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  1. Oct 21, 2011
    This game took me by surprise. From the other reviews I was expecting a very tough game with mediocre content, with no one admitting the content was mediocre because hey, if you don't like hard games, you're a pansy. Boy was I wrong. It's a very tough game with EXCEPTIONAL content. The art direction, atmosphere, creature design, combat, levels, items, unique multiplayer, every gameplay aspect is exceptionally polished. Triple A, must play game.

    Almost ironically, Dark Souls is empowering. Most games coddle you, pampering you with replenishing health, soothing you with infinite lives, but this one kicks your ass and tells you jack squat about how to do anything, forcing you rise to the occasion, learn it yourself, and feel like someone for whom these kinds of challenges are meant. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it is challenging. Boss fights typically range from ten to twenty tries before you memorize the weaknesses and play without messing up, sighing with relief as you watch whatever fatty (in joke) evaporate into souls.

    I haven't rapped it yet, about forty hours in and level thirty-five, but I highly recommend Dark Souls. It's one of the few games that feels rewarding because you actually have to earn the rewards. The only must play of the year so far for me, and I'm a jaded gamer. Expect a bit of an adjustment period as you get used to the game's pace and difficulty, and I recommend checking out IGN's guide which shows you how to get the Drake Sword and recommends the Master Key gift for your character (get it). Dark Souls is awesome. If you like RPGs at all and enjoy a challenge, can't get a better bang for your buck.
  2. Oct 21, 2011
    Love the atmosphere of this game. Very immersive. I wish the character advancement was a little quicker. For me, most of the difficulty results in forcing me to play carefully and learning what is going to happen through trial and error which can feel a bit tedious and repetitive at times but also pretty satisfying when I successfully get past a difficult scenario.
  3. Oct 24, 2011
    Dark souls is a very deep and intense unique game. A truly must experience game or at least try it out a few hours , you will not regret the moment you start playing it you will start to feel something you have never experienced before in gaming, truly awesome i don't even need to tell you how amazing it is , but I'm sure you will not regret even trying it out since it's just uniquely different and awesome. Too lazy to review but really just give it a try you will not regret. : ) Expand
  4. Oct 25, 2011
    Awesome game, exactly like demons souls to the point where this could be the 6th archstone and you'd never notice it was a different game.
    I'm about 120 hours of playing time in and am about half way I'd figure, this is mostly due to the fact that I try not to seek out hints or tips on the internet and try to figure out the mechanics and secrets myself (I find this is one of the most
    enjoyable parts about this game since there is almost no explanations without diving right in).
    The difficulty rating everyone is talking about is a bit exagerated, I don't count myself as a great player but with a little soul farming, learning from your mistakes, understanding game mechanics and weaknesses of enemies you can make it through fairly easily.
    Some say it is much harder than demons souls, I'd say that it is very similar in difficulty. If you find the game too hard then you are going the 'wrong' way.
    One of the things often not mentioned about this game are all the little secrets thrown in, tons of secret weapons and items, interactions with npcs and actions will affect your game in many ways you dont understand until later, you can fight and kill any npc in the game kill the wrong one and literally the sun will die and the world will go dark forever.
    Interactions with other players is unique with the ability to write messages on the ground from a huge list of hints and tips, you can invade another persons world or help them which is an awesome way of showing off your equipment and skills to other players.
    I'm giving this game a 9/10 for one reason...I think I've accidantally killed half the npcs in this game by swinging my weapon at the wrong moment and it is very frustrating that they dont de-agro or come back lol but seriously other than that it is an awesome must-have game, and demons souls too if you haven't played it.
  5. Oct 25, 2011
    A good open ended RPG with a solid story, that improved on its predecessor in every way, if you can take the emotionally abusive relationship and rare bug (soon to be patched).

    There is nothing really bad to be said about the direction of the game and every aspect feels very professional. The only complaints I can muster is 1) yes, it can be absurdly hard 2) there is the occasional bug,
    which they have obviously been patching, and 3) some enemy's life bars are far too large and makes some sections tedious. That said, this game is one of the years best. Expand
  6. Oct 25, 2011
    Personally I'd like to thank From software for giving us a gem in an era of regurgitated, mindless crap. Not since I was a kid 25 years ago have I been so moved to press on after hours of repeated death and failure. When I die, I always know exactly what I did to get myself killed, and the rush of learning (THINKING) your way to success in such an awesome real-time combat system is unparalleled IMO.

    If you like a good challenge and put depth and precision of gameplay (combat) far above all else, you have to play this game.

    I've been looking forward to nothing but Skyrim for over a year, and am pleasantly surprised to find myself thinking that Bethesda will have to pull off a miracle to make my game of the year. First time in years that I did not want my $65 back after a week.
  7. Oct 26, 2011
    Dark Souls is the definition of a hardcore game. This separates games from real games. If your a man and are tired of story driven games and lame characters and a stupid plot and ending along with how easy a game can be, check this game out! it has none of those! There is not even a story, you get thrown into an area and can do whatever you want, its a well thought out and addicting dungeon crawler that takes skill to master. And you will die, the games slogan does not lie about that. But you never feel like your deaths were unfair, you understand why you died and how you can fix it. I recommend also getting the guide, dark souls is a rough and amazing adventure, and to do well and know everything about the areas you are in feels awesome. i have already invested about 30 hours of gameplay and beat the game, and starting a new game with your same level and items makes you waste even more of your time in this one of a kind world. Truly one of my favorite games of all time!yet i didnt really care for demon souls that much haha Expand
  8. Oct 28, 2011
    Dark Souls is a great game. Tight combat that punishes mistakes. Gorgeous visuals and atmosphere. Fun, challenging boss fights. A few bugs and glitches, but nothing game breaking. I give Dark Souls a 10.
  9. Nov 1, 2011
    I just don't understand.
    People that are hating on this game should just go return it. If you did not see any of the trailers your a dumb ass for not doing so. In the trailers it says "PREPARE TO DIE". If you can not handle how tough it is then you should go back to your own style of games because this game is not for you. EX.)Horrible. That is the best way to sum up this game. Extremely
    difficult to the point of complete insanity. Make one mistake and you have to repeat an hours worth of play to get back to the same area. No story line what-so-ever. No explanation of what different symbols, stats, etc mean on your character. The game was definitely banking on previous reputation. Controls are very buggy with multiple button combos almost pointless because you can never get them to work.

    Posted by Neian

    Well if you actually pay attention there is a story line to the game and you can call your self a dumb ass if you can't figure out what each of the stats does. It does get buggy when online because of people invading and getting companions takes up a lot of bandwidth. It also gets buggy when you have a giant area that takes up a lot of data. EX.) I had fun setting up my character, and starting thru the tutorial... That's about it. After I escape the first dungeon, I meet a knight and decide to fight him and take his soul (I'm a thief in the game after all...). He kills me in 3 hits... Fine, try again. Respawn/reload the game, he kills me again! The fighting is so lame... He hits me, and my character has to go thru this delayed reaction/animation, realizing he's getting hit, and by the time I regain control, I'm hit again, then dead... again. Fine, can't fight him, I'll reload the game and run away. Nope, he just follows me no matter where I go, and how far I run. My hits are so weak, they barely register, and of course, he has no slow down from my hits, just continues thru his attack motion as if I'm not hitting him multiple times. 9 Deaths later, and screaming at he TV, i quit. Not fun. Why not at least "reset the scene" if the player is killed? If it was a mistake to fight the first character I meet, why not let me learn that, and leave him be. Do i have to restart the whole game, and go thru the tutorial dungeon all over again? How many similar situations would ruin my evenings if I decided to keep this torture session disguised as a video game? I would have loved to play with a friend to help me, why restrict me from doing so? Muliplayer i random and can't be coordinated. Not fun. I gave it a rest and tried again the next day, still not fun. At all. Trading it in for Batman Arkham City. Posted by KletassVanDam

