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  1. Jan 19, 2013
    A friend sent this game to me after telling me bad it was, just to see for myself, and wow just wow, what was capcom thinking allowing Ninja theory to develop this game, they completely ruined the main character and his personality and made him in to some edgy little teenager designed to appeal to a more or less homosexual demographic and people who have not played nor care about the original Devil may cry.

    This game was no devil may cry, it may have had the same name but it was so far from the original Dante and gameplay.

    I really do hope that if capcom decide to make a real devil may cry, they give it to developers who actually liked the original series, it was very clear Ninja Theory absolutely hated Devil may cry and being the self righteous **** they are decided to say **** YOU to the fans and create the horrible piece of **** known as dmc 5 instead.

    Poor narrative, poor gameplay, poor everything.

    Video games need to be held to a higher standard, not this piss poor excuse for a game.




    And here is hoping for a real DMC in the future!
  2. Jan 19, 2013
    Stupid game with stupid plot whet medium gameplay and graphics of 2009 and poor characters design that only 9 years old will think it's cool, the whole game just cursing just because the developers think it is cool
    The game is so easy you can finish it on the hardest level only continuing to press the same button, it truly a **** game
  3. Jan 20, 2013
    - Main char looks like douche
    -Too easy to make SSS rating
    - Many weapons, all (except 3-4) useless
    -Bosses are too ez to beat
    + Stages looks pretty
    Good game for casual , not for fan series of DMC or looking for some challenge
    The King is dead. Long live the merchandise.
  4. Jan 20, 2013
    Plain horrible. The characters are annoying. The story is full of plotholes. The dialogues are rude, childish and uneducated. This is an insult to you: this game is telling you that you are barely a beat that can only think about sex, booze and swearing. Every one that like this game should really talk with a specialist: if you start your rehabilitation soon, you mave have some chances to became a human with a brain. Expand
  5. Feb 5, 2013
    DmC is like any reboot. It is only going to please the people who thought that the saga of games in question were getting: boring, dull and uninteresting. So Ninja Theory took the DMC franchise and added: Excellent voice acting, good animations, new added weapons and a well thought out story. at the expense of: FPS and a Little more basic combat style. Those who judge the game ENTIRELY on the fact that Dante has black hair and the western setting should be more open minded in my opinion.

