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  1. Apr 2, 2013
    Ever since Fallout 3, I have been looking for a third person, post apocolyptic setting, rpg style game(I know that seems really picky) But then I was told about Defiance and wow it is alot of fun. It feels like Borderlands in third person(Controls remind me of games like Gears of War). There is loot to be found, a variety of guns to be modded, vendors to buy from, vehicles to customize and drive, rescue missions to attempt, friends and clans to join up with and most importantly, hellbugs to destroy. Whether you are a fan of 3rd person shooters or MMORPGs in general, this game has a little bit for everyone and really allows you to play the way you want to (Solo, Co-Op, Stealthy, Gun a blazin). Expand
  2. Apr 2, 2013
    Like any other mmo on it's launch day, it will have some hiccups here and there, I didn't face too many issues, elitists may say this game is more like a 7-7.5 in terms of the nitty gritty.

    10/10 for it just being addicting and the most fun I've had on an mmo in a long time! (got bored of wow finally..this is the perfect time killer til some games I have my sights on come out)

    review may seem vague, but the gameplay/addictiveness is there, it's worth the price tag. Expand
  3. Apr 4, 2013
    Defiance is amazing. I was worried that it might have been a superficial game but as it turns out it's one of those games were it keeps getting better and better the more you play. People try to nitpick at all of the little things like the lack of a cover system(there is btw its just not static) and the voice chat problems, but the games better qualities far outweigh any issues I've encountered. The gameplay for the game is very solid. In games like borderlands as you trek through the game the enemies are higher level and as you go back to previously explored levels they are too easy because of a lack of dynamic enemy levels, but in Defiance the entire game is balanced. You can travel across the map when ever you feel like it and kill the enemies there too without worrying about getting destroyed by some level 50 robot. There is tons to do also. The map is covered with dynamic events, missions, challenges, etc. Expand
  4. Apr 4, 2013
    Warning: This game is very addictive! It's like a mixture of Borderlands and World of Warcraft. It is an open world with tons of quests, events, pvp, and raids. You can "farm" monsters for weapon and weapon mod drops and do quests to earn items. This is the first MMOFPS of it's kind and it's very unique in a few ways. The leveling system and talents you can earn is quite different from your traditional MMO because it an "EGO" number representing your power rather than level 1, 2, 3 etc. There are many different kinds of weapons you can use like: Sniper Rifles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenade Launchers, etc. You can customize your character to be very unique and different from other characters with all of the different options you have. Just last night, I was on a 4-Wheeler (You earn this in a quest soon after beginning the game) with about 10 other players, we were driving through rolling hills, mountains, and mud to reach a raid point where you fought monsters for about 30 minutes. In PVP, I watched from a tower with my handy sniper rifle as I saw about 30 players fighting in the creek below me. Bullets were flying and bodies were dropping, I just sat back and picked off stragglers with my rifle and racked up quite a few kills in the match. I highly recommend this game if you like playing MMO's, FPS, or even just RPG's. It's definately well worth the money and what I find is especially great is that there is no monthly payment! Go get it! Expand
  5. Apr 3, 2013
    Terrible graphics, vehicle physics, and AI. The game bills itself as a massive open world but there really isn't much variety, or depth, in what you can do. Firefall is essentially the same game but is free, and does not charge for DLC.
  6. Apr 11, 2013
    Hated this game. Not even a good effort. The graphics are already dated considering some of the games coming out recently, story is just bad and there's not really all that much to do... They might be able to save it with an huge overhaul patch, but i doubt it.
  7. Apr 2, 2013
    Fallout 3 and Borderlands had a baby and that baby we know is Defiance. What is Defiance you ask? Defiance is a MMO (Third person shooter), which is based off syfy channel TV's show Defiance (debuting April 15th). The game takes place far west in America. I will keep this short because not everybody likes long reviews these days. The game is fun, the game map is huge, there are a ton of stuff to do like quests, mini quests, etc. So if you're a fan of the game's Borderlands or Fallout 3, you should love this. Expand
  8. Apr 10, 2013
    Pros: No connection problems for me on the PS3. The server has gone down for maintenance once when I wanted to play, but that was scheduled and pretty short. Fun shooter mechanics. I'm not much of a FPS player, to be honest, but I enjoyed this quite a bit. Nice variety of guns. Some are more interesting than others, and some differences are subtle between the same type of gun, but there are enough cool features and customization here to keep me suitably intrigued. Episode Missions let you interact with characters from the show. The first one did and leads into the pilot. It was fun getting to play a mission with them and see them in-game in cut scenes. The main missions use cut scenes to tell the story and develop the NPCs you meet along the way. I've not gotten too far into this yet, but I've enjoyed Cass and the missions we've done together. These are more complex than the side quests you go on, of course, and are more fun because of it. They have bosses, and you actually have to think pretty tactically with some enemies. Never gets "easy." Even as you level up, you just unlock perks you can access in a skill tree, but so far it hasn't gotten to the point where you can just easily pick off enemies, which I think is a good thing because that's part of what leads to boredom. Big game map. Not sure if this will expand as the DLCs come out or not, but right now it feels pretty big. If you're the type who can put in 15 hour days on a game (I usually only get 1 or 2... though I've spent more here) then it might feel small to you. Otherwise, I've spent 20+ hours in about 1/4 of the game map. Arkfall events are a ton of fun. When a lot of people are around it can get chaotic, but it's still fun. I enjoy joining up with other players on the fly rather than formally joining a group or a clan. Those options are available, but it's nice to have a level of interaction where you just go online when you want, randomly join up with someone near you on a mission because you're both doing it at the same time, emote a cheer and then be on your way. It just fits my style more. An interesting world. The game seems to look better on PC than PS3 (most things do) but even on PS3 I've been having a lot of fun with this strange mix of alien world and post-apocalyptic earth. Though some parts feel familiar, the world has enough unique elements that I've been enjoying seeing the sights and learning about the different aliens who now co-inhabit the planet with humanity. ||

