• Publisher: Atlus
  • Release Date: Oct 6, 2009
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1020 Ratings

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  1. Aug 10, 2011
    This game is hard. I will not lie at all about it. I play video games on hard difficulties just for fun, but this game.... This game gives hard a new name. But enough about how hard it is, this game is legit and fun as anything I've played in a while. I played it once, returned it after i got stuck at some point, and once again i just needed to have the unforgiving win or lose gameplay that you cannot find anywhere else. The graphics are fantastic, the game itself has an ungodly amount of facets to it, you can play it over and over and it will still be new to you. Some things aren't explained at all, however, and this leads to confusion. I've found myself looking things up online myriad times. So, bottom line, if you are looking for a game that's cheap, fun, hardcore, difficult, and you have an internet connection, i strong recommend this game. 9 of 10. Expand
  2. Jul 16, 2011
    One of the better games to come out in a very long time, every little thing in this game is perfect to me. The story itself is simple: you come to a cursed land (for whatever reason, one of the things the NPC says "Whether you're here to fight the demons or here for the power...") and you're tasked to fight off the major demon's in the land to fight off the fog. This would be cheesey IF it were portrayed cheesey. It is not full of itself (like a Final Fantasy game would be) and barely touches the main storyline. It has a dark setting to it, already making you feel weak from the start, therefore giving you the right idea from the start. The combat is very smooth and can be mastered with a little play (I say past 3 levels you should get the hang of it). The combat itself is not extremely hard, all you have to do is just dodge/block and you'll be fine. If you get hit, you will regret being hit (that is all I will say). The leveling system is very good in my opinion, but the only downside to it is that you have to plan on what you're focusing on or you'll screw up your character and not be able to equip certain items (or at least use them the way you want to). If you do screw up your character, the worst part of starting a new character is the creation. It has a very high replay value and I would be ok with just making a new character everyday. The every NPC is unique in their own way. Doing certain things will trigger new dialogue with the NPCs and helps you learn more of the land of Boletaria. When you enter 5-1, come back, and talk with the NPCs, they will share you their thoughts on Maiden Astraea and Garl Vinland (the final bosses of the 5 world), explaining how the fog clouded their souls and why they fight. Even some of the item descriptions have captured me, letting me now of it's previous owner/maker. The multiplayer design is absolutely brilliant. After 1-1, you can use three different stones: Blue stone (used when in soul form, allows yourself to be teleported to another persons world (if they accept your soul sign) and assist them, to which beating a boss gives you back your body, given after 1-1), Black stone (used when in another person's world, lets you go back to your own world, given after 1-1), and the Red stone (used when in soul form, you teleport yourself to another person's world (at free will) and you attempt to kill the person to gain your body back). So whether you feel like helping somebody or want to be a complete ass and kill somebody, they have allowed you to accomplish both in this game in a very easy and quick (I can't say quick for the blue stone though) way. All in all, a game that everyone should buy and play before Dark Souls release. Expand
  3. Jun 21, 2011
    Let's make this blatantly clear, Demon's Soul has the finest controls and gameplay mechanics in action RPG history. Using the should buttons for the respective arms (ex. L1 for shield, R1 for sword) is insanely intuitive and commanding your character to dodge and execute heavy attacks are brilliantly smooth. Every action has a heavy, realistic feel to it, so your sword swings and shield blocks will have lifelike responses. These ground breaking controls are complemented with beautiful visuals, stunning level design and extremely creative boss battles. For instance, one of the early levels will have you running through a castle timing your runs with the intervals of a dragon swooping down and breathing fire over your path. Scenes like this are so grandiose and epic in scale and really immerse you in this fantasy genre. The most crippling flaw of Demon's Soul is a lack of a compelling story. This game is truly gameplay oriented, meaning you will be going from level to level without really feeling like you've accomplished much for any characters or made a significant progression throughout a long winding engaging story, unlike games like Dragon Age or Elder Scrolls. But Demon's Soul is a game you definitely need to experience to fall in love with. It is a game of absolutely monumental scale and you really deserve to see it for yourself. Expand
  4. Dec 5, 2010
    Demon's souls was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. Yes, it was hard at first, but it got easier and easier. I played it so much, that in the end it was a little too easy. I even made it through the first playthrough without dying. The point of my review is that I don't want the reader to buy into the other reviews that say it is too hard or too unforgiving. You've got to beat the first level and then the game is no harder than you want it to be; you can farm souls and upgrade your character as much as you want before proceeding through the levels Expand
  5. Aug 8, 2011
    Fracking AMAZING! It's like King's Field with great combat and amazing graphics.

