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    Simply put Dragon Ball Raging Blast is a game for fans of the long running anime series. Its does its job not perfectly, but well. The game does make you feel like super saiyan at times, and then turns around and makes you feel like a green blooded Namek instead.
  2. Raging Blast is too simple to entertain beat'em up lovers, and even if the cell shading is excellent, the game is repetitious and dull.
  3. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast offers a ton of content for you to wade through, there's no doubt about it. But it lacks the nostalgia and authenticity to really make you enjoy the experience.
  4. 68
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is a good fighting game. You will probably enjoy this game if you're a fan of the franchise. But otherwise, there are a lot of better fighting games available.
  5. Everyone with a soft spot for Dragon Ball Z will embrace the video game. It's not the most complete Dragon Ball game ever, but it does feature all the big characters and storylines you'll remember of the Z universe. The camera is very sloppy and will cause quite a bit of frustration, the music is pretty annoying and last but not least: the game hardly does anything new (again!). Although Dragon Ball: Raging Blast isn't great, it still is entertaining enough to ensure many hours of fun.
  6. The background to the fights is told in little stories and you are fighting in real three dimensional environments, but the level of difficulty is not quite low, so that beginners will have some problems to dive into the Dragon Ball universe.
  7. A predictable but satisfying game, but it doesn't bring anything new. It is not a vain attempt because it won't disappoint those looking for a high definition Budokai Tenkaichi, but it's a lost opportunity to evolve the formula making the most of this generation power.
  8. Some fans might be able to look past the issues in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, but they'll have to work hard at it. For those in desperate need of a DBZ game, a good alternative to Raging Blast would be last year's Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. It has a better fighting system and, by now, a much lower price tag.
  9. 62
    Sure, there's lots of content, but the stories are poorly told (which alienates people who don't already know them) and the gameplay mechanics have numerous, numerous problems.
  10. 62
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is visually very nice and it also has a nice soundtrack. It’s got a lot of modes and a lot of characters. The biggest problem is the learning curb, because it’s too heavy, especially for new players. The balance of this game isn’t what it’s supposed to be. A fun game, but it could have been better.
  11. Besides having a somewhat basic fighting mechanic, Raging Blast real culprit is a bad camera, and it is something that can not be overlooked. Despite this issue, I would still recommend Raging Blast to fans, and if you are curious to find out what Dragon Ball is all about, this would be a good place to start, just don’t expect miracles.
  12. There is nothing particularly hateful or lovable about Raging Blast, and that is its main problem. The new Dragon Ball is clearly made for fans, but it doesn’t work as a deep and engaging fighting game.
  13. While Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is somewhat lacking when it comes to interesting gameplay its wealth of content and fidelity to the manga nevertheless makes it an appealing prospect for fans of Dragon Ball.
  14. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    So, baring the possible glory or failure of Raging Blast's online mode, this is a rather predictable entry in the tale of Goku and Gohan. [Holiday 2009, p.77]
  15. The huge assortment of characters, stories, costumes, and other aspects of Dragon Ball lore cannot hide how shallow and uninspired the fighting mechanics are.
  16. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is just for fans of the series.
  17. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Less fun is how it plays. [Jan 2010, p.119]
  18. All in all, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is like a steak that sizzles and looks great but tastes as if they cooked all the flavor out in the pan.
  19. 55
    Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, as a recreation of the show works and has plenty to do, though there is no excuse for it being worse than its predecessors.
  20. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast has a lot of things going for it including an interesting story mode, great graphics, and a huge character roster. However, the foundation of the game - the battle system - isn't very fun, and that sinks the whole experience.
  21. After a solid few years the Dragon Ball games are regressing, particularly in this flawed fighter.
  22. While Raging Blast has a likable presentation and lots of options, the stale fighting and infuriating camera are hard to ignore.
  23. Those willing to experiment and take notes will still be rewarded with powerful techniques, but outsiders will not see a reason to join in. If they’re unfamiliar with Dragon Ball, the complicated controls will only serve to validate their decision to stay away from this game. For that reason, this game is for die hard Dragon Ball fans only. And maybe not even them.
  24. Play UK
    There just is no point in Raging Blast existing. [Issue#186, p.81]
  25. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is a mix of shallow fighting-mechanics, clumsy control and a horrible camera, and caters only to the most hardcore Dragon Ball fans, but even those may come away disappointed.
  26. The online mode is there as it is with nearly every fighting game to come out in the last five years and it serves its purpose just dandy. Unfortunately, the broken gameplay immediately removes any gold starz DBZ would have eared for online functionality.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 58 Ratings

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  1. Feb 4, 2012
    This game gets a lot of details right. The sounds,graphics, ultimate customization, all good, i just hate the camera angles, it gets soThis game gets a lot of details right. The sounds,graphics, ultimate customization, all good, i just hate the camera angles, it gets so annoying! you will see your enemy, your enemy flies down, you fly down, WHERE IS YOUR ENEMY HIDING!!! next thing you know, you've already lost a bar.... next thing you know, your controller is in your TV...... i give it a 8.1(rounded to 8) Full Review »
  2. aasimk
    Dec 29, 2009
    the game is totally awesome the graphics are nice the controls are unique and good from the other dragon ball games
  3. ZachH
    Nov 30, 2009
    Game is unbelievably buggy and everything you do will leave you open for an unbelievably long time. I really looked forward to this game but Game is unbelievably buggy and everything you do will leave you open for an unbelievably long time. I really looked forward to this game but it was released ridiculously too early. I am very disappointed with the company that made this and cannot recommend it to anyone. Full Review »