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  1. Sep 28, 2010
    I picked up my game last night.... I didn't go to sleep at all. If you are simply a fan of brainless sugar-coated fun, then buy this game because if all you want is a stressful, twitch-shooter with zombies that run at 60 miles per hour and never let you have fun... then go back to Left 4 Dead and don't say anything about this game.
    This is a true achievement in the videogame community, a
    masterpeice on its own merits. You take down swaths of slow-moving undead with anything (literally) that you can pick up. Then you can even combine some of the things you pick up to cause more fun mayhem and bloodshed.
    Before you listen to any naysayer of the game, think of this:
    You can combine a two-by-four with a lawnmower to make a handheld lawnmower that will grind zombies to nothing more than chunky blood soup.
  2. Sep 29, 2010
    There is an old saying at Capcom headquarters. "If it is broke, leave it alone and release a sequel!" Dead Rising 1 was a repetitive, timed escort mission. Back when it was released it got by because it featured tons of zombies and looked great on the brand new XBOX360. Now in 2010 all the things that were endearing about DR1 have become old hat. The graphics have no improved, load times are worse than before, there is still a timer, and you are leading hapless AI imbeciles on escort missions to safety. If you must play this game just wait a few weeks and pick it up in the bargain bin where it belongs. Expand
  3. Oct 1, 2010
    I purchased my copy of DR 2 the day it came out. Once i began playing it i was immediately attached to the character and his motives. I wanted to see the story go to the end. Sadly the game does not make this easy as you should spend your first play-through ranking up by doing survivor missions and zombie killing because of the extensively difficult boss battles that are only made less difficult by ranking. nevertheless the game is still extremely fun to play and offers a wide range of zombie killing techniques and awesome combo weapons to execute them. I love this game and just can't stop playing it. Expand
  4. Apr 21, 2011
    Let me put it simply. Cons: Load Times, Repetitive side missions, Weak enemies, Ridiculously difficult bosses, A timer on a free-roaming game, and a broken save system. Pros: Paddlesaws. I rest my case.
  5. Oct 1, 2010
    ZOMG Load times!!!11

    People that get caught up in trivial things like this make me laugh. Go play Halo Reach and wait longer to find a match... I know you will. This is a FUN game, bottom line. If you like slaying hundreds of thousands of mindless zombies with TONS of unique weapons, chances are you will have a blast with this game. As with the first DR, going for those achievements
    is the next step after trying to get the best possible ending in story mode.

    It's too bad nobody plays multiplayer yet though, I can never find a match :(
  6. Nov 27, 2010
    Dead Rising 2 is the only game I have ever returned. It is that bad. Primitive graphics, awkward and buggy controls, lousy camera movement, silly weapons, frequent and long load times, too few save points, uninteresting story, and repetitive game play make this one of the worst games I have played.
  7. Aug 6, 2011
    Broken. Every single step you take, you find another thing that's broken about Dead Rising 2. From hit detection, to weapons breaking after 5 hits. This game is broken. Dead Rising 2 is a sandbox game that limits your freedom. Seriously? And I shouldn't have to level up to make my character go a decent pace.
  8. Sep 29, 2010
    The gameplay was nice, polished, and had enough variance to keep me interested. The weapon combo system is fun, although I can think of a lot of combos that they didn't with the weapons they leave around. The downsides have to do with the awkwardness of some of the combat, with things like zombies suddenly changing position in order to meet the game's single animation for each power attack, and the dialogue, which is so generic and terrible as to leave you not believing or embracing the characters.

    Overall though, I give it an 8. It will keep me busy and happy for a while to come.
  9. Dec 2, 2010
    I must say i do love a good zombie thrasher but this game is truly mleh! Thats the only way to describe it. the storyline is a bit crap really, and gets so reppetitive and boring after a while. You swing away killing zombies pointlessly with no goal. this game is dull boring and reppetitive. And for a capcom game im dissapointed. Resident evil 5 is way better than this.
  10. Sep 28, 2010
    I love this game. It is such a rewarding experience and you feel awesome when you accomplish anything. It's actually very addictive as well, I got it this morning but before I knew it, it was 12am. It's obviously been made for the fans of the original, so obviously if you didn't like the first you're not going to like this one. The side quests are alot tougher this time round, especially the psychopaths. You're going to have a big gun if you're at a lower level and you try and take them on. However, this does make it such a more rewarding experience and keeps the re-playability alive. The AI on the survivors alot better however and you won't find them always screaming for help after having stupidly run into a crowd of zombies.
    The story really drives you forward, storylines are very important to me in a game, which was why I originally liked the first game and this one is no different. Chuck makes me laugh alot, he's not trying to be funny AT ALL but his cool occasional one liners make me laugh out loud and the subtle rock music that played when he's being a badass is cool too. It's such a strange format, in a good way though, the combat and overall game-play is just comedy, but the storyline is very serious. From the outside this might seem weird, but it works really well.
    The multi-player made me laugh alot, its very funny, it's played out like a gameshow and the money you earn from winning can be spent in the single-player.
    I can immediately tell that I'll be playing this one for a while, with the addition of co-op and multiplayer the re-play value is just massive.
  11. Sep 28, 2010
    Dead Rising 2 is an odd game to review. Going strictly on an objective, technical look, I'd give the game an 8/10. There are definitely elements that frustrate, chief among them being frequent load times, the lack of spoken dialogue (especially since what *is* there is so good), and the occasional difficultly spike. It's by no means perfect. However, there is something about it, something intangible, that makes me want to play it more than I want to play games that I'd give a 9 or 9.5 to. I guess it's just a pure sense of fun. DR2 is probably one of the most purely FUN games out there. There's something about it that just makes you want to keep playing late into the night.

