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  1. Mar 12, 2014
    I remember my brother playing this when it first came out but it did not really interest me. Then DMC came out everyone complained it was not as good as the original games.So to be fair I gave this a go and loved it. 3 is certainly the best of the 3 with smoother combat but the others are worth a go. The demon palace and vault are good additions along with the graphical smoothing.

    DMC VS Devil may cry which do I prefer? The original Dante is better than the new he is totally kick ass funny as hell, the new Dante comes across as a bit of a douche a likable douche but a douche non the less. But I am going to side with DMC it was easier for me as a newer player to get in to the series and encouraged me to play the rest of the games.

    So in the end all I can say is if you liked DMC and want a new challenge pick this up if you liked the games on ps2 you are going to like this with added trophy support and a few new features.

    The good- It is the 3 games delivered as promised a few new things polished up for a good price
    The bad- Difficulty may put off newer players
    The ugly- The game has not aged well and polish will only go so far to improve the look.

    Verdict: 8/10 If you love slash em up's or the original series this is for you.
  2. Mar 5, 2014
    If you like games such as God of War, then you need to revisit this collection. For me, the first DMC is the best action game ever made. Some prefer third as the best, but not me. This kind of games are what we need today to play, not Call of Duty every year or another "action-space-fps-younameit".

    The music is great, the story is decent, well of course it is not RPG. The graphics are
    awesome and yet the best thing about game was that Dante was a bad ass. I hate it what they made from him on DMC4 and DmC. Grab this game, it is worth of your time. Expand
  3. Jul 11, 2013
    The Devil May Cry series is one of the best series if u ask me,the second one wasnt as good as the others but still a great game,so 3 awesome kick ass games for 1 price,has to be a 10, no doubt!
  4. Apr 1, 2013
    Wow peeps, I wish I could be like you. Fun for a couple hours and then devolves into a study on every problem games had back then. These need to be left where they were. The only reason this gets a passing score is because the quality of these games undeniable for the time they were released.
  5. Mar 17, 2013
    If you have never played the Devil May Cry series (like me), this is the perfect collection to get you started. It contains beautiful HD remasters of the PS2 classics (with the exception of some cutscenes, which keep the PS2 feel).

    It's tough to go into 3 reviews for 3 games, so I'll just give you a basic synopsis of what you can expect from each game.

    Devil May Cry 1 was a well done
    hack-and-slash game with a kick-a** soundtrack, some great boss battles and, overall, was just a very fun challenge. There is a bit of a learning curve to it (you'll find that out during the first boss battle), so don't get discouraged. Out of 10, it's a very solid 8.5 in my eyes.

    Devil May Cry 2 is often looked at as the black sheep of the DMC series, and for good reason. The combat system did undergo a few changes, but the action was mostly solid. However, the difficulty was substantially dumbed down for this game and you'll find that the boss battles (which left you very satisfied after a battle that was often quite tough) to be really easy and boring. I'm pretty sure you are able to pretty much do every boss battle from a long range with guns while doing some occasional slashing. The game and its storyline just felt boring and uninspired as a whole. It's not bad, but just very unmemorable. I'd probably give it a 6.5 of 10.

    Devil May Cry 3 improved upon everything that the first two games did right. It added different attack styles (e.g.: one style allows you to dodge attacks more easily, one allows you to use more sword moves, one allows you to use more gun moves, etc.), improved the combat system with the addition of these attack styles, and had a really fun, over-the-top, high-octane storyline. The Bloody Palace mode (introduced in DMC2) was just the icing on the cake that made the game even more awesome. I'd give it an enthusiastic 9 out of 10.

