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  1. May 22, 2012
    Huge, open world full of interesting things - check.

    Flexible, inventive combat - check.

    Challenging, hardcore theme - check.

    Fun - check check check check check check check check check check check.

    What's not to love?
  2. May 22, 2012
    Please keep in mind i have only owned this game since midnight (8 hours), my mind kept telling me this would be a bad buy but thank god i listened to my gut.. I am personally sick and tired of the review process, sometimes i feel like they didnt even play the game (joystiq) and although this had some good scores there were a few that threw me off and then joystiq, so i was close to cancelling my order. From the moment the game started i noticed how pretty everything was, the graphics have been superb (not perfect) up to this point of my time with dogma. I was a bit shocked at how deeply intricate the details/items/customization was designed, i love the freedom to toggle, change, walk, pick up , craft and just about everything which makes me feel"involved" w/ me hero and the progression of.. Capcom nailed a system which is hard to find in console rpgs, the freedom to do, customize and tinker with just about anything and then some.. I want to feel like im dictating my hero and the path/direction of the game rather than feel like im in the passenger seat with the option to do only certain things, not here. The animations and colors are fantastic, whether its the glow of a spell of the change of day to night, its just how i want it to look, when im getting healed i actually enjoy the glow from my pawn or mate casting it upon me, watching balls of glorious fire from a mages staff, the pounding of shield to sword to distract a foe while i use my triple shot arrows soaked with oil only to throw a concoction of fire directly toward where my arrows land, all this feels and looks so right.. the controls are in fact "dynamic", dont be fooled by hack and slash or the demo, there is so much more to the combat system.. yes it is laid out by way of strong attack and light attack but there is secondary , magic, throwing and or holding a foe (or friend) and everything just works together almost seemlessly, im still very taken aback to the reality of what dragons dogma presents to me, capcom.. i am a huge fan of rpgs and i am not one to hold back how i feel and right now i feel like i wouldve made a huge mistake turning this away, i almost did..

    graphics are on point, yes there are some glitches but it is easily overlooked by the force of quality in other areas such as gameplay.. The gameplay and presentation is solid, music is nice (nothing groundbreaking) and the controls feel wonderful, voice acting is very good but im not capable to go in dept about the story, as of now i am hurrying my thoughts to get back to the game. The pawn system is awesome. menu inventory and the interface is super user friendly and simple, you can basically design your hero to look however you lease and its very deep in terms of customization.. How about this, rent the game if you are on the fence, please just give it a chance to go in your system.
    this has been a very refreshing rpg exp so far and im loving every minute of it.. its a game where you get lost in it and you dont want to be found.. Capcom you guys did a heck of a job.. i would give this an 8.5 but i cant, usually i end up leveling it off to the lower half unless the game deserves a bit more than an 8.5.. 9
  3. Jul 6, 2012
    ***20 reasons why Dragon's Dogma should be in the making 4 more years*** "4 years in the making", "hundreds of people involved", "From the creators of Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 4", "The most ambitious project from Capcom to date", "A BIG budget game"... Is this a sort of Japanese Joke? At first i gave this game an 8, now, after finishing the game it gets a 4. Why? At first this looks like a great game with cool combat and a HUGE map to explore and you are willing to forgive some fails, but after some dozen hours you get to realize what this game really is and not willing to forgive: reason 1) They make us believe there is a BIG map to explore by hidding it, but this is one of the smallest game maps in the world of RPG's (go and check Google images for the full map). 2) The total absence of lip synch is annoying (even the Muppets do it better). 3) An awful story with more holes in the plot than a Swiss cheese. 4) The constant monologues of your companions: "See master, a rock (98745 times)", "Wolves hunt in packs (642947 times)... 5) The almost absence of side-quests. You get objectives, not side quests: (kill 50 fearsome rabbits), (kill 2 cyclopes), (Kill the JRPG's)... 6) The 'cinematics' if you can call them that, sucks! 7) The graphics are not up to today's standards, they look like PS2 HD graphics. 8) The armors are ugly, not even a decent armor set that makes look like a badass. I was hoping all the game to get a decent armor... it never happened... 9) At the end i understood why there was no decent fast travel system, because this game is so small that makes no sense having fast travel, but i passed the same roads over and over and over and over and over again. 10) You fight the same enemies in the very same places all the time, but, if at level 1 a goblin or a wolf can get you a fight imagine at level 60! And at the end if i close my eyes i can guess where they are because they appear always in the same location. 11) You can't change your skills at any time in the game, you have to go to the Inn and say "Hey man i wanna change my skills...", why can't you change them whenever you want wherever you want? 12) At first the combat looks cool but in the end i find that there are no real strategy fighting the enemies (like in demons/Dark Souls), i just keep using my 2 most powerful strikes every time and against all sort of enemies (boring). 14) The number of 'dungeons' to explore is a JOKE, i just remember about 6, no more than 10 (Skyrim has 150 and Amalur 120 dungeons to explore) and they were reused for different quests. 15) The character models are very bad, the monsters, not so bad and the Big monsters nice with nice animations. 16) People like the spawn system, but because you have to constantly change your party, you never get emotionally involved with your companions (you just don't care if they die in combat or if they fall the abyss, and that's a part very important in an RPG, like the involvement you get with your team mates in Mass Effect...). 17) The 2 black bars always present like in a movie so the poor graphical engine could keep the framerate in this 'open small land' game. 18) Bad voice acting and bad dialogues. 19) The pseudo quest DLC's just to rob you some more money. (Go and get some medallions quests). They suck, they should be free or be included in the small game. 20) Only a few different monsters. You are always fighting the same monsters. There is not a lot of diversity and different tactics to fight the enemies, just hack and slash with your most powerful strike. (i never had to block a strike and only died twice at he beginning) ***Resuming: I'am more criticizer with this game because they made us believe this was a Big production game in a Big open world and that's not the truth. At the first hours i had fun with this game, but towards the end i was anxious to see the end of the game, like in FFXIII. My advice to the producers. Take some holidays, play Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Fallout, Kingdoms of Amalur..., take some notes, hire decent artists and than you can try to make a decent RPG in the western way... Good luck to Dragon's Dogma 2, but you still have a LONG road to walk! Collapse Expand
  4. May 22, 2012
    This game is epic in every sense of the word. HUGE open world,hundreds of deep & fulfilling quests,long complex & at times BRUTAL dungeons,a very deep customisation - in terms of both character creation & clothing/armor/weapons/spells etc. You could easily lose 200-300 hrs here if you search everywhere & do all side quests. Graphically its good but not great, but be honest who plays rpgs for great graphics?? The enemies/bosses & combat are fast , fluid & relentless & quite honestly with just 20hrs played I can happily say the combat in DD is stand out in this genre , only rivalled by the Souls games.

    If you're a fan of deep,rich,fantasy worlds then this game is a must buy. I loved Oblivion,Dragon Age,Dark Souls & Skyrim & Dragons Dogma easily stands up with them. Great game!
  5. May 26, 2012
    This is one of best games I have ever played. I just made an account to review this game. I even like it better than Dark Souls which was my favorite western/ japanese hybrid game ever. At first the game is very overwhelming and feels disjointed and I almost wanted to stop playing after playing for about 3-hours and I didn't think it could be better than Dark Souls, but I gave it a few nights and once I got to Gran Soren, I started falling in love with the game. I feel like I'm just at the tip of the iceberg to with this game. If you are on the fence about this game because of the major publication reviews, get it! Trust your gut! I'm glad I trusted mine! Capcom had been dissipointing me lately with its lackluster games, but I'm so glad they have finally proved themselves again as masterful game developers! There's so many cool little things you keep finding out about the game. I have rarely found any bugs or glitches, and if there are they are totally minor, i have the ps3 version...You have to be a total nerd for it to totally ruin the game for you. I kept reading about the framerate and glitches in major reviews, ive barely noticed any, nothing game breaking at all. I've been playing for about 11 hours now. Level 22. The immersion in this game is insane...And i feel like the graphics are amazing. The draw distance is incredible. Usually i hate open world games or games with lots of quests, I only care about the main story, but this game I don't seem to mind. Its just so fun moment to always want to see whats behind the next corner or over the next hill or whats in that cave, etc!!!!! By this point, there is so many amazing things about this game, such as the combat =10, pawn system = 10 deep customization = 10, immersion =10, graphics = 10, beastiary = 10, controls = 10, that any flaws or annoyances that mar the experience for me can be easily overlooked. The game would have to incredibly **** up down the road to lower my score....even if it did my score would still be at least a 9....but, if its consistent with what I've seen so far, this game is definitely a 10. I mean for Capcom to have no experience making this games and just jump in, wow, its amazing how versatile they are at making games. I love little things like the sliding down ladders in Dark Souls haha theres so many cool little things about this game...I could go on forever. Honestly, I never could get into any Western RPGs, the combat, graphics, or retarded dialogue just threw me off, but this game finally has all that down. This game gives me hope for Resident Evil 6...Perhaps they on a new road, finally getting back to the behemoth game company they used be known as. Expand
  6. Feb 3, 2013
    Cool combat and some unique environments. Inventory management is tedious and the game is lacking in story.
  7. May 22, 2012
    I just do not like this game. The storyline is so boring, dialogues are stupid, and graphics average. And how about gameplay? Not bad, but it could be really better.
  8. Jun 11, 2012
    My first review was glowing, as I was halfway through the game... Shortly after my review, the game glitched and I could not progress any further, forcing me to start over on my 26 hour save file... When i finally got back to the point in the game where the game glitched again, I had come to find out it was right before the LAST mission... not the middle. What i've come to find is that basically there is no MIDDLE of the game... it just goes from about 1/3rd in, to the end! all of the rest of the missions that should be in the middle of the game are downloadable content.... you bastards! this is a serious let down. I was really enjoying this game, but right as its starting to hit its stride... it ends. I'm now trading it in to Amazon... I don't care about the DLC or the RE6 demo... i just want to get this poor excuse for a $60 DOLLAR game out of my house Expand
  9. May 23, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is an amazing game with some faults. The core gameplay, is incredibly fun, addicting and deep. My biggest problem with other games in which combat is a major focus (indeed, most skills and abilities are to increase your effectiveness in battle) however, in most games combat is too EASY and unsubstantial. There is no reason in most games for those skills because you can't lose anyway. Dragon's Dogma combat is awesome, simple as that, and that is the best part of the game.

    The pawn system I am continuously impressed with, and I really enjoy tweaking their behaviors, or going on quests where the pawns respond and take charge on their own volition (though some do talk too much).

    Quests are varied so far, and enjoyable with enough variety to keep it from getting stale. The story is not THE major focus of the game, however, it is interesting enough to keep things moving. The small technical hiccups are barely noticeable honestly. There IS pop-in. It occurs however, in a "fade-in" type manner, rather than a "pop-in" manner, and it doesn't bother me. There is also some micro-stuttering when fighting large monsters with a lot of magic, but isn't a "problem" in my eyes.

