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  1. Jun 30, 2014
    People are hypocrite. Seriously, I don't understand why this game received such a bad user score on Metacritic. I'm not a Call of Duty fan, but I enjoyed the game thanks to it's graphics, interesting gameplay and vicious multiplayer.
  2. Jun 19, 2014
    Modern Warfare 3 is the biggest example that I can give of a Copy-Paste game. The Campaign continues the story of MW2 and it was still pretty good but didn't have the addicting factor that the other campaigns had (atleast not with me) but it still featured a great satisfying ending. The muliplayer is basically MW2 but with horrible maps, bad killstreaks, and a handfull of camping mp7,assassin tryhards. The game provides less fun and you get bored of it after a week. Expand
  3. Mar 29, 2014
    This game was good, but the campaign was not that fun for me, whereas the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign i enjoyed quite a bit more. But the multiplayer was the good part of the game.
  4. Mar 27, 2014
    Very disappointing sequel, at least in MW2 it still got me coming back even when Black Ops came out. After the first prestige it wasn't fun anymore. The campaign wasn't as polished and well done compared to MW2 either.
  5. ERB
    Feb 1, 2014
    I know that not so may changed in these new COD game and it really disappointed us but the multiplayer is still awesome,addicting,and fun.The reason why Call Of Duty is famous is because The multiplayer in this game is really addicting.But the single player campaign is short that it feels like really bad.But the graphics,visuals,and gameplay is the best part in this game.That is why this game is a must buy game for you people. Expand
  6. Jan 11, 2014
    MW3 is surely the worst game I bought in ps3 up until today.All the gamers were saying that call of duty is excellent and you need to buy it.Before I played MW3 I have played MW2 & black ops with my friends and I wasn't impressed at all.MW3 has many many many many problems.The killstreaks were very annoying(especially attack helicopter).One helicopter in the sky just killing all the people in every corner of the map(except from the people inside the buildings) and the user don't even control that helicopter, there's no skill in getting kills like these at all(it's really horrible). Also the maps were horrible.Not even one map was good.There were many glitches too(I hate when people get inside glitches and killing the other players and then feeling proud about theirselves).Missions and campaign wasn't good at all.The only mode that I liked was survival but I have played better survival modes such like U2 & U3 survival mode.And as always there wasn't any improvement in the graphics and the gameplay from the previous COD games.COD style is very annoying.You just spawn and shoot like a maniac.The maps are too little and desgined only for close-ranged battles and your health is too low.The result of this is that when you need to hide from someone or just stay in a place and use your sniper rifle there will be a guy behind you and backstabb you in about 10 seconds max.The only good thing about MW3 is the variety of weapons you can use.So can anyone tell me why COD MW3 is so famous and has so many earnings? Expand
  7. Jan 2, 2014
    MW3 brought back some of the missing details from MW2. As MW2 fell into the deep end, MW3 ended bringing back up some of the missing detail from MW2. The campaign was a bit better, but still not the best in the franchise. The multiplayer was altered some but still brought the same Call of Duty experience. The only applauding part is the new Special Ops mode. With new survival techniques and much more tactical responses, the Co-op mode is the outstanding part. MW3 brought back some of Modern Warfare's former glory, but most of it seeped away with the downfall of the franchise. Expand
  8. Dec 13, 2013
    During the time I spent with MW2, I always felt only two things, the campaign is crap, and the Multiplayer is a buggy, unbalanced, unfinished mess. I picked up MW3 second-hand for the PS3, and, needless to say, it's not a bad Multiplayer game, with an abysmal campaign and superb spec-ops mode. The graphics are clean and crisp, the controls are very good, the gameplay is just silly, fast-paced fun, however the game still has balancing issues, and the campaign is not particularly great, but great for some fast paced fun, even if it's a bit frustrating. It's a MW2 expansion pack that fixed all of MW2s errors. I've just been wondering, why do people hate this so much? Then I remembered the Battlefield fanboys, and stopped thinking about it. Note to BF fanboys This is a game that told realism where to stick it, and I like that. Expand
  9. Dec 12, 2013
    It's multiplier gameplay falls short but this installment serves up the excitement and hype surrounding it. It's campaign is definitely flawed, but still passes. The main concern, however, is the lack of co-ops which causes this game to be more of a temporary delight that a long-term game to be played.
  10. Nov 1, 2013
    I don't get the hate of the series. It is what all video games are supposed to be, it is fun. When people say that this game is the same as MW2, I get that point, but that doesn't mean to have attitude like a preschooler. I like this game, but that doesn't mean I get bashed on like I did 9/11.
  11. Sep 27, 2013
    MW3 is a really fun game, the story has many missions that take place all around the globe, the story mode is solid, although the ending was okay at best. The gameplay is great. The Spec Ops mode is really addicting and fun, the multiplayer is solid and the graphics are amazing. This is a great addition to the Call of Duty franchise.
  12. Sep 26, 2013
    The predecessor to this game has influenced the metascore of this one. The question is: Does it improve on MW2? In my opinion, it does so in MANY WAYS! First of all, the campaign is more spectacular. It feels bigger, and there are a few scenes so beautifully modelled that I think they're worth seeking out! (Hint: think about sailing on the river of a major city, with lots of activity and effects around you it looks grand!). I think the story is more sober. It continues on MW2, but the motivations are more exposed to the player. For example, there are high-importance hostages involved and the player is closer to the centre of the story. The multiplayer has at least one new game mode that makes it more interesting than MW2. 'Kill Confirmed' is a team deathmatch where kills only count if someone gets to the killed enemy and collects a 'proof' that the kill happened. This introduces an element of strategy and intelligence, because the bodies could be protected by enemies, and there's a payoff if you get hit right after you collected a proof or maybe two. You can also cancel enemy kills by reaching team member bodies. I thought this game was a cool improvement on MW2, but only as long as you're looking for more of the same, and EXACTLY that. Expand
  13. Sep 23, 2013
    I think I've played a game that seems the exact same as this oh yeah MW2. Where to start with this pile of a mess. The singleplayer is bland. Multiplayer couldn't be worse and spec ops all together is not fun. And literally nothing different between MW2 and MW3. Not even textures on guns or death animations or sound design. And the graphics look like a late PS2 game.
  14. Sep 23, 2013
    It's very sad, that people give a developer credit for lazy work. Half of the sounds, equipment, perks, guns, and only one new attachment are in the game. 80% of the killstreaks are the same. And you always the get the felling "I have done this before". Survival is sorry attempted at zombies and fails flat.
  15. Sep 4, 2013
    I don't know why the hate on this game, for me it was the best COD I ever played and still play.. It was my first Call of Duty and loved it soo much, the DLC in this game was the best DLC ever existed IMO.

    The maps, equipment and weapons and stuff aren't that good balanced but everyone used OP weapons so it wasn't really annoying, although I loved Model 1887 and that weapon was really
    underpowered. And if you look at the critic reviews you can see that the game is amazing, 88 score is to low IMO, the Negatives are just haters.. Expand
  16. Aug 20, 2013
    88 out of 100? This must be a joke...
    Modern Warfare 3 is the worst game in the Call of Duty series and shows what happened to a once great franchise.
    First: The Single-Player
    I know no one is interested in the campaign so I´ll keep this as short as possible.
    The campaign shows what went wrong with many shooters today. The enemy AI is bad, the gameplay is the same as in Modern Warfare
    1+2, the graphics are bad and the sound is terrible.
    The plot is OK but not great.
    There are no significant changes in the multiplayer. It´s the same as every year and almost feels like a map pack... A 60$ map pack.

