridiculously big for this game, I have never seen anyone vote for that map... and Sovereign is annoying because it provides so many snuggly corners for campers
  64. Jan 2, 2014
    They improved everything they made the story greater the multiplayer greater they improved the weapons you actually get to make your own soldier! Don't listen to the bad reviews because they're idiots so if you don't like Call of Duty Ghosts you suck!
  65. Jan 2, 2014
    Here's some advice just wait until Treyarch's COD releases from now on Infinity Ward has single handedly destroyed the Call of Duty series Treyarch is the ONLY Reason this series still barely breathes. Save your 60 and 50 bucks or get Battlefield 4
  66. Jan 2, 2014
    Terrible game.
    -Story is simply just a WTF.
    -Online: slow at many points

    Call of duty is not listening to the players and they are to busy trying to recapture the Modern Warfare 1 and 2 era when over 1,000,000 people would be on. 2 weeks after buying I only saw around 150,000 players on.

    Call of duty is now beginning to head the Medal of honor route.
  67. Jan 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Another anticlimax from Activision. GHOSTS is a massive step back from the days of MW1 and MW2. How can a game franchise get WORSE over time isn't it supposed to improve?

    Bog standard campaign mode as usual just a change of character names and voice actors. There are one or two cool 'moments' in the campaign but overall it's just fighting against another dictator/terrorist kingpin for the sake of humanity. (YAWN). Nothing new it's the same old.

    Online mode is really where it disappoints (which is what everyone plays CoD for)
    Firstly the maps are HUGE and unplayable. A player will run around for minutes at a time searching for an enemy, leading to boring low scoring rounds. Killstreak rewards are the worst I have ever seen, a 'guard' dog that is more interested in playing fetch than protecting you. Air support is limited and weak. Juggernaut is back (oh no) a player kills 10 people in a row and is rewarded by having his/her gun taken away!? Great idea. Where are the pavelow's, harriers and carpet bombs Infinity Ward?

    After 10 years a CoD player, CoD is no longer fun. Simple as that. A solid 2 out of 10 well done. Maybe stop rushing new titles out every 12 months for a quick payday will help! So disappointing as MW1 and 2 were world beaters!
  68. Jan 1, 2014
    This game was just terrible. I expected innovation and the type of huge leap that was in introduced in Cod 4 to Mw2. However, Riley has a really nice and I constantly felt the need to pound it. Also, I just love watching porn while playing ghosts.
  69. Dec 31, 2013
    This isn't really a review of the game, this is my story. Try to be patient, I'm still fragile and my doctor tells me it's good to talk about these things...

    I feel robbed, I'm going to take this game back to the store and say it says "Corrupt disc" when I try to play it or something. It really is that bad! Let me illustrate it another way: I've suffered depression a handful of
    times in my life and the first thing I always notice when it begins is that get no enjoyment out of anything, even the things I usually really like. I sat for hours mechanically shooting my way through this game wondering if I might be slipping in to depression. I really felt that might be happening.

    I've heard small children telling better stories than this game has. There also aren't any characters either. Seriously they're so boringly generic and colourless that I can't even remember what their faces look like. Captain Price was a character! You know I actually cried at the end of CoD4? So I turned Ghosts off and played through Red Dead Redemption. It was great, I actually grieved for a whole day at the end of it, I hardly realised how much it had gripped me until it ended. So then I wondered: what if I had outgrown the FPS genre? There's really not much story to FPS games generally, perhaps I just needed story? Perhaps I needed to start reading books and smoking a pipe? So I played CoD4 and loved it. I played CoD2 and could barely contain my joy. I played CoD and despite struggling to get it working because it's so old I was actually laughing until tears rolled down my cheeks because I was so relieved that I wasn't going to be depressed at all, I'd just played a really bad game.

    That's my story, and it's better than the one in Ghosts.
  70. Dec 30, 2013
    Disclaimer Score based entirely off the Multiplayer, as it's all I've played.

    I like the CoD franchise, it's always been a silly, entertaining multiplayer experience, yet Ghosts is one of the worst CoDs yet.