    There is tons of variety in skills, equipment, topography that I believe will keep people that give it a chance occupied for a great many hours. I really do think this is an underrated and excellent game, especially for a new IP and I can't wait for the sequel because this is one of the most enjoyable games I've probably ever played.
  10. May 23, 2012
    This is not a review of the game. These are my initial impressions after spending 5 hours with the full game, in an attempt to help people decide whether they will like this game or not.
    I will keep this simple.

    The graphics are inconsistent. The open world is beautiful, the lighting is amazing but the character models suffer from low textures and some pixelation. The combat effects are
    great too. Overall I like the graphics and they certainly don't make the game unplayable or ugly.

    The animations are amazing and the physics are more than decent. The movement is fluid and the controls are great.

    The combat is very satisfying. This game has the best combat I have experienced in an action/rpg game.
    It is arcade enough to be enjoyable but without feeling shalow. The melee fighting has a weight to it and every hit feels like it connects. It is similar to the Souls series but less technical and precise. There is no lock on but this is not a problem. Combined with the physics and animation it is a spectacle to behold.
    There are many moves you can do with each vocation (class) and I don't see it getting stale. You can also swith classes later in the game too.

    The story is very simple and rather naive but it really doesn't matter in this game. This game is driven by exploration and questing more than anything.

    The night time is amazing. It is very realistic, as everything is actually dark and you need light sources to see a few feet/meters around. Enemies will jump at you if you stray off the road creating a sense of tension and fear.

    The sound is decent. It's nothing epic, the likes of Skyrim but it is decent enough. The sound effects are great. Swords and shields clashing, enemies yelling, your pawns shouting.

    The pawn system is very clever. Your party consists of yourself (the Arisen), a companion pawn that stays with you permanently and up to two other pawns that you can hire through the rift (summoning area). Your permanent pawn (that you can customize using an extremely detailed editor) is shared between your party and other real life players' games provided you are online. Whenever someone uses your pawn in their games, it gains knowledge and information and can even get back with gifts and a rating of it's contribution. You can do the same with other people's pawns. These pawns don't level up, so you have to change them regularly. Your party will be constantly changing and keep things fresh.

    The PS3 version runs great with very few framerate slowdowns (nothing like Skyrim) and absolutely no tearing. There is a pop up issue but it is not gamebreaking.

    Overall I highly recomend this game to action/rpg fans. I can see myself spending a lot of time with this.
  11. Jun 22, 2012
    This game is all about high-adventure. I enjoyed Dragon's Dogma and its harrowing action and exploration far more than I did Skyrim or Dragon Age. There is no tedious party management, the AI party is extremely competent but not overpowered, and the way you explore the world of Gransys is satisfying and epic. The game has its problems with lack of polish here and there, and the difficulty gets much easier towards the end of the game, but beating the game left me wanting to play more. I think it gets alot of things right: exploring new areas, running into unexpected threats, and the gripping battles against the larger monsters. I haven't enjoyed traveling through a game world this much since Red Dead Redemption. I hope this game gets a sequel with a ton of new content; the way it integrates a holistic approach of how the player can interact with the game world and its inhabitants is a major milestone in RPG gaming. It was well worth the $60 spent on day one. Expand
  12. May 25, 2012
    The game is fantastic. If you never read a review for it and you picked it up blind and played it you would be saying... Omg I just found an awesome game!

    RPGS elements are deep, there are tons of items and unlike Skyrim they are all relevant, no collecting ten forks here. The skill system is deep as well.

    The graphics are good, not nearly as good as Skyrim PC, but that is to be
    expected. I don't know what Skyrim looks like on PS3, but all the reviews say it plays like crap on PS3. This game plays great on PS3.

    This game has a very cool online component, it is not multiplayer, but you can see when other people are online via their pawns. You can make friends with pawns and rehire them later... The whole idea is very cool and adds a freshness to the game as you progress through it.

    The star of this show is combat!
    Omg, I've said it before and I'll say it again - Bethesda only wishes they could make a game with combat this good. It is so good you are going to think you are playing a play former, but it is a real RPG.

    The story is there, but you have to activate it. It is deeper than dark souls but less than Skyrim. Skyrim has better voice acting.

    Most of the complaints around this game are about camera angles (10 hours in and not one issue or me), NPC dialogue (you can fully adjust their speech or turn it off!), and rough edges (?).

    All I can tell you is that if you like RPG's and miss this game then you are missing out on an experience akin to Elder Scrolls + Dark Souls. There are EPIC boss battles all over the place with giants, a ton of loot, crafting, and party management. This game is NOT better than either the Elder Scrolls or Dark Souls, but it does so much right that I cannot understand the hate it has garned from a few review sites.

    This is a huge step forward for Japanese RPG's and I only wish that a game like Final Fantasy (which I haven't touched since FF VII, would take note of all the things this game does and implement them.)

    If Skyrim had this games combat system and online connection it would be the best game ever made, ever.

    If you are looking for a good RPG and are on the fence about this one then commit.
  13. May 25, 2012
    Why is it that western reviewers find that if its a Japanese game,that it must then suck. Just because they aren't leading the game industry does not mean they cannot make a fun game. Personally, i found this game very challenging and down right FUN! the only thing that i would have liked for them to do is to allow at least a 2 player co-op. Now i only monster hunter could get a facelift with the help of this game engine....Anyhow do try this game, it will keep you on for hours. Expand
  14. May 25, 2012
    This game is the best and hardest game I've played since dark souls. The combat is really cool and the story isn't as bad a some say. The game is like a combination of dark souls and oblivion
  15. May 24, 2012
    After playing the first 10 hours all i can say that this is one of the best RPG's of the year. For the people that compared this to Skyrim, i'll say it has nothing to do, it's totally a different game and a different experience. All in this game is mindblowing. A incredible combat, awesome Pawn system, good AI, an huge open world with great sensation of danger, epic combat with giant creatures, a interesting storyline (for the moment)... It promess much hours exploring, battling and discovering the world of Gransys. Buy it without doubt about it. Expand
  16. May 24, 2012
    This game is a good fantasy game. The graphics are great, for example the first time I saw the sun rise on the ocean my jaw dropped. The game does have a challenge to it which is great. You have to learn when to fight and when to flee. I have had many heart pounding moments when I was running for my life. The only thing I don't like about the game is there is no mounts in game you have to walk/run but it is not a game breaker. Also I wish there were hot keys for items. Expand
  17. May 24, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is awesome. A great mix between Monster hunter and skyrim. A great game for Hardcore gamers ! Some website in Europa gave an average score but don't worry it's only because European testers don't understand the addictive gameplay of "monster hunter" games ( they prefer test COD games it's easier for them ^^ )
  18. May 25, 2012
    It feels like Devil May Cry and Elder Scrolls combined, I love the way you can hire pawns from other online players, co-op would have been awesome, graphics are poor, but effects look great and framerate stays in the 60 area, story is not very gripping, quests seem to be diverse so far like your usual rpg, examples, kill so many of this monster, escort this person here, find so many of a certain item. I really like how it is not like skyrim in the way of monster levels, if you go to an area your not ready for you will die or have to run away and if you just feel like boosting on lower lvl enemies that are no challenge you can do that too, combat is amazing best I have ever played for an action rpg, wish you could have more skills than just 3 per weapon, but I suppose it keeps it balanced, all in all it is a must for any action rpg fan Expand
  19. May 25, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is a really fun Action RPG, and I believe it caters to the best of both worlds. The combat is engaging and intense, and is by no means dumbed down or easy (which honestly is a good thing). Presentation wise, the game looks great, and feels alive. Small things like grass and branches blowing against the breeze of the ocean really makes this world rival most other RPG worlds in all of gaming. Sure, the graphics may look a bit lackluster in some areas, other areas more than make up. The AI is surprisingly intelligent, exceeding my expectations for a game, they (your allies, known as pawns) perform their duties smartly and in a timely manner. The framerate may hiccup every now and then (on this version at least) and trees and shrubs may interfere with your combat. The story isn't anything impressive at all, but I don't really demand that in a fantasy RPG game. The resulting game is a really fun game that can appeal to any action and/or RPG fan, and those who like these genres should really at least play this game sometime; it has some features that I believe should now become standard in any RPG game. Expand
  20. May 25, 2012
    Really immersive and atmospheric, particularly at night when it gets really dark so you need your lantern. The combat is solid, firm and satisfying, a far cry from Skyrim's floaty weightless mess. There's a lot of attention to detail, such as your character's clothes getting soaked if you go into water and a the wind really swaying the grass and trees all around you. The pawn system adds a lot to the game and allows you to connect with other players without breaking the illusion of the world and events being real (e.g. you don't get some guy jumping all over the place and "hilariously" hitting NPCs).

    There is some slowdown at times, and the voice acting can be pretty poor at times, but the sense of adventure, exploration and truly being part of a living, detailed world all make that seem like an insignificantly small price to pay. There are tons of side quests that all help give the world more depth and variety, as well as the main quests nicely feeding into each other in interesting ways. At one point you're attacked by a gigantic hyrda. After climbing its body and decapitating it, your then told you could take the head to a nearby nobleman as a gift, and he'll honour you in some way. So starts a quest where you escort the hyrda's head on the back of a wagon through dangerous terrain. It feels so much better than "go there and get me that thing" followed by "Good, now go to the other guy who will tell you to go get him something to" which makes up most of the quests in WRPGs.

    I really recommend this game if you like atmospheric worlds that you feel like you're really living in, and also want combat to be a well-made part of the game rather than some embarrassingly bad thing that's been tacked on. It's familiar due to it's standard fantasy setting, yet somehow unfamiliar and refreshingly strange feeling thanks to it being a Japanese take on those elements.
  21. May 25, 2012
    Simply awesome. While the difficulty isn't the same sort in dark souls, it does have the brutality and uncanny ability to sense when you are getting to **** and show you the 'Retry' screen. The depth of play and the size of the world are excellent. It is far more open then Kingdoms on Amalur and I enjoy the combat in this game much more. Loot is predominately things that you harvest and gather from the world which you can combine into increasingly useful things. A great balance of difficulty and just a lot of fun to play.

    The pawn mechanic initially seemed a bit of an oddity but it is quickly becoming a treat and real interesting mechanic. It is great to see your pawn come back with loot and experience from its time playing with someone else out in the world, and its fun to browse through the rift and see what other people are up to in designing their own pawns. Its neat to follow the progression of particular pawns you have journeyed with to see how they develop and change.

