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  1. Feb 25, 2014
    Such a tremendous game .Amazing graphics for a little company like Mercury Steam,such a great story with lots of twists,such a dark and murky environment ideal for the actions of the mighty Dracula.Cool bosses with noticeably details and voracious combat with challenges.I liked this game because they made a sequel different from the other castlevania games and this sometimes is a way to kill monotony in the series of a game.If you dont like it's just your pathetic taste,go support your COD games like always and let us enjoy these marvels! Expand
  2. Feb 25, 2014
    Hell yeah castlevania!!!.Seeing the things as Dracula is one aspect of the castlevania series we have not seen since their first game(i think).So damn hot graphics and what a hardcore fighting .I liked most the darkness of the game,it makes you feel the vibes of being a dark lord!Had some mistakes,but generally is an excellent game!
  3. Feb 25, 2014
    So incredible game.I am so enraged with these pathetic noobs gamers called critics.They re just some mercenaries of the big games like COD series who they always give high scores to them,games that have changed nothing since they came out .Shame on you benighted professional reviewers,hahaha "professional".Dont listen to them,this game is a great conjuction of action and fantasy,an amalgam of pure dark hack n slash with tremendous bosses and interesting characters.It has a unexpected ending,but it's something different,we must be grateful and not ignorant . Expand
  4. Feb 25, 2014
    Excellent game. The atmosphere is wonderful, the graphics are gorgeous, and the combat controls extraordinarily well, giving you lots of options to play around with.
  5. Feb 25, 2014
    CLOS 2 is the conclusion of the epic saga, you can experiment the full power of the prince of darkness with all awesome skills. The graphics are wonderful, the scenario bring us to the past of castle of Dracula and combine with current time. the design of the characters is very well sometimes the system of battle is repetitive and some elements of stealth are useless. In fact, i recommend you must play the game and let him surprise you
  6. Feb 25, 2014
    Dracula is my favorite character from now .Just buy the game and you ll have an incredible experience.
    The characters are so unique and the boss fights were breathtaking .The game's duration is over adequate and is worthy of your money !
  7. Feb 25, 2014
    Castlevania Los was such a masterpiece in all aspects,but Los 2 is an unforgettlable experience,I am so amazed,please rate this game when you play it and dont listen to these morons called critics.
  8. Feb 25, 2014
    Kindly note the editors review was unfair and awful as usual, but that not surprise me at all they do it with many games like lighting return and beyond two souls, maybe these games didnt pay like some high rated games but i want tell them one thing we dont care i will buy this game cause its fantastic as the first one!
  9. Feb 25, 2014
    Good Game. Critics don't right. They are ridiculous "professionals. "If you love LOS 1 then you need a playing this game. Good combat, bosses, characters.
  10. Feb 25, 2014
    I come from the classic Castlevania games on the Nintendo and SNES. So when Dave Cox mentioned in an interview that the first LoS was being produced and pitched to the Super Castlevania fans, I was immediately intrigued and delighted. What became of my curiosity superseded all expectations and filled it with utter awe of the majesty of LoS.

    Castlevania LoS 2 follows in the wake of
    the 3DS midway interjection of Castlevania Mirror of Fate. While Mirror of Fate was an excellent adventure and I heartily recommend it for it's current price of $15, it's importance in the grand scheme of things is negligible. Still, if you're a fan as I am, then you must go out and buy it. You won't be disappointed, especially as it's game design harkens back to the Symphony of the Night crowd.

    LoS 2 wastes no time in informing you that this is a different animal from the previous iterations. It's a blending of all the designs, quarks and all of the previous Castlevanias. To some this might turn people off who are dedicated to only a single play style of Castlevania. For others, such as myself, this is farewell gift in the form of a celebration of the spirit of Castlevania.

    Dracula is no daisy. If you felt that the LoS was a dark story, brace for something that might truly horrify you. Without spoiling some of the events as many others have already - you'll be forced to do things that will give you pause. There is a divide amongst gamers if showing the darkness within Dracula is necessary, especially as you the gamer are forced to partake in this experience by manually unleashing his evil upon others. I found the entire experience grounded the character, it set the stage for everything else to follow. If you're looking to just button mash your way through a game, look elsewhere. The story demands your attention and will yield little time to repose. The argument that having the gamer commit these atrocities is all-together absurd when one considers that video games have you killing others on a regular basis. Luckily, Mercury and it's writers understand that you need foundations for characters, perspective of the motivation behind these characters, and a source that moves these characters along their quest. The journey in LoS 2 does not disappoint with plenty twists with deviant and interesting characters along this amazing backdrop of artistry.

    The next highly debated discussion is in the stealth aspects of the game. The overall amount of time spent in the stealth gameplay is limited and makes for a brief excursion of the usual gut slashing, face pounding action you'll have everywhere else. While some seem to find it an annoyance, I thought it provided pacing and more importantly shows yet another side of how the Lord of Darkness, Dracula, would sneak his way around as a predator.

    The leveling experience this time around is fleshed out and vaguely reminds one's self of the Elder Scrolls system. That is, the more you use a skill, the more you can unlock. This encourages the player to mix up their style and prevents from linear tactics. The light and dark aspects of skills are back under the use of the Void Sword (absorbs health) and the Gauntlets (interrupts blocking enemies). This rock, paper, scissors approach felt more built off of their Mirror of Fate lessons and in turn, we have a much richer game as a result.

    The navigation, hud, menu systems are all wonderfully designed with full illustrations wrapping around much of the menus. It does a terrific job just bringing the player into this world and for a menu system to accomplish that, is impressive. The beautiful illustrations of each skill and how it functions make a return from the previous LoS as well.

    Araujo followed the highly cinematic first release with the more contemporary and horror-centric score for the sequel Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate, but the composer returned to the original's grandiose, action-oriented classical arrangements when scoring the latest installment. While it's hard to top the majesty of the first Lords of Shadow, on which Araujo worked with the 120-piece Bratislava Symphony Orchestra and a full choir, LOS2 boasts an even mightier, more traditionally cinematic score than either of its predecessors.

    Many of the motifs Araujo established in the first installment are carried over and built upon for the sequel (most memorably the tragic, piano-based “Dracula's Theme”), but you can tell immediately with the brooding, rumbling opening track “The Throne Room” and the percussive, synth-enhanced "Brotherhood Assault" that the sonic canvas has been widened even further to fit more unique textures.