    Cons: Still a few bugs to be worked out. I've been able to connect just fine, but I did encounter two issues. The last cut scene of the first Episode Mission wouldn't play. I had to watch in on YouTube, instead. There was a time when some objects I needed to interact with on a mission wouldn't let me. You had to let other players kill some enemies, and then it let you. You can also abandon a mission and pick it back up to fix this, though.
    I felt like I was thrown into the game, a bit. There is a tutorial stage, but I guess I've gotten used to games walking you through all the button mechanics and that sort of thing the first time through. Figuring out which button does what isn't too hard (just press them and try!) but other menus seemed a bit more hidden, including a really important menu that shows you critical intel, contains some Help features and lets you log out! It's easy to access once you know how (Start and then L2.) The map could be improved some. They don't really name the different areas on the map for some reason. This could be an issue if you had to return to a specific area for some reason and it wasn't marked by a mission icon. So far this hasn't impacted me yet, though. Modifying weapons can be a bit confusing at first until you learn how to do it and realize you can't do it until you reach a certain EGO level. ||

    So, overall I am having an absolute blast with this game. It's been great for someone like me a more casual gamer who only has a few hours to commit a day, if that, and who likes the idea of going back and picking up the game after a little time off because he doesn't have to worry about subscriptions. That being said, so far I can't stop playing it! I imagine there will come a time when I slow down, though, maybe after the main missions are done. But there are 5 DLCs planned and overlap with the TV series, I can see a bright future for the next year at least.
  9. Apr 11, 2013
    Terrible game. No tie in the show, no content, crappy vehicle dynamics, sub-par graphics, and shallow story. I give it two months til its totally irrelevant.
  10. Apr 8, 2013
    I picked up Defiance for the PS3 and I am AMAZED. I went in with low expectations, and quickly had them blown away. This is the game I have been looking for, for so long. To me it is essentially Fallout 3 Mass Effect Borderlands wrapped into an MMORPG. It is made by the same people who made Rift (which I also played, but this is far better). It has an arguably better UI, and similar inventory (and targeting) mechanics as Borderlands, the feel of Mass Effect 3, and the Mad Max style of Fallout.
    The most important factor to me is the immersion the world feels alive. You start out the game with an ATV you can summon, and you can get other vehicles as well (I'm riding around in a Twisted Metal-looking Dodge Challenger R/T atm :D There are world events (just like Rift) that turn into huge player-driven battles. The quest system works great (similar to Farcry 3, but better you have a main quest and you can pick up other ones randomly around the world). It is just an all-around immersive, and incredibly fun game.

    TL;DR: Defiance is an MMORPG version of Fallout/Borderlands/Mass Effect all wrapped into one. It is a revolutionary step forward in console (and PC) gaming, and is an absolute blast to play.

    Just my 2 cents.
  11. Apr 10, 2013
    Defiance is a great mmo, besides the initial hiccups at launch it has turned out to be a decent game. After the initial tutorial things get repetitive real quick, all the mission pretty much amount to going to a location, rescuing a NPC and then defending said NPC while they do something. Where Defiance shines is the PVP matches. PVP is difficult and challenging which breaks up the rather dull PVE aspects of the game. Once the TV show tie in starts the game may become a bit better with episode missions but for now its a sold 7/10. Expand
  12. Apr 9, 2013
    I have had the game for a few days and so far it is very enjoyable. There have been a few hiccups along the way, I believe all MMOs start off like this. The gameplay is very cool and it's great you can travel wherever you like straight away without having to unlock parts of the map. I have just fought against a screen filling bug with 50 other players... It was epic and it gives you a score at the end (it judges you on how many hits and kills). I came second which was a shock.
    I highly recommend this game!!
  13. Apr 8, 2013
    A must have for Ps3, finally a functioning MMO and a darn good one at that) for the ps3. defiance offers an Open world, grouping with functional voicechat, obsurd variety of weapons and gear( i.g. modifiable weapons, outfits, shield generators) vehicles i.g. ATVs, Challengers, Dune Buggies) to get crazy air or squash hellbugs doing donuts, a variety of missions (i.g. story, Side, Survival, Rescue, Racing, PvP team battles, up to 100 player vs Hellbug wars, abilities and perks, and a whole lot more fun to be had. I'm thoroughly impressed with what they have done and although I'm very preoccupied with the standard game, I'm very much anticipating any additions coming later on. Expand
  14. Apr 7, 2013
    Great game, I see so much potential here. Trion really got a lot of love for me after all the new stuff they did with Rift. This actually has a few elements kinda like rift. There are a few hiccups with the launch of any MMO, but it's been surprisingly solid all things considered.
  15. Apr 6, 2013
    Defiance is an extremely under rated game this is going to take time to smooth rough edges, but in all honesty this is one of the most addictive games of all time. The content justifies the price tag and for all those interested you must give it a try and do not listen to all these individuals giving the game zeros.
  16. Apr 6, 2013
    Score fallen by 2 in 4 days, It shows how crap this game is... Bad enemy intelligence, too difficult, group of raides can hit you from 100 meters but cannot from 5... Lot's of glitches and its price... 40 pounds... They probably wipe their asses with that money... DLC will cost unlike in amazing firefall... Dont buy this
  17. Apr 7, 2013
    I don't think I ever put a more addicting game into my ps3 tray! Defiance is the best online game I have ever experienced. My favorite part are the arkfalls which are massive gathering points where an endless amount of players team up against towering bosses for loot. I'm pretty far into this game as well (about 20+ hrs) and I still have yet to experience the entire map/storyline as you can simply get lost in things to do. BUY THIS GAME Expand
  18. Apr 13, 2013
    This game is pretty fun lol graphics not that great but gameplay is pretty cool lots of quest guns and multiplayer is addictive pvp mode is great just cause cod fan boys cant adapt to 3rd person and more strategy I like the weapons to there pretty cool .best ps3 purchace in a while.
  19. Apr 10, 2013
    I would characterize Defiance as the perfect starter mmo. it's easy to get into and understand but it's a true MMO on consoles. First off, people who are scared that it ties into the TV show don't be, the game stands on it's own and unlike most tv or movie games the gameplay is pretty good.

