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  1. Feb 6, 2013
    Being a huge fan of Dead Space 1 but being very dissapointed by Dead Space 2 while also seeing the trailers of the third game seem to even stray more to an action oriented approach, I wasn't pumped for the franchise anymore. It seemed like the game was heading down the Resident Evil 6 path. i still had hope and really wanted it to blow me away like the original, but I had been badly burned before. Well I have good news. Really good news. REALLY REALLY good news. THE GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! I've been having a blast playing it so far. I have been playing it solo, and they have perfected the dead space formula. This is the best dead space yet. It combines the strengths of both the first and second games while adding fresh ideas, all of which are superbly executed. There are many awesome aspects of the game, but the one that stands out the most is the atmosphere of the game. From the very start of the game, Dead Space 3 engrosses you in its world, you feel like you are in this universe. The graphics have been improved, there's amazing lighting effects, amazing particle effects, enemies are more horrifying than ever before. Level Design is top notch, Sound Design is brilliant, Soundtrack is one of the best I've heard and fits the game like a glove, Narrative pushes the game forward more so than 1 and 2, amazing action set pieces all in real time, tight controls, the new weapon customization is awesome, the game brings back the mystery, uneasiness, horror, and scares of the first game but imo, even better this time. Everything about the game comes together so well, its just a blast to play this game. EA really nailed the Dead Space universe in this game. You get to see a bigger picture of the universe this time around. Also, the game has a very Blade Runner and Alien feel to it, so if you are fans of those movies, you should definitely pick this game up. I was a bit hesitant about picking this up reading the mixed reviews from critics and users on here, but the game does not disappoint. This game was made for the Dead Space fans out there. The way the game has masterfully intertwined survival horror, survival action, and narrative, I never want to go back to strictly survival horror again. The way they have implemented all of these aspects into the game have really helped the flow of the game. As much as I liked Dead Space 1, its overall structure became predictable and tedious. Dead Space 3 follows more of a narrative arc and the gameplay revolves around that narrative. It helps to keep gameplay fresh and unexpected. Bottom Line: This isn't simply one of the best Survival Horror games ever made, its one of the best sci fi games ever made. While DS1's main attraction was survival horror, DS2's main attraction being survival action, DS3's main attraction is its universe. So if you are a fan of Sci Fi or Horror or better yet Sci Fi/Horror, you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice passing this game up! Special Thanks to EA's Visceral Games for making one of the best games I've ever played and an amazing, 'visceral' experience :D Expand
  2. Mar 25, 2013
    I really liked Dead Space 1 and 2. they are the best survivle horror games out there since Capcom turned Resident Evil in to a Lame Duck Shooter. DS3 i was very sketch on after seeing the 20 minutes of video It didn't look like a dead Space game It looked more like Lost planet After playing it all the way through i found that it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Now thats not to say there isnt some problems because there is alot to complain about in DS3 but first I'll start off with whats good about the game. Even though in the 20 minute demo they showed Issac in the snow all the time you are actaully very rarely outside in the snow. You spend more time in the ships or in bunkers or bases below the snow So the game still retains its tight chlostrophobic feel. Scares yes it still has some there was a few moments in the game when i jumped abit and yelled oh Shat! (note. it also helped that i was using a Sony HMZ-T1 while playing so it sucked me in to the game more) Guns and lots of them .You will have a bevy of wepons to pick from The story is also much improved One of my biggest gripes with DS1 and 2 was that the focus on more information on the marker was needed and DS3 does give you more but still leaves you wanting to know more yet. The game is longer and you move from a City to space ships to snow feilds to under ground bunkers to alien ruins so the game changes up nicely. Some new enimies and some good ones at that. Final boss looked pretty damn cool. Ok now on to the down side of DS3 First off the save feature It just SUCKS! instead of having places to save at you can just pause and hit save and quit Now unfortunitly it wont save you at that point unless its a check point. It will save all the stuff you found but when you load back up you could have to go back through 30-40 minutes of what you just did EVEN AFTER YOU SAVED WHEN YOU ALREADY DID IT!!! That just pissed me off. Remember in DS 1 and 2 when you could carry 4 wepons! now you only can have 2... WTF!? this