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  1. Apr 29, 2013
    Great Game!!! One of the best Games ever, and i played a lot! The combat, the feeling when you encounter an ENORMOUS monster, the voice acting, the AI, the pawns, the weapons etc. etc. I liked the game more then skyrim or Dark Souls. Its more challengig (espacially at hard mode) and more rewarding. You will love it, AS I DO The Addon give new weapons enemies, and about 30-40 Hours game Time Together with Dragons dogma you have Over 120 Hours for rough 30€ Expand
  2. Apr 24, 2013
    All new monsters, equipment, area, and quests what's there to not like? One of the best monster slaying game since Monster Hunter. You play this for the monster slaying and equipment collection not its RPG elements.
  3. Apr 27, 2013
    Great game, epic and challenging. New content is awesome and game got few tweaks ( You will surely enjoy what game offers and considering low price it's a must have.
  4. Sep 5, 2013
    I think that Dragon's dogma is one of the best games that was ever created on consoles. There are only a tiny bunch of games on the market, that deliver an amazing feeling of adventure...and Dragon"s dogma is one of them. You dive into amazing world of Dragons, goblins, witches and other monstrous creatures. Fighting mechanics is amazing and I can assure you that i don't know any other R.P.G. game that can compete with Dragon's dogma beautiful combat. But it's not the combat that makes this game so's the unique feeling of adventure that you get each time when you start up a new quest or a side mission. If you like games like Fallout 3, Dark Souls etc, then I can assure you that you will fall in love with this great game. Expand
  5. Jun 25, 2013
    Man, I literally own 212 games for PS3 and 86 games for the Xbox 360 and I have never played an RPG game like this one. Seriously, I have spent 713 hours on this game and I am not bored yet! I am impressed by the replay value on this game. If you're into RPG games, get this one.
  6. May 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the best RPG of the last decade!

    Hell, I spent 400 hours in it so far and I am still not bored!

    This would be a blast to play with friends instead of the (really) dumb pawns :)

    Only negative would be the pawn-intelligence, a few monsters that can be exploit-killed (cyclopes out of corridors) and the really unfair second form of the dark arisen final boss!

  7. Jun 5, 2013
    Definitely in the top 10 games of this console generation.

    Pros: The combat is perfect for an RPG and arguably the best in any genre that doesn't limit itself to action or a hack 'n' slash
    The music comes in at the best of times, which are the most epic moments whether climbing on a Griffon and bringing it down to the ground or falling off of a cliff while holding onto the eyeball of a
    Cyclops. It definitely captures a portion of the grand feeling of taking down a colossus.
    The story is practically non-existent until you inevitably fight the Giant Dragon, that is where it becomes an accomplishment in videogame story history.

    Cons: The only cons of this game come from the performance on the platforms
    The frame rate will fluctuate between 30 frames per second to 15 frames per second
    The graphics are reached to their maximum potential without sacrificing even worse of a FPS drop (lag)
    The voice acting and motion capture are also lacking quality and look ridiculous (especially when someone gives you an item
  8. Jun 14, 2013
    Absolutely love this game, for me I enjoy is as a blend of dark/demon souls with a touch of skyrim and resident evil item blending. Attacking monsters reminds me a bit of The Witcher 1 on my pc, overall absolutely love this game. And for 30$ what a steal!!! Challenging at times (much easier than dark/demon souls), and addicting. Lots of items and decent amount of loot. Dont like no multiplier and PVP though... Expand
  9. May 8, 2013
    One of the best modern RPG's available. The combat for melee, ranged, and magic are all great and you actually feel like you're in a real, living world. While the world has a few problems that break the immersion, like respawning enemies and boulder traps that reset themselves, it is still quite magical. The graphics are good, but for some reasons the cutscenes look worse than the gameplay. The sound is good for an RPG as well.