    I am having an absolutely great time with this game and heartily recommend it to anyone that likes rpg's...this IP is great and I dearly hope that capcom can grow this with sequels and DLC.
  22. May 24, 2012
    When I played the demo for Dragon's Dogma, I thought there was no way in hell I would buy it, but I did, and it was a great buy! This game is amazing, if you liked Kingdoms of Amalur or Skyrim, you'll love this game!
  23. May 22, 2012
    Been playing this game all day and as far as gameplay goes its top notch. The pawn system is a nice addition, Combat system is engaging and there are tons to do! Weakest point of the game is definitely the Story but everything else including the Music is great.
  24. May 24, 2012
    This game is incredibly addicting. I was nervous I would hate it, but honestly I am having a blast. The story is lame, but whatever. I see alot of comparisons to Skyrim, but I feel like Dragon's Dogma is more like Kingdoms of Amular really. Only with a heavier focus on combat and realistic graphics. I like the pawn system, it works very well and I actually get excited every time I see an Inn because then I get stuff from my pawn being hired in another game. Unfortunately though, even though it is a 4 party system, there is no multiplayer...which even with the pawn system, still feels like a missed opportunity. Can't someone make a hack and slash as good as Dark Souls/DD and have campaign co-op?! Oh well, I love DD anyway. I hope people buy it, because I think Capcom has placed some great ideas in this game and would love to see a sequel with all they learned from this game. And if I know Capcom, I expect there to be a sequel...already in the works I am sure. Expand
  25. May 26, 2012
    it's an epic journey in a very beautiful world with lots of creature to kill and lots of thing to do everything is great!
    the pawn system, the combat, the class system and also the difficulty is very challenging and fun!
    if you like action rpg and fantasy worlds this is your game this is an amazing mix between skyrim and dark souls plus lots of original stuff !
    the graphic
    isn't amazing there are some technical problems but a real gamer don't care about this little thing's, a real gamer look at the heart of the game and dragon's dogma is an amazing fantasy adventure! Expand
  26. May 27, 2012
    Simply wonderful. This game has taken all my favorite aspects of games like skyrim and monster hunter and made a compelling new IP. Yes, it has flaws, though far fewer than many "AAA" games I've played that were drawing upon roughly 20x the budget. Its positive points though, are legion. Fluid (and thank-you-god, rarely repetitive) combat, rampant customization, varied locals and monsters. I just love it. I wish more game developers would take chances like this. Expand
  27. May 28, 2012
    Before my purchase I heard this game described as Skyrim crossed with Demon's Souls; I can now say that is quite accurate. The only negatives I've found so far is that saving takes a long time, and the lip syncing is pretty awful. Character classes, and abilities are pretty deep and interesting.
  28. May 24, 2012
    Pretty good game I think. There are a few technical issues on even the PS3 version, but nothing that isn't patchable. Story is kind of weak and a lot of quests are bland. If you like fast action games and open world then get this. It's definitely one of the better games so far this year. Not a very in depth review, I know, but if you get it you'll like it probably. I'd give it an 8.5, but I can't submit that score... Expand
  29. Oct 2, 2012
    People say this world is small? Then I suppose they think 120+ hour Monster Hunter is tiny. Like in Monster Hunter, the map is fairly compact. However, also like Monster Hunter, there's much more area than there seems to be at first. This is because that like Monster Hunter, you can climb up on rocks, ledges, etc. There's a large amount of realistic environmental interaction that many negative reviewers fail to notice.

    Look at a game with a huge map: Sacred 2. While the square mileage is bigger in Sacred 2, anyone who's played the game knows that you can't go up steep hills and you can't enter forests, and almost everything is simply a static mesh that you can't interact with. Dragon's Dogma is the opposite kind of open world. In Dragon's Dogma there's less square mileage, but you can go up and over amost anything, interacting with most things.

    Look at Skyrim. DD has slightly less square mileage than Skyrim, but it's much closer. However, in Skyrim you can't interact with the landscape at all, and mountains block you all the time. Once in a while you find a mushroom to harvest, but generally you just run around cloned trees and hunt for copy-pasted quests in a copy-pasted world. In Dragon's Dogma, care went into making every scene unique in some way, ala Dark Souls or Demon's Souls. In DD, you can climb many things, you can slide down steep slopes in a special stance to avoid fall damage, you can pick apples from trees, you can harvest plants and search for a diverse array of resources, like in Monster Hunter. You can actually interact with the world, and like in the Souls games, there's hidden stuff everywhere.

    The bosses are reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus, where you can grab and climb many of them as they attempt to shake you off. Other features were inspired by Monster Hunter or Dark Souls, such as your ability to sever some appendages from the bosses.

    People say the pawns are annoying? I guess people are too used to companions that never say anything and simply act as silent sexy armor holders. The pawns are intelligent. They'll follow you as you climb the steepest rooftops and cliffs, and they can take care of themselves in combat. Normally when you fight outside your level (ie, level 2 fighting a level 8 enemy), game companions eat hits and die immediately. Not in Dragon's Dogma. I'm continually surprised at just how fast and intelligent the pawns are. They'll protect each other, carry each other if one falls in combat, and give you someone to lean on if you sprint for too long and run out of breath. They'll even harvest loot and resources on their own (though you can get them to give it to you, if you want it) They dodge enemy attacks and deal solid damage on their own. You virtually never have to babysit them like you do in similar games. People claim that pawns are marred by the fact that they're temporary, and that's something I was concerned about as well. After playing, however, it's clear that many of the haters never even played the game for the 45 minutes required to get a permanent companion.

    Two of your three pawns will be temporary, and one is a permanent companion, but in Skyrim you only get one companion at all! Why are people complaining about this in DD? Plus, in Skyrim your companion is dumb as a bag of rocks and just eats hit after hit until they go down. You need to babysit in Skyrim constantly, to the point that I just had to avoid the companions altogether in that game. Plus, your companion in Skyrim won't protect you or really help you; once combat starts in Skyrim it's "every man for himself", and your companion won't heal you or stay nearby.

    Dragon's Dogma companions are much, much better. They keep up, they're smart, and not only do they not require babysitting, but they actually protect you as much as you protect them. They shout out advice, as others said, but I don't think it's annoying for some reason. They offer new ideas for how to handle quests and enemies, and occasionally they offer personal support in emotional quests. Really, after playing rpgs where every npc just exists and speaks at your convenience, Dragon's Dogma's companions are amazing.

    I own a gaming pc, and this game actually looks pretty good by comparison. It's rare that I can play a console game and not only tolerate the graphics, but actually enjoy them. Killzone 2 was the last game that managed that, besides Dragon's Dogma.

    All in all, an absolutely engrossing rpg with great realism and companions. I also like that Capcom wasn't afraid to stretch the M rating to the limit at times (like with the harpies), unlike some rpgs that are clearly meant for 12 year olds despite the M rating. If you like Dark Souls or Monster Hunter, you'll probably love this. If you think Skyrim is the best rpg ever made, you may not like this, or you might change your mind about Skyrim.
  30. May 27, 2012
    We love you, Capcom; let me count the ways: Maximo, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry ... and now -
    another great game, Dragon's Dogma. Yes, there are gorgeous, epic worlds to explore; helpful, insightful pawns; a terrific item and crafting component, etc. ....... but it's the strategic, challenging,
    fireworks combat that distinguishes it and makes it incredibly FUN! Thanks, Capcom, for
    memorable experience.
  31. May 22, 2012
    I love this game! The combat and leveling is the main highlight of DD. The only issues I have are the techicial glitches like popins and framerate but overlooked. The game is lengthy and difficult but that's a good thing in my eyes.
  32. Jul 4, 2012
    I was really looking forward to Dragons Dogma and its a shame that its nothing more than a huge RPG with a dull combat system. I cant recommend it because it just didn't have the spark to be as fun as it should have been.
  33. May 28, 2012
    I'm hugely surprised that the critics have rated this game less than 80. I suppose the comparisons to Skyrim are inevitable and while it may lack a little of the polish that Skyrim has it absolutely holds its own in game play and pure enjoyment. The pawn system in itself is enough to keep the hardcore rpg enthusiast interested in that while you're playing a single player rpg you have the feeling that you're playing with your friends. This game flew under the radar a bit but I confess I'm enjoying it even more than I did skyrim and I played in excess of 200 hours with it. Expand
  34. May 29, 2012
    I can't really write a review for this game. I've just been reading constant terrible reviews from reviews that apparently don't know what to play games. Instead I'll give you a list of points.

    - Pawns: They talk a lot, they can give you hints depending on how much knowledge they have of a quest, area or monster. Other people can hire your pawn and vice versa which will help add to their
    knowledge base. If you are really that annoyed by your pawns constantly talking, then there is no reason why you can't turn it off.
    Pawns have a lot of different behaviours and it's important you understand these behaviours so that you can have synergy in your party. You can buy potions in the encampment which tell you what each of the behaviours are.

    -Vocations. There are 9 separate vocations. Strider (Daggers and shortbow), Ranger (Longbows), Magick Archer (Magick Bows), Fighter (Sword & Shield), Warrior (2 handed Great Weapons), Assassin (daggers, swords, shields, bows), Mage (support magic and elemental magic), Sorcerer (Great and powerful magic). While the game starts of with forcing you to play Fighter, Strider or Mage, you will be able to switch very fast to any vocation you want to play by fighting your way to Gran Soren and buying the new vocation with discipline (which is given for XP gained). There are lots of different ways to play the same vocation because of the way the skill system works and it's important to make sure you have skills that will let you do what you want to do.

    Story - Yes the story is pretty bad. It's a semi-interesting story, however the way it's told is quite poor and it will be hard to understand what is going on. Really you aren't here for the story though.

    Monsters - This game probably has the best roster of monsters and ways to fight them that I've ever seen in a game. Each monster has many strengths and weaknesses and a whole plethora of ways of acting. For instance when fighting a cyclops, he may or may not have have armour on, which you can coerce him into pulling off by climbing him, attack different areas of his body will yield different effects. If someone is climbing on his head to strike him in the eye, then someone else can climb on his leg to stop him moving, and even attack in an attempt to trip him up. Lightning can stun them (especially when wearing armour) while fire will set them ablaze and possible make them frenzied. I could keep going on about all the different things that can be done in a fight again just one creature and there are many more.

    World & Exploration - The world is quite large. I would also say that it's laid out in a peculiar way, it's not just an open plain which can be traversed in a more or less straight line and travelling from one side of the map to the other will take a great deal of time and preperation to make sure you don't get lost. The map is only revealed as your explore so finding your way around can be troublesome to begin with.
    There is quick travel, however it is very limited. This was done in attempt to make the world feel larger, as games where you get flying mounts or easy access to quick travel often trivialise the entire point of having a large open world full of dangerous creatures. That said there are ways of quick travel, however they are either quite rare, or of a finite amount. There isn't much to say, this is really a game that is focused on fighting glorious creatures. Pretty much all of them are taken from Roman or Greek mythology and are incredibly fun to fight.