    I won't go into too much depth, but here are some highlights:
    1. Concept.
    2. Visuals (By which I mean styles, colors, general feel of the Vegas-like environment).
    3. Voice Acting (Seriously, even though this is a silly game, the acting has more depth than any of the Resident Evil games, which were going for a serious tone).
    4. Combo Weapons
    5. Chuck Greene (What can I say, he's a total badass)
    6. Humor
    7. The Cast (especially the psychos)
    8. So many secrets to be found.
    9. Just. Plain. Fun.

    1. Frequent Load Times
    2. Visuals (By which I mean textures. I hate looking at people's hands in this game.)
    3. Too little voice acting (so many survivors with interesting personalities are just text)
    4. Difficulty spikes (You never know when a psycho is going to pop out and kick your ass)

    While all those negatives are legitimate complaints, ones which I think need to be smoothed out in future iterations of the series, the fact remains that the game is so fun that I end up not caring about the negatives. 100% recommended.
  12. Nov 12, 2010
    This would be an excellent game if it wasn't for the timer........if this was a sandbox game with no timer this would be so much more enjoyable..... the only saving grace is that you can ignore the timer and level up your character, then restart the story and keep all your upgrades....only issue here is now you have to play the story until you complete it before you can go have fun again....... if you don't mind timers i would recommend it, not worth 60 bucks in my opinion..... Expand
  13. Oct 12, 2011
    I never quite understood how anyone could get through DR2 and say that its an excellent game. For every category it excels in, there are 2 or 3 that it just completely drops the ball in. I gave up on this game several times, but kept coming back because it was "supposed" to be good. The potential was there, this is nothing but one big timed excort mission with wonky controls, minimal checkpoints, and ancient save system. The game could have been truly great, because it has charm and gameplay to spare, but the design choices are far as saving, mission structure, boss fights and story progression are baffling indeed. Having to go out of my way to find a restroom to save in before a big boss fight led to many moments of frustration and annoyance and really killed the fun for me. Expand
  14. May 11, 2011
    i loved DR1 on the xbox 360 so i couldnt wait to play the second one nop with CO-OP. well considering the first one came out around 4 years before the second one was released i kinda thought there would be some more improvements to the game . its pretty much the same game as the first with co-op and the ability to combine wepons which is intresting. the co-op feature does make the game abit more fun . they've gottin rid of the survivle mode which is a shame . they should have kept it and gotten rid of the whole eating food thing to stay alive and just let you run around and enjoy killing zombies. the game is still on a time limet which i wish was removed and let you move at your own pace and just have some fun. you can still do that pretty much if youi just ignore rescuing people and the other side missions . DR2 is stil a fun game though although not the improved sequel i was hoping for. still if you have a few friends with this game you will have fun goin on a zombie hunt . this series is still far better the left for dead which is just a monotonous kill zombie get to vehicle , rinse and repeat for 3 hours and your done. with 1000's of ways to kill zombies in DR2 you will find some fun in this game. Expand
  15. Oct 9, 2010
    Not for everyone, that's the least you can say about Dead Rising 2. This game can easily be summarized. If you loved the first game, Dead Rising 2 is instant buy material. If you hate it, don't buy the sequel. For those of you who didn't play the original Dead Rising, I will summarize the game for you.

    Dead Rising 2 starts with a zombie outbreak and it is up to you, Chuck, to find the one
    who initiated the outbreak and to give your daughter every 24 hours a dose of Zombrex. She has been bitten by a zombie and will turn if you are too late with her daily dose. You have 72 hours (in-game about 6 hours) to do this and between missions you can save people and battle psychopaths to earn PP (Prestige Points). Each rescue or story mission must be completed within a certain time limit. This makes the game pretty hard at first, but by gaining PP and leveling up Chuck will become much stronger. Most people get frustrated by the initial difficulty but this game is meant to be played during multiple playthroughs. It is nearly impossible to do everything during the first playthrough.

