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  1. Dec 22, 2011
    Dark Souls is like candy for my brain. Unlike many mainstream games these days, Dark Souls will NOT let you progress unless you actively learn and adapt. If you lose your patience and try to rush into encounters Dark Souls will make you pay AND make you regret it. Dark Souls delivers a solid and fair rule set and it's sheer joy clawing your way through it's brutal passageways.
  2. Oct 10, 2011
    Excellent Game. Gameplay sucks you in.. It's challenging, combat is extremely precise and meticulous, and for an Action-RPG nothing gets better.. No to complicated inventories/menus/reading/etc... Straight to the action/combat!

    No holding-hand, you have to discover everything by yourself just like the old days (that's the essence of gaming, how it all started) and most importantly once
    you start, it 'sucks' you in.. Maybe it isn't for everyone, since not all have the patience but what is for sure is that every time you die, its definably, always, your fault...

    Few issues such as random 'freezes' can occur while you are connected online but nothing alarming and with a patch it can all be fine-tuned..

    If you give it a try, this game will change you.. It will inevitably change your perception of gaming as a whole, and it will alter your pleasure when it comes to gaming in general.. I have played and beat demon's souls... and it had a big impact on me..
    Dark Souls, while not a revolution but an evolution of Demon's Souls, will have a deeper one...

    Everyone should give it a try.. It's special and unlike anything today in the Video Gaming Industry...
  3. Oct 11, 2011
    This Game is NOT for everyone. I suggest a rent before you buy. If your up for a frustrating, time consuming challenge, you'll love this game. It has a different style of game play and pace. It takes patients and maybe a few controllers. I like this game because of its originality. Don't expect to play this thinking your the King of Video games and you'll fly through it. Its not actually the game that is hard, its the system that is used when you do die. there are no continues, no re-tries, no mulligans. Just start back at the beginning and try again, like trial and error. The actually enemies are easy to beat, but do you have the patients to kill them 100 times until you finally make it through. Give it a try and maybe you'll enjoy it too. Expand
  4. Oct 7, 2011
    WHAT A MASTERPIECE! To all of those that give this game a bad review, the only reason why you might give it one is because you are a weak little girl. This game is for MEN, not babies, and to those that cry because the game is brilliantly designed for master players, all I have to say is you should stay away. A truly wonderful experience. A PERFECT 10+!
  5. Feb 20, 2012
    We have a title that separates the common players, being a totally hardcore experience essential for those seeking challenge and innovative proposals without leaving aside the depth. More than 60 hours of natural incentive to campaign, holding and a DC voltage, which serves as motivation for the player to continue enjoying this memorable work. As if not enough, we have one of the most interesting of this generation systems online and that definitely will serve as inspiration for the coming games. Dark Souls may not be a game for everyone, but if you leave, he quietly sugará their soul. Prepare to die. Expand
  6. Feb 10, 2012
    A paradigm of game design, though challenging. You will die, so a word of advice, spend those souls before you lose them. Read the Dark Souls wiki, it will help a lot.
  7. Oct 16, 2011
    Its as simple as this. not a **** like swords and stuff? if so then this will be your choice for game of the year. UTTERLY fantastic! ......................................................................................................................................
  8. May 25, 2012
    Perfect. I give Dark Souls a 5/5. Never have I felt so accomplished from beating a video game. The world of Lordan is a terrifying place to explore, danger is around every corner. I wish more RPGs would draw inspiration from this game. I cannot praise it enough.
  9. Oct 11, 2011
    This game is amazing and extremely difficult. if you do not enjoy challenging games, like that of the NES era, then you will not appreciate the learning curve of this game. If you want a balls to the wall, hardcore 3rd person RPG, then dark souls if for you. Would highly recommend the strategy guide
  10. Oct 10, 2011
    Having beaten Demon's Souls, I was very excited for this game, and it has not let me down. Having the bonfires placed around as quasi safe spots reminds me of the old resident evil days, when you were just waiting to find a typewriter. The atmosphere is much darker even though the color pallet is (in many places) much brighter. Can't wait to finish it!
  11. Jul 25, 2012
    This is how to do a sequel..... All the core mechanics of dark souls have been tweaked and tuned and the experience is an in depth, highly complex and rewarding experience. The atmosphere is beautiful and bleak, creating a game that makes you feel like you are truly alone, with no hand-holding guidance from the developers. Evolving the Demon Souls formula of a central hub into an open world experience has worked perfectly, allowing the player to experiment with the world rather than be tied to any linear quests. That said, the online mechanics remain fairly similar, relying on other players on similarly lonely quests to help you through the game. Here the multiplayer does an excellent job of allowing players to interact and help each other out through a novel and understated set of game mechanics which are perfectly suited to the Dark Souls world. Without giving too much away, the multiplayer is a must for this game,since without the hints and occasional help from friendly phantoms your experience could be a very frustrating one.
    For some players this will be a confusing and irritating experience. With no guidance and an exceptionally high difficulty level I can imagine controllers being thrown through TV screens. However, this is a game of patience, endurance and reward - something that is rare in console gaming of late.
  12. Oct 7, 2011
    Having played demons soul before I must say this game just cant be a let down!!!sure it's not for the faint hearted gamer because it is extremely difficult and unforgiving!!! Also very frustrating but the rewards are endless and the game is just beautiful and fantastic!!!!
  13. Nov 10, 2011
    Superb in every way, it takes everything good that was in Demon's Souls and makes it better and more impressive. Stunning visuals, unparalleled sense of discovery (nothing feels quite like stumbling upon a boss or a shortcut or any other secret game have) and absolutely massive amount of content makes it one of 2-3 top games of this generation.
  14. May 8, 2012
    I have been playing this game for 60 hours nearly, level 79. I love this game. Frustrating? Yes. Difficult? Yes. Rewarding? Yes. Atmospheric? Yes? And, easier than Demon's Souls? Yes. But still brilliant, a must-play for this generation of consoles.
  15. Jan 26, 2012
    Darks souls is by far one of the greatest action RPGs to grace the home console, it's not for the fainthearted either, ruthlessness lies deep within the experience, as you will soon notice. What kind of game welcomes you open armed, with a good pummelling, and hair shredding enemies, it's not long before your reminded mentally with the words "prepare to die", oh right yes the warnings on the box, and it seems many didn't go down the avenue of digging the info, before trekking deep into this mammoth ass kicking world. Dark souls is vast itch great, mythical, dark, yet beautifull dreamed up locales, as you deeper, and deeper, your greeted by campfires that offers little salvation than to level up, heal, upgrade weapons, and a deep breath from the achievement that fact that you waged to advance forward, after an attack from the fearless beasts, and gigantic hordes. The game s huge,and rewarding, and implements a new direction for rpg lovers, it boldly steps up the antics, and can't wait to see what's next. Giving it 10 because t truly deserves it, yes theirs always niggles for some, but after playing many games, the niggles are minuscule. Expand
  16. Sep 2, 2012
    I remember being in the 'demon souls club' (I just made the up), the days following the release of the game. Awestruck by its greatness. And now countless other get to enjoy the gameplay of Souls. There is no other game,gameplay, atmosphere, and world better than dark souls. It stands alone in numerous areas. Most games can't even stand alone in one. Although Demons Souls will still be the game that I was most immersed in in 25 years of video gaming, Dark Souls beats it in most ways. And the difficulty is high, but that's part where the immersion comes from. I still go back to it, and once again I'm perfectly happy playing the same section over and I've again once again. One of the best games ever made. One rule: you must be a hardcore gamer. Expand
  17. Dec 29, 2011
    Simply one of the best games ever made. Its beautiful, its brutal, its fun, its unforgiving, its satisfying, its everything you can desire from a game. Dark Souls deserves all the praise it gets.
  18. Oct 12, 2011
    After reading bad reviews about graphical/system/bad pathing errors I was going to give the game a 9, but considering it has easily over 60 hours of gameplay, there is no way it deserves anything less than a 10. I purchased RAGE at the same time and beat that in a measly 12 hours on hard. This game has become an obsession that I can't let go of. After getting over the frustration ( I broke my ps3 controller in half ), I've come to absolutely love this game. I'm 36 hours in and not even half way done yet. Once you realize what this game is all about you should love it also. Expand
  19. Nov 4, 2011
    Near perfect game, not as hard as demon souls though which is a little disappointing but other than that This is one of the best games out this year and everyone should pick this up.
  20. Mar 27, 2013
    The game is almost entirely skill based. UNTIL YOU LEARN HOW TO PLAY WELL YOU WILL DIE A LOT. A lot of friends I recommend this game to get frustrated at the first real boss/area. I tell them to power through and the ones that do have come to absolutely love the game. Once you learn how to exploit the game mechanics you will stop dying so much. Don't get me wrong, you will die still, but not nearly as often. Sometimes the game is "cheap" as in it instakills you out of nowhere. Just know this, anything you can do to the enemies they can and will do to you. So in that respect, I don't consider it "cheap" but rather a more immersive experience. The story is there if you really want to explore it, but generally speaking it takes a backseat to gameplay. The map is designed in such a way that will blow your mind. So, the game is awesome. End of story. Expand
  21. Oct 4, 2011
    Back in 2009, I spent 120+ hours of my life on Demon's Souls, and since then, I have not found its equal. As dark, challenging, and repressive as the game was, Demon's Souls still managed to feel like a breath of fresh air in the staling game market, throwing back to classic mechanics that were left in the 80s and early 90s with 8-bit, 16-bit, and arcade games. I find it interesting that Demon's Souls was far better received in North America than in its native Japan (790,000 copies in NA to Japan's 300,000, many of which were sold after the game's subsequest success overseas), as the game reflects more western RPG conventions and D&D-esque styling than the increasingly common anime-styled games that get labeled as "JRPGs." Dark Souls is a spiritual successor in the purest sense of the over-used phrase. Its controls are identical to Demon's Souls, yet they are even more precise than before. The artistic style, starting classes, soundtrack, and multiplayer options are all quite similar as well, but again, they have been tweaked to be a bit superior to that of Demon's Souls. The graphics are more detailed and crisp than ever, running in 720p or 1080i on PS3, making it one of a small handful of PS3 games that can display in 1920x1080. But the biggest change here is the open-world structure. Unlike Demon's Souls, which had the Nexus serve as a hub between several more fragmented worlds, Dark Souls has interconnected areas that form one gigantic, seemless world. It's also at least three times the size of all of Demon's Souls' areas combined, and the zones are still diverse and well-conceived. The linking of various zones works kind of like classic Metroid or Castlevania maps, where shortcuts to previous areas can be unlocked, making exploration valuable and rewarding to the overall mission. Instead of the Nexus hub zone, players can rest at bonfires, where they can also upgrade weapons and armor, among other things. Combat is also enjoyable and very deep, and enemy mobs are more varied than in Demon's Souls. In short, Dark Souls improves on every aspect of its predecessor, and with the new open-world structure, Dark Souls can easily stand up to the industry's western-developed heavy hitters (like Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls). In fact, I can honestly say that Dark Souls could steal some serious thunder from Skyrim by offering a more fresh yet hardcore approach to the genre. I also think that it's astounding that developer From Software could make lightning strike twice - it would have been far too easy for some developers to misinterpret Demon's Souls overwhelming success in North America and try too hard to tweak the subsequent formula to cater to American tastes. Instead, From Software stayed true to its original form, even deciding to increase the challenge for Dark Souls. And as one final point, let me also say this: Anyone who has not tried Demon's Souls or Dark Souls should not let the now-legendary difficulty of the series discourage them. The challenge that these games offers is not the same kind of hard-for-the-sake-of-hard frustration that some games fall victim to. Even if you are normally frustrated by difficult games, it's usually because of cheap mechanics and the feeling of having to fight the controls or poor design, and none of that is an issue with the Souls games. They just demand a little more observation, a bit of strategy and thought. From Software trusts that its gamers are intelligent, diligent, and skilled enough to handle that challenge, and that's what makes every victory in Dark Souls feel like a real achievement. The game may not be for everyone, but I would at least encourage every PS3 or XBox360 owner to try it. Expand
  22. Oct 14, 2011
    From Software makes games the way they think they should be and they don't listen to complaining fans. And I'm glad they do it this way. This game is the ultimate in percision and thinking of how your going to overcome your opponent. Each enemy is a challenge and a puzzle. Demon Souls is a great game, and I appreciate how the percision in Dark Souls is more critical then it was in Demon Souls. This game scares me, makes me jump, pisses me the heck, and it is totally worth the $60 dollar price tag, and the $30 dollar new controller price tag that comes with throwing the controller in complete frustration when you get powned by 15 of the weakest enemies in the game. The world is different in demon souls and encourages exploring, however I'm discouraged to go further and die. This game is great and will easily zap 100 hours of your life away and more. Graphics, sound, and mechanics are great in my opinion. I have nothing bad to say except the game should come with a controller to replace the broken one, because this is a game worth losing a controller by throwing it across the room. BEWARE: BUTTONS SMASHERS WILL HATE THIS GAME. IT TAKES CONCENTRATION AND PERCISION TO PLAY THIS GAME. Expand
  23. Oct 4, 2011
    omg awesome game im a huge fan of demons souls n this game is amazing not for everyone but for the few real gamers its deep and worth every penny looks lke another 2 years of my life
  24. Oct 9, 2011
    Well, don't listen to the people saying that there is no skill involved. It's ALL skill. Not even kidding, I started playing, and beat the first boss an hour later without dying once. Exlain that, if it's all trial and error. This game requires caution, a sharp wit, and sharper reflexes, but there is NO luck, and trial and error has almost nothing to do with Dark Souls. Guess what? Some games, the best games, like Dark Souls, require more than bloodlust and Monster Energy drinks to beat.