    Well you sir are a dumb **** for trying to take on one of the hardest enemies in the game. If you think you can just run in there and expect to kill him instantly, I think you should go back to CoD. This game requires skill and patients, and not just a mass killing.
  10. Feb 20, 2012
    BEST RPG game ever!, sooooo underrated too, i mean how the **** can an AMAZING game like this get a 7 or 8 while other **** games like Skyirm get 8 and 9, believe me.. you MUST buy this game.. Its so much fun, the story is also AMAZING! You will really like this game, I highly recommend this game to everyone with a PS3
  11. Nov 8, 2011
    Dark Souls, a game not for the weak!. This game can be really hard for new comers, hard as in you will not have a fun time in the first few hours or days, you will need to practice a lot if you want to be good here. While it can be hard at first, it is totally worth it, this game has been such a great experience, you cannot pass out on this one.
  12. Nov 8, 2011
    This game shocked me so much. Its probably the hardest game i have played since some of the old side scrollers but dont let that put you off. the game is never unfair and is always fun. there is no other game out there that is as rewarding as Dark Souls
  13. Nov 9, 2011
    Great all around game, its a throw back to a time when games just challenged you and didnt have 5 difficulty settings so you can just walk thru the game like watching a movie. This game will teach you how to play it better by killing you every time you make mistakes. I still prefer Demons Souls for some reason, I cant explain it .. but Dark Souls is a wonderful game and a 9/10 in my book.
  14. Nov 9, 2011
    Dark Souls is a classic hack&slash game with RPG elements. Its most defining characteristic is that it tries really hard to be more than your typical modern walk-in-the-park RPG. This game celebrates death, especially yours, and preferably as often as possible. Even if you don't know its predecessor, Demon Souls, you'll love Dark Souls if you loved the challenging games we used to have one or two decades ago. The satisfaction to be gotten from finally beating a hard boss, or even a hard normal mob, after two hours of trying different strategies is something that most modern games can't offer. Technically, the RPG elements vary between very strong (character development via skills and equipment) and fairly weak (not that much story, not that much choice beyond "do I kill this NPC or do I let him live" and "which boss do I take on next or do I prepare some more"). Combat is very well implemented. In many RPGs, melee combat feels like you're just standing in front of the enemy and waving your sword around in the air. Not so in Dark Souls. It's genuinely fun to figure out how to use your weapon efficiently and watch the hit animations when you manage to pull it off. Dark Souls is also an open world title, unlike its predecessor. The world isn't entirely open, you won't find many large open spaces. Instead, you'll find a non-linear maze of twisted passages, not at all alike, and each a challenge to get through. The checkpoint mechanic is somewhat different from most similar games in that resting at a checkpoint revives all enemies (except bosses). This makes each section between two checkpoints a puzzle where you actually have to figure out how to survive through to the end, you can't just run in with metaphorical guns blazing, die, and continue from where you died. Unlockable shortcuts that lead you back to earlier checkpoints make traveling easier once you have solved a section, but until you do, each next bonfire is almost on par with a boss fight in how satisfying it is to reach them intact. The death mechanic is fairly strict but not frustratingly so: You only lose souls, the game's currency for which you buy skill upgrades or items, and stored humanity, a currency for some more exclusive things. Your equipment remains intact, not breaking the flow of the game, you can immediately try again with no major maintenance required. You have one chance to make it back to the location of your death to reclaim the dropped souls and humanity; if you fail, they're lost forever. This makes it very satisfying to make it back, and is a strong incentive to play carefully as opposed to rushing through.

    Multiplayer is kind of nice, but works different from most other multiplayer games I've been playing lately. I really enjoy reading the messages other players can leave in my world (by choosing from combinations of specific words, so no immersion-breaking language there). Receiving and leaving hints works very well and is a nice touch. Another other side to multiplayer is invasions. When certain conditions are met, you may invade other players' worlds and slay them to gain their humanity. This is actually more varied than it sounds right now, since there are many different reasons the game gives you to do this based on choices you make, e.g. which covenant you join and so on. Yet another side to mp is that you can offer help to other players by putting down a summoning sign in your world. Other players who are in human form can then summon you before taking on a boss.

    One last point: The art direction and overall design is fantastic. Especially if you're like me and have played a lot of western RPGs. Dark Souls's dark atmosphere and brilliantly executed level design is a very rare gem in the post-Tolkien-movies world we live in today.
  15. Nov 20, 2011
    Great game, definitely not for the faint of heart or those looking for someone whose looking for a quick pick up and play game. Great art style, game play mechanics, and implementation of online makes this game stick out amongst the other great games of 2011.
  16. Nov 10, 2011
    Deceptively simple controls but devilishly difficult to master. Sure you will die, a lot. But the charm of Dark Souls is in learning from your mistakes and overcoming the enemies that the game puts in your way. When you finally do beat one of the bosses it feels like a real achievement and it's been a while since a game has made me feel that way about overcoming an enemy. The game has it's faults the rag-doll corpses can be extremely distracting and the amount of work that needs to be put into levelling up can put off a lot of players. But this is a game that is worth every one of the many deaths that you will inevitably encounter. Expand
  17. Nov 10, 2011
    I have put in over 180 hours into this game and I am still loving it. I beat it once already and I am about half way through my second play-through. I really struggled on my first play-through, this is a hard game, but is also extremely rewarding to conquer. The second time through is much easier and is fun in a different way. I can solo most of the bosses at this point. It is still hard, but easier. I plan to beat it at least 3 times and I hope that it keeps getting easier. It is rewarding to completely dominate an area/enemy that you really struggled to get through the first. I love this game, it is the best RPG I have ever played. Expand
  18. Nov 10, 2011
    Best game of all time period! In my mind I feel like I'm getting a similar feeling that when I first played Zelda back in nes days.... You are left on your own and you have a vast world to explore with tons of secrets... Multiplayer adds infinite value to the game. The game truly not as hard as they say if you learn from your mistakes.... Mainstream games dev should take notes and try tto come up with new originals ideas in the future ! Expand
  19. Nov 21, 2011
    I didnt played demon souls but Imust say Dark Souls its one of the best games i have played ever... It took me back to my childhood when I started playing videogames in 1986 because I didnt wanted to stop playing. This game will suck you in, kick your ass and live you wanting more. Yes its hard but cheap hard, you always learn more.. What to do, what not and how. Im 100+ in it on my 2nd playthrough and hat to put it aside to leve time for other games (and my wife). Expand
  20. Nov 10, 2011
    great game didn't play the first one but I'm gonna pick it up today , and it.s not that hard you just have to be play carefully. I am on my third play trough and I'm still enjoying it.
  21. Nov 10, 2011
    After completing the game twice and starting multiple other characters all adding up to a playtime of about 140 hours I believe I am ready to write a review. Let's begin with the graphics: they truly are beautiful. From the terrifying demons to the dark fantasy setting, everything looks simply awesome and completely fits the game. The controls are precise and easy to understand and very responsive. Gameplay is simply fun in its great variety and multiple playthroughs of the game always feel different if you go for over character builds. The story is told rather subtly but is definitely there and very interesting if you decide to dig a little deeper into the game. Online interaction is a lot of fun, though there are connection problems sometimes at the time this review was written. However Fromsoftware is working on patches to fix such problems.
    This game is a definite and full recommendation for people who truly love games. Every success you have will make you feel great and you will be craving for more. Your first playthrough will last you about 70 hours and replay value is huge. In my opinion a possible GOTY.
  22. Nov 10, 2011
    This game it the best rpg ever! So much fun, and it's so challenging. It never gets old. I haven't finished it yet, but the bosses have been very creative and intense.
  23. Nov 20, 2011
    Best game ever!!! Loved Demons Souls and i am loving dark souls. Really good game, full of new things to explore and improve. Its not like games today that you just go and win, you HAVE to improve your skills, to chage strategy, to discover new ways to beat the game.
  24. Nov 11, 2011
    I started off playing this game and hating it. I constantly compared it to Demon's Souls, which was not the proper way of looking at it. When I realized that the game instantly started getting more enjoyable. The start was a little slow and uninteresting, but once you start finding newer and better gear, it becomes far more enjoyable. The boss fights are generally simple and will most likely require you to fail the first time, but once you pick up what to do it becomes very simple. I didn't enjoy some bosses as I found some strategies spoiled them i.e Repeatedly performing plunging blows (an attack that requires you to jump from a height and stab the enemy, dealing enormous damage). Regardless of that, the majority of boss fights were tedious in a good way.

    The weapon system in the game was very annoying at the start. I had to restart because I built dexterity high and I hadn't come across ANY weapon better than the drake sword (a strength requiring sword you get at the 2nd area) after completing 4 (4 areas) bosses. I was dissatisfied that I couldn't build dexterity and only ended up building my strength for melee. That probably would of had me lower my score, but Dark Souls is meant to be a challenging game and I can't consider something more challenging to lower its score. I was satisfied with the adjustments they made to magic and miracles from the previous game. In Demon's souls miracles were good, but they were nowhere near the abilities of magic. Magic was an easy way out of game, but in Dark Souls magic has been split to sorcery and pyromancy. Miracle s can now be some competition for them. That's not the only thing though, miracles have a much larger variety of spells to select. It was disappointing to find a small variety in pyromancy flames, because it ended up having no cons with no competition for other flames.

    The gameplay is well done, but has some small tedious issues. Locking-on a target is risky and can cause you to die. If you are locked on, you may ending up walking back and falling off a ledge to your death. If that is not the case, you may end up being swarmed from behind and find it hard to escape. Other than that, the controls are perfect and the reaction times are well done. The game looks amazing and has possibly the greatest textures I have seen on console. No doubt they are better than many of it's competitors for RPG of the year i.e Skyrim. The environment really immerses you into the game and it feels dark all the way through. The animations for the player are excellent. There are a different variety of weapon animations for the same type of weapon i.e Some greataxes will swing differently. The bosses also have good animations and really help with you with your timing in understanding there attacks.

    There was no real compelling the story in the game. There is only some plot at the start and some in the last third. It was very disappointing that none of the 4 lords and final boss spoke, but I knew I wasn't buying the game for the plot.

    Although there were flaws, the pros outweigh them tremendously. If I bought the game unaware of what I was getting I would probably rate it 9/10, but I already knew there would be no compelling story.
  25. Dec 28, 2011
    After playing Demon's Souls nothing could quite match it for its difficulty and solid game mechanics. Until now. Dark Souls takes everything I loved about Demon's Souls and just makes it that bit better. The combat is just as good, the graphics are much improved and the bosses are even more imaginative. This game isn't for everyone, it is difficult, extremely difficult, but only difficult because people underestimate it. Most games nowadays just require a random mashing of buttons to defeat enemies but in the case of Dark Souls if you rush into combat you're more than likely dead already. The game rewards patient play and that's they key to getting through the game. Studying the opponents moves and not rushing into it.