    The multiplayer is not very good. The maps are dull, the lag is unbearable, the squad points system is bulls**t, and the Gen-engine is unnoticeable, if it IS even there. The
    people with mics are very annoying, mostly the adults, and the gun-balance is... interesting. The game is full of campers, and the bloody dog is insanely OP. Anything I missed out?

    The small amount of extinction I played, while unimpressive, was surprisingly enjoyable, however I played quite a small amount of it with a friend (same with squads) so I can't really add or subtract points for that.

    Overall the game is an unimpressive CoD. Avoid, and go pick up BO2, it was far more entertaining.
  71. Dec 28, 2013
    Another year, another Call of Duty. Let's make this clear: Ghosts does NOT suck, yet it isn't the best CoD; not even close. The campaign was just mindless fun, like the previous campaigns, yet I was disappointed overall, as the trailers had more emotion than the story itself. Characters could have been developed more. One reviewer said that this is the longest campaign in the series, yet it lasted for 5-hours, again like the previous games.

    Now onto the multiplayer, which everyone is mainly concerned about. Aside from customizing your own soldier, there is nothing really new. It's the same multiplayer. And what I hate is that everything is available for use, as long as your gather up enough points. What happened to this weapon being unlocked at this level, etc?

    Extinction mode is also fun, but it can't save the entire package.

    In the end, Ghosts is not bad, but not good. And it certainly isn't worth $60. I only got it because my bro got it for Christmas. If he didn't want it, I wouldn't have got it either. Wait for the price drop.
  72. Dec 28, 2013
    This game is the biggest joke since the last installment of the series. My friend got this game for 40 bucks used. We played two online matches took it out of the system and returned it. The graphics look like garbage, the guns feel like nerf guns, kill streaks are retarded and the campaign is worse than BF3. Take your 63 bucks and buy a real game like Battlefield (get some literal bang for your buck). Expand
  73. Dec 27, 2013
    I did not play the campaign. I only played it online. The reason I gave the game a high score of 3 is because it is fun. if you sit down with your friends this game can be fun. Everything just kinda works and nothing really takes away from you and your friends having fun and that is what gaming is about fun.

    What's wrong with this game is that it is the same thing over and over and
    over. We have all played this game Over and over. Then the maps look good if you have never played Battlefield or other games like GTAV. Those games play great and are beautiful. This game is not beautiful. I still dont know why people continue to purchase this game every year. I am comparing this to Battlefield because they are similar games. Battlefiled 3 looks better then this and that game is two years old. Also in battlefield you have a destructive environment. You also have all the vehicles. Tanks, Copters, ATV's, Fighter jets, and off road vehicles. What can you do in COD Ghosts? you run around shoot people and get perks. It got old after modern warfare 2.

    The maps are big and normally that is a good thing but then the maps only hold 12 people that is nothing you can walk around and not see anybody for half the match. Battle file at least allows 24 man battles.

    Lets be real this game can be fun but it does not compare to its competitor.
  74. Dec 26, 2013
    Dogs. Everyone who has played this game knows that the dogs are overpowered as Only a five killstreak. A retarded bat could play this and get the dogs. That is all I have to say.
  75. Dec 26, 2013
    Being a fan of Call of Duty myself, I had started playing around the time of Black Ops 2. However, I started with World at War and have been making my way up. After the great improvement in multiplayer from Black Ops 2, I was expecting Ghosts to bring great improvements to the series. However upon playing the multiplayer, I was torn between sides. Although I did appreciate the ability to customize the characters, many things were odd to me. The largest sources being the small amount of killstreaks and the miniscule 6 man teams I did not realize until now how odd a match can feel with a few players. There were some things that I enjoyed though. I found the graphics to be a great improvement over Black Ops 2, and I did enjoy the much smoother player movements with the slide and easy lean out of cover. I played Battlefield 4 before this and I am glad to find a much easier leaning mechanic. I also found the campaign to be enjoyable up until the end. Warning the ending is open and most likely means there will be a Ghosts 2, and hopefully they improve these mistakes. I also have noticed a few bugs such a a friendly freezing in place with his arms stuck out like a hidden in Garry's Mod Prop Hunt, however it fixed itself quickly. Simply put.

