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  1. Oct 9, 2011
    This is undoubtedly not a game for everyone, as I discovered. I read all the warnings about the difficulty, and the unforgiving gameplay, but figured it still sounded like my sort of game. It just isn't, and I'll tell you why. This is a game where you die a lot, and each time you do you'll redo a lot of the stuff you've just spent 30 minutes doing. And whilst you're redoing it for the second time, you'll probably die again, meaning you'll have to do it all again. And then you'll probably die again. And so it goes on.

    None of this would be a problem if I felt I was being rewarded for my time spent playing - but you just don't. In fact each time you die you have less to fight with the second time round. And this ties into my biggest problem of all. I keep reading about "the hardest game ever made", maybe so, but isn't gaming meant to be fun? This game quite isn't. I turn on my PS3 for escapism, whether it's for 10 minutes or 4 hours - all Dark Souls offers is frustration, the 4 or 5 hours I spent playing were some of the most miserable I can remember.

    A huge amount of effort has gone into this game, it looks absolutely stunning and generates an incredible atmosphere, but that's not enough for me. My advice? Rent before you buy - I've already traded my copy in.

    I know this review will get marked as unhelpful, but I think it would be to someone who isn't already a Demon Souls fan, as I can see so many of the people leaving high-scores on here are.
  2. Oct 4, 2011
    lol, well with such a giant demand of precise attention and reflexes/controls it would be nothing less than a unfair review to rate this long journey after only taking a few steps, w/ over 50 hours of gameplay i will tell you what ive seen in the few steps into this dark suicide mission part II. first of all the design and detail is noticed right off the rip. there is no doubt that this is demon souls , but back w/ a make over. visually i cant express how intimidating this world looks, and thats just part of it. the feel of an "open" world is very present giving me the feeling that i will be creeping inch by inch through a much bigger and more demanding world, dark souls. and for those who havent played demon souls well fear not, if you enjoy a game which will challenge you until you want to scream UNCLE! then this is just for you.

    it seems to pick up right where it left off but w/ more focus on combat and counter striking and let me tell you "counter" is the key word. back to demon souls, if you did not play it then it will not render your exp whatsoever , in fact it will be a pleasant surprise for die hard rpg fans. if thats you then this game should be in your console at some point or another. you will have plenty of choices, weapons,armor,shields and magic to play with, and you will learn that sometimes thinking outside the box is useful in this game. the camera angles are sometimes a bit awkward in regards to positioning but its not been an issue as of yet but it is there.

    you chose a class and start your journey, tempo has yet to be slowed by cutscenes or long interactions w/ npc's . a perfect balance so far. i will say that the online "co-op" style of unified combat is very much desired rather than a black phantom or other player coming into your game and crushing you w/o much notice. it seems that the help from one another is not only USEFUL but encouraged. i thought this game would just be demon souls w/ a splash of new , but i was wrong, this is dark souls w/ a reminder of demons souls intensity. its menu/inventory is simple and replicates the predecessor but other than that its darker and angrier. you will have fun reading and writing hints. and when in a jam, summon!

    bonfires make great "checkpoints" rather than the nexus which was demons souls "navigation" point. i love the bonfires and the way they were inserted , nicely done from software.

    combat system is more precise and the enemies are less forgiving. from shooting bows to sword strikes , upgraded from a system which was seemless to begin with.

    this is for the strong willed, ones who enjoy a challenge and let me say the trophies are very rewarding in this game, these are earned to say the least.