    In most rpg's or action games when I find a new shield, I think "huh, a shield" and it goes into my pack to sell later. In Dark Souls and Demon's Souls when I find a new shield I think "OMG! Yes! A shield! I'll keep it forever!" This game demands that you acknowledge that you're weak, and that you can only win with tactics and critical thought:

    "Huh? There's a giant metal boar-demon-thing guarding the gate? Maybe instead of trying to run up and smack it (hint, your sword will bounce, and it will skewer you), you should try luring it away, then sprinting for a hidden door!

    The thing most people don't mention is just how amazing and beautiful the environments are, especially in HD. Every fricking brick and plank looks awesome, and this game has some of the most breathtaking vistas I've ever seen in a sandbox game. And everything is so wonderfully gothic and depressing looking, it never ceases to amaze. The controls are even better than in Demon's Souls (no small feat, seeing as the original DS was very polished as well), and you'll find a slew of subtle easter eggs for long-time King's Field and Demon's Souls fans.
  25. Oct 5, 2011
    Beautiful,brutal,exciting,frustrating and satisfying are just a few words describing Dark Souls.The tightest controls I can think of and the amazing design leave me almost breathless.It has some of the best 'levels' and enemies ever seen in a game.Is it tough?Oh yes indeed,and too hard in a few places as well.Skill and perseverence are at the forefront here and this game is not for the weak or impatient.A true test of your gaming skills and destined to be remembered.A must have! Expand
  26. Nov 7, 2011
    This game is like it predecessor beautiful and challenging. Even for veterans of Demon Souls most of the monsters and bosses are completely fresh and innovative. It is hard, but not something most adults can handle with enough trial and error, and if you can you get the ability to summon other people relatively early, after second boss counting the tutorial one, thus gives yourself and opportunity to cheat yourself true the game if you don't think your good enough, or need a guide. Also the bonefires makes progressing a lot easier as you don't have to redo as much as in the previous game. Looking at the negative comments the conclusion from these is eider that the people are too young, too impatient or simply one of the very few who can't complete hard content after enough trials, which is rather puzzling as the two first bosses has easy ways to beat them in less than 1 min. However, for veterans from Demon Souls, one can quickly adjust and rush parts of the game because it's many similarities, but the new environment and at times puzzling layout makes it just as much a mind game as a combat game, making those "old types of mobs" feel like a part of the puzzle. Expand
  27. Oct 6, 2011
    Awesome game that's all. Hoping it becomes goty. great controls and enhanced graphics. i loved demon's souls and i really really really love this one.
  28. Dec 22, 2011
    Brilliant game -- if you like challenges, enjoy action RPGs, you should not miss this or its predecessor. Between the wide options of character design and PvP, should provide 100s of hrs of fun.
  29. Jun 16, 2012
    My all-time favorite game, but not without flaws. Dark Souls is deep, and immensely rewarding, even after 400+hours. The combat is weighty and strategic. The atmosphere is dark and foreboding. And no game offers such a sense of satisfaction as your advance through each level and boss. However, there are a few flaws. 1) Online suffers from lag, which rears its ugly head in the form of lagstabs during PvP. This can get frustraing. 2) Sometimes your attacks get queued at the worst moments (Your press "Attack" button, only nothing happens. A few moments later, your attack finally registers at the worst possible time, leaving you open for counter.) 3) Camera can get janky and lead to deaths, although this can be fixed in the settings. 4) Bed of Chaos.... enough said. Overall, the lag is my biggest complaint to an otherwise fantastic game. Expand
  30. Feb 4, 2012
    Many people in their reviews talk about how these games' (Dark Souls and Demons Souls) difficulty take them back to an older age of gaming, when every game was either nearly impossible to beat or simply never ended. In many ways this is true. But these two games, and especially Dark Souls, harken back to that time in more ways than just their difficulty. They don't pride themselves on their complicated stories or their beautiful graphics or their hyper-realism like some games do. They take you back to a time when you didn't need millions of dollars worth of graphics and cutscenes to enjoy the simple pleasure of just playing through a videogame. They give you a short movie explaining the backstory of their world and the premise of the game, they let you create an avatar of your ideal character, be it someone who looks just like you or completely different, they present the basic gameplay mechanics and controls that you'll need, and then they take you to this dark, beautiful world they've created and just let you play. And for that reason this is, in my humble opinion, one of the best examples of videogaming as an art form. It is a game that you can immerse yourself in for hours, simply because of the joy of playing, and exploring a new world completely unlike your own, without constant interruptions by NPCs and cutscenes trying to shove more of the plot down your throat. In short, this is a videogame, and a damn good one. Expand
  31. Oct 6, 2011
    This game is amazing. It challenges you to actually think about what you are fighting look at the AI and see how they behave and then react to it. There are tons of improvements to the game play, and lots of fun changes. The AI is aggressive, cheap, and very zombie-like, meaning if you can goat them they will fall off cliffs trying to get at you. My favorite thing to do with them is to just kick them off a cliff watching a zombie spartan fall to their doom. The only downsides for me are that the blood stains no longer give you a red shadow of the player, and that you gave to use items to leave messages for other players instead of just writing and recommending them. You must experience this game if you are up for a challenge. Expand
  32. Nov 9, 2011
    Casual gamers stick to prancing around your living rooms with your girlie Wii games because this game requires you to seriously MAN UP and is a must buy for any Hardcore RPG fans .Dark Souls gives you nothing, tell you nothing and shows you nothing at the beginning but persistence and determination reaps rewards and satisfaction like you wouldn't believe..... love it. ( hate it sometimes) ... Masterclass Expand
  33. Oct 4, 2011
    while rating a game 0 because it is not to your taste might seem like a cool move (given that it's your sole contribution to this site) but it only reveals you to be a complete non-contributor. Demon's Souls is my favorite game of this generation, and Dark Souls is a strong continuation of the basic Demon's Souls concepts. Tight, challenging gameplay, frequent deaths, and
    deep exploration. Not for those who prefer hand-holding.. this game does everything it can to make you feel alone, and hopeless in a demon infested world.. hence the whole 'role playing' thing. Probably the two most fully realized games of this generation... not to mention, for a gamer like me, two of the most satisfying. Walk slowly, exercise extreme caution, and you will be fine. If that does not work for you, then I'd definitely suggest trying a different game, but why come here and rate the game 0? foolish, and completely unhelpful trollerific nonsense that only serves to muddle the conversation. If you don't like a game, try to give a rational explanation of what doesn't work for you, and a score that your comments justify.. a 0 is nonsense, particularly for one of the best games of this generation. Expand
  34. Jun 7, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ok, I will start with that Dark Souls is defiantly not perfect. But I can't seem to give it a lower score than a 10. I guess maybe it's because any game that can keep you indulged for over 300 hours is worth a 10 in my book. The game isn't all THAT hard, it's just people are use to easy ass games that we have today. The game is challenging that is for sure. You can't just mash the R1 button and get away with it. You will die. Some parts of this game ARE cheap however. These parts are not difficult but very cheap. But for the most part it's just difficult with some cheap areas. You will never truly feel powerful in this game no matter if you are level 1 or if you are level 600 hundred. I'm not sure but I killed an online player and I got like 300 million souls and it was weird because I leveled my character with these souls and the enemies seemed to be just as strong if not stronger than they were before. I tested this as well. I made a new game and leveled up only to level 13 and I fought Orinstein and Smough and it seems to me that the first time I fought them I was level 40 and when I was level 13 it felt the same. Another thing I don't like is when you kill someone online and receive millions upon millions of souls, it was because they cheated to get those souls, and when you kill them and get those souls it kind of breaks the game, because it's not like you are going to not use the souls that you received, and this kind of pissed me off because it happened to me many times where I'd kill someone online and receive a ridiculous amount of souls that when I leveled my level 50 character I was able to level him from 50 to like level 300 hundred and even one time I received the max souls for killing on online person so now i'm at like level 6 hundred and something. But the funny thing is that, even though my character is almost maxed out, it is still a hard game. Ever since I spent these souls and almost maxed out my character, it seems enemies can kill me in like 2 hits. So in a way it's actually harder than it was when I was at level 50. Leveling up to me doesn't really do much. The best way is to level up your armor and weapons, because leveling yourself up seems to make the game harder. Which is good. The only thing that matters is if you have enough strength to even hold a certain weapon that you like and upgrade it. People say the Drake sword is good.. yeah it is, but not for long. The Drake sword actually sucks even if you max it out. On New Game+ the Drake sword is useless. But by the time you are at New Game+you should have way better weapons anyway. The enemy that I hated the most was those skeleton wheel things. They aren't so bad in the catacombs but in the painting of aramis(or whatever) they are a real pain in the ass. I'm not going to lie this game WILL at some point frustrate you, and you will hate it, but it's a hate that you will love ( yes that makes sense) I don't know how many times I wanted to throw my PS3 controller, but then you laugh at how mad this game will make you. Like I said there ARE cheap deaths in this game, but for the most part it's just challenging. Don't go into Dark Souls and think you are tough **** The first time you get cursed you will feel like killing That's what I like about this game though. In other games you get cursed or something and it doesn't really matter because it will wear off. If you get cursed in this game you are actually cursed... You will get only half of your health bar until you find a cure. This can be a **** because if you kill the guy in New Londo ruins ( to get the key early) he's the only one in the game that can heal your curse, and you can buy purging items from the guy at the first bell, but he only has 4 items that will release this curse. there is also a ring that you wear that if you die it will undo the curse. But if you kill the new londo guy and run out of curse items, then you will have to do the rest of the game with only half of your health bar... So yes the game will punish you if you do stupid things. which is good. If you haven't played the game yet I suggest to you that if you DO play it to not kill any of the NPCs the first play through because you might regret it... I killed the first merchant in undeadburg because I thought he was weird, and I regretted it because I couldn't buy the things that I needed to. Defiantly don't kill any blacksmiths because that you will no doubt regret.