    Overall it's an incredible game but buy it with the knowledge that you will struggle and die on many occasions but that's not a reason to at the very least rent this game and see what it's all about.
  26. Nov 11, 2011
    After completing an import version of Demons Souls i was in love.It was a modern game in the style of games back in the 16 and even 8 bit era. Where careful progression and trial and error resulted in massive satisfaction at nailing a section flawlessly and defeating a boss that had given you so much trouble, that when you finally plunged your weapon into his evil soul, it results in physical elation. Dark Souls in my opinion, grows on this massively. The atmosphere, scenery and level design keep you hanging on a knife edge of survival and fight or flight decisions. The enemy design is unparalleled, with each new encounter forcing you to change your tactics and weapon set to overcome the seemingly unsurmountable challenge before you. For the uninitiated this may seem unfair and/or frustrating but careful study of your enemy and a considered approach will eventually end in victory. At times it is disheartening and the loss of tens of thousands of souls that you wanted to spend on whatever your right hand is wielding is crushing but, i kept on and it just keeps on keeping on. You will get there and when you do victory will be all the sweeter. In an age of games that hold your hand, tell you where to go, what to do it is difficult to describe how important a game like Dark Souls is. It does have its glitches, mine seem to be either complete freeze, forcing a hard reset or a delay in button press to action taking place which at the time, in a game based on split second attack or defend mechanics, can be wretched. And as everyone says, framerate issues, especially in Blighttown. I still keep playing though, and for me there's not anything that even comes close to it in modern gaming. Well done From Software, youve made winter bearable. Expand
  27. Nov 11, 2011
    Super dalsia game for two years juhuuuuuuuu: D: P but the inac paradne hard to me when I skip paci cour game of skill: D so I will. This year the vysli and also vydu vela dobrych critici's games fest esta I mat tazke: D.
  28. Nov 13, 2011
    A great game, very addictive, will keep you entertained for hours if you have the patience, it can be frustrating at times but this game is hard not impossible. just dont around killing everyone like i did..
  29. Nov 14, 2011
    Dark Souls is the second installment in the "Souls" series, being the predecessor of Demon souls, I expected a lot of rage induced logging off, and pure joy when finally defeating a Boss. This game simply delivers. Absolutely stunning graphically, with fantastic game play. There does not seem to be a disparity in the class system this time around.

    The world is massive, and at times easy
    to get lost going from place to place. Bonfires keep the game interesting, and each mini boss defeated leaves you wondering how the hell the game could get any more creative with the next boss.

    The multi player element is very well done this time around, and being summoned takes on additional responsibility and reward.

    I highly recommend this game IF: -You consider yourself a hardcore gamer looking for the challenge of old, ruthless gaming where dying actually had consequences. -You truly enjoy a challenge, and dying 100 times in the same area does not get to you after a while.

    -You enjoy a massive yet beautiful gameplay environment with many challenges.

    -You are a massochist
  30. Nov 14, 2011
    I **** love this game, i played demon's souls for a very lot hours and I think that it was amazing, in all the aspects, and when I heard about dark souls i was very exited. It is like a demon's souls, some of the sounds and the movements are the same in the two games, but bigger, stronger, harder and much better, more weapons, more armors, more rings, more magic, more attacks, more enemies, more bosses.... it is **** AWESOME, and the online is perfectly adapted to the game, it works fantastic. the only think i don't like, is when you are a **** zombie, you're so ugly, but this not afect to the game. Sorry for my english and thanks! Expand
  31. Nov 16, 2011
    Oh my frickin' God! I love the hell out this game. I think that a lot of video games now are becoming too "casualized". Allow me to explain. When I say casuallized, I mean that games are becoming more focused on making things easier for the player just so the casual gamers can feel accomplished after spending a few hours on a game and beating it. This game seems to look at these people and say "I dare you to play me," and most will run away screaming like little girls (I would be a bit scared if a game box started talking to me too). The game has some pretty awesome controls and handles very well. The graphics are damn near amazing at times and are only hindered by a few drops in frame rate. Demon's Souls was an amazing game, so naturally this game is in the same league as it's predecessor. The only issues are with the lock-on system and the rediculous difficulty. Demon's Souls had a very capable lock-on mechanic that allowed you to switch between targets on the fly. Dark Souls requires you to unlock-on to your target and lock-on again just so you can target a different enemy. This is extremely frustrating when enemies are constantly moving and getting infront of each other and you want to attack the closest one, but your locked-on to the one that's in the back. The game can be extremely punishing at times, throw multiple enemies at you in a small space. Demon's Souls emphasized taking enemies one at a time and this game doesn't. But it almost works to this game's benefit in a way, because the game is still just as fair as Demon's Souls, it's just harder. But when the player can go through the entire world he/she has explored and kill every enemy without using a bonfire to replenish estus flasks, it should be obvious that the game has taught you something. If nothing else, it is a worthy edition to this franchise and can't recomend it enough (just make sure you aren't afraid to die... a lot). Expand
  32. Nov 16, 2011
    So many complaints about its difficulty. People cant play games anymore theses days! I remember sidescrolling platformers where you must finish the entire level with 1 life. DarkSouls gives you bonfire save points and the chance to recoup your last run throughs progress, and open up shortcuts that dont reset etc..I remember shooters that had bosses that were invincible until 1 tiny opening revealed itself every minute for 5 seconds for you to shoot. DS bosses/all enemies have attack patterns/weaknesses vs certain elements/weapon types. Theres no cheapness about them. People arent smart enough to work things out these days. they run in, spam attack and expect to win. btw there is block and evade in the game!! "cluncks controls" - pfft. dark souls has the most viceral and fair control/combat mechanic. staggered you say. too long to recover?durr, thats because you have poor armour, rubbish sheild, low poise.etc..oh i forgot, you want to run in hammer attack and win, with out any sort of reaction from enemy attacks, you want to survive 50 hits from 50 foot demons with massive axes instead of 3 hits. you want to kill said demons with 3 hits. Expand
  33. Nov 17, 2011
    This is a game that any previous lover of Demon's Souls will enjoy. At the time of posting this, I have played over 80 hours and have completed Dark Souls. Dark Souls is a very rich game, filled with content. The combat is fluid, and requires timing and precession. The story is present, but it is more of a community effort to piece together. The environments are arguably better than in Demon's Souls, with a game world nearly 4 times the size. There were some issues upon release, which will probably have been patched by the time you read this. Framerate drops and an imbalanced PVP system have been quite an annoyance for some time. Nevertheless, this skill-based RPG is a must-have for some of the best online Co-op and overfall experience for the diligent player. Expand
  34. Jan 16, 2012
    Let me start off by saying, I never played Demon Souls, but I certainly plan too after I'm finished with Dark Souls. I'm really enjoying this game I have invested easily 40+ Hours and I just got it 2 weeks ago. Now let me get in depth. This game drops you off in the beginning teaching you the basics of the game by orange messages on the floor. After the tutorial other players will leave messages making them vital, messages are really helpful they tell you whose ahead, if there's a treassure, a bosses weak spot, etc. but you also got your trollers telling you there's a bonfire(get into that in a lil), or a treassure ahead and it ends up being a black knight chasing you half way across the map. This game doesn't hold your hand one bit. In the tutorial you face a boss right away whose 20x's your size! And there is no way point, you need to invest some time exploring and farming a couple of souls. I honestly don't think this game is as hard as some people say it is, it's just challenging and a learn curve. I believe people say its hard because this generation of gaming developers hold your hand too much. This game does have some flaws which made me drop it a point. In a city named blight town the frame rate drops alot because of the city's environHment, I don't wanna give any spoilers so that's all I will say. But I recommend this as a must buy if your into RPGs. This should be scored a 9.0-9.5 easily Expand
  35. Nov 20, 2011
    Improves upon the fantastic template set by Demon's souls in almost every way. Only for seasoned gamers who can commit to a challenge.

    Very satisfying.
  36. Nov 21, 2011
    It's everything a game should be, but hasn't in years. It's challenging. Extremely challenging. No game has offered a feeling of accomplishment like this one has in a very long time(excluding Demon's Souls). For what it's worth, this game is nearly flawless. Not for the casual gamer, proving that some people aren't falling into the trend of "gaming for everyone".
  37. Nov 22, 2011
    Great game, expands on Demon Soul's in just about every way possible. Expect it to be difficult and unforgiving, only issue is the online multiplayer, it is very difficult to find others to play with and invading is not scaled well.
  38. Nov 23, 2011
    it is admirable to see games which send a clear message of "don't **** up" rather than "here is how to jump". this is absolutely one of those games.
  39. Dec 2, 2011
    Simply point you have NEVER played a game like them as Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are on another level. The bad news is these games are so long and good, they ruin other games.
  40. Nov 26, 2011
    Great game and although a hard game, it is playable... if you are an old school gamer you will not have any hard time with Dark Souls, you may die a few times but nothing out of ordinary, don't listen to the plethora of new school gamers who arent used to playing a challenging game... those ducks will die constantly as this game requires patience for things to work out and they are all brainwashed in playing fast paced action games like GTA, Modern Warfare, Gears of War, Uncharted or God of War. Expand
  41. Nov 26, 2011
    I love this game, and I didn't think I would.

    Let me explain. When this game was released, each review followed a similar pattern: praise the game, but warn people they may not like it. It's a fair warning--this game is difficult, and it ostensibly wasn't made for gamers like myself. I'm entering middle age with a demanding job and newborn daughter to whom I can't help but want to
    devote all my time. So when one critic warned, "If you just play games for fun, this isn't for you," I dismissed this game as unreservedly being not for me.

