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  1. Oct 24, 2014
    GREAT GAME, if it released as a new video game series and not use any Devil May Cry related.

    I love the gameplay, fun and easy. The story isn't so bad, just forget about the related with any original DMC (name etc.).

    But I hate the character design. I love original Dante for his manhood, cherful, funny, stylish and his style. And Dante for this game is so bad, it like depressed guy
    and need a big help to settle his identity. His attitude doesn't attract me at all.

    Second is, I don't like the color palete when entering limbo, make my eyes sick after play in 1 hour.

    I think buy DMC 4 on PS3 is more worthed than buy this DMC. I just rent it and not feel that I should have this game on my home.

    I still think it would be great game, if, stand with his own world and not use any related thing to original DMC.
  2. Oct 2, 2014
    The gameplay itself and some of the design is pretty good, however the storytelling is extremely cheesy and I personally couldn't get immersed in the story at all. Character development feels rushed and the "plot twist" is barely a twist.
  3. Aug 22, 2014
    Okay, so I'm usually against giving 0 scores, very few games deserve it, but this is one of the few. Now, I'm not basing this on the games thematic content, at least, not entirely. There's plenty of games whose content, characters and/or settings I find objectionable, but who's game play makes up for it; examples being Bayonetta and Jet Set Radio: the oversexualization of Bayonetta seemed like it was pandering to under sexed nerds and Jet Set Radio revolved around a bunch of taggers and graffiti "artist", that being a medium I despise and seems to only attract the scummiest people; but both those games exhibited amazing and addictive I really can't say no to them. DmC, however, does not have good gameplay.

    I was even kind of excited about this game when I first heard Ninja Theory was doing it; of course I didn't like the douchey/eurotrashy look of Ninja Theories Dante, and I certainly didn't like the Combichrist on the soundtrack (you know, that band that people working at the Hot Topic think is industrial) but I had played Heavenly Sword, and the first half of Odyssey To The West and my general view was that both these games ran out of budget, and could have been great, given they had the time and money to finish them; so naturally, I thought "oh, but now they're getting a Capcom budget, so they'll have the time and the money". Sadly, as events unfolded, and the director got the spot light on him and more was revealed about his "philsophy" of game-making it became apparent that the flaws in these games were not due to circumstance, but were, in fact deliberate. They're one of those studios that buy into that accesible/cinematic/character driven form of game making, which I think is completely asinine, because, you know, just make a **** move if you want to do that **** So the combos aren't shallow in their games because they didn't have time to make a better fighting system, the platforming isn't easy and obvious because they didn't have the budget to develop it more, and the level design is bland because "they don't want to detract from their characters personality by making the world the focal point". And they brought that exact philosophy to DmC. It's easy, it's boring and it's simple, exactly like all Ninja Theory's games, and now they don't have that budge/time excuse to fall back on. Sure it looks nice, graphically (not so much design wise), but what's that thing people say about form without substance?

    The most horrific thing about this though is that this the polar opposite of what Devil May Cry was, and what fans really wanted; just how different is almost unfathomable. All the styles, and the moves and the huge arsenal, they're all non-existent, or reduced to a fraction, in this game; and why not? This games so god damn easy that you'd never need to use any of that, which is also a serious departure from Devil May Cry. Also, the frame rate has been halved from the last game, and it's a different engine (unreal), which means you can expect textures popping in and out all over the place.

    And, of course, I do have to talk about the characterizations and story a little bit; it's just so stupid and juvenile. Dante has no flair, or style and is completely unlikable as a character; he looks like one of those white kids you see begging for change in Berkeley California, you know, the ones that are just rebelling against their rich parents. And, actually, everyone in this game is pretty unlikable; it's like they took all the characters from the original series and intentionally made them their polar opposites.

    And that's probably kind of what they did. The director had no problem telling people he didn't like the Devil May Cry series for its gameplay or it's content, so he had no problem bastardizing it and inserting what he thinks is "cool", because, you know, he knows best, obviously; and what's cool is, apparently, juvenile and asinine behavior from man-babies. It's actually kind of funny, if you look at a picture of this guy you'll see how big his ego is; his Dante is, essentially, an exaggerated version of himself, from the clothes to the haircut.

    I just can't understand Capcoms decision to hand this franchise over to such a young company that had no love for the series. There's an episode of South Park about the fourth Indiana Jones movie, you know, the one we pretend never happened. In the episode Stan, I think, has a nightmare where Lucas and Spielberg corner Indiana Jones and, literally, rape him...and that's what this game is: it's a eurotrash director who listens to bad contemporary industrial music and has a stupid haircut taking Dante, bending him over and raping him; raping him til' he's angst-ridden and obnoxious.
  4. Jun 10, 2014
    This game is awful. This is extremely boring. All the chapters looks like the same.
    If you like to beat the same monster and demons, the same scenarios, etc, you should buy it!
  5. May 14, 2014
    Starts off fun but difficulty and awful platforming increases to the point of rage-quitting frustration (this is on easiest difficulty). The awful platforming might be tolerable if the checkpoints had any respect for the player's time. Attention game developers: when a player selects "easy" the game should be easy! Good for about 5 hours but I can't recommend it after that. The game does have great art and style, however. Expand
  6. May 8, 2014
    This game is great only if your not an fan to the series.Fans is all that mean for a game to still exist...soo yeah...this game doesn't have a lot of good terms in it like : the story is very poor ,common but interesting ; the characters are the worst thing of the game + the dialogue and the graphics are poor .. nothing impressive
  7. Apr 3, 2014
    Utter garbage, it destroyed every single thing build by the previous entries, the gameplay mechanics were casualised for non-skilled gamers, the music when from original rock-classic-techno to dubstep in seek of skrillex audience, the game has tons of flaws, like bugs, insta-ranking up, color coded enemies, zero difficulty, piss easy and unimpressive boss fights. The last fight was a plot twist out of no where.
    The dialogs were written by a 12 year old, such an ignorant view of being cool.
    Capcom hit a new low with this game
  8. Jan 12, 2014
    Pretty awful. Glad It was free with PS+ though so i didn't waste $60 on this mess.
    Point system ( or soul) feels really undone (it seems to take forever to just get one orb let alone two for boss fights.. hey i'm not a gamer that can beat a boss in one try usually..)
  9. Dec 10, 2013
    worst game i have ever played devil may cry 1 ,3 and 4 were nice but this is total i'd better play math games... goodbye devil may cry series from 4 nice game to a trash one it's better without this game in the series it makes devil may cry look stupid
  10. Nov 22, 2013
    Ok, i play this game and this is my opinion, new Dante its a garbage, i want the old Dante in the next game, stop whit this reboot or for me DMC is very dead, i want a DEVIL MAY CRY 5!!! And not DmC2! Capcom wake up, stop whit this or you lost many players.
  11. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Played DMC1 when it came out and I was so impressed with all the style that I kept playing till DMD. Played DMC3 till DMD as well because I like DMC1 so much but I thought it was acceptable. I thought DMC4 deserved a 0/10 and I've stopped caring ever since. DmC is practically a new game. If the new generation enjoys it then so be it. I never understood what most kids see in movies like twilight, hunger games and these new disney tv shows, but it seems this is what Team Ninja is going for with DmC so I bid them God speed. I hope those same kids will like this as well. From the media previews and gameplay all around the internet and from watching the first 5 mins of the game (too boring to watch any further), if I had to rate it based on these experiences only, I would give it a 3 Expand
  12. Oct 13, 2013
    This game is best described as a mediocre to poor beat em up, Hack and Slash game.
    This is game is fun for a couple hours and then its gets down right boring. it is a good rental to pass time or perfect for guilty pleasure and I strongly recommend to avoid buying this game above $20. It is a game designed for those who are not aware of this genre. But even then it holds your hands and the
    difficulties make you question the mindset of the developer.

    The game pales in comparison to its predecessors. DMC3/4 has been known to be the most intricate and in-depth juggernaut of the hack and slash genre, and now DmC has turned into a regular beat em up game that has the quality of a PSN game. The graphics may initially look pretty, but its gets painful at the eyesoring colors and brightness. The frames really drop to 20s, which may be a PS3 thing and ruins the game. The boss battles are the worst offenders in the list, which is filled with countless cutscenes to break game flow and lack of inspiration or innovation.

    The platforming is the only things that I enjoyed due to it pulling me out of the dull, one-dimensional combat. Other than a couple of tracks, the entire soundtrack is forgettable. The story is very pretentious, and melodramatic, filled with unexplained plot points. at least DMC knew it was cheesy but DmC was just hollow. reminded me of Twilight in some occasions.

    It is sad that DMC1 inspired god of war and DmC is now trying to be like god of war, which it fails even at that. considering the fact that the cutscenes clock around 3hrs, with most of them unskippable, the gameplay is only 2-3hrs. So the game can be done in one sitting for a person with any skill level. The replay value is pointless since they tacked on difficulties that barely test you and the combat is VERY repetitive, to the point of being just rinse and repeat. There is no room for experimentation or finding new ways to play the game.
    To put this in perspective, DMC4 which came out in 2008 has better frames, crispier graphics and a combat engine that is still unrivaled to this date and after 6yrs we are left with DmC. Such a shame.
  13. Aug 31, 2013
    This game suffers from one crippling flaw which completely hampered my enjoyment and made it impossible for me to derive any pleasure from playing it.

    The game does not contain even a single reference to Shrek.
  14. May 1, 2013
    DMC5 of performance is acceptable, but as a great game sequel was terrible. great games always listen the voice of the fans, Ninja Theory never respect the fans, this is why they failed over again.
  15. Apr 9, 2013
    I didn't liked it. Not my cup of tea, not my mug of coffee, not my can of coke. And I'm aware that I'm biased, but I PAID for this, and thus I believe I have all rights to judge for what this is. A below average hack'n slash game. Why? Oh, several reasons. The writing, dumb/slow/broken (you name it) gameplay, characterization, the oh SO terrible soundtrack in this game. Seriously, can't understand how some people were praising it. Saving by a few, the music in this game pissed me off.

