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  1. now
    Aug 14, 2012
    Open world the most beautiful by a long story Alllab wonderful graphics stunning all this and more and grandmother in this Alllabh It's more than a game she is the best I think it will be a game-General and I think that's the opinion of many people so Saqimha 10/10 because they deserve it more what I liked GPU + Audio+ Thriller has surpassed Part I stages
  2. Aug 14, 2012
    I will not say anything more for my friend but it is impressive and a great
    Exceeded his expectations a significant improvement from Game of Death The first is poking cold arrogant and a lot more active than the war which was like a tank, such as credit steadfast person increase over the death of muscle on the other hand depends on the Shuffle comes next in the battle of killing is
    wonderful, and focus on the skill tree RPG and customization is also a personal story line, and the epic feel immersed in it. To record the music in the game is the best place I heard alive in the game is a big compliment from the madness of Joe is not a must buy game for all lovers of adventure has Expand
  3. Aug 16, 2012
    Amazing game! Gorgeous characters and world design, great voice work and a real old school dungeon crawler feel with all the modern day bits from classic's like Zelda, Prince of Persia and Devil May Cry all thrown into the mix. You can quite readily approach the game at your own pace. Choosing to go off and pilfer and loot forgotten chests to your hearts content or follow the quest line and learn new abilities as you level up, earn ever improving weapons and armor and progress through this great tie in of a story to it's predecessor. Outside of the main game you have the new Arena mode which allows you to fight against wave after wave of enemies for increasingly better loot , be warned however, if you die you lose everything. This can really force you to up your game and gives the Arena a great sense of urgency, making each battle increasingly tense. The feeling when you know you've earned a great reward and chosen to risk it all for the taste of something even sweeter is invigorating and how a game should be enjoyed. The combat indecently is very satisfying and pacey. Gone is the brute force and strength of War and in it's place a new sleeker combat system. If I were to liken it to something, then it would be a 'Devil May Cry light' style of combat. You have your standard enemy grapple and main dual wielded weapons, intended for quick combos, pummeling your enemy before you dodge out of range again. Death is a lean combatant, he cannot parry or block enemy strikes so dodging will become your friend here. You also wield a heavier and incidentally slower secondary weapon which deals greater damage and can break through some tougher enemies defenses that Death's scythes cannot. A ranged pistol will soon become your ever present companion also, good for quick bursts of ranged damage. The pistol is less of a focus in Death's combat in comparison to his other weapons, the pistol being more integral to the games vast puzzles, which you frequently encounter along Deaths journey through conveniently parkour friendly architecture. Death will encounter environmental blockages he must traverse with an assortment of talents, from wall running, to climbing, to a ghostly grapple; swinging from point to point. All sprinkled with certain environmental items and golem helpers . Death can also often be found blowing holes in wall after wall with a toss of a bomb and a quick shot from the hip of your pistol, opening a new passage. Puzzles will reveal areas unreachable through standard adventuring and will reap the player rewards such as hulking chest which Death rips open in a triumphant smash of nether world magic to poor more loot into you hulking inventory or the ever elusive quest keys, which can be found throughout dungeons or as rewards from defeating the games many bosses. A boss battle in Darksiders II joins a rank of so few, that only games of the caliber of Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls can hope to rub shoulders with what's been accomplished in this game. Gone are the quick time events of old and anew we find a game where each Boss encountered is as gleeful and exhilarating to the player to enjoy as it clearly was for the creators to craft. Enemies will employ varyied tactics hoping to stop Death in his quest to reap them. Each encounter is compelling, often lasting several minutes and challenges the player to adapt, track the enemies patterns and discern how best to tackle these determined and monstrous opponents. These enemies may be the highlight of the game, but as Death you find yourself in a world so vast you will need to travel great distances to reach these encounters. Compared to the original, the game world and the playground Death now inhabits has grown in spades. Totaling between 3 and 4 times it's predecessor. The environments are richly varied and detailed, the occasional muddy textures will be forgiven in the wake of such a masterfully crafted world. Death will not be alone on his journey. He can summon his trusty stead outside of cities and traverse the games many environments in a flash. The game offers a quick travel system also, making some task far less trivial and hastening you towards your next encounter. Many players may want to take the extra time to travel the land my horse back however. The music is exquisite and finds that balance so few games can find in allowing the music dip seamlessly into the background as you feel it express your adventure, your trials emote the world, it's environments. Death's journey through the game brings many joys to the player. The game seems to scream at the top of it's lungs it's unashamed to borrow from it's peers whole hardheartedly and concoct a new formula, blending the old with the new. When Death's adventure comes to a close, you will have learned many facts and stories about the world you inhabit. However, this is a game demanding to be played again, going so far as to offering a Game+ mode for those who have completed it Expand
  4. Aug 14, 2012
    almost 15 hours in now. I can say fully don't even bother reading the IGN review. Audrey Drake is incoherent and completely hypocritical of saying anything about this game when she would rather be playing something on the 3ds. This game is great and so far I have nothing to say but positive things about it. The game is fun, remains fun and the RPG elements are more innovative (even if influenced by diablo) in this type of game than anything Nintendo has done with Zelda in a decade. If you enjoy M rated games that look great and feature a ton of great boss fights along with a loot system and solid crafting system then look no further. Did I mention how dumb Audrey Drake is? If you take two things from this quick review play this game, it is fun and second respect IGN less for allowing someone who plays pokemon still to review this type of game. Expand
  5. Aug 16, 2012
    Take the Art from Battle Chasers (Joe Madureira), slap in the absolute best gaming aspects of Assassins Creed/Prince of Persia, Devil May Cry/God Of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Borderlands, and tell the tale of an epic apocalypse, and you have Darksiders 2.

