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  1. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is simply 'Meh'. There is nothing outstanding that will warrant a purchase.

    Under normal circumstances I would rate it higher, if the game wasn't pretending to be a Devil May Cry game. I've noticed in official reviews that the game is apparently 'amazing compared to Devil May Cry 1' which I think may be a decade old by this point.

    Big game reviewers are trying to claim this
    game is fantastic, gripping and amazing - You can see who gets ad revenue from Capcom if their reviews sing along those lines.

    This game is Heavenly Sword with terrible story and writing, nothing written in this game is worth listening to. Fear for your sanity if you are looking forward to this story.

    This game is a shell of the former glory that was DMC3 and (the Dante parts) of DMC4.
    Honestly, I think that Ninja Theory only played DMC2 and Nero in DMC4 when they were designing this mess.

    In closing, this game is average. I rated it slightly lower because it's trying to be DMC.
    Fanboys, please don't immediately scream hate in my direction, I tried to be as unbiased as possible when playing this, and I'm not particularly happy with the death of one of my favorite franchises.
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    Old Dante was campy. New Dante is crass. Dumbed down combat. Over abundant platforming. Sub 30 frames per second. It's all the stuff you keep hearing, and it's all true. On the pass or fail scale, this game gets a 0. Fail.
  3. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Right, first off I will try my damnedest to review this game as a new series as opposed to a sequel to Devil May Cry. First, the major reason this game is getting so much flak: the story. and characters. While this game was intended to have a great story compared to other games of the same genre, DmC fails horribly at being either an interesting or fun story. I suppose it isn't that the story is bad, but rather it feels forced. There's a cutscene at the start of a chapter, one at the end, and some in-between the chapters. Not so bad, right? But they end up taking more time to go through than the actually playing the game. And my god, the characters. Kat is the only one that is semi-likable, probably because she's rather passive. Dante is on of the inconsistent characters I've seen in a long time. And the antagonists. It's been a while since I've seen sympathetic antagonists, but I don't think I've ever seen one that was meant to be a big bad type of guy, yet the protagonists managed to far, far worse. An example: Kat is taken hostage by Mundus, the big bad. Dante managed to capture his wife, Lilith, and offers her to Mundus. He accepts, and gives Kat to Dante. Vergil shoots Lilth, which I forgot to mention is pregnant, in the stomach, let's her realize what happens, then kills her, all the while he is smiling. Dante never even asks why Vergil did it, either, and even taunts Mundus about his dead child and wife. Don't think that tit was Ninja Theory's intention to make Vergil seem like the bad guy either, as something similar happened in Enslaved before it was fixed by an outside writer. But even of the story, the gameplay is where it should shine. If you can get past the scythe, Rebellion and guns being useless. Or the boring enemies that telegraph their attacks miles away, or the repetitive platforming that is forced in pretty much every mission, or the constant cutscenes that plague the game. The combat is fun, by far the best combat from Ninja Theory yet. Unfortunately, fun combat does not help the boss fights. Out of six bosses, only one is one-on-one fast paced boss. The rest of them, like the regular enemies, telegraph their moves a mile away, with a cutscene roughly every one fourth of their health bar that, again, breaks any kind of flow of combat there might have been. I feel very generous giving the game a 2/10, as there are better games coming out within the next few months. I would not recommend this game to any one unless they could get it for ~20$. If the storys is something that you're interested in, I would recommend They Live. Hell, it even has better combat than DmC. If you're interested in the combat, the DMC collection is a pretty damn good collection. I still don't know why they skipped making a second DMC game and just went to the third one though...
    TLDR: The game's story is bad, the characters are horrible, the environments are neat but useless in the end, there are constant framerate drops, which is even worse compared to the 360 version , almost a constant 15 frames in combat, the combat, while fun, is covered with bad platforming and constant cutscenes, and last, the horrible, horrible voice acting and models of the characters.