    I had a lot of fun with the game and I am a fan of the older ones and with the new Heaven and Hell and Hell or Hell difficulty modes it doesn't get too easy and it also adds quite a bit of replay value so you do get your money's worth. With the addition of the new 'Angel' and 'Demon' modes, the combat in the game it a lot more intuitive and flows more however later in the game some weapons start to become less useful and you end up not using them at all. The story and voice acting are top notch however be prepared for a little drama in the story. One of the biggest improvements however are the environments and boss battles. There are 20 missions in total and it took me about 7 9 hours to complete on my first playthrough. you spend almost all of the game in 'Limbo' a crazy and beautifully made environment with a nice color scheme and there is also a unique way the environment moves; the ground will break apart and the walls will crush together creating floating platforms where you can use your Angel and Demon abilities to grapple and pull yourself from place to place, this unique platforming mechanic does however get repetitive and sometimes kind of frustrating. The other thing that this game has done well are the boss battles. These are a joy to play, each one is unique and some are even original. the boss battles are designed perfectly however if they become to challenging, just restart the mission on a lower difficulty. e.g. My first playthrough was on Nephilum mode and at a certain boss i found it slightly difficult so i simply restarted the one mission on Devil Hunter mode and later I came back and finished it on Nephilum mode. I recommend buying the game on PC if you have all 3 platforms as on the PS3 and XBOX360 there is some texture pop-in in the cutscenes and, on PC it runs at 60 fps whereas on consoles it runs a a lower 30 fps. unless you look very closely at both side by side can you see a difference between PC and console. However if you only have a console then the game still looks great. DmC: Devil May Cry has: great story, great voice acting improved combat, fun and challenging bosses, great graphics, good music to accompany it all and well made, well textured, well colored, unique environments to experience it all in. It is defiantly worth buying at full price for newcomers and old school fans alike. (after you finish the game the first time, you unlock a white haired Dante costume/skin anyways so that should please some of the fans of the old DMC games).
  6. Jan 16, 2013
    The original Devil May Cry series is known for single-handedly inventing the modern action genre. Without it none of the current blockbuster series like God of War would exist. These games can be summed up with two things: Stylish, skill based combat and a great narrative with movie quality cutscenes and over the top cool characters.
    You won't find any of that in DmC. But let's start with
    the rare high notes:
    The art design of the levels, especially the limbo world, is beautiful to look at and makes room for great and creative level design, which is accomplished almost 100% of the time. Graphics are well done thanks to the unreal engine, but some muddy textures snuck their way in here and there. Lighting is horrible at times, especially on the character models, which themselves look out of place and seem to have rubberish, clayish skin outside of pre-rendered cutscenes - a shame.
    On the first glimpse the combat system is fluent and fun, but fans of the franchise will soon notice that it has been dumbed down drastically. Instead of using different moves and combos to get a high style meter, the same thing can be achieved by just mashing one button. The depth of combat has gone. Boss battles are neat to look at and could/should have been the highlight of the game, but when you get down to it the most boring part of it, as there is no challenge to be found here, other than memorizing a few patterns.
    The most annoying part is that the narrative doesn't even encourage you to stick with it until the enividable "twist" at the end, which everybody knows it coming right from the start. All the dialoge is heinously written, with all it being just a race to the next swear word, which makes all characters, but especially the lead, Dante, just a bunch of unrelatable jerks. And if you don't root for your hero there is no point in playing the game. Summery: Coded by professionals, written by infants, directed by monkeys. If you like easy combat and disregard the story completely, this game is for you. All the others: STAY AWAY!!!
  7. Jan 16, 2013
    I usually wouldn't give that low of a score to a game. But this game deserves a solid 0 for deceiving its fan base. It's being advertised as to find out who Dante was was before becoming the demon hunter. But the actuality, this Dante is a completely new character with no relation to the previous games and his behavior is what you called teen angst at best. The combat is especially sluggish, and the plot made references on how government is corrupt and we need to stand up and to face the demon: the government. Like we haven't heard this before, I can't see how anyone can like this game except some teenagers with over flowing testosterone. This game gets a light to a strong 0. Expand
  8. Jan 17, 2013
    I just finished the game, which kind of became a drag later on. Something I would have never expected from a Devil May Cry game. Most of the cutscenes and writing was just atrocious. I found myself lowering the volume during cutscenes because I got ashamed of al the profanity, mind you, I was playing ALONE. Pro's - I liked some of the music, though the placement was way off sometimes. - Some platforming was ok, better than most Devil May Cry games.
    - Wonderful enviromental design


    - Juvenile and shallow writing
    - bad story - characters are 1 dimensional as can be
    - character design is just plain bad
    - combat got boring really fast
    - game focusses on enemy's that need different weapons to take down later on in the game. This sacrifices creativity and combat freedom. The meaning of Devil May Cry games, if you ask me.
    - No replay value whatsoever
    - It's just waay to easy