    Graphics: 9
    Gameplay: 10
    Sound: 10
    Setting: 10

    The only thing I would add to this game would be online multiplayer co-op. Playing this game with a friend would be one of the best gaming experiences ever.
  10. May 6, 2013
    Actually registered to metacritic just to comment on this game. It is brilliant!! Spent just 10 hours in it admittedly but i know if will spend another 100 atleast over the next couple months. Never had so much fun with combat in an rpg. A warning though.. It is very very addictive. It will consume you (I received my copy 12 hours ago and already taken an off from work :shock:
  11. Jun 13, 2014
    This is the most underrated game ever made. It has the best combat in gaming, there is NO debate. It has a fun & creative pawn system & terrific loot. Its story, contrary to popular dissemination, is one of the most intricately woven stories you'll find in gaming -- you just have to find it, because this game isn't going to hold your hand.
  12. Jun 17, 2013
    Game is very strong and beautiful
    The map is open and difficult tasks, especially killing monsters
    It was modified and a new option with the easy level update
    Shi best in this version of the game is complete with added at a good price
  13. Jun 6, 2013
    Fabulous game. There are some features that could be done better but overall this game is impressive. The thing that strikes me most about this game is some battles become absolutely epic, and in 6 years of gaming and owning over 300 games this is the first time I'm saying that about any game. Graphics seem both dull and spectacular at the same time, I believe this means that graphics could be better but that at times you become so fully immersed in fantasy it becomes more than what you see on screen. One feature i really liked in this game was the crafting and upgrading pathways and how in this game weight and inventory seem believable relative to most other RPGs where you can carry sometimes more than 50 armors for example. The game can be tedious and repetitive but what matters to me is that the game can be played basically according to your wants and desires. Crafting different party types is fun and exploratory and dynamically I'm entertained. A lot of thought was given to allowing a ton of player choice in the build of characters and downstream play style. Overall the game is addictive and it is very easy to spend 30 hrs just getting going in this game. Its a part time job type of game but I see that as a good thing. It pulls you in repetition aside. I don't have much to complain about, the style of these games are always high maintenance but i judge these games more so on whether they are glitched with software bugs and overall this one is very clean. Given the price, the amount of hours the game will keep you busy and the replay value its very hard for me not to score this game as a must own game rated near perfect but not quite, a 9 seems a great score. My only possible complaint about the game is with respect to the characters having primary and secondary abilities and incongruencies with those. Many times I see characters utilizing a secondary ability ahead of their primary one. I do understand that the characters also have roles with primary and secondary decisions on actions but at times the battle stances of the characters just seems not to be according to the strategies you choose the characters to portray. I can't be too critical of this though, it is a complex system and the game is beyond fun still and does not lock you into keeping your party the entire game so lots of opportunity around this potential problem. Expand
  14. Jan 20, 2014
    My top RPG's (Counting hours i played): Darks Souls - 400 hours Skyrim - 300 hours Dragon's Dogma: DA - 270 hours They are all unique in their own way, great rpg's, but neither DS nor Skyrim has as Epic Boss battles as Dragon's Dogma, which should be a selling point for every rpg fan. There are some problems here and there, like annoying companions/Pawns repeating stupid **** over and over, but alot have been fixed in Dark Arisen, so i will recommend buying both game and DLC. Some complained it was to hard, well then you are too impatient and i wouldn't recommend you Dark Souls either, but if you like being challenged and have some awesome; boss battles, loot, magic, etc. give it a shoot! It's cheap to! Expand
  15. May 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dragons dogma is one of the best games I have ever played. I have played it through, end to end, three times, Its hard to cover the specifics of my likes and dislikes without giving SPOILERS so I've ticked the spoiler box. You have been warned. I like the graphics, the controls, the story and the ending. The bit I dont like is the massive increase in difficulty once you defeat the initial dragon. Before defeating the initial dragon you can probably defeat 10 goblins quickly and single handedly. After defeating the dragon, even a single goblin will be a handful. In the walk from the village back to the city you will encounter (the usual) pack of goblins who will give you a surprise challenge. Then you encounter a pack of hellhound who will probably own you. My party was level 55 and the hell hounds flattened us without raising a sweat. It suddenly gets that difficult, that quickly, with no warning! The land is a bit limited in size. If your're used to skyrims open spaces, Dragons Dogma will feel a bit 'small'. Story wise, its a bit odd that all the outlying human outposts are still standing after the monsters get supertough its even more odd that the soldiers in the dukes castle try to kill you on sight, but all the other soldiers (even in the rest of the city) just treat you as if nothings happened. Also, if you happen to choose a femal character, as I did the third time, everyone (except the female bandits) still treat you and speak to you as if you were male. Grumbles aside its a brilliant game different to but easily as good as Skyrim in its own way. Expand
  16. Jun 21, 2013
    I gave a pass on Dragon's Dogma last year when it was released. I thought the name was off and pretentious (but they have to name it something other than Dungeons 'n' Dragons) and there was a little bit of buzz here and there and then many of the reviews were meh. There was the demo, which seemed overly short and didn't really give you a sense of the game. It hadn't been a but a few months since Skyrim was out and while I think most conspiracy theories are hokum, it does appear that DD was in that game's shadow, back in the time when it was thought Skyrim would actually function on PS3. Of course if Skyrim was an automobile, it would have been recalled.