    And I could be more specific here, however, considering how long this game has been out, and the amount of reviews naming all these same reasons in a more fluid and impersonal form, I can't help but feel redundant here. Let's just stop beating this dead horse.
    So, just take this: I paid, finished it and didn't liked it. You can all come to tell me that I being unfair, but I am not. Just take your time and read some of the genuine reviews here. Obviously, the ones that aren't rated 10/10, that is.
  16. Apr 8, 2013
    Unlike some die-hard DMC fans I couldn't care less what the main character looks like, the things that always interested me in this series is it's atmosphere and gameplay. I also can't deny loving Dante's attitude, especially in DMC 1&3.To me the series itself had always had it's own flair (even the less popular DMC2) which made me choose to buy the game time and time again.
    However DmC
    has absolutely nothing to do with Devil May Cry and it simply pains me to see such a game be considered as part of the series. I can't say that DmC is a complete fail or anything but playing it get's boring very easily, even though it's quite well-made(excluding graphics and slightly lame fighting).For me it turned out to be a waste of money
    Frankly, DmC could of even been made a masterpiece but if it does not have the atmosphere and the unique feel of Devil May Cry then why on Earth would anyone attach it to this series? The game would of probably done better on it's own with it's own audience that evidently prefers a post apocalyptic, slightly emo and punky attitude to the gothic, stylish and playfully one shown in Devil May Cry..(plus the crazy fights!!!!Oh,God I miss them...)
  17. Apr 1, 2013
    This games is so boring, the gameplay look sad, & yes is very easy game, no challenge
    just play it & see for youself. Capcom Ninja Theory just waste time & the money for the remake dmc game with new style, but the game is very sad
  18. Mar 28, 2013
    Capcom done a big mistake!
    They should made DMC5 instead of this game.
    After this horrible reboot they should reboot it again or they should make Devil May Cry 5.
  19. Mar 2, 2013
    Just a good game it can't be called Devil May Cry. Too easy, weak bosses, bad camera, bad graphics, the weapons aren't as cool as the old ones and although we can use some great combos we don't have a good variety of them and we can get a SSS rank repeating the same attack a lot of times... Thanks to destroy one of the bests franchises I've played...
  20. Feb 22, 2013
    After all the hype of a 'revamped' Dante/story/etc ruining the franchise I was pleasantly surprised at how well the character design, worlds and storyline were designed and executed. The level design in particular is stunning in colour and content and the changing environments implemented is not a simple feat at all. However that's all the positives I can think of and there are much more negative points that overall ruin this game. Several parts of the storyline and dialogue are shocking, puerile or completely unnecessary and the game would benefit from their removal. Glitchy platforming causes death to the user at no fault of their own. Frame-rate drops at times unacceptable for a level based game on a console (open world you can sometimes forgive). Easier than all previous Devil May Cry games but this is probably an intentional based on the game designers thinking the "know better" that the creators of the previous games. The most annoying part is that pretty obvious from the opening and ending sequences that NinjaTheory pretty far up their own arses a position which is certainly unjustified from some of the amateurish content they've delivered here. A little bit of thought, maturity and humility in their decision making would have stopped a lot of the problems mentioned above. Expand
  21. Feb 21, 2013
    DMC is an insult to the legendary histroy of Devil May cry games. To add insult to injury they even poke fun at how they changed dante's hair.

    This game is a joke, even on hard it is way too easy. Yea, its flashy with solid graphics but these changes pissed off one too many fans.
  22. Feb 19, 2013
    Bad game is bad. This game spits in the face of any fan of the previous games especially the 3 and 4 ones. I cannot imagine what anyone can see in this waste of time and money. The main character was replaced, the gameplay was dumbed down, the store was retconned. Had this game been released under a different name then no one would really be so mad about such a mediocre title. BUT to put the name Devil May Cry on it and then spit in the faces of those WHO WOULD pick it up BECAUSE OF THE NAME IS A INSULT. And as the new Dante would say: YOU! Expand
  23. Feb 15, 2013
    In order to fully articulate how much of a disappointment this game is, one needs to fully understand the scope of what was lost in the original series of games. ---Gameplay--- The Devil May Cry franchise was a slow but steady research and development project into the new world of a genre it created (The Stylish Action genre). DMC1: The first game, for example: Didn't allow you to change styles or firearms on the fly. It did, however, allow the player to lock on to targets, something which "DMC" is lacking. DMC2: Expanded upon the options by allowing the player to change firearms during play and capitalised upon a nuance of the older game by allowing mid air juggling.

    DMC3: Expanded even further by allowing the player to change devil arms on the fly whilst also introducing styles, albeit these styles were fixed per mission. The pseudo 2 player mode in the form of doppelganger was also a nice touch.

    DMC4: As it's predecessors had done, expanded further by introducing a throw mechanic in the form of Nero's devil bringer and of course brought with it something new to the table in the form on-the-fly style change mechanics.

    So far in some aspects that it completely missed the point of the genre it was trying to reboot.
    - No lock on, which is really handy when trying not to fall to your death or shooting the projectile firing enemies at the back.
    - Combos that can be broken by accidental input on certain enemies.
    - Combos that can be broken by a certain enemy walking in the way of an attack.
    - Limiting attacking options by rendering weapons to a 'more dangerous than unusable state'. Stylish gauge that is easy to fill. (Mash one button)
    - Enemy juggles that allow the main character to essentially fly.
    - Making monotonous tasks stylish.
    - Making once monotonous but now cleared tasks contribute to your rank in higher difficulties, gimping the difficulty in getting an overall S rank and escaping the point of the difficulties in the first place.

    DMC's strong point was never really plot nuances, although it had it's good moments. It had it's shockingly bad moments though (Like a plane falling through the ceiling at the right time letting the two protagonists escape: DMC1).
    Also, the franchise was going to suffer from the superman problem: "How do we write a story that is challenging for a character who is essentially to strong for everybody to handle".
    We saw this problem essentially culminate in DMC2 and the solution was a prequel, DMC3.
    They struggled a bit with DMC4 because Dante was essentially too strong, so they had to nurf him a little in some respects and by giving us a new character who was similar but different, it allowed the player to experience mortality.

    "DMC" went straight for the jugular by thinking that Dante needed roughing up and bringing down a peg or two, which literally took place in the trailers.
    The in game plot was a hash of references to the old material whilst also trying to be political, edgy and fashionable. Re: F*cking swearing Wise cracking, since when?
    Dante lives in a trailer and hates humanity? Who is he a Martin Riggs addicted to meth?
    Dante is the son of an angel and a demon? Who is he Little Nicky on crack?
    Dante passes between limbo and the real world? Who is he, a tweaking John Constantine?
    Dante has a brother who wants to rule the world and tricks him into fighting on his side? Who is he, a Junkie Solid Snake?

    No he is DMC Dante, the kind of guy who asks the questions the audience is asking like: "How did my coat get on the Ferris-wheel", we all know how Dante, lazy shoehorned writing.

    When all is said and done, it has brought us one undeniable fact, don't crap on your fan base.
  24. Feb 15, 2013
    This is a bad game. When I first started it up the intro had me expecting a great experience. The games darker and stylish edge looked intriguing, and I was ready for the game to suck me in. But the moment I assumed control of Dante and battled my first enemy all optimism was sucked out of me. The combat just feels so lifeless and hollow, which is sad because it had the potential to be a thrilling experience because you have access to all your weapons at once and can switch between them at any time during combat which can lead to some pretty insane combos. But the combat just isn't fun and ruined the entire experience for me. On the plus side the game looks and sounds great, and the story is backed by fantastic voice acting. The story is interesting but ends on a dull note, and as for the new interpretation of Dante (oh, in case you didn't know, this is a reboot) I personally enjoyed his new style and personality. I really wanted to like this game, and honestly I was expecting to, but the boring combat brings down the whole experience. I liked the story, style, and the new Dante, they all just deserve a better game. Expand
  25. Feb 14, 2013
    A gigantic middle finger to all fans of the real DMC games. It seems Ninja Theory realised all the points fans liked about the games and turned every single one into god awful crap just to show us they could. It's like Mass Effect 3 endings. Well played good sirs, you're not getting a cent out of me ever again.
  26. Feb 11, 2013
    Pretty graphics, but crap gameplay. Basically, the same as every other Ninja Theory game. This game has an identity crisis. It tries to be both Ninja Gaiden and God of War at the same time, yet fails at being as good as either of those games. It tries to be a visceral, gory hack and slash like God of War, but
    the combat feels far too floaty and unsubstantial experience. It also tries to be Ninja Gaiden with it's end of mission scoring, but this game is just not difficult enough to actually feel any sense of accomplishment from getting a high score. And I know people will mention the mode where Dante dies in one hit, but honestly that's just an artificial inflation of the difficulty, unlike the enemy AI being substantially improved. The platforming sections are too long and are frankly boring. The story, well, it's definitely no God of War in that department. The story seems to have been inspired by teen supernatural dramas, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel. I'm not into any of those shows, but if you are, you'd probably enjoy DmC. The game also includes a lot of Leftist propaganda, slamming things such as Fox News and the Republican Party (of which I am a member). Obviously, this was not to my liking. I prefer that politics do not enter my video games. Thank you very much. Clearly, I wouldn't recommend this video game for any one, except hardcore liberals. Expand
  27. Feb 8, 2013
    Jarring, amateurish, ill conceived rendition of an iconic franchise with shallow unbalanced and broken combat, insulting art style/design, weak dialogue, story and voice acting.