    I honestly dont get all the great scores by reviewers, did they even play the game. Did they ever play a Devil May Cry game? All my hope in gaming journalism is gone, as of now.
  9. Jan 18, 2013
    So is DmC the amazing game the press is trying to make it to be or the terrible, horrible game the fans are saying? Well its neither. Its a decent hack and slash game that fails to live up to the previous games quality. Design: DmC in game design is pretty much the classic hack and slash formula, follow a path, do some platforming, solve some puzzles, defeat a group of enemies, move on, power up using orbs, face bosses. While the game design is very standard, its the character design and overall look of the game that initially caused a lot of controversy and while some may like the new designs, its hard to argue they don't fit the series. Its not just the new Dante design but also the enemy and scenery designs that seem out of place leaving that Gothic looks of the original that fitted so well with the demonic teams to some random copy and paste ideas from other games and movies. Things seem torn between being western and "new", and trying to resemble a DMC game, and it fails on feeling like either. 7/10
    Story: Without a doubt the worst part of the game. Previous DMC games had simple stories that follow a very anime approach to them. Leaving most of the story on the background and focusing more on a strong lead character that stereotyped the cool, confident, strong anime character that does what is right and loves a good challenge. it all worked great to produce amazing looking cutscenes with over the top moments that looked great, were funny and didn't take themselves very serious. The new DmC tries to alternate between serious and imitating the cool moments of the old series but fails miserably in both. Clearly the sense of cool of the witter and his understanding of the anime style of writing is terrible, and the final result were non interesting characters with the worst of all being Dante that comes as a Dick almost all the times with infantile swearing, a prick attitude and some of the worst writing in videogame history. The ending will literally make you trow objects against the screen (don't). 5/10
    Gameplay: This might be the best thing about DmC and it should be what matters as DMC as always been about great fun gameplay right? Unfortunately while the gameplay as its fun moments its still a downgrade from what we got on the previous games. After just a few minutes of playing the fresh sensation will start to disappear as you start remembering DMC 4 and the problems start becoming evident. There is no lock on, and sometimes (a lot) you can't hit the enemy you want, suddenly you realize that directional input is not there and because of it Dante was less than half the quantity of combos he could perform on 4. You then see there is no taunt, that there is no style system and that the angelic and demonic weapons are just the strong and weak/range attacks from Heavenly Sword and they just seem pasted with no balance in the game. After a while you also realize the guns are broken and do almost no damage, that its too easy to get SSS ranks, that enemy AI is a joke and the only challenge comes from enemies that can only be hurt from a specific weapon and that the framerate doesn't even stay steady at 30 fps. The initial feel of quality is a delusion from not playing the old titles for a while as after playing DmC playing DMC 4, 3 or even 1 will feel like they were the sequels and the improved versions, with more depth, precision, fluidity, and challenge. 7/10
    Graphics: This generation you expect that games look good and its not difficult to make them look good. DmC looks good, it as nicely detailed character models (weather you like them or not), it as nice interesting environments, and it can be appealing to look at. But again its when comparing it to previous entries that it falls apart. Putting footage of DMC 4 side by side with DmC its clear that DMC 4 had much sharper graphics, with more fluidity, more detail, and a bigger scale of things. It is a difference that is well masked from all the filters of DmC limbo world, but when things switch up to the real world footage the illusion falls apart and you see that while looking good it doesn't look great. 8/10
    Sound: DmC again misses to understand DMC world and while retaining some metal themes it fails to have that epic gothic orchestra feel the previous games had and DMC had amazing soundtracks. the dubstep is a terrible terrible thing that will at least be saved by the option of turning the music off. 6/10
    Lasting appeal: As all Ninja Theory games it is very short, last around 8 hours on the higher difficulty settings. Almost half what would take to finish DMC 3. While there are things you can only unlock through multiple plays the game is just too easy even in the higher difficulty levels making the weak challenge not worth the effort. Also you can't skip cutscenes meaning you have to listen to the terrible story all over again. DmC is a 6/10 game that gets a 3 due to the mistreating, decieving of fans and corruption of press reviews
  10. Jan 18, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is one thing going for it. It perfectly shows how to NOT make a sequel to a beloved franchise. Gameplay in DmC has to be some of the worst I've seen in any action game. Enemies, even on the hardest difficulty take away very little health and have slow and easily dodgeable attacks. Dante himself has a confusing move list. Holding R2 and L2 is annoying when you are in the heat of a combo. The game also lacks lock on, a mechanic every DMC has had. Lock on made it easier for the player to focus on one enemy and be as crazy as possible. Even with games such as Ninja Gaiden, which featured no lock on, it still had soft lock on and let you attack who you wanted too when you wanted too. DmC doesn't have either (or it does and does it poorly), Ebony and Ivory can hit enemies you don't want them too, you can whip enemies you don't want to. Dante also can stay in the air forever making the game a borefest. The gameplay is also broken up constantly by horribly written and acted cutscenes. Expand
  11. Jan 19, 2013
    one of the worst hack n slash games i have played .combat is tooo easy and broken,enemies are brainless walking zombies. the game has been dumbed down dramatically.the platforming sections were fun for the first hour or so then just got repetitive over was not memorable at all. i got this used but now im refunding this garbage. There are way better games to play out there.
  12. Jan 22, 2013
