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  1. Aug 23, 2011
    A truly outstanding dark and gritty, cyberpunk, action role-playing experience. This title by Eidos Montreal lives up to the hype and then some. Whether you're a fan of the sci-fi, role-playing, first person/third person shooter, or the stealth-action genre Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the game for you.
  2. Aug 23, 2011
    The year is 2027, and Sarif Industries is the world's premier manufacturer of human bio-mechanical â
  3. Aug 23, 2011
    One of the best games I have played in a long time. This game is hard as nails.. I've never been this frustrated/excited and constantly having to re-load saves since old school games.
  4. Aug 26, 2011
    I believe a single player experience should tell a story and the player should be able to flow through it. Deus Ex certainly tells us a fantastic story from beautiful surroundings but unfortunately due to insane design decisions such as (but not limited to) Boss Fights, No Aim Crosshair, Incredibly well armoured and mass quantities of opponents the game doesn't flow as you are forced through a poor save game system to repeat the same section x10-15 times before luck gets you through. This is NOT game making at its finest unfortunately this is game making from the early 90's with modern graphics. Silly boss fights and droves of overly armored enemies with too little ammo and no realistic way to progress means the player is stuck in certain segments of the game pulling hair until they luck their way through.

    Very VERY poor show Eidos!
  5. Aug 25, 2011
    How to describe this game: Cool, fun, interesting, and very challenging. I enjoy that I really have to think about what I'm doing if I want to reach my objectives without alerting enemies or setting off alarms.

    The writing is good and I can tell the writers at Eidos have a masterful grasp of the key themes of Deus Ex. The game is sufficiently large and open enough not to feel
    restrictive, in fact I know I've missed certain paths so far during my playthrough because I was trying to avoid danger or just progress faster.

    All of the gameplay systems like the weapons modding and the Praxis (skill) tree are deep and force you to choose between two or more awesome options. It's the kind of game where I won't mind going through it again on the highest difficulty setting because although you die very fast if you take direct gunfire, there are dozens of ways to meet every objective and if you play around and explore you will win.
  6. Aug 26, 2011
    This game is beautiful. Granted not perfect, but it would be unrealistic to expect much more from a game of this magnitude. The technical constraints, I can only imagine, were numerous. The story is fantastic, extremely engaging, and to anyone with at least a grade 5 level of intelligence, enormously relevant in today's society. The gameplay is tight - despite occasional AI glitches - and thoroughly immersing. The sheer amount of options at your disposal when customizing your character is astounding. I found myself taking forever to choose where I would use my praxis points, as almost every decision you make in Human Revolution has a direct impact in your experience. And that is fantastic. Rarely have I found myself so drawn into a world, a game, the way I have with Human Revolution. If you're a fan of engaging stories, intense action and Rpgs in general, then do yourself a favor and buy this game. Expand
  7. Aug 24, 2011
    Super le jeux!! Félicitation à Edios Montréal. Le jeux est long et pas facile. Un jeux à esseyer absolument.
  8. Aug 25, 2011
    An incredible single-player experience that puts every other game since the first Deus Ex to shame. The world is one of the most immersive and almost certainly the most detailed of any game. There are so many layers to the game, and despite this it is simple to acclimatise to and a smooth experience. How deeply you get involved in things is up to you, and just how you go about in accomplishing your tasks is as well; there is almost limitless freedom in your choices.

