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  1. Dec 17, 2013
    A diablo clone and not a very good one. No good balance in the weapons. Some skills are powerful others are very weak. To much repetition in enemies and especially in environments.
    Then why a 7? Because I like these kinds of games and I don't know many similar games on PS3. The reason to play this is because of the entertaining couch co-op for up to 4 players!
  2. Feb 24, 2013
    Simple, fluid, fast, and not pretentious. Awesome for multiplying. The game allows players to drop-in (and create a new character on the spot) in literally 10 seconds. For the few abandoned left-overs of the ps3 community that, like me, still value gameplay more than graphics and simplicity over overwhelming menus and options.
  3. Aug 2, 2012
    Dungeon alliance hunter and an awesome game rpg action
    diablo resembles in every way.
    I've always been a fan of action RPG really enjoyed this game
    so what was missing was being able to choose the character not only just the class
    but he has a co op so good I enjoyed an awesome game to play with friends. I recommend this game mainly because this generation of consoles that are no games
    like this. Until now this was the only game action RPG for PS3 adimirei I found much work they have done
    and I wish more companies like this to build an action RPG for this generation of consoles.
  4. Feb 2, 2012
    For $13, this game isn't bad at all. It's a straightforward hack n' slash very similar to the Champions of Norrath games on PS2. Three archetypal classes to choose from - mage, fighter, and thief. Four player co-op both local and over PSN. The content you would expect in a hack n' slash is there, but some of the execution detracts from the overall enjoyment of it. Combat is "mash X to attack" and you can assign aquare, triangle, and circle to abilities. Most other buttons on the controller are wasted. Each class has skill trees that can be reallocated for a fee in gold. Portions of the game are randomly generated and encounters can be challenging - especially boss fights. Especially when playing melee characters, attacks sometimes do not connect. You control the direction of your attacks with the left stick, which also controls movement, and you have to be quite accurate it seems to be able to land blows. The fixed camera also makes it difficult to tell where you need to aim especially when there is a lot going on. There is no targeting feature, so if you have a ranged weapon like a bow or staff, you will sometimes find your character taking steps forward between attacks if you are not mashing X fast enough. I wouldn't recommend looking for games over PSN, but if you want a fun local coop game, or just something to slog through on your own, Dungeon Hunter is not a bad choice for the price. Expand
  5. Oct 25, 2011
    While not delving into any terribly new concepts and having its roots as an Ipad game, Dungeon hunters manages to deliver a solid dungeon crawl with a genuinely fun multiplayer experience, either by local co-op or online. Its colorful landscape and models fits well with the game and is a refreshing change from the black and red colors of most games of its genre. Some skills may be slightly unbalanced, but the core of the gameplay remains intact. Really the largest deficiencies it suffers in an uninteresting story, short gameplay, and lack of DLC. But for the messily sum of $4.99, there is no excuse for every fan of dungeon crawls to add this game to their collection. Expand
  6. Oct 16, 2011
    Quite possibly the longest loading times in a game ever! takes ages to load in each section and to top that the game itself is a very hum drum affair, unlike over games like Diablo and Dungeon siege there is very little innovation here. Granted its a downloadable game but that should make no difference... other DLG are bursting with originality as that's the best place for those types of game. This is blander then a egg white omlette with nothing added. Expand
  7. Sep 6, 2011
    You can't go back home again. The original Diablo was a time when you crawled to the level 3 dungeon and were genuinely scared when the 10-foot skeleton king with dozens of minions showed up. Then Diablo II added a load of skills and it has been downhill ever since. So much so that not even the promise of the 3rd installment excites me. Dungeon Hunter Alliance is a so-so game in a moribund genre. Picking through the slag pile of drops looking for something decent no longer has that "Eureka!" sense. Looking at the skill tree is depressing because you know it is a chore figure out which two or three skills are genuinely useful and which are filler built on novelty and desperate experimentation. The story is ok as far as it goes, but there is no "but what happens next?!" compulsion that is essential for any kind of story. Expand
  8. Apr 22, 2011
    this game almost got a 10 from me but its missing one element i hate when not in a game 'jump'

    this simple option brings more realism to a game and i wish it had it! besides that this is by far one of the best diablo style games i have seen on the ps3 and i really think more time needs to be put into games like this cus i will def be the one to buy them all! thanks gameloft!