    There is no need to buy this game. Instead you should buy Modern Warfare 1 or 2.
    Those were still great games.
  17. Aug 17, 2013
    A rather lazy and forgettable instalment, MW3 really disappoints with a complete lack of creativity or ambition. Besides new maps, a few new weapons, another mediocre campaign, and a few other minor changes, this game brings almost nothing to the table.
  18. Aug 5, 2013
    While some say its the same game as the last one, its decently enjoyable. The special ops survival and missions were nice. Probably the only thing I enjoyed. The campaign mode brings back respawning enemies and gives you an entire army in each room to kill. You have regenerating health, and a realistic amount of enemies to shoot would be too easy. As in any FPS game these days, you have a bunch of invincible teammates that do absolutely nothing unless in scripted events, and only die when the plot tells them to. Getting shot in the head during a cutscene kills them, but not two rockets to the face, a grenade, 78 knife slashes, and 17 bullets from a sniper rifle to the face(That is, if the game wouldn't give you a friendly fire warning. This statement about the cutscene applies to most FPS games these days.) Somehow, Only one Delta operator is capable of killing all the enemies. The rest just stand there shooting, getting stunned from the bullets, and shouting at you to get on the machinegun, do this, do that, do everything. Enemies seem to gang up on the player first, because if the player dies, game over. The player is the only mortal in a squad of immortals. And multiplayer? I found it boring. Expand
  19. Jul 31, 2013
    MW3 is quite disappointing but for any COD fans is still worth playing. It does feel like it has been copy and pasted though and unfortunately gets boring quicker than previous titles in the series.
  20. Jul 31, 2013
    MW3 improved a lot with the introduction of the new map packs but overall it was disappointing.
    It is still worth playing though, for those that love the COD franchise.
  21. Jul 30, 2013
    Modern Warfare 3, though not as good as it's predecessors, is a fantastic game. It's a bit similar to MW2 but hey, it's Call of Duty. What do you expect? A hack and slash game with a bit of RPG element? You came to the wrong place.

    Call of Duty gives you more of the same, like many other franchises, and that's what Call of Duty should do. People talk about how Call of Duty should change
    but no one contributes any ideas and the formula sells so why change it? Hence why there are so many negative reviews here and you can tell some just follow the bandwagon, not having an open mind or an opinion for themselves.

    The compelling campaign and stellar multiplayer modes is what makes Call of Duty. Call of Duty can become a football game but then it wouldn't be Call of Duty and the franchise has enough b****es jumping on the bandwagon, boycotting the franchise and using the same excuse to hate the franchise every year "it's the same thing", so change is not going to solve anything. If anything, it'll make it worse.

    Even if they use a newer engine, with loads of haters complaining about the "dated" graphics (graphics isn't everything y'know), there would still be haters. Same amount as it is today. It runs consistently at 60 FPS which makes up for it's graphics, it's not the best but it still looks good.

    Consistent frame rate is required for competitive play rather than graphics that makes you go "wow" and there are loads of better looking games such as Uncharted as well as Final Fantasy. Because that's what makes Call of Duty the fast-paced, addictive shooter that it is today. What makes Call of Duty the most famous shooter?

    Simple, this game offers what very few games offer, you know, sometimes there's nothing like running around stabbing people or quick scoping and running while shooting on all directions. Call of Duty does that better than any game, that's what the fans like and that's the right answer. There are many worse games out there. Prison Break: The Conspiracy, Terminator: Salvation and Killzone (PS2) are just some of the games that are worse than Call of Duty.

    Survivor Mode is an addition to the already seen Spec Ops. It's not original but it's a great addition to the franchise that surpasses zombie mode in Treyarch's Call of Duty. Enemies don't spawn in the same place. Instead, they move tactically based on your current location so you can camp in one spot and shoot all the enemies but you can't do that forever. It lets you practice all the weapons seen in multiplayer so the skills that you've learnt can be extrapolated and transferred into multiplayer, Call of Duty's highlight feature. Zombies is just for fun but it's not really that fun anymore now that Modern Warfare 3 has Survival Mode and, hopefully, we'll see it again in Infinity Ward's next Call of Duty (presumably titled Modern Warfare 4).

    Multiplayer has some great new modes that adds more depth into the multiplayer mode. Infected is like zombies and it's really intense as well as addictive. It's a fun mode for those who don't care about their KD ratio. Kill Confirmed is another good one, it's TDM but you collect dog tags that counts as a kill. This is a bit more team based mode as opposed to the regular TDM where players are free to wonder about.

    Killsteaks is revamped so it's now called Pointstreaks. Kills doesn't just count towards your Killstreaks anymore. Completing objectives such as planting bomb or capture the flag counts towards Killstreaks and this encourages players to play the objective in objective based game modes.

    Killstreaks are organized into three different strike packages. Assault for chopper gunners, Support for UAV and Specialist for more perks. These are also customizable so you can have one class where you have the Assault packages and in the other class, you can use Specialist so you don't have to go back to the menu to change your Killstreaks; just customize them from your existing classes.

    There's a lot of features in Modern Warfare 3 that haters fail to see. Prestige Shop encourages you to prestige. You get a token every time you prestige and you can use that token to buy double XP as well as an extra class. Each weapon has Proficiencies, which is basically perks, and you can only use one at a time. You can have one where you can add an extra attachment, one that reduces recoil and many more.

    Overpowered perks and dolphin dive, seen in Black Ops, have been removed so the game is more balanced. Infinity Ward fixes bugs and glitches unlike Danger Close, who did a bad job with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. With that being said, Modern Warfare 3 has gone above and beyond the Call of Duty with an amazing campaign as well as stellar multiplayer modes.

    FPS fans, don't miss out. Call of Duty lives up to the hype, and this game is how Call of Duty evolves. IW takes a streamlined approach, which is why MW3 isn't as good as MW2 and Call of Duty 4. But still, IW did a good job with the Call of Duty franchise.
  22. Jul 22, 2013
    It is no surprise that the kind and thoughtful gents down at activision will bring little to no new content to the call of duty franchise every time one is produced. But this one requires a rant. You know you have failed as a gaming company when mw2 a game that is 3 years older then this one plays better looks better graphically. I deserve a full refund for having to pay 60 dollars like the stupid consumer I am for this atrocious excuse for a game. Terrible story for the campaign which is barely 4 hours long. online multiplayer with forgetful maps and the complete rip offs which are the overpriced 15 dollar map packs. The only reason I give this game a 1 and not a 0 is because I give the idiots who produced this game credit for having the balls to actually but this game on shelves and make a profit off of it. Honestly Infnity Ward, Sledgehammer, Activision who ever is in charge of making these games step up and produce something worth buying or just stop the franchise altogether. Until then I am keeping my wallet as far away from call of duty as possible. Expand
  23. Jul 13, 2013
    What seems to be a massive add on despite having a great story which you see a many memorable scenes from killing. cough..... and yea. the game was only purchased because i needed more guns and maps but ended up using this mainly to play infected and spec ops with my family and friends. seems to me a bit over priced to pay a game they didn't even refine
  24. Jul 8, 2013
    So many people love to hate on the Call of Duty series, and I'm starting to understand why! I mean don't get me wrong the campaigns are like playing your own action movie and who doesn't love that crazy addictive multiplayer? but when that is all that you bring to the table year after year, its gonna start to show the developement teams lack of idea's and the overall age of the games and mecahnics. Expand
  25. Jul 6, 2013
    I don't know why I am writing this. I don't even think it has sense to give this game a low rating, because complaints will chase complaints. Nobody cares about the personal opinions to be honest. Look, I know the game looks no worse than those from previous generation, but does it change fact that the game is not fun? Please, if you are concerned about this, then why not ignore? Stick up to such a crap as long as you want, but I want to have different fashion. I am looking for innovations, changes and impressions. But like I said, who cares? Expand
  26. Jun 24, 2013
    Really? After 2 years this is what Infinity Ward has to offer? The same gameplay, a few new weapons and a couple of new changes in the multiplayer? This game looks more like MW 2.3
  27. May 28, 2013
    This game deserves NO credit, it was Modern Warfare 2 with an add-on pack of maps. Everything was much better in MW2 than here. The level aesthetically is wonderful, but the re-spawn is atrocious, no game have I hated more than this, and it's not because of difficulty, this game was fundamentally broken. Then to top that, was lag, campers, terrible matchmaking, clan upon clan in TDM, it was a complete joke that had me searching for reason to why I had this crappy game.
    Again, I've never played a crappy game, and I've played them all. This one sucked, stand against the hype, and thats all this one was.
  28. May 25, 2013
    Don't know what all the hate is about. MW3 is a great game in all ways. Campaign is great, Spec Ops is fun and the MP is awesome! If you don't like this game then don't bother reviewing it yourself! Call of Duty will never go away, whether you like it or not!
  29. May 23, 2013
    When this game was initially released, I decided to score it a 9. This is in complete conflict to my current opinion, and I have no idea what I was thinking at the time. I presumably scored it so highly out of some form of loyalty to Infinity Ward, trying to help them against some of the seemingly unfair reviews. I'm rather ashamed of having done this, and wanted to put things more on the level.

