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  1. Feb 22, 2013
    If, however, you’re looking for a deeper strategic element to go with your hacking and slashing, Empires should fill that hole very nicely.
  2. Feb 28, 2013
    Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires is close to being the perfect mix of role playing and hack and slash gameplay. Despite some recurring flaws, the newest entry in the series proves to be one of the most endearing and complete Warriors titles to date. Fans shouldn’t think twice about picking this up, and newcomers might just discover a series that’s been overlooked for far too long.
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  1. Mar 27, 2013
    It seems to me that critics love to hate this series of games because they think it is the same, at core a button masher though it is muchIt seems to me that critics love to hate this series of games because they think it is the same, at core a button masher though it is much more than that. The latest entry in the Dynasty Warriors Empires is a brilliant game, a strategy game were you follow an officer as they fight for their faction in china to control and change its future. While playing you create your own story within one of Six Scenarios. The focus on this is broken into to build your own empire or being a mercenary fighting for whom ever pays you. The Good 20 plus hours of game play with a different story each time you play/ Improved create your own officer/ two weapon system/ Game Play is easy to get the hang of/ Custom units/ Leveling system for weapons and Char. The Bad PS3 only. Overall the game is fantastic and if you’re looking for a good button masher and good strategy game. Also if your looking to jump into this series go for this game. Full Review »
  2. Apr 24, 2014
    You have to enjoy a game where you're the general of an empire and decide who to attack and enjoy slaughtering you enemies. Though, it isYou have to enjoy a game where you're the general of an empire and decide who to attack and enjoy slaughtering you enemies. Though, it is repetitive from other empire games with extra features, this game is still very enjoyable to play.

    Side note: I noticed that there a lot of critics that have no idea what they are talking about. They criticize this game for being the same thing as its previous games, but they would worship the call of duty series. If anything is super repetitive and has nothing unique about it, then that would be call of duty's forte.
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  3. Jul 19, 2013
    +An awesome amount of refinement over other DW Empires games
    +Tones of gameplay +Great levels of variety that help to make each
    +An awesome amount of refinement over other DW Empires games
    +Tones of gameplay
    +Great levels of variety that help to make each play through feel unique.
    +Such variations make the game a large level of fun for all gamers
    +Good levels of graphics.
    -The use of Japanese throughout the game is a mixed game
    -The hack and slash nature of the game make the gameplay repetitive

    In short if you love hack and slash/beat’em up games, buy this game. The great level of variety of characters, weapons, and tactics will keep you having fun throughout. If you have not liked other DW games, this may be the game that changes your mind. While this may be the best game of the franchise, it’s title may be shorted lived as DW8 is right on the horizon.

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    The great thing that fans of the DW series will notice right away is that while Koei and Omega Force, have added a lot to the game, the core elements that made the DW series so loveable (if you liked it) remains. This can be seen by how the ability to kill over 1000 troops in a single battle, making you feel like an ultimate badass, the huge variety of characters (my favourites are Meng Huo, Xu Huang and Wei Yan) the massive amount of gameplay and battles, all remain. However where this game feels different to other DW games, is how new features help perk the game up. Such features include the use of Stratagems that break up the constant button mashing, e.g. the use of taunt that allows you to lure an enemy officer to a certain location, making it easier to kill them. Also with regards to combat what helps separate this game from DW games is how you often find yourselves having to aid other offices in your ranks, and the use of capturing bases help make you think about your approach to battles more, which is enhanced by how as a ruler/marshal you can command your forces on the battle field. This is added by the noticeable difficultly of the game which was missing from DW7, e.g. the use of enemy officers reappear at the enemy main camp after you defeat them, make it so you can often find yourself fighting of 5 officers at once, meaning even on normal difficulty I died a few times (or maybe I just suck, you will have to decide). However one of the great things this game lets you do I match the difficulty too your skill level beyond a simple difficulty setting, e.g. you can choice to were items that help you in battle, you can be cautious, you can choice from a tone of weapons, making you feel more like you are controlling the game, rather than it forcing you to play it a certain way.

    Furthermore such improvements to combat have also been found in the other half of the game and that is the empire building area. This is where the variety of DW7E are really noticeable, as they are 6 different endings (each requiring several hours to achieve) depending on which of the 6 fame types your character favours; you can be a ruler or a free officer (which doesn’t get you far) or serving as an officer under a ruler. The advantage of being a ruler is that you have more freedom, e.g. invading, demanding alliances, banishing, executing or recruiting captured enemies (such actions affect fame ratings) etc. The advantage of serving under a ruler is that you can progress to become his marshal (right hand man), giving a more RPG like elements to the game for as you progress your character gains influence and power. In both modes (ruler or servant) you can also form friendship leading to becoming sworn sidling’s or marriage (unfortunately you can’t make little DW babies but that’s ok), you can support certain aspects increasing your levels of resources, improve your weaponry etc. The great thing about forming friendships is how as a serving officer you can actually rebel to overthrow the current ruler and have your siblings/wife or husband, help you. Such elements help break the monopoly of combat, and while DW will and should always be focused on combat, the introduction of these elements are more than welcomed.

    As far as I am concern they are only three main things I am not sure about.

    The first is how all dialogue is in Japanese. Obviously whether this is good or not is open to interpretation and according to an IGN review the use of Japanese will please purists. However for me it detracted from the experience as it meant that when cut scenes were played, instead of looking at the cut scene, your attention is focused on the subtitles. That said you get use to the use of Japanese very quickly.

    The second is that they are still a few technical issues, e.g. when hundreds of enemies are on the screen, the game tends to lag. That said I found it to be only a rare occasion.

    The third is that while the improvements are greatly welcomed, one can’t help but think that they could have pushed the boat out a bit more e.g. make the bases more varied making the battles have more of a strategic nature.
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