    But something kept nagging at me. Maybe it was nostalgia for the days when I'd spend hours playing Ninja Gaiden, or Castlevania (for the NES). I remember honing my skills every play through, perfecting the timing on jumps, memorizing the location of enemies, figuring out boss patterns, all to die for the third time and have to start over at the beginning. Sounds sadistic, I know, but my friends and I had so much fun trading tips and secrets (I was the first on my block to find the upward thrust in Adventures of Link--no one believed me). And when someone beat a game, we'd all go racing to his house to see him repeat it. Out of adversity came triumph. I think in the end I wanted to experience this feeling again.

    And that's exactly what I got out of Dark Souls.

    Yes, this game is difficult, but I cannot stress enough how fair it is. Each time I die I truly feel like it was my fault. Plus, if you stick with it things do get better. The first few hours may seem impossible, but gradually you'll learn to play the game. Enemies that seemed impossible become remarkably easy. On more than one occasion I died in a boss battle several times before getting the pattern down just right. Once I learned the bosses timing and attack cues, I beat the it without getting hit--easy! And let me stress something--I am not very good at videogames. Seriously! I'm not! I think I used to be, once upon a time, but I just don't play games enough anymore. Yet, despite a lack of time and skill, I've been progressing through this game at a pretty fast pace (relatively speaking, of course). To be fair, having spent an entire childhood perfecting games like this is an advantage, but nothing compares to having time and total devotion. What I'm saying is that if I can succeed at this game, you can too.

    The critics were right--Dark Souls isn't for everyone. But if, like me, you cut your teeth on the NES, and the only thing holding you back from getting this is a lack of time, you may want to go ahead and give the game a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.
  42. Dec 1, 2011
    I finished Dark Souls and then wandered around in Skyrim for a while before I developed this profound respect for From Software. I may not have enjoyed either one of them too much but at least I feel like I accomplished something after completing Dark I broke through a major plateau and finally gained a personal level in gaming that I have been stuck on for years. I beat Dark Souls offline with no spoilers (for me that's good). My left eye twitches a little bit every time someone who hasn't played Dark Souls mentions how majestic Ornstien and Smough look....BUT I BEAT IT!!!! I rerolled three characters just to get through Andor Londo but in the end I magicked their fat and skinny asses to death then sat in the corner giggling hysterically before proceeding to finish the game. If the two games (Dark Souls and Skyrim) were thought of as a music concert; Dark Souls just set the piano on fire and rocked the house leaving Skyrim with a very awkward silence for an introduction. Everyone's going to say, "you can't can't compare". They are correct, you can not compare perfection with's apples and oranges. (Dark souls 10) (Skyrim 7). Expand
  43. Jan 11, 2012
    One of the best game of the year for me. I spent a lot of time, and i still playing and i'have not finish this game at this time after 95 hours. I love it and i take my time.
  44. Nov 30, 2011
    READERS....BE CAREFULL...EXTREMELE ADDICTED GAME....This game is a brilliant surprise...with unforgetable enemies.., amazing landscapes..i dont have words to describe it.i ll say that the only negative for me,i think that graphics are very good but not excellent..
  45. Dec 7, 2011
    This is an amazing game with great combat and well designed encounters. Most boss fights are an extreme challenge and I enjoyed the equipment upgrade system. I'd say the only flaw is the lack of ability to reliably co-op with friends. The co-op system is weird and the messaging system seems to be completely broken. That keeps my score from being a 10.
  46. Dec 20, 2011
    Dark souls has got to be a contender for rpg of the year 2011.
    It is an action adventure rpg with online drop in drop out co op plus pvp were you invade another persons game. The game may not be to everyones taste as the difficulty curve is sharp and very little is explained about the various ingame mechanisms. But a quick darksouls wiki search will tell you all you need and more as
    a support website for the game it is invaluable. After just under 300 hours yes you read it right 300 hours ive finished the game once and started game plus were all youre items and stats carry over. And im still finding new story threads new suits of armor and the final rare weapons. There are 9 covenants or clans you can join for online play some encourage co op play others invite player versus player and more others offer objectives like fighting for rare stones that are needed to rank up in the clans. A beginner clan would be the forest clan which you join by talking to a cheshire cat and equip the ring she gives you this activates the online and you hunt for players in the forest. the game is not linear and you can take any route you want if you feel you can get past the enemies in that area. If struggling with the boss you can summon co op help easily. Before the latest patch there were a few problems with lag ala skyrim but after patch 1.05 darksouls runs great never any difficulty using the online multiplayer and there is no longer any lag. i could write a book about this game. But if you like rpgs and want to try a game thats a little different then pick up darksouls you wont regret it. Expand
  47. Dec 9, 2011
    This game is epic,

    if your an RPG fan and also have alot of time on your hands to get sucked into this Masterpiece then go for it this game won't let you down one bit.I also gotta add this comment,THIS GAME IS NOT EASY, OR FOR THOSE WITH ANGER PROBLEMS,you will die allot in this game and it will make you go nut's when you loose all those souls and Humanities you've collected,this game is
    for true JRPG gamers who have alot of experience.the only thing I have to say is bad is that some times there is alot of frame rate drops when there are alot of things on screen and when you summon 2 people into your game,other than that Dark souls is my game of the year. Expand
  48. Dec 16, 2011
    Everything that was great about Demon's Souls is amplified in Dark Souls. The addition of an open world instead of the Nexus makes the game a thousand times more enjoyable. I can see how people new to the series view it as overly challenging, but its really what games should be. In Dark Souls you feel like crap when you die, where as in a game like Fallout all you need to do is reload your save file. The unforgiving nature of the game makes its a perfect 10 for me. Expand
  49. Dec 25, 2011
    This game rocks period. I won't blah blah you to death with why. Gameplay this, graphics that. Who cares. This game rocks. You don't rock. This game does. Play it.
  50. Dec 25, 2011
    My personal GOTY. Do not let the comments of difficulty scare you off. The combat is deep and punishes you, but it is never unfair. If you are dieing repeatedly, try different weapons and elements, or try going somewhere else and coming back later. I consider the souls games the new Castlevania games. The map is very large and lets you roam it pretty unrestricted, especially if you start with the master key. The areas and bestiary are very varied, and each monster fights differently so you need to learn all of their attacks. While there are classes, It only affects your starting gear and stats, you can play the game however you want too.

    The combat is incredible. Each attack feels real and heavy, and you never feel like you are safe. The online is pretty good except for the failed to connect invasions. These have been improved with the patches and will continue to be improved as well. My only big complaint is the FPS slow down in busy areas. Specifically in blighttown, this can be really annoying, but compared to all the things this game does right, its rather small.
  51. Dec 26, 2011
    Never thought i would still fall for a game that demands so much time (as i have really little free time) from the player. The graphics ain't spectacular, the story ain't clear but still the game sucked me right in. Ok got to go and repeat The Wolf for the 50'th time...
  52. Dec 28, 2011
    This game is very good with many play styles and weapon choice as well as armor and spells/ pyromance. Now their are some bad point the frame rate drops in blight town and various other places sometimes make the game difficult or easy depending on the circumstance, but in no way or there cheep death you. You may get ganged up on you may get over whelmed by something your not ready for. It is the player actions that cause his or hers deaths. The online system is innovative and very well thought out as well but it is very hard to communicate with other players this can become a problem when in a area like the catacombs. Over all this game is one of the best i have played this year Expand
  53. Dec 28, 2011
    I played Demon's Souls, so I can't say how easy it is for someone to get used to the controls, but they are very much the same. R1/R2 for weak/strong attack, L1/L2 for block/parry, and O for dodging/running/running jumping. Personally, I feel right at home with them. During online PvP, however, there is always a certain amount of lag that will often be the death of you if you don't have some sort of star-crossingly fast connection. During the normal single-player aspect of the game, the game can be very difficult and even frustrating, but not because of the controls. It's your fault if you don't try to master the controls of ANY game before going out to later areas. The undead and monsters that you fight are difficult, but each one has a specific moveset that can be blocked, dodge, or parried depending on the attack. Some enemies require you to use a special tactic, such as some fireball-shooting undead that spew poison upon death and need to be killed from a distance or kicked away at the end of a backstab. Learning these nuances can be frustrating, but fist-pumpingly awesome once you take down something that had squashed you like a bug a couple deaths ago.

    The story of the game is there for those who look for it. Like everything in the game, it doesn't hold your hand with the story either. Talk to NPCs after every major battle and they may say something different. Look for pieces of the lore in item descriptions and piece them together yourself. Depending on which of the two endings you pick, it may be underwhelming, but you can always begin the game anew in New Game + and take a different route.

    The graphics can be absolutely phenomenal, but only when looking at an area from a distance; up close, they can be sub-par. It isn't an open-world game for nothing, and damn if From Software doesn't provide us with some great views. The character customization... sweet Jesus the character customization. The face and skin tone choices at the beginning are not the greatest, but there is armor traditional for any and all builds, whether you're a magic-user, a warrior, a hybrid, or a holy cleric chucking lightning bolts. There is a way to craft any weapon to suit the needs of your character, although there are some game-breaking upgrades that the community generally looks down upon. Finally, there are more that sixty spells, divided into three different "schools" of Sorcery, Pyromancy, and Miracles. You can basically build any sort of character you want, from a healer focusing on cooperation with other players, a tank-like warrior, an nigh-invisible stealth fighter, a magic missile-firing sorcerer, a magic knight focusing on spells to enhance his melee combat, a half-dragon monk, or even a silly bugger who duel-wields SHIELDS.