    LoS 2 is an achievement at revitalizing the series and it's a shame that all we have left to look forward to is the possible DLC that has been mentioned by Mercury. If you're a fan of the GoW or DMC series and you're looking for a richer story, then this is a must buy!
  11. Feb 25, 2014
    I enjoyed this game and don't understand the hate. You may not like the stealth aspect which is not all that big deal maybe 5-10 percent of the game. Why lower the score to below 8 I don't understand it. I used to believe in score system but this game - like it's predecessor - makes me laugh at the whole point system because I would have missed a great fun game series if I listened to other people. Expand
  12. Feb 25, 2014
    First game was like a brilliant of art direction in video game industry. LoS2 continues this trend of MercurySteam gamedesign. It's one and only videogame with such epicness and beauty.
    While gameplay is pretty the same as first game or some god of war games, music and visual design is what makes this game special.
  13. Feb 25, 2014
    Great game and story, way better than the first castlevania. Just play it. Those bad reviews are wrong. If the first LoS liked you, the second is a must.
  14. Feb 26, 2014
    This game is amazing, I absolutely loved as well as 1, so if you played the first and liked to play the 2 for sure is epic, not ball to these analyzes of those sites that are bought ^ ^. Gorgeous graphics, incredible bosses, story of breathtaking, makes this is a great game ^ ^ 10
  15. Feb 25, 2014
    It's simple,big sites-famous ones are being motivated and supported by big profitable companies that want their games to come first in everything.Who cares,we the gamers cant be controlled.True fans and veterans gamers like me and lots of you out-there know the requirements of a masterpiece.LOS 2 is an interesting dark,gloomy and mysterious game.It has ultra adequate to excellent graphics,a combination of vitality and purity in such atmospheric places and environments.Also,the combat issue is so excessive fun and so unique ,being for me one of the best new hack n slash games.Characters are absorbing ,avidly detailed with well structured texts.Story is tensious and full of surprizes.I already said so much.Play it for yourself and then we talk.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  16. Feb 26, 2014
    Having loved the first game I was eagerly anticipation the second, however my expectations became muted when I saw the early exception. Let it be know that I ended up loving the game and am glad I got it despite it's low critical reception. The game play is polished, the story is engaging (and very macabre), and the environment is varied and detailed. There has been much talk of the rat stealth sections yet they are really just small interspersed segments, hardly worth the fuss they are receiving. I would recommend this to any castlevania fan, and really and action game fan in general. Expand
  17. Feb 26, 2014
    Despite the reviews given by Metacritic, I disagree. I found the story of Gabriel's journey as Dracula to be a compelling and dramatic story, with excellent cgi moments, as well as powerful foes to be creative with. Now, while I do wish there had been more development on Dracula's part, outside of what we had seen between himself and his family, I did enjoy this game immensely (even if the ending was silently lacking in power of feel). I recommend this game to any gamer who wants to be a hardcore vampire! Expand
  18. Feb 25, 2014
    I definitely love this game. The story is excellent, much more than what we usually see in Castlevania. The graphics are extremely good, especially on PC. I do love that they added free roaming in this game, and I really like that they increased the platforming, which is what Castlevania is originally about! Dracula as a character really stands out! In my opinion, most reviews just ignored the fact that it totally has an awesome Bestiary/Lore book which I really love, and most of them don't even mention the awesome music it has. Truly a lovely experience, especially if you love this type of fantasy and gothic look! Expand
  19. Feb 26, 2014
    We are all entitled to our own opinion but I don't know how this only got a 6.5 score. I played this game for 7 hours yesterday and I can safely say it is a 8.5/10 easily. Do not listen to this critic and go out and buy this game. Everything about it is over the top and for true Castlevania fans this is the game we were all waiting for. From the graphics, to the boss fights (which are some of the best I have seen), to the simple game play with awesome combos and upgrades this game has it all. The open world concept is a welcomed addition to this series and makes it fun to search for all the hidden items. This game is Uncharted, Batman, and God of War all mixed into one and what is best of play as Dracula! Expand
  20. Feb 26, 2014
    Incredible game, using the Castelvania name in honor.
    The story is really good with Dracula as protagonist and cool characters surrounding him.
    Amazing soundtrack and graphics plus an improved gameplay makes this game a must play.
    Ought to buy to support the developers. Don't know what the "game critics" were mass smoking, don't listen to them.
  21. Feb 26, 2014
    I really loved the game, the only reason I'm giving it a 9.0 it's the rat portions. All the bosses are cool, and yeah, The ending could've been better. But,still a amazing game!
    Thanks Mercury Steam to bring this masterpiece for fans of the old castlevania.
    Listen to me, if you are a real fan, you will like it.
    '' I am no longer Gabriel woman! I am the Dragon, Dracul, I am the prince of
    darkness! I am, and will be forever a thorn in HIS side! That is my vengeance! '' - Dracula Expand
  22. Feb 27, 2014
    Fantastic game. the reviews are so unfortunate because I felt like this one out-shined the original by leaps and bounds. Much more engrossing story and characters you actually start to care about. Dracula is such a deep character now and you actually feel for him and his situation as the game progresses. Gameplay could be more fluid but its a fantastic fight system regardless. Excellent sense of upgrades as well that only work to improve the experience Expand
  23. Feb 27, 2014
    **** reviewers and support MercurySteam. LoS2 is a wonderful game with an eye for detail. From the music to the menu everything is a sophisticated and man enjoying even click through the menu of the game. Thank MercutySteam.
  24. Feb 26, 2014
    This is a great entry to the Castlevania series. I loved the 1st one and mirror of fate. my only whine is the lack of multiple playable characters. would be fun to play through or do boss rush with Victor or Alucard. this games leaves me wanting a higher replay value more secret areas, bosses, and characters. I hope there is going to be lots of DLC later down the road.
  25. Feb 25, 2014
    Mercury Steam really hit is big this time with this sequel. Although the Castlevania games have been a favorite for many, this one should really blow them away. The voice acting and combat is superb as was the story line. Even though the landscaping for the game wasn't as good as the demo had shown, the rest of the game still had it's pizzazz. Good Job.
  26. Feb 26, 2014
    Great game it has definitely improved upon LOS1 beside the fact that it does have some slow stealth parts, it has rewarding skill trees and very high quality boss battles,also lets not forget the gorgeous graphics
  27. Feb 26, 2014
    I will really like to disagree with all the review sites that are bashing this game, I'm sure they had to rush through it to release their review, but so far I'm 2 hours into the game and I love it, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fluid and fun, the atmosphere is gorgeous. This is really a good game love it.
  28. Feb 26, 2014
    The first 2 hours are a bit of a handholdy and linear affair, also its very light on the story for the first few hours of the game, but once the game gets rolling its easily on par with LoS1 if not better, the acting is great the boss fights are amazing and the combat feels more fluid than LoS1, the story starts to pick up later on and fans of castlevania will like the take on alucard, simon, and trevor belmont

    The dreaded stealth sections are not nearly as bad as the reviewers make it out to be, with some extremely basic logic can get you through most of them in a few minutes, something the mainstream reviewers seem to be sorely lacking (one of them claimed to take 4 hours to beat one of the stealth missions / its not that bad )

    I honestly found the stealth sections required to break up some of the monotony of the combat, overall this is a really good sequal and hope mercury continues to make CV games, they are one of the few devs that can make competent reboots, a world of garbage like DMC reboot and FF13-29 lightning just doesnt die edition thats a very good quality to have
  29. Feb 26, 2014
    The best and most ambitious action-adventure that I've played in a long time. Snappy controls, engaging boss fights, an exciting story, and fantastic performances by the voice over cast come together to make this one of my favourite games of 2014 thus far.