    A solid, stunning release which incorporates solid gameplay, incredible art, a superb soundtrack and absolutely brilliant writing and story to deliver a game truly worthy of the Deus Ex name.
  9. Aug 24, 2011
    The biggest surprise of the year. Not many originally believed that a console oriented Deus Ex sequel developed in an era of dumbed down gaming experiences could in any way approach its predecessor, which, released in the year 2000, showed the world what does "Interactive game" truly mean. Turns out it could. Human Revolution is everything Deus Ex was and more, it is a true sequel to the cult classic and is a masterpiece on its own. It shows that, even in the year 2011 and despite the obsession of the gaming industry with simplifying games to the point where they can barely be called games anymore, it is still possible to have a high budget, blockbuster gaming experience designed not to be played by your grandma, but by you. Expand
  10. Sep 5, 2011
    It's without a doubt an incredibly fun game, however the gameplay lacks intuition, the graphics lack polish, and the story lacks any sense of urgency. Ends up being really repetitive, and there are moments where you'll feel like it's not worth the amount of time you put into it. I had to step away from it several times and go back. It's got bits of action, shooter and rpgs, but it doesn't do any one thing that well. This game is only getting 10s because it was the first decent game after the dry season. It's absolutely not a flawless game, on technicalities alone, regardless of if you're a fan of the series or the gameplay. It is also no deserving of some of the derision in the negative votes. It's an ok game. Expand
  11. Oct 31, 2012
    My personal Game Of The Year of 2011 alongside with Uncharted 3.

    It's hard for me to finish a game as to many undisclosed factors are needed for me to be captivated from start to finish. Deus Ex : Human Revolution is one of those rare games that not only i enjoy the art and design along with the story, but i also played it like no other world exists besides the dark Earth despicted here
    due to the gameplay and combat machanics.

    The soundtrack was also great and the main theme deserves some awards. Overall the Audio was top notch as i never noticed some weird or misplaced thing (you notice a bad audio programming or sound right away, but a good job in the Audio department turns the Audio almost invisible for the player)

    There is room for improvement for the next installement.
    I hope the dialogs get to be more interactive and original. And that good idea of mixing dialog scenes with gameplay have me jumping on the seat and scratching my head on why didn't they developed it with even more interactivity, and allowing the gamer to make use of the habilities of the character.
    The textures overall were just average with some things much better that others.