    I got this game on release day and have been playing it ever since. It isn't perfect, but it doesn't deserve any of the 0/10 scores that users have been giving it. If you can handle it, then it can most certainly handle you.
  54. Apr 6, 2012
    It's a tricky game. It truely is. But it's not too hard. I have red too many reviews telling this game is too hard. It's not. You just have to use some common sense to approach each situation and learn from your mistakes. If you are new to video games in general this may not be the best starting game but it is doable. Even a bad player can complete the game with help of some more experienced players.
    The way different stats are displayed in Dark Souls is a bit confusing in the beginning and it takes some time to get used to. The game doesn't do very good job explaining what different attributes mean. Things like damage scaling, bleed, divine and occult damage and critical hits are never explained. That is left for you to figure out. Some use of wiki is adviced to clear those things out. Once you get the hang of those you start liking the presentation.
    Dark Souls has also multiplayer aspects to it. Players can leave messages to help each other or to troll other players. This system is only needed during the first playthrough since you already know everything in new game+. The summoning and invading system is a great concept and a lot of fun. Nothing beats summoning 2 decend players to beat a difficult boss down after several attempts. Invading and PvPing is also a lot of fun. It's cool to test your skills and your build against other players. Most fights start with players politely bowing to each other. This reflects the amazing community Dark Souls has. The lore in Dark Souls incredibly epic and interesting. It is by far my favorite. The sad part is that many players completely miss the whole story. The setting is told in 4 minute long intro cinematic and the story progresses by listening to NPCs. A lot of background in the story are told in item descriptions which is a bit odd. Not only is the gameplay hard but the story is as well. It's annoying to read short pieces of text just to get the story. The best thing in my opinion in this game is the vertical level design and connectivity. They didn't just make a flat map with different areas like in skyrim for example. Everything is well thought out and the feeling blows your mind when you realize that the end of the first area is directly above the starting area. Even though most of the environment is build or it otherwise makes you run in pipe-ish areas there are still several ways to get from point A to point B and that is amazing.
    SUMMARY: To sum this all up I'd say that the positives are: level design, lore, challenge, community and unique multiplayer aspect only shared by the previous Souls game Demon's Souls.
    Negatives are: Beginner unfriendly stat presentation, lacking explanation of various game mechanics and unnecessarily well hidden story.
    I love this game. 60+ hours in and enjoying every second of my adventure. It's always a challenge.
  55. Jun 26, 2012
    Dark Souls is a nice improvement over its predecessor and stays true to its original formula and takes you on an epic ride through a dark and beautiful world that will have you hooked for weeks. If you loved Demon's Souls then there is no reason for you to miss out on this fantastic game. Prepare to die my friends.
  56. Jan 9, 2012
    A welcome change. I enjoy a good challenge. This is a hard game, I played demons souls but didn't really like it cause it was more annoying than challenging, this game fixes most and is a welcome change from games being scared to offer challenge. It also doesn't try to be like a movie! Which I really liked. Even death means victory cause you learn about that opponent, how he fights and his strategies. You'll always feel powerful, well at least I did, especially after upgrading my character. The co op and pvp works great (see other reviews for more info) The world is vast and feels never ending (in a good way). If you like challenges buy this game. This game doesn't like when it says "Prepare to Die" it means it. But this is an awesome game and I hope we see a third entry to the franchise. Expand
  57. Jan 13, 2012
    Some games are good for cathartic entertainment, with a bit of challenge thrown in. Sure, you can die a little, and there's no consequence. The game is there for your fun and entertainment. Dark Souls is not that kind of game. This is one that demands your attention. It's a lesson on mortality and how to avoid your untimely doom. It's strict. It's brutal. It will make you cry and then shout in your ear to "GET THE F*CK OVER YOURSELF." And that is why it's amazing. The game is totally dependent on how you, the player, learn from your f*ckups. Unlike most games, you lose all of your souls if you die. Ergo, you have to desperately find a way to avoid it for next time. It's a simple formula, and it works fantastically, with each dungeon being a desperate bid to avoid dying horribly. Granted, some areas are just plain old infuriating (Blighttown can go to hell), but for the most part, it's a nice learning experience. Now, word of warning, don't expect the game to go easy on you. If you're not prepared for a challenge, get the hell out of dodge, lest you end up a bloody smear on the floor. Literally. Now that the gameplay's out of the way, I can talk about the presentation. Thank god it's gorgeous; the landscape is amazingly crafted. The monsters are varied and are, occasionally, terrifying, if just because they're as dangerous as they look. Then come the bosses. Good god, the bosses. The music's nice as well, as even Ornestein and Smough's music will make their fight worth dying through over and over again. If you're in for a beautifully crafted challenge, dive right in. If're completely boned. Sorry. Expand
  58. Jan 28, 2012
    Dark Souls is a fantastic beautiful dark fantasy action role-playing game that requires patience and time to progress. The satisfaction you'll get from killing difficult enemies is unlike anything in any other game. The visuals and art design are detailed to the max and if you played the previous Demon Souls then you'll be surprised by the huge graphical overhaul this game has. Before I end this review.. It's my strongest opinion that this game should of beat Elder Scrolls for the best RPG of the year.. Just Sayin' Expand
  59. Jan 31, 2012
    For all Demon's Souls players [and most RPG fans i believe] Dark Souls was last year's most expected game. We all knew what kind of hardships we'd have to endure but i'm sure every single player died at least 30 or 50 times no matter how cautious...

    Dark Souls is an Action RPG mostly focused on surviving and learning to fight with caution and technique. The game punishes [really badly]
    hasty gamers and you will die hundreds of times if you think you're playing a hack n' slash RPG. You can tell From Software has worked [A LOT] to improve Demon's Souls and many great ideas were put into Dark Souls. There are many more weapons, spells, armors, enemies, items and equipment. They improved the on-line mode with covenants and different ways to play against and along players from around the world. Also you can upgrade armors this time along with weapons and shields. There are new character classes like pyromancer, secret areas and a big [REALLY BIG] world connected in every way.

    To this point, there isn't much i can say about Dark Souls that you couldn't find browsing reviews on your favourite review sites, but I can tell you this: If you consider yourself a "hardcore gamer" there's nothing more hardcore than Demon's Souls & Dark Souls. If you love RPG's and you love the challenges, you'll surely fall in love with Dark Souls.

    My favourite 2011 game, no doubt about it.

    If you're looking for a challenge and a game to play and replay dozens of times, you should buy Demons & Dark Souls.
  60. Feb 15, 2012
    This game is just breath taking with the amount of creativity that has been put into it. Outstanding fighting system that will keep you engaged in every enemy encounter. The only down fall is the story for which it doesn't really provide you with one except that your a chosen hollowman who has a chance in gaining humanity. Definitely worth checking out.
  61. Feb 28, 2012
    I was skeptic about this game at first, especially with all the comparisons to Skyrim. However I bought it and started playing it. This is one of the best gaming experiences I've had since the days of the NES. They just don't make quality games like this anymore. If you are a real gamer who enjoys the challenge of games, this is for you. Not for the casual gamer. You'll need lots of strategy and enemy analysis to get through the whole game. The game is fun, immensely satisfying, and addicting! I'm 70+ hours into this game and not quite finished (on my first playthrough). Go buy this game! Expand
  62. Mar 18, 2012
    i find it impossible not to compare dark souls to demon's souls, and find it ultimately falls short - but only just. still got some great gameplay and music - but i found the game's atmosphere feels less spooky. still better than 99% of the games out there, just a little duller than the "prequel"
  63. Apr 27, 2012
    Dark Souls is a game for people that love a challenge. This game throws you into the fray with JUST enough tutorial so you know how to play the game mechanically, but still approach every corner with absolute horror and fright. The game's difficulty ramps up perfectly throughout the game, so that the more tricks and nuances you learn, the more the game throws at you and demands improvement. It's refreshing to see a developer make the game they want in today's game industry, rather than rehash games that did well before or make something mind-grudgingly easy for the kids. This game has, hands down, the most perfectly done multiplayer I have ever seen in a video game. I played this entire game with a massive nerd boner. Must-play. Expand
  64. Apr 24, 2012
    The first true succesor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. That's not a compliment given lightly, since it was to date the best game I've played. All Dark Souls' other small flaws can be forgiven for its brilliant gameplay, sense of immersion and replayability.
  65. Aug 24, 2012
    What a glorious experience. This game is the first to make me feel surprised, clueless, exhilarated, terrified, anxious, depressed, frustrated, unbelievably pissed off, ecstatic, gleeful, immensely relieved, and utterly content all in the span of an hour. Often all these feelings happen in the exact order listed above and make for a pretty unforgettable experience. If you don't mind dying often, chasing down your fallen corpse only to die along the way and lose all your experience, and having to learn fights the hard way then this is the game for you. Dark Souls is an epic experience with incredibly streamlined and functional controls, a rich and immersive world, awesome enemies and bosses, and way more to do and explore than you could possibly figure out on your own. It also features a constant auto-save feature and will not let you make multiple saves of one character. The saving is functionally identical to WOW's save system, anything you do is permanent. This means no saving before a boss and loading it for a quick rematch. It also means no saving before killing or talking to an npc to ensure you make the right choice. You also cannot save before crafting or spending your souls (the game's experience and currency) to make sure you don't screw up. This causes you to really think and debate about simple decisions like whether or not to make a special weapon; you may after all find that special weapon worse than the base weapon used to make it. Ultimately it makes you emotionally invested in your character and what you do, something very few other games manage to accomplish. Bottom line, if you can handle dying repeatedly and some pretty severe subsequent frustration, you will experience an incredibly immersive world and intense satisfaction only the hardcore games of the past could bring (for example Super Mario bros, Mike Tyson, and Megaman). Expand
  66. X19
    Aug 25, 2012
    Great game. Requires skill and not stats. A truly superb game in a time of very easy and non rewarding games. The game doesn't adapt to you. There is not an objective marker or map, you are on your own.
  67. May 25, 2012
    Dark Souls is in my opinion the best game of this generation, a current day realisation of the classic gameplay experiences of the 8-bit era. It's a game that pervades your psyche; you'll find yourself running through levels and boss fights in your head as you go about your daily business wishing you were playing it with the curtains drawn.