    Defiance is unique even in the mmo world. it's a third person shooter and you actually have to
    aim and shoot bullets have to hit you to hurt you.

    during most missions any other player can be in the same zone and help you with missions and vice versa, unlike other MMO games, having multiple people doing the same mission doesn't hurt your chances of getting the kill or finding items, if we have to get 4 medical supplies and I get 3 of them, you only need to get the last one to finish the quest.

    besides the main story and side missions, there is a co-op mode where 4 people go through what amounts to a dungeon. there are about 8 co-op missions. on the matchmaking front there is also 2 team deathmatch maps, and a capture and hold style game mode with 3 points. there is also "shadow war" which is basically battlefield 3 conquest but takes place in the actual game world, it has 20vs20 player matches (probably more, most I had was 20vs20)

    the best part of the game is arkfalls, which are world events where anyone who goes fights monsters, over 50 people on screen fight to kill the big bosses is exciting.

    now for the negatives
    first is bugginess, trion has already done some patches to fix disconnects and other issues, but they have a lot of work to do thankfully things ARE getting done.

    2nd there are many MMO elements missing, there is no crafting, and progression is terrible, lvl 600 here and I feel about the same as lvl 20. the max level is like 4000 though.

    3 end game content is non existent, basically pvp and arkfalls are all you do if you aren't doing missions or a co-op map.
    4. graphics are bad but seriously graphics are not the most important thing in a game.

    so basically like many MMO's there isn't enough content, but lets remember this is one of the only MMOs on console, and furthermore you actually have to aim and the game takes skill. with that I give it a 7/10, there is lots of room for improvement but anyone who wants to try an MMO for the first time, or wants a shooter that isn't the same old same old should try defiance.
  20. Apr 8, 2013
    Dont trust reviews based on bad experiences due to some bug and launch problems.
    Launch of course had some issues, but already day 3 game was running smooth and could appreciate full potential of it.
    This is a true MMO, so to truly love it and appreciate you have to invest a good amount of hours, understand all the mechanics and details in game.
    Pve is great, big world with ton of
    activities, well made main mission, huge boss battles with bazillion real players...
    Also dedicated COOP mission up to four player that really are ton of fun. Pvp is also well made and i enjoyed it, especcial shadow war with 64vs 64

    Graphics are a bit toned down due to huge amount of people and big world... but huge monster look actually great, and the light effect are good.
    Weapons are well balanced and good variations.
    Its great to have only 1 charachter that can specialize in all perks and special abilities.

    in the end this game is very addicting and well made, must buy.
  21. Apr 14, 2013
    This is a game I did not know about before it stood in the Store. I bought it and after 1 hour I was sold. This game is just AWESOME. Yes, the game have som faults and minor bugs, but for me it is not game breaking. I bought the game to my friend just so we can play it together. He also fell in love with the game right from the start. I will tell everyone to buy this game. LOVE IT!
  22. Apr 7, 2013
    Don't get the whole "terrible graphics" aspect of other reviewers as I thought they looked fine (I don't need Far Cry 3 graphics with short gameplay, but then again i grew up in the 90s with Super Nintendo-N64)

    I thought the game is pretty good overall though. It's definitely got a good story, a whole lot of weapons/items for you to achieve, thousands of quest (from what I see), and
    seems to be like it's worth at least the $40 bucks of the $60 I spent, which you can't say about most games these days.

    The only downside that is just glitches and will be fixed overtime I'm sure are the vehicle physics (i got stuck under a tree log... it was quite funny actually but i had to commit suicide to get out) and that the group system seems broke at times. (Friends will grab the same quest as you in a group and there quest randomly stops working/showing any kind of waypoint.. or in my case I'll go to the NPC I'm supposed to talk to for my quest and it'll work for my friend who didn't even start the quest, but doesn't work for me).