    Back to Dragon's Dogma, tho. Even now, there are some reviews out there that do not want DD to be as good a game as it really is. I can tell you, it's hard to play the game while kicking one's self in the rear, but that's what I'm doing now that I've picked up the (new, improved, cheaper) DD: Dark Arisen. Dang, this game is impressive. It is a deep, Dragons & Dungeons type RPG of the western genre. The attention to detail, from the voice acting, the depth of it, from NPCs to Pawns, monsters, etc. to the solidity of the world, the lighting effects, that it really is DARK at night in the woods and caves, etc. like it is supposed to be...this game was a labor of love. The combat is challenging, not at all a mindless hack-slash, lots of loot, item crafting, detail to weapons and clothing/armor, hidden chests...just make a list of what a fantasy RPG should have, and it's here.

    Your own character, the animations of the monsters, the pawns, has a realism and attention to detail to them that is uncanny. The little touches like putting away a lantern, how you move over the landscape, sliding down the sides of ravines, scrambling over me, it beats Skyrim in these respects.

    But what has my mouth gaping open about this game is the pawns. The AI doesn't feel artificial at's spooky. And smart. I mean the game tells you that they're immortal, but soulless/conscious-less slaves early on, which automatically excuses any AI traits like getting stuck behind a boulder they can walk around, or suddenly running like a rugby player...but when you are just standing around planning an attack on goblins, they're rummaging around gathering, filling their flasks with oil or water, telling you unbidden hints about quests they know something about. They're your minions and it's an awesome feeling. The system that you can get a pawn someone else has used in a quest and then you use it to help you with your quest...It just doesn't feel right, in a video game, for this to work so well.

    But yeah, there's some opportunities here that got missed. The NPC animations, the movements of the body and face are distracting in their ineptitude. Has EVERYbody in this fantasy world had a stroke
    ? It is also not clear what crates and barrels you can break to get loot. And it's not clear when you go in someone's home whether or not the flask on the table, right in front of a NPC is available for "stealing" without consequence. Also, it is often hard to notice loot as the glow is often quite subtle. While the night/day dynamic is interesting, I mean it's dangerous after dark, it means also you have to plan a long trip by going to an inn, etc. to sleep until morning and since it can take a while, along dangerous roads arbitrarily salted with periodic encounters with wolves, bandits, etc. you may wind up at the place where you'll really be tested with your max health diminished until you level up. The game sure doesn't hold your hand, but sometimes doing the basic RPG stuff of exploring can be a real chore. The pawns' hints help you find out which road to take, etc. and that's not what I mean as far as chore, but the "random" encounter stuff seems a hold over from older JRPGs where you can't go more than a short distance before you know you've got a fight to win. Also, during combat, while I know the pawns are trying to be helpful...all three carrying on at the same time means you're not really hearing much at all, and if you have their subtitles up, trying to read what they're saying means you're taking your eye off what you're fighting. That could be cleaned general, the pawns talk way too much, the devs loved the voice acting and content too much and I would love an option to at least put duct tape over one or two of their gobs. Combat can be pretty chaotic, with multiple effects, voices, swift moving enemies, status effects, etc. which might explain why people in this world have strokes so often.

