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  1. Feb 5, 2013
    Not one to simply ignore the conclusion to a series I enjoy, I sat down with low expectations for Dead Space 3. I saw the trailers, played the demo, and all I saw was an action game. I wasn't far off. DS3 in single player retains only the barest of horror elements from the first game. In there place is action sequences straight out of Gears of War. Gone are the days of paranoia and supply famine as the game literally throws ammo, now a single type used by all guns, and enemies die so easily to automatic fire that there is little to no chance of death. The most I saw my heath go down was during pre-programed sections. Co-Op brings in the worst of this as enemies simply can;t keep up with you and your partner and make you feel untouchable. All in all, I can;t say the game is a failure. Action fans will find a good fill of gore and excitment as Isaac, once scared engineer has become a one-liner spitting badass in Furcoat lined Space Armor. With zombies, human cultists, giant montrosities and chest high walls aplenty make Co-Op fun and rewarding for a sit down with buddies, offering plenty of oportunities to bro it up, but there in lies the problem. The whole game, from the guns to the atmosphere is not Dead Space. There's no horror, there's no fear, there's no soul of the once vibrant survival game. The world sorely need another space marine shooter yet an up and coming horror game was sacrificed for just that. To put it shortly: Dead Space=Alien, where you are alone, weak and a hair's width from death with every corner turned. Dead Space 2=Aliens, where you're armed, you're knowledgable about the threat, you have the can do spirit, and it's all meaningless as you look death in the face. Dead Space 3=Alien3, where every element that made the last two unique has been traded off in an attempt to out do them with a different audience. Time to let Isaac fall into the molten iron and lay it to rest. God help us if they make Dead Space: Resurrection. Expand
  2. Feb 12, 2013
    Not really sure where all the negativity being leveled towards this game is coming from. Many fans and critics seem to be complaining about a straying from the roots of the series, what makes dead space a unique, original, series. After playing DS3 I can say that the new direction of the developers towards a more action oriented game was well thought out. DS1 was all about the unknown and survival, DS2 strayed from this but still kept the feeling of creepy horror while combining it with heavier action elements. At this point, there was only one logical way to go with the series. The horror and survival aspects had been thoroughly explored, now it was time to see what Isaac could really do when faced with intense combat situations. I have to say, I found this to be the most difficult of the three games. When swarms of semi-humanoid necromorphs come screeching after you and surrounding you, it because very difficult to survive. The addition of customized weapons was great, as well as user-made blueprints. The story was well-paced and the layout of the game superb. The amount of content was large, the whole time I felt as though I was accomplishing much. The only gripe I have about this particular Dead Space was the lack of marker induced hallucinations. For me, those were the creepiest parts in the first and second game. Excluding that, remarkably well-done game, delivers well on the hype. Expand
  3. Feb 5, 2013
    never written a review on here before but as a fan of the series and given some of the issues surrounding this game I thought I would come post a review. A lot of criticism has been leveled at EA and Visceral regarding the third entry in this series.The main points are the inclusion of microtransactions, Coop game-play and a perceived shift from horror to action. Now I have been a fan of Dead Space since the launch of the first game back in 2008 and a fan of survival horror since long before that. And like many I have been back to the original two games and played through both over the last couple of weeks. The first Dead Space was for me probably one of, if not the best survival horror game I have ever played. the atmosphere and tension I had not experienced in any game before with Silent Hill 2 possibly being the only game that came close. Dead Space 2 I loved just as much, while the isolation of the first game wasn't as present, I felt the game had a much stronger story and actually upon playing both games through for the first time in nearly two years, actually made me jump more than the original did. Both games sit very high on my all time favorites. Now moving onto DS3.
    first off I will talk about some of the negative perceptions and my opinions of them after playing The microtransactions. Now like most people, given the choice I would rather these did not exist at all. My biggest fear for this release was that my progress through the game would be repeatedly hamstrung by my refusal to part with extra money on top of of a full price I have already paid for the game (I'm not opposed to the idea of DLC but I am only ever interested in the ones that give you lots of content, two if the Skyrim expansions being an example) however, I am am happy to say that just because they exist does not mean you have to use them. I didn't, although I did use the scavenger bot in game to find ration seals to purchase items which didn't cost me anything other than time in the game. So while if it was up to me its something I would never have put in from the start, its was not forced upon me and even if I had not used the in game currency I would still have been able to play this game to completion. This for me was going to be my biggest gripe so I was relieved to find it wasn't a barrier to my enjoyment of the game.