    The only real downside to this game is that it doesn't have any Co-Operative multiplayer component, even though it would be absolutely brilliant for that. There is something called the Ur-Dragon, which is a huge dragon which multiple people fight at the same time, and all the damage from everyone fighting it is added together, but that's not real multiplayer.
  35. May 26, 2012
    A diamond in the rough! Dragon's Dogma is a well mix of action oriented combat, a unique pawn system and a big beautiful world to explore. Yes, there are some minor flaws in the game that can be overlooked when compared with the overall quality of game play. The world is expansive and the player is rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny. However, the player is also punished for venturing farther off the beaten path to an area that their character may not be a high enough level for. You have to actually think about each quest and gather information to complete them. This is different than other current RPGs that basically put a waypoint on the map. Plus the map is only revealed to the player if you travel throughout the land. Nighttime is especially an issue if you are stuck far from a town because the monsters and enemies become more challenging. Vision is also reduced dramatically which adds suspense since you can not see past what your lantern provides. I think the camera system could of been improved upon because sometimes things will get in the way while in combat. Plus the frame rate drops during heavy combat scenes which spells are cast. I was reluctant to purchase this game at first but its turning out to be one of my better gaming experiences of the year so far. If your on the fence, and you enjoy Skyrim type exploration and Dark Souls combat (minus the heavy difficulty) you will enjoy Dragon's Dogma. Expand
  36. May 30, 2012
    Best two reasons to buy this: Combat is amazing Pawns (AI controlled NPCs which you and other plays create) make you feel like your playing in a PUG in an MMO. They also make this game feel like you aren't alone. This is the game for someone who wanted more control over his/her PUG in WOW with more action style combat (similar to but more advanced than Dark souls). Why this over skyrim? Skyrim is lonely. When you finish playing skyrim, you leave no mark. It's purely your game and that's it. In DD, the pawn that you craft is your link to other players and the mark you leave. Expand
  37. May 29, 2012
    A rough gem.

    Dragons Dogma is a strange game, at first glance it seems to be a sub-par low budget fantasy game but give it an hour or two and its true nature is shown.

    What you are rewarded to is a huge and detailed open world to explore (Skyrim) , a fun and rewarding skill based combat system ( Demons / Dark Souls ), A very robust and changeable class system and an interesting story
    although poorly written and voiced in parts.

    The boss fights which happen at either key story/quest moments or found out in the wild are fun and varied making me think of Monster Hunter or Shadow of the Colossus. Any larger monster can be climbed during combat for distraction and to reach key weak points. Bosses are challenging and very fun to fight with sword bow or even magic. The world you explore is littered with secrets and monsters to find and as day passes (41 minutes real time ) to night you are greeted with poor visibility and often stronger monsters as well as different events and things to find. Finishing on the pawn system, i am sceptical of AI companions at the best of times but the pawns in DD useful and very much needed. Customising your own main pawn then sending it online to be used by other players is rewarding as any information about enemies or quests gathered in other peoples games is brought back to yours along with gifts and items.

    Negatives go to the lack of polish on the graphics / performance side of things and for some fairly awful voice acting.

    Overall if you enjoy any of the games i have mentioned above or action rpgs in general then its a game well deserving of your time.
  38. Jun 13, 2012
    This game is, IMHO, a HUGE disappointment.
    CAPCOM delivered everything, but nothing that I was expecting from Dragon's Dogma.
    I played it for a couple hours and I just couldn't play more.
    First, the graphics. It SURE isn't good-looking. If you're kind enough, you can say it's a very polished PS2 game. The character models are terrible, despite of the monster's nice visuals. There's a very
    annoying thing that almost drove me crazy about Dragon's Dogma: There are ALWAYS two black stripes, at the bottom and top of the screen. It's curious because it's not a movie, so why the hell are always those stripes on? Take note that they're ALWAYS in the screen, and not only in the cinematics.
    Speaking of cinematics, it's another bad point of Dragon's Dogma. They just seem... hollow, emotionless and unattractive. The voice acting is dreadful, just like that. The soundtrack throughout the game goes from epic songs to japanese rock, what really sucks. I think japanese rock doesn't fit the game, you know.
    The gameplay is fun, really feels like an Action-RPG, but it alone can't save this game. The pawn system seems exciting at first, but when you first meet your pawn companions, you change your mind. The pawns are extremely annoying! They don't really stop talking and their coments are a pain in the ass. Always obvious things that you've already noticed.
    Dragon's Dogma is a mess of a game and I didn't expect such a thing. It's too bad that I have picked Dragon's Dogma over Max Payne 3.
  39. May 26, 2012
    I bought this game after watching my friend play it. It is a very good game but does have some problems. There are *minor* glitches that would be fixed by a patch update so that not big deal. The way the pawn system comes into play really keeps it interested with them saying some pretty funny things. The only reason i voted 8.10 is because in the beginning ( first 24 hours of play , yes that still the beginning) theres lot of quest that state go kill 50 rabbits, or go kill 30 skeletons. Now i will say what i really love about the game is it gives you so much gold for completing quest. Expand
  40. May 26, 2012
    The only Action/RPG game that mix a nervous fighting system in a huge open world.
    even if there's technical issues and arguable design decisions, the all mighty feeling of an epic way of life in a huge country still make me Play and have fun... and that's why i think Dragon's Dogma is simply a good game !
    If Capcom would please admit that it's about NINE THOUSAND per cent similar to
    Monster Hunter (not so much, but look at the items icons, even them are monsterhunterized :p)

    *Sorry if my sentences were wrong (this one too), that's not my mother tongue.
  41. Jun 5, 2012
    Has quickly become one of my all time favourite games. I can only assume a lot of these reviews are based on ten hours of play which scratches the surface of this game. The ending is up there with Red Dead Redemption and Portal. Very epic and makes me feel that I accomplished a great deal. I am on my second game and still as fun as the start, got my moneys worth and then some. Can't recommend it enough, I made an account just to say that and hope people don't miss out on one of the great games of this generation. Expand
  42. Jun 20, 2012
    this game Dragon's Dogma is very good RPG and best game with SKYRIM !
    if you want play game don't stop play direct !
    and i love this game and any RPG game UK OR USA OR JAPAN RPG GAMES !
  43. May 29, 2012
    Love this game. awesome combat. huge world. tons of exploration, loot, questing. Pawn system is really interesting. Love looking at all the characters everyone made and sending mine out into the wild as well.

    The combat is fast and smooth. When the big boys come to play, its awesome and explosive. be prepared for a CHALLENGE. Think about mixing demon's/dark souls with devil may
    cry with skyrim. note that the first two games on the list are NOT known for being easy or forgiving.

    Couldn't have asked for much more. I would've asked for another 6mo of polish, but honestly, I love it as is.
  44. May 25, 2012
    I give this game a 2/5. I believe there is fun to be had somewhere in this game..but I could not find it and would definitely not recommend this game to anyone on a budget. The graphics seem good at first but I quickly noticed many texture pop ins and the draw distance is beyond awful. Voice acting sucks and characters are just boring.
  45. May 27, 2012
    I rarely write reviews, Only games that deserve recognition or are extremely underrated, This review unfortunately involves the latter. Keep in mind i haven't finished the game. This industry has been widening its targets to casual more and more each year and i am find this game extremely the opposite of that Like (the far more superior demons souls ) its not afraid of new ideas, the game is huge maybe skyrim huge (a game i enjoyed but feels empty due to its gameplay) this on the other hand flips that it takes a couple of hits to presentation and production value only to show a combat system that elderscrolls would reach on there fifteenth installment.

    The story maybe weakish, But the whole package here is literally a rollercoaster some may even feel the game broken at some points due to difficulty spikes. The camera angles can be a pain but for me nothing is more important than a game being rewarding and this is where the game shines you may roam for hours but it all gels together because some item u found some insanely graphic beast u killed and so on, Its just not the kind of game that we have these days and i am sad that some reviews where so harsh on this title and i truly will not take there opinions into consideration its games like these and demons souls that make or break a reviewr for me.

    pros:Rewarding, combat, scale,no hand holding (uncharted is great but a 9 year old can finish it) , HUGE but not boring (skyrim being boring,dark souls same level, demon souls being awesome), Pawn system is a breath of fresh air. cons : camera, graphics, voice acting (polish in general ), running around too much, and stupid auto save (just like skyrim)
    this is my email i d love to get to know ppl with the same taste and add em on psn psn rene9aaaade
  46. May 27, 2012
    Wow. As a fan of Skyrim and Demon's/Dark Souls, I've just found the next game to consume 300+ hours of my life. I love the combat, it feels badass, and the world of Gransys is extremely compelling (it gives you that feeling that Skyrim had- 'what awesome thing should i do next?'). What an unbelievably great game, one of the best ever.
  47. Oct 24, 2012
    I reviewed this game along time ago and gave it an 8. I am lowering the score to a 7 because the game has been collecting dust and has no replayability. I gave Dark Souls a 10/10 when it first came out, and I still stand by it. Dragon's Dogma is nowhere near the caliber of Demon/Dark Souls. Also the game in reality if you look, it's really short, just when you do a quest they send you all the way to other other side of the map and back, and that's ok sometimes, but EVERY quest is like that in this game.It's just annoying. However on the plus side, I like the pawn system, everyone that knows me knows that I like my games solo, but in this game it just worked. Although I really hate Capcom for being a greedy company I think that atleast they can go somewhere with this franchise. It was the last decent game that Capcom has made. To the people saying that this game is challenging....I fail to see that.. But perhaps that is because I played the Souls series. Anyone who says that this game is harder than Dark Souls, is definatly full of crap. Demon Souls and Dark Souls are the hardest games this generation and Dragons Dogma is a cake walk in comparision. Then again when I played Dark Souls I never had online people fight my bosses for me, because im not a sissy. Expand
  48. May 27, 2012
    I LOVE this game. I really like the graphics, depth, and pawn system. I never though Demons/Dark Souls would be dethroned as most games go the stupid easy as can be route for casuals these days, but this game has many hardcore features as well. The more you learn about the game the better it gets. Such as augments actually staying no matter what class you are. 10/10 for me. I LOVE this game and I'm so glad I bought it.

    Hope they're working on Dragon's Dogma 2!
  49. Jun 8, 2012
    After reading several tests of diverse magazines I thought that this game would not be a title worth buying. Anyway, I've tested the demo and started to fall in love with this game. The character creation is very good and intense, you have many selection options. Although the graphics are not top notch the yet seem to fit the game pretty well... I never had a moment were I was disappointed about the graphics, I even like the graphic style and the faces very much.

    The companion system is really nice, you can make your "own" companion at the start of the game. You can select how he should look and behave. This companion will follow you trough the game but you can although meet new companions on your travels or you can hire the companions of your psn/xbox friends.

    Combat is very intense and feels like the combat from dark soul. Nothing to ask for, especially the combat is a factor in this game which is mind blowing but you need to experience this yourself.