    It is a difficult game, sure, but not unfairly
    so- rather it rewards player discipline and mastering of the tight combat controls. If you are a new player who is considering picking this or it's predecessor Demon Souls up, if you can get through the initial despair of dying multiple times before the controller has even warmed in your hands, you will find one of the most rewarding and memorable gaming experiences of the last 15 years. Expand
  68. May 26, 2012
    Prepare to die. Prepare for the storm of the century because once you've seen the trailers you know that you're in for a real, Challenging, nerve racking RPG. Even if it's not as hard as they make it out to be. I have played this masterpiece of game for 200+ hours playing different classes and such and i've got to say that this game is what Role-playing games should be like. This game is puzzling at first but once you get to know the controls, the mechanics and the game itself, you'll get to have some real fun with dark souls. The bosses are beautifully rendered and somewhat hard at first but you do seem to breeze through them without worry once you strategize how to kill them. The real boss that you come across to be remotely harder then the others is Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner smough. These guys atleast for me were hard on my first try but once you've defeated them and other certain bosses you can't help to feel a bit of accomplishment and rush after killing them. Especially the infamous twosome. After seeing the "You defeated" pop up whenever you kill a badass of a boss it gets you excited for the next and very indulged in the game. It makes you think you can take on the damn world. The environment, characters, Voice work, Music, Art of this game is astonishingly beautiful. I can't seem to just rush into certain mobs without looking at it's wonderful scenery, and look at the epic game design. You also feel compassion for some of the other bosses, especially for poor Sif, the great grey wolf. When you strike him down to the last bit of health and he starts to limp, fighting unconsciously. Then you know that he was loyal to the end, protecting that grave with his life from trespassers and enemies. I think I've never wanted to kill a boss as much as I did at that moment. Especially with the beautiful violin in the background playing at his sad demise.. The online for dark souls is also very well done. I love the fact that they didn't stray too much from it's predecessor, demons souls' for it's online invading - get invaded, co-op quirk. Other then the chain backstabbing of course (which i really hate sometimes.) This game atleast to me is a perfect 10 and is a perfect sequel to demons souls. Anyone that's second guessing on getting this game, just get it. It's worth every penny for this wonderful Masterpiece. Expand
  69. May 27, 2012
    One of my favorite games of all time. Favorite game this generation. This game is masterful. One of the best gaming experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.
  70. Sep 24, 2012
    Possibly the greatest game I have played in a long long time. The game play is so deep that you literally feel like you are fighting for your life. The graphics are amazing (some beg to differ) and the game seamlessly connects to every other area in the game without loading screens. Every boss fight is like a 1 on 1 death match, its him or you, leaving you the sweet taste of victory or the bitter taste of failure. Every piece of armor/shield/weapon changes how your character moves around and attacks based on your play style. Its worth the 30 bucks for sure, but be warned, this game is not for the faint of heart. At times this game can be brutally hard and can seem downright unfair. 10/10 Expand
  71. Feb 20, 2012
    We have a title that separates the common players, being a totally hardcore experience essential for those seeking challenge and innovative proposals without leaving aside the depth. More than 60 hours of natural incentive to campaign, holding and a DC voltage, which serves as motivation for the player to continue enjoying this memorable work. As if not enough, we have one of the most interesting of this generation systems online and that definitely will serve as inspiration for the coming games. Dark Souls may not be a game for everyone, but if you leave, he quietly sugará their soul. Prepare to die. Expand
  72. May 25, 2012
    Perfect. I give Dark Souls a 5/5. Never have I felt so accomplished from beating a video game. The world of Lordan is a terrifying place to explore, danger is around every corner. I wish more RPGs would draw inspiration from this game. I cannot praise it enough.
  73. Jul 25, 2012
    This is how to do a sequel..... All the core mechanics of dark souls have been tweaked and tuned and the experience is an in depth, highly complex and rewarding experience. The atmosphere is beautiful and bleak, creating a game that makes you feel like you are truly alone, with no hand-holding guidance from the developers. Evolving the Demon Souls formula of a central hub into an open world experience has worked perfectly, allowing the player to experiment with the world rather than be tied to any linear quests. That said, the online mechanics remain fairly similar, relying on other players on similarly lonely quests to help you through the game. Here the multiplayer does an excellent job of allowing players to interact and help each other out through a novel and understated set of game mechanics which are perfectly suited to the Dark Souls world. Without giving too much away, the multiplayer is a must for this game,since without the hints and occasional help from friendly phantoms your experience could be a very frustrating one.
    For some players this will be a confusing and irritating experience. With no guidance and an exceptionally high difficulty level I can imagine controllers being thrown through TV screens. However, this is a game of patience, endurance and reward - something that is rare in console gaming of late.
  74. May 8, 2012
    I have been playing this game for 60 hours nearly, level 79. I love this game. Frustrating? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Rewarding? Yes. Atmospheric? Yes? And, easier than Demon's Souls? Yes. But still brilliant, a must-play for this generation of consoles.
  75. Nov 18, 2012
    Great and challanging game. One of the best games offering awesome atmospheres and gameplay this generation. Running through Dark Forrests and castles fighting against bloodthirsty monsters is a old concept but was very well made in this game But its not as good as the prequel Demon's Souls. The PvP fights are horrible buged and suffer through the badly implemented Netcode. And the Framerateissues in few areas in this game. Expand
  76. Sep 3, 2012
    Man, i love this game. I read on the net that this game is very hard, and yea, hell hard. I didn't play Demon's Souls so for me is a bit difficult. In the first level, you are playing and you think that is easy, but only that level. After, the game gets more hard and the game starts there. Graphics are acceptable, the environment and the world is dark and beautiful. Game is very addictive, hard but addictive. The sound is good, without problems. Gameplay is damn nice, roll is better than use the shield to dodge enemies, and the enemies are hard if they hit you. There's different spells of each class. Example the piromantic has fire spells, the cleric casts healing miracles, and the sorcerer have soul sorceries. The bosses are hard, some bosses are very hard and you need help of others players online to kill him. Online is unique, if you are connected to PSN, some ghosts from other people playing appears, but they can't do nothing. There's a special item to summon others players that help you. Also you can fight against players, and take theirs souls. Conclusion: If you have patience to die, die, an die, and if you like or love RPG'S, BUY this game. If you are a good player, the game will be more easy. Expand
  77. Nov 4, 2012
    Not a full 10 score, but pretty close. Overall a nice step up from demon's souls, the open world is great, I also like the adition of covenants to mix things up in pvp, design is top notch as always, and of course ambientation, production values, depth,etc, etc. But what shines above all is the gameplay, the souls games have probably the best combat mechanics I have ever seen, they are intuitive, brutal, vast and full of depth; each weapon has it's own animations, and they all feel different. It's not a perfect game, it has rough edges here and there, graphics feel dated, framerate goes to hell on some locations, and sometimes controls are not as responsive. In terms of tools available for combat, some spells and miracles are overpowered, and prone to abuse; this makes some pvp matchups frustrating as the opponents use cheap tactics over and over again. Weapon refinement (wich was spot on in demons souls) is uneven and feels a little lacking; there is no longer a str/dex weapon upgrade path, so str/dex builds are doomed to stick with weapons you find in the environment that naturally scale with such stats, don't get me wrong, they are good, but sometimes I would like to have let's say a str scaling spear instead of another ultra weapon. All in all, this game may not be for everyone, but if it clicks with you then like me you will find one of the best games ever created...... Expand
  78. Feb 20, 2012
    Dark Souls is the BEST RPG GAME THIS GEN!!! the only reason some people hate it is becasue its Hard.. Otherwise its a really great and fun game. You MUST by it if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360
  79. May 17, 2012
    From Software delivers another gloriously dark fantasy gem with Dark Souls. It may not be quite as impactful as Demon's Souls but this game is bigger and features a more accessible interface and outlook. Dark Souls also has more to offer on the multiplayer front, introducing Covenants you can join to help or hinder your fellow online adventurers. What remains the same is the punishing difficulty, once again it is possible for any enemy to kill you if you let your guard down for even a second, regardless of character level. But with great challenge comes greater rewards and Dark Souls is immensely satisfying when you kill a huge boss, or save someone in co-op. A highly recommendable and engrossing world to explore and conquer in your own unique way. Expand
  80. Apr 29, 2012
    To anyone that loves a good hardcore challenge, Dark Souls is the game for you, entering yourself a sadistic world where enemies are unforgiving and show no mercy to kill. The story line has an interesting detail to it, the combat mechanics is for people to learn, when you die, you lose some of you humanity and turns you into an undead, you can also try and assess the enemies location, find what weapon is best for killing them and how to approach them. From Software wanted to make a game which is really really hard for people, they have made it difficult for people because they didn't want to make a game which is too easy for people to play, it has 100 hours of gameplay and includes multiplayer, multiplayer can't be chosen, if you are signed in to PSN or SEN (they are the same thing, only named differently) you will have access to play with others, other players are phantoms, so they are with you, only they are a phantom. You can have an option to either help each other out on a hard situation and you can both become rewarded or you could become as sadistic as the NPC's and you could raid another person's session and kill the players that are there, you could become rewarded with a Black Phantom Soul, when you kill the player, they would try to strike you back, before you leave, make sure you forgive yourself from kill the player by talking to the person you see (not the player, the NPC character), if you struggle, there is a good advantage of having a PSN or SEN, you can write messages to others from your game, these messages can be read as advice and tutorials, you could rate these messages to recommend to others by rating them. Overall if you have money that you saved up and you want to get a RPG for the PS3, Dark Souls is recommended for you. And to say it once more, they have made it hard on purpose. Expand
  81. Mar 7, 2012
    Dark Souls is one of the most misunderstood games of this generation, reported by the media as being one of the most difficult games of all time, a game whose difficulty harks back to the 8-bit era of video games. These statements I have a hard time agreeing with. Does Dark Souls give you a limited number of lives? No. If you die right after finding that Sword of Awesome, do you lose it? No. You do lose your souls, of course, but this is not permanent! You merely have to progress to the same point again to retrieve them. You did it once, didn't you? Now do it again. Simple! No, Dark Souls cannot be summed up simply with the word "difficult". It can be a testing game, for sure. To master Dark Souls requires the one virtue many gamers seem not to possess: patience. Patience to carefully traverse the world, navigating past the seemingly weak creatures while not allowing your frustrations to get the better of you. Patience to replay the segment you played just a few minutes before. Patience not to rush, to always keep your shield raised, and strike when your opponent is off guard. Patience. You must learn patience! If you're the controller-throwing type, this game might not be for you. But it is not the game's difficulty that is your enemy, it is yourself. There are some moments that might seem unfair, but these are almost always one-off occurrences. For example, the dragon that fire-bombs the bridge after you defeat the Taurus Demon - this will almost certainly kill every player's first time here, but it only happens once. When you return to collect your souls, the dragon does not attack again. The poison dart blowers in Blighttown? Once dead they never respawn, even if you rest at a bonfire. Same goes for the infamous pair of archers in Anor Londo. Take them down once and the area is forever yours (at least until New Game+). Sure, there are some bugs and frame-rate issues, but Dark Souls is not unplayable for them, as some might have you believe. Why do I like this game? Because Dark Souls has given me the most memorable game experience of this generation. I revelled in the intense atmosphere, tip-toeing through dungeons and sewers with my shield raised, invading others' worlds and being invaded. I enjoyed the time I spent helping other players defeat their current area boss. The time I spent pouring over weapon upgrade statistics at the various Dark Souls wiki sites, and tweeting incessantly about my latest victory, and when it was all over, all I wanted to do was start all over and do it again. 10/10. Expand
  82. Mar 12, 2012
    Dark souls is my personal game of 2011, superb combat, deeply immersive environments, singular online functionality more then outshine its sometimes inconsistent technicals. Exploration and challenging combat in this dark medieval setting is not to be missed.
  83. Mar 22, 2012
    First to note, DO NOT GET THIS GAME IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE IN FOR. This game is already established to be astoundingly difficult, and rightfully so, it can claim to be one of the most difficult games in modern era gaming. Someone who is looking for a good time, a good story or just to have fun will put this game down after just a few hours. The beginning of the game is like running into a brick wall, but after you get to the first bell ringing, the game begins to open up to become a much larger, much more enjoyable RPG. The combat is one of the most solid, fluid and challengingly simple battle systems I've seen on an action RPG. The careful micromanagement of your health, your stamina. And finding the right window to parry, block, attack and dodge is probably one of the most engaging things you could do. Every enemy is unique, and has their own little quirk that's key to taking them down as gracefully as possible. The bonfire system is a unique aspect, though also a somewhat frustrating one at the same time. Giving you checkpoints you head to so you could level up, and manage your items to prepare for the next step. Currency and experience is shared in a total pool listed under "souls" and while an interesting aspect. Time and time again you do need to see yourself grind to get a couple of your stats up high enough, if it's just to wear new and better weapons or equipment, get a new spell, or just get a small advantage against your adversaries. While more skillful players can progress while keeping grinding to a minimum. Less skilled players will be found doing this because it has less risk than going up against a powerful enemy, getting splattered on the ground somewhere and being forced to start over, going back to pick up the pieces of all your lost experience and coin.