    The story itself is amazing, that is if you read item descriptions ( they don't hand the story to you) However both the endings of this game are weird, because it doesn't explain much, but you may understand it if you take the time and read and listen to NPCs. The first play through I didn't know what was going on. The 2nd play through I understood almost everything.. You have to buy this game just to experience it. it is an amazing game that is no doubt a great experience...
  35. Nov 4, 2011
    I read everything about Dark Souls. After my Demons Souls Platinum, I thought it would be another clone. Developers said Dark Souls would be hard, much harder than its predecessor. They were right. You heard this a lot of times but this game is brutal. This game is not a refreshing thing to do when you are tired in the end of your workday. Youll be punished every time that your shield is down, every time that you decided to take that dark route instead staying in your way. Youll be nervous. Much more stressed than silent Hill, Resident Evil or any other game in your life. If you are a trophy hunter (like me) youll NEED to do a plan before playing this. A single error will force you to do a whole new playthrough, you will be punished (again). If you think you cant stand this, dont try, save your money. Most of people will never call this a game. Dark souls is always challenging you. Youll have to fine tune your coordination, you intelligence, your ability to overtake the AI. Do you like exploits? Youll find it, but be warned: youll still die even at maximum level. Almost finishing this game I can look behind to see how my reflexes evolved, how I am able to do certain things in this game that I never imagine before. In my real life some works seens very simple to me, compared to how difficult is to cut a Dragons tail (Seath). But dont get me wrong, this game is beautiful, the music is unmatched and the combat is the best I have ever seen in my whole 35 years of gaming. If you have time, coldness and enough ability try this, but if not, please, dont waste your time depreciating something that you should not have chosen. Expand
  36. Oct 5, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dark souls and Demons souls are the best rpg games ever made,if you want something very very strong here is the chance.But you must know that these game are very dificult games. Expand
  37. Oct 5, 2011
    If the game is as good as it is right now, 10/10. This game has shown that a company is willing to give it's audience a real challenge. While Demon's Souls was just 'unforgiving', Dark Souls is down right hard. And in this current day and age of gaming, that's what we need. If you did not heed the warning of "Prepare to die", you prove yourself another fool of our gaming society.
  38. Sep 3, 2012
    Man, i love this game. I read on the net that this game is very hard, and yea, hell hard. I didn't play Demon's Souls so for me is a bit difficult. In the first level, you are playing and you think that is easy, but only that level. After, the game gets more hard and the game starts there. Graphics are acceptable, the environment and the world is dark and beautiful. Game is very addictive, hard but addictive. The sound is good, without problems. Gameplay is damn nice, roll is better than use the shield to dodge enemies, and the enemies are hard if they hit you. There's different spells of each class. Example the piromantic has fire spells, the cleric casts healing miracles, and the sorcerer have soul sorceries. The bosses are hard, some bosses are very hard and you need help of others players online to kill him. Online is unique, if you are connected to PSN, some ghosts from other people playing appears, but they can't do nothing. There's a special item to summon others players that help you. Also you can fight against players, and take theirs souls. Conclusion: If you have patience to die, die, an die, and if you like or love RPG'S, BUY this game. If you are a good player, the game will be more easy. Expand
  39. Oct 9, 2011
    Dark Souls is a MASTERPIECE. It's dark, twisted, beautiful, incredibly imaginative and a true challenge. The sense of accomplishment in this game makes all of the hardship and failure totally and utterly worth it. When you finally beat the massive demon that took you 20+ tries or even when you kill a group of the undead, you will feel so amazingly accomplished. The skill, strategy and patience involved is downright brilliant. The controls are tight and very responsive; even more so than Demon's Souls. The weapons, both old and new, are awesome and fun to upgrade. The armor is more varied and in some cases, makes your character look like a total badass. The leveling up lets you decide what to enhance, making you able to, for instance, wield a certain weapon, move quicker, have more stamina etc. The environments are absolutely breathtaking. Some areas are bright vistas full of light colors and some areas are dank, depressing and destroyed. The world adds to the feel. It really feels like you are in the immersive world of Dark Souls. If you like RPG's(It isn't even that complicated), mid-evil environments, smart combat, strategy and a truly satisfying challenge, then this game is one of the best and most engrossing games you will ever experience. Expand
  40. Oct 11, 2011
    This game completely took me by surprise, I thought it would be an decent game a very small group of people would like but I was way off. The game looks great with slowdowns here and there, the combat is satisfying and visceral, and the enemy types are so varied that I never got bored with fighting (I'm about 35 hours in). The bosses can be a pain, and at times feel a little cheap but then when you eventually figure out the attack pattern, find there weakness, get a friend, or just power though them you feel invincible. The Items feel good, and there is a lot of them but what I like most about the items is they feel like they are worth something. Let me explain, in most RPGs I've played I would find a divine sword of great justice +5 and don't get me wrong I like that feeling too but it feels like and item, something I could find two steps over if I killed enough angry pigs. In dark souls though I feel like every item (save a couple, like the generic long sword) feels like it has a history, that it was actually forged and used by a legendary warrior before you. All this together makes this one of my favorite games and the best so far this year and even after 35 hours I feel cravings to play all day. Expand
  41. Oct 18, 2011
    This game claimed my soul and did not let go of it, until I finished it. Dark Souls is a true dark fantasy with very evocative and haunting game world. There are amazing places to be seen and gruesome monsters to be fought. Light on story, the game concentrates on combat, which is relatively slow paced, but still requires split second timing of your actions in order to hit that opening in an enemy's defense. The combat has impressive physics â Expand
  42. Nov 4, 2012
    Not a full 10 score, but pretty close. Overall a nice step up from demon's souls, the open world is great, I also like the adition of covenants to mix things up in pvp, design is top notch as always, and of course ambientation, production values, depth,etc, etc. But what shines above all is the gameplay, the souls games have probably the best combat mechanics I have ever seen, they are intuitive, brutal, vast and full of depth; each weapon has it's own animations, and they all feel different. It's not a perfect game, it has rough edges here and there, graphics feel dated, framerate goes to hell on some locations, and sometimes controls are not as responsive. In terms of tools available for combat, some spells and miracles are overpowered, and prone to abuse; this makes some pvp matchups frustrating as the opponents use cheap tactics over and over again. Weapon refinement (wich was spot on in demons souls) is uneven and feels a little lacking; there is no longer a str/dex weapon upgrade path, so str/dex builds are doomed to stick with weapons you find in the environment that naturally scale with such stats, don't get me wrong, they are good, but sometimes I would like to have let's say a str scaling spear instead of another ultra weapon. All in all, this game may not be for everyone, but if it clicks with you then like me you will find one of the best games ever created...... Expand
  43. Oct 7, 2011
    Grabs you by the throat from the first few minutes and never lets go! For every rushed-to-the-market, vomitous RPG out there (Dragon Age 2, any recent Final Fantasy title, etc.), all we can do is thank From Software for daring to create a game which doesn't cater to the masses. A game which punishes players for button mashing and instead rewards the careful patience of a tactician. Consider if all the hours spent on dialogue trees and lengthy CG movies in other RPGs were instead funneled into a meticulous, challenging combat system and you have Dark Souls. Like its predecessor Demon's Souls, both will be remembered as two of the finest RPG titles from this console generation. Expand
  44. Oct 23, 2011
    Coming from a person that really only likes FPS, I have to say... for me, this is the greatest game of all time! This is a major step up from Demon Souls. I have never played a sequel that absolutely squashes the first game in every way. MUST BUY!
  45. Jul 23, 2013
    After putting almost 500 hours into Dark Souls, I decided to rewrite my review (for a 3rd time).

