Dust 514 PlayStation 3

  • Publisher: CCP
  • Release Date: May 14, 2013
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Mixed or average reviews - based on 31 Critics

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Mixed or average reviews- based on 223 Ratings

Summary: DUST 514 is a free-to-play console-based hybrid massively multiplayer online first-person shooter set within the EVE universe and interacts directly with EVE Online.
Rating: T
Official Site: http://http://www.dust514.com/
Developer: CCP
Genre(s): Role-Playing, First-Person, Action, Shooter, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Special Controllers:Move Compatible
Cast Credit
Larry Herring Level Design Director
Chris McClure Lead Software Engineer
Kevin Preston Technical Artist
Ray Tran Lead Software Engineer
Ian Copeland Lead Software Engineer
Richard Smith Technical Director
Robert Jackson Software Engineer
Lee Clark Software Engineer
Shen Nan Senior Producer
Shen Nan Technical Director
Kevin Liu Art Manager
Kevin Liu Senior Producer
Troy Mason Software Engineer
Anders Caspersson Technical Art Director
Ryan Woodland Software Engineer
Hugh Malan Software Engineer
Thomas Mountfort Video Producer
Wang Hao Lead Software Engineer
Jason Spencer Level Designer
Michael Carter Sound Designer
Atli Mar Sveinsson Creative Director
Sam Lucas Software Engineer
Johnny Sun 3d Artist
Eino Joas Game Designer
Gavin Frankle Game Designer
Ryan Thornton Game Designer
Ivar Emilsson Game Designer
Regner-Blok Andersen Game Designer
Gu Ming Level Designer
Joseph Novak Level Designer
Kjartan Pierre Emilsson Principal Designer
Kjartan Pierre Emilsson Senior Producer
Brandon Laurino Executive Producer
Kjartan Arsaelsson Development Director
Bing Mikael Xi Senior Producer
Thomas Farrer Producer
Zen Huan Producer
Emma Morton Producer
Emma Morton Software Engineer
Liz Leach Producer
Maria Gudmundsdottir Producer
Toby Zhang Producer
Wang Lu Producer
Zhang Xiaoyun Producer
Andreas "Axl" Axelsson Lead Software Engineer
Cary Collins Lead Software Engineer
Matthias Gudmundsson Lead Software Engineer
Stephen Northcott Lead Software Engineer - Mobile
Alice Blunt Software Engineer
Alimoe Wu Software Engineer
Allan Bruce Software Engineer
Andrew Beck Audio Engineer/PO
Andrew Beck Software Engineer
Bergur Finnbogason Software Engineer
Bi Tianli Software Engineer
Cameron Royal Software Engineer
Chen Shangkun Software Engineer
Chris "Nige" Gray Software Engineer
Ding Cheng Software Engineer
Dominic Goulding Software Engineer
Gu Lu Software Engineer
Hafsteinn Halldorsson Software Engineer
Jiang Guobin Software Engineer
Kevin Zhang Software Engineer
Kristjan Valur Jonsson Software Engineer
Max Zhang Software Engineer
Noah Campbell Software Engineer
Polian Cai Software Engineer
Sam Ward Software Engineer
Tim Kelsey Software Engineer
Wang Shihai Software Engineer
Wang Shuang Software Engineer
Wu Hao Software Engineer
Yan Rui Software Engineer
Yu Hongyi Software Engineer
Yu Kai Software Engineer
William Chen Art Director
Galan Pang Art Director
Li Wenlei Principal Artist
Hu Xiaohui Concept Artist
Ma Yue Concept Artist
Marco Mazzoni Concept Artist
Zhang Lu Concept Artist
Bao Juansheng Lead 3d Artist
Hu Bo 3d Artist
Li Wei 3d Artist
Tony He 3d Artist
Yang Haoliang Lead Environment Artist
Li Nian Environment & Level Artist
Ni Yining Environment & Level Artist
Su Ming Environment & Level Artist
Wu Peng Environment & Level Artist
Yang Kai Environment & Level Artist
Zhu Zhengyi Environment & Level Artist
Edgar Sun Technical Artist
Gisli Konradsson Technical Artist
Liu Shengjie Lead Animator
Bai Yanbin Animator
Huang Yafei Animator
Luo Bin Lead VFX Artist
Angel Shou VFX Artist
Johann Reynisson Lead Video Producer
George Xiao Video Producer
Reynir S. Hardarson Lighting & Shader Artist
Oli Daniel Helgason Graphic Designer / UI Lead
Ari Einarsson Audio Director
Ari Einarsson Sound Designer
Baldur Baldursson Audio Manager
Atli Örvarsson Composer
Michael Carter Sound Designer
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