    Better than the fist one (and the first one was epic) with so much to do to keep you busy for hours upon hours, Fans of RPG's will
    be pleased. Epic loot system, smooth combat, and amazing soundtrack. do not miss this game! Expand
  6. Sep 2, 2012
    I was really looking forward to this as I expected they would only improve it over the first one. At the end of the day, this is a big disappointment. They tried a bit too hard I think. The addition of multiples of items that get picked up every five minutes, really cheapens the concept of extra armour. In the original darksiders, new armour for War was very cool. In this game it is just "Meh, whatever". Then there is the horse. In the first game it was pretty interesting when you got to ride the horse for a bit. Now in darksiders 2, riding the horse is boring. As well as actually riding the horse being boring, it results in the areas being boring. You end up with a few large plains, with some dungeons dotted around the place. This actually polarises the game between horse bits and dungeons. It takes the intrigue out of world exploration as you know what to expect. Due to the drawbacks of these elements of the game, I decided to set it to easy so I could go through the game easily and quickly. but they couldn't even get that right. I ended up going up against a boss who my zombie decoys died against in 3 seconds so I couldn't distract him, I was hardly taking any health off him and got completely slaughtered. On easy. There is of course the existence of bonus items. The limited edition gives a really powerful weapon, but this just makes the weapons you pick up useless. It takes out any sense of reward for collecting stuff, not that there would be anyway since the game throws stuff at you. It seems backwards, when you really need some health you just can't seem to pick any up. When you don't need health it gets thrown at you. It's just all really, really wrong.