    It's all small minor stuff that hopefully gets fixed.
  23. May 4, 2013
    This is easily the most frustrating video game experience of my 30+ years of gaming. Defiance is terribly broken. Since its launch, I have experienced countless audio problems, mic sync issues, lag, frame drop, connectivity issues, and console crashing. I have worked with Trion Worlds' technical support and have spent countless hours trying to fix this game, but it is simply unplayable. Defiance is simply a broken game by Trion's own admission. Their advice to me was to use a different PSN profile to play the game, buy a new console, and completely reconfigure my modem/router. Ridiculous and insulting! Please know that I own over 275 disc and dlc PS3 games and I have never encountered anything like this. And please believe that in the sporadic moments when the game actually did manage to work a little, it's an atrocity. Boring, repetitive, mundane, generic crap! Literally, this has been the worst gaming experience of my life. Period. Expand
  24. May 4, 2013
    I am a big fan so far of the Defiance Tv show, and I think that the whole concept of having the game and the tv show tie in together probably worked great in theory; but in reality however Defiance the game just ends up being a boring grind consisting of pointless story missions and dumb fetch quests! Definitely not worth your hard earned 60 bucks.
  25. Apr 13, 2013
    I would rate it higher if I could actually see the enemies in the extremely low res textures on basically everything. I will admit I had a little bit of fun destroying an ark crystal with a group of human allies but I don't think I will keep this game (thankfully rented it from gamefly).

    I could put up with the graphics by the way if the vehicle control was spot on but... it isn't
  26. Apr 8, 2013
    pure and simple this is a very good game, people are complaining about little things like it not having AAA game graphics and that the servers sometimes come down, but its like their ignoring the fact this is a MMO, they all have hiccups when they start but once they get going and the DLC and updates come this game will be one of the best MMO's on the market. it has an engaging story and good story missions, allot of them consist of the same general go here then disable this or pick this up, but the game play is very very good and every MMO on the market does this general questing structure, but what sets this apart from the rest is that there is no grinding which i hate about the other games out there like this, this game is also very addictive and does what it can for everyone like pvp,raids and a good single player. Id also say ignore the people going on about it being a borderlands or wow hybrid, yes it has a similar feel and gun play as borderlands, but this is in its own genre of kick ass. 9/10 Expand
  27. Apr 10, 2013
    i had to register an account to give this game its proper kudos. ez 10/10 for me, perfect game all around and i cant wait for the tv show to air its going to make this game even better with all the additional content they plan on adding
  28. Apr 15, 2013
    I've spent few hours and the game is huge so I can write about first impressions.

    If you like rpg but you spent the last 5 month on Black Ops 2 multiplayer this could be a good choice.

    MMO SHOOTER PS3 RPG if you search for all these thing this is the only choice.

    I'll swich to 10 only if will arrive the first person view.
  29. Aug 29, 2013
    I want to like... no, I want to LOVE this game, but if we're talking about the experience of playing... well, what can I say about a game that won't run? I installed the game, updated with the 25 (25!) patches and was able to play for about 3 days.

    Then, the first DLC came out. I have tried for more than a week and countless hours of keeping my PS3 on to update that latest patch, and
    it just isn't happening. I've tried all the suggestions Trion technical support offers... turn off the media thing, run a fix on the file system, delete the patch and start over... I got nothing. It just stays on for hours and nothing updates.

    So, I really can't recommend this game. I want to. A post-apocalyptic MMO on my PS3 sounds AWESOME but when you can't play the game, it's just a big tease.

    Glad I only spent 10 bucks.
  30. Apr 22, 2013
    Cracking game...Wasnt sure what to expect tbh but the more you put in the more you get out. It is a one of a kind in terms on genre so can see it being a bit of a marmite game but if for example you like Borderlands you will love this
  31. Apr 22, 2013
    i love this game alot of action lots new friends that help u when dont need it always see friendly gamer come in help out player struggling in quest the game has few flaw the main character does not talk inventory bit iffy but still give 10 out of 10
  32. Apr 12, 2013
    Great game IMHO. First, MY, main and really only complaint When I first loaded it up I thought I was prepared for the poor graphics from what I had read in reviews. But you really have to see it to appreciate how poor they really are! That said, I still feel the game DESERVES at least a 7 for all of the positive things it has to offer. About an hour (for me) into the game I didn't care about the graphics anymore and was defending the game to my friends who were watching me play, because the game game is truly VERY fun to play. I get the same enjoyment out of Defiance that I got/get out of EDF games. It has a pretty large world, from what I have seen, tons to do and a good amount of people on-line to do things with. The game can seem pretty challenging, at first, but there are enough people playing that grouping has never been an issue. Running around with peeps is when this game really shines!! The first time I ran an Arcfall I was hooked!! If I were to nitpick I am confused as to how this game made it through beta and still lacks a proper tutorial. As a seasoned MMO player I still found myself scrambling through the menus from time to time trying to figure out how to do something. Also, I am hoping that once the TV show goes live that the story will develop a bit more through patches and DLC. Had I not seen the preview on SyFy I wouldn't have even known that I was introduced to two of the main characters of the show.

    As for connection issues, I have only been playing for a day or two and haven't had any issues.