    But the negatives are just a few hairs in a really great stew of classic, western RPG goodness, along with a unique flavor to a world that feels genuine and well-made. You want to explore and are rewarded and it doesn't feel designed as much as discovered. Kudos to the makers. And raspberries to the naysayers.

    Fiat lux
  17. Apr 27, 2013
    I have already written a review for this, in which I had issues, but I praised the fact that Capcom had tried to do something that has been lost in many RPG's these days that is, they have taken an arcade factor into the game (the combat), and something inherent in all paper RPG's (no fast travel, you'll have to travel there first!!), and made something truly gripping. And here, they've taken a step of releasing a great add-on package that's unforgivably tough, whilst enclosing the original game, and taking a few steps to update it (but not too much, for good or bad). And there it is, one rather brilliant unbeatable deal. I'm not giving this a 9 because of its price (although an average of £20 cost is really rather good!!), but because a year-on, despite all its quirks, its highpoints and lowpoints, its still a damned playable game, and one that RPG fanatics and haters can like in equal measure, but only if they try. Get over the starting steps, learn a little, and be prepared to lose some of your life!! Expand
  18. Apr 29, 2013
    I loved the original dragons dogma apart from all the DLC, and with Dark Arisen you receive the original game, all the dlc and the amazing expansion all for $40..
    Everything has been upgraded, graphics, sound, gameplay, it's one of the best value games out for Ps3 consoles..
    Dark arisen is very similar in difficulty to dark souls, but with a (my opinion) more enjoyable combat system..
  19. May 6, 2013
    this game in total
    game is the most undervalued of all time in reviews