    Secondly The coop. For me the Resident Evil series has been killed by Coop, although it was the actual coop that bothered me. It was the fact that if I wanted to play solo I would still have this rather clunky companion with terrible AI constantly getting in my way. Thankfully the Coop of DS3 has been done much more effectively. If your playing solo, Carver isn't with you most of the time. he pops up for occasional story moments, and the odd battle but most of the time your back to Isaac on his own. If you are playing Coop Carver is there with you the whole time and there are extra side missions, cut scenes and dialog to represent this, in addition the necromorphs are tougher and more numerous. Now the Coop is great fun and definitely worth playing, however it does diminish the scare factor considerably although there are still a few creepy moments. One nice touch is the individual dementia that each character suffers, one player can be hallucinating and the other player will not see what they are reacting to, its a really interesting idea and to be honest I would like to have seen more done with it as it doesn't really change the game over all, just adds flavor. However it does mean those who choose only to experience the solo campaign will not miss out on a radically different story.
    lastly the shift from survival horror to action. while there has been a bit of a shift in this direction, in truth its not nearly as black and white. there are plenty of large action set pieces and these are done really well, and actually better than a lot of action games out there. but there is also plenty of classic dead space moments creeping around pitch black corridors waiting for things to jump out at you (and they probably do more often than in the previous two games) this did give me some of the most heart pounding moments in the series when I found myself surrounded by necromorphs on all sides with very little health to survive on. Its faster pace and intense moments are definitely more closely linked to DS2 the original, but this is not necessarily a bad thing as DS2 was and still is an amazing game. Now a lot of people have complained about the series losing its roots and its not longer a dead space game etc. For me, this absolutely was a Dead Space game. One thing that annoys me more than anything is when developers/bands/ movie studios just remake whatever made them popular, and if I wanted to play for 8 -10 hours of creeping around corridors I already have that game, it's the original dead space, DS3 is a worthy sequel, and while not perfect, I had a blast with it.
  4. Feb 5, 2013
    I am not sure if those that actually play/enjoy the Dead Space franchise are the ones leaving reviews. This game has not lost it's touch to the scares and frustrations that the necromorphs cause, and still finds a way to keep the story fresh. It is a double edged sword that Visceral had to deal with, if they change nothing then people complain about the lack of innovation.. they change something, people complain about fixing something that was not broken. The game is solid, keeps you on your toes, good replay value. This is $60 dollars well spent, and I hope people can look past some poor reviews. Expand
  5. Feb 5, 2013
    For better or for worse, this is Dead Space. Less scary.....yes. But just as intense as DS2. They have packed this game with more epic moment that the first two iterations had as well. The availability of microtransactions is a little bit of a let down. But you do NOT have to purchase them. They are optional and can be earned through natural progression. IMHO, this is not the best Dead Space game. But it stands proud as a worthy entry into the Dead Space universe. I would compare it to the difference between Killzone 2 and 3. 3 was a really good game and technically superior. But 2 had that little extra magic and lore. At the same time, both earned there place on my book shelf and in my system for different reasons. Bottom line, if you loved DS1 and DS2, you won't be disappointed in 3. Expand
  6. Feb 5, 2013
    I've been a fan of Dead Space since the first installment. The ambiance in the first game can't be matched, the advancement of the story in 2 was a welcome addition to the improved game-play, but 3 just seems to be... lacking. In innovation, mostly. I've played through about half of this game and I can honestly say: if you're looking for a game that is all about scary creatures and psychological horrors, play 1 and 2. If you're a fan of the series and want to see where the plot goes and enjoy the aesthetics of the first 2 games, 3 is alright, too. The weapon upgrade system is very taxing and I was a little bit wary about the addition of co-op (but it actually seems alright), but honestly, you can get through most of this game without making some Frankenstein-esque gun from scrap metal. I wouldn't recommend buying this game new, but if you see it at a game shop used, by all means, give it a try. Expand
  7. Feb 12, 2013
    I'm dumbfounded by all the negative reviews of this game. I played this game for about 24 hours, taking my time through all the optional missions and I played on Hard, not the super hard with one death it's over... but the one below that.