    Also, if you see a women wearing a golden mask show up in the top floor of your Nexus, kill her! She's evil!!
  6. Jun 27, 2011
    While the game is unforgiving, this is probably one of the better games on the PS3 out there. It reminds me of the Monster Hunter franchise in a way, only with better targetting.
  7. Jun 20, 2011
    Put plain and simple, Demon's Souls has the best and most balanced combat in any action RPG. You have freedom to develop your character and explore the bleak, beautiful world however you like, and no matter how you do it, but it's the challenging-but-fair gameplay that makes this game worth fighting through.
  8. Sep 21, 2010
    Demon's souls is a must have game. The reason it is must have is because it is one of the few games on the market in which you actually have to think as if you are in real life. Look at some of the negative reviews here. It is obvious many players expect every game to be a clone of each other and when a game like Demon's souls comes out with something original so many players have no clue at all how to play and think for themselves. It seems everyone expects to carry over last games skills into the next and that new games are only new raw meat cinematics. Demon's souls has broken free of the dime a dozen philosophy and offers a very fun and rewarding game with a high level of customization. The game is not difficult it's only perceived this way because players now a days are so immersed in clones of games they have lost the ability to think for themselves in anything unique without the same controls and guns ect as everything else on the market. You will really enjoy this game if you give it some pause and player discretion. Once you have settled in and used your mind a bit this game far exceeds any other title on the market online or offline. There are only two small complaints i have about the title. The first is you can only carry so much equipment but wear only two rings and magic targeting could be improved a little. Any complaints that the game is broken or too tough speaks more about the player than the game. Expand
  9. May 25, 2011
    Not for the feint of heart. This game will challenge you, punish you, and overall just make you it's **** That said, playing and beating this game was probably my greatest videogame moment of late. The best way for me to describe this game is basically Zelda for adults. So if you like hack-n-slash, exploration, and a good challenge you will have a great time playing demon's souls.
  10. Jul 5, 2011
    one of the most rewarding gaming experiences i've had in close to 20 years of gaming. extremely difficult but not impossible game play forces the player to adapt and form a strategy to progress. i found myself grinning like a complete idiot after beating a few bosses. i can't wait for dark souls.
  11. May 11, 2011
    Wow, I must say this game totally blew me away! This game isn't nearly as tough as the reviewers have touted. (except for Maneater Ng++) I'm not an RPG'r but I was pretty much hooked when I completed the training level. Each level offers different and diverse enemies The levels can be qasi linear but each has a series of short cuts that will take you to various bosses. Combat is very satisfying! I loved the fact that you have to watch your stamina meter when attacking and defending. You won't last long if you're a button masher. The game looks and sounds great. The online function is brillant! There's no other feeling of excitement I get when I see that "black phantom has invaded your game". PvPing is also incredible aswell. I've logged in about 700 hours on this bad boy..do yourself a favor and give this game a shot. Expand
  12. Jun 13, 2011
    Death is part of the game, and is an essential part. In the numerous deaths you learn how to beat the game and get the feel how the souls are tortured. The game is a show, in which you became indifferent to everything happened in the game world, the demons, your death, other people's death. Death is an integrated part of the story telling and gameplay.
    There are many ways to play the game,
    melee, ranged, magic... Each way is unique and interesting. Stage design is brilliant, especially the Tower of Latria. Enemy design is impressive, gives historical or fantasical feeling. Also, basically all armours and weapons can be traced into real world. Multiplay is really innovative as well, great ideas there.
    The underlying plot and many other small details are worth digging, which made the game attractive for you to play again and again, and again.
    In summary, I couldn't stop playing this game with my hand sweating, it's awesome.
  13. Oct 5, 2010
    The TRUE Gamer's game.

    Like many, I have been playing games since I was a child. Why did we play those games growing up? For me, games were challenging, and I never knew what was coming next. I was on a adventure, a journey I had never taken before. I didn't know where I was going, or if I would make it to the end alive. Beating a game was more than a check mark on a list of games;
    it was a personal experience.