    A truly terrible game with the Devil May Cry name added on to it. A shocking example of how not to handle Devil May Cry.
  28. Feb 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If this is your first hack-n-slash game, this game would probably be an okay place to start. Controls are easy and intuitive for new players, combat is very satisfying without putting too much demand on the player, and the game doesn't punish you for mistakes quite as brutally as others of its genre. However, as a long time hack-n-slash fan, I can't seriously endorse this game. Combat is incredibly linear (even going as far as presenting enemies that can only be damaged with a specific weapon) and if you get too comfortable with this game's difficulty curve, you'll be sorely unprepared for just about every other hack-n-slash game on the planet. While combat is satisfying and fun, it offers absolutely no room for growth. You'll master the basics, and then you've mastered everything. Bosses are by far the worst offenders in this game, being reduced to long platforming segments and glorified binary color matching puzzles, presenting no challenge even on the hardest difficulty. Boss abilities that have counters are normally designed in such a way that the player will frequently counter them on accident just by spamming the attack button and staying close to the boss, a far cry from the careful timing and forethought required for previous DMC games. As an example, during the vergil fight his summoned swords can be destroyed by simple hammering the attack key without pause, and his rapidslash will miss you completely if you just stand right in front of him and don't move while continuing to attack. During boss fights, your combat will frequently be interrupted by unskippable cutscenes (to give you a good reference, the Succubus boss fight contains up to 12 cutscenes, 9 of which are the same) and are these particularly important? No; they're normally just a short clip of your character glaring angrily or the boss calling you a This game also shows signs of seriously poor design, with many elements from other media sloppily copy/pasted into this game with no regard for their original purpose. In older DMC games, jump canceling was the only way to extend your air combos and remain airborne for a long time. In DmC, staying airborne indefinitely is a simple matter of grappling after every few attacks, yet they pasted jump canceling in anyway. Why? It serves no purpose, yet they heard it made another game great, so copy/paste. They do the same thing with the plot. Minor spoiler, but the entire plot of this game is a copy/paste of "They Live" but with the edginess turned up to 11. In "They Live" it made sense to reveal the hidden world to everyone and make them realize they were being controlled, and it made the movie great. In DmC, does it make as much sense to merge the demon world with the human world? Oh sure, humanity is now being viciously murdered by the entirety of Hell gone wild on earth, but at least they won't fall for those fast food ads or listen to those media lies anymore! It made sense in "They Live" but in "DmC" it's stupid. On the note of things being stupid, Ninja Theory has a frankly baffling notion of what's "cool" for a protagonist. At one point in the game you kidnap a pregnant woman and hold her hostage. During the hostage exchange, is it the bad guy that doublecrosses you? No, you do. While the exchange happens, vergil shoots the woman through the stomach. He lets her live for just long enough to realize her baby was just killed before shooting her through the head. Dante then goes on to talk about watching the baby "exploding into wet chunks" and describes the experience as being "priceless". I'm going to remind you that this is the protagonist. Oh, and Ninja theory's ego is a noticable presence in this game. their logo shows up 4 times during the intro, and the credits? In previous DMC games, you were dropped into an endlessly spawning room full of enemies, you could rip and tear to your heart's content for the next 3 minutes. This is an action game, that's entirely fitting. But in this new DmC? For the credits you're taken on a video tour of ninja theory's studio. Wow, thanks, that's just what I wanted as my reward for beating this game. TL;DR combat is fun but very shallow, the script is the most awful thing I've seen in decades, and the main character is so unlikable it's easier to get through this game if you just think of mundus as the good guy. Expand
  29. Jan 30, 2013
    The game is a crappy EMO Piece of **** of a game with a crappy game-play and ****ty frame-rates. this game is made to cater to lonely wrist- cutting EMO'S who loves twilight................AND THIS GAME IS TOO KIDDY!!!!!
  30. Jan 28, 2013
    Lets start with the David Hume Quote in the trailer. Hume was an Atheist. His quote has NOTHING to do with Religion/Demons/Angels/etc. -face palm- That should tell you where this game is headed...So!
    LOOSE gameplay. DECENT Graphics. Terrible (ironic/hipster storyline). Its about "Evil" corporations (made by Capcom and Hipster-Theory).
    The director is a racist prick from Bollywood (Yes
    YOU Tameem)
    Angry Joe and the rest of the Guy with the Glasses Crew are morons. They're cashing in and trying to fit in with the big dogs (IGN, Gamespot, etc).
    It's funny because after Angry Joe made his review, random people have made accounts on here making "good" 10/10 reviews.
    Most of them appear to be COD-Tards, etc.
    Anyways. To the point.
    The New Dante is Terrible. Its as if Tameem imagined himself as a white emo-kid addicted to meth (like something out of Blood on the Dance Floor).
    Again, I can't stand racist pricks from other countries (in this case he's so HATEFUL and racist that he out right not only insulted the Fans but WESTERN culture in general. Keep in mind that I AM from the Middle East and I AM VERY Familiar with Bollywood. The new DMC is like if Bollywood tried to make a Matrix movie. LOL). Anyhow. Gameplay. Is decent. Worse than Odyssey to the West (saying alot).
    Frame-rate is terrible (Angry Joe is either blind or he has a better television than most folks).
    Controls are VERY loose. Voice Acting is AWFUL (other than Virgil. Virgil looked like a Hipster but was an OKAY character, as was Mundus). Character development is terrible.

    Buy this game when its 9.99.
    Thats what I did with Ninja's last game (Odyssey) And I HATED Heavenly Sword.
    I wish that SONY had never bailed out Ninja Theory. They should've left those hipsters in the economic trash-bin that they deserved to be in. They made TERRIBLE movie games before all of this (LOOK UP THEIR STUDIO HISTORY, they MADE Catwoman the game , and that TERRIBLE game , Malice).

    Seriously. I'm not an angry fan-boy. I'm just an educated gentleman who is familiar with Tameem's elitist mindset. He is the villain of the DMC story, which is ironic, but oh yes, he's also a hipster, so its SUPPOOOOSSSED to be Ironic.
  31. Jan 28, 2013
    This game is such as bad as rating says us. The combat is a slow joke - you can do SSS combos with just 1 button, the animation is just horrible. The plot is a mess and all characters are unlikable. Strongly suggest you to avoid this piece of crap for the good sake. Just play DMC3 once more instead. Here is where the real action is.
  32. Jan 28, 2013
    bad gameplay, (L2 and R2 for the weapon like L1 and R1 for the catastrophic heavenly sword) bad story, bad design, too easy, too classic, too bored too disinfect, This is not a devil may cry
  33. Jan 27, 2013
    -Frame rate (30 fps) with bugs, in ps3.
    -Vergil using a rifle. ¬¬
    -When you gonna dodge a boss atack that is in front ou you, turn around and role. You don't have how to counter a attack like you done with royal guard or the devil bring in some attacks. -Dante is a teenager.
    -The limbo city looks like a corridor. -Ebony and Ivory are useless.
    -No lock target system, makes you
    look a retard playing.
    -Vergil voice lokes like some disney character, not that awsone badass voice of DMC3.
    -No table hooper.
    -Mundus don't scare anyone.
    -You don't have taunts. DMC 4 taunts are outstanding. Why not put in this one?
    -Combos are extremely easy, you don't motivates yourself to "learn" combos like in the orders DMC.
    -Weapons change in the middle os combat is mandatory.
    -Devil Trigger is horrible, you don't transform yourself into a badass demon from hell, with dark energy and incredible speed. You a slow time. ¬¬
    -You got a hell whip to push enemies and a angel whip to pull yourself. WTF!

    If you think that I hating the game with no criterion, simple enter on you tube and search for: DMC 4 nero dango truestyle tournament
    DMC 4 nero blaze truestyle tournament

    Then, you gonna now how a rellay badass game with a badass player looks like.

    If this think not use Devil May Cry name, my score will be 6 or 7. But when you makes a game much worst that the 2 previous one, you have my total disregard. (sorry if I makes some writing mistakes, I still learning english)
  34. Jan 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is just... so... BORING. The game just feels flat. The environments are stylized and interesting but everything else leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are there large sections of platforming - which seemed to be more well-developed than the combat - but the controls aren't as fluid and satisfying as the previous games, even the first. The camera in the platforming sections performs well but in combat it really sucks. Often times I'll be trying to attack an enemy behind me and I'll have no idea where they are, I'm just shooting hoping in vain that Dante will direct me towards where they're at. On top of that, they made the grab gimmick from Nero even more central to the game, which I hated there. This game should have been marketed as a platformer because that's probably the best part about it. As an action game, especially with the DMC name (the one that set the standard to how action hack and slash are made today) it can't even compare to God of War, let alone the other Devil May Cry titles.

    The story: Well, it has one which is more than what can be said about the other games. However, the characters in this game are so unlikable, so bland, that it's hard to be invested. The characters' motivation turns out to be really just simple revenge as the demons haven't proven to be a threat to mankind, they're just hiding among them. The shoehorned love interest when they tried so hard to establish that Dante is a player who can have wild threesomes with whatever girls he pleases, it makes no sense why he'd have any attachment to a girl who has no personality aside from being damaged goods.

    Also, Dante's sudden 'nobility' to the cause is completely unbelievable as his attitude never changes - Dante gets powers but has no character arc, he just learns about his past. I say 'nobility' because he barely bats an eyelash as his brother blows the womb of woman, pauses to relish the moment, and then shoots her in the head.

    For some final points: I don't think character design needs to be brought up, it's what everyone has said a hundred times: it's bad. Though the motion capturing was really well done. I can't help but cringe everytime I look at the main menu/every single mission screen with Dante pointing at his dick... nice Ninja. Oh, and thanks for that slap in the face with the white wig. Oh let me bring up how enemies work. You have to hit the red guys with the red weapons and the blue guys with the blue weapons! Really breaking the meta with this game, let me tell you. Overall, this game is a huge disappointment. The combat, style meter, weapons, heroes, engaging characters, interesting enemies (aside from the news caster), bosses, controls, camera, difficulty, atmosphere, are ll sub-par. The only thing this game excels at are level design, motion capturing, and platforming.
  35. Jan 25, 2013
    In typical fashion, Ninja Theory have created a title more concerned with visual flare than enjoyable gameplay or mechanical depth. Combat is weak, scoring system broken, boss fights are dull and the story is juvenile. There is nothing of merit to be found here.
  36. Jan 25, 2013
    Imagine if you will taking a game that near defined a genre, then dumbing it down and robbing it of any self awareness and humour in favour of crass adolescent **** and simplistic, uninspired gameplay.

    Quite why they choose to make this game Devil May Cry flavoured is beyond me. If they actually made a DMC game with the sort of budget this game got it could well be the best of the
    series, but apparently Capcom hates money.

    0/10, do not buy this game if you're a fan.
  37. Jan 24, 2013
    I didn't liked the game at all. They shouldn't name it Devil May Cry. Maybe if they called it heavenly sword 2 or something else I wouldn't judge so strictly but in this case they spoiled a great franchise's name trying to take its place.
  38. Jan 24, 2013
    This game is nothing but a bad experience. Good- Nothing Bad- -It's a game that tried to be devil may cry but could not -Dumbed down combat for casual gamers -Change of artstyle from japanese to western, one useless change, the fanbase liked the japanese artstyle -Now a stain on the name of devil may cry that will never be erased, thank you Capcom. -Pandering to the wrong people, you don't pander to the fanbase you already own with **** you!" or killing a baby.
    -Soundtrack is meh
    -Nothing new
    Capcom does it again killing another game, like Megaman.