    great time so far, i have no complaints.. DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU OWN A PS3/360 OR P.C. and it doesnt matter if you did or didnt play demon souls, just make sure you play this. all thats required is a craving for an exp which doesnt come very often in games. a challenging and rewarding exp.. great job from software
  3. Oct 4, 2011
    omg awesome game im a huge fan of demons souls n this game is amazing not for everyone but for the few real gamers its deep and worth every penny looks lke another 2 years of my life
  4. Oct 12, 2011
    To start with let me start by saying that I love a good challenge. I like hardcore roguelikes and I enjoy dwarf fortress regularly - which is known for its difficulty. The challenge in Dark Souls consists of learning by doing - you have to test your way forth. The tutorial is minimal and the character attributes do not come with an explanation. This is brutal, considering that there is no way to "un-level" and once you blindly raise a stat, there's no way back. The gameplay reminds of "oni", with the character moving towards the direction you point with the stick on your controller. The combat requires exact reaction from the player, the time window in order to execute moves is miniscule. Add actions that stack and are executed once the character recovers from his stamina loss/long fall/etc, you'll get a confusing control to add to the games "difficulty" layer.

    I haven't enjoyed this game since I don't see the point of wasting my time without making any progress. I like the idea of challenges being hard, but since this games difficulty consists of giving the player minimal information, grind through long distances through same enemies several times once your die (you can't respawn near bosses) in order to recover your souls and demands flawless execution of actions which is not entirely without technical faults, this game is not challenging - It's just tiring.

