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  • Summary: Interactive and destructible environments bring a new layer of intensity to the battle stages featured in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. Smash opponents into rocks to increase their damage count and gain the upper hand in battles. Featuring the series’ trademark combat style, the game hosts a variety of the most popular characters taken from the series, all of which have enhanced features such as facial expressions for a deeper level of immersion into the Dragon Ball universe. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast boasts superior graphics that enhance the sense of the characters’ speed and power. In addition to classic signature moves, characters also benefit from a new "Super Rising" move which allows more variety in the battle stages and lets players explore new areas of the Dragon Ball universe. [Namco Bandai Games] Expand
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  1. 73
    Simply put Dragon Ball Raging Blast is a game for fans of the long running anime series. Its does its job not perfectly, but well. The game does make you feel like super saiyan at times, and then turns around and makes you feel like a green blooded Namek instead.
  2. The background to the fights is told in little stories and you are fighting in real three dimensional environments, but the level of difficulty is not quite low, so that beginners will have some problems to dive into the Dragon Ball universe.
  3. A predictable but satisfying game, but it doesn't bring anything new. It is not a vain attempt because it won't disappoint those looking for a high definition Budokai Tenkaichi, but it's a lost opportunity to evolve the formula making the most of this generation power.
  4. There is nothing particularly hateful or lovable about Raging Blast, and that is its main problem. The new Dragon Ball is clearly made for fans, but it doesn’t work as a deep and engaging fighting game.
  5. While Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is somewhat lacking when it comes to interesting gameplay its wealth of content and fidelity to the manga nevertheless makes it an appealing prospect for fans of Dragon Ball.
  6. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has a lot of things going for it including an interesting story mode, great graphics, and a huge character roster. However, the foundation of the game - the battle system - isn't very fun, and that sinks the whole experience.
  7. The online mode is there as it is with nearly every fighting game to come out in the last five years and it serves its purpose just dandy. Unfortunately, the broken gameplay immediately removes any gold starz DBZ would have eared for online functionality.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 4 out of 11
  1. RoarBodacious
    Nov 29, 2009
    Dbz is the best. This game delivers. Graphics are awesome. Fights are fast paced. Lots of characters and great story. If u don't understand what's going on in the story, then that's your fault for not watching dbz (best show ever). Get this game Expand
  2. AndrewL
    Nov 24, 2009
    I'm surprised at how vague the snippets of reviews above are, since Dragon Ball Raging Blast is everything it needs to be and more. The graphics are amazing and capture the Anime style perfectly. There is sometimes camera problems but that only occurs through furious button mashing and lack of skill. Most fights I found were easily seen and I didn't have trouble with the camera often at all. The music can get repetitive, but this is only natural in a fighting game. Try starting up Street Fighter IV and not hating the menu song after the thirtieth time you've heard it. I think the game has recieved less than it should for an overall score, as most complaints seem to be regarding its target audience. But honestly, Dragon Ball games are always aimed at the fans, and of course people who don't know the show aren't going to pick it up and hope for a totally unique experience, this hasn't been an issue ever, not even with the last games. The game is worth every point I've given it, a really enjoyable fan-based fighting game. Expand
  3. aasimk
    Dec 29, 2009
    the game is totally awesome the graphics are nice the controls are unique and good from the other dragon ball games
  4. Oct 21, 2014
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

    Game-play:The fighting in this game is great i love it with 3d fighting and lot of combos and special moves but
    it is too slow for fighting game.The camera get in the way to many times.

    Story:Typical DBZ story.

    Graphics:Very good.

    Notes:The game do not deliver to the normal fighting game fun and it is made for dbz funs,really like the ssj3 Vegeta and Broly.Buy it if you are a DBZ fun especially at a high price drop
  5. Nov 19, 2013
    Que dejen de vendernos tanta mierda, joder, con los buenos juegos que eran los Tenkaichi o los Budokai, y nos venden esta basura, da vergüenza que este sea un juego de Dragón Ball, no merece llevar ese nombre, lo ensucia, gráficamente es penoso, la jugabilidad es simplemente repugnante, no te engancha en absoluto, hay partes del juego que durante la partida la cámara te saca de los nervios, escenarios sin vida, personajes muertos facial mente, en definitiva, un juego penoso. Expand
  6. ZachH
    Nov 30, 2009
    Game is unbelievably buggy and everything you do will leave you open for an unbelievably long time. I really looked forward to this game but it was released ridiculously too early. I am very disappointed with the company that made this and cannot recommend it to anyone. Expand
  7. MerekG
    Jan 22, 2010
    What has to be the best looking Dragon Ball game ever is utterly ruined by an atrocious camera. Simply unplayable...but gorgeous. A disappointment.

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