    If I have maybe one small complaint, it's that the plot and gameplay seem to have share quite a bit in common with 2013's DMC:
    Devil May Cry. In any case, I really like this game and I'm very glad I picked it up. It does feel different from traditional Castlevania games, but if chances were never taken with the series, we would have never gotten the Metroid-Vania format that so many Castlevania fans love. Expand
  30. Feb 25, 2014
    Much like the first, amazing game, this one has some split opinions. I had a tremendous amount of enjoyment with this game. The negative reviews from "professional" critics are unfortunately a trend with games that are released on current gen hardware only when next gen consoles are out on the market. I know for a fact that sites and magazines associated with retail outlets are encouraged to give these types of games mediocre reviews to encourage console sales. If you read or watch reviews done by real gamers on various blogs and YouTube, you'll see that they all loved LOS2. Combat is fluid, dynamic and satisfying, the art direction is top notch (although I will concede the factory settings are a bit drab) and the story is a notch above most of the drek from the likes of CoD and Assassins Creed. The stealth is kind of shoehorned in and unnecessary but thankfully it's a very small part of the game. Wholeheartedly recommend. Expand
  31. Feb 26, 2014
    Don't let be fooled by the stupid so-called "video game media". Lords of shadow was one of the best title of "last gen" and Lords of shadow 2 is an awesome sequel. Mercurysteam sure took their sweet time releasing their baby, but it was well worth the wait. Their is a passion in that game that is non-existent in most productions these days. When rushed yearly sequels become our daily braid. To have a non-buggy game with no f***** day one patch is a breath of fresh air. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay has been polished to high quality level. Playing has Dracula feels badass as it should and the already great combat mechanics has been fine-tuned to make it even more awesome. The art direction and execution is so impressive for a time I thought I was playing on my ps4. Do yourself a favor and discover one of the best series of last gen. Expand
  32. Feb 25, 2014
    The game is awesome, i have LoS 1 and the complete saga of the game finally delivers. The combat is familiar and the Bosses are outstanding. The story tells how gabriel ends his journey as the LoS. There is a lot to be told and the game is excellent on that regard plus the great combat. Castlevania lovers will love since is such a beautiful and magnificent story to be told.
    The controller
    is very similar to the first game so you will remember right away. Beautiful cut scenes, good narrative, great combat, familiar controllers, action sequences and epic soundtrack are among the things you will find in LoS 2.
    Do not listen to game critics which for some reason are bashing action games lately by not understanding the core of the game. You will not be disappointed with LoS 2. Buy it, its a awesome experience which i do not regret.
  33. Au6
    Feb 25, 2014
    the worthy sequel to one of the best game of the PS3/360 generation.
    A grand adventure, epic battles, a still atmosphere at the top with beautiful symphonic music.

    I recommend it to all fans of the series and all lovers masterpiece of gaming.

    thank you Mercury steam
  34. Feb 25, 2014
    F@#$ng masterpiece.Literally,i think this game must be one of the best hack n slash games ever.Great story,graphics,fighting and atmosphere.What else you want ???
  35. Feb 25, 2014
    I tired of these **** sites like IGN.Such morons,gayest reviews ever.F@# them all,i am just in the half of the game and i am absolutery amazed by it's graphics ,story and combat.Best combat style of the ps3/xbox360 generation.God of War is nothing in front of it.It has some **** skeleton since the first game jesus.Instead Castlevania has over 700 creatures and enemies since their first game and also los,los2 have a large amount of enemies.So much variety in everything.I like this fact ,because it makes the game more interesting and more fun.So long motherf@#@ing "critics" Expand
  36. Feb 26, 2014
    Excellent game ,beyond mediocrity.Fine fighting style,graphics and interesting storyline.It's a must!Just rent it and then if you liked it,buy it and beat it for the second-third time etc.If not,okay everyone has his opinios and tastes,no one cant encroach that!
  37. Feb 27, 2014
    This sequel surpass it's prequels by a large margin to me. The mist ability proved to be an excellent asset to become godlike in combat. Having the attacks passing trough you to then place yourself behind the enemy and unleash hell to him is just priceless.

    The story has a few plot holes but is definitely competent and interesting. A surprise awaits you I would say. I was just
    disappointed by the ending, I thought it was kind rushed and the last boss didn't feel like a final boss at all to me.

    The soundtrack is godlike in every way. it can get you completly pumped up during the fight or in awe while admiring the environments of the game.

    Speaking of environment, the art direction is fantastic and completly diferente from the previous Lords of shadow, I would understand if people prefered the more colorfull and varied environment of the first LoS, but that doesn't mean this one is not varied or beautifull, to me it definitly conveyed that castlevania feels while beeing in the castle. As for the modern day? well, let's just say it is different, a bold move but not a bad one. The modern city of castlevania has it's soul and sometimes can feel like an even darker gotham city possessd by evil.
    Overall the art direction is fantástic and full of quality. This game a pure gem both art wise and architectuarlly speaking.

    Mercury steam delivered and deserve to be placed amongst the best developers of this generation. I will definitly be looking forward their next IP.
  38. Feb 26, 2014
    i have 7 hour of gameplay, and the only thig i see is epicness, i dont know how this game has a poor score review, but this game is enjoyable and fun to play, i was expecting the **** that the critics say anout this game but im not
  39. Feb 25, 2014
    hell... LOS 2 is a epic game with gameplay and great graphics and mostly a fantastic soundtrack. professional review does not make sense. Play ... and make their own conclusions.
  40. Feb 26, 2014
    If you like Castlevania you love it. Even people who aren't Castlevania fans will like it. The combat is solid. The different weapons and skills a very interesting. The setting is beautiful. The story fills in a lot of history for those new to the series.
  41. Feb 26, 2014
    Having really enjoyed the first LOS for its grand environments, dark story telling and killer action, I picked up LOS2 with solid expectations. I was not let down. The PS3 handles the graphic great, justifying the choice to hold in on "current console" imo.

    If anything, LOS2 is darker and more brutal then LOS1. The action is much more clean, better camera and I love the Void
    Sword/Mastery System. Reminds me of a Final Fantasy skill tree in a good way. The critics who complain about stealth honestly have no idea what they are doing or are super bias. You spend maybe 10 minutes at a time in stealth for the most part makes perfect sense from Bram Stoker lore (Rat, wolf, mist, bat). Boss battles are visually gratifying and very exciting to play.