    This being said, one guy complained he had 2000 ammo and blew through the game and it didn't make him conserve. Stop playing games on easy and then
    that it's easy. I played through and had just enough ammo, and towards the end I had to craft a little because the sheer number of mobs gets kinda ridiculous at some points.

    No the game wasn't perfect, but it was a solid game and quite enjoyable. The game wasn't boring by any means and if you look at the storylines for 1 and 2 there was virtually no story in deadspace 1. I mean seriously, they've reveled so much of the storyline in 3 that it's crazy. I was like what?! I didn't know that.

    Now for me beefs with the game.

    1) Kinesis is useless in DS3. I'm the others you could snap up a limb and blast and it was great fun. In this one the number of necromorphs coming at you is crazy and you never had time to pick up a limb and blast away with it to save ammo. 2) No suit buffs, seriously?! That was part of the fun of collecting them, not just because they look cool but you could get one that looked cool AND played towards your play style in game. Extra freeze duration, more damage etc. Give the suits their buffs back!

    3) Fire and Acid... ok completely useless IMHO. I saved up and built the cow whatever it was gun which was like a machine gun with acid. Yah I blew through ALL my ammo and I still didn't kill the necromorph attacking me. I thoroughly enjoyed the double bolas gun at the end of the game... that thing is awesome. I found a riffle with controlled bursts and a lower with a plasma burst to knock things back was perfect for the ENTIRE game. I just switched to bolas at the end because I had used the same gun the entire time and I crafted EVERY gun by the end of the game. I'd use a gun if I didn't like it I tore it down for parts and this drastically helps with making other guns. Don't save the guns if they suck.

    4) Some of the story line. So this takes place on a planet that we were at 200 years before and somehow ALL the still works and the fact it's covered in snow and ice and glaciers and it hasn't been destroyed by weather in 200 years?! I mean wow that's awesome.

    5) Not really scary, but definitely a 10 for anxiety. I mean seriously, does every single time I get 2 or 3 necros frontal onslaughting me... HAVE to 100% lead to the back assault at the same time every time? I mean it was like SHOOT SHOOT TURN SHOOT TURN SHOOT TURN! the entire time because it was literally like playing starcraft and the Zerg were swarming me.

    Complaints aside, I still enjoyed the game a lot. I remember finishing the first one and wondering more and more about WTF is really going on with the story and etc and begging for more info. They are definitely filling in some gaps.

    Now to beat it in Classic mode.
  8. Feb 16, 2013
    Have played through this game twice now, I have some thoughts. The new emphasize on action is a good thing. I do miss the scares, but after 3 games, it would have been hard to achieve the same creepy feel. The action felt needed. Game play is great all around. Some cool space missions add a fun twist on the solid gunplay. The graphics were pretty good. At some points it looked great, other times it would look just good. A step up from DS2 graphically. Its story was not very good however. It wasn't bad, but it could have been much better, especially since this was the last in the trilogy. Has tons of replay value, so if you are worried about bang for your buck look no further. As far as micro-transactions go, they didn't effect me, positively or negatively. Hardly even noticed they were there. Overall, if you are a 3rd person shooter fan, this is a must buy. Just don't expect a ton of scares, but again, this is a good thing. Expand
  9. Feb 5, 2013
    One major positive aspect is the ability to disassemble and re-use weapon parts, meaning you never have to worry about consuming items in the crafting of a gun. It would have been easy for Visceral to inflict a penalty on players every time they built something, but instead you'll only lose resources by making objects from scratch, not from building guns out of components you already own.