    great have hard dificult to choice....if you want
    great atmosphere
    great boss battle
    coll story
    perfect rpg...etc....
    graphic engine in ps3 is perfect...
    the graphics not amazing but very good....
  20. Jun 22, 2013
    This game some of the most fun I've ever had playing an rpg. This version adds port crystals that allow fast travel. Buying this game gives exclusive armor, weapons and a infinite ferrystone.
  21. Apr 30, 2013
    Amazing game, for €30 you can't go wrong. A must buy for any rpg fan. Can get difficult at times but some level grinding does the trick. The monster encounters are amazing, some of which could last a solid 30 minutes. Great game with great combat, but the story is a little flat but that didn't tarnish the game for me at all.
  22. Feb 26, 2014
    Brilliant game. The variety of monsters, quests, classes, weapons makes this game an absolute joy to play. Alot of re playability too.
    A definant buy for anyone who likes RPGs
  23. Dec 14, 2013
    A must buy for any action RPG fans.
    The best game I have played on PS3. It is beautiful, fun and the combat and upgrade systems will keep you wanting for more. At times you can experience some slowdown, but that is more the PS3 barely handling the awesome that is this game. Best $40 i've spent on my PS3.
    You can't go wrong, the expansion made it better, specially the Eternal Ferrystone.
  24. Dec 15, 2013
    I bought this game a few months ago and have not stopped playing it. Graphics are incredible, the story line is decent, character/ monster designs are phenomenal and the gameplay is amazingly smooth, considering the action on your screen. To top it off there is an incredible community that plays this game and they (we) are responsive and helpful. No, it isn't 100% perfect, but if I could've made a game myself it would be a lot like Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen. Expand
  25. Feb 26, 2014
    This game is quite unique, he mixes Monster Hunter and Skyrim with connotations of Berserk manga (fan).
    I have not put 10 because of the DLC policy Capcom can quite irritate, otherwise I loved, especially with the DLC Dark Arisen, a stone portal endless is obtained which allows you to go much faster in the adventure. We can put a certain number and we can have quick access map.
    From a
    game point of view, this is a very action game with fighting giant, magic is not frustrating. Pawns that loan to other players, it's nice. A default single backup / advantage: you can easily change class.
    In short, he hooked me a lot of time and can not do it all!
  26. Apr 13, 2014
    I love this game, all of my life i've been playing rol games but this game is awesome, it has everything, the best combat system (you can climb at boss amazing) the history its some confusse but its good and the best its the world is not bigger that skyrim but most beautiful i love this game.
  27. Jul 11, 2014
    This game is as immersing as Skyrim and the graphics are a bit better. Been playing RPGs since LOZ on the NES. This is one of the better games you'll play, period, if you give it that typical first 20 hrs that is required for games of this magnitude.
  28. Jul 29, 2014
    For one of my favourite games of 2012, the prospect of more Dragon's Dogma was too big an opportunity to pass up, with the enticing additions for players with existing save files, Japanese audio (always a plus) and new areas, I was really eager to get back into the game, being halfway through a 3rd vanilla playthrough when my copy arrived. Slowly but surely, a sense of disappointment began to creep in; the wonderfully extrinsic (yet catchy) B'z intro song ("Into Free -Dangan-") has been removed, and the new area(s) essentially consist of a deep, dark dungeon of masochistic proportions that makes the original's post-game boss Everfall seem like a picnic, in fact there are enemies here that make bosses like Evil Eyes, Drakes etc. seem laughably easy (which they are, for characters of level 60+), but coupled with the close-quarters nature of the environment, certain problems come to light: 1. The enemy behaviour can be unbalanced and a little on the ridiculous side, even if you're level 150+, particularly post-Daimon and they will constantly bum-rush, spam knockdown attacks and some are capable of one-shotting two quarters of the entire party regardless of level. 2. in close quarters, the pawns can be incredibly dumb, annoying, and difficult to command. 3. close quarters combat does not work in the games favour, especially when combat takes place in a room the size of my kitchen with three large enemies, all doing massive damage and knocking player and pawns over constantly. The final boss was a little let-down too, even though you get to fight him twice, in fact he's easier than a Condemned Gorecyclops and Death; two semi-regular enemies that appear numerous times in the dungeon itself. My biggest problem though: I had to buy the entire game twice in order to access additional content, making my initial purchase redundant all for the sake of DLC. Still, Dragon's Dogma (expansion or no) is a truly excellent game that deserves all the praise it gets. I look forward to seeing this IP grow. Expand