    My only minor complaints: some areas are empty where I could be stabbing something. Not enough world/ normal Enemy diversity. The Castle and City are very cool and very deep, but we did see a lot of really cool worlds in LOS1.

    Over all the paid critics have it wrong and sound like they are from a different era in gaming (obsessed with Castlevania GB or NES) or so stab happy that they cannot take a breath an enjoy a couple minutes as a dirty rat. The Fans and gamers have it right. LOS2 9/10 fun (and morbid) game and great sequel to end LOS
  42. Feb 26, 2014
    Surprise everyone! The usual hating on a 3D Castlevania. So my score is more like 9.5 then a 10. LOS2 is a great entry to the Castlevania series. While a LOT of sites would have you believe that Los 2 is a monstrosity it's actually very far from it. Los 2 changes things up a bit from the first Los. It's tone is dark from the get go and takes place in a modern day city and a castle that captures the aesthetic of the 2D castlevanias of old. The combat system is tighter and more enjoyable then the previous entry. The art direction and musical score looks and sounds great. It's visually impressive although suffers from some texture issues on occasion. Now no game is perfect....there is no such thing. So there are a few things that could have been better. First of the stealth portions during some of the game sometimes takes you out of that feel. Also some enemy designs feel bland. The game also starts off slow after the initial opening stage. Overall the Lords of shadow saga captures the spirit of castlevania the way so many 2D and 3D entries failed to do. After playing this game with a great deal of skepticism I have found that it is a great experience, and you should not let this latest entry pass you buy simply because some big name sites did not find it to there individual liking. Expand
  43. Feb 26, 2014
    I loved every minute of LoS 2 yet it wasn't as great as it's predecessor #2 had all the large scale boss battle and crazy combos that drew me to the series in the first place yet the second one just wasn't as memorable as the first. For starters the graphics could definitely have used work and i could have done without many of the modern day missions, when i was playing modern day it stopped feeling like castlevanina and started to feel like Arkham city, not thats a bad thing but if i wanted to play batman i would have. Expand
  44. Feb 26, 2014
    Such an incredible game. Great story, amazing graphics, a very dark environment, and some pretty good music. The combat is far better than the first LoS and the upgrading is pretty neat as well. There are quite some cool bosses, although some can get a little frustrating. Probably, my most favorite thing about the game is its exploration, it's like a 3d Metroidvania. The environment is just beautiful, very well detailed. I really don't understand why this game got so low of scores, just because of the stealth. It isn't even that bad and they are pretty short, the professional critics just made them seem so game breaking even though they are not. Although, they might not be the greatest things, I did enjoy running around as rats for the heck of it lol. The only thing I could see why people would hate this game is if they just hate hack n slash games or are just classic Castlevania/SoTN fanatics who just don't like change. Expand
  45. Feb 27, 2014
    I think I am playing a different game than the mainstream "game journalists". I loved LOS and this sequel is every bit as good. The combat mechanics are improved quite a bit and the new skill mastery system is great. Visually this game is an artistic masterpiece (PC version) and it oozes atmosphere. This is simply a great character action game with strong gameplay mechanics and some of the most atmospheric art/design found in any game. I have lost what little faith I had in game "journalists". They seem unable to appreciate anything that isn't the latest brown, rehash from their ad-buying, corporate overlords at EA, Ubi and Activision. There's absolutely nothing mediocre about LOS2. Expand
  46. Feb 28, 2014
    After playing A LOT this game and going deep enough, I can't understand the bad reviews at all. This game is simply majestic. Excellent controls, fun combat system, marvellous graphics and an exquisite art direction. This game take an step further of the previous LOS giving a sense of freshness and grandeur that few games have.The City is simple gorgeous...a gothic magalithic modern dark metropolis that is really fun to explore and discover it's secrets. Then we have the traditional castle, where the series give loose exploit to its legacy. For me, it was like the first time I played Devil May Cry for the PS2. If I am not giving a 10 for this game is only for the few stealth sections (they are not so bad as the magazines describe them). Excelent game and fully recommended for those who loved the first LOS. DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE CRITICS REVIEWS, they arent objective at all. Expand
  47. Mar 1, 2014
    I think it´s a great game with some bad things, but never is a 40´s game. This game has a huge value with combat, atmosphere, music and history. I love when you used the fog skill in combat to dodge attacks.
  48. Feb 27, 2014
    I feel like a lot of the reviews that are being published for this game are too harsh or miss the point entirely of what Mercury Steam was trying to do. This game has by far the darkest tone out of the LOS trilogy and is a fitting close to what stands as a great trilogy of action games. Adding to that is the fact that these are in the Castlevania universe, which until LOS, had never had a proper 3D treatment. Great graphics, great music, great combat, what's not to love? I have a couple gripes with the camera not being fixed anymore (I enjoy the GOW style fixed camera to give scope to the impressively designed environments) but overall this game is made for fans of the first LOS. Highly recommended. Expand
  49. Feb 25, 2014
    My score is actually 8.6. Combat system is not much improvement from the first game, and there not much differences in locations like in 1st LOS. On other side there are much more boss battles and atmosphere is better. And game picks up phase about 3/5 game it becomes much more fun.
  50. Feb 25, 2014
    The hate for this game is astounding. Most everyone has gotten mad at the fact that there is stealth sections and the modern day setting. The stealth sections are quiet good, if approached as a puzzle. And the modern day setting is a somewhat new setting for Castlevania. You still have Gothic setting due to the fact of Gabriel's flash backs. The original Lords of Shadow was an amazing Gothic setting that would of been near impossible to improve upon. The combat is even better than the original, much tighter and refined with an experience system that adds in a lot of variety. The exploration in the first Castlevania was one of its weakest points, this has been addressed and is now one of Lords of Shadow 2's best characteristics. Lords of Shadow 2 lets you be Dracula the way no other game ever has and should be commended for that. Blood is everything. Expand
  51. Feb 28, 2014
    I would like to express my disapointment with all the "professional" reviews that gave this game such a low score, in my personal opinion Castlevania Lord of Shadow 2 lives up to all the promises that Mercurysteam mentioned months ago. The game itself is a grand conclusion to the Dracula storyline.

    Gameplay wise you may find a few areas where it doesn't shine as brightly, for example
    the stealth parts , which are few and the only thing that you need is a little bit of patience, consider them the "puzzles" of the game.