  4. Jan 15, 2013
    I dislike this game because, it's too much different from the previous titles and it's different in a bad way. I am totally shocked how they changed the main character, and casualised the gameplay. I do believe it could've been a good game if it had a different name, but as a DMC game it's a total disaster.
  5. Jan 15, 2013
    No lock on, no taunt button, broken style system, horrible characters, 30 FPS, terrible dialogue, bland enemies, mediocre boss battles and so much more. Yeah the game isn't Devil May Cry anymore. The combat is vastly inferior compared to its predecessor.
  6. Jan 17, 2013
    -Dumbed down combat mechanics (You can do an SSS rank mashing only one button. Seriously?) -no auto lock (no automatic one doesnt count) - later levels are lacking in visuals, same with monsters vulnerable only to one type of attack that you need to constantly switch between which gets incredibly tedious and repetitive as the game progresses
    - emo dante - the abortion scene - all the ****
    YOU" level of writing. Seriously what the HELL is this? Is this what the franchise has become? Ninja Theory basically butchered this game making it a sad shell of its former self. Expand
  7. Jan 15, 2013
    First, let's talk about what's good: The graphics are acceptable, as is expected from an unreal engine game.The color palette is good, (but slowly worsens and turns bland over the course of the game.) Depending on who you are, the ease of play* can be a selling point. Virgil's voice actor put out a good performance. Finally, I think that the art-direction for the game environments was very good in some places, although the level design itself was bland. Now, the bad. Where can one even begin? This game is an abortion (you see what I did there? Nice shot, Virgil. har har) when it comes to being a Devil May Cry game. Seemingly everything that was well loved about its namesake- challenging enemies and incredibly deep combat mechanics- has been thrown out. Instead, we are presented with shallow, repetitive "gameplay" that was seemingly added on as an afterthought and is only there to serve as a vehicle to move the juvenile, fanfiction-quality plot forward. We are shuttled from one un-interesting cutscene to the next by annoying, glitchy platforming. Sometimes, these glitches cause one to die- prepare to acquaint yourself with the loading screen. However, dying has little consequence, as save-points are everywhere. This sucks what little tension was left out of the "gameplay." I put quotation marks around the word gameplay for the following reason: From some point at the middle of the game, actual combat gameplay is completely overshadowed by the narrative. In one particular mission, now infamously known as the "baby killing level," absolutely no combat is required at all. Why is this game a reboot of a series known for its combat when it is nothing like the others? Why is it named "Devil May Cry"? On that note, let's turn our attention to another problem with this game: The characters. Dante is no longer a happy-go-lucky action-hero caricature that eats strawberry sundaes. Instead, he's a foul-mouthed teenybopper who smokes cigarettes in his high school bathroom and has a problem with authority. The supporting cast, particularly Dante's brother, has also seen significant changes for the worse. Finally, I want to talk about the attitudes of this game's creators and the gaming media which is too quick to come to their defense. From the very first showing of this game, Devil May Cry fans have been told that what they enjoyed about the previous games were wrong. In spite of this, the enormous amount of negative attention which the game received cowed the developers into making certain changes. However, none of the issues which fans have brought their protestations against have been met with maturity or decency. DmC's creative director and Ninja Theory talking head Tameem Antoniades has gone out of his way to appear callous and loathing towards fans of the series, repeatedly calling those who have questioned his "artistic vision" as "haters," borrowing a phrase currently in vogue with suburban twelve year olds and phoney media outlets. Antoniades' actions have alienated much of the original Devil May Cry fanbase, who learned quickly that this game is not marketed towards them. If they will not buy the game, that means that a new market must be found. Enter CAPCOM's marketing blitz. Virtually every "genuine" review of DmC up until released lauded immense praise on the game, skimming over multiple faults and plainly