    To take another look at this game, its certainly nothing special. While the Campaign of COD 4 was largely praised for its characters and setting. Its difficult to say the same here, simply playing along with the same recipe that just feels rather dated now, given its lack of change. But multiplayer is the main reason most are brought to Call of Duty, and it at seems a little more balanced in its gunplay following patches, something not shared by its predecessor. However, other issues quickly come to light. Odd choices such as the changes from Killstreaks to score streaks raise a number of issues.One such example is the stealth bomber, which can be earned quiet easily, due to being placed in the "support" section, meaning that the kills to obtain it compile even after death. This makes the bomber appear far to regularly, which is also far too offensive for its support namesake on many of the maps. Which brings me to another huge issue, the maps. Graphically their all rather unimpressive, largely just a series of drab, darkly hued buildings or rubble. Those that aren't marred by this issue instead of horrendous and unmemorable layouts that just don't live up to the experiences had on many of MW2's maps, such as "Afghan." When the maps are as bad as they are, its difficult to praise MW3's multiplayer at all.

    Other than these points, the rest is largely standard fair, with a few new options to keep you busy. The cooperative spec ops mode adds a little more longevity with its survival and mission modes, but it feels rather tacked on given that it can only be played with two players, a particularly noticeable omission in the uninspired survival mode.

    And that's all there really is to say. Its not particularly superior or inferior to other titles in the series. If you enjoyed them and want more, it'll largely give you what your after, but if you've always disliked the series, this certainly wont change that.
  30. May 18, 2013
    well,i had to say,it's a great game,it shocked me when i see your score,cod 8 develop less,but, it's amazing as usual,you know,a game once a year,it's so hard to do ,i thought it's better than most of other FPS games
  31. May 4, 2013
    It works, but it's not as good as the others. A slight shame to the Call of Duty series, but not as big a mess as Declassified. 6/10 Sentry Busters riding on horses.
  32. May 1, 2013
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is by no means a bad game in fact it is good but the problem is it is let down in some places that make it seem less fun then previous COD's. The campaign is good with great action moments and combat but its been done before. Spec Ops stages for some reason feel less fun then in MW2 and survival has huge potential but isn't as fun as zombies can be. The multiplayer to, arguably the selling point of COD just feels worse then BLOP's. The maps arent as fun and neither are the guns. I feel sorry for it in a way, it tries to innovate but it just isn't fun or exciting. Still good in many familiar places but just isn't there Expand
  33. Apr 6, 2013
    what a horrible f***ing game this game is so bad im actually honoring it by saying all these things i'd rather play Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde on NES i'd rather play Back To The Future 3 on Genesis such a horrible game with a crappy storyline,crappy multiplayer,crappy co-op,crappy graphics and everything about this game sucks the COD series in general sucks one of the worst and over rated games of all time Expand
  34. Apr 1, 2013
    Again, I'm seeing extremism. The game isn't bad, so stop giving it bad scores. Yet, this is almost the same game from 2009 (MW2), so it's definitely not a game to be awarded Game of the Year or something. Because of the same thing year after year, it's not worth paying $60, but now it's about $20. I think that a perfect price for this game, so go get it.
  35. Mar 29, 2013
    The multiplayer is still the best around, as addictive as ever. The pick 10 system makes the levelling system better than ever. The campaign mode is the best since cod4 and the gameplay is as crisp as ever.
  36. Mar 25, 2013
    9-Presentation; The menu's are well laid out, and the story wraps up the series well. Emotional moments really grabbed me, and the characters and plot are as well built as ever.
    10-Graphics; The game doesn't look much better than MW2, but it's still an excellent looking game.
    8-Sound; The music is awesome, the voice acting is great, and the sound effects are much better than MW2