made me not want to try out the new wepons because with only two wepon slots I didnt want to risk being stuck with some thing that was crap. Only 2 wepon slots... DUMB! remember in prevous DS games some times you would get mobbed by a ton of enimies? That was frightning because it didn't happen much and ammo was scarce (if you played it on the hard modes which is all i ever did) well in DS3 you are getting swarmed by tons of enimies every 2-3 minuites It seems clear out a room move 2 more rooms and and do it all again. You expect it now and the tension is gone. which brings us to ammo which you will never run out of because they made it so easy to carry a ton of it and make a ton of it and since all wepons use the same ammo worrying about item managment is pretty much gone... which sucks. Co-op... well its not forced on you atleast with a AI partner following you around which would have really sucked hard becase i have NO intrest in ever playing any DS game in CO-OP but EA is still taunting you with it by locking out missions with CO-OP only. Which really bugged me and should have been the other way around. If you enjoy CO-Op thats fine but for me it just Ruins DS I wasnt to be immersed in the world with out any one els bugging me. also way to much crap is locked away in the co-op certain wepons and alot of trophys can't be gotten with out playing in CO-OP... BS! Buggy and glitchy. ok i am on patch 1.02 and have had 2 freeze ups (which suck more with the crappy save system) and have had problems getting some doors to open. yes I have had to stand in front of a few doors for 2-5 minutes till it would open. Way to much rock climbing sessions which were not any fun and BUGGY! The final boss may have looked cool but man was he super EASY to beat. which has been a problem in all DS games they really need to make more of a harder final lboss fight. Also the ending pretty much sucks. In the end though DS3 is still a decent game It hasn't gone as far off the rails as what Resident Evil has to now its just a shambles DS3 still at its core is fun but they need to get it back on track to being a SURVIVLE HORROR GAME! Expand
  3. Mar 14, 2013
    Per other users' feedbacks, I had the impression the whole micro-transactions thing was more abusive and annoying. It's not. I mean, it's there, of course, and if you have the cash you can save the trouble of farming for resources. But it's a very discrete thing, meaning the core mechanics are not disrupted by this at all. Now, about the game itself. I don't think it deviates from its origins, by all means. The first acts, as a matter of fact, did remind me of the first entry and, as I traversed the narrow, dark corridors of the spaceship I got a (delicious) déjà vu. I do agree they added more action to this game which, unfortunately, cuts a bit of the thrills and scares (but it doesn't cripple the game pun not intended). Dead Space 3 is still a very compelling, scary game with a haunting atmosphere and a main character we learned to love through the course of the years. It suffers from the occasional... Uncharted-Lost Planet complex? Yes, it does. But after you get used to it, you realize the Necromorphs are there, they are thirsty, hungry, angry and scary as ever. So, by the end of the day, this is still a fantastic Dead Space game we are playing. Period. Expand
  4. Feb 2, 2014
    Dead Space 3 is an awesome game and a fantastic way to end the trilogy! There are so many things about this game that are great, so i'm gonna get the bad things out of the way first. The thing that bothered me the most was the lack of competitive multiplayer, now I'm not normally a multiplayer kinda guy but i really enjoyed it in Dead Space 2 and wish it had been included here. Second is the mission structure, now don't get me wrong the game is incredibly fun! However, the fetch quest type structure of the missions really started to get on my nerves after a while. Lastly, the lack of Isaacs dementia. I feel like the element of Isaac loosing his sanity was what made the story in the second game so compelling! Even though the story in three is very good i feel like that element could have made it as great as the story in the second. Now, with all that out of the way let me tell you why this game is so good! It has the same amazing combat that we know and love plus the addition of customizable weapons! Second, it has crazy set pieces that are just as if not more over the top that in Dead Space 2! Lastly is the characters. Isaac is better than ever and if you have a buddy to play John Carver you are in for a real treat! Carver is a fantastic character and when you put him and Isaac together it just makes it even better! Also, the games villain is not bad either, he ads a sense of urgency and hatred toward a human enemy that the previous games lacked. All in all its not quite as good as Dead Space 2, however that shouldn't keep you away because this is an awesome finale that needs to be experienced by all sci-fi and Dead Space fans! Expand
  5. May 25, 2013
    Critics complaining about the game being action-packed and not being scary are idiots! This is the BEST Dead Space in the franchise! Its an outstanding game from beginning to end hands down!