    DmC is a truly garbage game. I played a bit of it and I can tell you that the most atrocious part of it is the stupid L2 and R2 weapon changing system. You basically have to hold a trigger constantly to use a weapon that is either ineffective or too overpowered (you get SSS in the tip of a hat) and you always have to do this stupid grappling **** that such a goddamn chore to do every time. Not to mention glitches everywhere, and uninspired art for its stages and unlikable protagonist. It's rubbish. Don't bother with this game. Expand
  13. Jan 22, 2013
    I had been skeptical of this reboot but still got the game to give it a chance. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed Ninja Theory's effort. Basically the game is casualized, westernized and updated to appeal to to the new generation of gamers who are afraid of a challenging and Japanese game. The gameplay has been really simplified so that anyone can pull of combos but this means that the combos do not require skill and therefore are not satisfying or worth bragging. The enemy AI has been dumbed down severely so that they stand idly for 10s of second and telegraph their attacks 2 to 3 seconds earlier. Weapons are imbalanced; some too weak while others too powerful. Many weapons and moves are never needed throughout the game and a player has no reason to invest time in them. Style ranking system is broken and can be exploited easily to reach SSS ranking within 3 attacks. The story starts nice and makes the player think that it will turn out to be something great but develops into nothing and abruptly ends. We get only a 10 second ending to a 7 hour game with a lot of plot-holes and unresolved issues remaining. Character are not endearing in any way especially Dante with his horrible attitude. There is a lot of platforming in this game and you may like it if it is your thing but I think it does not belongs in a technical hack and slash game series like DMC. The music is subjective and may or may not appeal to a player depending upon his taste. Finally the game is only 7 hours long and has little replay value with only Dante's white hair to unlock. I think this game is a big step down from the previous games which were highly technical, challenging and balanced in this their gameplay. However, new gamers who never played the previous game and those who are afraid of challenge will like this game. I think it is an average game at best and nothing special. It basically a game to make you feel good about your supposed "MAD SKILLZ" without possessing any. them. Expand
  14. Jan 21, 2013
    Been a fan of DMC since the very first game and heard this is a reboot not a sequel which disturbs me more then any thing. Its basically Saying yeah thoose old DMC games yeah they never really happend they are BS. Which is no need because DMC 1 was a great game even though it had a very lack luster story it didn't need a reboot. Well we got one any way and well might as well try and enjoy it i mean it could be great could add more to the story right? well unfortunitly it abandons pretty much any thing resembling the first DMC's story for some thing more post modern i guess. having demons running the media and such stuff ... i dont know it was all kind of stupid to me.Then we have the new Dante oh dear god what have they done to you. Dante was once a cool looking swave, **** , cool , had a great one liner for ever thing kinda guy. Now he is a Emo looking dork who with every passing moment i just grew to despise more and more as the game went on . I mean its pretty bad when you just hate your main character but its like that with every one in the game though. They are all just lame and not well done. Though hating the main character isn't grounds for a terrable game though add on a crap story lame dialogue and the score is gona crumble a bit. Now for the gameplay with DMC is famous for ... Its pretty good . Its fast paced action pact and flows well like prevous DMC games for the most part outside of style rankings are freeking easy to rank up on . getting a SSS rank is not much of a challange now. The camera is good didnt have any trouble with it but ultimetly the problem with DMC is unlike prevouse DMC games since the story and characters feel so lame i just felt no reason to want to play this again after i beat it infact i felt more like going back to play DMC4 or DMC HD trilogy then wanting to play this again. which makes me glad i only rented it . Thats about where i would put this game at a rental and see what you think of it before you make any choice to purchase it. Expand
  15. Jan 26, 2013
    So due to HMV threatening to close on me I rushed into the shop to try and spend my gift card. I wanted to use my gift card on Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. But no luck. They hadn't had any brought in yet. So I decided i'd see if this was as bad as the "users" metacritic have said. Now I have played the game and can say that they are all a bunch of lying tw*ts. I'm guessing none of them have played the game and based the whole thing on the "wig scene" and Dante's new look. This is the wrong way to look at the game. DmC is excellent. I don't give out 8's very often, but DmC deserves it. The game pumps you with adrenaline as you hack through enemys. The music is a big part of this along with the grading system. Yes, the enemys aren't as difficult as some of you "Hardcore" gamers would like. But, a massive but, the game uses a grading system that judges how diverse your combat technique is and gives you a score at the end judged on combat, time, death and your exploration of the world. Overall is a challenge as you need to keep the combat fresh, keep your timing and find the hidden treasure all quite compact together to get a decent score. This is what makes DmC special.
    While Ninja Theory might have been a bit rude to the fans, they do their own take on a beloved franchise and nail it. It is after all, THEIR OWN TAKE! If this was a new IP i'm pretty sure the User score would be a 9. Ignore the loony people who haven't played the game and listen to me.
  16. Jan 15, 2013
    This is a game that insults its long time fan base, makes no attempt to use the source material and even disrespects it at times, and has awful writing combo'd with shock value and "edgy" material. This game is not a Devil May Cry game. To be honest, if it had just be its own IP than it probably would have done better as a more casual hack-n-slash, but it didn't. Thank you Capcom for ruining another perfect good IP. Expand
  17. Aug 31, 2013
    This game suffers from one crippling flaw which completely hampered my enjoyment and made it impossible for me to derive any pleasure from playing it.