    Apart from this, Dead Rising 2 is a fun game with a lot of weapons, a lot of gore and for the first time a co-opmode which adds to the replay value of the game. People who don't like difficult games should rent first, but those who like movies such as Dawn of the Dead should definately give this game a try.
  16. Oct 1, 2010
    just recieved my copy delivered to me yesterday.
    so far i've only played it for about half an hour, but what time i did invest in it returned to me a completely entertaining experience. i only played the first game of this franchise a couple of times on xbox 360 but i was totally no impressed. it looked bad and played terribly. this sequel is a fine improvement. the things you can use are
    hilarious and the slaughtering of zombies never gets old. i found their AI pretty smart actually. this game doesnt have a complex or intelligent story. if you want that, please move on. you slaughter zombies in any way possible, using anything you can find, in anyway possible. the object combination feature to create advanced weapons is awesome, as it is hilarious to mow down a handful of zombies which i found to be a delight. there is also the ability to change clothes in any manner. i couldnt get over the delight of butchering zombie with a tomahawk axe in my hand while wearing a tuxedo. how can someone not find that fun ?

    again, theres no complex story. you're stuck in a city filled with thousands of the undead and you need to save your daughter, and a handful of survivors you come across. really great game - it has its flaws as you would expect but they can easily be forgotten over the great things it has to offer. it's bloody, gory and never takes itself seriously. if you're a fan of zombie culture, like zombie games or even just horror movies, then this is a game for you.
  17. Nov 13, 2010
    i think this is just great fun. if you are looking for a deep story you aren't looking in the right place. although the story isn't bad just pretty straight forward and i had it figured out before the end. i mean this is just good fun. how many ridiulous was can i smash a thousand zombies? what about 5000? or 73,650?? howabout with flaming boxing gloves or fireworks? maybe a wheel chair or a bucket. doesn't matter. and all the people crying about the timed missions, you aren't suppossed to get them all this game is to be played over and over again, i'm on my 4th as of now. slowed down but if i ever need some good zombie smashing i know what to play! yes simlar from the first but just a little bit better in important ways. my one complaint is that you feel way underpowered your first playthrough. if you make it through without doing some online co-op leveling first you are a master because i made it about half way before i had to start over and use my leveled character to finish the whole story. but that play throguh was much more enjoyable, i knew where things were, i knew which people i could get and how to do it. and smashed a ton of zombies in the process. approching level 50 is when you can truely just enjoy the game and all those survivors, forget them if you want, there's a trophy for that! just smash zombies and do the main story to keep it moving and keep the zombies coming! Expand
  18. Oct 9, 2010
    To put this simply, if you enjoyed Dead Rising 1, you will definitely enjoy this sequel. It gives you some of the best of the first game, like the manic zombie-killing and the neat level-up system, but removes the hassle of trying to time camera shots. The boss battles still aren't the best, but I will say that they improved the usage of guns, so now you aren't fiddling around with the controls trying to shoot a zombie with a shotgun. The gameplay is highly addicting and will keep you up past late hours, something I'm sure the first game also did to you. Also returning is the Overtime Mode, basically letting you play the story past the initial ending to get the real, good ending. If you like zombie games, this game is for you. Expand
  19. Nov 3, 2010
    I love zombies! Nothing would bring me greater joy then the dead rising (no pun intended) I have read Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z by Max Brooks, I have seen most of George Romero's zombie movies but something about Dead Rising 2 just doesn't pull me in. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy combining a bucket with drills and turning a zombie's head into jelly but what drives me insane the most is attacking other living human NPCs in the game. If Capcom and Blue Castle ever reads this I want them to answer one question, why the hell did you make Chuck Greene the biggest vagina this zombie apocalypse as ever seen? Chuck Greene is so much of a wimp that the game gives you the option to restart the game with your level and abilities you have already unlocked. I thought most games did that once you beat the game as a bonus. Why didn't you just make difficulty settings! Fighting bosses and mini-bosses you will see that they have an insane amount of health, I would get so mad that I would have to put the game down. This was by far the most difficult hurdle I had overcoming about this game, I could easily take a broadsword and split a zombie from head to groin but fighting some insane hippie in the bathroom I easily got my ass handed to me on a silver plater. Dodging an attack is impossible until you level yourself up enough to learn the dodge but I was already on my second play through by the time I had gained enough PP. Another problem was that the fastest way to level up is by far the most tedious, escorting survivors. Which feels like every side-mission broken up occasionally by impossible mini-boss fights. Another beef I have with this game is there is no auto save feature so if you died you have to restart from the last time you saved. I thought auto save was a pretty standard feature in most games but that was left out. Somethings to highlight about this game is that it looks great and you always have zombies to kill. The story is pretty weird but funny and the zombie kills keep you entertained for hours. The ability to combine items is fun but can be a pain searching for them. I mostly stuck with the bat with the nails on it and the broadsword. I wouldn't recommend buying this game unless you enjoyed the first which I didn't but it is worth renting just for the arcade style fun and beat'em up, blow'em up, shot'em up action. Expand
  20. Oct 15, 2010
    Dead Rising 2 is a really fun game to play. It also is really good that you can combine your weapons to make it even more fun to kill zombies. The good thing about this game is that it is based some where different compared to the first one. The game is way better than number 1 because you can do loads more stuff like combining weapons, driving motorbikes and loads of other things. The best thing about the game is probably finding things to customize a weapon. The main character in dead rising 2 is better than the first one because you have more zombies to kill. You can also add weapons to a motor bike and a wheel chair which is really good for a game like this. I donâ Expand