  6. Jul 20, 2014
    Dead space 3 was an alright game, but it's definately better than what people rate it on metacritic. This being my first dead space game, I went in with an open mind wheras people seemed to complained mostly about the lack of horror element in this game, which I agree didn't really exist. The positives of this game was definately the crafting system, very fun and unique to test out different weapon combo's, (although it is limited, so don't expect weapons like dead rising's crafting system). The gameplay itself is a third person shooter game with decent mechanics, there were some exciting moment's but also some boring moment's throughout the game. Now the story wasn't really that bad, but it also didn't suck me in, so there's that. Overall it's an borderline ok-good game, but I realized that this game doesn't really do anything extraordinary, they do some things ok-good but that's it, it never pushes the game to great heights. Expand
  7. Jan 19, 2014
    Not much words about this game. I stopped playing and having hopes on chapter 6, so can't say how it was until ending. But it was not worth to try more. Seems EA ruin every game they touch. In DS3 they changed everything good in First 2 games. Atmosphere, weapon crafting and endless pointless unskipable cut scenes are major changes which was enough to ruin whole game. So, rather replay few more times DS1 and DS2 than even try to play that!!! Expand
  8. Sep 9, 2014
    I've played the trilogy and read a lot of reviews saying that is not a scary video game (where you really playing Dead Space 3?) it got me out off my sit constantly as the others did, but i do agree on one thing, i think is ridiculous the amount of ammo you get in this video game maybe for many this is the reason why this game is not that scary, but i can tell you that no matter how much ammo you have s almost impossible not to die at least once. This is a must play video game no doubt. No matter what haters say. Expand
  9. Nov 6, 2013
    I loved Dead Space and Dead Space 2. They were different from Dead Space 3. DS1 had a lot of dark corners and the sense of "What is going to come at me next?". After the second game or movie in a horror franchise, you lose that sense. The only logical solution is to abandon the franchise, or turn to action. In the first two games i felt like i was the underdog. After surviving 2 necromorph outbreaks I naturally felt like a badass come Dead Space 3. More of an action game, I felt that it was a natural progression for the series. I like the customization this time around. I like the new suits, even though they literally are only aesthetics this time around. I have very little to complain about, aside from the plot which felt a little weak, and had some minor plot-holes. Expand
  10. Nov 3, 2013
    Had some elements of the previous two games like the space exploration, really did capture an atmosphere at times, but unfortunately doesn't take it too long to turn into just another generic 3rd person shooter. covered by a AAA status
  11. May 26, 2013
    Dead space 3 was a big jump for the series i had low expectations at first thinking it could have been ruined by adding re designing it into a co op game. While i have to say i still prefer a solo story campaign and a totally separate multiplayer that i loved playing in dead space 2. DS3 co op actually plays great the game is good with benchmark graphics and sound work while co op has removed the scare factor the game i still challenging which is good. Enemies no longer respawn in areas you have visited which is why there are no more random scares. the main scenes are now more strictly scripted do to the constraints of co op but over-all i loved the 20 hours plus i put into my first play- thru wether i was sending the new resource bots on a seek and find mission or the hours spent at the workbench creating different weapons from blueprints or original ones there is always plenty too do. And while not a survival horror outing for dead space this time i still enjoyed the game greatly. the game deserves playing by anyone who loves a good action shooter with over the top action Expand
  12. Jun 26, 2013
    This is a long departure from the original Dead Space. It is not a survival/horror type game. This is a third person shooter all the way. I played for an hour before I returned it to Gamefly. The characters are boring and the fighting is extremely clunky. The music of the game is dull and sound fx are nothing to remember. But I think I am jaded by the original game. A newer generation gamer who hasn't played the first one would like this game. Expand
  13. Feb 6, 2013
    Overall, this was a good game. The graphics were greatly improved, sound was decent. Game play was good. Length was appropriate for a horror/action game. The problem I had was adding coop (immediately made less scary), how easy it was (about 11-12 hours, played on normal) and I played through with the same weapon the entire time. Writting wasn't as refined as in previous Dead Space games. No spoiler, the ending was kinda lame. To be fair, this game does not deserve these low scores. As of 06 Feb 2013, none of the negative scores have a review behind them. Expand
  14. Feb 12, 2013
    Great game, great graphics,great co op, large levels, rewarding secondary missions, weapon customizations, a must buy DONOT believe the haters.