    P.S - I didn't found a bug or a serious glitch... and that makes want to award Square Enix with a medal for the respect shown towards the consumergamer that some other publishers and studios lack these days. Even if that category shouldn't be allowed to exist, the truth is that with Skyrim winning the GOTY of 2011 (and still gathering awards and new users every week) that category was created.
  12. Aug 29, 2011
    Having played Deus Ex 1+2 on pc i was really looking forward to buy this one. The game play of part 1 was innovative, you could act free most of the time and develop your own play style. The atmosphere was intense and the cities simply crushed you with their vast space. In part 3 of this series I felt the flair again but it was lacking it's former quality. Most characters seem to be flat, the play apart from boss fights and sub quests leaves you only 2 viable options: Stealth(You have to invest all your augmentations in hacking) or Assault. The latter reminds you of GTA IV crouching between covers shooting other covered guys, the former being a necessity for most optional quests and alternative routes.
    Even the graphic looks retrograde. Don't get me wrong-DeusEx 3 is still a decent shooter with a nice story but i wouldn't rate it ~9 as the media or most users do.
  13. Aug 29, 2011
    Disappointing. Loved the first two, but this one left me feeling perplexed. PROS: Cool story, good voice acting by the lead man, gritty cyber-punk setting. Challenging. Decent amount of funny/cool references. CONS: Amazingly stupid AI, where you can stealth "takedown" a guy that is standing about 8 feet from another and this other guy won't hear a thing because he's not facing you... which made the "Stealth" aspect almost pointless for me, and the AI would "forget" they were chasing someone who just took out their peer after chasing you for... a 5 meter hallway..... Also, cardboard boxes!! SO MANY FREAKING CARDBOARD BOXES strewn about randomly! Very few world/object models. Many side quests were boring. WASH: Graphics were fairly ordinary, but not a deal breaker by any means. PS: Don't believe anything said by anyone who posted their review on the release date(Aug 23rd). This always happens, some company shills, or bitter haters, come on this site and post "reviews" an hour or two after the game(or even before, as was the case with about 3 user reviews on this game alone) is released... A FEW of those people might have legitimately played, and finished it, the game(pirated, or industry insiders), but most of them have an agenda. Expand
  14. Aug 26, 2011
    The gameplay was fun other than a few errors, but what made me give this a 7 is the story line. It just didn't add up to the Deus Ex story line. Another invisible war.
  15. Aug 26, 2011
    This game is amazing. Really, i never give games the perfect score but i make exception for a exceptional game. The story line is great, the side quests are great, the controls are intuitive, the graphics are good, the soundtrack is epic; this game does everything great. I have nothing more to say, i am astonished, and this masterpiece must be in every gamers collection.
  16. Aug 26, 2011
    Simply one of the best games this year! This game is something that Invisible war should've been. This game is great but its not for everyone. Shooting your way out isn't always the best solution because u might get your self killed easily. The fans of original Deus Ex will love this like i do! This might not be as good as the original but its veeeeerry close! Totally recommending this game!
  17. Aug 27, 2011
    My first word in mind in the first minutes of gameplay, I said " This is a first person Metal Gear Game " , maybe thats an exaggerated sentence but with no doubt thats a comparison. So you start in this laboratory place where everything is very advanced in technology and a badass feel in the game to have control of a nice protagonist that is awesome. Decisions is another important part of the game that is easy to say and compare to games like Mass Effect, but not so fluid like the ME series. The gameplay is cool, while there isn't to much innovations in it by no reason you want to get caught , no matter what you do, you don't want that to happen, few tittles in the genre don't give that kind of tension. Gunplay start feeling very cheap the reticule doesn't look like a reticule is tinny and not visible. For a game that is 2011 I think that the graphics could have been more incredible but thats nothing to be worry , because everything looks great after all. Deus Ex is shaping in my list as one of the most important games in the year. Expand
  18. Aug 27, 2011
    got robbed on this version. graphics are washy and pale looking, models are not done very well and you just wont's to throw the controller down. cant install all the content on the disk making long loading times and poor FPS at times the lighting is not very well done ether. deep game but you cant get into it with such glaring visual mistakes and slow downs topped off with poor FPS
  19. Aug 27, 2011