    The main story is online a small "waypoint" that you can use to guide you trough the environment, you actually make your own story based on your actions and the quests you solve. The game reminds me of lord of the rings when it comes to design and fact that you can climb on big monsters is very awesome.

    This game definitely is worth buying and I will have lots of hours to spent in this game.
  50. May 29, 2012
    This game is my favorite game of the year , for anyone who are searching for a solid RPG mechanic, a light story. This game was build to last!!!!!!!!!! Once your in its already to late :)
  51. Aug 21, 2012
    the best RPG i have ever played...I love you loved Monster Hunter and Dark will LOVE this.
    ....ignore the ignorant **** from IGN giving this a 7.5....they had big ass sponsors from terrible games like ''Kindoms of Amalur'' they gave it a 9(!!!) the biggest garbage i ever played.....Dragon''s Dogma is a game you cannot ignore...
  52. May 26, 2012
    Note: I've gave it a 9 (whole numbers), but I think an 8,5 would be a bit more adequate.
    I came to this game expecting a mix between Monster Hunter and Dark Souls with maybe a bit of Shadow of the Colossus thrown in for flavour. The game is not exactly it, but it drew from these sources quite nicely.
    The focus on an unorthodox battle system is the main draw here. You can customize your
    combos and techniques from a huge database of combinations and the pawn recruitment enriches this pool adding depth and strategy. Item management is not a hindrance (specially compared to Witcher 2, which deals with an equally huge amount of weighted items that is a nightmare to manage) and exploration is free and always fruitfully rewarded.
    Graphics are nice (not outstanding), weapons and armor look good in you character and the world has it's vistas.

    The downsides aside for a bit of polishing are basically the execution of most other aspects relating to pawns. Even though the "learning AI" is one of the game advertising points, I feel some more direct management of your pawns would be a nice addition -- being able to take direct control, maybe, or even giving some kind of attack order wouldn't hurt. They know how to get out of your way and help in the battle, though, so that'd be a small complain.
    Also no co-op, I shouldn't judge a game for not having something like multiplayer, specially an RPG. But, in this case, some kind of couch co-op would be a very fitting addition.

    All in all an imperfect yet very enjoyable game, it's not better than Shadow of the Colossus, Witcher or Dark Souls, but it dares to try something new in the RPG scene and that's commendable.
  53. May 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. How to best describe this game... An adventure rpg, with tight fighting mechanics, and a heavy emphasis on exploration. The story is so so, here let me sum it up. "ONOS there is a dragon!!!!!"
    Cut to the game 10 hours in, tons of quests to do. If your looking for a very engrossing main story consider this a meh game for that. You do little to figure out the actual main plot. But the game does have tons of quests which are fun and rewarding!
    Cut to castle siege
    Goblins have invaded a stronghold and they need to be forcibly removed. Goblins, hobgoblins, and cyclopes oh my. The battle wages on for what seems like an hours (really like an hour and a half) stupid archer dying and not calling out before I start the castle siege. Then when it comes down to the final showdown to take the keep. Armored Cyclopes gets a lucky shot knocks me off the castle wall and I die. Game saved at the encampment 10 min away from the castle... castle unsieged. So... That gives you a glimpse of what you will find. A hard game that don't care about your saves and will keep you entertained for hours. To top that all off I am only level 24 or 25... And I can't even touch ogre's yet... and I am still scared to play in game at night time.
    Had a long night at a church in the woods.
  54. May 27, 2012
    Brilliant RPG. The combat, open world exploration, loot and engaging pawn system are superb. The only negative I can think of is the re-spawning enemies, but even that I'm starting to appreciate as it gives more combat time. Not quite as mind blowing as Skyrim but a very close second. I'd recommend choosing the Strider vocation, the bow is so much fun.
  55. Jun 18, 2012
    After recently getting "into" Japanese games through Dark Souls, I just had to try this out. And I was astonished by the easy-to-approach, deep, engaging and repeatedly entertaining gameplay. A game where choices matter, while not feeling too limiting (especially since NewGame+ allows for trying different paths), and where combat, RPG elements and general game experience were all so much more than I could've hoped for.
    There are hours and hours of fun to be had, be it killing hordes of monsters, or climbing and stabbing at huge beasts - or even just exploring the gorgeous environment.
    A definite must-have for fans of Skyrim, Demon's Soul/Dark Souls and possibly even Shadow of the Colossus!
  56. May 30, 2012
    I've been playing this game for the last couple of days and can say I absolutely love it. The world is massive and interesting to explore , the combat is excellent , and the challenge is just right. It's the kind of game that rewards those who take there time and enjoy the experience.
  57. Jun 13, 2012
    This is easily my favorite game of the last couple years. I'm 80+ hours into my first playthough (do yourself a favor and avoid FAQ's and guides and discover it all on your own!) and still finding new, cool things every time I play. Absolutely awesome combat, cool world to explore, great style, day/night in-game with dynamic lighting, tons of secrets to find (treasures and routes), awesome boss and sub-boss fights, awesome character customization, great vocation (class) system that lets you change up your playstyle as you choose. Best game in a long time, amazing for a first-in-series game! Expand
  58. Jun 10, 2012
    Nice game with a lot of depth, both gameplay and story wise. The world is huge, with almost too much to kill and explore. The world is filled with settlements and caves to discover, making sure you won't get bored. Your companions or "pawns" ads another dimension to the fighting system.
  59. Jun 14, 2012
    I play this game everyday. Just walking around in the gameworld is by itself fun. Its been a very long time i had this kind of satisfaction/fun playing a game. Each battle is very rewarding, though it will be a little tough at earlier levels. Don't give up the game because it is tough... 'It is not a shame to run away from powerful foes' - Dragon's Dogma.
  60. Aug 10, 2012
    mess of a game that simply doesn't know what it wants to be. There's comfort in how compulsive it can be, but that factor doesn't magically turn Dragon's Dogma into anything other than a flawed
  61. Dec 30, 2012
    The worst part about this game is the wasted potential. I don't get angry and a crappy game. I just turn it off and return it to the store. but this game infuriated me more than any game that i can even remember. The reason is that the game has so much goodness in some areas. it is compelling and charming in myriad ways and it upsets me so greatly that I am stopping myself from playing it. I'm fairly conflicted. I want to play it, but I just know that if I do play it, I will end up very very angry. It is this reason that I give this game a low low score. it is the true meaning of the word tragedy. The goodness that exists within this game is utterly destroyed by utterly abysmal game design. for example, in the quest for realism, the designers made a day and night cycle and no fast travel. however, when striving for this realism, they neglected to let the player use a bed that is clearly not being used and is in a safe spot. hell, the player can't even use their characters own bed in their own house. then there is the three choices of vocation that the player is given at the start of the game. There are three vocations to choose from so any player could carefully consider the choice and then make a decision and go with it. they would then play the game and get to know their vocation. what the designers didn't tell us is that you can actually choose some EXTRA vocations as soon as you reach the main city. the only way a player can know is if they decide they are unhappy with their vocation choice and chose the change vocation option in the inn. the designers actually hide vocation choices from the player. then there is the very simple and really quite stupid decision to place text on the loading screen, but not give the player enough time to actually read it. it's things like this, that drive a person to madness. it's things like this that are unforgivable. There are so many other issues, that i actually managed to forgive but other players might now. The NPC's are ridiculous. you have a button to instruct them to follow you. they just ignore it. you're trying to escape from a group of bandits, the NPC party member decides that they want to be the hero. not only that, but when you are trying to sneak past a group of bandits that would surely kill your party, the NPC will decide to charge towards them, even if you are mashing the 'follow me' button. The way this game has passed through testing is quite disgusting. it is a mess to be sure. there will be people who can ignore the problem because of the undeniable charm, but I am of the opinion that nobody should have to forgive such disgraceful design. Expand
  62. Oct 10, 2012
    I really wanted to play this game and love it, the battles at the beginning are ok , and the story is mediocre , after some hours i could not continue. It seems a bad clone of dragon age. This game could have been so much, but it really bored me. If you like dragon age 1, skyrim, kindoms of amalur don't even rent this game.
  63. Aug 2, 2012
    I was very sketch on wanting to get this game for many reasons . Big one being well its Capcom and they have been sucking hard lately . Well i don't regret buying DD one bit . Its a fun new iP that i would like to see more of in the future. The game off the start looks amazing in the graphics department and the combat system is top notch . The combat reminds me alot of Shadows of the collossus for the PS2 and is just tons of fun . The create a character was well done and you get a pretty good amount of choices to pick from . The game is also pretty long around 40-60 hours . There is a ton of wepons and armor and it all looks differnt giving you and your team mates a differnt look . The world is pretty big and there is plenty to do. Now the game is said to be really hard and this is kind of true at the start of the game , where you have to be very careful on where you go because you can just get your butt kicked real easy some times but once you get to about level 25 and have some good gear you wont have much to worry about and once you are 35 nothing should really stand in your way any more. some of the downsides are the story just sucks and makes no sense at all. about half way through the game i just didn't care any more wtf was going on any more with the story because it wasnt making any sense and the ending wont help any . also traveling around sucks hard there is no fast travel . some pureist may prefer this but the majority of player will not and this is why. I really did not enjoy runing back and forth between the same areas 20-30x fighting the same enemies over and over again it got so damn boring and repetitive . it would have been fine if we where given a horse or atleast like in morrowind had the mages guild where they could teleport us to certain areas or hell even that had the silt strider as well. even with some of thoose big flaws DD is a really fun game even with the BIGGEST for a RPG having a crap story to still warrent your time. Expand
  64. May 29, 2012
    Take Skyrim and Demon Souls, then mash them together. This game is awesome. Varied classes and combat styles drive this action as you play. With a variety of enemy's and quests, this game doesn't disappoint. With the pawn system driving the mulitplayer, it is a close feel to that of Demon souls. The game is not without a few visual flaws from time to time, but nothing a patch cant fix. This game was designed on the PS3 and is a must have for any medieval fan. Solid A. Expand
  65. Jun 11, 2012
    Take monster hunter mix in better combat, a huge game world and days of content to eat through and you have this masterpiece. The story is vague but intriguing and pays off very nicely at the ending (which leads to a new game+ mode with additional quests/loot) This game should be the bench mark for rpg combat, do you remember shadow of the colossus? it's that with every monster above a humanoid which is most of the worlds monster population. There are frustrations console controls just never seem to have the precision I'm used to as a PC user and the difficulty tends to dip ridiculously but through all that I'm well on my way to a second new game+ and I still haven't done/seen everything and I'm loving almost every second of it. Expand
  66. Jun 5, 2012
    I loved Skyrim, I have spent more than 400 hours between the PS3 and PC version, but Dragon's Dogma gameplay mechanics are far superior. This statement alone offset all the somewhat negatives points about the game (i.e. menus, graphics and no fast travel). Do yourself a favour and experience it first hand. If you get this game you will contribute to the high possibility that Capcom will do a sequel, where they will address the current shortcomings. Expand
  67. May 24, 2012
    With the exception of the Pawn System, which is easily the most unique aspect of Dragon's Dogma, there isn't anything in this game that the average RPG fan hasn't seen and done several times before. With that in mind, one can imagine this title would be most fun for an audience that hasn't played a lot of video games before, and who'd be satisfied by completing menial tasks and repeatedly grinding over low-level goblins, spiders and thieves. There's nothing wrong with that, but if you have played Final Fantasy, Demon's Souls or especially the far better (yet oddly quite similar) Kingdoms of Amalur, you're not going to be blown away by Dragon's Dogma. Both titles are easy to pick up and play, but Amalur's weapons, storyline and combat offer a lot more reward for their mastery. Dragon's Dogma was a day-one purchase for this Capcom enthusiast, but with so many other great titles out there no rush is warranted to pick this one up. Expand
  68. May 31, 2012
    loved it. a bit more action orientated but still has rpg elements and a bit GTA ish. sure its not the best implementation ever but still it has its own style and good atmosphere. graphics - they're good enough. voice - more varied than other games. characters - i've seen worse.