    Oh capcom, there's literally no hope for you, might aswell... "abandon all hope".
  39. Jan 23, 2013
    Ok, before you accuse me of hating this game just because of Dante's hair, there are a LOT more reasons as to why this game is an awful Devil May Cry game. Follow the link to see for yourself:
  40. Jan 23, 2013
    This game is simply terrible. I am not a fanboy of the previous DMC titles - this was recommended to me by a friend. All I can say is that it actually *was* fun for about an hour, then it get's so repetitive that you need to take a break every now and then in order to not stop playing it all together. The graphics are poor, the voice acting is poor (and irritating) the gameplay is clunky, the weapons are dull, the enemies are nothing special - in fact, what struck me most about this was that when I was fighting some, I desperately wanted the fighting to end because it was so dull, and when 'platforming' (read this sarcastically, it's a dreadful platforming experience) you wish you had something better to do. All in all, I spent a whole 3 hours of my time playing this and got over half way through it on Hard difficulty, meaning this game has no longevity. Sadly, the shop I bought it from would not even buy it back off me, let alone allow me to return it or exchange it. That being said, I'm still never going to complete this game. To put it in perspective - this game is better than MoH Warfighter. And that really sucked. Badly. If you buy this, you are a fool. Go buy GoW, Dante's Inferno or Bayonetta instead, or give your money to a homeless person, at least that way you won't feel robbed. Expand
  41. Jan 22, 2013
    DmC is a truly garbage game. I played a bit of it and I can tell you that the most atrocious part of it is the stupid L2 and R2 weapon changing system. You basically have to hold a trigger constantly to use a weapon that is either ineffective or too overpowered (you get SSS in the tip of a hat) and you always have to do this stupid grappling **** that such a goddamn chore to do every time. Not to mention glitches everywhere, and uninspired art for its stages and unlikable protagonist. It's rubbish. Don't bother with this game. Expand
  42. Jan 22, 2013
    I wish this game played as nice as it looks...early on. This game has a visual flare to it that I like, but it lacks gameplay mechanics and has intrusive, uninformative, and just embarrassing cutscenes littered throughout that would put an MGS title to shame. It feels rushed in every way. It's hard to say the story lacks, rather than it's on a smoke break throughout the runtime and all the characters are really forcing a lot of trite commentary. DMC isn't really known for it's story, so you will slog along, waiting for the game to open up a lot of gameplay mechanics to you, and interesting situations to test your skills in different areas. This never happens. I just don't understand. It lacks mechanics, it lacks a story (though the mess that IS will be shoved down your throat at every opportunity). It's odd acceptance from publications has me really turned off and confused as well. I think the average user score is spot on, even if you consider it separate from previous DMC outings. As a DMC title, I would rank it much lower, but it does have some considerable production and visual elements to it that lift it from a 2. I just don't get the pitch: "We are going to reboot a hardcore franchise. We have no story. We have no interesting mechanics or innovations. Infact, we are stripping those elements way back. We DO have an interesting reinterpretation of the protagonist so as to polarize the community and generate hype. Our April 1st demographic lookup revealed that people wanted more platforming in DMC titles, so we are currently full-throttle on that." Expand
  43. Yes
    Jan 22, 2013
    This game got a zero because "Dante" has black hair. I'm a TRUE fan of DMC, and this game is what I call a disgrace. I don't care about the gameplay because all I care about is the change in his hair color, which makes this the worst game ever.
  44. Jan 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. WAH WAH BLACK HAIR!

    Oh wait, that's not the reason every good fan of the series hates this game. It's because the combat has been needlessly simplified to the point where enemies on every difficulty mode can be easily disposed of. Other reviewers are praising the combat for being good and frantic but this simply isn't the case. While the gameplay isn't terrible it certainly doesn't reach the standard that Devil May Cry fans or even action game fans have been looking for. Any variety that was in the previous games has almost been completely erased as some enemies require you to use a certain weapon/attack to defeat them. While in previous games some weapons were more effective but all players could use whatever weapons they wanted to dispose of an enemy. The speed of combat has also been greatly decreased and getting "Style Bonuses"(points awarded for looking stylish, not dying, not getting hit etc) has never been easier.

    Another thing that makes any Devil May Cry fan become alienated from this game is the plot line. Once again the plot line isn't much of a deal breaker in action games but this game tries to FOCUS on the plot at all times. And it doesn't help that the plot may actually annoy some people and show things that you would never think possible in a Devil May Cry game. A few scenes immediately spring to mind that made this game even worse for me. Such as Virgil stating his penis is larger than Dante's, sex for no real reason other than to put sex in the game and of course the worst of them all; Virgil shooting a pregnant woman, a demon woman to be fair but still completely shocking, and killing her only to have Dante make an **** remark later on in the game about it.

    The game however does have its good points. The graphics, moving cities and effects are all fantastic. Ninja Theory's environment artists really deserve praise for that. Even the music managed to at least capture the flare that the original series went for. But overall, nice graphics and music aren't going to make me think this is a good game when the gameplay and plot are so abysmal.

    Despite my feelings towards this game I would recommend it to someone who is looking to start the action/hack and slash genre and wants a simple and easy experience. It's just good to keep in mind that most of an entire fanbase has been completely shafted because of this reboot. And there isn't much we can do about it. Luckily the "true" action games are still being released so fans of the originals still have something to look forward to. So please don't think that every devil may cry fan hates this game because of the black hair or just because it's a reboot. Thank you for taking your time to read this review from a fan of the original series.

    A 3/10 seems appropriate for people who love action games and/or who loved the original Devil May Cry series. Inexperienced gamers may have a better time but should note that there are far superior games.
  45. Jan 21, 2013
    This game was terrible. The combat was over simplified and the weapons were uncreative. You could go through the game by just using the axe. And the dialog is just atrocious. Ninja Theory thinks they can just go through the game dropping F-bombs to the point where it loses all meaning. This new Dante tries way too hard to be cool in a game that tries to hard to be serious. This was just a bad, unnecessary reboot. Expand
  46. Jan 21, 2013
    Absolutely terrible and pointless. From tasteless, childishly amateur writing, terrible graphics and ocean of bugs and glitches to a completely bland and casual gameplay that, when it actually works properly, is only targeted at replicating the visual feats of the previous games which you had to actually master back in the day. A vanity project devoid of any style, substance or passion sown together for a quick buck riding on a big name. At this point unless we see a DMC5 developed by Capcom itself in few years, it's safe to say that DMC is dead and this abomination is what finished it off with a shotgun to a head. Expand
  47. Jan 21, 2013
    I will start with the positive, DmC is definitely an improvement over Enslaved. But that is the wrong game ! The battle is generic hack en slash without a hint of challenge. It doesn't hold a candle to Bayonetta or DMC 4, let alone DMC 3. Instead of the dark, imposing gothic art direction you get the hipster version. Extremely immature dialogues. The gfx are worse than those of DMC 4.

    You can waste your money but you have been warned.
  48. Jan 21, 2013
    Uncharismatic characters weak and poorly told story without innovation the previous universe of Devil May Cry was much better especially Dante that this reboot is a complete **** compared to the original Dante.
  49. Jan 21, 2013
    first of all i really did want to like the game.. i guess. its not really a 0.0 game or a 1.0 heck even a 4.0..
    i did have fun?.. ( whatever i had it did produce a few smirks in my face) in my 8 to 7 hrs in this new DmC game. The combat is great tho i did really miss the lockon.. want to target those annoying flying *****ks while being swarmed by ground enemies with glowing crap all over
    them? well **** you, you cant! - Ninja Theory. but like i said the combat was fun and i did get a kick out of the combo systyem when i got all of dante's weapons. The platforming is also fun. loved the backgrounds and the art style of the whole game i just really really hate how dante is portrayed in this.. I miss the happy go lucky, thinks-everything-is-a-party dante.. he's currently replaced by this go-****-yourserlf-while-i-****-some-random-girls dante with snarky attitude and a weak excuse for a devil may cry leading woman kat. . jesus christ.. wtf did they do to vergil.. the ending is asenine. *SPOILERS* Vergil is defeated and he says "i loved you brother"... after attempting to kill dante.. his brother.. WTF?! *END SPOILERS* and this.. this is team ninja's attempt at a Shakespearean writing and story telling?! please do not listen to the morons telling you the story is good. its not even bad its **** thats what it is. all in all this was a good game tied to an immature ****s of a dev team that couldnt handle an iconic game character and ended up with changing him drastically to appeal to the hip young, swearing, casual sex loving teenagers of today. seriously i was going to score this a 6 but after all the **** team ninja said and done to me beloved series.. specifically the "wig" scene.. i would like to mail them a severed *fake* middle finger. i wont do this but im seriously
    pondering it.
  50. Jan 20, 2013
    Plain horrible. The characters are annoying. The story is full of plotholes. The dialogues are rude, childish and uneducated. This is an insult to you: this game is telling you that you are barely a beat that can only think about sex, booze and swearing. Every one that like this game should really talk with a specialist: if you start your rehabilitation soon, you mave have some chances to became a human with a brain. Expand
  51. Jan 20, 2013
    if you buy this you should check your doctor ASAP. your IQ went negative ! the devil won't cry but you will, when you see you money wasted on a piece of **** that is what it is!
  52. Jan 20, 2013
    Well, this isnt Devil May Cry. Its the pathetic trial of the lead Artist to put himself into a game as the baddest of all badasses - and what should say - he fails.