    In conclusion, I look at it this way, I have paid $60 for far worse and/or far shorter games. I feel that this game offers PLENTY of fun to merit a purchase right out of the gates. I see myself putting in a minimum of 20+ hours and considering that there is going to be new content on the horizon, things can only get better.
  33. Apr 22, 2013
    I now know these low scores are coming from the spoiled expectations of silver spoon gamers. this game is not only a one of a kind... but it's the only of its kind on consoles or anywhere else. people have begun unknowingly comparing games to next generation titles. they have seen the light. they have had a taste of high end pc graphics and now current gen games just seem to look worse and worse. while i'll admit... defiance does look dated... it's only because of the type of game it is. and truthfully... it isn't going to hurt anyone's eyes who grew up playing intelevision. controls are responsive and tight during combat. and driving merely acts as a way to get from point a to point be so don't be expecting motorstorm. but when you put these things together and take the game at face value...for what it is.... it is a truly fun game. and that fun is the addicting type that crawls under your skin. the kind of fun that makes you feel like you are playing a game. and that's why we are all here. to have fun... playing games. I know the industry has moved closer to interactive "experiences" but defiance does something old school...but fresh and bold at the same time. I was hesitant at first... only picking up the game 2 days ago...mainly because of reviews. but I know better now than to listen to paid reviewers these days. and most real gamers are going to appreciate those types of games that let you play them in all their shoddy glory, gummed up textures and frame rate dips and all. I mean the game's fat is hanging out of its shirt for all to see and it's sitting there proud and bloated, sweating and eating a hot dog saying..."imna fix it tamarra" in the mean time i'll enjoy the view. this game rules. Expand
  34. Apr 21, 2013
    I personally love this game after putting in about 30 hours i still dont want to put this game down. I love the game as its different for a MMO and you will struggle to find a game like it. Defiance is very similar to Borderlands in a way but with 1000's of people playing on a server. Games vehicles are what sticks out for me absolutely awesome and never gets old and has a range of different vehicle types aswell. Guns are also good in game they are accurate and also a large selection of different guns with different effects. Story is better than average for a MMO could be better though. PVP is good, shadow wars are on a large scale which makes it a bit more fast paced. However if you have sniper you basically getting a stupidly high KD as people cloak and shoot constantly which is annoying. Instances are average seem to go on for a long time too long and bosses are a bit rubbish. A major con for this game is the repetitive of quests basically go collect medical supplies go collect data constantly which is a bit annoying but this is what to expect in MMOs. Anyway I gave it a 9 as its Unique and really addictive and would keep you busy for awhile which is most important. Give the game a try you would not be disappointed. Expand
  35. Apr 19, 2013
    I have been playing this game since launch and am thoroughly enjoying every moment, The pvp content is fun and the pve elements can be done solo or with a few friends, Defiance has delivered some fun and addictive gameplay.
  36. Apr 26, 2013
    Such an Addicting game!

    Personally, I dont know why so many people rated this game bad. Although there are some problems with the MMO area people need to realize this game still comes with an 18-22 hour campaign. What $60 game can you name that gives you 20hours of game play? And this isnt even counting Ark fall events, random events, Matches, Shadow Wars, & Instances. OH And its being
    developed as an MMO so there are going to be constant updates, patching, Etc. Both Free & Paid.

    Despite what people say this game is very well done, Although there has been Patcher problems and mission bugs with in the game, I've experienced NO LAG, even during Ark fall events where there are 200+ players on my screen and more Hell bugs then I can count. I can see no reason besides being purely impatient that you could rate this game lower then an 8.

    Its something NEW! Us console babys finally get a GREAT MMO! And like any MMO it only needs time to become even better.
  37. Apr 30, 2013
    I'm going to make this fairly thorough, but my overall opinion is positive. It combines many of the bare bones point, shoot and outmaneuver mechanics of a decent shooter (like an evolved version of Star Wars Battlefront) with a well laid out customization of an RPG that seems to fit surprisingly well with the shooter format. It has its flaws, but it's an overall solid game with plenty of content.

    To address a few complaints people seem to have:

    1) The graphics don't really bother me, they are on par with early PS3 games, and I grew up with DOOM and Wolfenstein, I basically stopped caring about improved graphics in the PS2/Xbox age, so they easily clear the bar in my opinion. If you really must have cutting edge graphics (and I don't blame you after shelling out your 3 Jacksons on a game) then you might want to look for it on PC, as I hear they are better.

    2) I don't find the game too difficult at all. Players have a ton of weapons and perks at their disposal, and it allows them to fine tune their playstyle. You just need to ensure that you don't put yourself in a poor situation for what your character is suited for, and the game doesn't seem to favor a bullet soaking tanker type brute force strategy, which may be a cause for complaint amongst RPG gamers who usually rely on that style.

    3) Lack of a show tie-in is sort of a let down. They shoved you almost as far from Defiance as you could be within the continental US, and as far as I am (only ego rating of ~350), only feature one cameo from the 2 main characters right in the beginning. It was kind of cool to see the same hellbugs you fight in the game during last night's episode (no.3), but it was no more connected than seeing the cartoon version of your favorite G.I. Joe.

    4) The repetative missions, especially side missions, could use a little fleshing out. They're still addictive, but it seems like they could be much more creative after they spent so much time and effort setting up the rest of the world. Arkfalls are no exception, I've only played 5 different kinds, all of which are essentially the same
    5) some of the physics are a little wonky, namely the vehicle mechanics, which feel like old school 'ATV Offroad Fury' where you jump like you're on the moon, but sometimes get stuck on stupid things. You also don't take fall damage, ever, I've tried.

    As for my opinion of the game, I personally enjoy the battlefront-like intuitiveness and simplicity of the gameplay, paired with the diverse options for planning out a battle strategy. The perks system allows players to fine tune their character to a specific playstyle, focusing on small situational advantages rather than pumping up their stat numbers. Even many of the weapons seem to provide small firepower advantages, while mainly focusing on sidegrades to cater to the player's preferences. Overall, this makes the game more about a player's skill than raw stats, while still giving the rpg aspect of being able to strategically design a charater. Higher level players will unlock additional perks as well as additional slots to equip them, plus extra "loadout" slots, allowing them to create multiple custiomized character "classes" for different situations. This allows you to earn small advantages, while still allowing lower level players to feel as though they aren't being dominated in PVP or overshadowed in co-op.