    no arrows in my knees.
  69. Jun 5, 2012
    Let's get the obligatory Skyrim comparisons out the way first. I'm a huge Skyrim fan- when it came out I declared it the greatest game of this current generation. Sure, it's glitchy to the point of being oft unplayable, but with a game on such a huge scale it was never going to be as polished as a 5hr game like Modern Warfare! It simply was a great playing experience. Unfortunately for all other RPG's it is now the game to match, or if possible, beat. It set the bar incredibly high and comparisons WILL be inevitable.

    So, a few hours into DD how does it compare? I've got to say it compares VERY well indeed, and in many ways actually surpasses it. Skyrim has a better story, soundtrack, and sense of tangible history. It's bigger and everyone bought it on the day it come out, so it became an event- for a good month it was all every gamer was talking about. But... apart from the obvious glitches aside, I was disappointed at how easy dragons were to slay, how small they seemed and how every identikit dungeon was well lit- there was no fear of the unknown. When I imagine stepping into dungeons I think about what's lurking in the shadows beyond my torchlight; having a sustained feel of dread at what lies ahead, and coming across monsters which are so formidable I wonder how on earth it's possible to ever win.

    And this is where DD surpasses the mighty Skyrim. Most monsters are a serious challenge. Smaller ones often hunt in packs and take you down, and the big ones are truly epic battles on par with Shadow of the Collolus. Your first encounter with a giant hydra is by and away the most spectacular piece of gaming I have enjoyed so far, and you really feel like you are tackling truly formidable foes (as opposed to taking down dragons with a few hits in Skyrim). It is very easy to die in this game and it truly adds a sense of trepidation to the game.

    I must mention the use of lighting in this game- it's incredible! Night time is dark. Really dark. And the dungeons pitch black. You really need a torch, and the sense of the unknown before you as your torch lights up ten foot in front of you is amazing (plus it simply looks amazing). Hearing the groans of the undead before you can see them really adds to the excitement.

    And then the piece de resistance: the pawns. Not only are they incredibly helpful, giving you advice they are also very proactive. Sure, a companion in Skyrim will wade into battle for you, and also follow a couple of commands, but here they find hidden objects comment on different places and if they have previous experience of a foe they will advise you how to take it down. They grab hold of smaller foes so you can run in and kill them, they try and distract them so you won't get attacked and best of all you can customize your main one and share him/her with other players online. This is the future of RPG gaming!

    Talking of customization- this is the best in any game I have seen. So many other games let you customize faces and clothes, but Saints Row aside, never their physique. If you want to play a 7' fatty you can, or a tiny waif and anything inbetween. Methinks there are going to be some very funny looking pawns online very soon!

    Overall the graphics are fantastic. The character models are a tad simplistic, but the environment, lighting and monsters are superb. You really get a feel that you exploring a strange land inhabited by the most fearsome baddies around.

    So, back to the comparison: DD has much much better combat, better NPC's, better lighting, much tougher and formidable monsters, a better sense of adventure (no one-hit-and-they're-down frost trolls for example) and an online community with the pawns. It's more akin to a free-roaming Dragon Age and a slightly easier Demon's Souls than Skyrim to be fair. Skyrim is still the one to beat, but Bethesda could learn a lot from DD. If the next Elder Scrolls had the intensity of combat, the atmospheric and realistic lighting and similar pawn system of DD then it would be the greatest game of all time. In the meantime, DD serves to be a worthy adversary and a fantastic game in its own right.

    Buy it people. You know you want to!
  70. Jun 4, 2012
    I'm about 90 hours into the game and still haven't beat the game. I mean, I totally could, but there is so much crap to do its out of control. I think to myself "I could go get that magic ring for that guy, or I could go see if that super awesome boss has re-spawned and get some more great loot." I can't say enough good things about this game. It's everything I love.
  71. Jun 5, 2012
    I've not beat DD yet, I'm about 40 hours in, but I must say that DD is the best game I've played in a long time! It's not perfect, but it does everything right that it needs too. the graphics are perfect in my opinion, the combat came straight from DMC, but who cares! In some ways it's better than DMC!! I managed to create the most awesome character every, with the character creation :) he looks like solid snake XD and that my friends is freakin awesome!! The story? Who freakin cares! Most stories suck any way...most. Dragon's dogma is all about being a badazz in a world of mythological beast that want to slay you, and believe me, they will! The difficulty in this game is perfect though, not to easy and not to hard, it's just right :) with a little grinding anything can be over come and the pawn system is awesome, they, your pawns, are always helpful and full of good advice and if you find yourself in a hard spot, just go change your pawns...awesome!!. The customisation of your characters is second to none, from your armor to your weapons, it all looks and feels perfect. The last time I felt this way about a RPG is when I played the final fantasies of old, FF7 and FF8-FF12. It feels new and yet old school all at the same time, with a perfect mixture of exploration and combat, and looting out the whazoo ! DD is a RPG lovers dream come true. If you love RPGs or just gaming in general(Hardcore gaming), you need to play this game! It is not to be missed -_- don't listen to all the punks who didn't even play it and gave it bad reviews :P cuz if they had played it pass the first couple hours, they'd have given it a proper score, no less than 8.5 should be given to this game! I gave it a 9, cuz like I said it's not perfect, but what game really is. :D:D Expand
  72. Jun 20, 2012
    This game is quite fun. It's not without it's flaws (as most games), but the overall package is of my favorite games! For negatives, the story isn't that great, and really doesn't give you that much incentive to carry on. It's not that it's bad, just not as interesting as it could have been given the plot details. They don't really develop characters into people you would care about or grow attached to. Technically, the game world feels quite alive, with wind moving plants and trees and animals and people going about their business, but as other have complained the color palette is rather muted, with PLENTY of browns, dull greens, greys, and an overall "barren" look to the world. On the other hand, it may have been intentionally done that way because the magic and overall "effects" of the game when fighting really pop because they are so colorful, making it that much more noticeable. There is some slowdown, but it's not enough to ruin the game at all, and generally it happens when there's an insane amount of stuff happening.

    For positives, the combat is top notch. Skyrim has a great story, in my opinion, but it's combat was floaty, loose, and after a while not very interesting. Amalur had fast paced action, but it was incredibly repetitive and handed to you. The game was so incredibly easy (even on hard mode from the beginning) then at level 20 I was already clearly overpowered and didn't find combat enjoyable. In Dragon's Dogma, I'm level 57 (which took a while to get), and I'm still careful with basic bandits and thieves. You can get wiped out easily if you're not careful, and there are enemies (Dragon's, wights, and others), that will humble you when you die in 10 seconds or less. I like the challenge and feeling that I'm never too powerful.

    Overall, Capcom has found a good balance with action in an open world RPG. The quests are fun (although I'll admit there's a lot of "Kill this many of that", though you get the reward as soon as you kill the last of the enemy you needed to). There are some escort quests, but because the combat is so fun and the world is so dangerous (especially at night), it makes the escort aspect fun. All battles are unscripted, so they're always different, and the sense of "epic" battles really does shine in this game. Buy it now and enjoy everything it's got to offer!
  73. May 28, 2012
    After having put in quite a few hours into the game, I must say the combat in this game is very addictive. Your companions' AI is very impressive. Going into a Rift (an area where you can hire other human players' pawns) and checking out other people assistants is pretty cool. Your pawn can be borrowed as well and come back with more info on enemies, quests, areas, etc. It's a very unique, ingenious system really. After you release a Pawn you get to review him/her and leave a comment and perhaps a gift if you choose for the creator of that pawn. Other plays who borrow your pawn can do so as well. Oh and just because someone is using your pawn doesn't mean that yours disappears from your game as you play, they're always with you. It's pretty funny because due to the review system of the pawns you really spend a lot of time trying to get the best stuff for your pawn so that it gets good reviews, haha! The game is also not an easy one. You will die quite a few times so saving is pretty important. The battles are extremely fun though so if you die, it wasn't because of a cheap tactic by the enemy it's because you weren't prepared or you were being a dumbass. I chose my character to be a "Strider" and my pawn is a mage and then I usually recruit two pawn Fighters. It seems to be working. Nothing is more satisfying than standing back, aiming your arrow right into the eye of a Cyclops, temporarily blinding him and then taking that opportunity to climb up on him and start stabbing away! You can also learn new skills and magic as you gain levels but one thing I don't quite understand is why can I only switch magic spells and combat skills at an Inn? In the game your character can only have a limited number of skills and magic spells on them at one time so if you go off to do a quest and find out a skill that you already bought but didn't equip will help you out means you have to travel all the way back to an Inn to get it on there. Doesn't make much sense to me. This also contributes to the game's difficulty, as you progress through a quest or just go out and adventure on your own. The more damage you take the more your max HP goes down so if your quest takes you far away from town you have to make sure you are prepared and leveled up enough. Only resting at Inns can return you back to your max HP. I didn't think I'd like that but I actually do, it's a nice challenge in the game that I really can't complain about; you really have to try it and I think you would then understand what I'm talking about. Night time though, that's where things get interesting. You're only guiding light is your lantern which gives limited visibility and if you forgot to stock up on oil to refill it, you're gonna be in huge trouble. You will be running along and then you hear a growl or a howl and have no idea where it's coming from then a wolf just leaps from the side and attacks is pretty cool and adds a creepiness to the nighttime, when it starts getting dark you really feel a need to rush back to town and if you can't you just are a lot more relieved to see the sunrise. The graphics are great, that is they're great when it comes to the environments and the giant creatures that you battle. A lot of work when into creating this huge world (not as big as Skyrim though but it holds its own and as far as I can tell there is no fast travel). The characters that you meet and control throughout though are fairly generic, there's no real personality in these people and not even in the people you control.

