Fairytale Fights PlayStation 3


Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 34
  2. Negative: 9 out of 34
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  1. Fairytale Fights is one of those games you can either love or... luv! Wondering around the woods in a red hood slashing all living creatures into tiny pieces with splashes of blood pouring all over adds a unique flavour to it, one that will inevitably bring you back to your childhood memories. Well, not quite...
  2. The game has a unique graphic style and gives you the possibility to kill cute creatures in a brutal way. With more players on the couch the game comes to its full potential, but at the same time it could be very chaotic on the screen. The biggest downfall is that the gameplay is mostly the same throughout the game and there aren’t many checkpoints. But if you take your time to glide on a massive pile of blood, all will be quickly forgotten.
  3. A lot of blood and senseless gore. If you like the Happy Tree Friends you will love this game. If not – hands off!
  4. 71
    Play with up to four different characters from fairytales. It looks kiddy and funny but it’s got more than that. You can hack and slash everything you want to and the effect thereafter is fantastic. Blood everywhere to slide through. Not the best game, but a game that is fun to play.
  5. Fairytale Fights is a product Dutch gamers can be proud of. When playing alone, the game offers many hours of enjoyment in lush environments. Better yet, these environments will soon be painted red with the blood of your opponents. The multiplayer is a little hectic and falls short, though.
  6. Fairytale Fights is not a game that’s going to revolutionize the genre. It is, however, a very fun, unique, and beefy (15-20 hours of gameplay) game that’s fun to tear through.
  7. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Reading about it in abstract, one could be forgiven for thinking that Fairytale Fights is a game for deviants and sickos, created to corrupt the young. This is not the case; everything is far too cute to be offensive. While it may sound sinister that the Naked Emperor character has visibly erect nipples, or that the Mother Goose Gun has an inflamed, purple ringpiece, in reality these flourishes are too stylised to make one bat an eye. It’s like the difference between ‘#@%&!!’ and a proper swear word. [p74 Christmas 2009]
  8. 69
    Fairytale Fights has become a funny game, but all things are kept too simple. So playing alone will not amuse you, but the co-op on the other hand is really fun. However there is a lag off replay value that might keep you from buying this title!
  9. Games Master UK
    A likeable, if slight, slice of gory Brothers Grimm gaming. [Winter 2009, p.86]
  10. 63
    Fairytale Fights is a marriage between fairy tales and hack&slash. Setting-wise, there's not much to falter. It definitely stands out amongst the other titles being released. Yet, there is a bloody divorce looming over the game. Its gameplay plummets straight down the abyss. Every step you take, brings you closer to another useless death. Considering its own qualities and the qualities of the other games releasing at this point, we fear Fairytale Fights' future is rather grim.
  11. 62
    The best of Fairytale Fights is the idea to create the story and background of the game, hands down. Its twisted humour makes it attractive enough to be enjoyable, but only if we ignore its flaws.
  12. Top off the list with repetitive and uninspired boss battles, an off-kilter depth of field and a one-dimensional economy, and Fairytale Fights is offensive, just not in the way Playlogic intended.
  13. Even with hours of fun and some hilarious moments, Fairytale Fight's bloody proposal lacks depth and shows that the game could have been much better.
  14. FairyTale Fights is a likeable game with a fun style and surprisingly dark sense of humour, but it’s let down by simplistic level design, a lack of substance and undeveloped combat.
  15. The Brothers Grimm wouldn’t be amused about this title, even if they had been hardcore gamers.
  16. Fairytale Fights, as sadistically zany as it is, just isn’t worth the price of admission.
  17. Fairytale Fights digs an attractive concept because of its unpolished and boring gameplay.
  18. 55
    A fantastic concept poorly executed. All of the visuals and presentation seem in place, but the monotonous gameplay and boring combat really drag down the overall experience.