ignoring the fact that it is, in some ways, a resoundingly mediocre gaming experience. Each media outlet has been very consistent in ending their reviews, whatever their wording might be, with extremely high numerical scores. Something stinks. CAPCOM, faced with several financial (if not critical) failures like Resident Evil 6 is banking on this game succeeding. Therefore, they have turned the media hype machine to eleven. Every review must shine, and pay no mind to the advertisement for the game in the banner ads... ahem... In closing, this game is a stain upon its lineage and the bizarro idolization of it by the media only solidifies the divide between gaming "journalism" and reality in the minds of gamers everywhere. The irony isn't lost on us, you know: A game whose story is centered on corporate mind control and evil media, being forced down the throats of gamers by a sleazy corporation and corrupt gamer "journalism" that is about as impartial as a toy commercial. Ninja Theory: In the words of Dante from DmC, "You're an ###hole." I give this corporate shlock and the media noise-pollution surrounding it a 3 out of 10 for "awful". Expand
  8. Jan 15, 2013
    This review gets a lower score as the PS3 version is notably worse than the 360 version. Anyways, Devil May Cry 3 is often considered to be the best game in its genre and even the best action/adventure game ever made. It's combination of simple intuitive controls, deep fast paced combat, challenging bosses, and wildly entertaining cutscenes with cool characters solidified its status as an all time classic. So DmC has some huge shoes to fill. And it fails on almost all regards. The gameplay manages to both be dumbed down yet harder to play. The controls are less intuitive and there's a slight delay in everything you do be it dodging or switching weapons. Without lockon there are issues with attacking the wrong enemy. The weapons are unbalanced as hell, the scythe is completely useless while the glaive and axe are gamebreaking. The enemy design is awful. The game is at its best when you are surrounded with several standard enemies, but the game insists on making you fight enemies who limit your moves. This guy can only be hit by this weapon, that guy by that weapon, etc. The further you get in the game the more the game consists of only these unfun pace-breaking enemies. Why even give you more weapons and moves to use if the game won't let you use them? The bosses are a pitiful easy joke not even worth talking about. Cutscenes that are unskippable break up the gameplay all the time and kill replay value. What we have been given is a shallow, simplistic casual game that is supposed to be rebooting a series known for being deep and hardcore. The platforming adds nothing but time to the game, it isn't fun yet it comprises almost half the gameplay. All in all the gameplay is absolutely awful compared to the predecessors this game is supposed to be living up to. Storywise Ninja Theory games are supposed to be strong, but that is not the case here. The plot is predictable and lifted entirely from They Live with a few other sources ripped off as well. The narrative proceeds with little character development and is utterly dull and generic. The voice acting is surprisingly unemotional, several lines in the game are botched, and the battle cries and pain noises sound amateur at best. The characters are bland and unlikable with only a few major exceptions. The soundtrack is mostly terrible. There's a few good songs in the game but most of the time it's just awful electronic mashing that anybody could make with no effort on a laptop. Even the final boss theme is horrible and boring electronic BFFFDDKKKWOOOOEW garbage. The best part of this game is the visuals. It's gorgeous, especially for a UE3 game. The colors are nice and vibrant and varied, the environments are extremely cool looking, and there are a lot of neat visual effects in the game I didn't know UE3 was capable of. Sadly though the environments get more generic and uninspired the more the game goes on, and the lighting effects are irritating at many points. All in all DmC: Devil May Cry isn't a good hardcore action game. Maybe it's a good casual action game, but that isn't what anybody wants out of Devil May Cry, and that isn't what the title is being advertised as. Also the practices the companies and journalists have applied to this game are appalling and insulting, this game is a huge sign to look to when it comes to corruption in the video game industry. Expand
  9. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Before I go into the game, remember this took close to five years to be developed with an already established game engine.