    I would like to thank Mercurysteam for creating such a beautiful game, and to all the other readers, please give LoS2 a chance, it won't disapoint you at all.
  52. Feb 27, 2014
    Yet another example of the huge difference between the real quality of a game and paid professional reviewers. This is why I never go by critics and always go by the average users compiled opinions and ratings. This game is amazing - if you liked the first you will love it.
  53. Mar 17, 2014
    This game deserves better than 6. It has a gorgeous and one of the most immersive artstyle EVER. The gameplay is not ok at all, I know, but I think the game deserves a try, and the spanish developer had to be good credited!
  54. Feb 27, 2014
    The gameplay, the story, the visuals, its the complete package. the metacritic score from critics will never justify this game. you need to go out there and get a copy for yourself. listen to the gamers not the paid critics this game is one glorious hell of a masterpiece. Even better than the first
  55. Mar 16, 2014
    I was a fan of the first one. You do fight the camera a bit (it is easier to keep it fixed) but the graphical improvement is amazing. This is my new favorite hack n slash. It beats out God of war 3 by far. How it is getting mediocre reviews blows my mind. There is way more to upgrade and the reward for beating enemies using skill is just DOPE! Even taking out regular minions is a lot of fun! Maybe it was the setting that subconsciously turned people off. I can only tell u that you must own this game. Since the reviews are mediocre it will be on sale soon, so pick it up. It is long. I assumed I would beat it in two days non stop gaming! NOPE. You will thank me for my honesty. I hope the dlc isn't a disappointment like the extremely difficult first game. Enric time keep the camera fixed. (Creator of the game) 9-10 A REAL MANS GAME...NO NONSENSE BLOODY ACTION....PUT THE KIDS TO BED AND DRINK SOME BLOOD!!! Expand
  56. Feb 28, 2014
    Something is seriously wrong with some reviewers these days. It seems they are looking for any reason to hate a game instead of being open minded to the good that a game offers.

    This game is BETTER than the first one in almost every way--from the graphics to the combat and from the gameplay variety to the boss fights--nearly everything is better about this game.

    It also feels AMAZING
    to play. There isn't a single other hack and slash game that feels this good to play. The fluidity of the movement and controls is outstanding.

    The visuals are simply some of the best of the PS3/360 generation, period. On PC it looks better than some of the so-called "next gen" games.

    The soundtrack is another superb aspect of the game. Such excellent music throughout this game.

    There is a little bit of filler in the game just like the first Lords of Shadow. You just get the feeling it could have been cut down and streamlined a bit. But many people will love the length and variety of the game.

    I will try to write a more detailed review later when I have more time, but suffice it to say that this is an exceptional game that is being unfairly criticized by some hatemongers. Don't let those negative reviews turn you away from this outstanding game. The positive reviews and higher scores are spot on.
  57. Feb 27, 2014
    Besides the stealth parts and some of the narration being too heavily focused on explaining the plot instead of advancing it, this is an amazing game. would highly recommend not giving a crap about all those negative critics.
  58. Mar 6, 2014
    Injusticia, esa es la palabra que mas me ha venido a la mente durante las 23 horas que me ha durado este INCREIBLE Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2. Y es que lo que ha pasado con las notas de este videojuego es algo que escapa a toda lógica y te hace pensar hasta que punto los críticos están comprados o lo objetivos que pueden llegar a ser. Como bien dijo Enric Alvarez (director del juego) en la entrevista que le hicieron en Eurogamer..."El que ponga un 4 a este juego (como la revista Edge) o está ciego o es idiota".

    En primer lugar el juego deja de lado el desarrollo por niveles inconexos dando lugar a un Metroidvania en 3D como lo pueda ser Batman Arkham Asylum, Darksiders I y II, Shadowman, Soul Reaver, etc. Es decir, el mapeado ahora es libre, pero tendremos las oportunas "barreras" para no poder explorarlo todo desde un principio, si no que tendremos que ir consiguiendo nuevas habilidades y "gadgets" para ir pudiendo avanzar por el mapa. Curiosamente esto es algo que se ha criticado al juego, alegando que ya no tiene nada de Castlevania cuando es el Castlevania con mayor componente de Metroidvania desde el legendario Symphony of the Night.
    Además el mapeado es bastante grande teniendo en cuenta que hay "pasado" y "presente" y son 2 mapas totalmente diferentes (incluso son diferentes enemigos), los 2 MUY bien interconectados.

    Técnicamente uno de los mayores cambios es que la cámara ahora es totalmente libre (uno de los puntos criticados del 1º juego) y te deja apreciar los APABULLANTES escenarios creador con un mimo y detalle que quitan el hipo, donde, además de no tener tiempos de carga, TODAS las escenas cinemáticas están generadas en tiempo real, se acabaron los vídeos de mala calidad, se acabaron los 30 fps en las escenas, esto en mi opinión es un grandisimo punto a favor y que dice bastante del estudio, ya que podían haber optado por la vía rápida como el resto de estudios y hacerlos pre-renderizados.
    Los modelados poligonales, texturas (algunas mejores y otras peores) y animaciones han mejorado mucho respecto al 1º juego y desde luego que rayan a muy buen nivel (siempre hay que tener en cuenta que el juego ha salido en la obsoleta generación de consolas así que tampoco se le puede exigir remodelados en PC), los efectos de luces y sombras son bastante buenos aunque me habría gustado algo mas de resolución en las sombras.

    Jugablemente en los combates sigue el mismo esquema que en el 1, tendremos la espada del Vacío para curarnos y las Garras del Cáos para dañar, y de arma principal el látigo pero esta vez "de sangre", tenemos los mismos movimientos y cómbos que en el 1, esto en mi opinión si podría ser un punto algo negativo pues podrían haber creado mas cómbos, pero tampoco tenía queja del 1º, así que la única queja que podría tener es de "poco avance" en la mecánica.

    La banda sonora es INCREIBLE y una de las mejores bandas sonoras que ha dado el mundo del videojuego, y pensar que he llegado a leer que la banda sonora del juego es una mierda.... en fin... Óscar Araujo (repetidor en la saga) se ha salido por los 4 costados, con algunos temas ÉPICOS.
    El doblaje ingles también es brutísimo, la voz de Dracula (lógicamente repetidora) suena de verdad "atormentada" e "iracunda", nada que ver con el registro de "heroe" del anterior juego. En general la historia me ha encantado (con GRAN giro argumental incluido) y sobre todo la forma de contarla, pues en el juego esta basado en un pasado "onírico" y en el presente. Lógicamente de esto apenas hablaré por que no quiero destripar nada. Como puntos negativos en este aspecto le pondría dos. Uno sería el final que ha sido bastante simple y abierto. Y el otro que el juego debería de tener una especie de "resumen" de lo que paso en Castlevania Mirror of Fate pues tiene MUCHO que ver con este juego y lo tienes que seguir mas por contexto que por que te expliquen que ha pasado, lo explican pero muy rápido y sin demasiados detalles, y el problema es que el juego no ha salido en PC.... (aún).

