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  • Summary: Learn the sordid details of how Valvatorez and Fenrich first met with this new episode!
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  1. sgb
    Mar 22, 2012
    Like most anime inspired jRPG makers, NI really likes to shovel out the DLC for their RPGs. Disgaea 4 already has more cost in DLC than the original game, with more to come yet! This is the first DLC that actually adds more story to the game and will have the most people interested, so I'll give this one a quick review of what you get for your $4. There are four levels in a new chapter available in the postgame. The dialogue is fully voiced unlike the other DLC so far. The four levels use recycled maps from the main game, though with new enemy placements and a minor geo puzzle on the last map. These new maps are super easy as you're given access to the past version of Valvatorez who has godlike stats. If you were hoping for a deep storyline into the past of the two main characters, you won't find one. You do get a bit a of background on how the two met up, and why Fenrich eventually pledged his undying loyalty. At the end of it all, the game quietly gives you access to Tyrant Valvatorez as a playable character (though with his level and stats normalized) without any fanfare. He's arguably the strongest character in the game once levelled, so powergamers will no doubt want this regardless. Compared to the rest of the Disgaea 4 DLC, this one is above average as it's only $1 more than the others yet comes with some actual storyline content. Compared to DLC in general the Disgaea 4 stuff is pretty overpriced at $3 per character, with no other content except a brief unvoiced introduction scene and one or two new BGMs. If you just can't get enough of Disgaea 4, go ahead and pick this one up over the other DLC. However if you've already competed most of Disgaea 4's postgame content this will be little more than a brief distraction. Collapse