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  1. May 6, 2014
    Literally the most overrated game ever. The combat system is a clunky, simplistic throwback to the bad old days, and it controls like a sloth on quaaludes. The drab graphics look like they're from 1998. The idea that this game and Arkham City share the same score is a sick joke.
  2. Apr 18, 2014
    An unworthy successor. Following two of the best games I've ever played high standards need to be met, and ds2 doesn't come close. While a great deal of it's failing can be traced to the same deeply flawed decision by the devs to make multiplayer opt out rather than opt in (present in both demon's souls and dark souls) it's disastrous implementation in dark souls 2 pales when compared to its greatest shortcomings. In both predecessors the threat of having some random fool/player/griefer drop into your game to ruin your day was always a threat and made the lack of pausing, safe zones asinine (level 3 knights shouldn't have to face off against a jerk wearing allant' s armor and a scraping spear, and I shouldn't come back from the bathroom standing next to a bonfire on top of my bloodstain) but now they've raised the bar and guaranteed to over with multiplayer. It's brilliant that the game hangs for a moment to let you know you're being invaded. Not so great when it happens again. And again. And ag... well it was happening again only while you were standing still with all those pauses the first person who invaded ran in for a backstabbing, and you're dead. Not to worry, because things could be worse, at least there aren't places where other players can pull you into their game over and over and over until your equipment is breaking and you run out of supplies and have to quit the area. Well, not before invasionland there aren't.
    As lousy an implementation as is the poorly conceived multiplayer, it shines when compared to the awful camera. The camera was great in demon's souls, doing exactly what I wanted when I wanted. It was till pretty good in dark souls, somewhat twitchy but for the most part it didn't make things more difficult. This time around the camera might be the toughest obstacle in the game. Movements is quick and crisp when trying to make fine adjustments and painfully slow when it needs speed. The cameras behavior being the opposite of what is required at nearly every given moment isn't difficult, it's lazy and frustrating. If that isn't enough, the camera is stellar when compared to the controller. The slightest touch might launch you into a full Sprint, or moving further and further off center may do nothing more than keep you moving at a crawl--until you suddenly take off running. I've also gained no appreciation for the way buttons and triggers work to *maybe* cast spells, use weapons or a shield--or do multiple things all at once, back out of one menu, then the apparent menu, then hop backwards off a cliff, all with a single touch.
    All three souls titles have flaws at their core. This game has failings evwrywhere.
  3. Mar 13, 2014
    This game does NOT look like the one that was advertised. Google-search 'Dark Souls 2 Graphics Downgrade' and you'll see that we've been totally mislead on what this was going to look like - through screenshots and videos. It's a good game otherwise, but this isn't the game I dropped a 60 dollar preorder for.
  4. May 17, 2014
    The feeling when you waste 50 hard earned euros on a masochistic nightmare.
    If you're a hardcore gamer that plays games to escape reality, enjoy a good story and fun game play, don't get this ....abomination.
    story is lacking, game play is unrewarding and only meant for 14year olds that have time to spend 60h per fight and find that funny, graphics are 2006 (well not surprising when it's
    played on a console) Expand
  5. Jun 3, 2014
    This game is terrible. is even more bad than the first one, abysmal gameplay, i will not recommend this garbage, please stay away, the graphics look like a ps2 game, this game is a disaster, the combat is very REPETITIVE, the enemies attack and moves always in similar ways, people who like this game are 40 years old virgins who can't even beat it because it's extremely difficulty, this game is not even worth try it.
    One of the worst games of 2014.
  6. Apr 19, 2014
    Game not even as enjoyable as first two games. Do battle on small pathways and wrong step and fall die, fall die, fall die. Other games had some areas like that but not everywhere you turn. Graphics in parts of game are subpar compare to previous games. Do your self a favor and by Demon Souls. Greatly disappointed in this release of the series.
  7. Jul 8, 2014
    Not a Souls game, very easy, caters to watered down PVP. Magic is overpowered, shields are useless, melee weapons pointless, parries have no consistency. And, unlimited health potions (life gems). RIP souls. (and no it isn't a good game just for merit, that's like praising the Star Wars prequals).
  8. Apr 2, 2014
    I wasted so many nights researching, waiting, praying this game was going to be good. I am a die hard fan of the first but I'll be damned if I let what was released slip by freely. part of the problem is that I was forced to buy this game on ps3. the ps3 is ancient enough. the game on it looks like the stone ages! I couldn't see half the crap in front of my face. all of the things they promised they didn't even bring to the table. just another gimmick to please shareholders!!!!!!!! the new system is broken, unfair. died too much? new game! got to the second bonfire and I already don't know where to go. when they promised twice the map size they really meant it! **** running simulator, run 30 miles just to immediately die. there is nothing I enjoy about this game. it goes to show that sometimes an artist can only get the job done one time. Expand
  9. Apr 23, 2014
    False Advertising!
    Im not a graphic whore but From Software has marketed the game with lighting being a major graphical improvement. Torches have been hyped up to be a new and impactful mechanic of the game, but the release version has lost a lot of the immersive experience and it is a lot easier to see the path ahead and enemies on it.
    This no other than false advertising. If they had
    to cut corners to improve the FPS requirement for the consoles, they should have been humble and released an official statement about it before release. Not doing so is misleading to their customers and especially for those that pre-ordered the game under the impression that their new next-gen lighting engine would be a part of the game as previously demonstrated. Expand
  10. May 31, 2014
    Re-review: Dark Souls 2 is by far the best in terms of content and PvP but where it suffers (at the cost of the soul of the entire series) is in the enemies. Basically they are the same and to compensate for this the devs have added more of them, twisting the original Souls formula from 'fair because you learn' to 'overwhelming until you break through the wall or run away'.