    Running Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the first time I was immediately captivated by the cyberpunk atmosphere that has become so rare these days. To have a game as great as this come out so soon after I personally thought the "Action/Espionage/RPG" genre was dead due to games such as Alpha Protocol is simply amazing. Even the mini games have a level of polish unparalleled in modern games. Hacking for instance gives you a sense of accomplishment that is surprising. I found myself looking forward to level five locks and dreading them at the same time. Persuasion was also interesting, while not on the same level as L.A. Noir, which is to be expected, it is still both engaging and rewarding. The weapon customization is incredibly enjoyable as well. It makes you search high and low throughout the city hubs and levels to find everything so that you can finish your weapon of choice. After only a couple hours of play I was ready to elope to Vegas with my pistol. It was nice to see an RPG that not only explained your abilities and why you can not use them fully from the beginning and allows a believable way to level up rather than arbitrary experience points. Away from the mini games and level up mechanics, the controls take a little to get used to, and for the first few hours you may find yourself fumbling with the shoulder buttons a bit but it is one of the more polished schemes I have encountered. It is like a Dvorak keyboard for coding. The stealth mechanics are not overly easy nor are they too challenging. A few of the upgrades are a little overpowered and could take up more power or consume a whole cell; especially the Icarus landing system, but aside from some minor mechanics that make stealth almost too easy it is balanced by a fairly unforgiving power system. Combat is a well oiled machine that allows you to feel like a badass without making you feel like a god. Minor choices are there in the form of "Do I hack open that door even though if I don't finish in 23 seconds I will screw myself to have to shoot every last person, or do I let the small pocket of xp go and focus on the mission?" This decision comes up a lot and you may be missing out on 600 or so xp and 2 much needed energy bars but is it worth risking your 750 stealth bonus? With regards to the story the choices you make in missions affects future side missions, as well as future decisions. There are a few choices you make that you see a negative outcome for, but go through with it anyway thinking it will be okay just to have your worst nightmare come true.The NPCs and the tension that there is among them is tangible, the augs vs. purist is beyond the galaxy vs. quarian, or human vs. nonhuman. It is a fear that goes beyond physical differences such as ears or height, it is a fear that stems from one group being physically "superior" to another and the latter being threatened. Something that amused me was the fact that the hobos at times seemed to be the most sane and level headed of all. Hidden beneath the heavy story and "I am a badass here to save the world" attitude is a social commentary that is both deep and hilarious. "That goddamned bathroom mirror." The story ramps up from a simple kidnapping/revenge/attack to a global conspiracy that takes you through several cities of the future and 4 amazing boss battles that will leave you scratching your head but give you another sense of accomplishment. Only one of them was I almost laughing at due to its simplicity but that was after a solid half hour of trial and error. The ending of Deus Ex: Human Revolution gave me the shivers due to it's brilliance. Your final choice is a big one, big enough that I made myself a sandwich and debated with myself what I should chose. In the end without ruining it for those yet to play, I was worried. I grew attached to this make believe world and the people inhabiting it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a game that should have come out last year, simply for the reason that if it had it would have won game of the year. It still might, however with all the heavy hitters set to come out this November, Skyrim, it is going to have a difficult time. In all honesty, this is a game I will be proud to play 10 years from now. Truly one of the greatest stealth games of all time. I want to keep talking about it but unfortunately my characters are running short. If you like stealth games, RPGs, Action Shooters, Books, Movies, breathing, sex, or a combination of the above; this is a game you must own. Simply Amazing. Expand
  20. Aug 30, 2011
    After just completing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I have to say, this is one of the best games I have played in a long time. It was so easy for me to get completely lost in the brilliant cyber-punk world. With so many twists in the story, it was impossible not to be on the edge of my seat the entire time. From the crowded, neon-lit Hengsha island to the gritty Detroit City hub, the stunning visuals make this world so tangible, the player feels like they are actually living every nail-biting second right next to the hero, Adam Jensen. Add to this mix, top notch writing and some of the best voice work I have ever heard in a game. This was a day 1 purchase for me, and I was not disappointed. This game turned out to be all I hoped it would be and more. Expand
  21. Oct 12, 2011
    I was very excited that we'd finally be getting a current-gen Deus Ex game. For the most part, Human Revolution is an amazing game. The mechanics, graphics, environments, voice acting (Sarif steals the show, in my opinion) are top-notch. A few minor complaints did hinder my experience to some extent, though. I was disappointed with how confined the world seemed. While it was visually and audibly stunning, it never really felt large and open to me, which is what I was expecting. Also, the waypoint/radar system was very frustrating on the hard difficulty. You'll see what I mean when you play it. I also thought that Deus Ex: HR acts like its a lot smarter than it is - meaning, the AI is pretty foolish and the "choices" are often times shallow and obvious. The ending(s) were also a disappointment, but the payoff is in the gameplay itself, which is excellent. Expand
  22. Aug 30, 2011
    @ Sh0ckeD ,,