    Story: 7
    Presentation: 8
    Multiplayer: 5
    Co-op: 7
    Weapons: 8
    Total: 7
  76. Dec 24, 2013
    Wow what a flop!!! Should have saved my 39.99.. and I have to use 150 characters oh give me a break this game is not worth my time or energy.. I don't even know how to explain how horrible this game is
  77. Dec 22, 2013
    I have a lot of mixed emotions about this game. It just seems like there is so much bullcrap. There are very few hit-markers, which isnt so bad, but there is absolutely no chance for you if you get shot from the side or from behind. And then the dogs.. 5-kill streak, you get a dog, and that thing is so annoying.. i play this game daily and it seems like its getting worse as the days go by. I would not recommend this game to a friend. Expand
  78. Dec 22, 2013
    This is a game that feels more like a patch then a full price game. I like the COD games but it is getting to the point of the series needs an overhaul instead of the same rinse and repeat formula. In fact I feel bad for anyone who bought this game at $60 when this game is clearly a $30 game.
  79. Dec 22, 2013
    It was a waste of $60. I bought it on day one and beat it in under an hour, I've never beaten a COD game before, this was the first one and I think it was a complete rip off, I played multiplayer a bit, when you play local the graphics are like playing a PS2 Game, I look at the ground, its just low textures. I played online a bit too, I have great internet, yet I still kept getting disconnected from COD Servers, I finally gave up on trying to play it and its still sitting in its packaging. Expand
  80. Dec 21, 2013
    1 step forward, 3 steps back is the mantra that perfectly sums up this atrociously broken game. Sticking with the step forward/backward theme:

    Maps are bigger which is was a step forward given the traditionally smaller maps, but on PS3/360 its only a max of 12 players how the heck does that make sense? Even worse, the spawn system is awful which is especially bad because bigger maps
    are suppose to prevent you from literally spawning in front of enemies.

    The menu and class setup system is convoluted and confusing. Squad points are misleading because they only unlock items for each individual classes.

    The graphics are disgraceful even with older gen hardware, the effort to improve the look of the game was not there. If anything, the game looks even worse than MW3 and Black Ops 2. There simply is no excuse for this. However, the frame rate does stay consistent in multiplayer.

    The shooting mechanics of this game is probably the most broken part of this game. I have never played a game which has given me a FALSE SENSE OF SKILL. Example: I switched from using a assault rifle class (which I sucked at using) to a all out rushing class and my kill/death ratio improved drastically. This game is predicated on rushing with no emphasis on precision play. It's just running and gunning.

    Some perks like Stalker and Quickdraw cater to this fast style of play and anyone who can exploit these overpowered perks can gain a significant advantage. There is no point even using a LMG and in some cases, a assault rifle.

    On the bright side, sniping was greatly improved. You no longer have huge reductions in damage loss if you add a suppressors (in real life, suppressors do not reduce range or damage of a sniper rifle). Quick scoping is still a nagging issue though.

    Strike packages are as ho-hum as ever and its a relief that annoying and persistent air strike killstreaks have been eliminated from the game.

    Overall, this game is antiquated, broken and incompetent. There is a reason why so many kids will play this game because there is no skill involved. Most kills are based on a few things: dumb luck, awful spawning system, overpowered perks and rushing. It's an incredibly frustrating experience because the game defies all logic and reason. COD Ghost at its core, is the epitome of dumb fun, with a strong emphasis on the word DUMB. Save yourself some brain cells and 60 dollars and just forget you ever knew about this game.
  81. Dec 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright yeah it was a pretty short game but its hard to come up with a new war game that is not the same thing over and over but still have Call of Duty as the series. If it wasn't good then why buy the game. I thought it was cool at the end when youre on the beach and just looking at the missiles and then the second you turn to look to your right you get kicked in the face and then drug off. So as you can tell there is going to be a sequel if dumbass people would stop putting the series down, if you don't like it then stop buying the games. Expand
  82. Dec 16, 2013
    In my opinion, the best CoD ever is MW2, but after 3 years of hearing people complaining about the repetitive factor of the game (reach the highest prestige and it's over), Infinity Ward has tried something completely new.