    Many games today seem to have forgotten how to produce this magic, relying on fast development times to push out sequels and easy difficulties to attract all levels of "gamers". Nothing feels fresh, and to beat a game simply feels like going through the motions. Demon's Souls is a rare gem today, like a game dug up from the past, but with modern graphics. It truly pulls you into its world, and not with forced dialogue and excessive cut scenes that replace fun with filler. The world tells its own story, like games used to, and should. Demon's Souls is enjoyable, because every step of the way is an accomplishment by itself. Instead of being a game that doesn't "test your skill" until one optional sidequest at the end, DS keeps you on your toes the whole way. It doesn't rely on overpowered enemies, grinding, tricks, traps, things you couldn't possibly have foreseen or known to impede your progress. It all comes down to your own finesse in battle.

    And when you beat the game and grow confident, instead of letting you play the game again with everything the same (and easy like most new game+'s), the game becomes even harder. Demon's Souls is a game for those who like challenges: those who like learning, improving, mastering. Demon's Souls is a game for those who want to experience a fresh new adventure for the first time in years.
  14. Oct 15, 2010
    Best ps3 of all time for me pulling out ahead of mgs. The game is hard and has some unforgivable things which is the only reason for a 9 otherwise a 10 from me.
  15. May 28, 2011
    Utterly brilliant.The crushing difficulty sorts the men from the boys until you adapt.All the game needs is a more in-depth story and It could be at the top of the greatest games ever made.Fantastic design all round,with graphics,sound,enemies and the best multiplayer I've ever experienced.With all of the lollypop RPG's around these days,Demon's Souls stands head and shoulders above them all.I can not praise this game enough and if you want a real challenge in the best designed fantasy world seen for some time,buy this, then worship it. Expand
  16. Feb 3, 2013
    Superb level design. Great customization.
  17. Feb 28, 2013
    No matter what words spawn from my mouth, they won't make this game any justice. By now everything has already been said about it, I can only express how much of a masterpiece it is, and how it has redefined the medieval RPG action/adventure genre. It's the game I always yearned for, and it will remain one of the best games not only of this generation but of all time. Probably the thing I love about it the most is how it kind of mixes adventure-hack slash with survival horror, haven't felt so anxious during a game since the early silent hill/resident evil. And the whole thing just kind of spells Lovecraft al over the place, i love it. Expand
  18. Feb 20, 2012
    Demon Souls is the BEST RPG game ever!, its really underrated too, i mean how can an AMAZING game like this get a 7 or 8 while other **** games like Skyirm get 8 and 9, believe me.. you MUST buy this game.. Its really fun, the story is also AMAZING! You will really like this game, I highly recommend this game to everyone with a PS3
  19. Dec 6, 2011
    This game took me a while to get into. The combat seemed strange at first. Even took me a while to appreciate the graphics. I gave this game special treatment and decided to commit myself and play through this game to see what all the hype was about. Boy am I thankful I did. While playing this game I finally understood why every one loves the combat in this game. The combat has weight! You truly feel in control of your character, and must very intently involve yourself in the combat. If you are killed, it is because you were not paying attention, or simply got too excited, or maybe your gear is not up to par. No need for a story here. You are given a glimpse of what the story is about but even that quickly fades away as you create your own story while you battle monsters and demons in a far away place. It is easy for me to simply play for hours and feel that I am in that 'far away' place. The graphics did have to grow on me but i soon came to appreciate those as well. 9-10 Expand
  20. Dec 7, 2011
    Demon's Souls alone would be a good reason to buy a PS3. Even if there weren't others. It's not difficult, it just rewards patience and learning. Start your journey, you'll never forget it.
  21. Jun 9, 2012
    Do you have what it takes to be a Demon's Souls player? When you first grasp this game in your hand, with that ghostly knight gracing the cover, you should almost hear the sound of horns being played in a majestic roar while all customers and clerks in the store gaze at you from behind cover. Demon's Souls is a video game in every true sense of the definition, a throwback to the days of unforgiving NES titles, wrapped in an RPG so detailed its depth will burrow itself into your soul and never let go. So many words could describe this game, and no review could ever say them all, so understand this first and foremost, Demon's Souls is something you absolutely must discover the beauty of all on your own. No one can ever explain to you exactly what it's like and just what to expect, other than it's an RPG, it's knights and castles, and you WILL DIE. LOTS. I hope to shed some light unto your soul though so heed this if you will. The game is a masterpiece of many many things ranging from complexity to balance to absolute infuriating fairness. The game is punishing to the core, but even more so rewarding. The game seems impossible but is only as impossible as you try and make it. We begin by learning of The Old One, an awoken Demon that must