• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jul 17, 2012
  • Also On: PC
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 54 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 54
  2. Negative: 18 out of 54

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  1. Mar 24, 2014
    I've never dropped acid, but after playing this game I think I know what it would be like to do so. With it's psychedelic visuals and trippy music, the game is basically what a lot of hollywood movies have portrayed drug-induced hallucinations as being like. This all makes for a very pretty and unique gaming experience, but like real drugs this game may take you on an interesting journey, but it's one that will leave you feeling hollow and craving for more.

    The actual gameplay experience is hard to describe, but it is one that is fast paced and will require a lot of skill if you want to unlock any of the game's trophies. The problem is the game never compelled me to stick with it for long enough to get high-scores or trophies. The whole experience ended up feeling throwaway and what's worse is that the game's unique and trippy visual style can occasionally obscure the color-based elements of gameplay.

    Overall this game is a lot like drugs; it sounds fun in theory, but it is much more enjoyable as well as safer to watch someone else experience it from a safe distance. You'll get a good laugh this way and won't end up feeling cheated by the lackluster nature of the experience. It's not a bad game. It's just one that is more fun to watch than to play, and for a game that's a pretty big flaw. Still, it is really pretty though.
  2. Mar 14, 2014
    Just a bad, poorly designed game. Terrible UI, bad music, bad controls, and glitchy orbs. It is a clear example of a developer just pushing out a product without caring about the end result. The only redeeming factor of what is essentially shovelware is the psychedelic effects.
  3. Jan 25, 2014
    Very boring and a waste of time. All you do is go around in a circle and click x to purple/yellow lights. Glad it was free, because I would be mad if I bought this.
  4. Dec 29, 2013
    Describing Dyad is hard. Is it a puzzle game? A shooter? It is like a sidescroller, only that in third person, making it a third-person-scroller...Get it? Awful indeed.
    But this game, first of all, is better describe as an acid trip. It is fast paced, very colourful and a psychodellic soundtrack that really gives some interesting imagery overall. The gameplay is simple (Press X to shoot,
    and Square to Lance, things that are difficult to get into right now) and the levels use a Star rating and leaderbords system to keep things replayable. And it comes free with PS Plus, what else can you ask for?
    It is easy to fall in love with Dyad when you first play it, but once you start playing it more, you will realize one thing: It is the same thing over and over again, only more exigent each level, and that is where Dyad stops being pleasant, and takes a turn to the "boring" side. There is indeed little sense of accomplishment once you complete the latter levels, but the experience overall is less satisfying and feels less fresh than the first time you put your hands on it. I would NOT recommend the 14 bucks price tag on this one, with so many great indies at the same price. But if you are a ps plus subscriber and, for some reason, you feel you do not have enough games, then feel free to enjoy an hour or two of the most delirious scroller you will ever play on PS3.
  5. Oct 28, 2012
    It's not really the developers fault that I bought this game. It's my fault. I'm sick of these arcade games that aren't even close to being worth 1/4 of a full, true game. I give this 1 only because the music is great and it's amazing how it fits what's happening on screen. Other than that, this is a repetitive, boring, random piece of crap. Shame on you for wasting my money. But I do keep doing it to myself cause I buy this crap. Overpriced waste. Expand
  6. Oct 17, 2012
    I feel like I'm missing something about this game. Ambient music, fast score-attack gameplay is usually my thing (I adored "Everyday Shooter" for example), but the dizzying tunnel layout of Dyad left me pretty cold. The challenge of the game seems to be how hard you can squint your eyes. The game itself is pretty simple, which is not a bad thing, adding just a few new controls as the levels progress... but if it wasn't for the tunnel vision, the game would be remarkably easy. The challenge lies entirely in how far ahead you can see at any given time, and with your speed up it quickly becomes a guessing game. Of all the games like this out there, I'm kind of surprised this is the one getting rave reviews. It's not bad, but I can't call it good either. Expand
  7. Oct 11, 2012
    This was a weird one for me. I liked the concept, I liked the crazy visuals/colors, I liked the smooth controls, I like well done music, but I got bored of it. If I look at it as modules I think that this game is great; when I pick it up initially it is, but then that fades. For the record I played it in small pieces, a couple of levels one day, and couple the next, a big break and then the same thing. It is exciting for a short period of time but then the novelty starts to ware off and I'm left with a game that felt boring. I really appreciated what it was trying to do and I thought some of the levels were a lot of fun but then there were ones that weren't that great and I didn't want to play them. From my understanding the creator used the "campaign" (if you want to call it that) as the tutorial and then the real fun came out of the trophy levels. Perhaps I'm not that good and that is why I felt this way but the couple that I tried were frustrating and I did not feel compelled to grind through them. I liked it as a novelty and the last level was really reallly cool, but I can't say that I want to go back to it. Expand
  8. Sep 17, 2012
    Man, what a strange game. It took me a while to like it. First, I thought the game was just boring. It looked pretty but couldn't sustain my interest. Left it alone for about 2 weeks after I bought it. Then picked it up again months later, and as the level of complexity increased, i thought the game was all of a sudden too hard and too visually chaotic. I started button mashing, but that wouldn't get me any closer to a 3 star rating on any level. So I started to really try to "play it" finally, and I finally tapped into the right frequency, and all of a sudden this game is actually a ton of fun.