    So, the games aggregate to an 8/10 average. I'd give this collection a 9/10, though, because it features all 3 games on one disc, remasters them for high definition, doesn't take up much PS3 space, and the games are just a lot of fun in general (well, mostly based on DMC1 and DMC3). This collection is pretty much for those who either (A.) have never played a Devil May Cry game or (B.) have played the games and have either sold them or just want to play the games in a higher definition (and at a cheap price of $25 now). This product is a great value for those who want an introduction to the series or an upgrade to HD. There isn't a lot else to offer outside of the 3 games, so don't buy this expecting a bunch of extra stuff. Just expect 3 games remastered for the PS3. And, because of that, this is a perfect collection for new DMC players.
  6. Feb 19, 2013
    In my opinion, only DMC3 is really worth playing at in this package. DMC1 is fun, but HD shows the game hasn't aged quite well, with a painful camera on top of that. DMC2 is not entertaining at all, with a silent Dante, the plot doesn't make much sense and is really boring with a character that has no personality and to whom you don't feel any attachment. DMC3 is where the fun begins though: it is graphically pretty for a ps2 game, funny cutscenes with a Dante, and an interesting plot on the rivalry between Dante and Vergil. The possibility of playing Vergil is quite nice too. I'm giving it a 7 mostly because I don't believe DMC2 is worth playing at all, whereas DMC1 is fun at times and DMC3 is a must play!! Expand
  7. Jan 27, 2013
    Devil May Cry: HD Collection is a very inconsistent port of three legendary game titles. The only reason this could be considered a success, is because it's some of the best games of all time on your current console. Buy it only if your interested in a minor upgrade of the PS2 classics.
  8. Jan 23, 2013
    A wonderful collection.The HD upgrade really makes the games look beautiful. Both 1 and 3 still hold up really well as solid action games while 2 inherently still has its problems of lousy game play and story. I have noticed a few cut scene glitches (particularly with 3) and it is a shame the menus haven't received a HD upgrade so it isnt perfect.Overall I would considered it a decent purchase for two awesome action games given the current generation sheen. Expand
  9. Jan 14, 2013
    Este juego, simplemente es todo aquello que los Die Hard Fans de esta legendaria saga querian tener en sus manos, si eres nuevo y nunca has estado en contacto con Devil May Cry, este es el momento de cambiar eso, los tres juegos son magnificos (tambien el dos es bueno, pero podría haber sido mejor) Devil May Cry 1, 2 y 3 te robaran el aliento con su gameplay, su historia y el carisma de su protagonista. Expand
  10. Jan 14, 2013
    These games are- in numerical order- good, not so good, and great. This is worth a look if you like action games with good game play and aren't picky about a schlocky story.
  11. May 24, 2012
    If you never played the originals on PS2 get this game. Really good deal. I really wish the actually updated these graphics but thats all you can really ask for from this collection, better graphics. And DMC2 sucks, just saying.
  12. May 20, 2012
    Pretty solid port, loved 1+3 in the past, love them now. DMC 3 still might be the best action game ever made, and the bat **** crazy story in this series is all kinds of fun.
  13. May 15, 2012
    Great collection and a must-own for every DMC fan. There isn't much to say about this collection apart from it consisting of two of the best action games that have ever existed. Every action fan should give this one a try. The only downside is that some of the cutscenes and meny are in SD format, so it looks out of place from the rest of the game which is in HD widescreen.
  14. May 1, 2012
    Every once in a while, a title comes along that re-defines the future of gaming. It's a turning point in game development, and spawns hundreds of budget clones that try to cash in while it's hot. In 2001, DMC was one of those games. It single-handedly invented the action game genre as we know it. DMC3 invented true Stylish Action- with weapon switching, evasive maneuvers, and over-the-top powers.

    The ports are really solid. I had some concerns after reading about the problems with other HD collectiosn recently, like the Silent Hill HD Collection. Visuals are crisp and clean, and the games look excellent considering their age. DMC1's textures hold up surprisingly well (shows how far good art direction can go) aside from the pixelated skybox or so. DMC3 looks absolutely gorgeous. They added some anti-aliasing, and the motion capture looks impressive even by today's standards. The only gripe that some people might have is that various menus and cutscenes (the ones that are full motion video) are still in 4:3 ratio. This isn't a dealbreaker for me, and recreating these videos would have been pretty impractical.

    Some people are saying that they stretched the aspect ratio of the games to fit the widescreen. THIS IS ERRONEOUS. They actually widened the viewing area to 16:9, which makes some of the camera angle griefs much better.

    Of course, the entire series runs at 60fps for buttery smooth combat. No hiccups or framerate issues. No technical glitches or bugs. The gameplay is pretty much flawless.

    As for extras, the Vault comes with a collection of never before released pre-production concept art. One of the other reviewers on Amazon said that this is all stuff you can get on the internet, but it's simply not true. There are several pieces of art from back when DMC1 was a Resident Evil title. These never made their way to the general public. There's also a nice selection of music from each of the three titles. This is, unfortunately, incomplete, but it's still a nice touch. Throw your favorite track on while you peruse the gallery.