be put to rest along with many other demons. That is about as deep as the plot goes, for this game is not story based at all. This was a turn off for me early on but I soon discovered the game was never about story, but about pure thick gameplay and strategy. As mentioned above one cannot justify this game in few words so I am already moving on from what the game is about to try and tell you about the games core. Like most RPGs you will create a character and be sent on a journey, a true journey, one that will test your limits as a gamer. The Elder Scrolls this is not. When you begin, you are facing a long hull of monsters, abominations, soldiers, and most frightening of all, Demons. Every enemy you face is a stand off and you will not simply mow them down like a hero. No sir, you will time, block, strike wisely, carefully, and never become greedy or you will die, guarantee it. Death in this game is not simply restarting a checkpoint, death in this game is a punishment, and always seems to be shouting "now what did we learn?" in your face. Tons of progress can be shattered with each careless attack or misjudged footing and no one will pity you. The game is so hardcore you cant even pause it, the start button brings up items and stats with gameplay still in full motion. With each kill you collect souls, souls are your currency for everything. Leveling, buying, repairing, ect. When your killed your souls return to zero, however you do have one chance to recollect them if you can return to where you died and pick them up, but die again and your souls are gone forever. This will happen a lot. You then respawn at the start of an area, sometimes what seems an eternity away from where you died. This is where the game proves itself. Sure you will want to destroy your controller, but you will always want to journey again and do right this time. Its quite special really. The game is so balanced, so fair, and death is so your fault that you cannot blame the game for your mistake, and you always learn what you did wrong. The game features short cuts if you can figure them out, as well as hints via other players online who can write limited messages on floors for others to read. They even appear in and out as ghostly figures walking the halls with you, its great. The atmosphere is top notch, the graphics great, sound is superb and haunting. Everything is just awesome. I want to say so much more but cant, and I urge you to at least try the game. When I first began, I honestly did not enjoy it. I found it dull, aimless, and felt buyers remorse. But thank God I was able to eventually see what the game was truly offering, and now the game hardly ever leaves my mind. I have played for over a year and I still cannot play without learning at least one new thing every single time, the game is that deep in strategy and consequence. With everything I have written, I have barely scratched the surface of why this game is great. I didn't mention World Tendancy, The Nexus Or Human form Soul form, I didn't mention how amazing boss fights were, I didn't mention how you will sweat and shake in battle even with often routine enemies, I didn't mention the infinite times you can play the game over, and I didn't mention how terrifying every new step is to you. You will fear death in this game, you will watch your back and wear thin the L1 button which is your shield, and you will throw your hands in the air when a Demon boss falls at your feet in defeat. This game is special and worth every penny which is a rarity in itself with today's gaming. Get this game and prepare for the RPG journey you always wanted, learn to embrace death, and prove you got some soul in you. Expand
  22. Apr 5, 2012
    This game didn't look appealing to me at all when it first came out despite hearing rave reviews about it. Recently my friend made me start playing it and at first it was really hard and really frustrating but after you get past the first few bosses and level your character this game is a blast. You still die a crap ton but the game's beauty and fighting mechanics just amazed me time after time again. Think of all the dying as a teaching mechanism for getting really good at it. It's pretty hard to say that about very many other games. One of the most satisfying videogame play throughs I've ever experienced. Expand
  23. Feb 3, 2012
    I just want to leave a rating but Metacritic is retarded about letting its users do so and does not allow them the ability to see their past ratings unless they leave a review.
  24. Feb 7, 2012
    Demon's souls is the best game I have played on the PS3 yet, in February 2012. The 3rd person gameplay with accurate controls, the simple yet effective user interface, lots of items and gear with upgrading possibilities, stat bonus/resistance system and the true RPG way of allowing you to build your character in any way you want make this game truly a joy to play. Truly a MUST BUY.
  25. Apr 8, 2013
    Most negative critics of this game have no patience. They're accustomed to modern games, which allow you to rush through them, mindlessly smashing buttons and spamming healing items. This game requires you to trade blows with your enemy, manually dodge, block, and parry attacks, while waiting for a clear opening before attacking. These people can't handle this game which requires you to observe your enemy's movements and attacks, rather than rushing in to every enemy hammering buttons and repeatedly chugging healing items. If you're dying a lot, and repeating the same part of the game over and over and over again.. it's because you have no patience, and you are not putting forth any effort to learn from your mistakes.