    There are piles of weapons, and tons of room to upgrade them with mods (which are actually modeled on your character's weapons). I don't feel as though the drops are too rare, especially during arkfall events, their rarity makes it exciting. My main complaint is that picking up a new weapon/grenade/shield replaces your selected one in your current loadout, e.g. picking up a weak and unwieldy sniper rifle while I'm slaying tons of small baddies in close quarters, replaces my shotgun with a less than ideal weapon and forces me to fuss around with my inventory to re-equip my preffered weapon. There are plenty of side missions, but it seems like they could put a little more effort into making them less repetative, perhaps with larger more complicated co-op missions. The same could be said for the otherwise entertaining and sporadic arkfalls, which could use more variety. They could also put a little more content in the way of flair, such as outfit customization, additional vehicles, interactive NPC's and a less static environment.

    I gave it an 8 due to it's potential, and the fact that I've played for hours without any sight of losing interest. They did WAY more good than bad, and successfully made an ideal MMOTPS. It was well worth my 60 bucks, and I can only hope that they put some effort into improving it. For now, there's plenty to keep me interested, and I hope they continue to maintain it so it will remain fun in the future. I'm crossing my fingers and looking forward to additional content and would not hesitate to pay for an expansion if they can fine tune their work.
  38. Jan 6, 2014
    I'm playing it this late since its release date, its 2014 now and I still like it. I'm playing on a PS3 and find the game very addictive. The only thing I don't like is that there seems to be no one else playing. Just now starting to level up, but from previous MMO experience, there will be certain things that I need help with. Otherwise, I like the game and the way it works. Some things are just hard as hell to solo. Expand
  39. Aug 31, 2013
    Ok let's start this review with a central statement: Defiance is not a classic MMO. But for concoles is a nice "new" game.
    It's more accurate to define it as an Online Action TPS. The MMO component is present but you should not buy it thinking it as a classic MMO. There are no classes, gear is limited to weapons, shield, grandes, outfits and headgear is only for costumizing the character.
    The game is quite fun in solo, and very funny with friends. There are big boss battles with many other players (hundreds), there are vehicles and a lot to explore. the story is OK, not great and a bit repetitive, but it's ok. Expand
  40. Jun 17, 2013
    Hopefully this review will give you a good idea about what you'll be getting into if you decide to play Defiance. This game is a third-person shooter MMO in the same spirit of Borderlands. Lots of run and gun gameplay with plenty of loot. While the game itself is decent, its far from perfect. Many people may not be able to tolerate the glaring downsides that go along with the fun.

    The game ties into a series on Syfy (check your local listings) by the same name. You play as an ark hunter, wandering mercenaries whose lives revolve around salvaging advanced technology falling from space. Since both the game and the show are fairly new the story is still unfolding. While the world is interesting hopefully more significant events will take place as time goes on.

    Defiance plays like a typical TPS, but without a good cover system. This game will undoubtedly be compared to borderlands because of the shoot, loot, repeat play-style but the guns don't seem as impressive or varied as borderlands which is a real disappointment. However having hundreds of other players in the world with you does add a new level to the experience. There are also random skirmishes that break out on the map in real time that players can choose to participate in for better loot and co-op missions that put an emphasis on teamwork. Unfortunately once the main story is done that's all there really is to do. There isn't enough content in the game to keep it interesting for very long, and you'll be playing the storyline over and over hoping to get better loot. The community definitely sees the potential for expansion though and keep coming back for more.

    I am someone who puts gameplay over graphics, however I realize not everyone is as kind as me. If you're looking for HD eye-candy then Defiance will disappoint the hell out of you. And while the game world is huge much of it seems empty. One could say its because of the post-apocalyptic setting but deep down the game isn't all that great looking. I've also had many disconnects since buying this game as well as noticed some massive audio glitches when lots of action and characters get on screen. I'm able to look passed some of these issues but I can see how this would be a deal breaker for some.

    Defiance is a fresh new face in the MMO world with a different take on the experience. The potential seems limitless for excitement but from what I can see its a bit of a slow start. Hopefully they'll start adding more varied missions, more PVP options, and more gun types. Defiance deserves a chance since its going about things in a way that has never been done before, but only time will tell if the potential is fully realized.
  41. Jul 13, 2013
    I am about 6 hours into the game and thus far it is a fun game. I like the fact that there is episode and many other mission. They also have daily mission. Game play is very simple, but they need to tweak the driving. It is very sensitive. Graphics is average. The only thing I don't like is some time you get kick off the network
  42. Jun 2, 2013
    Surprisingly, for a PS3 title, it's a decent MMO. People seemed to have excused the number of bugs due to it being an MMO title, but the glitches have been a little too overwhelming. Fortunately, the game is slowly being smoothed out, and Trion seems to be paying a lot of attention to the community.

    Playing this in conjunction with its campy TV counterpart has actually been a fun
    experience. The cooperative dungeon crawls and boss battles have been a strong point of this game, as well as driving around an hitting some "sweet jumps."