    What people dont understand when whining about 0 scores is, that we arent judging the game by itself, we are comparing it to the Dante who was and is one of the view Paragons of manlyness and with him the game falls and stands.
  53. Jan 20, 2013
    - Main char looks like douche
    -Too easy to make SSS rating
    - Many weapons, all (except 3-4) useless
    -Bosses are too ez to beat
    + Stages looks pretty
    Good game for casual , not for fan series of DMC or looking for some challenge
    The King is dead. Long live the merchandise.
  54. Jan 20, 2013
    to expensive... lame story, character voices 100% off ,soundtrack sux ,bosses not impressive and easy forgetable . monotonic levels, not many monsters to kill, Really anoying camera and no targetting system??? WTF CAPCOM
  55. Jan 20, 2013
    This is my second review. First I wrote right after i stop playing so now i wanna share what i think. First of all Dante was a half human and in this game his no longer partly human, the scene when vergil shoots lilith is ofending! And the wig joke is a middle finger to all the fans who love and care for dmc games. The graphics is worst than dmc 4, The colour saturation is bad.. And the good reviews from "proffesional critics" are the biggest mistery to my since the birth of life.. Proffesional critics call me maybe hater or fanboy but im not a hater.. in fact I love the series in this game is simple a mix of ninja gaiden 3 and Heavenly Sword with DMC sticker..and its a bad mix.. I hope that someday we get a proper devil may cry 5.. Its not completely bad game but its VERY bad dmc game. For the first time my dissapoint was so big that its forced me to get a metacritic account and share my sandess and anger.. RIP Dante Expand
  56. Jan 19, 2013
    one of the worst hack n slash games i have played .combat is tooo easy and broken,enemies are brainless walking zombies. the game has been dumbed down dramatically.the platforming sections were fun for the first hour or so then just got repetitive over was not memorable at all. i got this used but now im refunding this garbage. There are way better games to play out there.
  57. Jan 19, 2013
    Stupid game with stupid plot whet medium gameplay and graphics of 2009 and poor characters design that only 9 years old will think it's cool, the whole game just cursing just because the developers think it is cool
    The game is so easy you can finish it on the hardest level only continuing to press the same button, it truly a **** game
  58. Jan 19, 2013
    A friend sent this game to me after telling me bad it was, just to see for myself, and wow just wow, what was capcom thinking allowing Ninja theory to develop this game, they completely ruined the main character and his personality and made him in to some edgy little teenager designed to appeal to a more or less homosexual demographic and people who have not played nor care about the original Devil may cry.

    This game was no devil may cry, it may have had the same name but it was so far from the original Dante and gameplay.

    I really do hope that if capcom decide to make a real devil may cry, they give it to developers who actually liked the original series, it was very clear Ninja Theory absolutely hated Devil may cry and being the self righteous **** they are decided to say **** YOU to the fans and create the horrible piece of **** known as dmc 5 instead.

    Poor narrative, poor gameplay, poor everything.

    Video games need to be held to a higher standard, not this piss poor excuse for a game.




    And here is hoping for a real DMC in the future!
  59. Jan 18, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is one thing going for it. It perfectly shows how to NOT make a sequel to a beloved franchise. Gameplay in DmC has to be some of the worst I've seen in any action game. Enemies, even on the hardest difficulty take away very little health and have slow and easily dodgeable attacks. Dante himself has a confusing move list. Holding R2 and L2 is annoying when you are in the heat of a combo. The game also lacks lock on, a mechanic every DMC has had. Lock on made it easier for the player to focus on one enemy and be as crazy as possible. Even with games such as Ninja Gaiden, which featured no lock on, it still had soft lock on and let you attack who you wanted too when you wanted too. DmC doesn't have either (or it does and does it poorly), Ebony and Ivory can hit enemies you don't want them too, you can whip enemies you don't want to. Dante also can stay in the air forever making the game a borefest. The gameplay is also broken up constantly by horribly written and acted cutscenes. Expand
  60. Jan 18, 2013
    So is DmC the amazing game the press is trying to make it to be or the terrible, horrible game the fans are saying? Well its neither. Its a decent hack and slash game that fails to live up to the previous games quality. Design: DmC in game design is pretty much the classic hack and slash formula, follow a path, do some platforming, solve some puzzles, defeat a group of enemies, move on, power up using orbs, face bosses. While the game design is very standard, its the character design and overall look of the game that initially caused a lot of controversy and while some may like the new designs, its hard to argue they don't fit the series. Its not just the new Dante design but also the enemy and scenery designs that seem out of place leaving that Gothic looks of the original that fitted so well with the demonic teams to some random copy and paste ideas from other games and movies. Things seem torn between being western and "new", and trying to resemble a DMC game, and it fails on feeling like either. 7/10
    Story: Without a doubt the worst part of the game. Previous DMC games had simple stories that follow a very anime approach to them. Leaving most of the story on the background and focusing more on a strong lead character that stereotyped the cool, confident, strong anime character that does what is right and loves a good challenge. it all worked great to produce amazing looking cutscenes with over the top moments that looked great, were funny and didn't take themselves very serious. The new DmC tries to alternate between serious and imitating the cool moments of the old series but fails miserably in both. Clearly the sense of cool of the witter and his understanding of the anime style of writing is terrible, and the final result were non interesting characters with the worst of all being Dante that comes as a Dick almost all the times with infantile swearing, a prick attitude and some of the worst writing in videogame history. The ending will literally make you trow objects against the screen (don't). 5/10
    Gameplay: This might be the best thing about DmC and it should be what matters as DMC as always been about great fun gameplay right? Unfortunately while the gameplay as its fun moments its still a downgrade from what we got on the previous games. After just a few minutes of playing the fresh sensation will start to disappear as you start remembering DMC 4 and the problems start becoming evident. There is no lock on, and sometimes (a lot) you can't hit the enemy you want, suddenly you realize that directional input is not there and because of it Dante was less than half the quantity of combos he could perform on 4. You then see there is no taunt, that there is no style system and that the angelic and demonic weapons are just the strong and weak/range attacks from Heavenly Sword and they just seem pasted with no balance in the game. After a while you also realize the guns are broken and do almost no damage, that its too easy to get SSS ranks, that enemy AI is a joke and the only challenge comes from enemies that can only be hurt from a specific weapon and that the framerate doesn't even stay steady at 30 fps. The initial feel of quality is a delusion from not playing the old titles for a while as after playing DmC playing DMC 4, 3 or even 1 will feel like they were the sequels and the improved versions, with more depth, precision, fluidity, and challenge. 7/10
    Graphics: This generation you expect that games look good and its not difficult to make them look good. DmC looks good, it as nicely detailed character models (weather you like them or not), it as nice interesting environments, and it can be appealing to look at. But again its when comparing it to previous entries that it falls apart. Putting footage of DMC 4 side by side with DmC its clear that DMC 4 had much sharper graphics, with more fluidity, more detail, and a bigger scale of things. It is a difference that is well masked from all the filters of DmC limbo world, but when things switch up to the real world footage the illusion falls apart and you see that while looking good it doesn't look great. 8/10
    Sound: DmC again misses to understand DMC world and while retaining some metal themes it fails to have that epic gothic orchestra feel the previous games had and DMC had amazing soundtracks. the dubstep is a terrible terrible thing that will at least be saved by the option of turning the music off. 6/10
    Lasting appeal: As all Ninja Theory games it is very short, last around 8 hours on the higher difficulty settings. Almost half what would take to finish DMC 3. While there are things you can only unlock through multiple plays the game is just too easy even in the higher difficulty levels making the weak challenge not worth the effort. Also you can't skip cutscenes meaning you have to listen to the terrible story all over again. DmC is a 6/10 game that gets a 3 due to the mistreating, decieving of fans and corruption of press reviews
  61. Jan 18, 2013
    What in the world is this. we've come from witty banter with bosses to "**** you!" and writing so bad it makes my sister's fanfics look like masterpieces, from the cool combat with crazy 60fps combos to boring 30fps combat.. and all the critics give it positive reviews. and the *****damn platforming?! why is it even there?! so we're giving games that devolve high scores now?! to my sister who bought me this game. thanks i love you and all but.. im gonna put this **** in the trash where it belongs. Expand
  62. Jan 18, 2013
    The major problem with this game is that it's another effort where Ninja Theory show that they CAN try, but they don't really know how. The Virility factory level and the Raptor News level were competently designed and could almost be fun to navigate if the platforming segments weren't so short. Other problems with this game have been mentioned to death in the other reviews, but I feel the facft that NT has a smidgen of creativity hasn't, and it would be unfair not to mention that. Other than that... Squirrel Spunk, fighting a demon foetus and the giant disembodied head of Bill O'Reily as bosses in this game should be enough to drive anyone off that hasn't been put off by the juvenile profanity-laden exchange between Donte and The Secret Ingredient (I refuse to call that thing a Succubus). Also, I have seen the interaction between Donte and Wergil (what I like to call Vergil in Name Only) being praised in the professional reviews and I don't understand why. It's soulless. The voice actors are either not talented enough to pull it off or are just bored out of their skulls, but I didn't find it quite as entertaining or ironically tragic as the exchange between the twins in DMC3. Overall, the game misses on so many notes it's impossible to give it a higher score, and that was for some slightly inspired platforming and one weapon that actually works with the lack of lock-on. Expand
  63. Jan 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Characters:
    Dante - First of all - The new Dante starts his day by getting drunk and **** two whores. If you played any other game, you will see how the old one is starting the game. Dick jokes. Everyone is saying how both Dantes are using cheesy jokes. But the new Dante hardly has a sense of humor and when he jokes, he is doing it like a douche. He will never miss the chance to drop the f bomb and his obsession with Kat is simply annoying. He is not stylish like his predecessor who likes to ride rockets and drive Harley on vertical walls. Instead of being an anti-hero, Ninja Theory made a rebellious emotional teen.
    Virgil - He was a super bad ass in the previous games. He defeated Dante on several accusations. And now he was staying in his basement plotting and hacking the whole time. In mission 19 he looked just silly.
    Kat - While useful character she had no character depth ( beside the cliche stuff about her past en **** I am telling this because she was heavily dependant on either Dante or Virgil (not making any decisions of her own whatsoever.).
    Mundus - The lord of hell. The lord of hell who can destroy a whole city with one outburst is controlling the world through dept? And giving two turtle ****s about his hair? Was he sick or something? NO BECAUSE HE IS **** IMMORTAL!

    Story - This trend about making stuff about "real world problems" is just sick...leave video games alone god damn it. Movies, music and documentary films are enough as it is.

    Combat system - I played the game on Nephilim and I dont plan on playing on harder modes since I dont plantouching the game again. While visual appealing, the combat system does not have dept either. I am saying this because I can make ss and sss by simply pressing one button. If you involve more buttons you are making things easier. No lock on target system which leads to frustrations from time to time.