    The graphics? They're pretty good for a modern game, but to call them great or even the best would mark me as a liar. The facial models are horrible. God awful. When you're making your character. You have to spend time shaping their face and it makes me cringe about how deep into the uncanny valley these models sink into. The environment is both varied yet slightly repetitive. The above ground segments and level design is just brilliant. Making it feel like you're going forward, yet when you find a new path, it leads to a familiar area. It feels extremely well planned and very well thought out. Though at other times you'll just wonder how big this giant sewer you're in actually is as you spend time in it for hours and hours on end. The enemies in the game are.. well how do I put it? They can beat your ass. Every single enemy can take you out in just a few good hits, even with you wearing solid armor. They never let up OR go easy on you. You'll need your A game at all times to even consider beating them every time. If you get lazy or tired, these enemies you fought before can get the best of you. Making you rather angry you died to something you've beaten before. The boss battles are obviously both the most exhilarating aspect of this game, when the epic music begins to swell as you behold your behemoth sized foe, tossing about in an ever lasting game of david vs goliath. You with your slingshot, taking every chance you have at dealing a solid hit. It's just pulse pounding once you get past the 2 or 3 times they end up crushing you like a bug. If you do extra well, you even get special items.

    PVP is just a blast to play sometimes. When someone invades your game and you spend minutes going toe to toe to see who is really best. Fighting off another person just made me smile in joy afterward. After hours of frustration for minutes of epic reward. This game is great but it still has a few flaws. It doesn't explain enough for people not familiar with this game type. The controls are slightly awkward to handle, and can be a bit clunky before you master them. It can piss you off at times with the fact it always has a brand spanking new way to piss you off. And because it clocks in at over 50 hours of you doing THE BARE MINIMUM during your first run. It can feel like you're making no progress for hours on end of repetitive combat. The plot is nonexistent, and made me disappointed they did not improve on the meat of the game, the force that drives you to set onward, a hope for progression and a feeling of closure that isn't there. Without the plot, it feels like there's no journey, just one big awesome dungeon crawl and the quest to find more loot. You'll find yourself here for hours as you try new and different characters, builds and equipment, so it has plenty of replay value on it as well.

    Now you are asking yourself, Should I buy this game? My question is, why shouldn't you? One day this game will be seen as a classic, because it should be. I love it even if it hates me.

    So yeah, go out there and get it if you found this review convincing!
  84. Apr 13, 2012
    In a generation of **** this diamond shines bright. Bursting with creativity & viscerally satisfying combat Dark Souls will keep u hooked. I wish more games were like this. Rich in atmosphere & with a diverse range of magic (fire, poison, protection etc), diverse range of weapons (swords, meat clevers, axes, bows u name it!), property enhancing rings, armour, shields, locations (ranging from castles to blood curdling poisonous swamps, ghostowns) all makes for the definitive RPG. Its a gorgeous dark fantasy RPG that requires patience & rewards that patience with intriguing new scenery & items. Biased be thy name, a 10 this shall gain ^^. Expand
  85. May 11, 2012
    This game is as hard as it is amazing. Awesome and deep combat, great bosses, a great art style and very, very rewarding. Difficulty may turn some people off, and the camera can be annoying at times. Everybody looking for a challenge should play this.
  86. Jun 13, 2012
    In my opinion Dark Souls is best RPG ever made its challenging and there is much to explore. Like many games in these days are pretty short and easy Dark Souls is pretty long if you dont know what to do and its hard. I think this game is easier than Demon's Souls but that is just in my opinion . There are many weapons to choose from and many armor sets. I really hope next Souls game is even HARDER and it makes you more frustrated. Expand
  87. Aug 25, 2012
    this is best game ever i would like to play it once finish all off design so cool action so great i would get stucked into game with action design i hope this game will get another game like these
  88. Jul 10, 2012
    Dark Souls is a fantasticly deep, brilliantly designed game. It is difficult, but if you've played Demon's Souls you should have no problems as it is no more difficult. The clear best part of the game is the combat. The sheer depth of the combat in Dark Souls is incredible. Want to wear heavy armor and wield massive hammers and axes? They have that, but you'll be sacrificing speed and mobility for it. How about an assassin who backstabs his foes into submission? You can do that to. The frame rate issues have been well documented, but they are in no means game breaking. I had them occur in area only, and only when fighting one enemy (Blightown, giant bug things). Everywhere else in the game ran flawlessly, and looked beautiful. Expand
  89. May 7, 2012
    one of the most challenging games I play but well worth the time I put in Dark souls is one of the best game out there you die during the first few hours of the game but you steady get better until does enemy that gave you a challenge are a piece of cake but mess up and you will be right back to the bonefie
  90. May 15, 2012
    My favorite game of 2011. I've invested more time in this than BF3, CODMW3, and Skyrim combined. I don't know what it is about this game that I love, the difficulty, the dark environments, or all the insane armor and equipment combinations and spells that there are. Def pick this game up if you've got lots of free time and love a challenge.
  91. May 15, 2012
    It's been a long time since a game drew me in and made me want to play for hours, days, get the point. FROM renewed my faith in gaming and I hope other developers are taking notes.
  92. May 17, 2012
    This game is a lot of fun and it has a great combat system. The boss fights are epic, you will easily find yourself playing this for dozens of hours. On the other hand, the controls feel unresponsive at times and the game has some camera problems, specially during boss battles.
  93. Jun 28, 2012
    It is open world, with roughly equal graphics and frame rate to Skyrim. However, Dark Souls has no load screens. It's all seemless. Characters are graphically worse than Skyrim, but lighting and textures are generally better. LOD is much better in Dark Souls. Never any pop-in anywhere.