    The games conform a shooter saga, and very little change can be done if you want to keep the essence of the Call of Duty spirit. This game has brought lots of good
    points and I think the only bad point is that some maps are a little bit strange, and lots of people just sit on a place and camp all the match.

    Okay, sometimes the game feels laggy, but just SOMETIMES. I hate this trend about hating every single game that doesn't match all the expectations, It's a game and it should be used to enjoy playing with it, and in my opinion is much better than previous games such as Black Ops 1.

    Apart from the multiplayer aspect, I don't have to much to say about the campaign mode... In every single game since MW1, the multiplayer face of the game has gained much more importance than the campaign mode, so it is okay, but developers of the game doesn't really focus on that.

    And finally the addition of the Extinction Mode is very accurate; it takes the basics from the Zombie mode from Black Ops, but making it completely different and very addictive. Is obviously not as developed as the Treyarch one, but is very fun to play, and it really has an objective to be completed.

    My score is going to be 9 just because some little issues that have to be fixed such as the lag sometimes; apart from that, a very nice game
  83. Dec 16, 2013
    Fun game, campaign if pretty intense. Multi-player is multi-player. I've found most people that complain about the MP are simply just not very good at it. All the guns feel balanced, quick scoping (using the games built in auto-aim with a sniper rifle) has been changed enough that it doesn't feel cheap. I like that you can upgrade your guns how you want to with the new system. Overall good. There will be campers but hey its an MP game. There's gonna be campers no matter what. Only those who are bad at the game have I found hate the game. Expand
  84. Dec 12, 2013
    really dissapointed,,,the game starts o.k. ,,,rather interesting storyline,,,,good visuals,,,,,but then it just takes a crap dive!!,,,,,,I played through the story in just under 4 hrs,,,,,,on regular setting,,,,,,,not cool,,for a 65.00 game,,,,,remember back when you could spend months playing a game??,,,whether it be scarface or Grand theft or whatever??,,,,this game is clearly designed for online play,,,,and that is it's other problem,,,,,the games are just ,,,well,,,stupid!!!,,,,,,,,,on the plus side ,,,and the only plus ,,is amazing maps and landscapes,,,freakin huge and awesome,,,but that's it ,,,,end of story,,,,,let's go back to the poor game play ,,and I'll give ya my take on things,,,,,the games offered are weak,, un-challenging and pointless......All you can do is run around and shoot stuff with no plan ,no strategy,no goal,,(except the killing) even on recruit level,,you can drop half a clip of bullits on the bad guy and they will kill you with one shot,,,,,,some of the games you get to pick up dog tags and take them to a spot ,,,,,,well woopty freaking doo!!!!,,,,,,,on the survival style game ,,where you survive by any means,,,,,the bad guy glows yellow,,,,,,,only place in the game ,,,WTF???,,,,,,Playing online,,,,,again you just run around stupid,,,,shooting whatever,,,with no plan,, no reward,,,,and just when your'e gettin warmed up the game ends,,,,and when it restarts ,,,it's a different game,,,,,,what?,,,,,,,,So my point is ,,,what happened to a challenging platform?,,,,why can't we have missions,,,and goals,,and a defined game,,,,what about survival mode like the one in MW3,,which I thought was endlessly entertaining,,,,,,got harder and harder,,,you had to plan,,save your credits,,,spend them wisely,,,untill it got just absolutely insane,,,,that was some good stuff,,,,And what about the millions of kids of all ages that do not have internet??that's a real pisser,,,cause the solo play in this issue is just plain useless,,,,,5 minutes tops!,,,I feel ripped off,,cheated,,,,gaming rules37 left a post here and I agree,,,,why do they produce a crappy game?,,,,they could have added a dozen maps and such to MW3,,,,and I would be happy,,,,,,another issue for me is that the controls havent changed at all,,,,,,except for the slide thing and "contextual lean"which I could never get to work when under fire,,,,,,,,any of you play the old rainbow six?,,they had a great cover firing position,,,,,,,I just don't get it,,,,,,,,it's crap!!!,,,expensive Crap!!,,,,my favorite call of duty was the beach at Normandy one,,,,little corny and primitive,,,but man ,,,you landed on the beach and it was gnarly from the first minute to the last,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Expand
  85. Dec 12, 2013
    Another year, another disappointing CoD game. Instead of fixing things, they made several worse. The main campaign was slightly interesting, but only due to controlling a dog and space combat (both being far too short). A lot of parts just felt re-hashed from previous games. The multiplayer was a HUGE letdown. For starters, the graphics are extremely unsettling and almost remind of Modern Warfare 2. At times, the pixelation of the environments got so bad that I couldn't even make people out over a distance. A few maps are far too Sniper Friendly, forcing you to lie in wait for the entire match, or simply run out to face the long distance execution squad. Rocket launchers have had their lock-on mechanisms completely removed, so at times you are completely at the mercy of an enemies chopper while your inaccurate rocket goes whizzing by them. Its only redeeming quality is Extinction mode. However, it requires more maps for in order to show its true potential. Don't pay $60 for this game! Expand