  29. May 20, 2013
    It doesn't have top-notch graphics but the rest is outstanding.
    The game duration, classes, hundreds of missions and the vast world map are more than enough to make you want it.
  30. May 5, 2013
    Really fun & great expansion. Lots of new monsters, armors, weapons & a much more thrilling area to explore. Much harder than the main quest. This expansion also offers Hard Mode, much tougher monsters, you get more gold & exp though. Speed run mode, which is just beating the game fast. The Japanese dub, which I don't find anything special & you can transfer your save from the vanilla game to this, with the bonus of Rift Crystals & A Never-ending Ferrystone. Also, you get all the old games DLC in the Dark Arisen expansion. If you liked the vanilla game, you'll most likely like this as well. Expand
  31. Aug 6, 2013
    good wrpg though i prefer jrpgs i played this a good 72 hours and loved every second of it! I cant say im not a fan of climbing on massive creatures monsters and slowly tearing them apart....
  32. Aug 29, 2013
    Dragon's dogma is an RPG game that i always wanted.It has monsters to defeat,dragons to defeat and much more.I will start with the advantages.First of all it has a variety of monsters in your way to cities.It has a variety of moves,weapons and mates to get.You can also make your own mate.Unfortunately it has a big disadvantage:the world is to big without fast travels and in your way to many places there is a variety of monsters that many times you cannot defeat them and if you die it will respawn you to the place where the last save was done.Generally i believe that this game was a good try for capcom to so its value. Expand
  33. Sep 10, 2014
    Dragon’s Dogma amiguinhos! Esse foi um daqueles jogos que me chamou a atenção e tenho esperado desde o primeiro video que vi. Pra começo de conversa é o primeiro game depois de Shadow of the Colossus a implementar uma jogabilidade de “escale o monstro para mata-lo”. E destaque para o termo jogabilidade, pois você realmente joga essas partes, diferente de jogos onde escalar o monstro gigante se resume a QTEs como Godo of War e Castlevania Lords of Shadows. O jogo vai além de escalar monstro com uma jogabilidade complexa para toda a parte do combate, algo nunca visto antes em um RPG de mundo aberto.
    E esse é o grande destaque do jogo, a jogabilidade. Como sabem é o que mais prezo em um jogo. Quando peguei o controle pela primeira vez pra jogar o demo me senti compreendido! Foi paixão a primeira vista. Pois pra mim todo jogo decente tem que ter um mínimo de ações como pulo, esquiva, correr, agarrar e normalmente quando você joga um jogo o jogo opta por certas ações e te restringe não tendo outras. Como jogador a tanto tempo já até acostumei com isso. Mas Dragon’s Dogma não é assim. Nele você tem todas essas ações. O jogo já começa com muitas opções de ações e o mapeamento dos botões é perfeito, extremamente instintivo. E o combate, digno realmente dos desenvolvedores de Devil May Cry. Testei algo que experimentei pela primeira vez com DMC, apertar os botões de bater dando um intervalo, e isso resulta em um combo diferente. A profundidade e complexidade do combate é impressionante. O mapeamento das skills, perfeito. Sem falar que cada skill não tem apenas um efeito, elas tem cada uma sua física programada. quantos jogos você já jogou onde um arqueiro pode paralisar um inimigo com uma flecha? Agora quantos jogos você já jogou onde você precisa que o inimigo esteja perto de uma parede para finca-lo nela e assim paralisa-lo? Esse é Dragon’s Dogma. Toda skill, aliás todo o combate, todo o jogo tem uma física muito bem trabalhada nele. No modo como conecta os golpes, corre, pula, se agarra, escala, agarra os inimigos e por ai vai.
    Dentro do combate outro destaque é o agarrar. Você pode agarrar qualquer objeto pra arremessar e pode agarrar seus inimigos. A muito tempo penso nessa dinâmica de agarramento do Dragon’s Dogma e fico feliz que FINALMENTE algum jogo fez isso. O lance de você agarrar um inimigo se ele for pequeno e se agarrar a um inimigo para escala-lo se ele for grande. É uma ideia simples porém só agora realizada por um jogo.
    Dragon’s Dogma foi ousado. Além de ser um RPG, com quests, NPCs, em um mundo aberto, com um gameplay tão “de ação”, o jogo ainda dá direito a todas as dinâmicas encontradas em RPGs tradicionais, como: um complexo sistema de gethering e crafting para itens e armas, diversas classes de personagem e ainda outro sistema de companheiros de party.