    Great game co-op, also a long game which is unusual these days. I finished this game with my American friend, there were minor glitches still apparent from the previous games but nothing to great. I like the weapon building though few weapons
    work exceptionally well. My custom Bola launcher and force rifle rocket launcher was what I ended the game with. I started with a machine gun shotgun combo that worked so well for so long. Don't really understand the low user score. Storyline gets a little different than the previous games attempting to explain a lot. It's not a bad deal. Expand
  15. Mar 19, 2013
    Dead space 3......i honestly dont know what to say. what was once a survival horror game is now another shooter.....dont get me wrong, the game has moments of horror but overall its an action shooter sprink(lightly) with horror elements so as usual I'll start with the good:its starts off 200 years in the past with some soldier(i forget his name) who gets one hell of an intro(running from a burning space ship but is killed by his superior officer. 200 Years later we find clarke who's being told(via phone) his relationship with ella is over. after two guys bust in and force clarke to join them the game begins and for the most part its awesome. I also like the street area's and the graphics are some of the best this generation has to offer! But what i really love about dead space 3 is the crafting system. This is by far the best weapon customising system i have ever played as issac creates all his weapons whether its a plasma gun,a revolver, to heavy weapons with a secondary weapon!! If you want a shotgun with a rocket launcher go head....if you want a flamethrower with an electrified saw that also has acid to compensate the flame damage,you got it!! The sky's the limit here and i have about 10 different weapon combinations so far to decimate the necromorph threat. there's a love triangle in dead space 3 that wasnt bad but it kinda made a lot of parts extremely predictable like the eventual betrayal that happens but its cool.....he got what he deserved. The necromorph and origin of the makers are finally revealed which i thought made sense(this is a sci-fi story after all) but some people didnt like it but its fine....especially when you literally fights the end boss posing as a moon! this game is also long which i thoroughly enjoyed since games nowadays end in about 4-7 hours. Now the bad: lets get this out the way.....this game is too easy. While i want to say:why is this game easy..but i already know the answer!? The weapons you create are OP...PERIOD! This makes it too easy. i started the game on hard difficulty as i do all games and i say this in all honesty....I DIDNT DIE ONCE UNTIL I REACHED CHAPTER 10!! my machine gun/shotgun combo fully upgraded with acid combo along with my flamethrower/grenade launcher with full damage/reload/clip also with acid damage/stasis covered ammo made me an unstoppable killing mahine! Even on hard or impossible,the enemies are nothing but fodder at your feet. i have yet to play survival,classic,retro or hardcore mode but if hard and impossible are easy then you can beat normal r casual with your eyes closed which makes it sad because dead space 1 & 2 were hard on normal and a pain on higher difficulties! Also & probably the worst aspect of dead space 3 is the fact that the horror is ALL BUT GONE!! the creator of the series said that the horror element of dead space 3 is subjective to the player but i disagree, even if i never played dead space 1 or 2 i still would say this is an action thriller instead of a survival horror game! Gone are the constant voices you here when you walk down hallways!! The terror of running out of ammo or health packs have been removed because you can make both said items at the work bench!! there's no need to worry about upgrading your air because you wont be attacked long enough to suffocate in the vaccum of space! Gone are all the enemies fatalities i mean why was that removed? in dead space 1 & 2 issac was tone to shreds in a speical way by different enemies but not here!? He just falls on his back....smh. Isaac's dementia is gone because he recoverd from the hallucinating but since he no longer suffers from the marker's dementia dead space 3 loses its most compelling aspect:the naturally the horrors gone but it has a few scares but not nearly enough scares compared to dead space 1 & 2! The micro-transactions are not bad because it dosent effect gameplay so you are not forced to buy it! All in all i would give dead space 3 a 6 or 7/10 but the crafting system is amazing so i give it an 8/10 its a good solid action thriller but if you want a survival horror game that offers a challenge without unlocking the harder difficulty by beating it at least might be disappointed!!! Expand
  16. Mar 5, 2013
    A decent game but fails to surpass it's predecessors. The boss battles were repetitive and boring since they kept using the same moves over and over again. The AI is really stupid and the plot was pretty overshadowed by the love triangle thing.