    The first thing I'll touch on is the world itself. The level/world design is outstanding. The elimination of a hub world in favor of an open world was a good choice. A seamless world feels much more alive. The way the areas interweave themseleves into each other is genius. I do, however,
    wish that Firelink was a bit more interesting. As a hub it doesn't compare to the atmosphere of the Nexus. The game puts a bigger emphasis on exploration than Demon's Souls did, and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to uncover. Along your journey you might find hidden paths, areas, and even bosses waiting for you. Also worthy of note is the fact that Fromsoft did an amazing job in telling the story of Lordran through level design alone. Item placements, enemy placements, enemy design, etc all have meaning.

    While the graphics are showing the PS3's age, the aesthetic is amazing. Each area is unique and varied and there is plenty of eye candy to keep you interested. Anor Londo is especially breath-taking. The world has more color and doesn't feel as bleak or lonely as Demon's Souls'. Whether or not that's a good thing depends on the individual. Sound and music is top-notch. From epic orchestrated boss scores to the near absolute silence of a pitch black cave, you'll find your state of mind completely in sync with the game world.

    Combat is similar to its predecessor, though I find it slightly tweaked and optimized. Many of the weapons have unique movesets which is a nice touch. Overall, the controls feel a tad more responsive compared to DeS.

    The story is minimalistic, but the lore is deep. If you actually take the time to read item descriptions, listen to what NPCs have to say, and "listen" to what the environment can tell you, you can piece together the very interesting backstory of the world of Lordran. I like this method of storytelling. It's there if you want it and invisible if you don't.

    Like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls is a dark and challenging dungeon crawler with a minimal story (but deep lore). If that's your thing, you can't go wrong.
  46. Nov 18, 2011
    This game really is as difficult as they say, but it is fair. It reminds me of games on the NES, obviously with much prettier graphics. The story is there, it's just not handed to the player - you have to piece things together yourself which is a very unique way of story-telling not often seen in video games. For any true gamer, this game should be a very strong contender for Game of the Year. I put over 200 hours into the game in just a month of it being out, and I generally don't spend that much time playing on console. This game alone justifies owning a console, even as a PC gamer. Expand
  47. Oct 10, 2011
    I picked this up yesterday not knowing what to expect. I read all the reviews, I heard all the hype. I decided to give this game a shot. Never played Demon's souls, but I know it recieved similar praise and I wanted to know what was so great about these games that sounded so frustrating. Twenty hours of game time later and I am here to tell you that this is one of the most original games I've ever played. Not since the very first Zelda on the NES have I played something so unique and uncompromising in its design. Full of secrets and easter eggs, tons and tons of cool weapons and armor, and beautiful art design. It's totally true the game is unflinchingly hard. Every section of the game is built around the concept of learning from death. I spent the first twenty minutes or so in the game dying over and over again only to realize I needed to equip a different weapon to deal with different enemies. Once I did so I walked right through them. It all started to click. There is almost always a solution to the situation your stuck in, you just have to use your brain and figure it out, and when you do you feel like a total badass. The controls take a bit of getting used to as you cant just mash the buttons fable style and expect to get anywhere. You really have to carefully plan each strike but again when you learn the enemies attack patterns and weaknesses you smash right through them. I can't reccomend checking this game out enough to those sitting on the fence. If your tired of the same old crap over and over again this was made for you so don't cry about games being repetitive and full of sequels if you don't pick this up. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer you owe it to yourself and the industry to have this in your collection-no excuses! In over 20 years of playing games this is one of the finest experiences I've ever had with a game not only because the game is great but because it "gets" the psychology behind what makes gamers tick and uses that to keep you playing even when it feels like the odds are 100 percent against you and then rewards you when you do finally overcome them amplifiying your emotion to the point where you feel like you just won the world series when overcoming a difficulty you never thought you were good enough to handle. Nothing else in gameing compares to this experience-period! Expand
  48. Jan 10, 2014
    Today, children don't have a healthy fear of crossing the road, or rickety bridges. This simulation game will guarantee they will learn to respect water, bridges, ledges, and anything that might be around a corner, or behind a door because if they don't, they will DIE!! This game may save our society as we know it.
  49. Oct 8, 2011
    this game is amazing, the graphics are great the combat is interesting and although the story is basic the amazing gameplay pulls you through and is a lot of fun.