    Story: What can I say, it really just sounds like someone has issues with life. Dante is some guy living in a trailer who is brought in to help fight against the demons who secretly rule the world using mind controlling soft drinks. Besides the immature dialogue and the see through plot, the characters themselves have no redeeming points. Dante harasses the humans he's trying to protect and be's a jerk to everyone except the girl he likes. Vergil kills a child in the womb and allows the mother a moment to realise her child is dead before he kills her as well and laughs about it.
    These two are brothers and while the relationship is established during the game, it just feels forced and when they inevitably fight because of opposing opinions (Vergil offended Dante's girl) there's no feeling to it. Overall the story has stolen many ideas and concepts from other movies and games that executed them better.

    The Gameplay is what the DMC franchise is known for. The lack of a lock on button means you'll be flailing around as the jittery camera spins during fights. The combos aren't as impressive as you think, in the old series tying your combos together helped gain a better score and allowed you easier means to beat your enemies. In this game, you can get a good score by either finding poorly hidden secrets (big red shiny door that glows) or by using a move with the axe that allows an instant SSS (highest style score). The bosses aren't challenging even on the highest difficulties. The poison fight was the most hilarious. When the boss does it's sweep attack, you can parry it which allows you to drag it down *cut scene* allowing you ten seconds to pummel it. Fair enough...except your attacks can finish it off within that ten seconds and then *cut scene*. Every boss is like this, one you find their weakness they are easily demolished. Worse yet, if you don't kill them in that ten seconds they rise and do the exact same attack again without fail allowing you over and over again if need be to pummel them without fear of being hit.
    Switching the weapons really feels pointless for starters when you gain an axe near the start of the game which does incredibly damage to everything. But you have to hold triggers down and tap the d-pad until you find the weapon you want and by then your rythem will be messed up. Oh yeah, style metres don't drop unless your hit, which would be a problem if the enemies attacked you. I waited fifteen seconds at one stage for one of them to attack me! Then when they attack they strike a pose, wait three seconds while their weapons flashes brightly signalling an attack, your given the option of choosing to use two evade buttons (they do the same thing) or jump out the way. Still, despite the combat, you'll be holding out for these moments as the rest of the seven hour game is filled with plat forming and jumping. Wouldn't mind this if the game wasn't a Hack 'n' Slash proclaimed to be the best of it's genre with great combat.
    The devil trigger feels to me like a slap in the face to the old fans. I didn't get involved in all the wars between the two fanbases, but why does a 'Devil' trigger make him get white hair and a Red coat? I thought that was the point of a reboot was to bring life into a franchise and to reinvigorate it, so they give you a button that makes the new Dante look like old Dante (despite him apparently being uncool, a loser, unfashionable)?
    He is half angel, half demon...why not just call it his 'Trigger' / 'Release' / 'Ascension' mode or something? Devil trigger implies he turns into a demon...

    Sound and Audio is a meh. Personally I'm not into recorded human farts (I wish I was joking here) and little pops that represent gunfire. The sounds are lackluster but it's a damn sight better than the dialogue which consists of "F**K YOU!" - "YOU WH**E". I honestly wouldn't mind if this wasn't forced upon you and felt like it suited the game and the atmosphere but it just sounds juvenile.

    Re-playability is really up to the user. Me? I won't be touching it again and will be dropping it off at my nearest game store. The secrets aren't really that good, the DLC just adds extra costumes (why they included a DMC 3 Dante outfit when they already have a Dante Trigger I don't know?) a game mode that all the others DMC games except the first had for free and a Vergil's downfall which is sort of a spoiler if you haven't already seen the entire game on Youtube or paid much attention to the games story (which I can't really condemn you for)

    Overall I could have gone alot more into detail on this game on just how BAD it is. For years we've had journalists saying this is the best game ever and will beat all expectations, but this is just pathetic. Five years and this is it?. It may have the name Devil May Cry but it will never have it's light!
  10. Jan 15, 2013
    There's just nothing remarkable at all about this game. The combat is simple and altogether indistinguishable from any other God of War clone, in the same vein as Ninja Theory's other titles. But where those games were made enjoyable by their ancillary features such as their art direction or writing, DmC fails in all regards. The music ranges from bland to ear molestation. The writing is tonally inconsistent and the characters are universally unlikable. The art direction right down to the color palette are derivative and just hard to look at. This is a simple action game that likes of which has been seen dozens of times before, with nothing at all positive to separate it from its brethren. Expand
  11. Jan 15, 2013
    A disgrace to the Devil May Cry franchise. This game killed the whole series with it's awful combat, awful characters and awful storyline. Nothing that made people love the series is left with DmC: Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory and Capcom did a horrible job on this game.
  12. Jan 15, 2013
    dmc devil may cry is a shameless reboot to a great franchise,this game has obscene violence and even a sex scene in it. ninja theory claim its a shakespear-esk game but in reality its a pitiful game
  13. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Judging the game by comparing it to the earlier installments I have to say is a lackluster experience, not because of the redesign, not because of the somewhat weird political commentary, but because the gameplay is way slower than even DMC2 which was the worst of the classic series in that regard, the lack of a dedicated lock on button and the unnecessary platform segments (for an action game) really makes this one lose points. Also the music is kind of not quite fitting but different people have different tastes. Is worth mentioning though SPOILERS: The scene where Vergil decides to force an abortion on Lilith is disgusting and completely unsettling, if the plot was a satire or parody the scene shows bad taste, if it was serious then sorry but is not engaging, there are a lot of emotions and feelings one likes to have when playing videogames, but disturbed by a woman crying for her unborn child being killed is not one of them. The game overall is below average, rent it or get it used. Expand
  14. Jan 15, 2013
    Between the simplified gameplay, a plot stolen from "They Live" and unimpressive technology it is hard to see how this game has been getting such high scores from "professional" critics. A cynic would guess that they were bribed, or maybe Capcom has applied pressure on the. Who knows.