    I would recommend getting a friend or two together to play with you, as the social aspect seems a little lacking compared to a PC release, (no one is using a keyboard!) Friend-adds require an actual friend-add on PlayStation Network, I recommend creating or joining a clan for a more full experience.
  43. May 1, 2013
    I am getting pissed at seeing these 0 ratings, It's a f@%$en MMO so of course it's going to have glitches and stuff. This is one of the funnest games I've ever played and I hate it when people give it a 0 just because they only play for one hour and are too lazy to continue. In order to enjoy this game you actually have to take time and enjoy it, don't rush through and screw it over by saying it sucks. This game is amazing and it's awesome to finally have a MMO that is a great shooter and doesn't have to pay monthly. Expand
  44. May 3, 2014
    A solid third person shooter, a weak mmo. The game is fun to play but gets repetative quickly. The DLC has helped to aleviate some of that though. The graphics are passable at best but the gameplay is good with tight controls and a system that pretty much auto groups anyone in the area doing the same mission. Customization is decent and the classes are fun and varied if a bit simplistic. The major issue i have with Defiance are the bugs, and i don't mean the enemies in the game! Defiance is extremely buggy even a YEAR after its release! The community seems to still be quite active despite this, but there are times where you will want to rage quit. It seems like for every bug they fix, another one pops up! All in all a solid game with some issues, very fun especially with friends and for about $8 you can't go wrong with Defiance. Expand
  45. Jun 20, 2014
    this is one of the most UNDERRATED games of 2013! i love this game! the fact that it is free on July fifteenth is amazing![ July fifteen or fifth on xbox 360 and PS3. its free on Pc now!] the story is not all that good. but its interesting enough to keep me hooked on. the sound of the game is well done! the early battle music sounds...interesting to say the least. its a mix of Beverly Hills cop meets a weird skrillex baby! the voice acting is really good! the guns sound good so do the explosions. the gameplay is solid thru and thru! i love how many guns there are. its like half of borderlands guns. you got toxic ones and fire ones and there,s special dark matter weapons which look amazing! i have played a total of 70 plus hours and i'm STILL not done with the main story. the side Missions lack more than the main missions. but the best part off the game is the... DUNGEONS!!! there are huge monster boss battles and lots of loot! all in all its a amazing fun action packed game from beginning to end! i would gladly pay full price for this game! there's also a bunch of DLC. its a definite must download for any console or PC owner. i love it! Expand
  46. Aug 19, 2014
    Thanks to "Free to play" ok
    Overall, the game does not offer much to play it for days. The graphics are bad, the bugs (sound, bad AI, graphics errors) make this game a real headache for the nerves.
    I never would have paid for just one penny.
  47. Aug 22, 2013
    I'd like to start off by saying this game is not for everyone, but I sure loved the hell out of it. Defiance is a MMOTPS, you might be wondering what that is. A MMOTPS is a new genre that has been created with Defiance and stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter. In Defiance you play as your own character, which can either be a Human or an Irathient (An alien race) and takes place in a post-apocalyptic earth where Alien planets have merged with ours. The graphics in Defiance aren't the greatest, however they are not at all terrible. It's kind of similar to Borderlands' graphics. The music is fantastic and sticks to the theme of a combination of Dubstep and Techno. Sounds great right?
    However, Defiance lacks a good back-story. But that's where the TV Show takes into account. While I don't care for any of the characters in the game, I am emotionally connected to the characters in the show which takes place in a different area to the game. The TV show also does a great job of explaining the backstory a whole lot better too. So I would strongly recommend that you get into the Television series before giving the game a go.
  48. Sep 29, 2013
    Defiance is a game that is a companion to the SyFy original series. Objects and Events that can happen in the game can have influence on the TV show and Episodic event in new episodes can impact the game. The weapon system can be related to that of Borderlands. You have weapons with different stats and bonuses that are provided by many manufacturers. This also includes weapons that have origins from the different races in the game/show. The enemy AI is not horrible but not spectacular either. The enemy is smart enough to take cover when needed or run around objects to keep safe. They are not stupid in a fact that they will rush your position carelessly without regard to their safety. Weapons can also be modded to improve their stats for what you need. There are too many combinations and variations to list here.

    The "skill" tree or EGO abilities as it is called here is how you will gain a larger advantage in the game. As you level up you gain EGO which in turn translates into EGO skill points to gain new passive abilities. When you first start out you have 4 Primary activated abilities to choose from. The options are Cloak, Overcharge, Decoy, & Blur. Overcharge is your basic increase damage by a given percentage for a given time buff. Decoy throws out a blue humanoid projection that will distract enemies. Decoy will also run in the direction your are looking and you have the option to trade places (teleport) with the decoy 1 time if you press your EGO skill activation button again while the decoy is still active. Blur increases your running speed and makes your melee attack more powerful on strike while the ability is active. Finally cloak is exactly what it implies, it makes you transparent for a set amount of time.

    There is a co-op game system as well as a PvP (Player-vs-Player) system(s) in Defiance as well. The is benefits to participating in both. They both offer XP when they are completed but can also sometimes reward bonuses based on how well you did compared to other players. Co-op especially will provided bonuses like keycodes which are used to unlock lockboxes. For PvP you have your common game modes but the most interesting one that Defiance brings is Shadow Wars. This is a 64 player vs 64 player match where you have to take control of check points and the longer you control them the more points your team gains. Whichever team to reach the cap wins. It is similar to a conquest gamemodes or domination in other games. You do get to use your gear and load-outs from PvE so there is no PvP based restrictions.