    i personally really enjoyed the fact that the combat with a block, light, heavy and deflect attack is always interesting. while one may say that the game is one big grind. and you would be right partly. although it is a big
    grind the combat is always new and never gets old

    the game itself heralding back to dungeons and dragons captures the universe and world with the amazing graphics and enemy designs one would expect after demon souls

    i would recommend this game to everybody and warn them about the amount of time you die but it is still amazing
  50. Dec 21, 2011
    This is one of the best RPGs I've ever played. This is one of the best games I've ever played. I love this game for it's deep game play and immersive atmosphere. It's quite a long game despite the fact you will die a lot. It is very challenging but incredibly rewarding when challenges are met. It kind of has an arcade feel as well with enemies respawning and trying to find patterns and weaknesses of enemies. I call this game and Demon's Souls the Mega Man of RPGs. I can honestly say this is one of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of playing. Expand
  51. Oct 17, 2011
    Dark Souls separates boys from girls as its predecessor Demon's Souls did in 2009. The DS series aren't made for everybody and that's a fact. If you're new into the franchise I suggest you to read about DS gameplay, mechanics, the basics, tips, the guide, etc. It's going to help you a lot. You can also watch reviews, walkthroughs, gameplay, etc on youtube if you want to cheat a bit when you're stock. If you don't find a lot of info about Dark Souls visit The structure and game are pretty similar. Read about "Soul form" vs"Body form" / "Undead" vs "Humanity" in these game and you'll understand it better. There is a reason for all this. Unique multiplayer experience is amazing and so helpful. Sorry dear gamers, if you all cry because you all die a lot in a video game like DS, well... that's because you got used to "easy" games. Everything has a consequence in here... DS doesn't forget... So if you decide to attack the first NPC that is on your way, don't expect him to forget it when you re-spawn. C'mon this is not the first time that games do that kind of stuff... Don't blame the game dude... Also, if you find extremely difficult to pass an area maybe it's because you shouldn't be there in the first place: Go somewhere else... Don't **** ask for a map... Just explore DS world. This game is really awesome!!! Expand
  52. Oct 4, 2011
    Just dont even bother reading sony360gamer's review. He is in a tiny majority of 'child minded' people who dont understand that this game is meant to be hard, and be challenging. Not just your simple singleplayer game which you can breeze through in a couple of days (with your eyes closed). The concept of the now open world in Dark Souls is utterly brilliant allowing for the game to flow, the graphics are very nice indeed along with the extremely tight combat which you wont get in Skyrim. Even after all of that its the bosses that make the game for me, they are so unique and unbelievably hard to conquer on your first playthrough. Finally the way this game intergrates multiplayer into the singleplayer game is just brilliant (it was in Demons Souls too) as you can invade other peoples world, be invaded and also see blood stains from where people have died in their game. Overall this is my favourite game of all time and i severely hope there is another. Expand
  53. Oct 15, 2011
    this game is incredible, the challenge initially made me very nervous but after trying to do one thing over and over makes you good enough to pass the harder levels. there isn't much of a tutorial so i had to figure out several things on my own, but once i did, the game got even more fun. i played multiplayer once, so i can't really say how good or bad it is.
  54. Oct 21, 2011
    this game's difficulty is overrated.... It's not so difficult as everybody is saying.. It just has it's own original style, pace and approach to a gamer and gaming itself.. If You're the fan of God of ar style games where You rush through the game with your brains not involved in the process but only buttons snapping - this game is not for You..
    To be successful and enjoy the process You
    have to think and plan the route and tactics - and as a result You will be awarded with the great joy and sense of achievement.
    10 with no discussions!
  55. Oct 19, 2011
    Dark Souls is one of the best games ever - sure its challenging - but better balanced than Demons Souls - Demons Souls had me stuck on the opening fight scene for three days until I learnt how to play properly - but in both games the reward is a fluid and satisfying combat system that takes patience and intelligence and good reaction times. The game can be slow to start, but there is still progression. The reward is greater than most 'easy' games for kids -Dark Souls is rated for mature audiences for a reason.
    If you are looking for an easy ride, look elsewhere, but for real oldschool gamers, this is like a throwback to the old days when games posed a challenge and only the finest could clock them!
  56. Oct 6, 2011
    I hope they never stop creating this kind of games. It's the rebirth of a genre and it's the best of it's kind. The toughness, the strategies, the possibilities, the graphics, the enemies, the combat, everything is as superior as you can get.
  57. Oct 4, 2011
    After an hour of game play from picking up this beautiful game at midnight, I have nothing but positive things to say. The graphics are amazing, the controls are much more precise than Demon's Souls were, and the enemies are no joke. An early warning for those who haven't played Demon's Souls; You are suppose to die, learn from your mistakes, and die again. I'm proud to say that I died only twice in my first hour, but without my previous experience with Demon's Souls, I would've died at least 10 times. I have a feeling that some Xbox360 players will be frustrated with Dark Souls more often because most of them didn't get a chance to play Demon's Souls. After work today, I plan on wasting my entire evening exploring Dark Souls, and possibly the next few months will be spent mastering this game as well :)

    I have this game for the PS3, so if anyone wants to join up, just send me a friend request (PSN username is the same as this one here). Remember to have fun. Good luck to all, you're gonna need it.
  58. Oct 24, 2011
    Dark Souls is a masterpiece. While the game is exceptionally brutal and demands an equivalent discipline from the player, it rewards you handsomely for your efforts and, most of all, your patience and willingness to learn. Every two steps forward are accompanied by one step back as you crawl your way, painfully and slowly, through the gloomiest, most hellish environment ever created. Dark Souls pits you against yourself, not the game, demanding that you set aside your pre-conceived notions of gaming fun and, instead, embrace an insane difficulty and all the failure that goes with it. Once you do, the game sucks you deep into its abyss, swallowing your waking hours as you wander, hunted and afraid, with nowhere to go but further into hell. Make no mistake, Dark Souls will punish you time and time again but if you can accept death you will find the game open up before you like a yawning chasm, drawing you relentlessly inwards and onwards. Easily the best game I have ever played on the 360, Dark Souls is like a digital nightmare where, sometimes, jut often enough, you figure out how to master and crush the demons. Expand
  59. Oct 5, 2011
    Really nothing wrong except for frame rate drops occasionally and textures could be a bit better. Story is very in depth IF you look for it. The gameplay snd combat in this gmae is stellar. Easily the best combat in any action RPG for a while.
  60. Oct 5, 2011
    Brutal, intense, challenging yet equally immersive, beautiful, rewarding...Yes, this is a game that takes patience and determination to overcome even the most basic areas that would be considered "easy" in other games. I played 2009's Demon's Souls, and while I never completed that game, I was excited to play this one. Level design, character models, enemy design, detail in graphics and textures have all been improved. You owe it to yourself to enjoy this beautiful nightmare... Expand
  61. Oct 9, 2011
    30 hours in and i've made very good progress into the game and its just stunning, As with demons souls you will level and eventually reach a breakthrough and the areas once thought impossible become easy, the difficulty is certainly ramped up although the boss battles i've found a lot easier. It has a super steep learning curve so if your playing this for the first (never played demons souls) time be prepared to invest some time in playing the same sections and levelling your character, if you do this you will not be sorry. clearing an area is one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming today.

    Best game of the year so far.
  62. Oct 7, 2011
    Dark Souls is Hard. Very Hard but even though I've died over 100 times. I never thought my deaths were cheap and I always learned from my mistakes. This game is unbelievably addictive and the combat is flawless. the Graphics are beautiful and the online component is unique and well executed , What more is there to say? In my eyes Dark souls is a perfect game and if you;re up for the challenge it's a must have Expand
  63. Oct 7, 2011
    My favorite game of the year so far, played demon souls but Dark Souls is so much better so far. Awesome environments, art style, the addition of bonfires, humanity, covenants, and so so much more. I am level 22 cleric now and dying to play when I get home even if I just scratch away at the rest of game. Skyrim can wait until I complete Dark Souls its that good.
  64. Oct 10, 2011
    It's been long, really long since any game had me captured me to such a point where... "addiction" is no longer a metaphor - I simply cannot stop thinking and living my undead life in this game. That art design, those places, creatures, characters, the setting, combat mechanics, this incredible, dreadful and yet fascinating atmosphere... I just..can't...stop...!
    You just need patience and
    experimentation with every aspect of this game - you must test it's every feature to be able to pass it's huge challenge. Also - don't be afraid to use co-op - it's a really great relief to some parts of this game.
    It's a pity though that you can't coop with a friend - that would be a great addition to the game.
  65. Oct 11, 2011
    Incredibly deep and utterly rewarding gameplay runs deep in From Softwareâ
  66. Oct 12, 2011
    I'm giving this a TEN! Why? Because I haven't played a game that was actually this challenging in a very long time. No, I haven't played Demon Souls, and no, I'm not a "fanboy". The game gives a nice presentation visually, it sets you in a dark word with danger around every turn. Sure, it has it's share of slow down and glitches here and there, but I haven't encountered that too much. Yes the game can be VERY frustrating, but I believe THIS is the most challenging game of this generation, if you want to truly test yourself as a gamer, and as a person, this game will do so like no other game you have ever played before. "Making no mistakes is what establishes the certainty of victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated." ~Sun Tzu Expand
  67. Oct 12, 2011
    This game is very unique in the RPG-genre and can't be missed by (real) hardcore players. It's for players who accept a real challenge and discovers you'll have to be patient and learn the attacks of your enemies to proceed in the game. Once you accept that dying is a big part of the gameplay, you can experience the very strong atmospheres of the game. This is one of the things in the game I appreciate the most, because imagine you're all alone, dying is almost inevitable, you got so much souls to waist, the enemies are strong, the soundeffects scare you all the time. The worlds are very varied and there are many enemies with different attacks to study. In fact, the world is enormous and there are no loading times like Demon's Souls. Each part of the world has its own atmosphere and unique enemies. To get access to another part of the world, you'll have to beat a boss, which can be very strong but simple as well. How more you proceed, the more shortcuts and Bonfires (checkpoints) are to discover. All the parts of this forgotten world is connected beautifully so you don't have to travel so long. Of course, no game is perfect. Demon's Souls had some moments of framedrops. However, this wasn't that much of a dealbreaker. Dark Souls suffers more from this issue when exploring some big worlds. Expecially when you have much going on on the screen. There was one beautifull world but the framedrops seriously damaged the experience. Still, it wont be a big factor when reviewing this game.
    This game is not made for those who play games only for fun. I mean those types who like interactive movie-games which only focus on graphic and cinematic experiences. This is a real game and only focusses on the most important element of any game: gameplay. Want to discover what kind of gamer you are? Buy Dark Souls. Prepare to die!