  9. Apr 21, 2011
    Dungeon Hunter is a straightforward hack'n slash with ideas utilised from other games like Baldurs Gate, Diablo for the style of play, camera angle and similar skill trees, WOW for the item colours and properties effects, Gauntlet for 4 player co op. This is a fun game to play in single or online although the online side does still need a bit of fixing mainly with some of the bugs in the game like not being able to go through gates if you died before a boss died, bosses glitching out of the screen items not having the stats they display or allowing the use of the item if you have the right requirements at times, not doing the full damage because of the requirement bug and also trying to join friends games can be a pain. The other main gripe is the server refresh and loading times can feel quite long. Bug and glitches aside though this is an entertaining game to play. Expand
  10. Apr 20, 2011
    Finally there's a descent Diablo clone on the Ps3. There are 2 more, but they aren't that much, the first one, was a launch game, i don't remember the name right now, and the other one was Sacred 2, the last one was a big disapointment because the game just wasn't finished. I really enjoy playing Dungeon Hunter, and i would like to see more games like this, hopefully Blizzard realizes that there are a lot of people including me, that would like to see Diablo 3 on de Ps3 !. Expand
  11. Apr 19, 2011
    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is the best download-only arcade/PS store game that I've played this generation in terms of content for dollar. Frankly, I'm a little confused about the professional review scores here - they seem to be knocking the game for characteristics that are not only unfair, but patently false. On a technical level, the game is sound. The graphics are nothing special, but they certainly do their job and are actually better than what you find on most titles of this level. The enemy models are varied and have a fair amount of detail and the main charater models look pretty decent even if they appear blocky and ugly close-up at the main menu. The various armor pieces (gauntlets, chest plates, helmets, and boots) actually change the way your character looks, as well. There are only a handful of different styles for your worn items, but even the small amount of customization offered lends some personalization to the game and character to the graphics. The environments also look pretty good and range from your typical castle-style dungeon to outdoor areas that boast some surprisingly good lighting and particle effects. The sound is also passable, though certainly nothing to get excited about. There are only a handful of sound effects and every action always sounds the same, but the effects still manage to get their job done and not break your involvement in the game itself. The music is a sort of classic dungeon crawling spread ranging from medieval-sounding orchestral music to organ music in some of the "creepier" areas. It is actually surprisingly good even if it is a little dated. It is worth noting that I also experienced a strange sound glitch in one of the levels in which I could hear nothing at all until I moved on to the next area. The gameplay is where Dungeon Hunter: Alliance really shines. It is, for all intents and purposes, just a top-down Diabloe clone. You gather missions in town and then head to various dungeons to murder thousands of baddies, collect loot, and level up. The loot system is highly similar to that of Borderlands in that all the pieces of loot are color coded by their power level, allowing you quickly decide what you want to keep and what you'd rather sell or transmute (turn into gold). There is even a handy option for higher level characters that allows you to transmute any items below a certain level automatically, greatly reducing the amount of time the player has to spend managing the mountains of loot he/she has collected. The levelling system is also well done. There are only three character archetypes to choose from: a mage, a warrior, and a rogue. All of these play basically exactly how you would expect them to in any RPG, but each has its own skill set that can be learned and upgraded. There are dozens of skills avaliable to each class, ranging from passive abilities (increase critical damage, increase mana regenration, etc.) to active abilities (going invisible to escape a tough enemy, call in a meteor shower, etc.). Each can be upgraded up to five times during your first playthrough and then up to ten times in the harder new game+ option. You only earn one skill point per level, so expect to spend a lot of time agonizing over where you want to spend them and then respecing your character when you realize you don't like your choice. Fortunately, respecing is extremely cheap and nearly always affordable. This is good because you can only assign three active abilities to the gamepad (square, triangle, and circle) and you will frequently want to change out one for the other while redistributing your points to the new ability. The levelling system is rewarding and addicting, and in combination with the loot it is enough to keep you coming back for more until the end (my playthrough clocked in at between 15 and 20 hours before beginning new game+). Yes, the story is garbage and can be easily discarded as some other reviewers have been quick to point out, but that's hardly a fair criticism for an arcade game that costs $15. If you want deep story arcs and meaningful characters, go play a full release RPG. Finally, the co-op on the game is phenomenal. I have read some reviews bashing the game for the co-op being broken, and it is true that there is an issue that prevents you from joining friends, but there is an extrememly simple workaround (press x repeatedly during joining) that fixes the problem entirely and coud be found via a simple Google search. It's a little annoying, but until a patch comes out it's a super simple way to save yourself some frustration. I used it without a single hiccup to get into friends' games and vice-versa, so I know it works. It is true that DH:A shamelessly copies other games, but really what else can you do with a loot-grinding dungeon crawler? It's true that there are some online issues, but they are easily avoided. You owe it to yourself to play this game, especially at $15. Buy it. Expand
  12. Apr 18, 2011
    Gameloft games are low-cost, but very good. And one of the best game is dungeon hunter: alliance (after modern combat: domination). I like single player mode. Fighting with bosses are cool.