    The game does not contain even a single reference to Shrek.
  18. Jan 24, 2013
    I didn't liked the game at all. They shouldn't name it Devil May Cry. Maybe if they called it heavenly sword 2 or something else I wouldn't judge so strictly but in this case they spoiled a great franchise's name trying to take its place.
  19. Jan 21, 2013
    I will start with the positive, DmC is definitely an improvement over Enslaved. But that is the wrong game ! The battle is generic hack en slash without a hint of challenge. It doesn't hold a candle to Bayonetta or DMC 4, let alone DMC 3. Instead of the dark, imposing gothic art direction you get the hipster version. Extremely immature dialogues. The gfx are worse than those of DMC 4.

    You can waste your money but you have been warned.
  20. Jan 16, 2013
    Now this is whay I call a 'hyped-as-hell game that disappoint you in the end when you make the mistake of give it a try'... -Slow and laggy gameplay, compared to DMC4 and even DMC3... -No Lock-on, no taunts -No Styles -Bad storytelling, bad dialogues. -Bad choice in music -Lame ending -DLC... The only good thing are the graphics, but shiny visuals are not enough if the game is bad and mediocre. After one playthrough, you lose the will to replay it... Not worth buying. Expand
  21. Jan 16, 2013
    I don't ever get hocked on Capcom games. Love Ninja theory games.Enslaved was my game of 2010. The two of mixed. Ninja with it's great story telling skills and Capcom's known knowledge on combat really makes this game a great reboot of the series. Won't be putting this game anytime soon. I see a lot of negativity towards the game on here. Your entitled to your own opinion's as am I.
  22. Jan 16, 2013
    AWESOME. I was one of the fans that hated the first trailer but i try it and i have to admit:ninja theory pull it off ! This is a great game! This is a fun game to play,with great looks and a reasonably size single player campaign(very rare this days) Stop beeing babys ! Give it a chance and i bet you will have fun too ! Ninja Theory congrats!
  23. Jan 18, 2013
    The major problem with this game is that it's another effort where Ninja Theory show that they CAN try, but they don't really know how. The Virility factory level and the Raptor News level were competently designed and could almost be fun to navigate if the platforming segments weren't so short. Other problems with this game have been mentioned to death in the other reviews, but I feel the facft that NT has a smidgen of creativity hasn't, and it would be unfair not to mention that. Other than that... Squirrel Spunk, fighting a demon foetus and the giant disembodied head of Bill O'Reily as bosses in this game should be enough to drive anyone off that hasn't been put off by the juvenile profanity-laden exchange between Donte and The Secret Ingredient (I refuse to call that thing a Succubus). Also, I have seen the interaction between Donte and Wergil (what I like to call Vergil in Name Only) being praised in the professional reviews and I don't understand why. It's soulless. The voice actors are either not talented enough to pull it off or are just bored out of their skulls, but I didn't find it quite as entertaining or ironically tragic as the exchange between the twins in DMC3. Overall, the game misses on so many notes it's impossible to give it a higher score, and that was for some slightly inspired platforming and one weapon that actually works with the lack of lock-on. Expand
  24. Jan 20, 2013
    This is my second review. First I wrote right after i stop playing so now i wanna share what i think. First of all Dante was a half human and in this game his no longer partly human, the scene when vergil shoots lilith is ofending! And the wig joke is a middle finger to all the fans who love and care for dmc games. The graphics is worst than dmc 4, The colour saturation is bad.. And the good reviews from "proffesional critics" are the biggest mistery to my since the birth of life.. Proffesional critics call me maybe hater or fanboy but im not a hater.. in fact I love the series in this game is simple a mix of ninja gaiden 3 and Heavenly Sword with DMC sticker..and its a bad mix.. I hope that someday we get a proper devil may cry 5.. Its not completely bad game but its VERY bad dmc game. For the first time my dissapoint was so big that its forced me to get a metacritic account and share my sandess and anger.. RIP Dante Expand
  25. Jan 25, 2013
    Imagine if you will taking a game that near defined a genre, then dumbing it down and robbing it of any self awareness and humour in favour of crass adolescent **** and simplistic, uninspired gameplay.