    The characters are all killable, even the important ones. Some people might consider this
    a con, but I prefer realistic consequences and choices. It adds a new sense of urgency, caring, and caution that most games don't have. Voice acting is consistently good, and most npcs have informal, subtle quests attached.

    There are multiple endings, but the chocies that lead you to the endings are hard to find and complex. There is both co-op and pvp online. Both modes are very fun, and take place in the seemless open world.

    Variety- Dark Souls has a lot of it. Everything is unique. There are some very breathtaking set pieces, but everywhere in the game is a pleasure to look at in art direction and detail. Nothing is copy-pasted. Hidden areas- there are a lot of them, and they add replayability to the game, and stop backtracking from getting stale.

    Unique loot- Most weapons and armor sets in the game are unique, and very hard to get. This makes getting things feel very rewarding. Much of the gear also has interesting special affects. For example, the heavy attack of the gargoyle tail ax makes the blade curve in 360 degrees all the way around your character.

    Covenants- Basically online guilds that you can join (if you can find them in their hidden areas), they offer unique equipment and abilities in exchange for your services. Their special abilities are amazing. For example, one of them lets become a weird dragon-human hybrid thing and breath fire.

    Crafting- you can craft and upgrade many weapons along branching upgrade trees using a variety of items which you can find, or take off of dead enemies. Multiple styles of play- You can play as a melee character, an archer, assassin, mage, etc. The weapons and spells are all very unique. Dual wield is possible. Inversely, you can choose to use a one-handed weapon in two hands to improve its affectiveness. You can block or dodge as well- blocking is useful for tanks, dodging more so for lighter characters.

    No level restrictions- some items require you to have certain stats to use them well, but no items have actual level restrictions. If you get it, you can use it.

    Realistic equip burden- Equipping heavy items without sufficiently high strength will slow all of your actions down progressively more, making it harder to run and dodge if you're wearing a ton of things.

    Banking items- you can bank as many items as you want thanks to unlimited storage at bonfires. All bonfire storage areas are linked, so you can access anything from any bonfire.

    No glitches- never, in all my time playing Dark Souls, have I seen a gltich. Apparently there were a few at first, but they got patched out in about a day after release.

    No memory leaks- you can play for countless hours, and your frame rate will not lower due to memory leaks. Nice soundtrack- Music is rare in Dark Souls, but the music that there is is well-composed and never annoying. It conveys the intended moods perfectly. Great atmosphere- Tons of sound effects, small details, consistent colors, a great and unified art direction, and great lighting, and fluid animations on everything make the world seem vibrant and alive, even when everything is dead or trying to make you dead. :P

    It's a long game- On average, it takes 80 hours to complete, but completionists may spend upwards of 120 hours on each playthrough, and it's not possible to get all the content on one playthrough, because some choices open up some areas or items and close others. New game+ :You keep all your level ups and items, and restart the story from the beginning as many times as you want. Enemy variety- there are tons of different enemy types- far more than in any competing rpg. All of them require different strategies to beat.

    Optional bosses- Eight of the game's many bosses are optional, and some will even help you as long as the correct choices are made, but the game never tells you how to get out of fighting them. Neutral (Could be good, could be bad)

    No "real" quests- There are quests in Dark Souls, but none of them are journalized, so many people think there are none. You'll have to remember things, or write them down. Quests are very informal- they're more of requests from npcs than anything else. However, they are epic.

    No map- There is no map for Dark Souls. This would be a con, excepts, everything is so unique and the LOD is so good, you never get lost anyway. The game is VERY difficult, but never unfair.


    Pvp is quite laggy. (Co-op is fine.)
  94. Jun 18, 2012
    My first (westernized) Japanese-published game, and I was completely blown away. After having accepted my fate of countless deaths due to clever traps, incredibly exciting bosses and monsters in general, I understood the world that is Dark Souls. This game will test you, and punish you for mistakes. You're going to be both laughing and crying as a result of the many, many deaths, but it's all apart of the process.
    This game is really a gem, with choices that MATTER, being final and in many cases irreversible, and a multiplayer system that's completely different from what I was used to, but still fun and creative, allowing for both cooperative play and PvP.

    I bought this game purely because of the fact that it had been described as the "hardest video game" (or at least the spiritual successor to just that), and I have NOT been disappointed!

    I had to take one score-point off the perfect ten, because of the poor performance in Blight Town, which was a bit of an annoyance.
  95. Gow
    May 28, 2012
    Don't let this game's reputation for "extreme difficulty" discourage you! I've never been a fan of very difficult games, but Dark Souls is one of the best PS3 purchases I've ever made. The combat is reactive and fun, but this is the sort of game where offense really isn't the best defence -- if you don't keep your shield up or dodge an incoming attack, there's no forgiveness. Even standard minions might take you down a few times, but the feeling of mastery you get in this game is rarely found in others. As others have stated, you do feel genuine pride after taking down some of the harder bosses (but don't worry, they're not all that daunting).

    On the aesthetical side, the graphics and creature/weapon/stage design are all top grade. The story of the game is told with little direct exposition, but fits well in the game world which really does feel very solid.

    My first playthrough took me close to 40 hours, most of which was exploration and doing optional side bosses. It's definitely doable in far less time, but there's so much well-designed content and fun little quirks in this game that putting in some extra hours is definitely worthwhile.
  96. May 30, 2012
    I would prefer to give this game an 8.5. Great game. Love the multi-player component to it. It seemed more difficult than its predecessor, Demon Souls, to summon people however. I love that the story line was simple, diverse enemies and the look and feel of the game.
  97. Jun 16, 2012
    It's really, really good. Combat extremely hard, but incredibly satisfying; parry repast takes a lot of practice, but once you have it down, nothing makes you feel more suav. Loads of classes for easy customisation, you can truly be whatever you want! Bosses grotesque and huge, again very, very difficult, but each death spurs you on to try again (last boss took about 8 tries)! Armour looks incredible, as do high-end weapons, amazing graphics, fantastic atmosphere, and the boss soundtracks are second to none. Just watch out for the four kings! Expand
  98. Jul 18, 2012
    First of all i have to say that the story is not that good or epic. But the game play and the atmosphere is epic. First you have no clue where to go or what to do. No NPC that says go there kill X come back and then bla bla. You have all the choice's to make. The fight system is skill based so its very rewarding for skilled players and very punishing for lesser skilled people, but you get into it really quick. All in all its very good game for people who like this genre. Expand
  99. Aug 14, 2012
    First things first this game is as difficult as people have been saying but never in my life have i found a rpg or even game quite like this not only i don't rage every time i die i learn from my mistake and overcome like at the start a powerful armoured knight was guarding something i died going head on but then i found out if i lure him to the building with the ladders i could safely bombard him with firebombs and arrows i am loving this game so far and recommend this as a must buy for rpg enthusiast's or gamers who like a challenge Expand
  100. Aug 15, 2012
    This game is a HARD 10, there is no other series like the souls series in terms of smart, connected level design, brooding ambiance, and consistent controls. I cannot stress the quality of the controls enough, they are absolutely perfect. This is a game that makes no concessions for BAD PLAYERS. Repeat, if you are a bad player who has been spoiled by the glut of hand-holding, cooing sissy games that let you save anywhere without any consequences whatsoever, then GO AWAY. I wish I could stuff you all into a box and launch you into the sun, unfortunately that box would have to be **** huge considering that the majority of gamers seem to consist of these sissy man-children.

    This game takes PATIENCE. There is no sprinting through levels, jumping around like a ****ing idiot collecting rings or coins or whatever, if you want to play one of those games, take your pick of the ump-dillion sonic and mario clones out there, this is a game for real people, this game will kick each and every poser's ass until they cry about it on metacritic about why they are such bad players.

    NOTE: In the beginning, you WILL suck at this game, but if you are smart, you can get up to speed in just a few hours of play. It is extremely helpful to watch a few videos on how experienced dark souls players play the game. Remember, patience is the key. When traversing a new area, WALK. Dont sprint like an idiot, there could be curse basilisks around the corner or some other variety of ungodly horror's waiting to eat your souls.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm busy finding out what lurks within the depths of this dark tomb.

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. It would be foolish of us to pretend that Dark Souls is a game for everyone. It's perfect at what it does, but a big part of what it does is make you suffer for your mistakes. It is a harsh, uncompromising task master and you will have to work to win its approval, because it certainly won't work to win yours. [Dec 2011, p74]
  2. Jan 5, 2012
    At the end of the day Dark Souls succeeds in producing a game that is both incredibly challenging and fair.
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, Dark Souls is a more difficult, but less enjoyable (and less accessible) Demon's Souls.