  13. Apr 16, 2011
    Great and entertaining game. Sure one could argue, that this game is a plain copy of other hack and slay games. No doubt, it is. But a very fun one. Considering the amount of re-playability, the motivating leveling system and the possibility to enjoy the game with 4 friends, makes this one an offering I cant resist.

    What most reviews of the "popular" magazine didn't higlight enough is the
    very good implementation of the move controller. This works extremely well and is really a fun alternative to the dualshock 3, or let us say "gamepad" style of playing action rpgs on the console.

    It delivers the "pc" feeling perfectly, because it plays similar to the mouse controls on this plattform.
    So if you look at the more than solid structure of the game itself and add the move controls plus the multiplayer implementation, this is the most intuitive and original "diablo clone" especially when you compare it to other "diablo clones" in the downloadsector (torchlight for example).
  14. Apr 16, 2011
    This is a straight copy of popular hack&slash dungeon crawler games, but there is nothing wrong with it. Main reasons for this are that the basic gameplay is solid, there is plenty to do and that the looting works.
    The three playable characters, tanking warrior, healing-damaging mage and bow-knifing rogue is a bit little, but they are different enough to get more out from the game from a
    single-player point of view.
    Leveling is straightforward business with two points distribution for strength, dexterity, endurance, energy and 1 skill point every level. There are about 20-30 spells/skills to learn which is nice, but the level cap for each is five, which is too low. Hope this is fixed in part 2 in the future. There is also the generous option to redistribute skills and stats for a bit of money. Nice way to make your character what you wanted it to be in the first place. Hats off for that.
    Looting is plentiful and there is even an automatic transmuting for loot based on your preferences of the quality. However, the auto-equip is not solid, so you spend a good chunk of time comparing items in your inventory.
    Locations vary from all the know basic locations, cemetary, forest, lavaland and caves. You get the point. The story is absolutely generic 'because it has to be in the game' kind of crap. Evil dark fairy, yes a fairy, is taking over the world and you, a dead king risen again to life, have to save the world.

    Everyone knows Gameloft copies, but this copy works well, and for a cheap price too. I definitely recommend for DH:Alliance for anyone interested in coop games and simple dungeon crawlers a'la Diablo 2/Torchlight/PS2 Baldur's Gate:Dark Alliance games. Familiar, but solid gaming.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 18
  2. Negative: 1 out of 18
  1. Sep 9, 2011
    Gorgeous graphics and satisfying combat raise this Gauntlet clone above most dungeon crawlers. [Oct 2011, p.93]
  2. Jul 20, 2011
    It's not what it could have been. Stupid level design, lengthy loading times and a monotone fighting system let us hope for a better sequel. On the good side, however, it has copious action, cool multiplayer and nice ways to tweak your character.
  3. Jul 1, 2011
    I like the dungeon crawling. I like the character customization. I like the loot. But most of all I like the multiplayer. With four players going at it, the battles become pandemonium and I love it. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance has everything I look for in a downloadable title.