    But as I can see by the reviews 23 positive 1 medium 12 negative, the reviewers of this game are going to create a dichotomy. Love it or hate it, with almost nobody in the middle.
  9. Aug 4, 2012
    How do I explain Dyad? I guess the best way to explain this game is an arcade style shooter mixed with music and ambiance undeniably mind soothing and stimulating at the same time. It's a good game, no particular plot aside from level objectives, more of a game to help you relax, unwind but get you into another world full of color and life. But, along with this arcade style shooter and it's fun, comes a very challenging demeanor, and is very much hard to progress on certain stages. Overall the game is a good time waster and good to unwind with. Expand
  10. Jul 31, 2012
    Dyad is a very beautiful game in both visuals and music. An unusual game, however, as it is like a racing game with no accelerate or brake button, and a shooting game with no bullets. The game nicely introduces different mechanics for game play. It is simple enough to understand, provided you take a few seconds to read the instructions. Simple button mashing does not get you far. You need to make conscious decisions on what you want to do in order to progress in this game. The first few levels start off quite tame to get the player used to the different mechanics. After the player gets the hang of how to play the game, the game progresses to a more and more psychedelic and exhilarating experience that you cannot take your eyes off of! The videos and pictures do not do this game justice! You must play it in order to really get it! Expand
  11. Jul 25, 2012
    Don't get fooled by the media ratings, this game is simply boring. I expected something like Rez or Child of Eden but this is far from it. It feels like you don't have a clue what you are doing and simple button smashing works better than attempting to do it right. Stay away from this!
  12. Jul 24, 2012
    Dyad is an audio-visual hand coordination game in which you have to do different things through each level, all the mechanics build up as you play through, it is a BEAUTIFUL 1080p in 60fps which very few games can deliver that, and then you consider that the sound is not compressed, and then are fewer games experiences that can offer that. The trophies system is quite clever, it really makes you EARN the trophies. But in a fun can challenging way. If you read BAD reviews, it's more likely they did not get the game, or haven¿t even played it through enough to properly rate it. The music is very well done. Now consider that the whole thing was done by 1 guy over 4 years. That is an impressive accomplishment (well, some one else did help him with the music and sound) Expand
  13. Jul 21, 2012
    Dyad is unlike anything you have ever played before and is very hard to describe in words. It combines a racer, shooter,puzzle game and somewhat of a music game all into one psychedelic explosion of light and color. When watching Dyad you probably won't know whats happening and when playing it you might feel the same way. Dyad's sense of speed and colorful bombardment will probably cause you to get lost in its trippy tunnel. The main goal is to use enemies to pull you forward and you speed down a cylindrical tunnel. All of this visual assault only adds to Dyad's difficulty. It is not an easy game, with each level forcing you to play by different sets of rules always keeping it fresh. While Dyad's visuals may seem overwhelming at times, its solid gameplay combined with jaw dropping light and color create a very unique experience. Just don't forget to blink. Expand
  14. Jul 17, 2012
    Dyad is a crazy psychodellic game. It is just too damn awesome to describe it in words. Ever played Rez? This is 1000x better and faster. Another AAA exclusive for PS3s library. Never stop Sony and thank you developpers.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 33
  2. Negative: 0 out of 33
  1. Jan 16, 2013
    A unique trophy system will happily send you into metal hunting delirium. [Feb 2013, p.87]
  2. A colourful feast for the ears and reflexes, Dyad's issues can't ruin this trance party. [Jan 2013, p.114]
  3. Nov 20, 2012
    Dyad walks that fine line between artistic evocation and arcade addiction, emerging in a blinding euphoria of brilliant light at the end of its tunnel.