    The game itself is nothing to write home about. The characters are unlikable, the gameplay mindlessly
    unchallenging and repetitive and the dialogue sounds like something a rebellious teenager would think is the coolest thing ever.

    There is really no other reason to get this game other than to annoy fans of the original DMC.
  15. Jan 15, 2013
    First of all, I'm not some huge DMC fan. Infact, the only game in the series I've beaten to completion is DMC 4. So I'll mostly be talking about this game as a stand alone, rather than a continuation of the series (which quites honestly, it's barely that). The only good thing going for this game is the combat. But even that is flawed in many respects. The weapons have a strong newness and powerful feel to them for the first half of the game that disappears later on as enemies start demanding certain types used. This destroys any semblance of flow the game may have had. This coupled with a meaningless combo system (since you can get SSS without trying) leaves everything feeling generally hollow.

    The environment has much the same issue. At first it's an interesting romp through many varied and somewhat interesting zones, and while the scenery looks nice, it does nothing save throw you into the occasional, overly simplistic platforming puzzle. When I said it's like the combat, well, I meant that it gets worse as time goes on. The scenery just becomes generic and boring later on, as if the devs just gave up and said **** it".

    The story is where the game truly dims. Everyone knows it at this point: the story is childish, cliched, and seemingly written by a 12 year old with a chip no their shoulder. Pretty much every character has the inability to act their age, and the story line itself is a complete bore and would still be a bore even if the characters acted with a sliver of maturity. As a Devil May Cry game, this should be buried and forgotten. As a generic action game, this should be played with the volume off and all cut scenes skipped. It's certainly not worth it's full price, and it sickens me that there are so many high "official" reviews which show me nothing more than either A. Reviewers have lost all credibility and ability to rate fairly. or B. Bribery is alive and well.

    Don't buy this game, if you haven't played earlier Devil May Cry games, I can at least say 4 is worth it. If you have played earlier Devil May Cry games, play them again, because this one isn't one.
  16. Jan 15, 2013
    This game has incredible environments, but it feels so slow compared to its predecessors. It feels easier to get a SSS by just mashing buttons and switching between the 3 weapons at the end of each button mashing combo. The main character change was the worst thing that made me cringe evrytime a cutscene happened in this game, this new hipster 14 year old Dante is not fun, is arrrogant and truth be told, most of his remarks make him sound pathetic. Also, why do an "anonymous fights big corporations" type of fight behind all of this? and **** twitter? What the hell was i playing man. This isnt Devil May Cry, this is a **** parody and a joke compared to its previous games. Needless to say i returned my copy as soon as i forced myself to finish this ( game is short ) . Expand
  17. Jan 15, 2013
    I'll give DmC one thing - it's somewhat fun. That's about all I can say - The game is waaaaaaaaaaaay dumbed down. You can get an SSS in several hits just by using the axe, which is horrendously overpowered and quite honestly the only weapon really worth using. Difficulty levels only change the spawning patterns and damage of the enemies - they still move the same speed, and they still take the same damage to die. What happened to DMC's ridiculous difficulty where getting and maintaining an SSS could be nigh impossible? The writing is atrocious too. Overall it wouldn't have really been that bad of a game, if it wasn't trying to pass itself off as a DMC game. It simply doesn't hold up to the standard that should be expected from this series, and that's why it's generating so much negative hype. I hope this doesn't represent a new point for the series. Expand
  18. Jan 15, 2013
    Ok first of all, I want to point out how the so called "Critics" are taking orders to boost/push some games, this game is the brightest example.

    Now to the game,
    If you have played the demo, more or less you have seen everything, this over-colored, over-bright graphics are everywhere and where the're not, the opposite happens and the colors and the textures are blandly dead.
    Too odd
    graphics combined with the camera movement (like in enslaved) will make you eyes bleed.

    Fighting system, just have a go at DMC3 or DMC4 and then come back to DmC, extremely slow, no lock-on system, the combos are just lame, not effort is really needed to stay on air, and in general dante is all over the place, you cant really focus and charge to a specific enemy and knock your self out hitting him.
    oh Yeah and the bullets that leave trails are a really nice touch, it makes it look even cheaper/older....