  86. Dec 10, 2013
    Call of Duty:Ghosts is awesome more than any other Cod games for the simple reason that it is IMPROVED.
    Lagging is reduced so that is a big advantage for me, sniping is really improved, firing is improved, kill streaks, perks, equipments and attactments are added and the guns are awesome especially the USR, SC-2010, Honey Badger, VRX-160 and the Vector CRB.
    And the last thing is that it
    is very hard to level up, in an hour I levelled u only 2/3 levels, meanwhile on Mw3 in an hour straight playing I level up to level 30.
    I dont' see why many people hate it
  87. Dec 8, 2013
    Ive loved every cod, but this is just Not worth the cd its printed on. Too bad! If your unfamiliar with cod then this is not the entry to start. Get black ops 2 instead, you'll have a lot more fun.
  88. Dec 7, 2013
    Horrific. Exactly the same as the other call of duties. Absulutley nothing at all is new. Exact same game engine. Extremely boring and very predictable campaign mode which can be literally completed in less than 1 hour. Online gameplay isn't any different then the rest. Like I said. Exactly the same just different maps and different ui. Game hasn't changed at all. The lag makes this game non playable. So if your thinking about getting this for online play.don't really is just horrific. Really awful game. Shame on you activision. £50 a year we expect significant changes. New content not just new graphics. Don't buy this game. Expand
  89. Dec 7, 2013
    I am a Call of Duty fan...every year...except this year. This is a cheap, thrown-together-real-quick excuse for a game is beyond disappointing. This was the year Call of Duty could have become special. Not only did Ghosts take a step back in the Call of Duty franchise, they started walking backwards. The graphics are not the best, but those are the last thing I would complain about. The little things in COD are what make Call of Duty refreshing every year. Those little things are what made Ghosts bad. It is difficult to mute players, new leaning & sliding mechanics are terrible, and the maps are a disgrace. Other than the multiplayer, I did enjoy the campaign. The safeguard mode and extinction are hollow modes, but still somewhat entertaining. As for me, I will sell this one and hope next year is a more rewarding year for Call of Duty fans. Expand
  90. Dec 6, 2013
    This is not a bad game, but it's not a great game. The GOOD -Multiplayer has the pick 10 system -Some new guns are really cool -Thermal is actually good -Sniping has been balanced for the good -Survival (not extinction) The BAD -Single player sucks (story sucks with a cliché ending) -Most maps are too big (but not all) -Extinction isn't that good -Squads -The squad point system is terrible. (I was level 17 before I unlocked "custom class 4")
    -Integrated silencers for some guns (others will say that it is cool)
    -Dated graphics
    Overall, not a great game. I prefer black ops 2. The best thing in this game to me is sniping is awesome. The worst is that the core gameplay has not been changed even a little bit since MW1. Oh and the graphics are starting to get dated. COD needs a new engine fast.
  91. Dec 6, 2013
    BULL!!! I rented this game at redbox and it was disc 2 WHICH WAS JUST A CONTENT PACK I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO PLAY IT!! this is complete BULL!!! I wasted my money!!!
  92. Dec 5, 2013
    When I first heard about the new features in CoD Ghosts, I was kind of interested. Although I never really liked Call of Duty (except CoD 5 which was amazing), I played every single one at least for a while.
    I was interested in the new "jump-over-stuff" animation and in the interactive maps although I knew that this wouldn't spectacular at all (look at the battlefield series, you can
    destroy whole SKYSCRAPERS, while in cod you can blow up a gas station -.-).
    So then my friend bought the hardened edition, we sat down and started the multiplayer. First of all, the jump-over-stuff animation was pathetic. It was just a little different then the old one even though it was highly praised by infinity ward. good job. not.
    The interactive maps: the only thing I ever encountered in 4 hours of playing was a collapsing gas station which didnt do anything good and looked dumb (and the game lagged when it exploded).
    Next point: dogs. As well as in the singleplayer there are those highly announced dogs. But the problem is that they are just annoying. it is unbelievably hard to kill them and again, typically cod style, the player who is good gets an enourmous help thanks to the dog and the newcomers cannot manage to interrupt the killing spree the player is on then.
    And the multiplayer is basically not very different then every single mp since cod4 in 2007. Cod always basically stays the exact same thing over and over.
  93. Nov 30, 2013
    Call of Duty: Ghosts lived up to my expectations (Which were low) ,It had some Good and Bad things to the game.