    Regarding the story: This game has a clear story so long as you talk to NPCs, read item descriptions, and realize the link between bosses and the storyline provided by NPCs and cutscenes.

    Regarding the multiplayer aspect: Players cannot invade your game at any time and kill you. Very specific requirements must be met. First of all, any area in which you have defeated the boss, players can never invade you in that area. Second, you must be in Human form. You spend the majority of the game in Soul form, which means for the majority of the game, other players cannot invade your game.

    In regards to the lack of checkpoints/save points: As you explore each level, you unlock shortcuts (such as opening a gate, or activating an elevator), allowing you to skip most of the level, should you need to return to the level again. You don't need a checkpoint when you can skip most of the level.

    Now for some complaints of my own:

    Lack of stat explanation in relation to equipment. It is not intuitive, not to mention the seemingly arbitrary icons used for stats.

    After defeating a boss or recovering your souls, large text and graphics are overlayed on the screen, while the game is still live. This is terrible design for any game.

    FPS drops in specific parts of the game.
  26. Aug 6, 2012
    I loved demon souls but I would not recommend it to everyone. It has become such a controversial game recieving every single review score from 0 -10 by different people. Whether or not you like it depends on your taste. It annoys me when I read reviews of people claiming the game is too difficult and so it's crap. If difficulty isnt your thing then this game isnt for you and thats fine. I have no interest in sports games but I dont go around posting on websites that fifa is crap, Its just not my kind of game. Now i'm not saying the game is perfect, it has some flaws like occasional framerate drops and the occasional unfair death which is annoying but overall I found it very enjoyable. The sense of accomplishment when you defeat a tough boss or complete a tough area is incomparable really, Also I think the game for the most part is fair, I played it offline the whole way through with no online help or guide and I didn't ''die hundreds of times'' like so many people claim they did nor did I ''spend hours grinding'' It was VERY hard and I think I died about 40 or 50 times throughout the course of the game. People also complain about getting set so far back when you die and losing all of your souls but that is vital to the game experience in my opinion because it gives you something to lose! it had a DONT DIE OR ELSE!! kind of feel to it. Thus I would baby-step my way through certain areas scanning everything and shield up at all times with my heart in my mouth afraid to die. It made the game so intense. I wouldn't be nearly as careful or take as long if The punishment was to restart back 10 seconds to the nearest checkpoint. That pretty much summed up the game for me, intense and enjoyable. It does suck when you die but you do learn. You realise right i may pay closer attention to traps triggered by such and such or OK that guy was very well hidden I should lure him out with arrow shots so he does
    not have a vantage point advantage over me etc etc. There,s way more examples but its strategic and that.s the point. In short the game is not for everyone like I said earlier but if you would like an intense addictive game that is rewarding and enjoyable demon souls is well worth your time. Possibly my favourite game on ps3.
  27. Aug 15, 2012
    A master piece for its time, a great game for any RPG fan..
    Beautiful,Brutal, fast paced, many different ways to play, I could sing this games praises all day..
    Unfortunately with shutting down of the servers this game has lost a lot of what makes it fantastic, although it can all be found in dark souls now..
    If you've played dark souls and enjoyed it, I'd highly recommend coming back
    to this for a solo play through or 2.. Expand
  28. Nov 25, 2012
    Before I continue, I will type a disclaimer...THIS GAME WILL NOT PLEASE EVERYONE! My brother and I both played this game. He enjoys fun, relatively less-challenging games and first person shooters while I enjoy highly-technical fighting and action games. He acknowledged that it was a great game, but put it down permanently after a few hours. I am still playing it with multiple profiles and it has never gotten old. If you are unsure about your game preference, borrow or rent this before buying it, and make sure you beat at least two bosses before passing judgement on it. Now, on to the actual review:

    The story is great, not because it is terribly confusing, but because of the subtlety. A mad king awakens the Old One in order to gain the power of the soul arts (magic). As a result, demons spew forth and feast upon men's souls, leaving soulless zombies to attack those who are still sentient, tumbling the world of Boletaria into chaos and providing nourishment for the more powerful demons. The last bastion of humanity (the Nexus) has trapped your soul, preventing you from dying until you help put the Old One back to sleep. While I just summarized the plot in three sentences, the various NPCs you meet continue the story, with convincing voice acting that explains how each of them were affected. Some stories are sad, some terrifying, and none are happy; such is the land of Boletaria. This is a land of horror-fantasy where success looks bleak, enemies always seem to have the advantage in either power or surprise (or both), and boss battles actually force you to stop outside the boss chambers and think to yourself, "Am I really ready for this?"

