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Summary: Project Dark (Working Title) is a brand new dark fantasy RPG designed to completely embrace the concepts of tension in dungeon exploration, fear in encountering enemies, the joy of new discoveries, and a high sense of achievement in progressing. The game is set in a dark fantasy world filled with decadent atmosphere, with a heavy emphasis on player freedom in discovering various tactics and strategies to use in weapon based combat.
Rating: M
Official Site: http://www.preparetodie.com/
Developer: From Software
Genre(s): Action RPG
Number of Players:1 Player
ESRB Descriptors:Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence
Number of Online Players:4 Players Online
Cast Credit
Sean Barrett Voice: Andre Of Astora / Petrus Of Thorolund / Ingward (English)
Hiroshi Nakamura Art Designer
Atsushi Kobayashi Recording And Mix Engineer
Eve Karpf Voice: Alvina Of The Darkroot Wood (English)
Motoi Sakuraba Music Composer
Motoi Sakuraba Music Composer
Daisuke Uchiyama Producer (Namco Bandai)
Yuji Takenouchi Sound Designer
Atsushi Sato CG Designer
Naotoshi Zin Supervisor
Kaikou Arima Player Planner
Nobutoshi Kojima CG Designer
Takaaki Okamura CG Designer
Tomohiro Kurokawa CG Designer
Yasunori Takahashi Enemy Motion Designer (Tricrest,Inc)
Hisao Yamada Map Graphic Designer
Tomoyuki Asakawa Music: Harp
Yuki Hasegawa Music: Timp. / Pere
Shinji Tanaka CG Designer
Hiromi Fujii CG Designer
Mitsuo Eguchi CG Designer
Masayuki Hirano CG Designer
Hidetaka Miyazaki Director / Producer
Hidetaka Miyazaki Director / Producer
Jun Ito Lead Programmer
Takashi Murakami Programmer
Tetsuya Yamamoto Programmer
Cheongju Na Programmer
Nozomi Shiba Map Graphic Designer
Mika Hasegawa Map Graphic Designer
Daisuke Satake Art Designer
Tomonari Kuramochi Programmer
Takashi Saito Map Graphic Designer (Imagicadigitalscape)
Adam Sopp Voice: Rickert Of Vinheim / Vince Of Thorolund (English)
Miles Richardson Voice: Siegmeyer Of Catarina / Itinerant Merchant (English)
Eiichi Nakajima Supervisor
Hideki Toyota Programmer
Motoki Kawakami Programmer
Motohiro Tsuzuki Programmer
Fumitoshi Takahashi Programmer
Takehiro Kakizawa Programmer
Isao Wada Programmer
Masaki Saito Menu / System Planner
Takayuki Sugimura Real Time DEMO
Hiroyuki Okazawa Player Motion Designer
Clare Corbett Voice: Itinerant Merchant Woman / Gwynevere / Priscilla, The Dra
Jenny Funnel Voice: Darkmoon Knight / Quelana Of Izalith (English)
Peter Marinker Voice: Kingseeker Frampt / Darkstalker Kaathe / Egg Bearer
Mitsugu Nakamura Recording Director (TEAM Entertainment)
Matt Morgan Voice: Crestfallen Warrior / Domhnall Of Zena (English)
Masaki Takahashi CG Director
Masaki Takahashi CG Director
Masaaki Sakamoto Programmer
Makoto Sato Lead Graphic Designer
Toshiaki Kimura Camera
Nobuaki Taguchi Chief Producer (Namco Bandai America)
Emi Evans Music: Ending Vocal (Feesscape)
Chiaki Kato Score And Direction
Masaki Murata Score And Direction
Charlie Cameron Voice: Reah Of Thorolund / Quelaag's Sister / Sieglinde Of Catar
Daniel Flynn Voice: Solaire Of Astora / Vamos The Blacksmith / Blacksmith Gia
Andrew Davis Producer (Namco Bandai America)
Katsunori Hasegawa Enemy Motion Designer
Yuichiro Iwaki CG Producer
Hiroyuki Yoshida CG Director
Yuichi Kubota CG Designer
Kotaro Okuyama CG Designer
Ryota Fujii Music: B. Tb.
Hiroo Kihara CG Designer
Yuko Murakami CG Designer
Hiromi Izawa Programmer
Akira Watanabe Programmer
Koichiro Takita Programmer
Yosuke Ono Programmer
Yuki Tsutsumi Programmer
Takahiro Kawanaka Programmer
Seiya Ishibashi Programmer
Shigeto Hirai Enemy Planner
Yuji Yabuki Enemy Planner
Hiroki Izumi Enemy Planner
Masaru Saito Map / Event Planner
Junya Ishizaki Map / Event Planner
Masaru Yamamura Map / Event Planner
Ryo Fujimaki Player / Enemy Graphic Designer
Takashi Konno Player / Enemy Graphic Designer
Nozomi Nakayama Player / Enemy Graphic Designer (AlphaOmega Corporation)
Naomi Maehara Map Graphic Designer
Hikaru Wada Map Graphic Designer
Masako Saito Map Graphic Designer
Jun Takeda Map Graphic Designer (Tricrest,Inc)
Yuka Nakazawa Map Graphic Designer (Teco Inc.)