    I haven't even mentioned the poor level design. I simply cannot imagine how the game designers failed to notice that their volcano was moving from one side of the temple to the opposite side. The art design of the environments is bad, with overlapping textures causing a horrible flickering effect, some places there are glaring gaps in the geometry so you can see through to the other side. The general art direction is very clumsy with many areas just being very difficult to figure out and resulting in a mess of clutter.
  7. Sep 6, 2012
    Well. First, I'd like to say that I comprehend the matter about the low user score for Darksiders 2. Vigil Games took a dangerous leap from Darksiders to Darksiders 2. The people who liked the first game may have not liked the second one because there's a huge difference between them. The first is basically an God of War copy-paste, with a different story ad characters. Although still great, it was a generic game, IMO.
    Otherwise, Darksiders 2 has a WHOLE new setting, and is much more original. It took a step into the RPG, becoming an awesome adventure-action-RPG game. All the new mechanics were well implemented, somehow fitting perfectly the purpose of the game.
    Speaking of characters, Death is way more cool than War. War had boring speech and voice, being only a bulky guy beating the crap out of those who crossed his way. Death in the other hand is more saracstic, smart and was amazingly voiced. Death have a different approach, being more fast and elusive, whilst War is heavy and deliver heavy blows.
    The RPG elements are not deep as in other games, but offer a bit o customization for those who like it. You can swap between slow, high damage weapons and fast weapons with different stats and effects, as well as body armor. The armor changes as you equip, giving a bit of aesthetic customization too.
    Vigil Games expanded greatly the world in Darksiders 2. It's considered 2, maybe 3 times bigger than the first game's world. IT offers quite a bit of exploration (again, for those who like it). Side quests were also added. They tell the lore of the game and serve also to give you powerful unique weapons as you progress, as well as XP and money.
    The currency of the game isn't souls anymore, what should be expected from Death. Instead, you collect coins, money that you use to buy weapons, armor or trinkets. Be advised that Darksiders 2 doesn't have good graphics, just like the first game. But the art design... I have no words to speak how beautiful and appealing everything is. The enemy models are creative, the landscapes and buildings are breathtaking and Death itself is pure badassery. The skinny appearance and the mask suited him well.
    Beside those differences, the combat is pretty much the same, despite the fact it depends on your stats.
    I've played more than 10 hours and I have experienced no bugs nor glitches that'd take the fun away. Framerate issues weren't noted so far, what's good, considering what I went through in the first game.
    Darksiders 2 is an epic experience, greatly improved over the first game, IMO. Vigil Games took its chances, and I think they hit the right spot. Dakrsiders was a good game, but it needed its own identity. Now Darksiders 2 have its own face. I dare to say it is the best game of 2012 so far, and the greatest surprise.
    Don't let haters make you give up on this game. You'll lose one good experience.
  8. Aug 14, 2012
    This game absolutely rocks, it is what a lot of games aspire to be in my opinion. Great combat, story. length of gameplay ect., but I really hate it's comparisons to has puzzles, exploration, combat and that makes it comparable to zelda? FOR ME...I would take this game over zelda any day!
  9. Aug 16, 2012
    Quite impressed. The graphics are enjoyable and the role of Death is very enjoyable. It is definitely an improvement over the previous especially in keeping one entertained. The mechanics are not so bad as well. Overall, it was fairly refreshing and definitely as good as if not better than some of the games that have been released in this role-playing genre.
  10. Aug 14, 2012
    Awesome, I am not speak english very good, but i must say, that this game is perfect, THANKS VIGIL GAMES!!!!, DEATH IS AWESOME, THE GAMEPLAY, THE ARTISTIC WORK, THANKS!!!!.
  11. Aug 15, 2012
    This game far exceeded my expectations. The first game was pretty good but it didn't keep me wanting to play. Death and the combination of new elements keeps me wanting more and unable to put down my controller. EPIC
  12. Aug 16, 2012