    You gave it a 3 based upon, you have to repeat the same section until you get "luck"....

    Has it occurred to U , that maybe the game is OK but that it is you just suck at this game....

    I have no problems with it
  23. Sep 1, 2011
    GIVE ME DEUS EX!!! I can't believe how faithful they were to the original Deus Ex. I had such high hopes for this game that I was sure I would feel let down in some way, but instead I am amazed to find out that it is even better than I had hoped. This is a must have for every serious gamer.
  24. Oct 2, 2011
    Underwhelming and disappointing. The "feel" of the game is in the right place, but the game-play mechanics themselves are severely flawed. The AI is clumsy (you can hide in vents and just pick people off), the pace is slow, and the surroundings/graphics are a little plain and repetitive. Was hoping for much more...
  25. Jan 24, 2012
    Deus Ex Human Revolution
  26. Aug 27, 2011
    awesome game with a huge amount of content to keep you engaged for a long time. excellent back story and soundtrack deserve special mentions.. in my opinion the game is technically sound despite one or two minor gripes. it does what it sets out to do well.. OVERALL, ONE OF THE BEST RELEASES OF THE YEAR
  27. Aug 31, 2011
    Unbelievable! Seriously.... once you get used to the dated graphics, you realize just how amazing this game is. I will be sitting at work and literally thinking of how I am going to address a conversation in the game or what direction I want to take my character. I have never played a game that has made me think so deeply. People... stop complaining about the graphics. This game proves that there is more to gaming than just pretty graphics. The story is consuming, the atmosphere is amazing, the RPG elements are PERFECTLY balanced, and the game play is addicting. This game is the closest game to perfection. 5 years from now, I really think that people will be voting this game to be one of the best of all time... it's that good. Buy it, get past the tutorial (about an hour), and realize what I'm talking about. Expand
  28. Sep 3, 2011
    Firstly I am going to try to be fair reviewing this game. For starters I am a huge fan of the original game by Warren. Lot of respect to him and that game mostly because of the characters, story, conspiracies etc. I disregarded the second one because it didn't really deliver the goods, despite that awesome level meeting JC again. Jumping to now and seeing this game I am surprised they even slapped the Deus Ex name brand on the box. First the art design is strange, while cool in a blade runner style, it doesn't seem to fit the universe. For a prequel I don't remember the original being set in this fancy world. Guess we gotta appeal to the newer fans, which brings me to the terrible story which didn't hold my interest one bit. Lame voice acting (why not get Tom Hall back for goodness sake), boring level design, same run of the mill stealth and first person modes, and finally the horrible hacking crap. I wanna play THE game not a game within a blinking game. Only thing it has got going for it is this weird aug varied world, but it sure as heck doesn't deserve the name Deus Ex.. its got little to do with the original, no interesting enemies (what happened to the robot guys and the creatures from the conspiracy labs?), only 2 hubs, and crappy weapons. I gave it a 4 mostly because it is a semi-good time wasting game if your new to the series but really it has nothing to do with the original which is why I gave it such a low score. Shame on the developers taking this approach to an original universe, guess we gotta live with it. Back to playing the original game for me. oh yeah don't pay 60 dollars for it. Wait till it drops to 20 at least, or better yet rent it. Expand
  29. Aug 28, 2011
    There are a lot of complaints leveled at this game, mostly by people who can't figure out the best path isn't always running in shooting anything that moves. And honestly, they can stick with Call of Duty, because this probably goes far over their heads in every way conceivable. The story is above and beyond anything outside of Assassin's Creed or Metal Gear, and the gameplay rewards anyone intelligent enough to try new things. And if you aren't, that's your problem. Expand
  30. Sep 11, 2011
    This game is horrid. Aside from the story there is no reason to buy or rent this lazily completed pile of rubbish. The control system is extremely awkward, not well put together at all. There really is no checkpoint system, instead there is a poorly implemented save/load system that you will struggle with during the whole game. The gameplay itself is just extremely awkward. There is no smooth flow to the game. You will literally find yourself going backwards and all over the map searching for upgrades or items you need to progress the game. You never know ahead of time your missing an key item until the situation arises and you have to go on a wild goose chase all over the map to find what you need to get ahead. You will feel like pulling your teeth many times throughout this game. The shoot and cover system is awkward and faulty like the rest of the game. Enemies will just charge you very frequently making your cover system very weak and frustrating. Casual gamers don't fall for the hype. Fanboys and crooked critics have jacked the score up for ulterior motives. Don't get this game unless you know what you're yourself getting into. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 50 out of 50
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 50
  3. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Nov 29, 2011
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution lives up to the lofty expectations of the Deus Ex name. Beyond that, it's a superb game in its own right.
  2. Despite the flaws this'll be on your mind well after the credits roll. The plot is engrossing enough to make any techno freak froth at the mouth with lust. Human Revolution is a truly authentic Deus Ex game, and a great gaming experience in its own right. [October 2011 p74]
  3. Sep 29, 2011
    On the whole, Deus Ex: Human Revolution expects the player to handle their own progression appropriately and hand-holding is kept to a minimum. Given the often-commonplace mentality that many modern games should lead players around by the nose to one degree or another, having the guts to return to a philosophy of personal responsibility and choice isn't just smart-it's appreciated.