    8.5-Game play; The level design is great, the controls and mechanics are excellent, and the AI is smart.
    9-Lasting value; There's tons of content, but it feels to familiar.
  37. Mar 12, 2013
    I've never really been a big fan of recent first person shooter games and very rarely will i truly enjoy one. I had a friend of mine let me borrow this game for about a week. After trying this game out, it still did not change my opinion of recent FPS games. The single player campaign was pretty bad, while the online multiplayer was a mess. The storyline was (in my opinion) filled with boring characters, and average set pieces (the Eiffel Tower faling down was good, i'll admit, but there were just too many explosions throughout the whole campaign) and dull, grey environments (I know it's a war game, but even the cities in which the story takes place in aren't grey and dull).It was just a forgettable campaign. The multiplayer was the worst experience I had with the game, since most of the games I had joined were either extremely laggy, filled with screaming little kids, or the game not letting me in the match at all. The maps were also really forgettable. Seeing that i'm not a big fan of recent FPS', this review might seem a bit biased. Honestly, if nearly all gaming magazines and websites didn't constantly advertise it, I would even say it was rushed. So thats my opinion, thats its just a forgettable, mediocre game. Expand
  38. Mar 5, 2013
    Awesome maps, nice basic weapons and loadouts, smooth gameplay, nice options for killstreaks, portable radar. Not sure what people dislike about the game. Loses points for server problems and a single player game that is a giant stepdown from MW2.
  39. Mar 1, 2013
    I don't know how a 'professional' game critic would review this game positively in any respect. It doesn't take a genius to notice how similar MW3 is to MW2. The game manages to take a step back from Black Ops and remove creative ideas Treyarch introduced, it seemed they opted to include no new additions. If you want: A lackluster story with a cheap hollywood action movie storyline
    Boring and repetitive missions where all you do is shoot hordes of brain dead AI
    - Unbalanced multiplayer with awful maps and bad servers
    - Plenty of bugs and glitches to stop you from playing Then MW3 is for you, otherwise you will find more amusement in watching paint dry
  40. Feb 23, 2013
    The Call of Duty series I've always felt is extremely overrated... despite having some decent games (4, BO 1) But when people can play... this... and give it a 10/10 really really confuses me. Guns all feel the same, you don't feel you've done a lot in customization. The story is awful all the way through with no high points and a disappointing ending. Multiplayer is barely any different to what you're used to besides the new mode which isn't even that good. Every single map in this game is dreadfully dull... barely any tactical design, simply made for the "Charge and shoot" gamers. My advice: Stick to BO 1 if you want a decent multiplayer experience. Expand
  41. Feb 22, 2013
    I almost smashed my console when i tried this game. After playing it like half a year, i have made my mind. This is not MW 2.5. This is MW 2.1. Incredible lack of innovation mark this game's campaign and multiplayer. Let's start with the positives. SpecOps missions are somewhat fun to play, Survival offers somewhat like zombies from BO: Kill someone, you earn money and you can buy weapons, perks and more. Now you can level up in these missions, and, like multiplayer, you unlock new stuff to buy at Survival. Now, the negatives. The singleplayer is esentially the same from MW2 Like the last "Die Hard" movie, it's all about explosions and firefights. Predictable plot twists and not-so-good storytelling ruin the campaign. Killing enemies that lack the brain to take cover and just run into your bullets makes the campaign boring and leaves a deja-vu effect if you played MW2. Now, with the star of the game, multiplayer. In my opinion, MW2 added a lot of stuff that ruined the game, like deathstreaks and a nuke. The only thing fixed in MW3 are the grenade launcher's blast radius. Terrible weapon balance, overpowered perks and even worse map design with lots of camping spots (yes, campers are back), terrible spawns and bad hit detection. Visual glitches and some unfixed issues (like teammates shoving you) are still present. Oh, and now the nuke is called M.O.A.B. but it doesn't end the match, just kills everyone. However, it's still a stupid killstreak. Overall, MW3 has the same graphics, same weapons with other name and same problems MW2 had. Do not buy this 60-bucks expansion pack. Expand
  42. Feb 3, 2013
    For me this is the best first person shooter out there because of it's similarities to the best first person shooter of all time: COD4.
  43. Jan 26, 2013
    This horror drudgery Shouldn't even be in call of duty. From the Boring Campaign to the horrible multiplayer maps to the desperate attempt of the spec ops mode, there isn't really much to say here. Me? Im a cod fan, but that's going to change if Activition, Treyarch, and Infinity ward, doesn't start learning how to make games. Or at the very least, make something new.
  44. Jan 25, 2013
    wow what awful game the graphics were great but the multiplayer was ummmm. ........ The only thing am going to say is the bomb sound , it explodes so bad that I had to laugh and cry at the same time because I never hear a bomb like that and there was one that sound like that sorry but it's sooooo bad. thank god I didn't buy it
  45. Jan 14, 2013
    Modern Warfare 3 ended in a most satisfying, and comforting way. After seeing the death of some of my favorite characters, I am very glad to see the ending work out the way it did. I did not figure this game to be as good or better than Modern Warfare 2, considering it was better than Modern Warfare 3. The campaign of this game did not add as much as Modern Warfare 2 had in it, but it was a most satisfying way to end the trilogy. It went beyond my expectations, but not nearly as close as any other Call of Duty game did. The multiplayer of the game is a different story. I generally hated the multiplayer which is why I did not get far in the online ranks of the game. This here was the turning point to my thoughts about Modern Warfare 3. To me, there were simply too many people that took the game more serious than it needed to be, especially for a war game. If they were playing Battlefield 3, I could see why they would be taking it seriously, it has much more fast paced action to it, a breath taking view of modern and urban war, and the detail to the game is tremendous. Especially the jets they put in it, but I am not here to review Battlefield 3, and this is not a comparison and contrast essay. I am here to review a game that did not amuse me in the multiplayer field as much as any other Call of Duty game did. I don't recommend the game that much to people who can't stand others who whine entirely like the game is real, and start using foul language, especially kids that should not be cussing at their age. - Collin

    My Rating: 7/10
    Trenton's Rating: 7/10
  46. Jan 6, 2013
    good last year

    playing this now the gameplay is not that smooth good campaign

    rly fun survival mode soild spec ops missions

    and very fun multiplayer black ops 2 feels smoother but this game is more memorable and betetr if ur not a massive cod fan
  47. Jan 3, 2013
    Modern Warfare 3 is a terrible game. It adds absolutely nothing new to the series and is essentially a crappy version of MW2. They fixed a few problems here and there (no Commando, no OP noobtubes) but also spawned some new problems of its own. The only additions they made to the game were basically just unnecessary crap that doesn't even belong, such as the Support package and Deathstreaks such as Dead Man's Hand. Terrible maps as well, and the spawning system is horrific. The only thing to like about this game is the new Specialist package and the Kill Confirmed game mode. This game just reeks of laziness and is a disgrace to the real developers that actually put work into their games. Sad, because I actually liked CoD4 and MW2. It really is pathetic how this is the best selling console game of all time. Expand
  48. Dec 17, 2012
    Disliked most COD games, but, thought I would give it a try....waste of time in my opinion, boring graphics, gameplay etc, mush prefer Killzone, can't hide, Fight or Die! SImple as that :)
  49. Dec 1, 2012
    Hello, i like the game modern warfare 3 because you have so nice killstreak, you have so nice weapons, and of course THE MOAB! Everybody says that the killstreaks from black ops so **** nice are but the killstreaks from MW3 are so much nicer! You have in MW3 juggernaut, Opsprey Gunner, EMP, and so much more. That's why MW3 is better!
  50. Nov 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Guns that take more bullets than it would take rocks to kill a man, spawn rapes, under powered explosives and... well... THEY KILLED SOAP!! So yeah, don't play it... I mean, if they at least made people get knocked down from bullets or even flinch the TINIEST bit, then MAYBE it would be SOMETHING like realistic. Plus they need to turn up the damage on bullets and explosives, make knifing get a cool animation so it doesn't look like your trying to open a door when you stab someone. Expand
  51. Nov 28, 2012
    Only a negative score would reflect how truly terrible this game is. Unfortunately a 0 will have to suffice. The maps are all terrible and are all the same. They are designed so that no matter where you are in the map and no matter what direction you are facing, there is an enemy behind you. There is nowhere on any map where you don't have to be constantly spinning in circles in order to see an enemy coming. This is due to a combination of terrible map design and terrible spawn points. Enemies do not spawn with their teammates, and will instead spawn directly behind you. The guns are all the same. There is permanent lag, even with full bars. The only good part of this game was the campaign, which will take you around 2 hours to beat if you really stretch it out. Let's be honest though, there isn't a person on this Earth who buys COD for the campaign Expand
  52. Nov 24, 2012
    The worst Modern Warfare game with difference. The first was something so new, the second has made the best multiplayer of FPS since 2009, but this one... This game doesn´t offer something new, something with the power of make it different. His multiplayer mode doesn´t have any evolution from the second Modern Warfare, the campaing mode is exciting but unreal, and the Spec Ops are bored than the ones in the modern warfare 2. This game was made for sell a lot of copies, and it can´t sell as much as Black Ops. This was also the Call of duty I played less. I only reached 3 prestiges modes, with the 6 I made in Black Ops. One of the most dissapointing games I have played in my life... Expand
  53. Nov 21, 2012
    Generally bad multiplayer maps and dull spec ops, but good campaign, and great multiplayer, especially with the slightly revamped Create-a-Class system and the Community Game-Modes. Altogether engaging as great; doesn't quite beat Black Ops. You can't give this game less than a nine, unless you want to give scores of other games out there a less than a nine. Modern Warfare 3 is NOT a bad game - it's just a little sloppy, and not a worthy sequel. Expand
  54. Nov 19, 2012
    SOOO many hit markers with sniper rifles and RPG's. This games weapon balance is critical to its failure but surely not its sole reason for a zero rating. The campaign was more or less a linear journey of shoot, run, more shooting, more running, big shoot scene, running, more running, and the pretty stale shootout ending. I was impressed with survival mode but that quickly "just as zombies" became stale and unimpressive. The multiplayer is just God awful truthfully; perhaps I was expecting the same excellence of product that CoD:MW and CoD:MW2 brought me but this game feels half complete, unbalanced, fulfilling, and not worth 60$. Skyrim, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Starcraft: II, and the like are the REAL thought provoking games now. Expand
  55. Nov 14, 2012
    I'm f**king tired of COD, seriously. Modern Warfare 3 is the same game as It's predecessor in terms of multiplayer, and It's even worse. It's unbalanced, not fun at all. It's overly frustrating . Technically is downright horrible, following the same engine. The singleplayer is solid, but forgettable. And uninspiring. The special ops is the most solid part of the game. I am really disappointed. As I loved MW1 and MW2, MW3 is a pile of sh*t. Avoid it. Buy Battlefield 3, It is better! (4.2 Expand
  56. Nov 13, 2012
    Being the leading FPS selling game there must be something in the CoD series that people like. Myself i am struggling to see what everyone else sees. There has been no huge advancement in the last few itterations and that is what dissapoints me the most. CoD gets fantastic sales from banging out the same thing each year and while i agree with the philosophy 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' i would still like to see more. I have not gone through the campaign and i have only brought this game for the muliplayer as my friends do not play anything else. The multiplayer is fun, gameplay is good but i just don't feel enthused anytime i put this game in to play. I want more from CoD Expand
  57. Nov 10, 2012
    i think the call of duty collection should stop making games, the first call of duty games is really fun and fresh but now is the same thing, shooting people and i was expecting something new but i think i would rather play battlefield instead of the same thing over and over again
  58. Nov 5, 2012
    Remember when developers used to make sequels that added something new? Neither does Actiblizzard. I'd like to say this is the third time this game has come out- but considering black ops doesn't add anything new I'm starting to lose track of the number of times this exact game has been released. If you combined all the MW and BO together you'd get a campaign the size of a normal shooter- which already have short campaigns to begin with.