    (Oh, and I can't explain the amazing feeling when you find a Bonfire)
  68. Oct 12, 2011
    This game is NOT for casual gamers. For anyone the played From Software's first title Demon's Souls you will know what to expect from DS. For newcomers however you are in for a surprise. This game is extremely demanding and does not mess around. This is a good thing .The visuals are second to none in the genre and the gameplay is as fine tuned as ever. A simple yet elegant control system makes combat smooth and satisfying. Yes, this game is extremely difficult. You are meant to learn from your mistakes. Deaths in DS do not feel cheap, you must be cautious going around EVERY corner. This is as hardcore as they come. And I have never played a more satisfying RPG. 60 bucks could not be spent on anything better! Expand
  69. Oct 13, 2011
    If you played and loved Demon's Souls, don't bother reading the rest of this message and get Dark Souls NOW. For the rest of you, let me say I read A LOT of reviews and I'd like to point out a few things, as objectively as I can.
    The game is not difficult in itself, it has very clear mechanics, and the players are given options to counter these mechanics. It's not "Ninja Gaiden" difficult,
    where you need to memorize gazillions of combos and execute them in an instant. It's more of a "watch your opponent closely, observe his movements, how he holds his weapon, and if you make a wrong decision/move you die" difficult.
    If you know/have played EvE Online, well then DS is to other RPG's what EvE is to MMOs. You don't spam skills after you built up your character talent tree, you choose your armor and weapon based on "realistic" weight/damage/armor ratio. A two handed weapon and a plate armor makes you tough and hard hitting, but moving will be a problem (and in DS you want to be mobile).
    Pick a Sword, and your attack will be a swinging slash. Pick a Spear, your attack will be a thrust forward. In a narrow corridor for example, equipping a sword will be a problem, whereas wielding a spear will be more indicated. A blunt weapon will do more damage to skeletons and constructs then other damage types. That's how the game is built. Choice of weapon is yours, pick the right one for the right challenge. Magic does not deplete your mana bar like it's predecessor. Instead you have a limited number of uses (reminds me of old time pen&paper D&D).
    Bosses are sometimes cruel, sometime easy, depending on your build (magic vs. melee, but you can have a bit of both) and reflexes. If you get your ass kicked too easily in a zone, then you should probably try to go elsewhere first and come back later.
    The only little flaws i can point out are: Inventory could have been improved a bit (for example, to consume souls in your inventory you still have to open it again for each soul), the fact that the amount of souls required to level up is not shown anymore is annoying (you'll need a mix of good memory and guessing to plan a safe trip back to a bonefire), and sometimes the camera angle is really at your disadvantage, especially when you have an enemy locked. But that's not enough to stop me from giving this game a 10 (9.5 would have been perfect, but 9 is not enough).
  70. Oct 14, 2011
    This game is not for everyone, but it should be reviewed on what it promised to deliver and it did deliver, a ruthless RPG unlike any other(exception Demon Souls) with a unique online expierence, amazing visual enviroment and sound.
  71. Nov 6, 2011
    There's a type of atmosphere that exists in Dark Souls and Demon's Souls that I have yet to feel in any other game I've ever played. This atmosphere is difficult to define but I think it's a result of the bleak and twisted, awe-inspiring, almost surreal-like environment that you trudge through in Dark Souls. There are certain moments in Dark Souls where my jaw literally dropped in amazement, and for this reason alone this game is a gem in my book. For example, when I was first brought up to Anor Londo (one of the later areas) for the first time I put down the controller and stared at my TV screen in utter marvel as I observed the most amazing view I had ever seen in a video game before. There are quite a few of these, but this one really stood out to me. The scope and size of Dark Souls is unbelievable, and nearing the edge of a cliff or walking across a narrow beam at the very top of a gigantic church while trying to fend off assassins gives you that "fear of heights" feeling. The shortage of guidance, friendly characters and story gives you the somber hopelessness that most modern-day survival horror games fail to convey. Dark Souls is extremely reward-oriented, often throwing daunting challenges at you, but if you overcome them you will get something worth the effort. It could be a sweet set of armor, a powerful weapon, a ring, a bunch of souls, or just a really useful item (which there are hundreds of). In my opinion Dark Souls in superior to Demon's Souls for a few significant reasons. The biggest I think is the interconnection of all the areas, making Dark Souls one huge world, instead of a couple level portals in Demon's Souls. I thought that seeing the transition between an undead church and a dark forest was much more natural and immersive than entering a portal in the hub-world which teleported you to that level. Dark Souls also requires the player to think hard about different routes to take to a destination and forces the player to map out the world in their head which is appealing to some RPG exploration fans. Another difference and huge improvement is the diversity in environments. Demon's Souls lacked any great diversity, consisting of mainly the undead and meloncholy themes, whereas every area in Dark Souls is something completely different, whether its a modern looking castle in an orange sunset, a dark forest, ruins flooded with lava pools, caverns, etc.

    I consider Dark Souls more of an action-adventure game than an RPG, and for a game of that genre Dark Souls is massive. If you are a player of average skill and intelligence it would most likely require at least 60-70 hours for the first playthrough, and these are all quality hours, not fill-in hours. Dark Souls is very open-ended, with very little guidance, or idea of what to do next. There are a few limitations that guide the overall game (such as not having access to later areas in the beginning), but for the most part the player chooses their own play style and goals. Dark Souls isn't perfect, however. Low framerates seems to be a pretty widespread issue, significantly affecting one specific area of the game. I had some issues with button responsiveness, which is rare but when it happens it's usually really inconvenient timing. For example (sometimes my character wouldn't immediately drink the potion after pushing square, he might wait 2 or 3 seconds). Also, I've come across 2-3 glitches in my 70 hours of play so far (each time killing me). I found the combat system, camera, controls, lock on system, and most other technicalities to be fair, so death is usually the player's fault, not a faulty system. Dark Souls does so much right, overshadowing any flaws it might have. It brings you into its twisted world and punishes you until you master it. It's immersive, addictive, ominous and unforgiving, challenging, diverse, and dismally beautiful. If you give it the patience and time it deserves, you'll find yourself with one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, and gripping games this decade has to offer.
  72. Oct 18, 2011
    This game is stunning both in presentation, game mechanics, and controls. A spiritual successor to 'Demon's Souls', this game improves upon nearly every aspect of the former game (which was also a fantastic game). Let's talk difficulty - yes, it's tough. Really tough. But, it is also in most all cases fair. The game requires you to invest yourself into it in a way most games do not. You need to be observant of both your surroundings and enemies attacks. You need to manage what you are wearing and what is equipped at all times as different areas require different strategies and defenses. That being said, you have many options on how you want to build your character depending on your play style. The sense of accomplishment you get upon each new area you have mastered or boss you have defeated is glorious. You will die. Often. But, in this game, what does kill you - makes you stronger. You learn from each defeat and come back a little wiser and eventually a little stronger. When you come back to enemies later in the game that you thought were so difficult and now dispatch them easily, it's an awesome feeling. Do not miss this game and do not fear the challenge. It is worth all your efforts and is easily a game you can sink dozens of hours into (I'm 70 hrs in). The graphics and atmosphere draw you into a beautiful and terrifying world unlike any other. What's around that next bend...dare I look? Enjoy this instant masterpiece. Expand
  73. Dec 29, 2011
    A fine champagne of a game. I describe it as being kind of like Ocarina of Time with the difficulty of Zelda 2. Steep learning curve and requires a level of finesse that is missing from most games. You will die. It's no big deal. You will lose souls and "progress". Some gamers will turn the game off at this point. If this is you, don't bother with Dark Souls. To Dark Souls your concept of progress is illusory... the only progress that matters is the progress of your skills. Expand
  74. Oct 21, 2011
    This game took me by surprise. From the other reviews I was expecting a very tough game with mediocre content, with no one admitting the content was mediocre because hey, if you don't like hard games, you're a pansy. Boy was I wrong. It's a very tough game with EXCEPTIONAL content. The art direction, atmosphere, creature design, combat, levels, items, unique multiplayer, every gameplay aspect is exceptionally polished. Triple A, must play game.