  17. Feb 12, 2013
    Fun fun fun fun fun, and awesome graphics. The plot is pretty much trash but that's okay if what you really want in this game is a bucketload of fun and to be able to sit back and get some serious eye candy going on.
  18. Mar 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love the Dead Space franchise. The first game was something special. I enjoy films like Aliens, Event Horizon, The Thing etc. It was nice to see a developer be so inspired by those films and atmospheres. The second one took it a step further and was brilliant. The first game had horror. The second game had terror. The third game? Well lets just say its action. I understand how a developer can't do more of the same but why the hell can't they at least PUSH the envelope and make the action meld with more horror? A good example is the Awakened DLC. Now the enemies in that game were horror! throw those in 3 with the bloody necromorphs from the first two games and I really wouldn't have had any problem. The problem though is adding the crouching, shooting gallery mechanics and bum rushing enemies that block corridors. It really broke the game for me. Not to mention lack of exploration this time round. Sure we go through many environments but its mostly backtracking. I liked the space parts the most but the rest of it was pretty lacking. I was also annoyed *SPOILER* that you don't get to go to the moon..instead you fight the moon. Really? now whole moons are bosses? that was the stupidest part of the whole game. What is this Mass Effect 3? Death Star? The boss just looked laughable though I liked the chaotic environment. Story was weak this time round..instead of Isaac worrying about his missing girlfriend we got Carver who has to be the worst companion character right next to Aliens: Colonial Marines companion. Guy has tourettes. I didn't even bother with the co-op. Finally the last gripe was the weapon crafting system. I utterly hated this. I miss the old weapons. Should have kept those and just allowed upgrades instead of crafting new weapons. Don't see the point? other then giving us some hard work to do. Breaks up the pacing and obviously was put in to keep the player from noticing the short levels. On the plus side some of the enemy designs were great (The DLC Awakened being the best), graphics are always top notch, sound design was good (though I noticed on headphones it veers towards the left side...a bug?) ----------If your a fan of the series I recommend it and the DLC Awakened is brilliant up until the silly ending. I don't really know where else they can take it. I am so tired of those monsters attack the Earth plot lines.. 7/10 Expand
  19. Mar 21, 2014
    Pretty decent game, has a strong opening sequence, and strong characters, each with their own seemingly unique personalities. Not, however, entirely memorable or anything deserving of extremely high scores such as 9's or 10's.

    The games swap and choose weapon customisation is well thought out and works pretty effectively, although the micro transactions get in the way, and this is a
    pretty large downfall of the game, despite not making a huge impact on the structure and gameplay itself.

    The story seems pretty cliche, but they worked with what they had, and in the end I found running around on the frozen planet, not to mention flying around in semi-open space environments, rather satisfying, even when it was, at times, rather difficult. The story ended in a cliffhanger, seemingly a setup for a fourth, which doesn't strictly make sense to me (trilogies are always so neat...), though this could merely be my own speculation.

    In the end, the gameplay was tricky, but only just fell short of the survival horror label that Dead Space deserves, but never seems to achieve. Yes, the game is riddled with quick time events, but these set pieces are merely to set the scene for the next big event.

    There are a few new mechanics, including being able to fly the ship through the rubble when landing on Tau Volantis (ignore my spelling, please), a couple new puzzle mechanics, and the simple "get to cover or you'll freeze to death" concept when finally on the planet.

    The game doesn't really offer the same scares that the originals did (in fact, far from it), but it still puts you in tense positions, dark corridors, and fatal situations. It works for me, but people deserve to point out that this is more of an action shooter than a survival horror, and I must agree; a lot of battling human enemies makes the horror aspect almost non existent, and I wished they'd focused more on genuine scares and panic situations, but there you go, I guess. EA at work. On the plus side, there is still plenty of hunter-hunted action, so people shouldn't get too down in that respect.

    There are a lot of upgrades, different weapon customisations, and various suits, which keep the game going for a while, and allow for multiple playthroughs, to collect all audio logs, complete all side missions, and upgrade all equipment whilst at the same time testing out a plethora of different weapons. This, at least, was executed perfectly.