  10. Feb 5, 2013
    At first I didn't understand why this game got such a low score with fans, but now It's clear to me why this is probably the worst dead space game. They dropped one of my favorite modes in dead space 2 (multi-player) and replaced it with co-op instead of just doing both. It felt really slacked for me. 8/10
  11. Feb 8, 2013
    I had high expectations for this having loved the previous games (especially 2). in the first couple hours of playing, I knew the game was not going to be as scary as the previous. There seems to be a large emphasis on action this go around. Not saying its a bad game, but its just not the same. The coop is fun for sure and the new weapon system adds so depth to the game that was needed. Universal ammo also helps from having 500 extra line gun ammo (like in 2). My biggest gripe is the Kinesis options. In previous games you could pick up almost anything and use it as a weapon when needed. This time around, your lucky if it will pick up anything except limbs from enemies. I found that a big disappointment. The story is kind of Eh, but overall the game is pretty solid. Lots to explore, lots of action and enough closed quarters to make it feel like a dead space game. My other question is, where did Ellie get that new eye from? verdict, if your a fan of the series and are looking for a similar experience to ds1 and 2, you may not like ds3 too much. But if you enjoy a good coop with a friend for some fun in a good 3rd person shooter..then you will love ds3. Expand
  12. Feb 13, 2013
    Ds3 is just average. It dosent leave you with any impressions after you beat it. Just meh. Its not action heavy but its shooter heavy. Prepare to get barraged by the same necros over and over and over. There is hardly any enemy variety in the entire game. They also left out brutes,infectors and dividers. Classic necromorphs. There are just so many little things that take away from a potiential great game. You will have more frustrations than fun. If you must play ds3, rent it. Frankly, its not worth your 60$. Expand
  13. Feb 22, 2013
    I am a big fan of the Dead Space series and I thought that this was going to be a real let down, my god I was wrong. Visually, game-play, story, sound, enjoyable everything you want from a game. It probably isn't as scary as the previous two but if you are new to this game then you will find it scary.
  14. Mar 18, 2013
    EA following Capcom's steps, (Resident Evil), The terror has gone with planet's temperature, EA brings a solid Action Game, this is no more Survival Horror, if you want a great action game this is for you, if you want a Survival Horror better look in another place. If you are a Dead Space fan like me, you will be a little disappointed, but is still great the Game. Hope they make a REAL survival horror Dead Space Soon Collapse
  15. Feb 7, 2013
    I'm positive the bad reviews for this game is overflow from ME3 and microtransactions from EA. It's sad that people who haven't played the game are allowed to spam the user score with 0's. Anyway, don't listen to them! I was afraid that my favorite series was ruined and my expectations were not high...but this is classic Dead Space! The single player experience is still scary (especially on "Impossible")...and the co-op is just action icing on the cake. I just wish everyone wasn't so butt hurt over the micro' don't have to buy them. Expand
  16. Feb 6, 2013
    Being a huge fan of Dead Space 1 but being very dissapointed by Dead Space 2 while also seeing the trailers of the third game seem to even stray more to an action oriented approach, I wasn't pumped for the franchise anymore. It seemed like the game was heading down the Resident Evil 6 path. i still had hope and really wanted it to blow me away like the original, but I had been badly burned before. Well I have good news. Really good news. REALLY REALLY good news. THE GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! I've been having a blast playing it so far. I have been playing it solo, and they have perfected the dead space formula. This is the best dead space yet. It combines the strengths of both the first and second games while adding fresh ideas, all of which are superbly executed. There are many awesome aspects of the game, but the one that stands out the most is the atmosphere of the game. From the very start of the game, Dead Space 3 engrosses you in its world, you feel like you are in this universe. The graphics have been improved, there's amazing lighting effects, amazing particle effects, enemies are more horrifying than ever before. Level Design is top notch, Sound Design is brilliant, Soundtrack is one of the best I've heard and fits the game like a glove, Narrative pushes the game forward more so than 1 and 2, amazing action set pieces all in real time, tight controls, the new weapon customization is awesome, the game brings back the mystery, uneasiness, horror, and