    DMC2 is a throwaway title. It always has been. Don't let that discourage you because DMC1 and DMC3 together are worth well more than the $40 asking price. Even so, it looks as good as it ever has.

    If you have ANY interest at all in action games, maybe you want to see what all the hubbub is about, or if you want to revisit these incredible titles with gorgeous visuals, you owe it to yourself to pick up this collection.
  15. Apr 28, 2012
    Not the best example of how to release a collection of two of gaming's favourite sons, as well as brining their their simple minded sibling (DMC2) along for the ride. From a technical perspective Capcom could have put a lot more effort into fleshing out the decals and ensuring that the sound and frame rate never shuddered to spoil our action, but I can't complain. It does what it says on the tin; lets you enjoy the Devil May Cry series and show case just why these games still stand the test of time. Expand
  16. Apr 21, 2012
    Dante is back! In all his former glory, even slightly new and improved. This game is still as cool, still as stylish as you remember. This game will have you sweating, swearing and wishing you bought a easier game. A throwback to when games were hard as nails. Aside from the slightly confusing camera angles now and again I cant fault this game. A perfect time for veterans to revisit Dante must Die Mode, And a great chance for newcomers to pick this up and learn to love it. Expand
  17. Apr 11, 2012
    The Devil May Cry games were great back on the PS2. The HD collection manages to recapture the magic, with HD visuals in 16:9 widescreen. DMC2 is not as good as DMC1 or DMC3, but two absolutely fantastic games for 39.99 is a great deal.
  18. Apr 7, 2012
    Finally it's day here! Despite owning all of them on Ps2 it's a must buy for me. All three games are the games without which modern games wouldn't be the same. Capcom may say everything they want, old Dante is one of the coolest game characters that were ever made. The price was also pretty good, I even was ready to pay mor for it. Nothing, not even new dmc could ruin this game.
  19. Apr 5, 2012
    These games have aged well and with the updated HD graphics there is no reason not to own this collection as Devil May Cry is one of the best series in its genre of all time. You will still receive the amazing fast pace combat, great replay value, top notch puzzles and the same old Dante at a great price. All that said, how can you leave out trophy support which increases the replay value even higher. My advice to you is get it now! Stop reading this get up and go find a copy, it wont be long till you realize why you did!! Collapse
  20. Apr 3, 2012
    Its hard to believe ten years have passed since Dante first swaggered onto our screens in the Devil May Cry series and now here is our chance to catch up. Capcom has managed to do a better job this time around compared to the sloppy HD Resident Evil Collection and disappointing issues with the HD Silent Hill Collection we have a HD collection that stands up to its gaming legacy. Sadly the cutscenes remain in original 4;3 aspect but everything else has being brought up with a nice modern lick. DMC and DMC3 are the picks of the litter whereas 2 is the black sheep, but remains playable and a prime example of how to severely take a series in the wrong direction.

    Devil May Cry set the standard for action games at the time and remains a solid romp with some tough boss fights, plenty of action and camp action. DMC3 remains in my opinion the best action game available. It contains a wealth of content, introducing styles, a huge variety of environments, great variety in enemies and some fantastic set pieces.

    An excellent collection released at a brilliant price and worth is place on anyones shelf beside Bayonetta, God Of War and Ninja Gaiden.
  21. Apr 5, 2012
    These games have aged well and with the updated HD graphics there is no reason not to own this collection as Devil May Cry is one of the best series in its genre of all time. You will still receive the amazing fast pace combat, great replay value, top notch puzzles and the same old Dante at a great price. All that said, how can you leave out trophy support which increases the replay value even higher. My advice to you is get it now! Stop reading this get up and go find a copy, it wont be long till you realize why you did!! Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. May 16, 2012
    Ravaged by time and a poor HD transfer, these games are not only bastard hard, but they're ugly with it. [June 2012, p.111]
  2. 70
    The series which influenced the whole action genre grew old but it has good playability and thanks to HD remastering it's still attractive. [May 2012]
  3. We could have forgiven the ugly presentation of this collection if more was packed in. Given the second game is a dud, two rushed re-releases of DMC and DMC3 make for an expensive trip down memory lane. Where's DMC4? Where's the demo of the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot? Where's the value? [May 2012, p76]