    Oh, but nobody gets CoD for the campaign, it's for the pvp! Yes- true enough, and guess what- MW1 still did it better. I have to give them props though- they've found an amazing way to milk suckers out of their money with zero effort; and look at how games everywhere are becoming crap as they try to emulate this money for nothing style of developing.

    This game series is everything that is wrong with gaming- if not current society in general.
  59. Nov 3, 2012
    The call of duty series has amassed a lot of haters the last few years. The series does not change alot from game to game but not every game that comes out can be a brand new experience. I am a fan of FPS games and I enjoy the call of duty series. Modern warfare 3 does not do much different from the previous games but it is still a good game with a fun campaign and some awesome times with multiplayer. The last thing I want to say if the call of duty series has so many people that hate it why is it still the best selling series year after year and the most played game online. Seems strange huh. Expand
  60. Oct 30, 2012
    It's a good game but Infinity Ward brings nothing new to the table. I felt like I was playing the same missions from MW2. It's time for something new.
  61. Oct 26, 2012
    Pretty decent game with a lot of game modes to keep you busy. The mulitplayer is pretty much a slightly upgraded version of mw2. Mw3 feels more like an enormous map pack rather than a full game, when it comes to multiplayer. The single player campaign is pretty epic filled with a lot of explosions and firefights. Spec ops is back with survival mode attached which is a lot of fun as well. The graphics are pretty much the same as mw2. But the 60fps is nice to have in a console shooter. Expand
  62. Oct 13, 2012
    More of the same and i'm glad that it is so. Loved every single one that i've played so far. Only negative point. The campaign could be a little more difficult.
  63. Oct 8, 2012
    Plz stop making these same boring games and do something new. MW3 was a disappointment. It was basically the same as MW2 online but worse due to all the nooby killstreaks and unbalanced weapons. At least try and make weapons that compete with each other rather then just 3 weapons that everyone uses because they chop up. Finally the campaign had no reply value at all and also it was too repetitive for my liking. I don't recommend unless a huge fan of the series but then you would of played it all before. The only thing keeping me from giving it a lower score was special ops which with the new zombie style combat operation thingo was kinda fun. Expand
  64. Oct 8, 2012
    I don't play online multiplayer, but from what I've played of the Single Player and the Spec Ops, I can say that this game is at least a solid FPS. It's not ground breaking, but it can provide a good amount of entertainment. I wouldn't say it is worth $60 + however much all the DLC costs, but it's still at least entertaining. It is very similar to previous games, but if you can get past that, it's worth checking out. Expand
  65. Oct 7, 2012
    Complete and total waste of sixty dollars. Don't buy this game. I was really expecting something new, huge features made into the game, and guess what? No significant changes has been made to the game -- same graphics since CoD4, same sounds, same bland voice acting, more immature community flooded with under-aged kids and fanboys, noobtubes, atrocious hit detection, Imbalanced multiplayer gameplay due to overpowered weapons (snipers, MP7, strikers, etc.), perk system & killstreaks and overall a boring ******* game. Hands down the worst sequel by far in the series.