scares of the first game but imo, even better this time. Everything about the game comes together so well, its just a blast to play this game. EA really nailed the Dead Space universe in this game. You get to see a bigger picture of the universe this time around. Also, the game has a very Blade Runner and Alien feel to it, so if you are fans of those movies, you should definitely pick this game up. I was a bit hesitant about picking this up reading the mixed reviews from critics and users on here, but the game does not disappoint. This game was made for the Dead Space fans out there. The way the game has masterfully intertwined survival horror, survival action, and narrative, I never want to go back to strictly survival horror again. The way they have implemented all of these aspects into the game have really helped the flow of the game. As much as I liked Dead Space 1, its overall structure became predictable and tedious. Dead Space 3 follows more of a narrative arc and the gameplay revolves around that narrative. It helps to keep gameplay fresh and unexpected. Bottom Line: This isn't simply one of the best Survival Horror games ever made, its one of the best sci fi games ever made. While DS1's main attraction was survival horror, DS2's main attraction being survival action, DS3's main attraction is its universe. So if you are a fan of Sci Fi or Horror or better yet Sci Fi/Horror, you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice passing this game up! Special Thanks to EA's Visceral Games for making one of the best games I've ever played and an amazing, 'visceral' experience :D Expand
  17. Feb 5, 2013
    First and foremost let me address the horror aspect. Is this as scary as Dead Yet I think that's more to do with by outing 3 it's become familiar. However that doesn't make it less of an amazing game. The 2nd time I played through DS it wasn't as scary either. DS3 is most certainly still a horror game with awesome game play and an engrossing sci fi story. And that's what the series always was and still is. That's great and should be enough for any long term fans and new comers to the series. Expand
  18. Feb 5, 2013
    cry babys wont like this game gamers will bottom line some of the worst reviews ive ever seen go cry somwhere else im not even gunna review this game im so disgusted
  19. Feb 6, 2013
    Dead Space 3 is a gorgeous title that once more thrusts Isaac Clark back into the disarray of Visceral Game's dystopian future. Apparently, in the time between the second and third games our engineering friend has become somewhat of a troglodyte, behind on bills and with a newly discovered penchant for sketching the very religious structures he feared, it's evident that Isaac's not in a good place. Still distraught over the loss of his girlfriend, he suddenly finds himself hunted by the formidably run (and well financed) Unitologist Church which, unlike our hero, remained quite busy during Mr. Clark's "Walden" days. While the game remains well acted, and though the music complements the appropriate moment, the writers immediately present you with a story that undermines the pre-established lore from both preceding titles as well as the supplementary material (books, dvds, ect). How for example, were the artifact's powers contained when previous attempts had failed? How did the construction workers not transform before the containment facilities were blown? I mean, wouldn't the spear-armed HVAC employee not make the evening news on at least 1 planet? How did the civilian population of every colony suddenly turn to fanatic Unitologist supporters overnight? While most games fall into similar tropes that can be highlighted when thought of for just a moment, the immersion factor often removes this quotient from the equation, we don't ask why Master Chief was spared in Halo 4, we don't question the motives of the Alliance Council in Mass Effect, and we certainly don’t mull over why Princess Peach always insists on having her parties on the top floor of her castle. And yet here I was, 20 minutes in and fleeing from a well armed army of religious fanatics wondering how it came to be. Perhaps it's series fatigue, but the story, like the matrix before it, is trying to delve deeper than was ever intended, and it's beginning to show. On the gameplay front, the controls are nearly identical to previous entries in the series, and while movement in the older games benefited from isolated chambers and limited enemies, the narrative transition makes moving around feel convoluted and slow. Enemies charge from multiple directions and soldiers lob grenades at the feet of your character, and yet the ability to respond is frustratingly limited. Like many preliminary critics suggested, it appeared as if the developers were attempting to create a budget version of Gears of War, and the control scheme is indicative of this. Targeting is tedious, and the