    PROS: -loot system is very appreciated and works well -agile platforming akin to prince of persia -art style/environments -combat -fresh new feeling and polish compared to the first game -case is shiny just like the first one -well designed dungeons with a plethora of mechanics and some great bosses -large game with plenty of content CONS: -slight technical hiccups (tearing, fps drops, too frequent loading, blinky shadows, sluggish menu, bugs, etc) -menu keybindings are of questionable design -platforming controls could be smoother -quick view of loot outside menu could be slightly more extensive to show you what you are losing, not just what you're gaining -narrative is a little to distant from its connection with the first game and only slightly advances the lore forward -anti climactic boss and unfulfilling conclusion NOTES: Although having noticeable flaws, overall its a good game that manages to focus all its different elements together into a single identity that is bigger, better, and more varied then its predecessor in almost all areas. Expand
  13. Aug 20, 2012
    I've had a gaming itch this gaming generation that I could never scratch. I missed playing games like Jet Force Gemeni, Donkey Kong 64, Super Mario 64, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Zelda's Wind Waker. These were games where you had a big open world where you could wander around and everything you saw in the distance, you could eventually get their somehow. A strong emphasis on puzzles along with combat were key to these games. The best things about these games were that you really felt like you were in a different world and the sense of adventure you would get wondering what was next to see and do. Vigil games finally helped me scratch the hell out of that itch and damn does it feel amazing. Darksiders II is one of the best games ever created. An instant modern classic. Vigil games has brought the action-adventure genre back to life. Relish the joy of playing this game because these kind of gems come about rarely. This game just oozes so much greatness, its astonishing. First off, Vigil nails all the big elements in the game. Controls = 10...everything is laid out very well. Combat = 10 never gets old and thats saying something when the game is so long Platforming =10 wall jumping and climbing is very smooth, music = 10 the soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever and fits the mood and game perfectly. Certain tracks will slowly pump you up getting you in the mood to whoop ass, while others have an epic, dark foreboding tone to it. Loot system = 10 love the option to quickly equip something, Menus = 9 Menus are great except the loading in between each page is kind of annoying, also the buttons mapped seem backwards. Level Design = 10, the game oozes with atmosphere, the action adventure genre has a tendency to be very cookie cutter where all the dungeons look similar, etc. but Darksiders II stands out in this aspect. Every place is very unique. You never know what to expect. It brings back the adventure in the genre. Voice acting = 10 The voices are superb. They draw you into the world. Enemies = 10 theres so many different kind of enemies to keep the game from getting stale, boss fights = 10 its so fun to figure out each bosses weaknesses, puzzles = 10 puzzles are also very fun to figure out, they are challenging so its very rewarding when you figure it out but not too challenging that it pisses you off. Atmosphere = 10 The landscapes are breathtaking and gorgeous, so much detail too. Lasting Appeal = 10 this game is looooong. I've played 25 hours so far, done a ton of stuff and I'm only half way at the most through the game. There's so much to do in Darksiders 2 and all of it is very fun. Graphics = 10 graphics are top notch, the comic book art style is superb, the color palette is very diverse, bright, and colorful. Characters = 10 I love all the NPCS, they all fit very well into the world and are fun to talk to. Epicness = 10 from the environments, to the voice acting, to the boss battles, to the dungeons, this game is the epitome of epic. FUN FACTOR = 15 This game is just so much fun, its hard to put down. There hasn't been any dull moments so far where I couldn't wait to get past something. The best element about this game is it has soul. There's so many cool little touches in the game that show you how passionate the developers were about making this world come alive. One thing I love is how Death's color palette is purple and you can see that theme throughout the game and in Darksiders one Wars was orange. Very neat idea. This is just one of the cool extra touches in the game. Theres lots of sidequests that are seamlessly implemented into the game and are full dungeons not just some small side stuff. As you can see from this ridiculously long review, this game attempts to do a lot of stuff. Great thing is it nails all of it in my opinion. BOTTOM LINE: If you are a fan of the action-adventure genre, Do yourself a favor and go get this game!!!!!!!!!! You won't regret it ;) Expand
  14. Sep 4, 2012