    Understand me correctly, I think it's silly that many of todays games hold your hand through the story (for example, FPS games that let you recover health just by hiding behind an obstacle or RPG games that shows you where the destination to your quest is on a map with a pin), but this game is trying the wrong way to give a challenge. Which is a pity, because this games visuals is truly beautiful to behold.
  5. Oct 4, 2011
    Back in 2009, I spent 120+ hours of my life on Demon's Souls, and since then, I have not found its equal. As dark, challenging, and repressive as the game was, Demon's Souls still managed to feel like a breath of fresh air in the staling game market, throwing back to classic mechanics that were left in the 80s and early 90s with 8-bit, 16-bit, and arcade games. I find it interesting that Demon's Souls was far better received in North America than in its native Japan (790,000 copies in NA to Japan's 300,000, many of which were sold after the game's subsequest success overseas), as the game reflects more western RPG conventions and D&D-esque styling than the increasingly common anime-styled games that get labeled as "JRPGs." Dark Souls is a spiritual successor in the purest sense of the over-used phrase. Its controls are identical to Demon's Souls, yet they are even more precise than before. The artistic style, starting classes, soundtrack, and multiplayer options are all quite similar as well, but again, they have been tweaked to be a bit superior to that of Demon's Souls. The graphics are more detailed and crisp than ever, running in 720p or 1080i on PS3, making it one of a small handful of PS3 games that can display in 1920x1080. But the biggest change here is the open-world structure. Unlike Demon's Souls, which had the Nexus serve as a hub between several more fragmented worlds, Dark Souls has interconnected areas that form one gigantic, seemless world. It's also at least three times the size of all of Demon's Souls' areas combined, and the zones are still diverse and well-conceived. The linking of various zones works kind of like classic Metroid or Castlevania maps, where shortcuts to previous areas can be unlocked, making exploration valuable and rewarding to the overall mission. Instead of the Nexus hub zone, players can rest at bonfires, where they can also upgrade weapons and armor, among other things. Combat is also enjoyable and very deep, and enemy mobs are more varied than in Demon's Souls. In short, Dark Souls improves on every aspect of its predecessor, and with the new open-world structure, Dark Souls can easily stand up to the industry's western-developed heavy hitters (like Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls). In fact, I can honestly say that Dark Souls could steal some serious thunder from Skyrim by offering a more fresh yet hardcore approach to the genre. I also think that it's astounding that developer From Software could make lightning strike twice - it would have been far too easy for some developers to misinterpret Demon's Souls overwhelming success in North America and try too hard to tweak the subsequent formula to cater to American tastes. Instead, From Software stayed true to its original form, even deciding to increase the challenge for Dark Souls. And as one final point, let me also say this: Anyone who has not tried Demon's Souls or Dark Souls should not let the now-legendary difficulty of the series discourage them. The challenge that these games offers is not the same kind of hard-for-the-sake-of-hard frustration that some games fall victim to. Even if you are normally frustrated by difficult games, it's usually because of cheap mechanics and the feeling of having to fight the controls or poor design, and none of that is an issue with the Souls games. They just demand a little more observation, a bit of strategy and thought. From Software trusts that its gamers are intelligent, diligent, and skilled enough to handle that challenge, and that's what makes every victory in Dark Souls feel like a real achievement. The game may not be for everyone, but I would at least encourage every PS3 or XBox360 owner to try it. Expand
  6. Oct 4, 2011
    while rating a game 0 because it is not to your taste might seem like a cool move (given that it's your sole contribution to this site) but it only reveals you to be a complete non-contributor. Demon's Souls is my favorite game of this generation, and Dark Souls is a strong continuation of the basic Demon's Souls concepts. Tight, challenging gameplay, frequent deaths, and
    deep exploration. Not for those who prefer hand-holding.. this game does everything it can to make you feel alone, and hopeless in a demon infested world.. hence the whole 'role playing' thing. Probably the two most fully realized games of this generation... not to mention, for a gamer like me, two of the most satisfying. Walk slowly, exercise extreme caution, and you will be fine. If that does not work for you, then I'd definitely suggest trying a different game, but why come here and rate the game 0? foolish, and completely unhelpful trollerific nonsense that only serves to muddle the conversation. If you don't like a game, try to give a rational explanation of what doesn't work for you, and a score that your comments justify.. a 0 is nonsense, particularly for one of the best games of this generation. Expand
  7. Nov 21, 2011
    I absolutely love this game, even when I'm screaming in frustration. The sheer joy of beating a boss that has killed you over and over again is incredible. The world is so dark and foreboding that it can be unbearable at times, however it is also beautiful and sometimes peaceful. The art style and creature design is superb and the music is wonderful. There are a few negative things that I think lower the score for Dark Souls though, such as frame rate problems ( especially in Blighttown where I swear there were times when it was in the single digits) and some camera issues ( I found that the environment was constantly obstructing the camera view, especially in Blighttown). Hopefully they will release a patch in the future that will resolve these issues. I highly recommend this game to any RPG fan. Just don't let the difficulty discourage you. Expand
  8. Oct 5, 2011
    Really nothing wrong except for frame rate drops occasionally and textures could be a bit better. Story is very in depth IF you look for it. The gameplay snd combat in this gmae is stellar. Easily the best combat in any action RPG for a while.
  9. Oct 5, 2011
    If the game is as good as it is right now, 10/10. This game has shown that a company is willing to give it's audience a real challenge. While Demon's Souls was just 'unforgiving', Dark Souls is down right hard. And in this current day and age of gaming, that's what we need. If you did not heed the warning of "Prepare to die", you prove yourself another fool of our gaming society.
  10. Oct 7, 2011
    WHAT A MASTERPIECE! To all of those that give this game a bad review, the only reason why you might give it one is because you are a weak little girl. This game is for MEN, not babies, and to those that cry because the game is brilliantly designed for master players, all I have to say is you should stay away. A truly wonderful experience. A PERFECT 10+!
  11. Oct 7, 2011
    Having played demons soul before I must say this game just cant be a let down!!!sure it's not for the faint hearted gamer because it is extremely difficult and unforgiving!!! Also very frustrating but the rewards are endless and the game is just beautiful and fantastic!!!!
  12. Oct 4, 2011
    After an hour of game play from picking up this beautiful game at midnight, I have nothing but positive things to say. The graphics are amazing, the controls are much more precise than Demon's Souls were, and the enemies are no joke. An early warning for those who haven't played Demon's Souls; You are suppose to die, learn from your mistakes, and die again. I'm proud to say that I died only twice in my first hour, but without my previous experience with Demon's Souls, I would've died at least 10 times. I have a feeling that some Xbox360 players will be frustrated with Dark Souls more often because most of them didn't get a chance to play Demon's Souls. After work today, I plan on wasting my entire evening exploring Dark Souls, and possibly the next few months will be spent mastering this game as well :)