slight auto assist that was pioneered over a decade earlier in Halo 1, is nowhere to be found. I often had to spend precious time lining up shots, only to be eviscerated from behind. In many titles such complaints could be overlooked, however with the increased (exponentially so) focus on gunplay, the system is simply antiquated. While the addition of a second player helps, it removes the most compelling aspect of Dead Space, which is isolation. This not only detracts from the plot, but the game play as well. While Mr. Carter's story is deep and emotionally well developed, it's hard to build anticipation and apprehension when a 13 year old is singing into their headpiece. Perhaps if played with a friend this would be nullified, however in the era of COD and Halo 4, your window of opportunity to experience this with a competent partner is limited at best. On the visual front, Dead Space is a feast for the eyes, from the glare of the neon lights to the individual hair follicles on Isaac's face, we are treated to a brilliant canvas that seldom disappoints. Unfortunately, much like an oil painting, the prima facie appearances belie the reality, as they simply coat a static world that prevents interaction. Want to shoot that toy robot? Insert random black mark. Care to break that window? Well here's one of 4 broken glass patterns. It's the type of minute complaint that only grows as the game progresses, and much as how Doom 3, initially dropped collective jaws, it was ultimately irrelevant due to the sheer limitations that existed in the environment. Although I acknowledge that the description thus far isn't flattering, it's the reality of Electronic Art's development cycles; original ideas cultivate dedicated followers, who are eventually traded in for mass consumer appeal. Usually this process involves expanding the scale of the story, placing a glossy sheen over the character models, and increasing the bust size of female characters to entice teens. From micro transactions to day one DLC, it's obvious that EA is merely in it for the money, and consequently innovation falls inversely as production costs skyrocket. This is not a condemnation of their business model, simply a call to reconsider their practices. Dead Space 3 is by all means a decent game, it's well acted, and fairly fluid, but to a dedicated Spacies (TM that), it's a disappointment. Expand
  20. Feb 13, 2013
    So, glitchy, repetitively boring, absolutely zero scare factor, and now a poor mainstream 3rd person action/shooter instead of what I, as a Dead Space fan, thought it was. Survival/Horror! Other than some slightly funner mechanics like co-op and scavaging, the only jewel from this title is the crafting system. If your looking for something to scare and thrill you, or want a satisfying continuation of the story, my opinion is it sadly disappoints. If you must get it, wait for the enevitable price drop. Like RE6, disapointed.... Expand
  21. Feb 19, 2013
    This is Dead Space. I loved the first, liked the second and really enjoyed the third. All the setting is somehow back to first chapter (space ships, small rooms etc. etc.), with more dark and claustrophobic areas and less "go stright ahead" action. What I liked most is the little (yes, it is little, but there is!) sense of freedom some chapters gives you. Go around, explore a bit, gather stuff etc. etc. The game is not that scary or incredibly surprising like Dead Space 1, but, when played at hard or impossible, like I did, the tension is constant and force you to pay incredible attention to the environment in order to identify enemies access points and how to tactically confront a room. The "fear", in dead space 3, is not given by theatrical scenes or scripted events: it derives from the constant necromorph threat (but I repeat: play it at hard or impossible, or the resources at your disposal will be too high, and you' ll loose the "resources management" aspect of the game). The AI is not that great, but hey, they' re freaking Necromorph, not Space Marines Death Squadrons, after all: slashing things that run to you trying to chop your body into pieces! The "hiding" Necromorph type still use great hide&seek tactic which can make them nasty. Pity is that the human enemies have so low AI. Weapon creation/customization is a great innovation. It is fun to try different combinations and gives you a strong feeling of personalization, allowing you to find the exact weapon you like most to fight with. The story is interesting, if you like Dead Space setting, and well cadenced, with a nice peek on main characters personalities. Perhaps the game is, overall, a bit too long. The co-op action is great, especially if you have a headset for communication. Expand
  22. Mar 17, 2013
    Saves load an hour before the point where you were, levels load if you are lucky. Just unacceptable. A game only the WHORES at EA would ask money for. Do NOT buy.