    This is a disappointing sequel to War's Darksiders. The game is so incredibly boring and it feels very lengthy. The "puzzles" in this game are all similiar. Everytime when you make a progress in this game you are set out to collect 3 objects every single time. It's like you are repeating the same tasks over and over again. It seems very reused but I give this game 4/10 because I like the loot system. You can equip Death with all kinds of armors and weapons to give him a hardcore look. Expand
  15. Aug 17, 2012
    Are the dungeons as devilishly clever as Zelda? No; the combat as challenging and precise as Dark Souls? No; the exploration of beautiful, wondrous worlds as enticing as a Metroid or Final Fantasy? No.
    Does Darksiders 2 combine all these elements in an incredibly FUN experience? YES!! I love this game
    and so will you.
  16. Aug 18, 2012
    This game is... A MARVEL: a visual marvel, a wonder playable, wonderful in size and duration.
    It's BIG. It's one of the BIGGEST GAME i've seen and played. And the hero (Death) is very charismatic and pleasant from the first time and projects the image that he is a powerful figure. I love this GAME!
  17. Aug 19, 2012
    Fantastic game. Took the good elements of the first game an added side-quests to reduce linearity as well as stats/gear/talents to add progression. Great exploration, great combat, good puzzles, and a strong story-line. The characters are all interesting. The graphics are not on the level of some other games but they're still beautiful and fit the game's environment perfectly. My ONLY gripe is a minor one in that the wall-running/jumping can feel awkward sometimes. With BIoshock: Infinite pushed to 2013, this has got to be by far the best adventure game of the year (if not best GAME of the year so far)! Expand
  18. Aug 21, 2012
    This game is AWESOME!! A fantastic sequel to a game that made me loose myself into a post apocalyptic world for hours! As i write this short text, I've spent with the game about six hours and I'm happy to say that comparing to D1, Darksiders 2 is bigger (like Russia > Morocco) and has faster combat (F1 > lawnmower). Anyone who likes to search the maps high and low to find hidden items will also be pleased, there is a HELLUVA lot of them! Expand
  19. Sep 3, 2012
    I don't want to waste my time with a full review but just wanted to say that when I found the horse as War on the 1st game my heart was pumping. Also no need to turn an action adventure title that was loved so much on the 1st title into an rpg, plz no, don't make me go to my menus to equip **** all the time. Otherwsie i would have picked ff13-2 wouldn't i? or 1 of the other millions of rpgs. I picked darkisders to play a zelda/gow like experience, not a prince of persia/zelda mix/ and if you are going to make me use the horse, at least make me like it is in shadow of the colossus, riding the horse on that game felt incredible in 3D. Less is more. When u found armor like the other fellow member reviewd, it was a big deal. it made u feel cool, I think devs should only give u items at the end of a boss battle and beginning of a chapter or smth like that, the pace was incredibly slow. Remember the FEELING WHEN YOU find something like a shield or a gauntlet in gow, it's a nice feeling, cause it's very RARE. Dont turn everything into rpg plz let the action genre survive. I hope these lessons will make for a killer outstanding Darksiders 3. Here's to a great DS4 on PS4 with 4 player online co-op MANDATORY story as all 4 horsemen. MY DREAM! Expand
  20. drm
    Aug 22, 2012
    Okay...look....This game is getting some negative heat from people that are saying real intelligent stuff like, "Oooo, they ripped that off from this or that." My response, "DUH!!!!" The hell did you expect? The first Darksiders was cannibalism at it's finest. They managed to rip off Link's hookshot, target selective boomerang, Portal, God of War, and a whole pile of other stuff from previously successful games. So really...what the hell did you expect? I expected to have fun, and I've had a thoroughly enjoyable time playing the hell out of this. Sure they ripped off Shadow Of The Colossus. Big deal. I'm so starved for some irritating platform fantasy crap, I really just don't care anymore. God. Expand
  21. Sep 7, 2012
    I really liked, not loved, the first game, and Vigil Games takes everything that worked with the first and makes it better the second time around. The lead protagonist Death is awesome, the locations is varied and the story is really good for this type of game. A great new feature is the loot system, which makes sure you have enough hours for 20+. I'm on New game plus right now, not a option I useually take, but even after 21 hours of fighting I wasn't satisfied, so I take another round. So far one of the best games this year. Expand
  22. Oct 2, 2012
    After more than 20 hours playing my opinion is that Darksiders 2 is a great and large adventure with a funny combat system and a well-balanced story-telling that fails to be a masterpiece due to lack of innovation, a repetitive dungeon-crawling and some annoying bugs. The Good :