    I have this game for the PS3, so if anyone wants to join up, just send me a friend request (PSN username is the same as this one here). Remember to have fun. Good luck to all, you're gonna need it.
  13. Oct 5, 2011
    Beautiful,brutal,exciting,frustrating and satisfying are just a few words describing Dark Souls.The tightest controls I can think of and the amazing design leave me almost breathless.It has some of the best 'levels' and enemies ever seen in a game.Is it tough?Oh yes indeed,and too hard in a few places as well.Skill and perseverence are at the forefront here and this game is not for the weak or impatient.A true test of your gaming skills and destined to be remembered.A must have! Expand
  14. Oct 30, 2012
    Let's be honest for a second, here. Seriously. Ask yourself: "do I really like this game?" or "am I really enjoying this?". I think Dark Souls is the perfect example of Psychological Marketing. Developers and the media MADE US believe that suffering exhaustively with some sort of "do it again until you get good at it" business is something nice, something we want, the ideal gaming experience. It's not. Dark Souls is, no question about it, a beautiful game, challenging and well crafted. That being said, the difficulty level is just way, way too high - to a point that there's not fun at all to play it. But we do, we play, we suffer, because "they" made us believe this was the best gaming experience ever. I gave up on Dark Souls as soon as I realized that I just don't have time for this. Being a gamer in my 30s, I have pretty much 1 hour per day to play games. And I don't want to spend these precious hours hating myself or hating a game because I cannot have any fun, because of frustration. I'm no masochist, sorry. For me, the ultimate gaming experience is HAVING FUN. And there's [almost] no fun to be had in Dark Souls, sorry. Expand
  15. Oct 9, 2011
    Dark Souls is a MASTERPIECE. It's dark, twisted, beautiful, incredibly imaginative and a true challenge. The sense of accomplishment in this game makes all of the hardship and failure totally and utterly worth it. When you finally beat the massive demon that took you 20+ tries or even when you kill a group of the undead, you will feel so amazingly accomplished. The skill, strategy and patience involved is downright brilliant. The controls are tight and very responsive; even more so than Demon's Souls. The weapons, both old and new, are awesome and fun to upgrade. The armor is more varied and in some cases, makes your character look like a total badass. The leveling up lets you decide what to enhance, making you able to, for instance, wield a certain weapon, move quicker, have more stamina etc. The environments are absolutely breathtaking. Some areas are bright vistas full of light colors and some areas are dank, depressing and destroyed. The world adds to the feel. It really feels like you are in the immersive world of Dark Souls. If you like RPG's(It isn't even that complicated), mid-evil environments, smart combat, strategy and a truly satisfying challenge, then this game is one of the best and most engrossing games you will ever experience. Expand
  16. Oct 18, 2011
    Like my poor wanderer after the hundredth death at the hands of undead, I'm split in two over Dark Souls. On one hand, it is challenging, beautiful, complex, and a worthy sequel to Demon's Souls. On the other hand, the game's glitchy hit mechanics, dropped frame rates, and broken targeting system make a near perfect challenge feel like a mistake. Don't get me wrong - I'm about 60 hours in, and enjoying every minute of the fight. Even the cursed frogs in the game's depths, growing in their infamy with every angry gamer on the web, only felt like a welcome side adventure to explore an underwater city filled with previously impervious ghosts. But when an AI skeleton suddenly falls through a wall, a self-healing dragon miniboss glitches to its death with one arrow, and I can't see how close that poison blowdart is to my skull because the frames have dropped yet again, the challenge feels lopsided. Dark Souls is purposeful in every unfair death, up to the point where my PS3 seems incapable of handing the evil and freezes yet again.