  23. May 19, 2013
    The game was okay till chapter 5. but the game save problem is a impudence. it even does not save the game when the auto save message occur. so i lost the desire to complete the game. the internet is full of complainments about this problem, but ea seems not to care about this...
  24. Feb 28, 2013
    This game is amazing. If you like the previous dead space games you'll love this one. Its has everything that made the other two great plus more. Its action oriented but just as frightening as the others. Dont listen to the haters this game is bleepin awesome. You never know whats around the next corner. Not as claustrophobic as the other two but they pull it off beautifully. Stop reading the reviews and go buy this game. Now! Expand
  25. Feb 8, 2013
    I am a serious dead space fan, having got the platinum trophy for the first two games, i would say that i have experienced everything dead space has to offer so far. After reading up on dead space 3, i got a bit twitchy with the addition of co op, the fact that there are now human enemies and that the demo seemed to portray that the game is based mostly outside, in wide open areas. How wrong was i! i played the game on single player, and this is how you should play it as a dead space fan. You dont have a clunky AI partner tagging along, you have a classic dead space experience, which is just what i was looking for! the game resembles DS2 more than DS1, but all the classic elements are here, tight corridors, jumpy moments, and the feeling that a necro is about to jump out at you around every dark corner... THAT is what makes a DS game, and this is what the developers have accomplished. if you are a dead space fan, ignore the other comments on here and in reviews (which are wrong in some of their points) and buy it, you wont be disappointed! Expand
  26. Feb 6, 2013
    Just a word: amazing! Yeah, this is probably the right word to describe Dead Space 3, the third main entry in Dead Space franchise. i really can't understand why there some people that didn't like it cause i've been a fan since 2007 when the first article on Dead Space was writte, and saw trough the years how it developed and i'm really pleased with the job done in DS3!
  27. Feb 19, 2013
    Don't listen to bad critics first of all!!
    Now about the game Dead Space 3 is even better than Dead Space 2 and DS1 for those dumb ignorant people that were saying the game has no more horror they're completely wrong the game is still horror only the intro of the game has action but has a reason for that The rest of the game is pure horror and has very tense moments just like the
    previous games. If you enjoyed Dead Space 1 and 2 you will sure enjoy Dead Space 3 its a true Masterpiece. Expand
  28. Feb 12, 2013
    Having played through all the Dead Space games and watched all the weird Dead Space animes, it seems that the only reason gamers do not like the game is because they feel too overly entitled to expect a certain type of game primarily a survival horror game that scares the hell out of you. There are no scary people laughing in dark corridors happily chopping sawing people open, like in the first game, nor is there some freaky image of your ex trapped within your mind. And so, people being as fatalistic as they are, they tend to rate the game horribly being that it is devoid of any extraordinarily freaky things.

    Make no mistake the game is far from perfect when compared to the other games in the series. The new weapon system is, for a game of this type, rather convoluted and probably looked great on paper, but in practice, causes you to think too hard about what type of weapon you would like. And the scares are much tamer compared to other games in the series, as the scare factor relies chiefly on trying to startle you. While I am the easily startled type, it still doesn't hold a candle to the scare factor of previous games. Part of the scare factor of the previous games was that ammo, while available, was certainly not plentiful. That is not the case in this game, as even the hard difficulty has a bountiful pile of ammo in every corner that allows for a blind man to fire thousands of shots that he may as well be firing at the broad side of a barn.