    Any protagonist braving the dangers of Boletaria needs to have a ridiculous amount of determination, and the gameplay reflects that. You will die. A lot. And you will repeat things after you die. You also lose all your souls, which are both currency and XP points in this game (you can either use them to buy items or use them to level up). Lost souls are deposited in a bloodstain at the location of your most recent death, and touching it gives them all back to you. Death before touching it, however, causes it disappear forever, along with all your souls! While this may sounds tedious, it was my experience that it was a great provider of accomplishment. Every time you die, you learn something new about the world you are in, such as, "There's a zombie in the shadows over there!" or "That enemy is waaaay too powerful!" On the next playthrough, you adjust. In short, while there is a lot of repeat, areas you have traversed multiple times prove virtually no challenge after a few attempts, provided you are actually playing the game the way it is meant to be played, and not expecting to blast through the enemies like in most games currently on the market.

    This in and of itself would make for a great game, but the multiplayer makes it almost perfect. Taking a completely innovative approach, you join a multiverse of other human players in the world of Boletaria. Each game is treated as a parallel universe, meaning that each player is the one and only PC in their version of Boletaria, but there are ways to connect to the other worlds out there. Even in normal play, ghostly apparitions of real players on the PSN can be seen in your game, going through their own actions, completely oblivious of your observation. Deaths of other players leave spectral bloodstains in your world, where you can touch them to see a replay of the last ten seconds before their death (which can warn savvy players of what lies ahead). Players can write messages on the ground that can be read by all people online, giving hints or misleading other players. And, of course, you can temporarily join another player as either friend or foe, helping them defeat a boss demon or trying to murder them for their souls and a chance at getting your living body back.

    This has become a rather lengthy review, and it is time to cut it off. The reason I ramble on is because this game is really a shining jewel amongst PS3 games. It is just a pity that it is not accessible to everyone, but to make it easier would detract greatly from the game. What I have described is only a fraction of what Demon's Souls has to offer, so if you think it will appeal to you, go rent or buy a copy, take out a few demons, and see if it is your speed.
  29. Mar 4, 2013
    Do you remember the old gaming times with NES? games such as Castlevania and Super Mario Bros. They were hard as f##k and took dozens of attempts to even get to the end boss. But still they were enjoyable and really fun to play. Demon's souls is like a 3D HD child of those games. It's hard, it's unforgiving and holy s##t is it fun to play! I won't spoil the little there is to an story, but let's just say that you are a brave hero who travels the lands to fight evil. And 95% of the time that evil kicks your ass and cleans his ass with whats left of your body and then throws it to the demon dogs to play with... more or less. Demon's souls is a western style Japanese role playing game with a difficult, but rewarding combat and great sense of exploration. You level up your hero and get new equipment and kill lots of monsters and so on. This games dark themes make sure that you never feel safe and every single enemy might just be your doom. Words can't explain the awesomeness of this game, so let me just say this: Go buy this game just now! trust me, it's worth it. After about 100 deaths you will be a fearsome killing machine! Expand
  30. tkc
    May 27, 2014
    The best game from souls series for me. It just felt perfect. You will die a lot, you're gonna enjoy it, and in the end get rewarded for it. This game alone is a reason to own PS3, even with DaS1 and DaS2 out.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 81 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 79 out of 81
  2. Negative: 0 out of 81
  1. Demon's Souls: Unbelievably hard and unbelievably satisfying at the same time. If you accomplish to get through your initial rage attacks, you will experience an outstanding action-RPG with a tense and dark atmosphere.
  2. 100
    Beyond the initial threat of difficulty there waits a remarkable combination of accessibility and challenge, of risk and reward, punishment and empowerment.
  3. It's stoic, uncompromising, difficult to get to know, but also deep, intriguingly disturbed and perversely rewarding. You can learn to love Demon's Souls like few other games in the world. But only if you're prepared to give yourself over to it. [JPN Import]