Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 29
  2. Negative: 3 out of 29
  1. 68
    An average game with a few good qualities here and there, but it's super repetitive.
  2. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam takes the worst elements of both franchises, and smashes them together into a dismally vapid action game.
  3. There is really very little to like about this even if you’re a true Gundam fan or like a game that offers an anime-styled story.
  4. The bottom line is if you're smart enough to read the title, you're smart enough to know what you're buying. So anime fans play to your heart's content. I know I am!
  5. 60
    This game is good for a quick robot violence fix or if you happen to be a huge Gundam fan, but that's about it.
  6. Never boring and always thrilling. It's a brilliant combination of two massively popular brands and a clever blend of subtle strategy and bombastic button-bashing.
  7. If you enjoyed any Dynasty/Samurai Warriors or Gundam titles in the past and are ready for something familiar but different, this game's for you. Even after beating all of the core missions and campaigns, the game leaves plenty to do. Too bad they still haven't gone online with this franchise, but, yet again, maybe next time.
  8. All together, Dynasty Warriors Gundam is a pretty fun diversion for a few hours or so. It definitely has a long shelf life in your collection, as long as you don't mind the very repetitive style of gameplay that these types of games often represent.
  9. 65
    Combine that frustration with the almost insultingly shallow combat and it's hard to get too excited about jumping back into the game more than once or twice.
  10. What you're left with is a basic game that follows in the horde of footsteps of the series that has come before it: it's serviceable but uninspired, and won't do much for you unless you're a big fan of either of the source materials. Predictable, right?
  11. At the end of the day Dynasty Warriors: Gundam does what it set out to accomplish: mesh two different franchises into a game that is playable but familiar. This game isn't particularly innovative, but at least it gives Gundam fans something.
  12. Despite the dated gameplay, lack of online options and baffling storyline, the game manages to still be fun thanks in no small part to the charm that the Gundam license brings to the title.
  13. If you like Warriors games, here's another great one. If you're a well-versed Gundam fan, the closest thing yet to a dream game has arrived. [Aug 2007, p.59]
  14. Well, for what it's worth, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam wins the distinction of being the first game that made me fall asleep while playing it. [Sept 2007, p.92]
  15. All in all, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam was a lot of fun to play, not a particularly deep game with extensive replay value, but fun nonetheless.
  16. 55
    Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is the extremely tired Dynasty Warriors gameplay with a Gundam storyline. If you're a fan of either franchise, you may enjoy this. Everyone else should steer clear.
  17. North American gamers who aren’t rabid Gundam fans, or Gundam fans that demand at least a solid game experience to go with their giant robots, or even fans of the Dynasty Warriors series should approach this battle with caution – sometimes you have to pick your battles.
  18. 90% of the game consists of twatting robots all the livelong day, and it takes just half an hour for these parts to grow dull. Perhaps naively, we expected a bit more from the motherland's best selling PS3 game. [JPN Import; June 2007, p.112]
  19. Dynasty Warriors Gundam is the kind of title that fails to live up to gamers expectations, especially when it carries the name of two very popular franchises.
  20. 40
    Utterly avoidable and culturally irrelevant. [Issue#160, p.91]
  21. Suffers from the same flaws as its predecessors: namely, repetitive combat and mostly brain-dead opponents...and for a PS3 game, it doesn't look all that next-gen. [Oct 2007, p.78]
  22. This is the definition of a niche title. Fans of either series are going to dig it...other gamers, maybe not so much. It's fun for a little while, but not really that great. [Vol 3, Issue 2, p.66]
  23. Fun for a little while, and its entertainment value is surprisingly acceptable.
  24. As for the gameplay, it does just enough to outdo previous Gundam games, though its repetitive nature won't please everyone, and the lack of online play hurts. Still, it does offer a few hours of robot smashing fun.
  25. We've done this dozens of times before and replacing bearded Chinese men with robots doesn't change a thing. [Dec 2007, p.82]
  26. It's repetitive and unimpressive throughout, yet it's oddly addicting.
  27. Dynasty Warriors is as stagnated as ever and now carries the weight of a niche franchise upon its back. An overhaul is long overdue.
  28. If you’re looking for a large robot game, a mindless killing game, or a Gundam game, look no further, otherwise, stay clear.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 16 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 1 out of 7
  1. Dec 26, 2012
    I agree MarkK. I bought this because I like dynasty warriors and Gundam but it is a very dull and repetitive game and doesn't do justice to either franchise. The only reason I continue to play it is so that I can unlock the other characters and because I don't have any other PS3 games at the moment. I'm glad it wasn't much since if I paid much more than than I would have felt cheated. One of my main complaints is that you can't run. Obviously this is because you can fly a bit but you can't do that for long so I wish they had included both. Anyway I agree with what others said about downloading the demo first. Full Review »
  2. JoshuaB.
    Jan 9, 2009
    I'd have to say that the game would have been a lot better if only the cannon fodder enemies would attack instead of just stand there. It would have been great if they did miniscule amounts of damage, but mostly they do none at all and exist only to charge your special meter. Other than that, I think the game is fine; although it would probably help other people if the modes, stories, and characters were better explained. So, basically, if the enemies attacked you relentlessly with pitiful attacks (like in the anime) it would have been great. Having them just stand there and fight your team's cannon fodder is just disappointing. Full Review »
  3. MarkK.
    Jul 25, 2008
    Ok, first off Nick, you are a fool unlike the critics and you obviously have a terrible taste in games. Don't let this Nick character 'fool you', even if you are a fan of Gundam then you will regret having wasted good money on this half-arsed attempt. 5 minutes and you'll see just about everything this game has in it's batman utility belt for you. Only abot five basic battle combos aren't enough and you'll just find that the game quickly becomes so yawn endorsing that it isn't even worth debating. And why is this on PS3 and 360 when the graphics (combined with the most horrible physics engine) make such a mockery out of both machines? Just download the demo on PSN and you'll find that this game is the definition of the phrase 'Epic failure'. A wasted opertunity. Full Review »