    And that is not because Dead Space doesn't try to be scary because it still feels dreadful walking around in dark, tight corridors with malfunctioning lights, creepy noises rattling around ships, and things jumping out at you when you least expect it. The problem is that the franchise seems to have expended all its tricks. We've seen the flickering lights, the necromorphs that play dead, the necromorphs that jump out of ventilation ducts. We've seen the hallucinations and heard the creepy whispers. Dead Space 3 does not evolve its fright fest enough especially for a series that has released three titles in six years, and to try and recycle all this a third time is to invite fanboy rage and will certainly cause people to say that the game just isn't scary enough.

    But the game is far from horrible. It still presents several gameplay innovations, some of which take getting used to like the new weapon system but there is also a touch of non-linear game play, along with its much touted co-op system. To have the full effect of the game, there can be no doubt that you should find a good friend to play the game with as playing by one's self seems to leave out key parts of the experience. And there can be no doubt that the game still has very intense moments, including some stressful firefights and brief moments where you're separated from your partner, all the while getting swarmed by creepy corpses coming to chop your head off with an axe. It is an incredibly atmospheric game with some of the most unique environments you will ever see in gaming, making it a universe that is psychedelic and awe-inducing to explore. Ridley Scott once said that the reason the Aliens movies had became less scary and more action oriented was because the mystery of the alien had disappeared by the time we had reached the third movie. The same idea could certainly be applied here as we can more easily see what the necromorph is and come to understand it, it becomes much less scary and more about action. If you're a fanboy or a high-expectation gamer who has played the previous games in the series and you are looking for the ultimate fright fest, this isn't it and you should probably give the game a 1 or 2 of 10 perhaps a 5 or 6 at the very most. But for everyone else, and especially for those who are new to the series, or for those who are looking to explore the fascinating universe of Dead Space, this game easily meets or surpasses an 8 out of 10.
  29. Mar 7, 2013
    The original Dead Space was one of the greatest horror game experience i have ever played. But with Dead Space 3 its a hole different story. The horror is gone, and instead EA have put a lot of action in it. It does not fit the dead space universe and therefore it is a mixed experience, that you quickly forget again. No more Dead Space EA
  30. Aug 23, 2013
    This is where the Dead Space franchise begins it's descent into the action genre.
    This game can still be scary, but the stronger weapons, faster controls and co-op support take most of it away. The game's story is again great, better than the other two main games even, and there are more characters this time, though their backstories are limited. (Though some comics and books have been
    made detailing some characters, including Carver) The major point that shows the action this has turned into is the inclusion of human enemies. Luckily, these fights don't happen too often.
    I think this is a great game, if you're a fan of Dead Space, get it, but it has ruined my hopes for Dead Space 4 to be fantastic.
  31. Mar 18, 2013
    EA following Capcom's steps, (Resident Evil), The terror has gone with planet's temperature, EA brings a solid Action Game, this is no more Survival Horror, if you want a great action game this is for you, if you want a Survival Horror better look in another place. If you are a Dead Space fan like me, you will be a little disappointed, but is still great the Game. Hope they make a REAL survival horror Dead Space Soon Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Apr 30, 2013
    Taken as a whole, Dead Space 3 is far more infuriating than it is bad.
  2. Do yourself a favour and play DS3 like a raving masochist, straight off the bat. It’s a slick, AAA sequel that’s worthy of its place in the franchise. but only if you take the initiative and crank the difficulty. We didn’t think it possible, but Visceral has engineered a sequel that will appease old fans and entice new ones, too. [March 2013, p72]
  3. Apr 1, 2013
    Misfires and all, it’s at least commendable that Dead Space 3 makes an effort to exhibit some fresh experimentation into what has become a truly bloated media franchise; plus the combat still shines for the most part. Sadly though, better elements like the crafting system are lamentably set against a mundane and lifeless backdrop that rarely excites, let alone spooks, on the grand level of previous games in the series.