    Overall, DS3 is a pretty solid game, once you get beyond it's deceiving outer shell and title. If they named it something else, I'm sure it would have been a far less bitter pill to swallow for all those die hard DS fans out there, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is anyway. Story ended up being actually worth something, horror aspects are not all gone, a lot of collectibles, tensions are still high, dark corridors are still there, creepy atmosphere has not gone at all, and co-op only really extends this experience. I can't disagree with what people are saying, but I still found this game wholly enjoyable, and I feel many others may also do so. Buy at your own discretion, but I personally found this to be a pretty worthwhile game.
  20. Feb 5, 2013
    At first I didn't understand why this game got such a low score with fans, but now It's clear to me why this is probably the worst dead space game. They dropped one of my favorite modes in dead space 2 (multi-player) and replaced it with co-op instead of just doing both. It felt really slacked for me. 8/10
  21. Jun 5, 2013
    first off this game has amazing graphics like pretty good graphics. now people say this game has lost its horror aspect no it has not when your playing on anthing normal or past that and a whole bunch of the aliens and you are out of ammo and heath packs and if you get with one shot and your running away you will freak out and start standing up and cheering your self on. now for the new weapon building i didnt like it at first but then i got more into it then ended up loving it. the suits are amazing i love the suits. now one tip i will give you if you dont do this you will hate the ending so watch until the credits are done like i did. evrything they did was peferct but the game does take a while to kick in about right when you get to the planet is when it gets intense and i couldnt stop playing. now i played on normal and it took 13 hours to beat it but i didnt do all the side quests so it might be like a 15 hour game. get this game if your a big fan of dead space i have played all of them and the 3rd and 2nd are tied to be the best even though i loved the first one see you on the next review Expand
  22. Feb 5, 2013
    One major positive aspect is the ability to disassemble and re-use weapon parts, meaning you never have to worry about consuming items in the crafting of a gun. It would have been easy for Visceral to inflict a penalty on players every time they built something, but instead you'll only lose resources by making objects from scratch, not from building guns out of components you already own.
  23. Aug 23, 2013
    This is where the Dead Space franchise begins it's descent into the action genre.
    This game can still be scary, but the stronger weapons, faster controls and co-op support take most of it away. The game's story is again great, better than the other two main games even, and there are more characters this time, though their backstories are limited. (Though some comics and books have been
    made detailing some characters, including Carver) The major point that shows the action this has turned into is the inclusion of human enemies. Luckily, these fights don't happen too often.
    I think this is a great game, if you're a fan of Dead Space, get it, but it has ruined my hopes for Dead Space 4 to be fantastic.
  24. Mar 4, 2013
    this is a great game, top notch graphics, improved gameplay, amazing game, better than most games released 4 sure, don't know why ppl don't like it, maybe cuz a lil more action but the game is really aaa title
  25. Dec 26, 2013
    First of all I must admit as a Dead Space game this isn't as good as Dead Space 2. In Dead Space 2 there are many times where the game will scare the crap out of you. I remember in one session I was re-investigating the hangar where the Ishimura is docked but there is no light on. I was so scared that I had to grab a light in the environment and move on with it. Not only are scary stuff all over the place the enemy AI was exceptional too.
    In dead space 3 however, the game is much less thrilling. I'm not saying its not scary at all, but far less so than its prequel. Enemy AI can be frustratingly bad at times: I have seen necromorphs running toward a wall while its already at it and ramming its head on the wall that it seems to think is me. But the game is fully functional most of the time; in my playthru the said experience only happened once.

    But let's look at the bright side: Dead Space 3 contains much more action elements than Dead Space 2 just like how they were improved in Mass Effect 3. Mini games are a welcome addition, but the biggest improvement in Dead Space 3 has to be the weapon crafting system. With two tools and accessories there are infinite possible combinations for ur weapon, the only thing u can rely on in this dark universe. From regular assault rifle to chain lightning generator that slows enemy on impact, there are so many guns for u to explore! I must be honest: I had more fun with the variety of guns in Dead Space 3 then I did in Borderlands 2, which I played 500+ hours on Steam.
    Dead Space 3 is a third person shooter instead of a survival horror game. Enemies spawn in much larger hordes, forcing u to build better weapons to deal with them. The Dead Space trademark dissembling system does exist, but dissembling becomes less effective since the enemy number has gone up exponentially and the weapons more powerful.