    Final verdict: Don't buy Modern Warfare 3. Save your money and buy a better, true FPS game such as CoD4, Counter-Strike or Quake.
  66. Oct 6, 2012
    I Kinda enjoyed the game, it´s not like the previous game, which i played ALOT more.
    But this game somehow let me down in the multiplayer, it somewhat pisses me off, that most people only care about Multi-Player, and less about Single-Player~
    However, Single-Player mode did definitly not let me down! I enjoyed it 100% It had an great ending, and good action, if it were´nt for
    Single-Player, i would have rated the game 3 or Less. Expand
  67. Oct 6, 2012
    Whilst this game is, without a doubt, an enjoyable experience, it fails to bring anything new or fresh to this legendary franchise. The campaign had high moments but was less emotionally significant and enjoyable than its predecessors. The special ops mode was a little innovative with its survival mode, however it felt like a weak copy of the Treyarch zombies mode, but the missions were easy and not particularly fun. The multiplayer was almost like an expansions to Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, as it brought nearly nothing new to the table. Overall this game is a decent installment in the Call of Duty franchise but it suggests that the franchise is perhaps beginning to be consumed by age. Expand
  68. Oct 3, 2012
    After almost a year to let the dust settle, I have found myself going back to Black Ops. What? Back to Black Ops? That goes to show that MW3 is nothing more than a rehash of what has already been done. Spec Ops missions are largely forgettable and the survival mode is nice, but only for so long.
  69. Oct 3, 2012
    The one's giving this game a zero are the true bandwagon jumpers, not the ones who are rating this oblectively. Of course this game is same-y, and I would give it an easy 10 if it was not. But it is still an (obviously) awesome game. Do all fighting game sequels, ALL sports games, side-scoller sequels, and basically all sequels deserve a zero because there overly similiar to the previous game?
  70. Oct 3, 2012
    THE GOOD: Kill Confirmed is an exciting new game mode that puts a great twist into your typical FPS deathmatch. The new killstreak packages are excellent and provide more options to the killstreak formula. ----------- THE BAD: Graphics and gameplay are overly too familiar. Infinity Ward played it a little too safe with this title. Other than Yuri's confession, the story is a bit predictable, overdone and lacks substance. ------ THE UGLY: Quickscoping has returned, and it's going to ruin a lot of people's moods. The Type 95 is an extremely cheap burst fire weapon. Commando perk is gone (I can't stab people from a distance anymore *sadface*). --------- FINAL VERDICT: It's still fast and fun, but it honestly feels more like MW2.5. Infinity Ward will need to step up their game on their next COD project, or else Treyarch (whom are open to player feedback) will take them by surprise. Expand
  71. Oct 2, 2012
    We'll start with the single player campaign which, for fans of the series, starts where Modern Warfare 2 left off. There are the classically well made cinematic cut scenes and as the game starts you get some nice flashbacks to previous parts of the story. It's essentially the US versus Russia and the campaign takes place in various locations around the globe. You start in a stunning looking New York with other famous cities such as Paris, Berlin and London coming later in the game. However, the gameplays as we would expect a COD title to play and will be instantly familiar for long time players. The level of scale, detail and realism are truly amazing with subtle elements like clothing material making you feel even more a part of the game. Now let Expand
  72. Oct 1, 2012
    good game, irregular conexion and killstreaks too much... 10 to compensate bad score
    great sequel but no innovation and seem an expansive to mw2. but the game isn't for 3,2 user score
  73. Sep 29, 2012
    Let me get things straight. It's not as good as some people say, and it's not as bad as other people say. On the negative side, it changes almost nothing since MW2, every map is designed to have one or multiple camping spots or unfair peeps and holes for noobs, the community is filled with crying children and the perks, weapons and killstreaks are pretty unbalanced. On the positive side, the controls are great, the "feel" is great, it continues the plot and ends it (I hope so) and the spec ops will last a bit. Overall, it's in between OK and mediocre. I don't think it belongs the amount of attention it has and some people either just like or hate this too much. I just hope that COD and military shooters in general becomes a thing of the past after the next generation because they are getting stale. Expand
  74. Sep 18, 2012
    Great game. Most people were but they were too earlier as free DLC came out for a new gamemode called Face-off, including 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3. With small, fun maps. Better killstreaks like support (For noobs, I don't use support) and a way of recording videos and uploading them to YouTube very easily. Great first person shooter, you should get it. Ignore those bad reviews.
  75. Sep 17, 2012
    Wow how did they screw up this game. Just awful. The campaign is pretty boring until the end,Spec Ops is better in this game than MW2, and MP is just god awful. Overpowered perks like assassin and Deathstreaks like final stand, dead man's hand, etc. This is definitely the worst call of duty.
  76. Sep 17, 2012
    What can I say apart from, this game is rubbish, I have played it since it came out and if you want to spend hours on end saying WTF then buy it, I only wish I had saved my money and life and avioded this game, if you have played mw2 then you have played this, I can't help but feel ripped off, its hard to play spot the difference with mw2 and mw3, guns - same, characters - same, lag - same, sniper BS - same, everything that is bad with mw2 is on mw3 oh apart from the rock that you can hide in, its seems like shooting people in the ankle is more effective then shooting the face, just go on you tube and search mw3 lag and you will see what I'm talking about, hopefully treyarch will be better than IW with black ops two but if not sadly COD have lost another customer, if you want realism and no lag then get BF3 or medal of honor, black ops is miles ahead in every aspect of the COD series, mw3 just seems a step back to 2009, if this game was not a COD series it would not sell anywhere near as many copies, the reputation is selling the games however the games are nothing but disappointing, luckily I didn't spend as much as some people who paid over £100 because then I will be P***ed off, I feel as though they have bent me over and well and truely f***ed me. Expand
  77. Sep 17, 2012
    This game alone, as first purchase, will grant you amazing hours of fun, several multilplayer modes, co-op options and a movie like experience in the single player. However, be aware that multiplayer is based solely on speed of reaction, no team play, maps are overall small and spawns are really close, sometimes you will spawn right behind an enemy and even surrounded, as the designers of the game said, this game rewards the players who learn the spawn points and traffic routes, that is, if you are in location A you must learn that other players will spawn in point B and C, and find a spot where you can kill both while they are running in small corridors. This game is close quarter combat at its maximum.

    If you already own previous games of call of duty, name it MW or BO, this is just another one. Nothing new, just cosmetic changes and change of names of the same stuff, at this point this game is just for first timers looking for a really fast pace FPS where killing 3 people without dying is an achievement for regular players, and for fans, fans never get tired of the same thing over and over and over and over. Everyone else, this game is not for you.
  78. Sep 5, 2012
    After playing the game for quite some time I feel like the game play just let me down. First of all, the sniping was entirely too easy. I felt like the .50 Caliber sniper rifle had a magnet to the enemy. Of course I didn
  79. Sep 1, 2012
    MW3 is an awesome game with great graphics and a amazing story line. Sure it might not be as good as Black ops but it still is a big achievement. I enjoyed this game very much because of all these amazing things about it.
  80. Aug 21, 2012
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is one of the worst games i have ever played. This Game Has almost no map design, its just grey hallways with boxes. Yay. I dealt with me not being a big black ops fan and was willing to buy MW3, but this game is so bad i will never buy another call of duty until Slactivision and Infinity Whored (money whores) get their act together. And 4 DLC's? That is 60$ of dog poop on top of another 60$ for the crappy game to begin with. Im glad you are allowed to give reviews a 0 on this website. I could say "i hope black ops 2 will be better" but this game is so bad i will not even buy the next installation.

    BUT! i will give this game some ups for letting me tell people to go on for free psn codes. So that brings this game' score up from a -67 to a -66.5
  81. Aug 21, 2012
    The campaign is action-packed, exhilarating and filled with spectacular sequences that raise your heartbeat, and the while the story is outright absurd, it still manages to keep the player interested . The addition of the survival mode is great, and guarantees great co-op action.The multiplayer is great and addicting, like in every cod game, but at times it is filled with campers and other frustration-raisers. Expand
  82. Aug 13, 2012
    I wasn't expecting anything amazing for this game. Modern Warfare 2 had already shown that Infinity Ward did not give a crap about listening to the community. However, they never cease to amaze me with how bad this game was. The multiplayer isn't as broken as MW2, but that's like saying I'm not as bad as Osama Bin Laden. The campaign's story was horrible and was worse than MW2 (to be fair, I actually liked MW2's story). Survival mode was a terrible attempt at getting IW its own "Zombies." The spec ops missions were OK but not as spectacular as MW2. Anyway, with the less significant parts of the game taken care of, let's move on to the biggest and worst part of it: the multiplayer.

    The "core" fanbase of the COD series was begging and begging for Infinity Ward to change the multiplayer system and actually innovate like Treyarch did with Black Ops. Deep down, most of them new that they probably wouldn't listen and just make COD's multiplayer a very expensive map pack with a marginally different interface. However, what very few of them were expecting was for Infinity Ward to actually be backwards and get rid of the many features that Treyarch put in Black Ops. For those of you who don't know Black Ops actually changed the level up system and you could get most of the equipment and base perks in the game if you just get enough "COD Points" which was essentially just virtual money. This made it possible for people who were new to the game to not be lagging behind everyone in a terrible way without having to put more experienced players at a disadvantage (in mw2 there were death streaks). What was Infinity Ward's response? Did they improve the system? Nope! They just threw the entire system out and went back to the old system of having to clock in countless hours to get that one class loadout you want to play with. On a more specific note, the improved scoreboard system that Black Ops had (which showed how many objectives players did) was thrown out in favor of MW2's scoreboard system, presumably because they don't like people who want to win instead of just kill people. The only positive thing MW3's multiplayer had in comparison to Black Ops was that you didn't get disconnected as often and the kill streak system has been improved.