    Almost ironically, Dark Souls is empowering. Most games coddle you, pampering you with replenishing health, soothing you with infinite lives, but this one kicks your ass and tells you jack squat about how to do anything, forcing you rise to the occasion, learn it yourself, and feel like someone for whom these kinds of challenges are meant. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it is challenging. Boss fights typically range from ten to twenty tries before you memorize the weaknesses and play without messing up, sighing with relief as you watch whatever fatty (in joke) evaporate into souls.

    I haven't rapped it yet, about forty hours in and level thirty-five, but I highly recommend Dark Souls. It's one of the few games that feels rewarding because you actually have to earn the rewards. The only must play of the year so far for me, and I'm a jaded gamer. Expect a bit of an adjustment period as you get used to the game's pace and difficulty, and I recommend checking out IGN's guide which shows you how to get the Drake Sword and recommends the Master Key gift for your character (get it). Dark Souls is awesome. If you like RPGs at all and enjoy a challenge, can't get a better bang for your buck.
  75. Oct 24, 2011
    This is one of the few games that has come out recently that actually challenge you, definitely worth a 10. If you are going to buy only one game this year, then this is the game.
  76. Oct 24, 2011
    Dark souls is a very deep and intense unique game. A truly must experience game or at least try it out a few hours , you will not regret the moment you start playing it you will start to feel something you have never experienced before in gaming, truly awesome i don't even need to tell you how amazing it is , but I'm sure you will not regret even trying it out since it's just uniquely different and awesome. Too lazy to review but really just give it a try you will not regret. : ) Expand
  77. Oct 25, 2011
    Personally I'd like to thank From software for giving us a gem in an era of regurgitated, mindless crap. Not since I was a kid 25 years ago have I been so moved to press on after hours of repeated death and failure. When I die, I always know exactly what I did to get myself killed, and the rush of learning (THINKING) your way to success in such an awesome real-time combat system is unparalleled IMO.

    If you like a good challenge and put depth and precision of gameplay (combat) far above all else, you have to play this game.

    I've been looking forward to nothing but Skyrim for over a year, and am pleasantly surprised to find myself thinking that Bethesda will have to pull off a miracle to make my game of the year. First time in years that I did not want my $65 back after a week.
  78. Oct 26, 2011
    Dark Souls is the definition of a hardcore game. This separates games from real games. If your a man and are tired of story driven games and lame characters and a stupid plot and ending along with how easy a game can be, check this game out! it has none of those! There is not even a story, you get thrown into an area and can do whatever you want, its a well thought out and addicting dungeon crawler that takes skill to master. And you will die, the games slogan does not lie about that. But you never feel like your deaths were unfair, you understand why you died and how you can fix it. I recommend also getting the guide, dark souls is a rough and amazing adventure, and to do well and know everything about the areas you are in feels awesome. i have already invested about 30 hours of gameplay and beat the game, and starting a new game with your same level and items makes you waste even more of your time in this one of a kind world. Truly one of my favorite games of all time!yet i didnt really care for demon souls that much haha Expand
  79. Oct 28, 2011
    Dark Souls is a great game. Tight combat that punishes mistakes. Gorgeous visuals and atmosphere. Fun, challenging boss fights. A few bugs and glitches, but nothing game breaking. I give Dark Souls a 10.
  80. Nov 1, 2011
    This is, quite simply, one of the most stunning and beutiful games ever created. Dark Souls is a very hard game, but, as with any game perserverance prevails. As you play through, you will find the game does actually give the player some respite ( like obvious level up spots) and isnt as punishing as first thought. The combat to be fair, is a little tricky to start with, but is easy to get used to. Those who complain about the combat and aggresive AI, and rated it low for those reasons, simply are not good enough to play Dark Souls, therefore its a problem with the player and not the game. There are some glitchy AI moments ( like enemies falling off cliffs ect) but thats a good thing given the game is punishing at times. Overall, if you even remotely like the style of this game, then be prepared to be blown away with ecitement, frustration and relief in one rollercoaster of emotions, with gaming moments you will never, ever forget. This game is far beyond the reach of its pretenders. Expand
  81. Feb 20, 2012
    BEST RPG game ever!, sooooo underrated too, i mean how the **** can an AMAZING game like this get a 7 or 8 while other **** games like Skyirm get 8 and 9, believe me.. you MUST buy this game.. Its so much fun, the story is also AMAZING! You will really like this game, I highly recommend this game to everyone with a PS3
  82. Feb 20, 2012
    Dark Souls is the BEST RPG GAME THIS GEN!!! the only reason some people hate it is becasue its Hard.. Otherwise its a really great and fun game. You MUST by it if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360
  83. Nov 8, 2011
    Dark Souls, a game not for the weak!. This game can be really hard for new comers, hard as in you will not have a fun time in the first few hours or days, you will need to practice a lot if you want to be good here. While it can be hard at first, it is totally worth it, this game has been such a great experience, you cannot pass out on this one.
  84. Nov 9, 2011
    Dark Souls is a classic hack&slash game with RPG elements. Its most defining characteristic is that it tries really hard to be more than your typical modern walk-in-the-park RPG. This game celebrates death, especially yours, and preferably as often as possible. Even if you don't know its predecessor, Demon Souls, you'll love Dark Souls if you loved the challenging games we used to have one or two decades ago. The satisfaction to be gotten from finally beating a hard boss, or even a hard normal mob, after two hours of trying different strategies is something that most modern games can't offer. Technically, the RPG elements vary between very strong (character development via skills and equipment) and fairly weak (not that much story, not that much choice beyond "do I kill this NPC or do I let him live" and "which boss do I take on next or do I prepare some more"). Combat is very well implemented. In many RPGs, melee combat feels like you're just standing in front of the enemy and waving your sword around in the air. Not so in Dark Souls. It's genuinely fun to figure out how to use your weapon efficiently and watch the hit animations when you manage to pull it off. Dark Souls is also an open world title, unlike its predecessor. The world isn't entirely open, you won't find many large open spaces. Instead, you'll find a non-linear maze of twisted passages, not at all alike, and each a challenge to get through. The checkpoint mechanic is somewhat different from most similar games in that resting at a checkpoint revives all enemies (except bosses). This makes each section between two checkpoints a puzzle where you actually have to figure out how to survive through to the end, you can't just run in with metaphorical guns blazing, die, and continue from where you died. Unlockable shortcuts that lead you back to earlier checkpoints make traveling easier once you have solved a section, but until you do, each next bonfire is almost on par with a boss fight in how satisfying it is to reach them intact. The death mechanic is fairly strict but not frustratingly so: You only lose souls, the game's currency for which you buy skill upgrades or items, and stored humanity, a currency for some more exclusive things. Your equipment remains intact, not breaking the flow of the game, you can immediately try again with no major maintenance required. You have one chance to make it back to the location of your death to reclaim the dropped souls and humanity; if you fail, they're lost forever. This makes it very satisfying to make it back, and is a strong incentive to play carefully as opposed to rushing through.

    Multiplayer is kind of nice, but works different from most other multiplayer games I've been playing lately. I really enjoy reading the messages other players can leave in my world (by choosing from combinations of specific words, so no immersion-breaking language there). Receiving and leaving hints works very well and is a nice touch. Another other side to multiplayer is invasions. When certain conditions are met, you may invade other players' worlds and slay them to gain their humanity. This is actually more varied than it sounds right now, since there are many different reasons the game gives you to do this based on choices you make, e.g. which covenant you join and so on. Yet another side to mp is that you can offer help to other players by putting down a summoning sign in your world. Other players who are in human form can then summon you before taking on a boss.