    Campaign: Was Mediocre I won't spoil anything but I have to say that it's not that exciting,plus gotta love how they say Fish A.I is next gen.

    Multiplayer: Nothing to special, If you liked MW3 You're definitely gonna love this part of the game my first reaction "MW3 with a
    paint job :)"
    (Loved the trailer for multiplayer probably because of Eminem-Survival).

    Extinction/ Sqauds: Saved the game for me. NUFF SAID

    Verdict: 5/10
  94. Nov 29, 2013
    This is the worst Call of Duty of all time.

    I've never bought a Call of Duty game myself. I'm a gamer and a huge fan of FPS and so my friends and family end up buying the COD games for me during holidays. I've played pretty much all of them. I liked Black ops 2 and played it to the last prestige. I'm not that great, I'm a casual fan. My k/d hovers between 1.5 and 1.6

    This game sucks. There is no getting around it. The graphics are fine, the campaign is on rails and unengaging and the multiplayer is a huge step back.

    1. The spawns are terrible I'll admit, in black ops 2 I would spawn camp a little bit. I was a huge fan of Ground war and similar objective oriented options, and so I acknowledge this might have been a problem. But this was not a solution. I've never been shot in the back after spawning, or crept up on some poor dude and shot him in the back so many times in my life. But half the time that guy is ...

    2. Camping like a I don't care about the size of maps. Now, I was a Nuketown guy, but I liked the big maps too. In the right context, every map can work. These maps offer many long sight lines and have an INSANE amount of places to camp from. I've never seen so many people content with camping before. SMGs are kinda useless, and I like to rush, so this really rustles my jimmys.

    3. Perks and killstreaks They suck. I'm okay with reverting to the grouping of killstreaks even if it does feel like going backwards, but it can't be ignored that they suck. Drone, dogs etc were super OP in black ops 2, but there is nothing worth striving towards in this new version. Hell, there's no form of UAV's either. Its been changed to a largely inferior option that, when coupled with the dizzying maps with their excessive abundance of hiding spots is really stupid. And theres not a good way to loop either. And guard dogs? Theyr'e ridiculously overpowered, especially when you consider they're easily reached, stick around for a while, and while roaming around can be a huge pain in the ass in narrow corridors. its a joke

    4. lag There are others who do a much better job describing this. Just know, its real, it sucks, and its noticeable worse than before for whatever reason.

    5. game modes I love the controlled chaos of lots of players on a map. ground war was great for that reason. Small quarrels featured small teams working against each other organically. Now with that gone, coupled with large dizzying maps, the most typical single-life is spent looking for someone for about 10 seconds, getting shot in the back, killed by a leaping dog, sniped by some fool from a small window half a board away, only to repeat repeat repeat.