    Quite why they choose to make this game Devil May Cry flavoured is beyond me. If they actually made a DMC game with the sort of budget this game got it could well be the best of the
    series, but apparently Capcom hates money.

    0/10, do not buy this game if you're a fan.
  26. Jan 16, 2013
    Ruined a great series that didn't need a reboot. New characters = Bad. Gameplay = too simple. Boss fights = Crap. Difficulty = too easy Overall= worse than the contents of my toilet.
  27. Jan 15, 2013
    Great game. Great visuals, fluid action, great mechanics, and yes, a challenge. Not a blind hater, I haven't played DmC since DMC3, and I didn't even finish that, not because of the challenge, I love the challenge games such as Demon and Dark Souls, but because plainly, the entire series was just stale and boring. With the announcement of this, the change of the story and main character, I had to see it for myself. I tried out the demo, and loved it, the boss battle was engaging and fun, and the new Dante is a trip. You can call him immature and juvenile if you want, that is your opinion. I find him quite funny and real, engaging. That being said, the game does have a few problems. The PS3 version runs well, but at times can run a bit choppy, I prefer the overall visuals on the PS3 to the 360, but I think in time a patch will come out to hopefully allow the PS3 version to run a little smoother. Verdict: Must buy game for those with an open mind, who actually like good games.