    On disc DLC - yeah.
  64. Jan 17, 2013
    Bloody 5000 character cap...

    So I guess I'm going to keep this short. Let's just get one thing straight, though. If this weren't connected to DMC in any way, shape or form (which wouldn't be much, considering all one would have to do is change the name of the game and the characters), this could be an average hack n slash. There is SOME fun in the gameplay to be had. But that's the
    thing. This IS a DMC game, and it should be treated as such. And reviewed as such.

    The Gameplay, while it allows you to switch all weapons on the fly, simply doesn't have the same depth and fluidity of the previous games (even DMC3 and 4). Controls are convoluted (two dodge buttons, people, and neading to hold one of 2 buttons just to have a certain "stance), but the game is surprisingly easy (even on the hardest difficulty out of the box). Enemies are slow reacting idiots with pathetically easy to telegraph attacks, and only (marginally) pose a challenge when they are enemy types that HAVE to be killed off through specific weapons, forcing you to change your attack pattern against your leisure (this wasn't the case in previous games, as you could fight what you wanted, with whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted). Combos are relatively shallow, and half of the moves presented can be made entirely useless with a few select moves that can skyrocket the style meter (that will NEVER DROP unless you take a hit) while dealing maximum damage. Bosses are no better, and most of them can be beaten through set patterns, which would also deal maximum damage and skyrocket the style meter. Any difficulty the game has is through fake difficulty of fighting the free-form camera and through the "kill enemy X with specific weapon type" system they have in place, and not through intelligent and aggressive foes.

    Let's not even talk about the various glitches in the game, and the obvious graphical and framerate issues due to the over-done and poorly used Unreal Engine 3...

    Platforming segments are interesting, but can get boring really fast, especially considering the only "threat" you will face in these segments is missing a jump to a bottomless pit (which only takes away a small portion of your health, hardly punishing to the player). The "Run segments" have a false sense of urgency and only really operate through animation triggers (timed and tripped), and also have the problem of being to lenient if you "fail" (which is nigh-impossible to do). Environments CAN be pretty, but the art direction of the game to make it grungy and dirty kind of ruins the appeal to the more ethereal look to some of the stages.

    The game, in of itself, is VERY manipulative and hardly offers the player the room to be creative, instead opting to string the player along very linear segments most of the time, while also placing previously mentioned enemies that can only be killed via certain weapons and methods. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, but when you advertise a game that is SUPPOSED to endorse player creativity in game, it becomes a direct contradiction.

    While SOME fun can be had in the game, as mentioned before, it's repetitive and manipulative nature can in turn make things become alot more dull. Speaking of which, rewards for accomplishing usually more difficult tasks becomes painstakingly underwhelming when you (very quickly) figure out the nuances of the game. SSS ranks become easy, finding keys to secret doors becomes a chore, secret missions are generally easy, getting 100% completion in every mission (after acquiring certain weapons and skills to open certain doors and passages in previous levels that were initially impossible to pass) becomes more busywork for achievements/trophies than any real satisfaction.

    Let's talk about the story and dialog that Ninja Theory has been praised for in Heavenly Sword or Enslaved. If you liked the stories in those games, you will be SORELY disappointed with this one. The dialog stinks of a 13 year old mindset that just discovered cuss words and vulgarity, and when it's not being as raunchy as possible, it feels stilted and rather bland. The story itself, due to poorly written character interactions and the ludicrous amount of plot holes in this game alone, is a fest of cliches and cultural references that are supposed to be taken seriously. Top that off with the constant vulgarity, and you have this piss poor story. You can argue that DMC games never had great stories to begin with, but when one of the developers strong suits is SUPPOSED to be the story, and it ends up like it is, there is something SERIOUSLY wrong. Over all, if you are a self-respecting DMC fan, don't buy this game new. I'd suggest not to play it at all, but morbid curiosity get's the best of all of us. As for newcomers, DMC4 is available at bargain prices, and is a good place to start in the series for gameplay and lore alone. If you are a general fan of hack n slash, borrow, rent, or get it used at your own discretion.
  65. Jan 17, 2013
    Appallingly mediocre in every aspect. Everything from the sophomoric storyline to the painfully repetitive button mashing combat is a disappointment. The atmosphere of fun that has characterized the Devil May Cry series is gone, replaced by the same grimgritty slosh that has completely destroyed modern FPS games. If you are a 12 year old boy who has just discovered video games and the F-word and thinks rifle abortions are in no way horribly offensive, then this game is for you Expand
  66. Jan 17, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a beautiful game, it good storytelling, but it lacks the gameplay depth of the series, lacks surprises, and the majority of the gameplay was spoilered by Ninja Theory itself in their official walkthroughs.

    Just like Devil May Cry was trying to mimic God of War.... spawn enemies everywhere, poor move set, lots of cutscenes, and a lot of real-time events.

    You watch a lot of cool things, but play much less, and with much less quality. Playing it for the second time, you can barely find something new and worthy.

    Low frame rate, and LOTS of graphical glitches. Every hole you fall show unfinished places, and every cutscene flashes bad rendered frames at your eyes.
  67. Jan 17, 2013
    I have played the game, at a friend's house. And it's really embarrassing and awful. The dialogue sounds like something an "edgy" 13 year old wrote, the combat has been dumbed down from previous installments, and Dante just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I loved the original DMC so it's pretty sad to see the direction it went in, but hey, which game franchise HASN'T been altered recently? There's not much you can do when the casual gamer crowd outsells the hardcore gamer crowd. I'll just stick to playing games on my PS2. Oh and another thing, Ninja Theory publicly mocked its "fans" so they're not going to be getting my money, end of story. Expand
  68. Jan 17, 2013
    This is flat, simple game without soul. They kill beatyfull game series. Music bad, gameplay boring(2 buttons to get SSS), bad interface. Maybe, if this game not been DMC(What means Devil may cry), maybe it been not so bad.
  69. Jan 17, 2013
    Most of what could be said about DmC already has... But I shall do it again.

    Combat is totally basic, even a child can play it and go carnage, but does a child actually knows anything bout gameplay? The lack of Lock On is terrible, basicly you'll hit what the game WANTS you to hit, not what you do, the moves are also few, they might look like a lot, yet it might be even less than Nero
    had back at DMC4' time. Enemies are few, you'll face the chainsaw dudes and the flying babies to everywhere, and the other enemies are pretty much derived versions of them. The bosses here are pathetic, they're slow and predictable, but not in the usual way, you just know what they gonna do before they actually do it, a terrible thing for an action game. Guns are useless, just to say, the sole reason you can't go single move spam with whatever weapon is that some enemies requires a certain weapon to be defeated... A totally lame thing for an action game.

    So far the game gave me no reason to thing it is good, I saw a total noob playing and in less than 15 minutes he totally owned the three first missions without a single retry, he just got there and destroyed everything without problem...

    And now for the story... Just think about a hollywood movie, there' DmC for you, there is NOTHING original there, everything has been done before and will be done again, the cutscenes are just useless, they don't give you important information, or awesome moments, it is just a sequence, usually long and pointless, you know what will happen when you see it, 'cause it has been used many many times already... Shakespearean story? Shakespeare would laugh at it...

    Want to play it? You'll waste your time, get Anarchy Reins or even better, wait for Metal Gear Rising.
  70. Jan 17, 2013
    While this game has a pretty great combo system, the enemies you use them on are not particularly challenging and the only ones that take time to kill are only weak to either Angel or Devil attacks. This breaks up the flow on combat and feels arbitrary. In comparison to the previous DMC games which did have enemies that required certain attacks (like weakening them with gunfire before using melee moves), it's prohibitive. Even so, getting yourself high scores in this game is so easy from how the style metre works (it doesn't drop a grade unless you are hit), how the exploration rank carries over on each playthrough (meaning you only ever have to interact with the secret missions and Lost Souls once) and how finishing levels in a "quick" time is very easy. The layout of the levels is also very monotonous. If it's not floating platforms, it's large, bland rooms. It's simply boring to navigate and because they are so linear, getting lost is just not possible.
    The writing is also atrocious. Honestly, truly bad. Mainly it's the dialogue. If Dante isn't repeating something Vergil JUST said, he's swearing at enemies in a non-witty, non-charming way and it makes him very unlikable. Most of the characters are flat and I don't buy their motivations for doing what they do. On top of that, Lilith and Mundus are the most "human" feeling characters of them all, which makes some later and shocking scenes (I won't spoil it for people who don't know) side with them instead of the brothers. There's also a number of things that are never explained, such as what purpose Mundus' whole system serves, or why exactly only Nephilim can beat him when it seemed fairly simple. It also sets up Sparda as a character in the second mission but we never hear nor see him when we should have.