    I was a little hesitant going into this game as it is a whole new series. It's not as detailed as Skyrim but it holds its own. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves a game with fun gameplay. Honestly, I have no idea what's going on in the story but the game sure is fun as hell to play. I haven't finished the game yet and am hoping I'm still far away from being done but I have heard the game can be finished in 35 hours which if true, is pretty short for this kind of RPG.
  74. May 29, 2012
    Hey Guys, how's it going?
    I gave skyrim a 10 and I am just trying to be fair giving dragons dogma a 10,why?
    well,so far I played the game 40 hours,and it's already better than skryim.
    Dont believe the hype,or the fanboys,decided for yourself.
  75. May 30, 2012
    Wow, wasen't sure what I was gonna think about this game. Tried the demo and wasen't completely sold. Picked it up on a whim and some Luke warm first reviews. After dropping nearly 50hrs into it so far, something I haven't really done in years, I can safely say I am hooked. Sure the pawns could be a little more intelligent in picking which skills to use and when. I am in love with the sense of adventure this game provides. Although I don't necessarily aggree with all the claims of punishing difficulty, such as the kind found in demon souls. This game definatly dosen't hand hold. It's challenging without being frustrating. It's a great mix of many games, demon souls, monster hunter. Slaying these giant beasts and just exploring the game world are truly fun. If you like single player rpg's, at the very least give this one a rental. Expand
  76. May 31, 2012
    It might be annoying backtracking through the landscape and fustrating for dumb pawns who repeat the same thing.But sheer joy of playing drangons dogma is great.The boss fights are spectacular and one of the best i seen.It is a great game.
  77. Jun 6, 2012
    When I installed the game and came to the main menu I thought this was going to be the most awful game set in a fantasy world ever. I mean what were they thinking when they chose that laughable 80â
  78. Jun 10, 2012
    Game of the year right here, it has it all, amazing combat, godly graphics, great OST(when there is music, much of the game is silent).
    And it's long about 40-60h depending on how much side quests you do etc, the story might not be the best ever but it does the job, the cinematic in game clips are the some of the best ever, specially when you consider the customizable characters you can
    make from scratch. Expand
  79. Jun 9, 2012
    Two words! Dragon's Dogma. Not Dark Souls. Not Skyrim. DD stands alone as truly, a masterful rpg. So much negative is said about the story. The story begins (and ends) with epic cutscene[s]. The "true" ending can leave some people scratching their heads, but I for one loved it. Some of the in game cutscenes are awkward, having little to zilch to do with the story. The game would be just as good without it, but I still commend them for incorporating it just to have that change of pace rather than none at all. Then it hands it over to us as the "role-player" to fill in the gap...create our own story. Brilliant! Isn't that what role-playing is? Graphics...amazing. Certainly true when it comes to epic boss battles. Key word EPIC! Non-stop, fluid, fun combat. Ranks near the top, if not the top, combat of any rpg or any great action game, which certainly says alot for an rpg. As beautiful and enrossing Skyrim's atmosphere was, DD's combat is just that. I've played this on the PS3, and trust me, the slowdowns when it comes to big battles, actually works to its advantage. A beautiful flaw just like Cindy Crawford's mole. Bad analogy? Who does not recall an epic, action-adventure movie in which a scene was not slowed down to dramatize the experience...braveheat, gladiator, lotr, etc. I'm glad to see that the people who have invested hours into this game actually are the ones who truly appreciate it for what it is...a classic. Possibly a cult classic. Just like any great love, give it a little time and patience, and it'll be worth it. 100+ hour into this game and I'm still enjoying the ride. No fast-traveling?!...give me a break... I can now fast travel to 8 different locations...possibly more...anytime i like, but I won't spoil it. It just takes some time and patience is all. This game has Soul!! A beautiful, subtle, satisfying soul. Not really a perfect 10, but damn near there for all its boldness, its epicness, it's mystic, it's Cindy Crawford's beauty flaw. Here's to a sequel, or prequel...Dragon's Philosophy, Dragon's Religion, Dragon's Mayan 2012 Doomsday anyone? 9.1 !!!!!! Expand
  80. Jun 12, 2012
    Great game. I've played through Oblivion, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and parts of Skyrim (combat in Skyrim is sub par). Some critics seems to have a field day trolling this game, but from first hand experience I can tell you that this game is awesome. The combat is AMAZING, deep, and highly enjoyable. I rarely get frustrated with my team of pawns. As the pawns are what the critics seemed to be annoyed with the most, before you start turn voices down slightly and disable "Pawn Captions". It should be obvious by the positive user score that you should buy this game :) GO GET IT! Expand
  81. Jun 14, 2012
    A total breath of fresh air compared to many other RPGs, the unique pawn system lends well to teamwork while the boss battles with enormous monsters are spectacular top this off with freeroam exploration and a fantastic customisable combat system and you have a thoroughly enjoyable mix of action and roleplaying elements making this a great buy.
  82. Jun 17, 2012
    If your looking for a visually stunning game, then stop reading now. This game has just about everything you could want from an RPG but the graphics do leave something to be desired. However with this in mind it does not stop you from having an insane amount of fun whilst you spend many an hour battling your way through Gransys. The combat animations and large monster textures are one of the games strong points with you sending your character onto a Manticore's rear and hacking the snake head off! The storyline isn't as captivating as it might first seem but the side quests do a great job of supporting the game and adding a real sense of adventure to your game world. Adventure is a key word as when the game starts out you can find yourself out of your depth facing enemies that you have no chance against. This along with the possibility of just stumbling onto a Cyclops or Ogre just adds to the sense of adventure.

    With no multiplayer some of you may be concerned about the longevity of the game but Capcom has done a great job by adding a simple,effective and community based "pawn" system. This allows you to create 1 companion that travels with you throughout the game and recruit a total of 2 more from the "rift". If played online than these additional pawns can be real players other in game pawns. This creates a real sense of pride in your A.I. companion, ensuring they have the right equipment, abilities and look the part so fellow players might recruit them into their party's. With a simple reward/feedback system this adds a real sense of community to the game.

    The class or or job system is simple and can be varied in many ways. If you decide to switch class half way through the game you can, providing you have the right equipment and enough "discipline" points to do so.

    In summary this game gives you an open intriguing world with a solid combat and class system. Combined with the "pawn" community and huge potential for future content/co-op play this game will probably be the best RPG you will play this year.
  83. Jun 18, 2012
    A lot of mainstream press seemed to not have given this game a fair shake. Sure there are comparisons to Dark Souls (but not as difficult, similar asynchronous/social aspects, thoughtful combat and weight to the characters) and Skyrim (open world, questing, exploration, immersion and the technical issues but Dragon's Dogma definitely does dragons better) but this game stands out in the areas of fast fluid combat, deep character customization, and an immersive large world to explore.

    Game play
    There are often complaints about grinding and repetitive nature but the core of this game is the game play and if you enjoy good combat, leveling up and gaining new abilities and testing them in battle (or get tired of that class? just change classes anytime you like or even pick a hybrid class), getting new gear and renting new pawns to change up or fix your squad's dynamics then it's probably the best game in years. Or if you just want to climb onto an ogre and have him run off a cliff, jump off just as he goes over the edge that is cool too. The traversal and climbing aspects help in combat against large mini-bosses and you can take them out with a variety of strategies and you can also explore the world with the same traversal. Climbing an abandoned and shore side fortress in the dead of night in a thunderstorm where one slip can be your doom while looking for hidden treasure chests is immersive, dangerous, and very exciting.

    This game doesn't hand hold and doesn't tell you everything you need to know right away in the vein of Dark Souls but it feels a bit more forgiving, no fast travel (but like Dark Souls you can find shortcuts) until way late in the game and an interesting ending given the standard prologue/background story. There are plenty of water-cooler moments that occur as with many open world games but it feels like many of the elements are intentional (I didn't even notice that there are other types of birds besides; seagulls and crows) Without easy fast travel, your adventure into the unknown is actually an adventure you need to be prepared because when night falls things become very dangerous. The joy and relief of overcoming an enemy that was giving you trouble a few levels ago or finding a safe camp to rest at in the middle of the night is a major relief.

    There's some complaints on the story but most people who tend to play these open world games often repeat over and over that they just ignore the main quest and do side quests anyways, but it's true that the story components are a bit sparse and that subjectively appeals to the type of player that prefer more narrative or one that just wants to get into the game.

    Forgoing a rather typical tacked on multi-player (you can already play Monster Hunter) the pawn system lets the player experience an immersive undistracted single player experience with a bit of social interaction; you make and share pawns that will serve as guides to the world as they learn in their adventures and can be ranked by others. You mold your own pawn to your liking and see if others have done well in theirs; not doing their job? talking too much? hire a new pawn. There is also the Ur-Dragon which is an end game boss that resides online that players cooperatively work together to bring down with the damage each player deals.
  84. Jul 9, 2012
    This is the best game I have played in years it is superb. The fact that there is a huge open world for you to explore that is harsh and unforgiving yet completely rewarding. The fear and tension of wandering the world at night I have never seen in any other game. The fact that you can fight monsters that can kill you in a instant if you don't keep your wits about you is brilliant.