    Rating: 9/10
  28. Jan 15, 2013
    The game is constructive and dynamic, truth to be a new release was very promising, emphasizing that this is not DMC or DMC3 DMC4 that those who try to compare only pure will say "bullshit" (I am a big fan of this series but I'm not going to get as a child and mourn ridiculous that followed my taste) Actually the game fun and I liked many aspects as some not so, the cinematics and well detailed graphics, the combo system is dynamic as for fans and non-fans, in my opinion, I think it is very good way to bring up again the name of Devil May Cry, because many of today do not know the previous games great titles, but never a game is not bad, but the bad thing is that there are many fans who are very ill. Expand
  29. Jan 15, 2013
    The combat is solid and fun. The environments are the best this generation. The story is solid, and the acting is great. Best Devil May Cry game. The changes that were made , in my opinion, make this game much better than the previous games. Don't believe the extremely low scores. Fans of the older games are score bombing this games like a bunch of brats.
  30. Jan 16, 2013
    Don't be fooled by the goth-Dante loyalists! Every Devil May Cry fan should give this title a shot & then decide for themselves whether or not this entry deserves a place in the series.
    My opinion is yes. It may be very different looking than the Devil May Cry we all know and love on the outside but it still plays and feels like a DMC game. Graphics & Presentation(9/10)
    While I'm not a
    fan of the unreal engine since it mostly ruins facial expressions, I didn't find that too much of an issue. The character movements were fluid and the environment looked amazing. The level design is one of the best I've seen in any game and is extremely unique. There were a few dropped frames during some cut scenes but it wasn't anything to be upset over. The soundtrack was great too.

    This is where this title really stands out. The improved gameplay is fantastic. Some people will hate it because it's "too simple", but the truth of the matter is that it really isn't. You can instantly switch between 5 melee weapons and 3 projectile weapons and chain them together. Dodging also plays a big role in this game sometimes giving you bonuses like stronger hits after a dodge. Another thing I liked was that you could enable and disable moves and upgrades without any penalties. It helped me use Dante exactly how I wanted to use him and get rid of also those annoying moves I accidently set off that ruined my combos. I do miss some of the puzzle elements in the old DMC games but that's been replaced by mostly speed-based platforming which I enjoyed very much.

    Story & Boss Battles: (8/10)
    While the story was on par with DMC3, I felt like the conclusion was missing something (which will probably be addressed in the upcoming DLC). The characters were great an voice acting was more than just good. The boss battles were a bit of a disappointment. The first battle was something you'd expect from a DMC game but the rest of the bosses were odd. The studio tried to make each one unique and cinematic, which did look good, but I didn't enjoy them as much as I did the bosses of DMC3 & 4. All in all... You should try this game even if it is to confirm that you hate it (Didn't we all play DMC 2?). It is a very good game and one of my favorite in the series so far (2nd favorite, nothing can dethrone DMC3). If you boycott this game you'll just be denying yourself a fun and great experience. I just want to say that change is good sometimes. If you love DMC3 so much why not just go play DMC3 again? Its pointless for the studio to keep making the EXACT SAME GAME OVER & OVER AGAIN and make us pay to play it, right?

Generally favorable reviews - based on 40 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 37 out of 40
  2. Negative: 0 out of 40
  1. Jul 30, 2013
    If nothing else, DmC is sure to entertain with many hours of button hammering, fizzing combat. However, the experience as whole has hugely benefitted from a reboot and those who are familiar with the series will appreciate the new features and relish the opportunity relive Dante’s origin story. DmC, as a combat driven action title has held together the soul of the franchise, while enhancing all in-game features to create a unique experience for everyone.
  2. Ninja Theory deserves credit for not only delivering smooth combat and telling an entertaining story, but also for crafting detailed character models without lip-synch errors, who show real emotion and wear clothing that moves along with them. This is what a 2013-game should look like. [February 2013, p.72]
  3. Mar 12, 2013
    Ninja Theory are calling the DMC shots now and they're doing it well. The fighting mechanics are a little bit easier to master and perhaps not as deep as before, but on the other hand the storytelling is improved with skillfully crafted cutscenes. Put up with a rather dull introduction and you're in for a great game.