Yukiko Takahashi Map Graphic Designer (Teco Inc.)
Maaya Kawamura Map Graphic Designer (Teco Inc.)
Mitsuhiro Oomori Map Graphic Designer (NAC Inc.)
Takuya Matsuda Map Graphic Designer (NAC Inc.)
Yuka Kishi Menu / Effects Graphic Designer
Motofumi Ota Menu / Effects Graphic Designer
Hiroki Motoshiromizu Enemy Motion Designer
Daisuke Kawano Enemy Motion Designer
Karie Kadohira Enemy Motion Designer
Masanori Iwasato Enemy Motion Designer (Creek And River Co.)
Kazuyuki Takasugi Enemy Motion Designer (MiCROViSion Inc.)
Satoru Takeda Enemy Motion Designer (MiCROViSion Inc.)
Masanori Waragai Art Designer
Mai Hatsuyama Art Designer
Sho Katayama Art Designer
Hitomi Yoshimura Art Designer
Kobayashi Tetsuya Motion Capture (IMAGICA Corp.)
Nunokawa Shigeaki Motion Capture Supervisor (IMAGICA Corp.)
Koyama Yoshiko Motion Capture Editor (IMAGICA Corp.)
Sakuma Ayako Motion Capture Editor (IMAGICA Corp.)
Michael Chang Ting Yu Art Director And Lead Concept Artist
Gus Mukin Concept Artist
Johnny Tam Concept Artist
Ken Wong Concept Artist
Bosco Lo Kin Chuen Concept Artist
Tsutomu Kitazawa Lead Concept Artist
Ran Ando Concept Artist
Kengo Watanabe Script Writing (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frognation
Kengo Watanabe Script Writing (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frognation
Lynn Robson Script Writing (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frognation
Lynn Robson Script Writing (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frognation
Yuka Tero Production (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frogation Ltd]
Ryan Morris Voice: Maiden Knight (English)
Ryan Morris Voice: Maiden Knight (English)
Ryan Morris Voice: Maiden Knight (English)
Ema Kodaka Script Writing (English Script And Voice Recording) [Frognation
Adam Chapman Voice Direction (English Script And Voice Recording) [Liquid Vio
Adam Chapman Voice Direction (English Script And Voice Recording) [Liquid Vio
Vanessa Baker Voice Casting (English Script And Voice Recording) [Audi Catz]
Rob Edwards Recording (English Script And Voice Recording) [Golderest Post L
Michael Dunn Post-Production (English Script And Voice Recording) [Liquid Vio
Leyton Rooney Post-Production (English Script And Voice Recording) [Liquid Vio
Peter Wilkinson Post-Production (English Script And Voice Recording) [Liquid Vio
Andy Gathergood Voice: Laurentius Of The Great Swamp / Crestfallen Merchant (Eng
Blake Ritzon Voice: Griggs Of Vinheim (English)
Daniel Roberts Voice: Knight Lautrec Of Carim (English)
David Gant Voice: Oswald Of Carim (English)
Emma Pierson Voice: Dusk Of Oolacile / Anastacia Of Astora (English)
Harry Lister Smith Voice: Gwyndolin (English)
Ian Thompson Voice: Big Hat Logan (English)
Kuei Lin Hsu Voice: Shiva Of The East (English)
Oliver Le Seur Voice: Knight Of The Undead Asylum (English)
Pik Sen Lim Voice: Narrator (English)
Will Vanderpuye Voice: Trusty Patches / Knight Lautrec Of Carim (English)
Kazushige Sato Foley Recordist (DiMAGIC)
Shunsuke Hongo Foley Artist (Ventuno Inc.)
Hiroyuki Koike Strings Music: Strings
Masanori Hirohara Music: Tb
Shinsuke ToriZuka Music: Tb
Jonathan Hammill Music: Horn
Yoshiyuki Uema Music: Horn
Yuta Ono Music: Horn
Kazunori Yamada Assistant Engineer (Sound Inn)
Hiroyuki Akita Assistant Engineer (Wonder Station)
Hiroki Yamamoto CG Designer
Kazutaka Sugiyama CG Designer
Tomohiro Tsuji CG Designer
Kwon Suhyun CG Designer
Shinji Miyake CG Designer
Eisin Okubo CG Compositer
Shingo Kobayashi CG Compositer
Masayuki Hosoyama Camera
Jun Suganami Camera
Makoto Asanuma Executive Producer (Namco Bandai)
Takeshi Miyazoe Associate Producer (Namco Bandai)
Chunming Wu Associate Producer (Namco Bandai)
Jonathan Underwood Associate Producer (Namco Bandai)
Takehiro Sasanoi Executive Producer (Namco Bandai America)
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