    U will be disappointed if u were looking for a horror game, but if ur an action fan, Dead Space 3 is definitely the game to go for with its immersive universe, badass arsenal and an interesting enough story.
  26. Feb 2, 2014
    Great game. loooooooooooooooooooong game play. Big improvement over Dead Space 2. I still think original Dead Space is the best but DS3 is awesome nontheless. CO-Op is awesome as well. Overall money well spent. love this game.
  27. Jul 7, 2014
    Dead Space 3, well, is a good enough game, although not as good as Dead Space 1&2. Due to the greedy EA's policy, the game has been split up on several DLCs. While many of those DLCs have just minor effect on the game play, the biggest one, the "Awakening", is a *direct sequel* to the main plot of the game. Got it? EA is trying to sell the part of the game that should have been included in the minimum package! Disgusting!
    Also, so named additional missions are almost identical from geometrical point of view. I mean, they are very, very similar to each one; the only difference is just enemies and loot. Meh.
    The giant spider boss is too enduring, and he is almost the only one boss in the game! Meh, once again.
    Bottom line: buy the game at your own risk. I'd recommend to buy a GOTY/DC/Gold/Platinum version (if they will ever appear) of the game, including at least the "Awakening" DLC. Otherwise, you'll just miss the final part of the game.
  28. Mar 21, 2013
    After 3 games the chills of not knowing what was coming for you around the next corridor no longer hold the same scares, but the great atmosphere and gameplay allow this one to hold its own with the last two. The gun crafting is interesting and the game does a good job of mixing some old school Dead Space (especially the first few hours before planet fall) with some nice setpiece moments. A solid 8.5 for me. Expand
  29. Apr 24, 2013
    Dead Space 3 for me just didnt feel like the other two in the series. First, for most of the game you are with a group of people which took away the aloneness and scare factor that makes dead space. There were a few scary parts of the game but not like the first two games where the entire game was scary. Another big downfall was all the backtracking in the game ugh! Get three of this, three of that, go all the way back here to where you started. The graphics are awsome and set pieces are nice and the game itself and story are pretty good, i also didnt6 like the new weapon system but thats my opinion. If you played and like the other games than play this one its not bad i enjoyed it. Expand
  30. Mar 7, 2013
    This game is awesome, many new ideas were introduced and added and the game was longer than the other games in the series. It was a fun and awesome experience playing as Isaac Clarke once again. The thing that most people can pretty much agree on is that the game didn't have much if what everyone else wanted to see, the scary and horror parts of the game, there really wasn't much due to the fact that the game was more biased on story more than horror, but I am open to new ideas and won't crucify them due to it, it was a cool thing to do. I wont say more for spoiler sake but I highly recommend getting this game. Expand
  31. Feb 16, 2013
    Have played through this game twice now, I have some thoughts. The new emphasize on action is a good thing. I do miss the scares, but after 3 games, it would have been hard to achieve the same creepy feel. The action felt needed. Game play is great all around. Some cool space missions add a fun twist on the solid gunplay. The graphics were pretty good. At some points it looked great, other times it would look just good. A step up from DS2 graphically. Its story was not very good however. It wasn't bad, but it could have been much better, especially since this was the last in the trilogy. Has tons of replay value, so if you are worried about bang for your buck look no further. As far as micro-transactions go, they didn't effect me, positively or negatively. Hardly even noticed they were there. Overall, if you are a 3rd person shooter fan, this is a must buy. Just don't expect a ton of scares, but again, this is a good thing. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Apr 30, 2013
    Taken as a whole, Dead Space 3 is far more infuriating than it is bad.
  2. Do yourself a favour and play DS3 like a raving masochist, straight off the bat. It’s a slick, AAA sequel that’s worthy of its place in the franchise. but only if you take the initiative and crank the difficulty. We didn’t think it possible, but Visceral has engineered a sequel that will appease old fans and entice new ones, too. [March 2013, p72]
  3. Apr 1, 2013
    Misfires and all, it’s at least commendable that Dead Space 3 makes an effort to exhibit some fresh experimentation into what has become a truly bloated media franchise; plus the combat still shines for the most part. Sadly though, better elements like the crafting system are lamentably set against a mundane and lifeless backdrop that rarely excites, let alone spooks, on the grand level of previous games in the series.