    One last point: The art direction and overall design is fantastic. Especially if you're like me and have played a lot of western RPGs. Dark Souls's dark atmosphere and brilliantly executed level design is a very rare gem in the post-Tolkien-movies world we live in today.
  85. Feb 16, 2012
    Amazing game. Sunk 80 hours on first play through and there's no fat. Great combat, amazing atmosphere and some of the most rewarding moments playing a game. It's very difficult but in a good way--not hard like we just throw a ton of enemies at you--more like "it's a dangerous place out there and we warned you." Definitely pick up this game!
  86. Nov 10, 2011
    I have put in over 180 hours into this game and I am still loving it. I beat it once already and I am about half way through my second play-through. I really struggled on my first play-through, this is a hard game, but is also extremely rewarding to conquer. The second time through is much easier and is fun in a different way. I can solo most of the bosses at this point. It is still hard, but easier. I plan to beat it at least 3 times and I hope that it keeps getting easier. It is rewarding to completely dominate an area/enemy that you really struggled to get through the first. I love this game, it is the best RPG I have ever played. Expand
  87. Nov 10, 2011
    Best game of all time period! In my mind I feel like I'm getting a similar feeling that when I first played Zelda back in nes days.... You are left on your own and you have a vast world to explore with tons of secrets... Multiplayer adds infinite value to the game. The game truly not as hard as they say if you learn from your mistakes.... Mainstream games dev should take notes and try tto come up with new originals ideas in the future ! Expand
  88. Nov 10, 2011
    great game didn't play the first one but I'm gonna pick it up today , and it.s not that hard you just have to be play carefully. I am on my third play trough and I'm still enjoying it.
  89. Nov 10, 2011
    After completing the game twice and starting multiple other characters all adding up to a playtime of about 140 hours I believe I am ready to write a review. Let's begin with the graphics: they truly are beautiful. From the terrifying demons to the dark fantasy setting, everything looks simply awesome and completely fits the game. The controls are precise and easy to understand and very responsive. Gameplay is simply fun in its great variety and multiple playthroughs of the game always feel different if you go for over character builds. The story is told rather subtly but is definitely there and very interesting if you decide to dig a little deeper into the game. Online interaction is a lot of fun, though there are connection problems sometimes at the time this review was written. However Fromsoftware is working on patches to fix such problems.
    This game is a definite and full recommendation for people who truly love games. Every success you have will make you feel great and you will be craving for more. Your first playthrough will last you about 70 hours and replay value is huge. In my opinion a possible GOTY.
  90. Nov 10, 2011
    This game it the best rpg ever! So much fun, and it's so challenging. It never gets old. I haven't finished it yet, but the bosses have been very creative and intense.
  91. Nov 20, 2011
    Best game ever!!! Loved Demons Souls and i am loving dark souls. Really good game, full of new things to explore and improve. Its not like games today that you just go and win, you HAVE to improve your skills, to chage strategy, to discover new ways to beat the game.
  92. Nov 11, 2011
    I started off playing this game and hating it. I constantly compared it to Demon's Souls, which was not the proper way of looking at it. When I realized that the game instantly started getting more enjoyable. The start was a little slow and uninteresting, but once you start finding newer and better gear, it becomes far more enjoyable. The boss fights are generally simple and will most likely require you to fail the first time, but once you pick up what to do it becomes very simple. I didn't enjoy some bosses as I found some strategies spoiled them i.e Repeatedly performing plunging blows (an attack that requires you to jump from a height and stab the enemy, dealing enormous damage). Regardless of that, the majority of boss fights were tedious in a good way.

    The weapon system in the game was very annoying at the start. I had to restart because I built dexterity high and I hadn't come across ANY weapon better than the drake sword (a strength requiring sword you get at the 2nd area) after completing 4 (4 areas) bosses. I was dissatisfied that I couldn't build dexterity and only ended up building my strength for melee. That probably would of had me lower my score, but Dark Souls is meant to be a challenging game and I can't consider something more challenging to lower its score. I was satisfied with the adjustments they made to magic and miracles from the previous game. In Demon's souls miracles were good, but they were nowhere near the abilities of magic. Magic was an easy way out of game, but in Dark Souls magic has been split to sorcery and pyromancy. Miracle s can now be some competition for them. That's not the only thing though, miracles have a much larger variety of spells to select. It was disappointing to find a small variety in pyromancy flames, because it ended up having no cons with no competition for other flames.

    The gameplay is well done, but has some small tedious issues. Locking-on a target is risky and can cause you to die. If you are locked on, you may ending up walking back and falling off a ledge to your death. If that is not the case, you may end up being swarmed from behind and find it hard to escape. Other than that, the controls are perfect and the reaction times are well done. The game looks amazing and has possibly the greatest textures I have seen on console. No doubt they are better than many of it's competitors for RPG of the year i.e Skyrim. The environment really immerses you into the game and it feels dark all the way through. The animations for the player are excellent. There are a different variety of weapon animations for the same type of weapon i.e Some greataxes will swing differently. The bosses also have good animations and really help with you with your timing in understanding there attacks.

    There was no real compelling the story in the game. There is only some plot at the start and some in the last third. It was very disappointing that none of the 4 lords and final boss spoke, but I knew I wasn't buying the game for the plot.

    Although there were flaws, the pros outweigh them tremendously. If I bought the game unaware of what I was getting I would probably rate it 9/10, but I already knew there would be no compelling story.
  93. Dec 28, 2011
    After playing Demon's Souls nothing could quite match it for its difficulty and solid game mechanics. Until now. Dark Souls takes everything I loved about Demon's Souls and just makes it that bit better. The combat is just as good, the graphics are much improved and the bosses are even more imaginative. This game isn't for everyone, it is difficult, extremely difficult, but only difficult because people underestimate it. Most games nowadays just require a random mashing of buttons to defeat enemies but in the case of Dark Souls if you rush into combat you're more than likely dead already. The game rewards patient play and that's they key to getting through the game. Studying the opponents moves and not rushing into it.

    Overall it's an incredible game but buy it with the knowledge that you will struggle and die on many occasions but that's not a reason to at the very least rent this game and see what it's all about.
  94. Nov 11, 2011
    Super dalsia game for two years juhuuuuuuuu: D: P but the inac paradne hard to me when I skip paci cour game of skill: D so I will. This year the vysli and also vydu vela dobrych critici's games fest esta I mat tazke: D.
  95. Nov 13, 2011
    A great game, very addictive, will keep you entertained for hours if you have the patience, it can be frustrating at times but this game is hard not impossible. just dont around killing everyone like i did..
  96. Nov 14, 2011
    Dark Souls is the second installment in the "Souls" series, being the predecessor of Demon souls, I expected a lot of rage induced logging off, and pure joy when finally defeating a Boss. This game simply delivers. Absolutely stunning graphically, with fantastic game play. There does not seem to be a disparity in the class system this time around.

    The world is massive, and at times easy
    to get lost going from place to place. Bonfires keep the game interesting, and each mini boss defeated leaves you wondering how the hell the game could get any more creative with the next boss.

    The multi player element is very well done this time around, and being summoned takes on additional responsibility and reward.

    I highly recommend this game IF: -You consider yourself a hardcore gamer looking for the challenge of old, ruthless gaming where dying actually had consequences. -You truly enjoy a challenge, and dying 100 times in the same area does not get to you after a while.

    -You enjoy a massive yet beautiful gameplay environment with many challenges.

    -You are a massochist
  97. Nov 14, 2011
    I **** love this game, i played demon's souls for a very lot hours and I think that it was amazing, in all the aspects, and when I heard about dark souls i was very exited. It is like a demon's souls, some of the sounds and the movements are the same in the two games, but bigger, stronger, harder and much better, more weapons, more armors, more rings, more magic, more attacks, more enemies, more bosses.... it is **** AWESOME, and the online is perfectly adapted to the game, it works fantastic. the only think i don't like, is when you are a **** zombie, you're so ugly, but this not afect to the game. Sorry for my english and thanks! Expand
  98. Nov 16, 2011
    So many complaints about its difficulty. People cant play games anymore theses days! I remember sidescrolling platformers where you must finish the entire level with 1 life. DarkSouls gives you bonfire save points and the chance to recoup your last run throughs progress, and open up shortcuts that dont reset etc..I remember shooters that had bosses that were invincible until 1 tiny opening revealed itself every minute for 5 seconds for you to shoot. DS bosses/all enemies have attack patterns/weaknesses vs certain elements/weapon types. Theres no cheapness about them. People arent smart enough to work things out these days. they run in, spam attack and expect to win. btw there is block and evade in the game!! "cluncks controls" - pfft. dark souls has the most viceral and fair control/combat mechanic. staggered you say. too long to recover?durr, thats because you have poor armour, rubbish sheild, low poise.etc..oh i forgot, you want to run in hammer attack and win, with out any sort of reaction from enemy attacks, you want to survive 50 hits from 50 foot demons with massive axes instead of 3 hits. you want to kill said demons with 3 hits. Expand
  99. Nov 17, 2011
    What does your GOTY a 10/10 game? Epic Story?
    Wonderful Graphics?
    Great Sounds?

    I would say Max Adrenaline Rush!.

    I simply Love Dark Souls from start to finish. No doubt that in my book, Dark Souls i this years GOTY Nothing less then 10/10
  100. Nov 17, 2011
    This is a game that any previous lover of Demon's Souls will enjoy. At the time of posting this, I have played over 80 hours and have completed Dark Souls. Dark Souls is a very rich game, filled with content. The combat is fluid, and requires timing and precession. The story is present, but it is more of a community effort to piece together. The environments are arguably better than in Demon's Souls, with a game world nearly 4 times the size. There were some issues upon release, which will probably have been patched by the time you read this. Framerate drops and an imbalanced PVP system have been quite an annoyance for some time. Nevertheless, this skill-based RPG is a must-have for some of the best online Co-op and overfall experience for the diligent player. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. It would be foolish of us to pretend that Dark Souls is a game for everyone. It's perfect at what it does, but a big part of what it does is make you suffer for your mistakes. It is a harsh, uncompromising task master and you will have to work to win its approval, because it certainly won't work to win yours. [Dec 2011, p74]
  2. Jan 5, 2012
    At the end of the day Dark Souls succeeds in producing a game that is both incredibly challenging and fair.
  3. Nov 29, 2011
    All in all, Dark Souls is a more difficult, but less enjoyable (and less accessible) Demon's Souls.