    -Great story and great combat system.
    -Good balance between combat, exploring and problem solving.
    Ideas (looting weapons, leveling up character, some "RPG style" )

    The Bad:

    - Too similar to the first part (lack of innovation)
    - Storytelling is somehow boring ("10 go to the new place, 20 speak to the king of XXX, 30 find three XXX, 40 obtain help and find a new place 50 go to 10" )
    -Too much (really annoying) bugs.
  23. Oct 29, 2012
    One of the best games i have played in awhile, people really need to stop trolling, i'm a PS3 fan, but this game is as good or even better than God of War 3, it's not a clone imo.
  24. Aug 24, 2012
    This a great game, however I have encountered 2 potentially game-breaking glitches, but a quick search on the Darksiders 2 forum and I fixed them both. Sometimes in the Crucible the sound disappears, but these technical hiccups don't really detract from this game as it is one the best games I've played this year.
  25. Sep 1, 2012
    Sad that metacritic has lost all creadablity with user reviews because of a group of basment dwelling satan worshiping virgins decided to hate on the PS3 version of a great game. The game has great visuals that feel like you are playing a comic book, with large enviorments and over 40 hours of gameplay if you choose the sidequest. The random loot system is very well done and the new game + option which was missing in the first one is available in DS2 giving it much more replay value. I reccomend this game if you were a fan of the first one are action adventure games in general. Expand
  26. Sep 7, 2012
    Okay to start things off,I wasn't a big fan of the first Darksiders game*I mean I didn't dislike it*but the first game just felt like a god of war knock off and there wasn't anyway to change the gear or weaopns in the first game it felt bland to me...But DarkSiders 2 Is an AMAZING GAME!!!...DS2 is a huge game all around and with Great graphics and awesome combat,it's fast paced and very addicting.the best part is how Vigil games put in a great RPG feel to the whole game with the ability to change weapons and even when you get new gear putting it on changes you're look and makes Death look more awesome than before.the voice acting is very well done .Vigil Games,this is the best DS games yet.I'm giving DS2 a big fat 10 rating. Expand
  27. Sep 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am new at this web page. So here it comes...I have a huge experience of playing games of this kind. My first reaction with this game was " Don't, like at all". This Darksiders could have been a must have game...But it isn't. Let me tell you why:

    The Good:

    1- Good character. If you say "I am Death", that is a good beginning.
    2-Hack and Slash When you have a strong weapon, the fighting becomes interesting. The fact that you hit a special combo and the Reaper appears is awesome. However, That is the only innovation that this game has.
    3- Nice abilities like the "prince of persia Warrior Within"
    4- The Pursuit of "WHEN I AM GOING TO SEE WAR?!
    5- The best thing in the game, the music.

    The BAD

    1- COLORS: I am death, the rider of death, not a neon ninght rider. At every step all my surrondings should be death...No Colors, life, violet neon ligt...This is the worst part of all. As a gamer, you need to recognize with the charachter. Some feeling of justice, rage, good or evil...But here...nothing of these appears. This is something that could have easily be done...but they failed at this. Check for instance Assura's wrath (the game is not excellent, but it tells you everytime, that the guy is really angry)
    2-Scenary: I have seen a negative critic here and it looks like mine. You have two instances, Horse or dungeon. Don't expect to search the entire map or discover any place that feels amazing...Everything looks with shinny colors. They definitely should at least copy something from the skyrim Dungeons scaries place to be.....
    3- Story: The first ten hours could have easily been deleted. Really. From dungeon to dungeon...Side quests...I do not know why should I do them...The argument of saving War is good, but not enough. I did not care the story or did not get involved in, I just wanted to end the game beacuse i Bought it.
    4- Personally-- The QTE should be included here and we have not any.
    5- The dungeons looked all the same!! This matter is very important, becasue, this type of scenaries have been created long ago...Take a look in Zelda You have a palace of water! Or rock or fire...That makes different dungeon to play with, therefore a different game to play...