    I almost want to make the argument these glitches are part of the gaming experience, that the designers of From Software wanted to throw us abused players a bone with every enemy who doesn't notice the archer shooting from out of their AI radius. This is probably not the case, but one can hope. All the programming mistakes aside, I could say Dark Souls is the most involved action RPG since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, with every corner hiding a secret and a battle system that has no end to its variety. There is no perfect weapon combination or stat build for your character, only a giant field of possibility to get you through the next seemingly impossibly area. A poisonous swamp? I be there's some poison resistant shadow clothes somewhere. A lava field? Hmm, how can I walk through fire...

    The storytelling, though scarce in dialogue, comes mainly from your own actions, making a hero's journey that other games can't match. Most games borrow heavily from other mediums, like film, to tug at your heartstrings or amp up the excitement. Most of Dark Souls' quests are self chosen - try to infiltrate the dark forest or delve into dangerous caverns first? Should you join this NPC's covenant and define how the next 8 hours will be spent, changing the outcome of a drastically long game? "Heavy Rain" tried, somewhat successfully, to force your empathy for predefined characters by giving you loose control of an 8 hour film, pushing the player onwards no matter what mistakes they made. Dark Souls makes you py for those mistakes, making them feel like real consequences. The adventure is imposing and up to you - and its excellent battle system keeps it exciting every deadly step of the way.

    Almost. In a game this unforgiving, every moment must be calculated, and it's hard to do that when you can kill difficult enemies from afar or glitch out their AI. It's cheating a great system. Conversely, if my sword is nowhere near that wall yet still bounces back, I'm being cheated. I'm giving this game a mixed review, with the acknowledgment of my love for it. I'll plow on, mistakes aside, through my second quest, because I know it has more depths than the mariana trench (or a certain new elder scrolls game with a placid difficulty curve and blandly familiar game experiences). If you can see past the problems, through the dropped frames, you'll find the greatest game of this year.
  17. Oct 9, 2011
    Inferior to the original in every way. After the initial "tutorial" area (which is reminiscent of the original and well-executed), I ran into a multitude of problems. Within a span of five minutes, I got stuck in a tombstone, attacked by teleporting skeletons (not INTENTIONALLY teleporting skeletons, which I'd be cool with), had my vision blocked by a giant crow, encountered massive slowdown and fell through a flight of stairs causing the game to lock up (and after restarting the system the game proceeded to berate me for turning it off without saving). I plan on changing this review if/when a patch comes out, but the game is completely unplayable for me at the moment. It's like trying to play Super Meat Boy with a trackball. I've tested 2 copies of the game on 3 separate PS3's, so it's not an isolated issue. Whomever was responsible for QA should be fired.