  21. Nov 7, 2010
    First off, let me state that unless your an ignorant fanboy of Halo or Call of Duty or any other repetitive Franchise game series then there is no possible way you could rate a game like Dead Rising 2 to such extremes like 1/10. There are many features which would appeal to just about any person who: Likes zombies, likes violent humor, clever and funny weapons, mowing down zombies on a chainsaw-equipped motocross bike, or any of the other fun concepts provided. The game follows Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion who does whatever it takes to get the ultra rare zombie anti-virus drug Zombrex that his infected daughter, Katey, needs daily to prevent turning. When another outbreak is unleashed Chuck must take his daughter to a safe house and, from this new base of operations complete various tasks such as the usual rescue survivors, fight psychopaths, find Zombrex for Katey, and whatever the main mission calls for. Rescuing survivors is relatively easy except when they get too close to your melee swings and turn on you from taking too much accidental damage, effectively failing the mission and forcing you to kill them. This can make it a little frustrating at times but the easiest way to succeed here is to just charge straight for the safe house and keep them following you. Some of the premises for rescuing some suvivors are pretty funny most of the time, like a woman who was trapped in a tanning bed or a death metal band who was so into their music that they didn't realize that their "fans" below the stage were the newly unleashed zombie hoard. Defeating the various psychopaths, or essentially the bosses, is the most difficult task next to finding Zombrex. In all these fights the odds are stacked against you all the time. They consist of a simple cutscene to introduce the nut job and a following fight. They are way faster than Chuck, way stronger, and have some crazy abilities (A guy in a bathroom can teleport around the room using the stalls). They also have an insane amount of health (It took around 10 point-blank shots from a shotgun to kill one guy on a bike). This is where the game focuses on multiple playthroughs even if you haven't finished a game. Yes, you can play halfway though and start a new game with your existing profile and keep all your stuff at the start of the new game. While most consider this stupid or broken it is necessary to beat the human bosses or even stand a chance. The game has a small feeling of Demon's Souls here, as in bosses are very difficult and require multiple replays to gain the edge in battle. The game takes place over 72 hours (3 days until the military arrives to clean up the mess), and in that time Chuck's infected daughter needs a daily dose of Zombrex to stay human. It only needs to be done every 24 hours of in-game time, which tends to fluctuate with real time. Zombrex is nearly impossible to find but can be purchased from pawnshops. The main story missions focus on the uncovering the origins of the new outbreak. Chuck has been framed for releasing the zombies and he has 3 days to get the evidence to clear his name. Like and other RPG or free roam game you have to go to various places, kill certain people, and whatever it requires to complete your mission. Combining weapons is the highlight of DR2 because not only are they awesome and wacky but effective in combat with hoards of undead and give multiplied PP (the games version of XP). These weapons ranged from F***ing awesome to F***ing hilarious, Liek the Boomstick, a shotgun taped to a pitchfork that stabs and shoots a zombie, or The Electric Chair, a car battery wired to a wheelchair that can capture one zombie, constantly electrifying him, charge through crowds of zombies and finally crash and release that sitting zombie who explodes with a chain lightning effect on other zombies. The online play is also quite fun. The mini game mode Terror Is Reality (TIR) offers close to a dozen zombie slaughtering mini games, all of which are very fun and entertaining, and give you prize money which can be transferred to your single player profile. Now onto technicals. The load times are there and they can feel like a minor bug bite on your back at times but you'll survive. Graphics aren't Final Fantasy XIII or Heavy Rain, but considering the shear amount of zombies on screen they do suffice. The facial expressions are very well done though. Not as polished as Heavenly Sword or Uncharted but good enough that their emotions feel real and believable, especially Chuck who has plenty of obvious chemistry with his daughter Katey who always has a sunny disposition despite of her infection or the state of the world. The audio is top notch though. A clever and stylish blend of sunny mall music for free roam and fast-paced metal for intense fight scenes. The voice acting is incredible for this style especially the insanity of the psychos. All in all a very fun game to play, alone or with friends. Expand
  22. Oct 15, 2010
    GAME SUCKS, zombies zombies zomibies and zombies. Boring, useless piece of crap. ZERO INNOVATION. If you like zombies play WAW or RED DEAD, anything but this. What a waste of my money!
  23. Oct 18, 2010
    Definitely a worthy sequel to the first Dead Rising. Very fun and addictive single player mode that could provide fun for hours end. Graphics aren't really top notch on the PS3 and don't look as good as some other PS3 titles but they aren't bad either. The only flaw aside from the long loading times, I've seen in the game is that when the screen is full of zombies you may get a frame rate drop, however even then this does not happen often. Regardless this is probably one of the better games of 2010. Expand
  24. Nov 19, 2010
    I'm a fan of zombie games but have yet been able to find a good one. In this game the graphics are great. But, the game play is the same. You run into a mall of zombies everytime. I brought it back after 7 days because it just wasn't what I thought it would be.
  25. Nov 24, 2010
    Best. Zombiegame. Ever. Seriously, this is the closest you will ever come to the feeling of a zombie movie. A single zombie is not really dangerous, but the horde is. The passing time and the survivors you have to save give a constant feeling of threat and suspense. Also, you can discover lots and lots of secrets. You will get better in the game and feel this - which is a nice thing in an age where you will get offered super-easy-mode after dieing twice. Graphics are really great in my opinion.