    Conclusion: Do not buy this game at full price. If you can borrow the game (from a friend or something) or rent it or buy it used, then you might be able to have a few hours of fun with the campaign and spec-ops.
  83. Aug 13, 2012
    Look, people, if you have Modern Warfare 2, than there is no reason to buy Modern Warfare 3. It's just a shame that this game is officially a full game. MW3 is more like an expansion. But, still It's really fun. Campaign It's great, as always, because is a COD. And the multiplayer is addictive fun, but completely the same as MW2. Even the graphics are the same. This "expansion" is fair from my opinion, but I'm really disappointed. 64 out of 100 Expand
  84. Aug 6, 2012
    This might be the longest review I have ever made about any video game. To start with, the improvements Modern Warfare 3 made from Black Ops, at least on the PS3 version, are staggering. After playing close to probably 500 matches on multiplayer, I can say that the connection in multiplayer is perfect compared to my connection in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2. In the 500 matches I've played, I've had games end only a hand-full of times, which is far more than I can say for Black Ops. Host-migration always goes through without the game ending, again there is only a hand-full of times where it did not go through. Me and most of the 50 people in our clan agree that MW3 is far better than the PS3 version of Black Ops. No more do we have to try 5 times to get into a lobby with everyone there, or to have to re-invite people that mysteriously disappear when we back out. Playing with my clan is SO easy in MW3 with the integration of Call of Duty Elite. Elite is an absolute God-send for clans. It also adds another reason to play, with clan ops. The addition of Elite, and vast improvement in connectivity could have me saying that MW3's multiplayer is the best I've played. If it wasn't for the maps. My. Gosh. Do the maps in MW3 disgrace the lineage of COD4, and even disgrace MW2 AND Black Ops, and I'm not even talking about the DLC. The dumbest move Infinity Ward made in development of MW3 is out-sourcing the map designs to Sledgehammer. All those brilliant map designs that made MW2 so fun, and even Black Ops, are gone in this game. Whatever happened to map designs like Terminal? And Afghan? And FAVELA!? And what about huge open maps like Wasteland? It's all street combat, and not even, all the maps are just a bunch of hallways, there's no open areas. The DLC maps disgrace MW3's OWN maps. They're confusing as all hell, and yes there are open maps, but they're circular in shape in so there's tons of flanking, and if that's not the case, the maps are cluttered with obstacles so there's no real long-range sniping in any of the maps. I've never even used a legitimate sniper class except to have fun with MW3's Intervention, the MSR. Speaking of a gun, the guns in this game are much improved. Personally, I hated the guns in Black Ops. If you were not good at run-n-gun with rapid fire, you were **** out of luck. The FAMAS was quite know what, I can't even talk about the Black Ops multiplayer because it LAGGED SO BAD! The M16 was useless because of the lag, that's how bad it was. Anyway, because this game is more geared for clans, I find myself using an anti-air class with an LMG. The LMGs have been improved so MUCH from any of the previous games. The MK42 is one of my favorite guns. I have a dedicated LMG class for when I play with my clan. The BF3 beta got me hooked on using a support class, and so it was awesome to be able to do the same in MW3. I don't know where the multiplayer ranks among Cod games, but it's pretty well done. I can not say the same thing about the campaign though. The gameplay in the campaign is awful, it is so boring, and all the missions are tight, enclosed spaces, just like the maps in multiplayer. The only objective in the entire campaign is to follow the leader, essentially. Everything is so scripted, and every 5 seconds you have to wait until something happens so you can move forward. Everything is so innately linear about it, that exploring has absolutely no purpose. You might as well not even have objectives either, because it's impossible to move on without completing them. However, some of the levels break the mold and are awesome to play, but then the next level goes back to being boring again. It's very easy to see that the problem is that the COD series needs more imagination. If you go back and play COD1, you will find a completely different game, it will blow your mind the changes that have occurred since then, i.e. the Eder Dam, for instance. Overall, and you can see this in the entire game, Call of Duty needs to do something completely different. I've played hundreds of hours in this game, but I don't want to do the same thing again come next November, i.e. Black Ops 2. Expand
  85. Aug 4, 2012
    If you've played the 1st one, and played the 2nd one, you've played the 3rd one. Welcome to Modern Warfare 2 with extra game modes and more weapons, and maps. No improvement besides slight things you see from small gameplay (eg: poorly animated blood pools that emit from your or an enemy's character at a comparable frame speed to Minecraft water flow) - If you're going to buy this game - buy it at a lower price, its not worth retail of $60. Expand
  86. Aug 4, 2012
    The PC version of my review for this game received a 0. This gets a 2. The game works but the game deisgn barely functions well and is unstable at times and the graphics look like crap as well as hackers and bad multiplayer matchmaking. This is really MW 2.5. As many have said dlc is overexpensive and all the content is rehashed. It receives better support than PC but that's still no excuse for why the game looks like crap on PC! Expand
  87. Aug 3, 2012
    Not sure why the other reviews are so negative, but for my first ever FPS, this has great replay value. I largely play multiplayer and I have to say, I can never get tired with all the different game modes. Just love this game.
  88. Jul 27, 2012
    This game hasn't changed since MW2, all the newbs playing MW3 never even played the classic CODS like MW, WOW, and MW2 (BO doesn't count but its not bad :) ). The only people defending MW3 are those how haven't played the classics and to be a vet you have to play the classics. As A vet of COD, I feel that COD has died and its time to move on to a game less money hungry like BF3.
  89. Jul 26, 2012
    Same same same... Its actually pretty ridiculous that CoD can keep on pumping games with same guns, very similar story-lines and people just keep on buying it (only bought World at War and CoD 4 and this on PS3). I felt being ripped off that I've bought this game and was stupid enough to hope that this time maybe they will change, after so many versions came out but I was wrong.
  90. Jul 24, 2012
    The Modern Warfare series has finally wrapped up. So how good is the last installment. Well if you've played the previous Modern Warfare you'll have an exact picture of what the new one is like. Nothing much if not anything at all has changed in this game. The story is uninteresting and the spec ops mode still didn't meet its potential. Th. Infinity Ward has added a new feature called survival mode. This is where I give them credit. Survival mode is addictive and fun but at times it seems impossible. All though Firefight and Horde mode from the Halo and Gears franchise are still much better survival mode is still a great game mode. The multiplayer is where Modern Warfare 3 shines. But the multiplayer doesn't shine at all. Like all other parts of the game the multiplayer is still "been there, done that". Same guns and same layout nothing new there. Overall I'll give the game a 5/10 because back in the day this would be considered an expansion pack. Expand
  91. Jul 22, 2012
    There are only 2 positive aspects that allow MW3 a 5, the story mode that has been continued since modern warfare was wrapped up nicely and had a fitting end; the spec ops survival mode is entertaining for a few hours. Thats about it, the multiplayer is the same thing as every other call of duty but with better visuals and different weapons, the maps are absolutely horrific (apart from some); they just dont cater for all types of gameplay, the killstreaks feel unrewarding and the weapon variety feels bland and boring. The only saving grace is the campaign which I have loved since COD 4 and the spec ops survival mode which can become boring after several hours. Overall, this is a disappointing entry into the call of duty franchise, with the mw2 maps around the corner; maybe, just maybe, they can save the multiplayer. However, I doubt that. Expand
  92. Jul 17, 2012
    Didn't I play this game twice already? With a know how to let down the Call Of Duty franchise strikes again! There are three main things wrong with this game: 1. Community- besides being called a camper and a noob constantly over my mic for checking my croners and moving when it is safe, the community consist of imauter 10 year old who wont leave to console to play with friends. 2.Hype- never once have i been excited for a Modern warfare title. Stop Displaying it like some sort of god! just except its terrible and move on. 3. Gameplay- Wow. I would rather listen to Justin Beiber then play this game. All in all just terrible if you love to be kicked in the balls and robbed of your money then this is the game for you. Expand
  93. Jul 14, 2012
    how do i BEGIN to describe how horrible it is. ugh. this game was a waste of my money, it's got a horrible survival mode,horrible split screen and horrible campaign, not to mention how many weapons they TOOK AWAY. What the **** were they thinking? do NOT buy this game, unless you're looking to waste money.
  94. Jul 14, 2012
    MW3 SPEC OPS/SURVIVAL ONLY REVIEW. Based on playing spec ops and survival modes co-operatively in split-screen, I can say that Modern Warfare 3 does not fail in this department. Of course, the lack of staffing and time to produce this game has meant that, as with the multiplayer, a lot has been copied over from both CoD4 and MW2. However, the survival mode is something new- kind of a cross between spec ops and zombies. It's very simple but still fun to play, but is not as gripping or addictive as zombies in World at War, for instance. You face attack helicopters, riot shield juggernauts, juggernauts, attack dogs and ordinary soliders. Unlike zombies though, the number of enemies per round does not increase; rather their difficulty and the types of enemies does instead. You can purchase upgrades such as weapons, attachments, perks, killstreaks and even a squad to help you by earning money, and XP ranks you up so you can buy better stuff once you hit the top level 50. You rank up in both spec ops and survival, and as with MW2's split-screen multiplayer, your progression and unlocks are saved in survival/spec ops. The good thing about survival is how you can play them on all multiplayer maps, so it's not like zombies where you have only a few to choose from. Whilst survival makes a genuinely decent addition to co-op, spec ops only manages to copy over missions from the campaign and ideas from both CoD4 and MW2. If you've played them two games, you won't be surprised by anything here. Some missions they've made the copy and paste VERY obvious (like Mile Highjack being a direct copy of Mile High Club). In terms of variety, there is a fair amount. There are a good mix of missions here, not all completely different from each other but an entertaining mix nontheless, with quality being the same as Modern Warfare 2's spec ops missions. The difference is that in MW3 each mission has criteria for high score, which may range from explosion kills, sniper kills, headshots, accuracy time, difficulty etc. What's more, each mission has leaderboards for both co-op and solo, which is nice because it gives them replay value which MW2 lacked. The missions themselves are your usual mix of firing range time trials, bomb defusals, objective collection/extraction, hostage rescue, providing cover for teammate in AC130 or sniping, stealth and just run and gun action. The missions themselves are actually pretty fun in co-op and the variety means that if you're bored of one playstyle you can easily try another mission or have a crack at getting a higher round on survival. Make no mistake, Modern Warfare 3 is by far the best Call of Duty game yet for co-operative gameplay, but I somehow feel that it's below Call of Duty standards. Don't get me wrong, it's just as good as MW2's co-op, but while Modern Warfare 2 pushed and raised the boundaries, Modern Warfare 3 hasn't really done anything new. There's nothing you'll be amazed by at all, and you will frankly laugh at some of their attempts when they blatantly copied and pasted some stuff over such as a building in the CoD4 Pipeline map in one of the spec ops levels. Once you've played the missions a few times though, you will get bored of them easily. However, due to the great variety you may find a few you like, so you could spend hours trying to improve your leaderboard ranking. Personally if it was me, I would much rather spend that time improving high scores in CoD4's arcade mode, as the levels were miles superior to any spec ops mission in MW3. Overall, it's a credible component of Modern Warfare 3 and if you purchased the game for a reasonable price you will not be disappointed. It's a solid co-op, but nothing new or mind-blowing. It's a safe bet for a co-op, but nothing special. Expand
  95. Jul 11, 2012
    IGN: I Am Alive's graphics are out dated!...
    IGN on MW3: *applaud*
    No seriously, this game SUCKS. Black Ops is WAY better (although i gave it 5/10) but this beats all other games in terms of failurness... R.I.P, CoD
  96. Jul 11, 2012
    Disappointing. CoD4 was very good, very addictive and well balanced. CoD: MW2 didn't live up to expectations, but did allright. Except multiplayer was starting to show cracks in it's shiny exterior. MW3 gives me a feeling of 'fail'. It's nothing new compared to MW2, except some new maps. The game is full of camping people, guns aren't well balanced and what's up with sniping?? Somehow they evolved at the best guns in the game. With some practice you're allmost invincible. Quickscoping *bam* dead. It's ridiculous and stupid and very unrealistic. Sniping should take skill, not some perk and auto-aim to make it a 1-shot-killingmachine you can carry around the map, run and sprint with.