    Ultimately, the game has a nice combat system that while doesn't stand up to the speed and potential complexity of DMC 3 or 4, is still functional and fun. But that's about it. Nothing else about this game impressed me and the general attitude of both the creators of the game and the defenders of it towards the angry fans of the previous franchise, who have all made valid points as to why this game is bad(no, it's not simply about his hair colour) and why DMC shouldn't have been rebooted, has made me already dislike this game somewhat. I was hoping to be surprised by a hack n' slash that could blow me away as much as the previous DMCs did, but it didn't. It's bad, get the HD Collection and DMC4 instead.
  71. Jan 17, 2013
    I just finished the game, which kind of became a drag later on. Something I would have never expected from a Devil May Cry game. Most of the cutscenes and writing was just atrocious. I found myself lowering the volume during cutscenes because I got ashamed of al the profanity, mind you, I was playing ALONE. Pro's - I liked some of the music, though the placement was way off sometimes. - Some platforming was ok, better than most Devil May Cry games.
    - Wonderful enviromental design


    - Juvenile and shallow writing
    - bad story - characters are 1 dimensional as can be
    - character design is just plain bad
    - combat got boring really fast
    - game focusses on enemy's that need different weapons to take down later on in the game. This sacrifices creativity and combat freedom. The meaning of Devil May Cry games, if you ask me.
    - No replay value whatsoever
    - It's just waay to easy

    I honestly dont get all the great scores by reviewers, did they even play the game. Did they ever play a Devil May Cry game? All my hope in gaming journalism is gone, as of now.
  72. Jan 17, 2013
    -Dumbed down combat mechanics (You can do an SSS rank mashing only one button. Seriously?) -no auto lock (no automatic one doesnt count) - later levels are lacking in visuals, same with monsters vulnerable only to one type of attack that you need to constantly switch between which gets incredibly tedious and repetitive as the game progresses
    - emo dante - the abortion scene - all the ****
    YOU" level of writing. Seriously what the HELL is this? Is this what the franchise has become? Ninja Theory basically butchered this game making it a sad shell of its former self. Expand
  73. Jan 16, 2013
    Ruined a great series that didn't need a reboot. New characters = Bad. Gameplay = too simple. Boss fights = Crap. Difficulty = too easy Overall= worse than the contents of my toilet.
  74. Jan 16, 2013
    I'll try keeping this short. No, the hate this game is getting is not about the character or the hair color or any of that nonsense, believe me if that were the only problems I'd have already preordered it. The problem comes from the fact that in every factor, form the story, to the soundtrack, to the technical specs, and most importantly, the gameplay itself, is a let down from previous entries in the series. Add in the fact that Tameem has publicly insulted old fans of the series along with taking a dump over the franchise and you can hopefully understand why I'm a little upset. I'm not going to tell you not to enjoy this game, heck I hope you sincerely get your money's worth, but know that I hope, with all my heart, that this game fails. Hard. Not out of hatred for you guys, but in the hope that it'll make Capcom release Tameem is a hack and the chance for a proper DMC5 rises from the ashes. Yeah, not likely, but if nothing else you can consider this my little **** you" to Tameem. Expand
  75. Jan 16, 2013
    I still cant understand the rebooot. Little innovation with the combat, controls, or enemy AI. The game boxes you in with combat by making you use certain weapons to defeat certain enemies. If enemy is red, then devil weapon. huh? The color palette is not as colorful and contrasting as previous game. See DMC 4. Lastly, the bosses are not memorable. Ign who game the game a review of 9 only cited 1 memorable boss out of their top 10 DMC bosses. DMC 4 sold 2.73 million copies and Capcom is only expecting 2 million in sales. Another bad decision by Capcom Expand
  76. Jan 16, 2013
    In my opinion this so-called "reboot" (I'm not convinced a reboot was even needed) rates very poorly. From the dumbing-down and over simplification of the combat mechanics to microscopic missions that take you from point A to point B with nothing more than a few enemies sprinkled here and there for you to kill along the way. This game falls flat on several fronts when measured against the standard set by most of the previous entries in the Devil May Cry saga .As far as I'm concerned this game has the air of a Devil May Cry game but not its heart. Expand
  77. Jan 16, 2013
    a complete mess of a DMC game.. not even a decent action game for that matter.. looking at it as its own, game lacks many functions to be considered enjoyable.. i mean its a bit jaggy on the ps3, super easy with auto-win button, infinite air grab, and redundant weapons like the guns and angel weapons.. comparing it to DMC is another thing; platforming is outta nowhere, removal of styles, easy SSS, removal of lock-on.. granted the only saving grace is the level design which looks cool honestly.. story of a horrible rehash of the original, only more in-depth and in result more corny.. DMC series was built upon parodies when it comes to stories, so taking a game like this seriously is the recipe of disaster. doesn't help that Dante and Kat are unlikable, so is Vergil and Mundus for that matter.. the Dialogue is the baddest thing about this game, childish profanity and corny lines just makes you cringe at every moment where there's a cut-scene.. speaking of which cut-scenes are unskippable here, and some happen mid boss-battle.. so in conclusion save your dollars for something better coming out this year(like Metal Gear Rising, GOW: Ascension, and Lords of Shadow 2); there are many action games worth the purchase.. and if you are really into DMC, i'd suggest the HD collection of DMC4 again..

    +good level design

    -corny and cheesy storyline
    -removal of lock on and styles
    -enemies barely attack you
    -broken devil weapons and infinite air grabs
    -SSS achieved easily
    -ebony and ivory plus the angel weapons are very weak
    -no reason for platforming
    -childish and corny dialogue
    -unlikable protagonist
    -unskippable cutscenes
    -cutscenes during boss battles
  78. Jan 16, 2013
    I usually wouldn't give that low of a score to a game. But this game deserves a solid 0 for deceiving its fan base. It's being advertised as to find out who Dante was was before becoming the demon hunter. But the actuality, this Dante is a completely new character with no relation to the previous games and his behavior is what you called teen angst at best. The combat is especially sluggish, and the plot made references on how government is corrupt and we need to stand up and to face the demon: the government. Like we haven't heard this before, I can't see how anyone can like this game except some teenagers with over flowing testosterone. This game gets a light to a strong 0. Expand
  79. Jan 16, 2013
    The game is extremely mediocre. Combat consists of mashing two buttons to flail randomly in the air. Enemies rarely move or attack, and even more so for the bosses who are all very easy even on the hardest difficulty. Also the controls are not very good or precise.
    There are tons of boring platforming segments to pad the game with artificial length and difficulty. The voice acting is very
    poor in general. The game's dialog is very bad and has far too much fowl language. Many times, I feel that the game is trying far too hard to be hip and edgy which nauseates me. The game's moving/changing environments are very boring since they do not affect the gameplay and only add sub-par platforming segments. Also the story is very boring and generally bad. Expand
  80. Jan 16, 2013
    Gameplay is simpler.
    Gameplay is easier.
    The Story has shameful characters.
    The Graphics are ok, as the music style. But these 2 elements just can't save the game.
  81. Jan 16, 2013
    Do not listen to the critics when they say its a 10/10 game. this is a very boring game with noting to remember it by but how bad it is. Critics think they speak for everyone when they rate a game, but really they speak only from the ignorance from them selves when they try promote a game to be what it is not, and this game is teenage junk.
  82. Jan 16, 2013
    Now this is whay I call a 'hyped-as-hell game that disappoint you in the end when you make the mistake of give it a try'... -Slow and laggy gameplay, compared to DMC4 and even DMC3... -No Lock-on, no taunts -No Styles -Bad storytelling, bad dialogues. -Bad choice in music -Lame ending -DLC... The only good thing are the graphics, but shiny visuals are not enough if the game is bad and mediocre. After one playthrough, you lose the will to replay it... Not worth buying. Expand
  83. Jan 16, 2013
    Calling Ninja Theory was a big mistake... I don`t feel an evolution in the franchise, and this is the fifth game of DMC. Less weapons than the previous games, with the same exact combos and they do exactly the same! WHY!? I know that Ninja Theory games don`t have good gameplay, but, come on! This is boring as hell! For being the 5th installment in the franchise, it should be better, but this is like a mediocre PS2 hack n´ slash before the first DMC existed. Also, because of the RED/BLUE enemies, you`re restricted to attack them with specific weapons, downgrading the deep in combat. Also, the lack of lock-on is annoying and sometimes the camera moves wherever it want. Textures pop-ups and bad shadows also make me thing I`m playing a 1990 game. Enviroments look great, not doubt about it, but just the first scenarios, the later ones look boring, like they get tired at the end. And speaking of the end, the ending is one of the worst ending in the history of gaming. Looks like a 12 years old boy wrote this story... Dialogue was horrible. New Dante is no more ssstylish. He is just an unlikable annoying douche... Vergil is predictable and Kat is just Kat... Boring gameplay, boring storytelling. This reboot was unnecessary... Expand
  84. Jan 16, 2013
    They changed the story, characters, character appearance is the least and yet the choice was unfortunate.
    Never took the knowledge of the fate which the series should make it clear that the fans huh **** Capcom and Ninja Theory that really matters is money.
    Even comes with a little joke in the game to offend longtime fans putting a wig on "Dante".
    Look at all this change agrees with
    independent have liked the game or not that person is not a fan of the series.
    But if put in place the fans and if Kratos, Master Chief, Marcus Fenix ​​or even book character that was switched to another type adaptation movies or series you also hate.
  85. Jan 16, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that this is not a "bad game" really. It's a mediocre action-platformer with nice environments. The problem is, while it may have been a solid 6, maybe 7 if it had been released as an original IP.

    The problem is, they didn't. They released it as a Devil May Cry game, which quite frankly is held to a much higher bar than this game was. The combat is shallow,
    the dialogue is atrocious and sounds like something an edgy teenager would post on his social media. They told us over and over that this game had SHAKESPEAREAN writing, was far better than any of the previous games, that this game would save the series. Which is odd, considering that over seven million copies of DMC4 were sold, making it the 11th best-selling game of all time, not even counting the PC sales. In addition, the fans of the previous games were blatantly mocked for liking the previous games, being told that we are "entitled" and "not cool".

    I won't go into the whole thing about Dante's looks. It's been discussed to death and not really why anybody is angry at this game. The problem lies in the mechanics and gameplay of the game.

    1.) The difficulty is effectively gone. It used to be that the game pushed you to your limits, regardless of which difficulty you were on. It was tough, but rewarding; achieving SSS was difficult to both obtain, and maintain. In the new entry, you can reach SSS in a single blow, and so long as you are not struck, you will keep it. Difficulty does not change this; all it changes are health/damage numbers and spawn locations. There is no reason to master the system outside of beating the final boss.

    2.) The game runs at 30 frames per second. Normally this is not an issue, nor does it concern me. The problem here is that DmC is a game that relies on reflexes, combos, etc. At times, it struggles with even 30, despite the limited number of enemies actually present in combat at any given time. This is due to the aging engine that the developers insisted on using, not normally used for an action game requiring high-speed input and reaction.

    3.) Styles have been completely abandoned. They were ways to customize your character even more, to suit your playstyle; whether it was a focus on firearms, melee combat, blocking, dodging, etc. This provided the game with a great deal of replayability, and holds up as a fine combat system to this day.

    4.) Weaponswitching is now gone. Instead of a large arsenal of exchangable weapons, we get a small selection of weapons that we may not deviate from. To add to this problem, later in the game you may not even kill enemies the way you want. There are enemies present in the game that can only be killed with specific weapons; the rest will deal no damage to that target. This removes choice and replayability from the game, and makes combat in later levels a chore. The game even features ground tiles that will damage you if you don't have the proper weapon equipped, essentially removing freedom from several game sections.