    If you love zombie movies pick this up. It's a hell of a ride and I had only fun with it.
  26. Jan 26, 2011
    I know when it comes to zombies, they appear out of nowhere and we all must band together to survive. Zombie violence seems to entertain so many and that's what this game does. Except killing zombies is not as much fun as the game wants it to be. Long story short, you traverse through malls, basements, and streets slaughtering zombies. Technically it plays well but it gets old fast. Too fast because you get to use over half the weapons in the first two hours. Rent it or borrow it. Don't pay full price. Expand
  27. Oct 25, 2011
    This game has a huge sandbox for you to have fun mowing down hundreds of zombies with a wide variety of weapons and combo-weapons to choose from. It also has a very engaging story that pulls you along. However, Capcom puts time limits on your missions that forces you to have to choose to have fun or plough through the storyline. But you'll never make it though the storyline on your first try because you'll have to level up quite a bit. Trying to have fun in this game is like someone giving you the keys to a porsche but only giving you enough gas to go five minutes in. In Dead Rising 2, exploration will bring about failed missions due to time limits and make you have to choose to either start again from a previous save, losing all of your progress, or restarting the entire game over, but keeping all of your progressed levels, combo cards, money and power points. After starting the same cut-scenes over for about the fifth time, the game then began to wear thin. If only Capcom could have allowed you to have fun and continue the storyline along at your own pace then I would have had no problem giving this game a ten. But after four days of playing this, I'm not looking forward to playing for another hour of and then having to start all over again. Expand
  28. May 18, 2011
    Love this Game.. its almost too much fun... its Corny,Cheesy and mindless fun but there is something innately satisfying about using a modified lawn mover, dressed in a man-kini and safari hat, to lay waste to a sea of never ending undead
  29. Mar 23, 2011
    This review is quite late, but I have a logical excuse, I only just joined the Metacritic community, and this is something of a â
  30. Jul 7, 2011
    Love it, the main fact is fun thats everything you need to know about this franchise, i know the drill about combining weapons and make awesome kill's. I do not think this is the game for everyone, it has some flaws , but it it still great.
  31. Apr 20, 2011
    BROKEN, BROKEN, BROKEN. I love, LOVE zombie games and I expected so much more of Dead Rising 2. It starts in an interesting way. Before you know it, you are bashing zombie limbs all over the place. The idea of being trapped in a mall is also very cool. But what is up with the countdown? Why create such interesting environments and characters and make us rush through everything?? And, also, why rush if this means not being able to deal with the difficulty that just gets higher and higher? I lost count of how many times I restarted it (carrying my stats over) to see if the game would get any better. One day I simply said IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT. There are so many interesting games out there; why bother with this? The concept is great, but Capcom made it into work. ZERO FUN, BROKEN GAME, HUGE DISAPOINTMENT. Expand
  32. Oct 13, 2011
    The game it's self is a lot of fun until you get into the story. Everything is so timed that I feel like it really makes the game a choir to play at times. I also have the issue where my game just fails me at the same point no matter what I haven't heard of anybody else having this issue but it definitely took me out of the game.
  33. Jul 22, 2011
    Dead Rising 2 starts off with a man named Chuck who must compete in a gameshow against his will to earn enough money to buy a drug that will prevent his young daughter from getting zombified. But this game is not a Hallmark movie, so soon your flailing zombies with chainsaws attached to your motorcycle. Yay for violence! The rest of the game is much like that, with weapons including a toy helicopter with a machete propellar (appropriately called the Heliblade) and a football with a grenade taped on it (the Hail Mary) these kind of things are fun and aplenty. and you'll definitely never run out of zombies, with hordes reaching the hundreds roaming free to mess with at your leisure. It takes a while to get used to all those enemies, but soon you'll make short work of those flesh-eating beasts. the mischief and humor in the game are the possible best I've ever seen in any Capcom game. The Vegas-like strip in the game is beautifully detailed, I think you can walk in to about 95% of buildings, no exaggeration. However, there are a more than a few problems with the game, some of them may even turn off a few gamers. To save you must enter a restroom, and although it asks you to save after every mission, it still isn't always easy (try traveling across the map with one health just to save your progress) and you will probably be playing missions over again. The story isn't great either, but you can tell by the box art that this isn't the "story" kind of game. But the worst offenders of them all is the dreaded timers. You have to collect Zombrex (your daughters drugs) at seven AM every day, which is a huge chore. (My advice: let her die, yes, you seriously can do that) and you have to play missions every day or you lose the entire game. Yes, the ENTIRE GAME is nothing more if you decide to not play a mission at, let's say, ten AM. In the end, I recommend DR2 to any fan of the original, or if your up at night thinking about shooting zombies in the face. Others looking for something as good as Left 4 Dead, look elsewhere. Also, multiplayer is amazing. Just amazing. Expand
  34. Aug 18, 2011
    Would Make a better movie than a game. I saw the trailer like everyone else and also saw the potential like everyone else. unfortunately this one failed to deliver. the best part of this game is making new weapons... which you will run out of combinations in about a day or 2. the worst part of this game is a struggle between the boring boring boring multiplayer, lack of campaign split screen, timed missions that interrupt your wanting to just mess around, and repetitive game play. ppl that like zombies generally want creepy. this game is all blood and no creepy. its almost always day time and even night time is bright. zombies are always out in the open and easy to avoid (unless u want to stop and then they are annoying at best). yes there seem to be a variety of weapons BUT only a hand full of animations. this ones story and all around game play weren't unbearable and it does keep u entertained for a while. just don't expect too much. i wouldn't pay more than $15. buyer beware. P.S. DLC is just as repetitive. Expand