    En definitiva, para mi el MEJOR CASTLEVANIA que he jugado nunca, ya podían hacerme un remake de SOTN pero hecho así y con este sistema de lucha, NO DEJES ENGAÑARTE por las notas... por que este juego no es ni de 7, (mucho menos de 4)... yo le casco un 9 como una casa.
  59. Mar 1, 2014
    Fantástica forma de seguir la saga,tiene quizas menos profundidad de historia,pero vale la pena y con creces.Ojalá que las demás sagas de Konami se pongan al día como esta.
  60. Mar 1, 2014
    Don't understand the hate that this game is getting. This game is anything but a me too clone of other games. Whether or not you dislike some of the design choices or themes you have to respect that they have tried to do different things with the game. I am around halfway through judging on the trophies, and i really don't understand how this is reviewing so poorly. Real people that shell out hard urned money to buy games are giving this game good scores in the user comments for a reason.

    Graphics are very good for a ps3/360 gen game. Art direction is very good as well, sure some of the modern day elements are a bit drab, but don't let reviewers fool you it's not as if this is dragon age 2 with recycled tilesets ad nauseum, they have a very interesting city with gothic elements here. The flashback castle elements are really great if you were looking for the style of the original game.

    The music is very good, could score a big budget movie and receive praise. It is not remixes of old nes and symphony of the night tracks, boo fricken hoo. I frankly think this is better it suits the game more and the themes.

    Gameplay, is tight with many skills to upgrade and moves to master, the game forces you to mix up your strategies in combat even at default difficulty. The camera is free this time, and the gameworld is linked up so you can backtrack and explores despite a mostly linear progression. Contrary to erroneous comments via some reviewers there is a fast travel option accross the city/castle through map rooms, which are really cool and well done. There is gameplay plus after completing the main game, many unclockables and combat challenges to find. The so called horrible stealth, is a bit simplistic but it is in no means bad or hard, i had very little difficulty getting past the challenges that have occurred and it is more of a sprinkling than constant tedium. They don't add a whole lot, but i do understand them trying to play up the nature of this side of the character. The reviewers that hated it so much must be sh i t at games, and annoyed they couldn't rush through the game at 63% completion to post their hatoraide review. I honestly don't see what the problem is, at no point does this game pretend it's metal gear, and at no point are the sections going to keep someone from enjoying the game. Would it be better without it maybe, but don't keep that from finishing the game. Also one last note and it applies to stealth, i turned off the hints system at the start of the game, and i have not had any issues figuring things out, as it still tells you the crucial things with it turned off. on that note if you hate qte's you can turn that off too, but i actually like it in the lords of shadows games so i leave it on.

    Story, I am finding it very interesting having really enjoyed the first game. It is interesting to see the story play out and how things are in draculas mind, it is kind of a mind bender the memories and the castle, i am really interested to see how it ends. I find it interesting at how some people build up some games stories to b s levels and then compare games like this that is doing it's own thing to them. it's now like any of those so called masterpiece stories for games hold up to movies or books, they just don't, it's more like masterpiece for a game. lords 2 has a good story it's just drawn out over 20 hour game, but it really keeps you motivated to play along with the solid combat mechanics.

    I've gone on quite a bit here, but bottom line, and i will update my final comments upon completion if need be, is that it is a game more in the 8 - 9 range what end of it depends on your tastes and whether you have finished the other games in the series. are there some oddities? yes, but there is also a really enjoyable game here with no game breaking bugs, a free camera in an 3rd person gothic action game, great score, solid voice acting, an interesting story in a diverse dual realmed campaign with great graphics and art direction. it's a bit of a black sheep of a game but it is one brimming with merit, and it is anything but soulless despite the protagonist being dracula. If you wanted old 2d style metroidvania but if you wanted an evolution this is it flaws and all. Only wish it was on ps4 as well but i am happy to have this on the shelf with the first, and I cannot wait to enjoy the art book when that arrives next week. 9 / 10. Not disapointed in the least.
  61. Mar 12, 2014
    One of the best games I have ever played. In a day and age where the market is satured to the brim with endless FPS clones, and mediocre game - LOS2 - simply shines among the rest. Do not go by the so-called professional reviews since they are just paid, biased, or just plain stupid. The art is simply amazing, as well as the majestic architecture of the game, is simply astounding. This game has it all - drama, the best EPIC OST, and killer gameplay.
    The combat system is deep and very rewarding, if you played LOS - you are right at home, if not - pick up the LOS collectiong which contains Mirror of Fate, LOS + ALL DLC content - simply a bargain.
    This game kicks ass in all levels, it is about 17 hours PLUS NG+ which allows you to carry over your items. The new DLC coming will have Alucard playable - this is simply heaven. A must BUY.
  62. Mar 18, 2014
    GENIUS !!

    LOS 2 is probably one of the best game available in the market.
    the game along with story is very serious. got combats + skills makes the game complete. though it is difficult to complete game at"Prince of Darkness" have to be perfect in blocking and escaping from monsters when you are playing game at "Prince of Darkness" difficulty. other wise the game is
    perfect. cool challenges though you have to find out all the stones to unlock challenges.
    if you are planing to buy off any game. i will highly recommend you guys to get this games
    will give it 9 / 10. *thumbs up*
  63. Mar 19, 2014
    Lords of Shadow 2 is considerable different and more varied than the first game.
    The possibility to be able to experience a dark fantasy future, with some aspects of "World of Darkness" and "Vampire: The Masquerade" in combination with the more traditional Gothic past is deeply interesting.
    The gameplay is more fluid and intense than the gameplay in the first game of the LoS series, but
    the scenery is less beautiful, inspiring and varied but more dense, explorable and bleak.
    Boss battles are creative and truly intense, the battles against Gorgons and Carmilla are between my favorite boss encounters of all time, side by side with bosses from Bayonetta, Ys and God of War.
    The exploration is relatively more open comparing to the first game of the Lords of Shadow series, more similar to Legacy of Kain games.
    Overall is a great experience for players who enjoy action adventures, "Dracula (original)", "Interview with the Vampire", "Legacy of Kain, Castlevania", "God of War", "Vampire: The Masquerade" and are able to keep an open mind.
    Some reviews talked negatively about the "rats transformation" and the "rats sections". But they forgot that in the original book, in the Coppola's movie and in the "Nosferatu" (the 1922 adaptation), Dracula transforms himself into rats to be able to hide and escape. Personally I would like to explore more hidden places as rats.
    Just like the first Lords of Shadow (a game I truly enjoy), LoS II is longer than most games of the genre.
    I played the PS3 and the PC version, the PC version has significantly improved visuals.
  64. Jul 24, 2014
    A great conclusion to the series. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 continues the storyline that began in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and picks up where Gabriel Belmont left off at the end of the first game.

    The soundtrack is amazing and the graphics are a step up from the already good graphics in Lords of Shadow. The framerate has also been improved so the game feels smoother during
    gameplay which helps and makes it feel more responsive.

    The combat system is one of LOS2's strong points. It works well and the many kinds of enemies and hostile creatures you encounter encourage the player to vary their attacks and strategy or face being tossed all over the place as button mashing won't get you all the way through here.

