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  1. Oct 2, 2011
    A novel first attempt at making a Dragon Age add-on (as opposed to add-in) DLC. The new (to the player at least) abilities and party members are fun for as long as it lasts. I wish BioWare had allocated more resources and time to this DLC since it shows more promise than the other cookie-cutter DLC offerings they produced for Dragon Age: Origins. At the end of Darkspawn Chronicles I had a feeling of accomplishment that none of the other DA DLCs provided, so it at least delivers on an emotional level despite the utter lack of dialog (apparently there was no voice over budget for this project). However, Darkspawn Chronicles would have benefited significantly had the player's experience with the protagonist been longer than a mere 1.5 hours. Feels like a gem in the rough that BioWare failed to sufficiently polish before release. Expand

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  1. Although the idea of fighting along the Darkspawns is surely a thrilling premise, Darkspawn Chronicles proves to be a fairly mediocre add-on, unable to assure a fun and engaging experience throughout the one and only hour of gameplay it has to offer.
  2. 60
    While a few of the Darkspawn, the Ogre and Shriek, are fun to play around with, the short length, lack of customization options, and absence of any real character interaction make this bit of content too straightforward to be especially memorable.