    It's time for some closure and re-invent the series, with a new engine and some very good thinking through of the multiplayer, because it's lost allmost everything of it's greatness of CoD4. I can't say much of the single-player, just scratched the surface, but it's same-old-same-old...

    Stop milking it...
  97. Jul 9, 2012
    So whilst I'm not a huge fan of the genre or of the series, this game really didn't do anything bad, it just didn't do anything particularly new. The new like game mode was a nice addition, albeit unoriginal but apart from that no new features. But that really doesn't justify scoring it a 0 out of 10. While no new features the old features were good, it just seems to be a major case of "Don't fix it if it ain't broke". Regardless this game is good if you want a quick bit of fun with the campaign and a strong online component. Expand
  98. Jul 9, 2012
    While not living up to the amazing game that was Modern Warfare 2, this is still a great installment to the world's most popular game. If you can ignore the small children and the butthurt fanboys, it has a good multiplayer experience. The campaign is lacking as usual, which keeps this game from a 10. However, it is definitely worth picking up.
  99. Jul 9, 2012
    5.5 I know multiplayer is the main focus, but singleplayer should be equaly factored into a Game. It is HORRIBLE. Very repetitive, no challenge, boring story that takes itself way to seriously, and is only 4 hours long. Did the designers fall asleep? What happened? Online isn't bad, but it is also repetitive. Thankfully, it is addicting to unlock new things and does a great job of keeping you hooked, but eventually it does get tireing. Good if you want to play private matches with friends, but other than that, don't bother on this.

    Gameplay- Very repetitive, yet addicting to a certain degree. Graphics- Ok, but no real memorable scenes or arcitechture.

    Sound- Effects are good, music is forgettable. Presentation- Story is taken too seriously and one death of a main character is not nearly as emotional as the game thinks it is. Basic FPS.

    Very good if you have friends who can play with you, other than that, skip it.
  100. Jul 6, 2012
    this is the worst game that i have ver played, the graphics suck, the story sucks, the campaign sucks, and the mutiplayer sucks, please don't waste your money buying a broken game like this

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Feb 10, 2012
    There's a tangible insistence from gamers that this series needs to evolve, but it seems unwarranted when it still leads the FPS class. The engine's definitely in need of an overhaul, but when it comes to thumping set-pieces and addictive multiplayer design, Modern Warfare 3 is still in a league of its own.
  2. Feb 1, 2012
    By sticking to the series' strengths, Modern Warfare 3 delivers some of the best competitive, cooperate, and single-player shooting in the business.
  3. As a complete package, Modern Warfare 3 takes the cake. [Jan 2012, p.67]