    is not an easy game but it is a lot better for it. The feeling when you slay your first Ogre is tremendous and the delight of getting back safe from a night excursion never subsides. The skill progression is brilliant it took me a bit to get used to but I honestly believe it is the best system I have ever encountered. I cannot recommend this game highly enough it is absolutely fantastic. Expand
  85. Jul 26, 2012
    I don't want to go into to much tedious detail, but the bottom line is, GET THIS GAME. on my life, you will not regret it. Yes, pop in occur regularly, towns don't feel as vibrant as towns in KoA or Skyrim (sorry to compare) and some characters looks like a good PS2 game. But all of that aside, this game is a true wonder. The visuals on the world, armour weapons on buildings is better than any game i've seen in the past two years. The monsters don't feel like a block on your screen, that you hack and slash a until it falls, and night times don't feel like a stroll in the park. The creatures that you fight all have a different feel to them for example you will be fighting a weak goblin that you can destroy in a matter of seconds with a good fire spell, then next you will be attacking a magical Cyclops that has a volly of different weak points that forces you to scale the repulsive beast and hack at its monstrous eye. Night time in this game is also another part of the world that sets it apart from any of other game in the RPG category, you cannot see, anything. you will be walking through the woods with your terrible (but a good terrible) lantern that only shines a couple of metres in circumference and not be able to see anything outside of that circle, no use giving lanterns to your pawns, because that only seems to light up their body, but that aside, your heart starts to race just that little bit more, as your stumble across a posse of sorcerers, that on my first encounter, destroyed me, but this isn't a bad thing, because it raises your fear factor and nearly makes you take a different route, or equip well before you venture out into the night. All in all, this is one of the best games I have played in years, with so many different aspects, the towns feel safe, and the wilderness feels vibrant and dangerous, if you are a fan of dark souls, demon souls, KoA, monster hunter, Oblivion, Skryrim or any western RPG, BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  86. Aug 6, 2012
    Dragon Dogma was an exceptionally great game for me, the character design all the way to the moment the cyclops decides to push your partner off the cliff. The graphic design looked a little anime-ish not sure what that was all about but i'm not complaining. This is a MUST PLAY game.
  87. Aug 14, 2012
    After spending 30+ hours in the world of Dragon's Dogma I can honestly say I have yet to experience a game quite like it. It blends the intense action that Capcom always provides with a solid RPG experience. Fairly basic quest lines with the occasional "wow" factor on your way to complete them. These random encounters are often huge bosses with different strategies to each, and they always reward with heaps of experience and loot. The class system is so in depth and accessible that anyone can work with it. Even so, it's possible to make very deep and rewarding class combinations for different roles. The pawn system in itself if quite gimmicky, but is definitely a fun and cool feature to add a sense of community in game, to a otherwise single player experience. I had to take a point off for the lack of good travel options and constant backtracking. Nothing like spending hours just running down a dirt road! Still it's a must play for RPG lovers and Action gamers alike. Try it out! Expand
  88. Aug 15, 2012
    A great game overall, An intriguing selection of character builds (personal favorite ranger), for many different kinds of play, although Capcom's on disk DLC had me raging (they aren't necessary to the game at all) it was really the only set back..
    Some will argue the graphics aren't as good as the could be, but graphic aren't what makes a game great, I put at least 90 hours into this
    game, and the online community is great..
    The pawn system is a lot of fun, but a little broken, if it were a little better I would have given this game a 10..
    I must buy for anyone who enjoys an RPG with a challenge..
  89. Sep 29, 2012
    Nothing beats a fight with an angry group of goblins and a huge, ferocious dragon in the middle of the forest, lit only by your lamp and the fire of the dragon. In fact, the best word to describe this game is epic. The quests feel like real adventures - trekking through the world to reach your goal and fighting your way to safety before darkness falls. Even the characters and story have a bit more about them than several RPGs - a bit mad, but thoroughly entertaining. Easily one of my favourite games ever. If you like RPGs, you have to try it. Expand
  90. Oct 7, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma brings fresh air into the genre of action-RPGs. The artificial intelligence of the computer-controlled vassals is convincing. This varied and exciting story in a gargantuan and freely accessible world.
  91. Oct 6, 2012
    If Skyrim and Dark Souls had a baby, that would be the closest thing. Sure its not perfect and it could use a fast travel system, but really, when you get to grab a dragon by the neck and stab him as he flies trough the skies to shake you off, thats an flaw we can overlook.
  92. Nov 1, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma have got great (and then I mean great) combat, with a hardcore theme. But that is also the best thing of this game; the story, characters and voice acting is horrible. Lip-syncing is non-existing. The graphics are okay. Though I honestly can't give it a higher rating than 6, I think the combat alone makes the game worthy of you buying it.
  93. Mar 2, 2013
    Been playing games for over 20 YEARS and this one really stands out. The industry has changed the focus has shifted towards style mass appeal over substance. Comparing this to Elder Scrolls is nonsense, in that game you look at buildings, in this one you climb them. In that game you push an attack button, this game plays like Devil May Cry 3. Way more depth, customization dynamic gameplay in a more focused package.

    FE: Choose to start as a Strider Character class which uses twin daggers for fighting, unlock the skills then move up to a Ranger, then finally an Assasin. Take the skills you learned from the first two classes pick your favorites plus your new class abilities map 6 of them to triangle, square circle button. Choose a set of abilities that are always active from all the classes you've spent time leveling then add equipment into the mix.

    Equipment has aspects like knockdown resistance which aid a spell caster that has to stand in place to summon a spell. Pick up materials from fallen enemies or from collecting plants or mining rocks to level up your equipment, all of which looks different show on your characters.

    If you're into designing avatars you get to do this twice in this game. Height, weight etc all of which actually determine how much you can carry or how fast your stamina regenerates which plays into which type of character class you want your character to end up being. Consider a giant heavy wizard for a team mate OR play as a lean tall archer.

    FIGHTING SYSTEM: Climb up the back of a cyclops and start hitting his helmet. If you have someone with fire spells you can have them set the helmet on fire which will make the cyclops take off his helmet so you don't have to break through it. Then hope that him swinging a big mace around as he gets angry doesn't knock you or one of your team off the bridge down to their death. Do this all at night, while in the distance goblins are hurling explosives at you.

    Or climb up a creepy abandoned tower have a harpy lift you off the ground forcing you to do a quick time event to get free but take too long maybe you'll be over the edge already when you're let go you'll fall to your death, unless you're a wizard which can levitate or maybe a mystic knight that can do basically an air dash ala Dante in DMC.

    See the treasure chest across the really big gap, use your triple jump as magical archer no problem. Tuck and roll, double jump, block, parry, hit enemies into the air, become invisible, it's like Ninja Gaiden when you're an assassin.

    Don't want your lantern to get soaked basically make the room pitch black? Cast a pillar of ice as a wizard and use it as a stepping stone to cross the river.

    Pacing can make the game seem bland if you follow the developers original plan. It'll depend on if you're experiencing the more challenging areas& enemies early on or didn't mind playing through to get to those points naturally. This will determine your impression. I'd say playing a mix of exploring outside the story moving forward together has made my impression positive because I know what's ahead that I'm looking forward to playing. Top this all of is a new game plus mode, extra post game quests dungeons.

    This game takes Capcom's history, skills learned making different games puts it all into one really impressive feat. It's got some resident evil 4, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, platforming, rpg elements.

    Top notch game if you're looking for game play with depth. Not as artistically impressive as Elder Scrolls but no slouch either. Not an overly large world map either but the fun is in the variety here. Making a new team choosing a different body type character class actually leads to an entirely different experience while playing. New Game Plus mode just add to replay value but not sure if it's harder at all. That would be awesome if it was the second time around.
  94. Jun 4, 2012
    I haven't been addicted to a game like this since i was in school. i feel like an excited kid again. its FANTASTIC. one WARNING, the graphics are terrible. get over that trivial fact however and this is the best darn game i have played in a LONG time. there is no online play as such but that doesn't matter because i think that what they have done with the network features on this game are too GENIUS!. I could put it into words but wouldn't do it justice, i think its just best that every one buy this game and find out for them selfs. CAPCOM I SALUTE YOU. Expand
  95. Dec 28, 2012
    Dragon's Dogma is certainly not what I expected. The main story is excellent, unpredictable, and altogether a solid reason to play the game. The gameplay is solid, the graphics are pretty good, and there are memorable moments throughout the game. The online exchange of 'pawns' - a system where you enrol another players inferior to your cause - is intuitive and adds variety and interest to the quest.
    Overall the game is really interesting and any RPG fan will relish in the numerous weapons, upgrades, and hidden quests on offer in this title. This is no short game either, with at least 30-50 hours of gameplay in one playthrough. It is the gameplay, however, that becomes a little tiresome. Until you finish the game there is no fast travel system, meaning that you will travel the same paths over and over and over and over again, often for simple fetch quests or in pursuit of some nominal objective. I can imagine the frustration for some when hours of gameplay are taken getting from one point to another when all the environment has been seen before - often several times.
    All that said I enjoyed the game massively and would urge any RPG fan to get involved, since the overall experience is engaging and novel. When the fetch quests are out of the way, the actual dungeon sections require skill and tenacity to complete, and reward you for your efforts. Furthermore the final sections of the game are remarkable and completely unexpected.
    I wish that the drawbacks of the game did not mar the experience, but there were parts where I truly felt I was doing time rather than having fun. highly recommended - but mind the gaps!
  96. Jun 4, 2012
    This is a under looked sleeper hit that needs to be put on display. Thats what I am trying to do with this reveiw. This definitly a great game. Its a blend of Demon souls, with dragon age companionship, and kingdoms of amular. Sure the cut scenes are generic but easily overlooked to the great open end world and open variety of gameplay. Just pick up and play the game, you wont be dissappointed. At the end of the day a game most be fun to play and this one is. Expand
  97. dpc
    May 30, 2012
    As a relative new comer to RPGs (started with Oblivion), DD is a very good game. The start is admittedly slow, but once I got to the capital city, the game picks up immensely. Pros are the combat (very satisfying and fun), the graphics, fun quests and the world itself is immersive. Cons are the somewhat clunky menu system (checking out the map shouldn't be a chore) and the extremely repetitive comments you'll hear can get lame. But overall, an excellent adventure that is the perfect antidote to coming off of over 100 hundreds in Skyrim. And don't try to compare the two - enjoy them both as different takes on a similar theme. I'm lovin' it! Expand
  98. Feb 23, 2013
    An absolute must-have for every Gothic-esque games fan out there. Amazing combat (never before have I seen greatswords done so good), good and positively surprising story, an abundance of gear and equipment and the pawn system makes this game a hidden gem. This is a REAL 60h minimum role playing game and you can't find many of those nowadays. Just like years before with Nier, the japanese has once more proven that they CAN into RPG's and they're better at it than western companies(I'm looking at you, you abominable wretch Dragon Age 2).
    The biggest flaw of the game is horrible FPS at most times but it can be forgiven after you're "pulled in" by the game.
  99. Jun 10, 2012
    The story-line is very poor but what truly shines from this average game is the nice executed combat and interesting setting/world. If you can set yourself with this two stuff , then it'll probably make worth your time .
  100. Jul 21, 2012
    Developers definitely have something in common with Demons/Dark Souls team, they used same menu sounds, similar graphics, save screens and save method. This is a very well developed game with a consistent story, almost every action has a consequence in this game. I think other countries should learn with Japanese fellows considering the currently lack of imagination in the industry. This is not a flawless game, it has sound problems during combat and some CG animations are weird and clumsy but the game is very innovative and surprisingly complex. The Pawn system is genius and the option to capture and publish any ingame screen is something that PS3 players always dreamed. If you consider Dragon's Dogma as a cult game instead of another blockbuster game you'll be very surprised. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 38
  2. Negative: 1 out of 38
  1. Aug 13, 2012
    This adventurer relished Dragon's Dogma's old-school sensibilities, which make it familiar territory that is expected on a PC instead of something from Capcom on the PS3. As players romp across a wide-open world filled with danger, titanic ruins and wonders, they'll realize that it's a rough, rewarding world, though its hardened edges may not be to everyone's cup of tea.
  2. 80
    Neither Monster Hunter nor Dark Souls--but a great combination of the two.
  3. Jul 9, 2012
    The graphics aren't state-of-the-art and the story isn't that well-told. That said, spectacular combat and a wonderful environment to wander around in save Dragon's Dogma from the purgatory of mediocrity.