    Now about the story/script clearly the people who wrote them have some issues and really need to see a doctor. Like swearing all the time and to top it, Vergil shooting a pregnant woman? really? now really?

    Not much to say about Dante he is dislikeable ...if there was a **** he would have send it over the scale.....Let alone how he looks

    Just don't buy it, but if you are curious to see what is all about , buy it used in a month for 5-10 euros.

    @Capcom com'on you are way better than that, everyone knows that.
  19. Jan 15, 2013
    Casualised, dumbed down, dubstep filled garbage. The prime example of how something so great such as the DMC series can fall to a cliché piece of crap just to pander to a younger and dumber audience. It would have been better if they let the series die at the fourth installment.
  20. Jan 15, 2013
    While many expected this game to be at least a redeeming action if not a valid DMC heir, it turned out to be atrocious at all fronts. Late game restricts you to the usage of specific weapon for coloured demons, platforming is tedious and uninspired and plot is awfully bad. Inexcusably bad writing. It's like developers only had a brief look at what DMC3 is and thought they got everything right while they clearly have not. Expand
  21. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is painfully bad. The combat is slow and boring and the story is idiotic and offensive. Dante looks like a crack addict now. To call this game a "turd" would be an insult to fecal matter.
  22. Jan 15, 2013
    Ninja Theory has turned into the cancer of the games industry. Throughout development they have continued to insult the fans to the extent of even mocking the fans in the game with the "wig cutscene" then continued to not be able to keep their mouths shut , especially tameem who is a complete douche.
  23. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is **** If you love action games do yourself a favor go buy an older Devil May Cry now! If you believe these phony positive reviewers you will be sitting through out on one of the worst action games to come out for a long time .I usually dont write reviews but it pisses me off when people give games an unjustified positive review.
  24. Jan 15, 2013
    I'll say now that while I am a fan of the previous DMC games, I have no problems with new Dante's appearance, nor any of the other characters in this reboot. What I do have a problem with is their personalities. They decided to make the character of Dante particularly edgy and childish - I'd go as far as to say somewhat annoying. Some of the characters are even a little bland and stereotypical - take Kat, she strikes me as a perfect example of a two-dimensional, helpless female character clinging to Dante and Vergil and being constantly emotional. And yet we've heard nothing said about this from feminists - despite other, better developed female characters from more popular series being ripped to shreds by feminists for not being a perfect portrayal of a strong independent female who don't need no man (Anita doesn't care anymore, she's sitting pretty on $8.5 million.)

    The writing is ham-fisted but sometimes catches me off guard by throwing in a genuinely funny insult. The ending is what I'm annoyed about, it was totally unnecessary to have it go all pretentious and pseudo-Shakespearean with the twitter thing, Taneem including himself in the game and the whole "Vergil becoming the bad guy" completely outta nowhere. It just wasn't needed. It might have worked as an interactive trailer for the dlc that's set to come out surrounding Vergil, but as part of the story? It just doesn't make sense - it should have ended after Mundus was defeated (a laughable boss which would have felt more like a tutorial level in older games)

    The level design looks nice, and plays well for a while, but it gets old rather quickly and the platforming doesn't really develop in any way. By the end of the game I'm bored out of my mind, willing what little combat there is to help remind me why I'm still playing this game. Aesthetically, the design looks really nice, so at least there's that.

    The combat (arguably the most important part of any DMC game) had me worried. for instance, I was worried about it not having lock-on. that seems to be a non-issue, but the fact that the difficulties are supposedly easier is awful because that's completely unlike every other game in the series. It's meant to kick your arse until you get it together and start playing well - SSS is a rank to be proud of, a real achievement - not something you attain for spamming buttons.

    The difficulty settings have one saving grace however - the inclusion of the mode "Hell and Hell". This mode pushes players to avoid any and all hits, due to Dante dying in one hit himself. THIS SHOULD BE UNLOCKED BY DEFAULT. Why do I have to play through easy mode just to get to a point where I can actually have fun?