  35. Sep 8, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Anyone who is a fan of George A. Romero style zombie films will find a lot of the same style in Dead Rising 2. The game has a dark but often funny sense of humor. Being able to go anywhere and do anything in a mall is great fun. Trying on all the different clothes, looting stores for weapons, or just riding a tricycle through hordes of zombies is addictive. There are a few framerate issues, but considering there is nearly always hundreds of zombies on screen the game runs well. Zombie groans mixed with cheery mall music and survivors screaming really adds to the immersive feel of the game. Gameplay is easy to get used to and for the most part works well; although jumps tend to miss at platforming. The combat is repetitive to the point of getting boring if you don't mix up the action with different combo weapons, and combo weapons are a huge draw to what makes the game so interesting. So if you feel like creating a weapon that mimics Wolverineâ Expand
  36. Sep 10, 2011
    I was pretty disappointed in this game. I'm not a huge fan of zombie games but I really liked the look of this one (I DO like zombie shooters like Left 4 Dead and Resident Evil) and so I picked it up cheaply. After seeing the loading screen appear after every single cinematic (and then waiting around 30 seconds for it to load, around 10 times) I was thrown into the game. I thought it to be insanely repetitive, aside from the huge range of things you can use as weapons. One really big downer for me was when I neared the end of the first level... I died. I then had to choose to either load from when I last saved or restart the mission, well I had saved before I even started the mission... and the mission took 40 minutes for me to do. That one thing compelled me to put it back in the case and I haven't touched it since. Expand
  37. Jun 5, 2012
    Some parts were good in dead rising 2, but overall the game seemed like a big joke.Just running around and killing zombies left and dright. There was no fear, the atmosphere just wasnt there.
  38. Nov 11, 2011
    This game is better than the first, alot of boss fights and typical hordes of zombies. Although i have to admit it was advertised as taking place in the las vegas strip, it feels alot like the first game with much better graphics. Controls could be tighter, frequent screen tearing, and very stupid a.i. friendliest hinder this game a bit. The game is cheesy, funny, and scary at times making the experience well rounded. Alot of fun kiling zombies with combined weapons is wicked. A must buy for zombie game fans. Expand
  39. Jun 29, 2012
    Really don't understand the low score for this game, it's great. If you love zombies then buy it! The only negative thing that i can say about it is the difficulty, because the game is very challenging at times!
  40. Jun 20, 2013
    Well done this is the funnest game I´ve played in my intire life just go buy it ,it has some issues like framarate drops but nothing much important this game is 1010 on fun factor I only wished DR3 would be fun like 2 D:
  41. Apr 4, 2012
    First of all, I don't see why this game is so popular. Yes, it has zombies, but don't expect something like Left 4 Dead or any other zombie-related game. It feels and plays very 'Japanese'. The combat is awful, missions are frustrating due to a timer and there are very long and distracting load times. It looks good and the story is okay, but all the potential fun is stripped away by clunky gameplay and the frustrating timer which will always distract and annoy you. Expand
  42. Apr 6, 2012
    When I first picked up the original Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 when it first came out I found myself quite elated by the wonderful idea of taking random objects and beating zombies into pulpy bits of rotten flesh and blood while wandering around a mall for 3+ days. Now you could Imagine to my surprise when I found out that Dead Rising 2 was going to be on most "real" consoles (sorry Wii, but any system that makes is primary focus on activeness and makes it difficulty level just flailing your hands around as if to simulate wild seizure style motions, it's not a gaming console its shake weights cousin with down-syndrome) as well to find out that it would also host a multi-player feature I nearly came to the idea **** myself would be the only way to appease god for such a lovely gift he gave to the world. When I finally scraped together the cash to purchase the game I found the Single player to be about the same just with the addition of weapon combos and a slightly sandbox area, Though being the fan that I am of the game I became very content to still be mindlessly hacking away at zombies, escorting survivors, and killing more psychopath than Dexter. It was about the point when I beat single-player that I decided "Hey lets see the other half of the reason I payed $60" only to be completely astonished about how much the Co-op servers was just a digital ghost town. I spent 1 hour trying to connect to other people only to strangely be rejected 4 for unknown reason I finally found someone which finally made me feel like my hour of tireless searching wasn't one of the biggest wastes of time I've experienced in my life, those 2 hours where I got to play DR2 Co-op the way it was intended was the highlight of playing this game but after that single player got stale and Co-op matches got harder and harder to find i hung up my machete and put DR2 back up on the shelf to collect dust. Expand
  43. Sep 26, 2012
    Good game although feels like more of the same.
  44. Dec 15, 2013
    I wanted to love this game. I really did. "Dead Rising 2" is probably the most disappointing game I've ever played. While the general gameplay is fun and the crafting of weapons is cool, everything else in the game just faceplants. A respawn rate that will make your head spin. Impossibly difficult bosses. An IDIOTIC save function. Really, the list of broken elements in this thing is almost endless.

