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  • Summary: Entwined is an action reflex game where you must learn to control two characters simultaneously and help them on their journey to become one with each other.
    The Bird and the Fish you control represent two souls who are in love but can’t be together. As you guide them through 9 different
    lifetimes you will help them overcome obstacles of fate and ultimately set them free by transforming them into a soaring Dragon.
    Through an innovative twin stick control scheme, accessible learning curve and awe-inspiring visuals you will be immersed in a rich and vibrant abstract world.
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  1. Aug 17, 2014
    I had to wait the release on the PS3 for this game and now it's finally here. Since I like art games I bought it when I had the chance. Was it worth the price? Let's see.

    The story of this game is about two souls: a fish and bird who are in love each other but can't be together. The game allows you to control both in a on-rails structure along a corridor using both sticks. The game will test your reflexes through nine lifetimes (levels).

    > Presentation <
    I'll begin with the strong point of this game. I'll tell you in the simplest way possible: it looks GORGEOUS. Each one of the nine levels is beautifully crafted with a minimalistic art style (personally, one of my favourite). I enjoy looking at every level and I always look forward to reach the end to do the free roaming part with the evolved dragon and explore the area... although I can't completely enjoy it (see "Controls").

    > Controls <
    Here lies one of the weak points of this game: the controls. While the corridor levels are okay and also quite challenging, things start to become awkward when it's time to become a dragon: once the two main characters fuse into a dragon, the game shows one of the worst thought control system I ever experienced. To control the dragon you better use BOTH sticks. Yes, both. It's not mandatory, but using one stick only will have little to no effect to make the dragon turn around. I'd like to ask why to the developers. Why I can't use one stick to fully control the dragon and the other one to control the camera? OK, the dragon is made with two souls but personally I think it's not worth sacrificing good controls for "art".

    > Replayability <
    This is another weak point for this game. The game lasts about 80 or 70 minutes, even if it can be quite hard sometimes. Yes, it's extremely short and the replay value is very low. There's a Challenge mode which allows you to compete for the best score with other players but nothing more. To be honest, I would have appreciated an option to allow me visit freely the unlocked worlds with the dragon because their appearance was amazing and not giving me the chance to enjoy them whenever I want and forcing me to replay the levels just cuts some of the potential.

    > Conclusion <
    So, is Entwined worth the price? Well... it depends. If you, like me, enjoy artistic games, this game comes with a good price and a beautiful appearance but sacrifices a lot the gameplay. If you don't enjoy artistic games, approach very carefully: it can be a fun and challenging game but it doesn't last long. All depends by your tastes.