    Also, judging by other people's comments, it seems like user reviews are being pulled from the site...? What kind of crap is that?
  18. Oct 4, 2011
    Really enjoying the game. I have to agree with aspentitan though, I was expecting a hard copy of the mini-guide w/ the preorder. I happen to work in a studio where i could mock up a perfect bound copy of the mini-guide but it was quite a bit of work and i'm a little nuts that way. Really weird page sizes though.
    anyway, I'm not about to lower the score for the game though... Rugged game,
    as advertised. tempted to give a 10, but its against my own personal game rating code. Expand
  19. Oct 4, 2011
    Just dont even bother reading sony360gamer's review. He is in a tiny majority of 'child minded' people who dont understand that this game is meant to be hard, and be challenging. Not just your simple singleplayer game which you can breeze through in a couple of days (with your eyes closed). The concept of the now open world in Dark Souls is utterly brilliant allowing for the game to flow, the graphics are very nice indeed along with the extremely tight combat which you wont get in Skyrim. Even after all of that its the bosses that make the game for me, they are so unique and unbelievably hard to conquer on your first playthrough. Finally the way this game intergrates multiplayer into the singleplayer game is just brilliant (it was in Demons Souls too) as you can invade other peoples world, be invaded and also see blood stains from where people have died in their game. Overall this is my favourite game of all time and i severely hope there is another. Expand
  20. Oct 5, 2011
    Brutal, intense, challenging yet equally immersive, beautiful, rewarding...Yes, this is a game that takes patience and determination to overcome even the most basic areas that would be considered "easy" in other games. I played 2009's Demon's Souls, and while I never completed that game, I was excited to play this one. Level design, character models, enemy design, detail in graphics and textures have all been improved. You owe it to yourself to enjoy this beautiful nightmare... Expand
  21. Oct 13, 2011
    If you played and loved Demon's Souls, don't bother reading the rest of this message and get Dark Souls NOW. For the rest of you, let me say I read A LOT of reviews and I'd like to point out a few things, as objectively as I can.
    The game is not difficult in itself, it has very clear mechanics, and the players are given options to counter these mechanics. It's not "Ninja Gaiden" difficult,
    where you need to memorize gazillions of combos and execute them in an instant. It's more of a "watch your opponent closely, observe his movements, how he holds his weapon, and if you make a wrong decision/move you die" difficult.
    If you know/have played EvE Online, well then DS is to other RPG's what EvE is to MMOs. You don't spam skills after you built up your character talent tree, you choose your armor and weapon based on "realistic" weight/damage/armor ratio. A two handed weapon and a plate armor makes you tough and hard hitting, but moving will be a problem (and in DS you want to be mobile).
    Pick a Sword, and your attack will be a swinging slash. Pick a Spear, your attack will be a thrust forward. In a narrow corridor for example, equipping a sword will be a problem, whereas wielding a spear will be more indicated. A blunt weapon will do more damage to skeletons and constructs then other damage types. That's how the game is built. Choice of weapon is yours, pick the right one for the right challenge. Magic does not deplete your mana bar like it's predecessor. Instead you have a limited number of uses (reminds me of old time pen&paper D&D).
    Bosses are sometimes cruel, sometime easy, depending on your build (magic vs. melee, but you can have a bit of both) and reflexes. If you get your ass kicked too easily in a zone, then you should probably try to go elsewhere first and come back later.
    The only little flaws i can point out are: Inventory could have been improved a bit (for example, to consume souls in your inventory you still have to open it again for each soul), the fact that the amount of souls required to level up is not shown anymore is annoying (you'll need a mix of good memory and guessing to plan a safe trip back to a bonefire), and sometimes the camera angle is really at your disadvantage, especially when you have an enemy locked. But that's not enough to stop me from giving this game a 10 (9.5 would have been perfect, but 9 is not enough).
  22. Oct 18, 2011
    This game is stunning both in presentation, game mechanics, and controls. A spiritual successor to 'Demon's Souls', this game improves upon nearly every aspect of the former game (which was also a fantastic game). Let's talk difficulty - yes, it's tough. Really tough. But, it is also in most all cases fair. The game requires you to invest yourself into it in a way most games do not. You need to be observant of both your surroundings and enemies attacks. You need to manage what you are wearing and what is equipped at all times as different areas require different strategies and defenses. That being said, you have many options on how you want to build your character depending on your play style. The sense of accomplishment you get upon each new area you have mastered or boss you have defeated is glorious. You will die. Often. But, in this game, what does kill you - makes you stronger. You learn from each defeat and come back a little wiser and eventually a little stronger. When you come back to enemies later in the game that you thought were so difficult and now dispatch them easily, it's an awesome feeling. Do not miss this game and do not fear the challenge. It is worth all your efforts and is easily a game you can sink dozens of hours into (I'm 70 hrs in). The graphics and atmosphere draw you into a beautiful and terrifying world unlike any other. What's around that next bend...dare I look? Enjoy this instant masterpiece. Expand
  23. Nov 1, 2011
    This is, quite simply, one of the most stunning and beutiful games ever created. Dark Souls is a very hard game, but, as with any game perserverance prevails. As you play through, you will find the game does actually give the player some respite ( like obvious level up spots) and isnt as punishing as first thought. The combat to be fair, is a little tricky to start with, but is easy to get used to. Those who complain about the combat and aggresive AI, and rated it low for those reasons, simply are not good enough to play Dark Souls, therefore its a problem with the player and not the game. There are some glitchy AI moments ( like enemies falling off cliffs ect) but thats a good thing given the game is punishing at times. Overall, if you even remotely like the style of this game, then be prepared to be blown away with ecitement, frustration and relief in one rollercoaster of emotions, with gaming moments you will never, ever forget. This game is far beyond the reach of its pretenders. Expand
  24. Oct 6, 2011
    This game is amazing. It challenges you to actually think about what you are fighting look at the AI and see how they behave and then react to it. There are tons of improvements to the game play, and lots of fun changes. The AI is aggressive, cheap, and very zombie-like, meaning if you can goat them they will fall off cliffs trying to get at you. My favorite thing to do with them is to just kick them off a cliff watching a zombie spartan fall to their doom. The only downsides for me are that the blood stains no longer give you a red shadow of the player, and that you gave to use items to leave messages for other players instead of just writing and recommending them. You must experience this game if you are up for a challenge. Expand
  25. Oct 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dark souls and Demons souls are the best rpg games ever made,if you want something very very strong here is the chance.But you must know that these game are very dificult games. Expand
  26. Oct 6, 2011
    I hope they never stop creating this kind of games. It's the rebirth of a genre and it's the best of it's kind. The toughness, the strategies, the possibilities, the graphics, the enemies, the combat, everything is as superior as you can get.
  27. Oct 5, 2011
    This game is extremely fun, but in my opinion it's a game that has to suit your personality. I am a stubborn person; if its winter and I'm cold and wet, then screw it I'm fine. If I don't get a goal this game, then I'll get a goal and an assist the next one. This is why Dark Souls is great! It's for people like me where, if you fail (which you will) you will get back in the ring for round two...three...ten! You will master this game eventually, eventually you will make this game your **** not the other way around. You have fun getting your ass handed to you, but then later that boss will be no match for you. Controls are as responsive as they should be. Motions like 'sprint' and 'roll' are 1:1, which is perfect because those will be your best friend. The art style is amazing, and the level design is very seamless. Although every area is distinctly different, they still have a similar style where you know you are in the same world. I am docking one mark off and giving it a 9/10 because the menu is inferior to Demon's Souls and I am far slower with it. Also some audio just sounds cheap. SOME! It is mostly good, but somethings like grass for example sounds like you are rubbing two winter coats together.