  19. 51
    Fairytale Fights is simply boring. The combat mechanics do nothing interesting, the level design actually has copy-and-pasted segments and, even though there's plenty of gore, the camera is pulled back so far that you can't see much.
  20. Play UK
    You'll be fed up in no time. [Issue#186, p.78]
  21. It's nice to look at it and is amusing for a short while, but as soon as the presentation gloss wears off you're left with a dull hack 'n' slash that makes use of an overly simplistic control system. Without the substance to go with the game's amusingly twisted appearance, Fairytale Fights never really gets past the opening chapter.
  22. I'd love to say that Fairytale Fights is an hack'n slash you shouldn't miss: the style is just adorable and I really like the attitude of these psychopathic fairy tales. Yet this is a game that looks far better than how it plays, and still without considering its evident flaws the full price makes it hard to recommend it even to fans of the genre: sorry but there will be no happy ending, this time.
  23. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Fairytale Fights defeats itself with tons of little niggling issues. [Holiday 2009, p.81]
  24. AceGamez
    Fairytale Fights isn't a terrible game, it's just a repetitious one made all the more maddening thanks to huge list of missed opportunities.
  25. GamePro
    There's just nothing to hold your interest over the long haul and while roaming around with some friends helps, it just isn't entertaining enough for me to recommend it to anyone, not even those who love fairy tales and platform titles. [Jan 2010, p.82]
  26. Despite its many promises, this game falls short, with redundant gameplay, unreliable controls, and lackluster storytelling.
  27. Dull and repetitious, Fairytale Fights is one of the worst products of this generation. Stupid Control System, iterative gameplay, creepy graphics are the main issues with the game.
  28. As a hack-and-slash platformer, Fairytale Fights could have been a success. On top of a consistent and admittedly appealing theme, it has all the right ingredients to fit the genre: countless weapons, challenging levels and 4-player co-op. But with repetitive gameplay and unrewarding challenges, this title falls very, very short of becoming the next Castle Crashers.
  29. There are clearly some talented people at Playlogic - notably whoever did the endearing cut-scenes, which play out like Hanna-Barbera doing The Matrix. How something so colourful and quirky became so bland is a mystery of the creative process.
  30. In fairytale terms this game is a poisoned apple and if it doesn’t kill you it will probably put you to sleep.
  31. While it can be briefly enjoyable and provide a few giggles and chuckles, it quickly becomes repetitive and boring. Co-op helps, but in the end, poor controls and lack of genuinely entertaining qualities will drive most players away.
  32. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Decent combat, but 40 quid is a fairytale price for this sub-PSN effort. [Christmas 2009, p.88]
  33. There's no way to break the curse on this staggeringly bad action game.
  34. It's ugly; it's slippery; all of the enemies blend together because they're all the frickin' same... it's awe-inspiringly bad, really. Not since Superman 64 have I played something this stomach-wrenching, and at least in the end that was funny-horrible. This one skips by funny-horrible and goes right back to bad.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 22 Ratings

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  1. May 5, 2011
    This game seems cute and adorable the world looks Smooth and nicelly rounded unlike other games sharp walls but characters look extremelyThis game seems cute and adorable the world looks Smooth and nicelly rounded unlike other games sharp walls but characters look extremely ugly, but the game play gets borring at times the big element in the game is the Gore and killing, it has a nice taste in Classical music but the big downside is the game becomes borring to easily its a nice game "FOR THE GORE." pretty much.. Full Review »
  2. Aug 23, 2010
    I found this game cheap and I though "NAH what the heck" to find out the exact reason they put it down to that price anyway. This is rarely aI found this game cheap and I though "NAH what the heck" to find out the exact reason they put it down to that price anyway. This is rarely a game anyway. This is a horrible science project, that the only way to stop it was to, split it apart, burn it into disc´s, sell them to around the world. Full Review »
  3. MichaelB
    Nov 16, 2009
    Bad taste, bad gameplay, an immature take on a solid genre. Not worth a download for a few euros