    Overall, I give the game a 4/10, however it would have received a 6.5/10 if I'm feeling generous and ignore the fact that it's a reboot of a very popular series of good games. It just doesn't capture what the DMC series is about - cheesy retorts, action, badass fight scenes and most importantly, difficult combat. In addition, while it does have the makings of a decent stand alone game, it's let down by the writing and character development as well as repetitive level design and easy-mode fights.
  25. Jan 15, 2013
    This game is a betrayal of all DMC fans out there, pure and simple. The gameplay is casualised to the point where you no longer need any effort to pull of the biggest combos. There is no reward for struggling with and becoming better at the game, everything is presented to you right of the bat and the neatest package possible. The writing is childish at best and just pure insulting at worst. The graphics are fine, but the aesthetics are uninspired to say the least. Overall this game does everything wrong. A good example of the saying "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". Expand
  26. Jan 15, 2013
    I would normally give a balanced review, but it seems to be that professional reviewers only focus on one aspect of a game. Therefore, in an attempt to be more professional, I will do the same, and since the positive side has been highlighted plenty by sites such as IGN, I will just list all the negative things. Keep in mind that this list is not intended to be complete, as just thinking back on this game made me feel nauseated.

    Horrendous writing on the level of B-list horror movies, characters that talk like 12 years old on Xbox live, lackluster voice acting, outdated engine, 30 FPS, ugly and uninspired character/boss/enemy design, in some places hilariously bad facial animations, iffy platforming,... But all that might have been forgiven if they got the combat right. But even in that area it's average at best and a mayor step back from the previous DMCs. What's more, it completely ignores the entire philosophy of what DMC combat is supposed to be about. To go into a little more detail, they removed footsies with the pull moves, no lock-on effectively limits the things you can do, removed styles and style switching, weapon switching is too sluggish to be freely used in combos and has awkward controls on top, aerial combos can be kept going solely by spamming the scythe, there are two dodge buttons with too many invincibility frames and almost no recovery, DT is overpowered as it throws all enemies into the air and regenerates your health crazy fast, no taunt button, a lot of enemies can only be harmed by a specific weapon which limits your combo creativity and on top of all that the style meter now scales solely based on damage and doesn't decrease over time, as opposed to being something that rewarded for you for doing long and varied combos.
  27. Jan 15, 2013
    Ninja Theory don't really know how to devlop games, yeah, games, plural. So far they've only released the same game with minor tweaks to the gameplay and a different story. You thought fourth time was the charm?

    Nope, not even close.
    By making the combat more "accesible"(inputs being simplified, and over-rewading the player for playing effortlessly), it also made it a massive stepback
    in terms of what really maters in the DMC series: high-speed, stylish combat.

    The high speed already dissapeared when developers refused the idea of working with MT Framework, and chose UE3, a very outdated engine that is not easily optimized, and chose to cap the game at 30 frames per second.

    The stylish part of the combat was taken out as the game rewards you for doing very little(using a Demon Dodge, and attacking shortly after skyrockets your style rank), and adding unnecessary gimmicks suck as color-coded enemies, which restrict you as they are immune to over half of your arsenal.

    The weapons themselves are fine, but the problem is, some are not nicely implemented.
    Rebellion is the basic sword from previous games, and it works.
    Osiris, the scythe, is downright useless, it's a weapon that deals very little damage, and has a slow attack rate.
    Arbiter, the axe, is the slowest weapon available, but since the damage done by it is beyond insane, it's gonna be what you will use the most.
    Aquila, some kind of glaives or something like that, are all-range weapons, that just don't work for crowd control, but their damage is decent, so it completely outclasses Osiris already.
    Eryx, the gauntlets...well, they don't ever see play.
    Firearms, meanwhile, have little to no difference in anything other than firing speed, outside of Kablooey.

    Onto another one of the game's flaws:
    The sound.

    The music, 90% of the time, is atrocious and borderline unlistenable, and this is accompanied by very weak voice acting, where none of the actors seem into their character(especially Dante), most sounding like they're doing the voicework just out of boredom. Once they do this, then that's it, they aren't going to pull off a convinceable performance.

    The story is pretty much the worst part of this game; when the story of this game is hyped to the point where "it would break the myth that videogame stories are trite and can't stand up to cinema and theathre's best", and the result is filled with tryhard dialogue, an severely unoriginal main plot, inconclusive ending and incredibly inconsistent characterization(so much for character development, huh), you get an horrible feel of dissappointment, for looking up to what at least should be, a story that makes fun of itself and doesn't take itself seriously, but no, this game does indeed mean EVERYTHING its story says.