    Defiance also provides a in-game paid currency store that allows people to buy things with "real world" currency. Now don't take this the wrong way, buying "bits" the paid currency does NOT give players a combat advantage over other people. All the store is for is to simply provided new outfits that you cant always acquire in game from quests and achievements, some unique vehicles, change the color of your charge blades, give you different stat boots like for 5-10% more scrip (in game currency), 5-10% more XP, etc.

    The Clan system is a way to stay grouped with friends or people you know. The one aspect that really sticks out to me is the social aspect. The player to player involvement especially when it comes to random people is on the low side which to be honest doesn't bother me. Sometimes you don't want to be bothered and can be annoyed by others. Contacting others for trading and getting together for events still is easy and possible, there just usually isn't much random local chat.

    They way they do grouping for events and quests is great. It is 100% seamless to get involved with others who are on the same objective you are. If you are on a quest and say you are having trouble or it is just taking a while, and someone else accepts the quest, then can come to the same area as you and participate with no effort required on your part. You don't have to talk to the other person, start a group, or even be at the same progression point in order to work together, it's great. This feature also comes in handy for Ark-Falls which are world events that ANYONE can help out with to gain more loot and compete with other players for the number 1 rank spot for that event. Some ark-falls are small with one event, others having a multiple events leading to major boss battle like a Hellbug mother, they are all great fun.

    Overall it is a good game that is getting better with age, Trion Worlds adds more content, fixes bugs, and next year, more events relating to new Defiance episodes. I play the PS3 version which I hear has the most problems but works well for me. I have some object draw issues from time to time and lag here and there but its still more than playable. I really recommend this game for people who like third person shooters and MMOs. Another good reason is if you love consistency but don't like to be on a leash and want to do what you want when you want then Defiance may be for you.
  49. Oct 16, 2013
    If you're a console gamer craving for some MMO elements then this game really is worth picking up. By no means does this game have enough depth to keep you entertained for a long time, but it is enough that makes buying it at the measly $10 price tag in the PS store more then worth it.
  50. Nov 14, 2013
    What is the most important aspect of a game? Is it the story, the visuals or the setting? No! It's the gameplay. I'm unsure whether they meant it or not, but Trion managed to make a game that isn't stunningly beautiful, doesn't tell an incredible story, but one that I have played for hours on end because of it's addicting third person gunplay. It doesn't get a ten because, as I said, it's in no way perfect. The story has an intriguing setup, but eventually draws thin and failed to keep me interested the whole way through. It's a good length, sitting at around 15 hours, but I spent most of my time outside of missions. The game isn't beautiful, but it's not bad looking by any means. Certain parts were really cool looking, with glowing alien plants bursting from the ground. However, most of it looks pretty dull and the draw distance is pathetic at times.

    I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a game that you can, without realising, spend hundreds of hours on purely because of its gameplay. It's an MMO so it's even more fun to play with friends, especially since you can do everything with them that you could do on your own. Do NOT get this game if you're looking to be immersed in an epic story with incredible visuals. Fans of games like CoD will most likely enjoy this, but fans of games like Heavy Rain may not. This game is so fun, I'm going to end my review so that I can get back to playing it!
  51. Apr 1, 2014
    This game has a very bad reputation for being broken. This is however, not true. There are some patch download issues and yes, it does take a long time to install. Just know that it is completely worth it. If you watch the tv show than you will experience even more with this game. If you don't, this is a good way to get introduced in the world of Defiance. It is a third person, action RPG with MMO elements. Players around the world can take on Ark falls together. This game also has a competitive multiplier mode but this is probably the least interesting part of the game. The co-op mode is awesome. Give this game a chance. Expand
  52. Oct 26, 2014
    This is not my type of game but,gosh it's really good.The graphics are amazing,and the character are really good designed. There is no real story because it's a online game but for another games i had free on the playstation store,it's totally with it.
  53. Sep 9, 2014
    i really dont know what your prob with the game is it fun great and it more then fun and i havent had one bug or prob with the game so why dont you all fix your **** and stop ****
  54. Apr 8, 2013
    Dont trust reviews based on bad experiences due to some bug and launch problems.
    Launch of course had some issues, but already day 3 game was running smooth and could appreciate full potential of it.
    This is a true MMO, so to truly love it and appreciate you have to invest a good amount of hours, understand all the mechanics and details in game.
    Pve is great, big world with ton of
    activities, well made main mission, huge boss battles with bazillion real players...
    Also dedicated COOP mission up to four player that really are ton of fun. Pvp is also well made and i enjoyed it, especcial shadow war with 64vs 64

    Graphics are a bit toned down due to huge amount of people and big world... but huge monster look actually great, and the light effect are good.
    Weapons are well balanced and good variations.
    Its great to have only 1 charachter that can specialize in all perks and special abilities.

    in the end this game is very addicting and well made, must buy.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 21 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 21
  2. Negative: 2 out of 21
  1. The moronic AI is not the only thing which takes us back to the good old days of the PlayStation 2. Defiance looks horrible with its blurry textures, wooden animations and an all-devouring grey mist that swallows up the horizon. [May 2013, p.82]
  2. May 27, 2013
    Ugly and full of bugs, but also quite fun and possessing some good ideas - an interesting start for an MMO. [Issue#231, p.73]
  3. If Defiance were purely offline you wouldn’t look at it twice. Objects wink out of existence, characters have little weight, and unless you’re in a team the enemies are tough. But it will get under your skin. [June 2013, p74]