    5.) Bosses are easy. Before, they were designed to make you think on your feet, to use all that you'd learned up until that point, to force you to grow as a player. In DmC, they are about pattern recognition and performing the same monotonous movements again and again. They're also constantly interrupted by cutscenes, serving to break up the flow of combat (almost always unnecessarily.)

    We wanted to like this game. We really did. But every single thing DmC does, a previous DMC does better, and at a better framerate. None of the themes present in the previous games are present in this one, instead opting for heavy-handed sexual and "fight the man" themes, punctuated with constant, unnecessary profanity.

    Again, this game was not a bad game. It was a mediocre action-platformer with good environments. But it claims the name of Devil May Cry, a high standard which it falls very, very short of. If you have never played a Devil May Cry game before, this may entertain you if you can get past the juvenile characterization. If you are a fan, then this game will likely leave you sobbing in the corner.
  86. Jan 16, 2013
    While the original series could be easily considered a classic, the recent reboot of the DmC series by Ninja Theory is anything but good. Mediocre gameplay combined with a drastically changed look and an unfavourable character makes this piece quite possibly the worst in its series.
  87. Jan 16, 2013
    If you buy this game, you are endorsing that this type of game is okay to develop and sell. Make a stand and make sure that Capcom sees as little money from this game as possible. RIP Great Series.
  88. Jan 16, 2013
    Do not listen to payed review sites this is the worse DmC ever created. The game is shallow with repetitive combat and with a lame story for 15 year olds.
  89. Jan 16, 2013
    The original Devil May Cry series is known for single-handedly inventing the modern action genre. Without it none of the current blockbuster series like God of War would exist. These games can be summed up with two things: Stylish, skill based combat and a great narrative with movie quality cutscenes and over the top cool characters.
    You won't find any of that in DmC. But let's start with
    the rare high notes:
    The art design of the levels, especially the limbo world, is beautiful to look at and makes room for great and creative level design, which is accomplished almost 100% of the time. Graphics are well done thanks to the unreal engine, but some muddy textures snuck their way in here and there. Lighting is horrible at times, especially on the character models, which themselves look out of place and seem to have rubberish, clayish skin outside of pre-rendered cutscenes - a shame.
    On the first glimpse the combat system is fluent and fun, but fans of the franchise will soon notice that it has been dumbed down drastically. Instead of using different moves and combos to get a high style meter, the same thing can be achieved by just mashing one button. The depth of combat has gone. Boss battles are neat to look at and could/should have been the highlight of the game, but when you get down to it the most boring part of it, as there is no challenge to be found here, other than memorizing a few patterns.
    The most annoying part is that the narrative doesn't even encourage you to stick with it until the enividable "twist" at the end, which everybody knows it coming right from the start. All the dialoge is heinously written, with all it being just a race to the next swear word, which makes all characters, but especially the lead, Dante, just a bunch of unrelatable jerks. And if you don't root for your hero there is no point in playing the game. Summery: Coded by professionals, written by infants, directed by monkeys. If you like easy combat and disregard the story completely, this game is for you. All the others: STAY AWAY!!!
  90. Jan 15, 2013
    Definitely worst in the series - I can cancelled my pre-order after playing the demo. Combat sucks and the lack of creativity hispter much? Anyway don't waste your money and buy this crap unless you are a hispter.
  91. Jan 15, 2013
    I dislike this game because, it's too much different from the previous titles and it's different in a bad way. I am totally shocked how they changed the main character, and casualised the gameplay. I do believe it could've been a good game if it had a different name, but as a DMC game it's a total disaster. nuclear waste esperava que respeitasse os fâs
  92. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a really, really bad game. The framerate tanks constantly for no discernible reason, the enemies just stand around waiting for you to kill them, and the bosses have a grand total of about 2 attacks each. If you want a generic bad action game on the same level as Dante's Inferno, this is the game for you! If you want an actual good action game, Grab DMC4, the HD collection, or Bayonetta.
  93. Jan 15, 2013
    A soulless God of War clone, unchallenging one button action, terrible characters and dialogue. Some interesting art direction but doesn't get incorporated into any interesting gameplay. Don't believe the scandalous array of 'professional' critics who have whored themselves out. Or the numerous fake 10/10 user reviews where they have reviewed zero other games or - shock horror - other Ninja Theory games with glowing praise. This game and the fake marketing just reeks of s%%t Expand
  94. Jan 15, 2013
    It's obvious that the developers had no respect for fans. The game is also buggy as hell and the style system is broken. See YouTube videos to verify both of those claims.
  95. Jan 15, 2013
    Shakesperean story. A tragic tale of demons, angels, edgy developers and dead fetuses. With an outstanding 30 fps, no lock on, easy grappling and shady AI, the game gives beginners the chance to rock like a pro without having to learn anything. Grab the stick and before you realize you will be screaming **** YOU too like your favorite hero, XXXDONTETHEDEMONKILLAH420XXX. Dont listen to "fake reviews", buy them game now. Expand
  96. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First off, let's get something straight. I was completely fine with the redesign of Dante, I even welcomed it. I thought that the look of the characters wouldn't matter and that the gameplay is what really matters. Then the demo came out, and I immediately started to dislike Dante. There is not one likable thing about him. But the characters don't matter, as long is the gameplay is good. However, the gameplay is just as unlikable as the character. The controls are awkward, and combat is designed to cater to the type of players that don't want to actually play a game but rather just look cool while button mashing, guns are useless, and the moveset is extremely limited. The gameplay feels like it was tacked on as an afterthought. The platforming is uninspired and gets boring really quickly. The environments are really good at first, but get really dull only a couple of missions in the game. But that's not even the worst thing about this game. The story, which is claimed to be 'Shakespearean' and could 'rival the best that film has to offer' is nothing more than bad fanfiction written by the quiet edgy kid that you knew in high school. A generic 'Government is evil, fight the man!' plot with obvious plays on Anonymous and Fox news that also has magical spray cans filled with squirrel semen, **** YOU' battles with a giant worm-like succubus, and sniper rifle abortions. Yes, that's right, sniper rifle abortions. There's a scene in which one of the protagonists, Vergil, shoots a pregnant Lilith in her womb, lets her realize what he's done, and then kills her, while holding a smile the whole time. As if this wasn't bad enough, Dante even tells Mundus, the childs father, that he enjoyed watching the wet chunks fall. This isn't badass, it's incredibly disturbing and makes me seriously wonder what the **** is going on in the writers head. The voice acting in this game is mediocre at best. I never felt any kind of emotion come from the characters. They always seemed uninspired and just plain bored. Also, the music choice was not the best. I don't know whose idea it was to put dubstep in this game, but it was a terrible idea. Dubstep does not fit in any video games besides Beat Hazard or something like it. TLDR: The characters are bad, the story is bad, gameplay is bad, and the music is bad. I feel really generous giving this game a 3/10. I would not recommend this to anybody that enjoys having fun. Unless you're a die-hard DMC fan and just NEED to own every game in the series, then stay away from this. Expand
  97. Jan 15, 2013
    The Game is absolute garbage son, it is by far the most simple, easy, casual entry in the Devil May Cry series. It also doesn't even run at 60 FPS, it's locked at 30, what the hell is that **** son? This is an action game for **** sake. Terrible, generic "EVIL MEDIA" story, and even worse writing and character dialogue, I cringed every time someone would open their mouth. Character and enemy designs are very poor and unoriginal. while the Devil May Cry series has always been very linear, DmC takes it to a whole new height, even beating Final Fantasy 13 in this department.

    This game is a slap in the face of anyone ever played and enjoyed a previous Devil May Cry game, and insulting to the intelligence of any newcomers to the series. Do not buy this game and support the outsourcing of key Capcom franchises to fourth rate Western studios.
  98. Jan 15, 2013
    I'll be short: Gameplay is a big step down from DMC 3/4, its been casualised so anyone can achieve SSS with a couple of combos it actually is more akin to God of War than Devil May Cry.

    Platforming is boring and way too much, bosses are the whole game in general are super easy, the story is a rip-off of "They Live" and in one cutscene a major character shoots a pregnant woman. Music is
    horrible dubstep but if you like that kind of thing then good for you.

    The scenarios are cool and very creative but thats about the only thing good in this game. As a stand alone game I would give it a 6/10 but as a Devil May Cry game is a gigantic step back.
  99. Jan 15, 2013
    I can cope with dante's new looks but vergil's face ..... Oh's just unacceptable If you even played one of the previous games except the second one you dont want to ruin your memories by playing this **** ... job well done....thank you capcom for ruining another one.
  100. Jan 15, 2013
    I came into this game with an open mind, I didn't care about the redesign also long as the game play was intact since Devil May Cry has never been about story. The combat is terrible, The enemies are punching bags that barely do anything even on Dante must Die mode. The game constantly drops below 30 frames per second despite the fact that it's predecessors ran at 60. The lack of hard lock-on means you will be constantly attacking enemies you did not want to attack and your move set is much smaller than previous games. The styles meter is now damage based, which means you can spam the same move over and over to reach SSS rank. Finally series staples much as taunting and styles have been removed. Everything they have done to this game is a step back from previous games, every previous Devil May Cry game has added features and built upon previous games, while this game removes features and adds nothing of value.

    TLDR: The game is a piece of garbage that's worse than Devil May Cry 2 save yourself $60 and don't buy it.

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Jul 30, 2013
    If nothing else, DmC is sure to entertain with many hours of button hammering, fizzing combat. However, the experience as whole has hugely benefitted from a reboot and those who are familiar with the series will appreciate the new features and relish the opportunity relive Dante’s origin story. DmC, as a combat driven action title has held together the soul of the franchise, while enhancing all in-game features to create a unique experience for everyone.
  2. Ninja Theory deserves credit for not only delivering smooth combat and telling an entertaining story, but also for crafting detailed character models without lip-synch errors, who show real emotion and wear clothing that moves along with them. This is what a 2013-game should look like. [February 2013, p.72]
  3. Mar 12, 2013
    Ninja Theory are calling the DMC shots now and they're doing it well. The fighting mechanics are a little bit easier to master and perhaps not as deep as before, but on the other hand the storytelling is improved with skillfully crafted cutscenes. Put up with a rather dull introduction and you're in for a great game.