    In short, this game is pretty much a cookie cuter HnS game, not worth a buy(at least not at the full price of 60$, perhaps not even 20$), since for that price you could get, say, 2 games much more worth the time, and the price. Rent it, if you may, the game is very short(roughly 7 and a half hours, including cutscenes), so you should have no problem beating it in, say 2 days, considering the nearly nonexistant difficulty.

    Oh and Dante doesn't have white hair until Devil Trigger, then his hair changes with his powerlevel and Vergil doesn't turn into a dinosaur.
    I mean really, no dinosaurs in 2013?
  28. Jan 15, 2013
    Terrible gameplay, atrocious dialogue, insulting storyline. If the title had been a new IP instead of the desecration of a well-established franchise, it would still be horrendous.
    Only recommended for the most casual of deaf and illiterate players.
  29. Jan 15, 2013
    Boring game. Boring combat, story, characters. The game can only display 3 enemies on screen at a time which is nothing compare to games like God of War 3 which can hold up to 50 enemies on screen. The game is easy even on the hardest difficulty level. Story is lame and dialog is so bad it hurts the ears.
  30. Jan 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. DmC is the very definition of the term "Try-hard". In every aspect of it's story, music, design and gameplay it is simply trying so hard to be "cool" and it comes out looking like that kid you knew back in High School who always thought he was "rad". The script and dialogue are abysmal at best with such lines as "The world is your **** as am I." and of course the now internet famous back and forth of **** YOU" but it goes further than simple one offs. The game gets down right weird in places, and not in a good way, more in a *SPOILER ALERT* "I just shot your baby" kind of way that really just makes everything feel wrong. When the story isn't being try-hard it's being down right edgy, with no shortage of chances to stick it to the man. But where the game really falters is where it really counts; gameplay. Gameplay is slow, unrewarding and brain-numbingly easy. The Style Meter of DMC fame has been bastardized to a level of just plain pity as it pumps out SS and SSS ranking like they're going out of style. I myself hit an enemy 4 times and got my SSS. Enemies stand around and downright refuse to be a burden to the player, content to let you wail on them or move into better combo positions. To put it simply, you truely need no effort in DmC as it's goal is to make you feel like a winner but will ultimately make you feel like you wasted your time, There are however some moments of genius through out the game. The level design and art palette are of a uniquely excellent standard. Level's pop out at you and you will end up remembering them long after you've left the area. Perhaps my favorite moment in the game is in the Raptor News Network level where you shift vantage point to that of a camera as they televise the fight. It was fun and I actually enjoyed the boss battle, if not from a story point and just from a gamer point. To wrap up, DmC is a whole disappointing experience that left me feeling nostalgic for the past DMC's rather than hungry for another playthrough. What is sad is that Ninja Theory could have fixed many of the problems through out the game during their production time but wrote off all criticism of the title, attributing any ill-though about the game to their redesign of Dante. They even go as far as to include a short scene *SPOILER* where Dante wears a white wig that makes him look like the old Dante, having him denounce the look by saying "Not in a million years". Sadly, the moment would have been one of DmC's few genuinely funny moments, seeing as Dante eventually does gain white hair of his own, if not for the joke being an obviously kick to the old DMC fans. Overall, the moments of fun are overshadowed by edginess, laziness and very weak gameplay. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Jul 30, 2013
    If nothing else, DmC is sure to entertain with many hours of button hammering, fizzing combat. However, the experience as whole has hugely benefitted from a reboot and those who are familiar with the series will appreciate the new features and relish the opportunity relive Dante’s origin story. DmC, as a combat driven action title has held together the soul of the franchise, while enhancing all in-game features to create a unique experience for everyone.
  2. Ninja Theory deserves credit for not only delivering smooth combat and telling an entertaining story, but also for crafting detailed character models without lip-synch errors, who show real emotion and wear clothing that moves along with them. This is what a 2013-game should look like. [February 2013, p.72]
  3. Mar 12, 2013
    Ninja Theory are calling the DMC shots now and they're doing it well. The fighting mechanics are a little bit easier to master and perhaps not as deep as before, but on the other hand the storytelling is improved with skillfully crafted cutscenes. Put up with a rather dull introduction and you're in for a great game.