    Agora entramos no que tem de ruim no jogo. Os Pawns, que são seus companheiros de party, eles tem uma AI péssima e você é muito limitado no modo de comanda-los. Eles são realmente limitados, por tanto eu pretendia jogar sem eles, porém é impossível! Pelo menos na dificuldade normal. O jogo não é difícil, é cruel!.. e difícil! Desnecessariamente. Inimigos medíocres logo no começo exigem uma quantidade imensa de golpes para morrer. E isso não vai melhorando muito com o tempo. É triste ver suas táticas de combate irem por água a baixo porque você tem que ficar dando 2 ou 3 combos num inimigo caído no chão pra ele morrer ao invés de já poder estar indo pra cima de outro.
    O grande problema para mim são os HPs muito altos, e esse problema se acentua se você estiver jogando com classes de arco e faca. E em situações onde surgem grupos de inimigos em mais de dez cabeças, isso fica ridículo. E o jogo é cruel por te enviar para lugares inóspitos cheios de inimigos de level mais alto que o seu, logo de começo! Se você não quer abaixar o nível de dificuldade do jogo, (o que estou começando a considerar em pró da diversão. Se jogar no easy se resumir a inimigos com menos HP.) ande com cautela por aí. Sempre atento. Morrer e ser mandado lá pra traz é frustrante, mas com o tempo você aprende a salvar com frequência.
    Por ser um RPG o jogo também exige que você perca muito tempo no micromenegement dos equipamentos itens, crafting e venda. Isso é meio chato pra mim, ainda mais se sua vida depender disso, de equipamentos melhores e itens de cura melhores. Outro ponto fraco é que o mundo aberto é um vasto mundo por onde você ANDA. São distâncias muito longas e os itens de fast travel só ficam acessíveis bem mais a frente. Então infelizmente você passará grande parte do jogo apenas andando e correndo. A história de Dragon’s Dogma a princípio também é bem fraquinha.
    Mas nada disso consegue estragar a experiência única do gameplay perfeito de Dragon’s Dogma. Na minha humilde opinião ele deixa Skyrim e Demon Souls no chinelo fácil! Pois são dois jogos com jogabilidades MERDAS! Pronto falei!
  34. Sep 15, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Don't let the trolls fool you with negative reviews, this game is amazing. I admit that I almost stopped playing when I was getting one shotted in the opening areas, but you have to press on. This game does not hold your hand. You are not told where stores are or what they do until you take the time to find them yourself. I started as a fighter class and soon found that ot using your shield intelligently would lead to certain death. Once I figured out how to block and use skills effectively, I was standing on even footing with monsters that were slaughtering me just minutes before. The combat is brutal and larger creatures have weak spots you can exploit for more damage. The Pawns that follow you are helpful at pointing things out, but their constant advice can grate after a while. The world encourages exploration with little caves and hidden rock outcrops that contain treasure. The fast travel system is initially annoyingly limited, but becomes easier as you find more Port Crystals. There is also a New Game+ mode. I'm on my third playthrough and the game seems to add more quests as you level up. Bitterblack Isle is essentially a giant Dungeon Crawl with epic loot and incredibly difficult monsters (Fighting and defeating a massive cyclops and an undead dragon while gargoyles and skeleton mages harassed me was one of my finest triumphs). I haven't yet completed Bitterblack Isle, but I'm 99% certain the weird demon thing I can't yet defeat is the final boss. I'll break it down like this:
    Graphics: Lovely graphics, nicely realized western style RPG aesthitic.
    Sound: The sound effects are good, adding a sense of weight to weapon strikes. The barely there background music adds an air of creepiness to dungeons
    Gameplay: Difficult, but incredibly rewarding. Expect to die a lot until you get the hang of it.
    Story: A little ridiculous and hard to follow, but interesting nonetheless
    Replay Value: Incredibly High. You can power through the main game again with all your equipment and skills (Just don't forget to re-equip them!) and Bitterblack beckons...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 25 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 25
  2. Negative: 0 out of 25
  1. Dark Arisen offers far more than the average DLC. There are more than twenty new demonic types of monsters, a ton of new skills and loads of new gear to wear. Dark Arisen feels more like a half finished sequel than a DLC package. [May 2013, p.90]
  2. May 24, 2013
    The same game as the original, but with all DLC included and a new area to explore. A bit weird, but the extra content is worth the money. There aren't exactly any improvements though, so if you had any complaints about the original, they will still be present here.
  3. May 22, 2013
    Technical issues aside and unfair difficulty in some quests don’t stop Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen from being an enjoyable and exciting RPG. While fans of the original may feel ripped off with the lack of any game changing enhancements, a lowered retail price suggests that Capcom is reaching out to newcomers who will get the most out of this release. To those newcomers I strongly suggest giving it a go.