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  1. While the heavily scripted and way too short campaign is a disappointment, the new Spec-Ops mode, especially when played in co-op, and the great multilayer make up for it. The polish shines through in every aspect, from the graphics and sound to the controls and multiplayer balancing. Prepare yourself for a game that is sure to take you on a thrilling ride.
  2. Modern Warfare 2 is the perfect example of a great sequel for a great game. This awesome first person shooter has a short but exciting story and one of the best multiplayer in the console market. The new mode, called Special Ops., is perfect to co-op with a friend for short and fantastic game sessions.
  3. Sublime in single, co-op and multiplayer. An incredible package. [Christmas 2009, p.10]
  4. 94
    Singularly the best reason to own broadband ever invented. [Christmas 2009, p.68]
  5. It’s living proof that history is written by the victors, because when people look back over the records of 2009, they’ll find more than a couple of paragraphs in Infinity Ward’s distinctive script.
  6. It looks better, it plays better, the story is more intense and the multiplayer is more inviting. And with the inclusion of SpecOps, the longevity of this game is sure to have increased as well.
  7. Modern Warfare is everything you'd want from a sequel. [Jan 2010, p.72]
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  1. Nov 12, 2010
    If this game came out and no other games existed, then yes, this game would deserve a 10. Sadly, for IW, it wasn't. The plot-holed storyline made no sense. It also lacked the amount of suspense and awe that MW had. It is more of a shooter and less of a exciting COD title. The multiplayer is horribly unbalanced. The perks are shoddy at best. The reactions and physics are very unresponsive. You can knife someone from ten feet away but 4 buckshots from a 12 gauge won't bring you down? What? Despite the many flaws, I still had fun during sp. Full Review »
  2. Apr 14, 2011
    I have had this game for awhile, but never reviewed it. It doesn't even deserve to be reviewed. I do not know how this game got high reviews, personally I do not even look at "professional" reviews, because they are all lieing scum. I'm pretty sure that reviewers would of gave super man 64 a good review aswell if they paid them.
    The game is ugly, the sound is terrible, and the single player was crap, even the multiplayer is garbage. The people who made this game didn't care that hard working people would waste their money on this crap, they were just in it rush it and make money.
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  3. May 18, 2012
    Trickshotters ruin this game, little kids spinning around yelling in their microphones.
    The game is ruined!
    Really not fun at all because of
    the kids
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