    This SHOULD have been the ultimate zombie carnage game. Instead, it is an exercise in constant frustration. Pass on it.
  45. Jul 26, 2012
    First I am going to talk about what I enjoyed about this game - loads of zombies for you to kill, alternative endings, leveling system, different kinds of exotic weapons and multiplayer mode. Now comes the bad part - as a free roaming game it has a time limit, repetitive missions/ zombie killing, bosses take too long to kill, and story sucked.
  46. Oct 31, 2012
    Cant get much worse, the entire game is repetitive and I traded it in the day after I bought it. It drives me brain dead the same again and again. Don't touch it! Go to hell chuck
  47. Oct 26, 2012
    I freely admit that I was less than amused after I got my hands on Dead Rising 2. Given that I don't have a 360, I missed out on the first Dead Rising game, and hadn't really bothered to do any research on the game. I had always heard good things, however, so I thought I'd give the game a shot now that it was released for the PS3. Let's start off with saying that there are two types of zombie games out there. There are the dark, gritty, lonely sort. That would be your old school Resident Evil sort. You're stuck in a situation, surrounded by the walking dead, essentially screwed for supplies. You make due with what you find around you, and you survive it out; that's why it's called "survival-horror," after all. Then you have your OTHER type of zombie game. The type that sets you out in the field with thousands of zombies descending upon your delicious little body. Fortunately for you, you average, ordinary citizen, you are equipped with every sort of heavy ordinance and violent abomination of a weaponry that could be fathomed, and you use said weapons to hack, slash, shoot, and chainsaw your way through countless rotting delinquents that you encounter, as you can manage, ripping through flesh as if it were butter. That'd be your Left 4 Dead, and invariably, your Dead Rising.