    I'm not sure what game Edge was playing in their review but it certainly wasn't the same one I was.
  65. Mar 3, 2014
    I´m just in the first hours of the game, but the critic score don´t have any sense. The combat system is an improvement from the first one, the camera isn´t fixed anymore. The stealth sections isn´t bad either.
    If you love the first Lord of Shadow, you´re gonna love this one too.
  66. Mar 2, 2014
    Great evolution of LoS. Improvements in combat, graphics and music. More exploration, Skills, nice story.. I really don't understand the low score. If you like hack and slash you can play LoS 2.
  67. Mar 4, 2014
    O game e instigante, depois de jogar o primeiro game e descobrir que Gabriel se torna o até então Drácula e viver suas dúvidas e conflitos e épico, só ficou devendo o final...
  68. Mar 5, 2014
    I am a big fan of old school side scroller Castlevania, also Metroidvania, I would love to see a new metroidvania coming out, but it doesn't mean I should ignore a game's quality and give it a biased score simply because how it does not represent its old self.
    This game is simply amazing. Beautiful scenery, fluent combat system, multiple approaches to different combat situations, awesome
    voice casting, well written dialogues, overall a very enjoyable game. I also love the aspect that they introduced so many characters from the classical castlevania games, and try to round out the story of the entire castlevania series, brings back good memories. Expand
  69. Mar 24, 2014
    (note this game is NOT a 10, but I must do what I can to offset the low critic score)

    I am writing this review out of a sense of duty, because the poor staff at Mercury Steam have been the targets of an unfair games journalism attack. Clearly then, this is aimed at the reviewers who awarded this game 4/10 or less, which is CRIMINAL. It is , to me at least, unfathomable to call this
    game " clunky, ugly and deeply misguided" - EDGE MAGAZINE -F%$# you

    Graphics - (Played on PC - PS3 page is most active) - played this game on an ancient pc (core2,9600gt) and it ran INCREDIBLY. High res texture pack, max res, lighting giving>50 fps all the time. Artstyle is stupendous, textures amazing. Graphics - 10/10

    Sound - An amazing score of orchestral music, great sound effects for destruction and cutting of enemies. Vioce acting from the all star cast is spot on. Sounds 8.5/10

    Gameplay - Great Combat system. Easy but satisfying platforming. Fun exploration after completing the game. A few tedious stealth sections early are a bit boring. (NOTE WELL: REVIEWERS - YES YOU EDGE -HAVE LIED ABOUT THE NATURE AND PROMINENCE OF THESE, RAGING ON THE GAME FOR "NUMEROUS STEALTH SECTIONS" THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE< THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH TO RUIN THE GAME) Gameplay 7.5/10

    Story - A great story with a smart twist, strong characters and a truly tragic hero. I felt bad for the poor hand that was dealt to Gabriel. Story - 8/10

    Longevity - A little on the short side, but has a new game plus, and some challenges which are quite hard. 7/10
  70. Oct 13, 2014
    Absolutely loved this game! After finishing the first one and having mixed feelings about the gameplay but loving the world and story I decided to did deeper into the world. After, doing so I cannot begin to tell you how in love I fell with not only Lords of Shadow 2, and the first one having played it again, I fell in love with this universe as a whole! Everything from the characters to the atmosphere and the lore is breathtaking to me! Its amazing that it took me this long to realize how special this series is and I hope they continue to make games in this series because it is truly something that has a special place in my heart! Expand
  71. Mar 2, 2014
    I'm giving it a 9. 10 if they kept all buttons the same. It's a great game. Great sequel. I don't get critiques low scores when it's a solid game that has you hooked. Same with DMC and metal gear rising. There amazing games and beautiful. This game will have you craving blood.
  72. Mar 13, 2014
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is a fine conclusion to the Lords of Shadow Saga, once I started the game I couldn't put the controller down.

    Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 provides you with a deep Combat System, enhanced by new weapons such as the Void Sword and the Chaos Claws, the encounters will never be the same, you have a wide range of abilities and moves, enemies will always keep
    you on your toe, and finishing them off will feel satisfying, I can't stress how Lords of Shadow 2 takes the Combat System to the next level, more fluid, more varied, and much more empowering, Also Boss Battles are the best you will ever see in a 3D Action Adventure // Hack n Slash game, there is no bad boss battles here, every single one of them is awesome beyond measures.

    As for the visuals, the Castle is a marvelous piece, while the city has its great moments, yet as a whole package you won't feel like "meeeh, this part looks bad", no you will feel astonished by the environment and the Gothic atmosphere of the city, the Sound Track is awesome, very compelling, and touching.

    The Story will suck you in, I kept pushing forward, wanting to know what will happen next, and while some people complain about the ending, I find it a bitter sweet one, reminds me of Legacy of Kain Defiance ending, It was heart warming, and I loved every single moment of the game.

    Over all I believe that Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is one of the best titles released in 2014, and the best Action Adventure // Hack n Slash title, being able to play as The Dragon, Dracul, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 earned in my heart the place of Game of The Generation.
  73. Mar 6, 2014
    Great game.The combat has been improved,the level design (in most levels) is excellent,the music is awsome and the story is great.The stealth parts are monotonus and mediocre but the rest features more than make up for it.I dont get why it got so bad reviews,just buy it and you wont regret that.
  74. Mar 15, 2014
    i just finished this game and im happy to say that i didn't listen to the bad reviews because i knew this game was awesome , mercury steam did a great job with this game¡¡
  75. Mar 1, 2014
    Awesome atmosphere, nice details and enjoyable combat.
    i really like the story and they make good job that you really feel like you are dracula.
    at hard mode you can enjoy tension, thanks for this game guys
  76. Mar 2, 2014
    A fantastic Game Where Finally you get to play as Dracula and after playing it myself and seeing some of the poor reviews and the Good reviews do out way them by the way. I've come to never Trust "Professional" reviewers Again. Everything about this game is actually fun and awesome and for the Stealth Parts Some people seem to Gripe About if you actually use your brain and the tools the Game gives you they are rather easy. so in the end I say play the Game for yourself you shall not be Disappointed. Expand
  77. Mar 3, 2014
    This is the first time I've ever taken it upon myself to write a review for a game. Mostly because I think the media isn't doing this game the justice it deserves, but also because this is already a top contender for my GOTY 2014.

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is a spectacular game in every way and will leave you wanting more, much like Lords of Shadow 1 did. However, they've changed
    a lot from LoS1, and that's a good thing. First of all, fans of LoS1 will notice right away that you have a free camera. This gives you greater opportunity for exploration than a fixed cam, and you'll need it in this massive world and Dracula's massive castle.