    There is nothing to like about this game. The graphics are fine, the guns have decent balance, but the modes, the ease with which people are killed, the lag, the maps, are create a cluster of awful. It screams B-team. I'm not going to turn away from COD bc my guess is that this version got a skip because PS4 came out. maybe thats stupid but thats my honest thought. Skip this game, get the next one when the put real effort in.
  95. Nov 28, 2013
    Was very disappointed in Call of Duty: Ghost since it promised so much difference to the last game that it released, like the new "engine" they said will make the game look and feel better, which was a lie since it still looked and felt like i was playing Modern warfare. The story is a waste of time even after the whole story about the legendary ghost that are the best killing force on earth because of there unmatched stealth skill, which was total BS since all they did was blow up everything and tried to kill everyone whilst making themselves as noticeable as possible. I had high hopes that this game would be at least decent enough to make me want to play the next game but the game has brought in so many features that have already been put in to game so many years ago and they do a crap job doing them. So i'm never going to play another COD game again Expand
  96. Nov 27, 2013
    It's been said a lot about this just being another Call of Duty, and the simple truth it is, that it is. If you want the exact same experience you could go back to any other edition since Modern Warfare and you'd have this game. The story isn't particularly gripping, most of the cool additions that seemed really promising pop up for a mission and are gone. The story just isn't gripping or interesting, and constantly feels like more of a task to get through then something you're happy to be doing. I personally don't feel a game's excitement level can be compared to doing the dishes.

    Multi-player is also the same as ever, literally the same, same lag, same graphics, same usual game modes with a couple gimmicks to try and give you the illusion that this game is "fresh". They did include this year a create a character feature, which can basically be summed up with the rest of the game. It's barren, shows 0 creative insight, and in the end really just feels hollow. You pick between a tiny handful of heads which you can't edit even slightly, a hat, and your outfit. In contrast Tony Hawks Pro Skater II on the PS1 was more in depth with their creation features then this game.

    If you're looking for progression, a clear show off creative effort, or something new and hooking. You won't find it here, it's just another rung in the ladder where Activison isn't even trying anymore.
  97. Nov 26, 2013
    Personally I loved every other Call of Duty, generally all had a relatively good campaign, good multiplayer, and good graphics for their generation, but this one seems to fall back on dedicated fans to simply buy the game because its the newest edition in the long run of COD games. The campaign is lazy, simply using this as a basis for a sequel, Also moving into the general title and belief that you might act like a "ghost", its just wrong, this game has less stealth than Left for Dead simply run in and shoot is not only the best option but your only option (excluding a few remote control devices and a drone. The drone is the dog Riley. There is no emotional attachment to the characters willing me to play on to 'see what happens'. and the multiplayer just isn't as action packed as its predecessors using maps which are far too open for anything intriguing to happen, probably just trying to show off next gen hardware. The only redeeming quality is that it is from the COD franchise and you can still have a bit off fun with friends, but for the solo gamer I would avoid it like the plague. Expand
  98. Nov 26, 2013
    Not trolling the series, but every single COD seems to remain the exact same with no direction.
    The campaign on this is a winner, probably one of the best.
    Multiplayer is one of the worst, which is a mode that just keeps going downhill since Modern Warfare 2. The lag is unbearable, the spawning system is and the campers and immaturity online has just been increasing in so much ignorance
    that I'm not sure the game will ever be good again.
    Extinction is actually a pretty fun mode (similar to zombies), but still doesn't do much after thirty of forty games of it.
    I wouldn't really recommend COD's to anyone, probably since the first Black OPs.
  99. Nov 25, 2013
    Verdict on Ghosts? Originally I thought the guns killed to fast...I stand by that ....but I am getting used to it and rather like it. The weapons are too steady and easy to use ...check also ....but I guess it makes the competition all the more intense. The Perk system is better than MW3 but worse than BOPS2 The Maps are better than mw3 but worse than mw2 and cod4. Siege would fit into mw2 perfectly which is a compliment in itself. At least 6 of the maps I actually look forward to playing as it loads which is a huge step on from MW3. The killstreaks are excellent in that they are not OP anymore. Not as many choppers and more and more ground based attacks. The dog is a cute touch but is too powerful. The KEM is something to work towards and not as powerful as the NUKE which is good Love the dynamic aspects to the maps but they aren't as great as they made out. The lack of theatre pisses me off I have had some epic clutches on search I would like to have recorded and posted up on my vault). The dedicated servers are not in place from what I can see so far hope they are in ps4 version). The standard of opponent is a lot higher now and I guess players have to adapt to very quick to it ....that is the danger of putting a million people in a pot together. Squads is a great idea and offers good practice for casual gamers or mates to mess around. Extinction looks cool and from what little I have played of it it could be a great beer game with mates. Game modes are decent I love Blitz and search and rescue ...I do miss Sabo and CTF. Overall the knockers will always knock as it isn't a huge stretch from mw3 is however better than mw3 and still offers that cod style adrenaline with an addictive fluid online multiplayer. Verdict 9/10..The best cod since mw2
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  100. Nov 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Unlike most of the critics and users on this page, will not judge the game by the multi-player (mainly because it was bad to begin with), so instead I will judge the game by it's single-player as that is all Call Of Duty has left.