    Dark Souls 2
    is not a worthy sequel to the series and the hardship is not worth the time.

    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious flaws.
  11. May 12, 2014
    Thought I'd give this a try, despite how much I disliked Demon's Souls. This game suffers from the same problem for me; too much repetition. While most seem to enjoy this about the game, as see it as a challenge, I find it boring. You die often, and upon dying you have the repeat the same 30+mins of game play over and over again (though while fewer HP). Aside from this, there isn't much going for the game. The story is minimal/uninteresting, and there isn't anything particularly special about the game aside from it's difficultly. That being said, if you enjoyed Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, you'll likely love this too. Expand
  12. Sep 10, 2014
    Terrible game, it's a downgrade from Dark Souls. The game feels empty and typical and getting the lordvessel first thing completely kills the experience. Melee is nice, Story is boring, every boss was unmemorable and they all attacked the same. All the 5 main bosses were garbage and a copy of previous bosses in the series, the scorpion boss made me realize this is such a **** game. The multiplayer is also still broken. The concept of an arena is nice but stupid when people can still hit you 5 metres away. This is the coding of the game's fault not a connection issue. Also invasions are dumb because you have 10 minutes to kill the player so everyone waits by the bonfire. In addition soul memory is also dumb but they've updated it so it's not so bad now. I have all souls game, and I got Dark Souls 2 the week it came out, black armour edition. I've put in around 400 hours into the game and it still makes me sad knowing I got hyped for this **** Waste of my 60 bucks, I should sell it now, screw it I will Expand
  13. Apr 27, 2014
    I'm writing this for the PC version only.
    Well the game is really good actually (like a 8-9).
    The 4 is because just like the first dark souls, the creators made the LAZIEST PC PORT EVER... AGAIN. The sad truth is given about a day, + the right tools, and even I with my mediocre self taught scripting skills could make this game work better for pc. What's your malfunction Dark Souls team?

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. May 11, 2014
    Dark Souls 2 bears the torch of Dark Souls with honor. No mean feat! [Apr 2014]
  2. Apr 16, 2014
    Even more amazing, and difficult, than Dark Souls.
  3. Apr 16, 2014
    At the end of the day, Dark Souls II uses more subtle changes to find its own flavor and place in the series as a whole, rather than reinventing the wheel.