    I would also like to mention that they've changed many of the things that frustrated players in LoS1 like the unfairness level. Make no mistake, this game is difficult, but it's not unfair like LoS1. For instance, when climbing around in LoS1 I was constantly lost and stuck in places for longer than I should've been, but in LoS2 they've added the feature that while you're climbing around a swarm of bats guides you to your next ledge. If that's not enough, you can also push L2 to highlight every possible ledge that you need to progress. It's a great option for those who get stuck. Another good example of this one leveling the fairness and playing field is that countering enemies has been made much easier. If anyone remembers the fight with Pan in the first one knows how frustrating blocking can be in LoS1, but in LoS2 it signals clearly when a enemy will be performing an un-blockable attack.

    Among other things that made this one more fair is the fact that it actually explains things! It took me forever to figure out what those little quick-time rings meant in the first one, but this one explains everything and is very helpful.

    The stealth controversy has been overblown as well and I'd like to take a minute to address that. The media is having a field day with it and ruining an otherwise amazing experience for other people. It's not just "not bad". In fact, the stealth sections are very enjoyable. Even if you don't find them entertaining, there aren't that many of them and they're short. Turning into a plague of rats is different and interesting, and it seems like something a creature of the dark would do. It breaks the mold of wolf-->bat-->mist in an intriguing way and when we take into consideration that these vampires are shape-shifters, there's really little to complain about.

    Another thing to consider about the stealth segments, and I warn you of MILD SPOILERS beforehand, is the story. Think about it. Dracula has just awoken from an extended sleep and his castle and servants are nonexistent anymore. He's all on his own. Not only that he's very weak from that sleep. If you add that to the fact that he, very literally, has the army of hell on his heals with the chance of becoming Satan's pin doll for all of eternity, we can understand the need to sneak about satanic strongholds a few times.


    As it has been said, the combat is natural and fun and takes nothing away from the combat in LoS1. I would even argue that it improves it and the upgrade system for each weapon is fun to visit and experiment with.

    One final thing I'd like to say about this game is that there isn't a single bug or glitch that I've found. For a massive, open-world game like this I think that's impressive. Especially if you consider that much larger studios than Mercury Steam that release triple A titles almost always have bugs in their open-world games. Like I said, I haven't come up against a single bug in the game. I've completed the story and am currently at 86% completion of the game. The only things I really haven't done are the Kleidos challenges, so the jury is out on that.

    About the Kleidos challenges, it was nice of Mercury Steam to put those in there to prolong the life of the game involving one of it's greatest strengths: the battle gameplay. There are a lot of them, and those looking to gain this relatively easy platinum trophy will have quite an enjoyable journey on their hands.

    Other additions that they've added to prolong the game is a greater difficulty setting and New Game + after your first play through. In New Game + you keep everything (lore, artwork-->GORGEOUS, gems, kleidos challenges) except the skills you've earned, but don't worry, you're reimbursed all the skill points you used so that when those skills become available, you will have sufficient points to get everything you had before.

    All in all, I gave this game a 10 and I think it's a masterpiece. It's already a heavy contender for my GOTY 2014 and I can't wait for the DLC. Give it a try, you won't be sorry.
  78. Mar 3, 2014
    What's going on with the critics nowadays? When I've heared about first reviews and very low scores for Lords of Shadow 2, I felt I should be depressed, that the game I've been waiting for so long, and the sequel to one of the best games of past generation, is going to be a complete disappointment. Thank god I stopped paying attention the professional critics opinion, as I would've missed a really great sequel, which doesn't fail in comparison to it's predecessor.
    First of all - this game finally has a lot more in common with the true Castlevania than the original LOS ever head. LOS2 not only has some outstanding gothic locations for MOST of the game, but it also has a lot of metroidvania elements in terms of level design, which is something a lot of us wanted, so it's really great to see when the developer is paying attention to people's opinion. Of course sadly LOS2 has some weaker elements, like stealth sections and a couple of really ugly locations in the modern times, especially during the first our of the game, but this is a really small percent of what the game has to offer. It's a bit like modern sections in Assassin's Creed series - they're there from time to time, but they are not the main course and they certainly don't ruin the whole experience. Besides even the modern sections of the city have a few really good looking areas, that look like some dark vision of Cologne or Madrid. As for combat...It's still rather simple, but also felt more tactical than in the first LOS, which combined with really cool enemies and fantastic and memorable bossfights, made great gameplay even better it the sequel. The story is there, maybe not as well written as in the first game, but perhaps that's because all of this jumping between time periods, I haven't felt that sense of "adventure" as in the first LOS. Anyways, if you've played the first game and loved're probably playing Lords of Shadow right now or finished it already :) If you're new to the series and you're wondering what's the big deal with this Castelvania reboot - don't hesitate any longer, and grab the whole Lords of Shadow trilogy, it's really great reimagining of the series that's been around for so many years. Perhaps those game are not perfect, but they're certainly one of the best in it's kind. I give Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 a bloody 9/10 :)
  79. Mar 4, 2014
    WONDERFUL GAMEPLAY!!! AMAZING SOUNDTRACK!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Great Game nice one konami. Nice mastery of weapon skills . But most of all great soundtrack and story
  80. Mar 5, 2014
    I'm glad I didn't listen to the negative reviews of this one. And I struggle to imagine the bad reviews are of the same game. The Quality and game-play is good and the atmosphere and artwork are exceptional. Yes, it's likely LOS2 was rushed out the door in order to make the deadline before the inevitable end of the last gen consoles. It might have fared better with an upgrade to the PS4 and XB1 and a few more months of polish. But the title as released is still very good. Expand
  81. Mar 22, 2014
    It's a great game, giving a worthy end to the series Lords of Shadow.
    The only flaw of the game are the moments of Stealth. But apart from that the game is perfect.
  82. Sep 8, 2014
    Uno de los juegos más polémicos del año (Metacritic 6 y user score 8) en lo que en realidad cuenta es la segunda calificación..En mi opinión; me gustó bastante. Lords of Shadows 2 es un juego que lo amas y lo odias, no hay de otra. PD: Todo mundo se queja por que Dracula se convierte en una rata, pues es un guiño a la novela original de Bram Stoker por si no sabían. ;) Muchos querían que se convirtiera hasta en gato o que pedo? Bueno en fin... Expand
  83. Jul 17, 2014
    I think this game delivers much better experience in every way possible when you compare it to its prequel. It's a shame that it didn't sale very well because of some simple-minded game reviewers that can't enjoy games that requires any effort or thinking.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 55 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 55
  2. Negative: 8 out of 55
  1. Apr 18, 2014
    Konami's newest Castlevania sequel is marred by repetitive gameplay, terrible stealth missions and an uninteresting story that overstays its welcome
  2. Mar 23, 2014
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow is a must play game on the PlayStation 3 that really draws you in from the start to give you a spectacular journey of good versus evil in this beautifully presented sequel.
  3. Mar 21, 2014
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 mixes elements from popular games without really understanding how the pieces must be assembled. The result is a tedious and sloppy game that most feels like something that the developer Mercury Team wanted to get over with. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 lacks even the ambitious driven from its predecessor. It's not a bad game, but not worth playing.