    I was hopeful that Dead Rising 2 wouldn't take that route; however, I shouldn't have set Capcom to such a high bar of expectation. Let's sum up Dead Rising 2: you play Chuck Greene, prototypical tough, single dad, who lost his love in a previous zombie outbreak. Armageddon has been overcome, and now the world has reset itself to the land of debauchery and sin as it once was; now, Greene is performing on some ridiculous gameshow, "Terror Is Reality," whereupon the players get out their zombie-rage and slaughter "pet" zombies... with CHAINSAWS ON MOTORCYCLES, in the true American spirit of things. Then, lo and behold, someone screws the pooch and sets all those zombies out - WOE IS ME, we have another outbreak on our hands.

    The plot is essentially the worst D-level screenplay out of a bad zombie movie that was never made, obviously not made for very good reasons. Nobody speaks with any sense, realism, or sense of realism; everyone somehow manages to take everything that happens in stride (woops, well this all happened before! guess we gotta clean up a lot of blood and guts again). There's also this things about activists fighting for zombie's rights? They're played off to be completely insane in their beliefs, yet they're also supposed to be seen as the correct stance to have? Your guess is as good as mine there.

    Fighting is hardly a challenge, as a zombie can generally be taken down in a few swings, less with one of the aforementioned customed weapons. You can get overwhelmed now and then by the sheer number of zombies, but as long as you can down a cup of coffee or some orange juice, you may as well be the Incredible Hulk. The missions of the game play out over a 72-hour timeframe, in which you're free to roam around and do whatever you want sandbox-style, so long as you meet certain story objectives at specified times. There are oodles of side-quests in the zombie-infested world, along with more escort quests with old ladies who are just begging to get devoured than you'll ever want to complete. Any enemy still living amongst the undead will be vastly overpowered and much more difficult to kill, not to mention while you're still surrounded my numerous badies (don't get me started about the bit involving a live tiger). But most of your missions are either overtly sarcastic and intended for humour/time-killing's sake, or they're a story-mission, meaning they're so poorly written and over-acted that you'd probably prefer letting the zombies chew you up. And not to be a gripe, but whatever happened to autosave? I realize its invention has made the concept of manual saving almost mythical, but when it's quite easy to be killed by the infinite hordes of the
  48. Jun 16, 2013
    You get a lot of blood and funny moments in this game, what i didn't was the timed gameplay. The weapon mod was the best part but when the super zombies came it gets hard and you need to rush in fear.
  49. Jan 25, 2013
    Dead Rising 2 is an enjoyable but short game that probably won't maintain your interest for very long unless you like the challenge of completing everything by doing multiple playthroughs and going for all the trophies. Playing cooperatively with a friend also makes things more interesting and adds to the games' enjoyment. Most of the game provides an almost relaxing experience as you move throughout the mall massacring thousands of slow-moving zombies while tranquil elevator-style music plays through the loudspeakers. The somewhat challenging boss fights, especially early in the game, are an exception to this and bring up the intensity a couple notches with heavy rock music as you fight to survive against various comical,deranged psychopaths. To greatly aid you in these battles you are encouraged to make combination weapons from regular weapons like baseball bats and sledgehammers, although only a select handful are worth the effort required to make, despite being fun to use. You can also join in on strip poker mini-games at several points which is a simple yet fun side attraction. The cash you accumulate from poker or from playing slots in the casinos can be used to purchase the keys to the pricey sports car or SUV to run dozens of zombies down as you move from place to place. Overall this is a fun game, just don't set your expectations too high. Expand
  50. Aug 23, 2013
    Now that Off the Record's out, this game is essentially obsolete. I'd advise to anyone tempted to get it to get OTR instead. This is a great game in it's own right, but OTR is simply the better (and cheaper) edition. Buy if you're done with OTR and wish to play through Chuck's (similar) story.
  51. Jul 18, 2013
    Good game. I enjoyed playing it. However, I liked the graphics in DR1 better than DR2. Also, the loading times/saving times are way too long in DR2, which makes me frustrated after a while. It has an interesting story, but if you know how to beat the bosses, it's just too easy.
  52. Aug 26, 2013
    This is one of my favorite zombie games ever and its for sure in my top 15 favorite games of all time. This game combines all my favourite game types amazingley, Zombie,3rd person,open world, all in one and it has a great sense of humor (Whispers*Bannana hammic). AND multiple endings Good god i went to gamin heaven, OH wait theres more COMBO CARDS. 10
  53. Oct 9, 2014
    Bags of brainless fun with lots of variety. The main downside, once again, is the time limit factor so you never feel like you can truly explore and go on a balls-to-the-wall adventure. The competitive multiplayer, while sparse, is uniquely entertaining with its own spin on the "Gladiators" TV series.
  54. Oct 12, 2014
    Dead Rising 2 Game-play:The combat system is nice and all the weapon and combo weapon are great but it is slow very slow and it is also very easy but the bosses ae very hard. Story:The story is simple and nothing special and i hate the time limit you have for every thing. Graphics:The game looks bad but not terrible. Notes:I had fun with this game but i did not like the endings all of them and i recommend to get it after a 50% price drop because it is an above average game. Expand
  55. Nov 24, 2010
    Best. Zombiegame. Ever. Seriously, this is the closest you will ever come to the feeling of a zombie movie. A single zombie is not really dangerous, but the horde is. The passing time and the survivors you have to save give a constant feeling of threat and suspense. Also, you can discover lots and lots of secrets. You will get better in the game and feel this - which is a nice thing in an age where you will get offered super-easy-mode after dieing twice. Graphics are really great in my opinion.

    If you love zombie movies pick this up. It's a hell of a ride and I had only fun with it.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. 80
    Dead Rising 2 is everything the first game should have been. Even though the zombie motif may be overworn, the game hits a perfect blend of horror, gore, mystery and morbid humor – the essence of everything great about the zombie genre. Annoying and bad boss fights bring the final score down, but other than that, Dead Rising 2 gets almost everything right.
  2. Jan 11, 2011
    Dead Rising fans - you know who you are - are going to love this game. If you still bust out your copy of the 2006 original, do yourself a favor and pick this up.
  3. Jan 11, 2011
    The thing about the Dead Rising series is that it's pretty unique. Killing hordes of zombies with a huge variety of improvised weaponry isn't a genre present anywhere else. It's a great game to just mess around in, picking up random clothing, smashing zombie heads in and fighting away psychopaths.