    This game is not for the faint of heart - but it is full of heart - you will lose a lot, possibly get a bit frustrated, but once you get good (even DS vets will have a bit to get used to) its just an amazing action JRPG.
  28. Oct 7, 2011
    Dark Souls is Hard. Very Hard but even though I've died over 100 times. I never thought my deaths were cheap and I always learned from my mistakes. This game is unbelievably addictive and the combat is flawless. the Graphics are beautiful and the online component is unique and well executed , What more is there to say? In my eyes Dark souls is a perfect game and if you;re up for the challenge it's a must have Expand
  29. Feb 16, 2012
    Amazing game. Sunk 80 hours on first play through and there's no fat. Great combat, amazing atmosphere and some of the most rewarding moments playing a game. It's very difficult but in a good way--not hard like we just throw a ton of enemies at you--more like "it's a dangerous place out there and we warned you." Definitely pick up this game!
  30. Oct 6, 2011
    Awesome game that's all. Hoping it becomes goty. great controls and enhanced graphics. i loved demon's souls and i really really really love this one.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 52 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. It would be foolish of us to pretend that Dark Souls is a game for everyone. It's perfect at what it does, but a big part of what it does is make you suffer for your mistakes. It is a harsh, uncompromising task master and you will have to work to win its approval, because it certainly won't work to win yours. [Dec 2011, p74]
  2. Jan 5, 2012
    At the end of the day Dark Souls succeeds in producing a game that is both incredibly challenging and fair.
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, Dark Souls is a more difficult, but less enjoyable (and less accessible) Demon's Souls.