    So when I heard that the campaign will follow the USA fighting a stronger faction that has weakened them, I said sarcastically "This shall be good." But when I played the campaign, I learnt that this story is inconsistent in many ways:

    1) The USA are fighting the whole of South America in this game, because as we all know, COD is about white, burly dudes being the superior race as they fight against anything that isn't white or American.

    2) The South Americans are not technically stronger in this game, because they had to steal the American's Orbital satellite laser to weaken them. They also had to convince one of the Ghost Soldiers to switch sides before they had any advantage against the Ghosts in the campaign.

    3) How can the US still be weak in the game, when the entire campaign I was using heavy weaponry and tanks?

    4) The dog that was highly advertised in the trailers and promotional art was suppose to be the selling point, but instead was only used in two mission, and when the dog got shot at one point, everyone threw a fuss about it, meanwhile, any human soldiers that were shot or killed, non of them gave a about it.

    5) As established earlier, COD is for white, paranoid idiots that like shooting anything that was not white and/or American, but in the past, at least to stick with ACTUAL enemies of the US, so trying to pin another continent as the enemy in this game seem highly hypocritical and misinforming. I'm willing to bet that somewhere in the world, there is one person who thinks the South American are the bad guys.

    So COD: Ghosts is a highly inconsistent and terribly written game. I felt like I was wasting my time judging it by the campaign, because after COD 4, the COD campaigns have been getting worse, So I will end this review by judging it by the gameplay:

    It's messy and boring, give it a miss...

    ...Wow that could of done...
  101. Nov 5, 2013
    Not worth it i mean this is mostly the same game since MW3 i just thought that it would be a change for the franchise but no luck. Multiplayer is O.K maps are changed a few tweaks thats it i am starting to wonder why does activision bother taking this much time to make the game just bring out a old game. Campaign is horrible story is unfocused characters are just nothing to me and no base to make this game and if you want to spend 60$ it should be on battlefield 4 or Assassins creed 4. For me Cod was dead after MW2 Collapse

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  1. Nov 18, 2013
    COD players, myself included, will still play Ghosts for the sake of having 20 or so new maps to play on over the course of the year, but in a franchise that’s the same year after year with slight changes, it’s reasonable to expect things to materially improve, not to take even a small step backwards.
  2. Nov 14, 2013
    After loving the campaign in Black Ops 2, the single player in Ghosts feels like a step back for the series. The campaign felt tiresome, familiar, predictable and linear. The multiplayer on the other hand, saves the day as the tweaks to the gameplay and the new games modes make this the best multiplayer COD experience to date.
  3. Nov 12, 2013
    It's a generally by-the-numbers excursion through big-budget wartime set pieces that, due to an unavoidable air of familiarity, wares out its welcome much quicker than it should.