    This game is not as really really bad it just looked empty. The first game was a master piece, but this, is a regular game. My expectations were really high and none of them were satisfied. Everything looked boring and well known, without suprises. In darksiders, we have an excellent argument, please guys, please, use it to produce something that blows my mind. Add a co op, make the atmosphere darker, with mistery, make that every item adds really something to the game (Consider Megaman X or God of war 3) Every item should add something or should change radically the game. NOT an item just for the dungeon, THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG! For example, (SPOILLER!!) when death divides in two, I am not allowed to fight with them!!! Therefore, that item is useless outside a dungeon....
    Last, Death is violent, and he acts like "I Can do anything"...Wrong again. Death should claim the death of everything that surrounds him...The voice hould be darker, like inspir ing he is dying. And add some heavy metal to the music...That is something that pays all the time!!

    Best regards
  28. Oct 6, 2012
    I'm an upset user of your game on ps3, because the game seems to have a bug that doesn't allow me finishing the game!.
    The bug appears on the side quest heart stone part #2 I destroyed my construct to get the shadow ball into the slot in the room to the eat to let bring down the barriers so i can get to the heart stone. Instead I threw the ball in to the water by the stone crusher.
  29. Nov 12, 2012
    Darksiders 2 is not what i wanted in a sequel. I won't say It was bad, but I definitely can't say it was as memorable as the first. Many people threw off on the first installment due in large part to its lack of originality. I could give a crap about that because fun is fun; and i would insert a thought about what constitutes originality, but I'm sure that's been done before. The first game felt perfectly sized for it's genre(hack and slash/action/adventure). The environments where captivating, varied, and had a cohesive feel to them. Darksiders 2 has a faster combat system that, if one puts the time in, is very rewarding and is composed of a much larger scope. the latter point is the failing aspect of the games development. while yes, it is huge and at times very pretty, the levels feel empty. The first game had claustrophobic moments of unrelenting action but this time around the threat of an enemy attack, while not in a dungeon, is almost non existent. this is a huge spot of contention for me because I like to fight things and be challenged. speaking of challenge, the boss battles in this game were not memorable at all. sitting here typing i can only remember one that was memorable(Sammy). they didn't have that ominous feel that Tiamat or the dune-like worm the Stygian possessed from the first darksiders. the last boss in Darksiders 2 was to say the least, lame. i hope they make another darksiders, but narrow their scope. focus on action, setting, and story. don't bloat the game with unneeded filler like loot, tons of fetch quests, a lackluster bosses. shiny graphics will not make up for these things. Expand
  30. May 11, 2013
    A massive improvement on darksiders 1, the original being A simple copy-paste of God of war, Darksiders 2 adds layers of depth by incorporating an Rpg style in place of a simple action hack'n'slash and it does this very well, although these RPG elements are very simple ones, more time should have been put into the free roam, character development and customization..
    The combat/gameplay
    is fluent and enjoyable, it mainly consisted of puzzle solving though unfortunately..
    Visually Darksiders 2 did everything Right, from the beautiful landscapes to deaths armor and weapons it all looks fantastic, nothing is out of place..
    The game roughly lasts 20 hours, which is not something any RPG should boast about, But Darksiders 2 has a high replay value to compensate..

    Over all it's a solid game, different enough to other action Hack'n'slash games, but the Rpg elements are not developed well enough, hopefully we'll see that development in darksiders 3..
    If your a fan of GOW, Dantes inferno, and castlevania definitely look into darksiders 2, Short, fun and worth the money..

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. Nov 27, 2012
    Darksiders II is an extremely deep and well balanced game. While Darksiders II may not appeal to everyone, its certainly going to please those looking for a deep and enjoyable action adventure title.
  2. Oct 27, 2012
    The setting and the scope of it all is simply massive and as a pure action-adventure it does a great job. On the technical side of things it's a lot less impressive, with poor graphics and everything that comes with, but nonetheless Darksiders II is a great game.
  3. Oct 14, 2012
    Darksiders 2 adds a lot of variety compared to the original. The RPG elements are decent fun, but what really stands out is the superb musical score composed by Jesper Kyd. [Sept 2012]