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  1. 100
    This is the kind of hugely ambitious game that doesn't come around very often, and when it does, you'd be a fool not to play it and enjoy the hell out of it and look forward to the day (next-next-gen?) when the fidelity of open-world RPGs takes another big step closer to the uncanny valley's far side.
  2. 100
    Yes, Fallout 3 is a lot like "Oblivion" (with guns!), but it's a superior game in nearly every way, as it features a more engaging storyline, impeccable presentation, and hundreds of hours of addictive gameplay. While the jury is still out on whether or not hardcore Fallout enthusiasts will accept the game as part of the storied franchise, Fallout 3 is a must-have title for most RPG fans, as well as one of the finest games of this generation.
  3. That's the beauty of survival, and this world of fallout: It feeds on adventure and breathes in freedom, yet it dreams of order and the safety of the Vault. I can describe it, explain it, tell it in finely chosen words, but I can never make you fully understand for as long as you sit and listen. But even if I die, I do not worry. There will come a time when you will seize that lever and open that metal door, and it is then I will return.
  4. 100
    The ironically devastated world of Fallout has never been better realized than in Fallout 3, offering a vast landscape that is almost relentlessly bleak in its hopelessness. It's absorbing, immersive, paradoxically beautiful, and kind of depressing to play over long periods of time.
  5. 100
    It's an instant classic and one that will occupy you for a long time to come. [Dec 2008, p.86]
  6. A massive, enthralling achievement.
  7. 100
    The main quest is an enthralling tale that will thrust you into the battlefield of D.C., side-by-side with the Brotherhood of Steel, face to face with the illustrious DJ of Galaxy News Radio (my favorite station of the wastes), and aboard a reclaimed aircraft carrier. It's an epic journey, but when it's done, it's done. The only option after that is to start all over again with a brand new face. No complaints here.
  8. 100
    After this game-experience negative points are hard to find. Sure, the radio program is not mind-blowing and the third-person-view is suboptimal. But this doesn't matter, as Fallout 3 is wonderful and even a class better than Bethesda's last title - Oblivion.
  9. Fallout 3 is a fantastic game that was well worth the hype and the wait.
  10. This is easily the best new role-playing game that will give you dozens of hours of additional gameplay along with the already lengthy required adventuring.
  11. 97
    A stunning and emotive game, Fallout 3 is compelling, dark, funny and deep. Play it and glimpse the future of videogaming. And, possibly, of mankind.
  12. The game boasts an adventure that is so epic in size that it can only be the product of Bethesda. The Oblivion engine is a perfect fit to create a Fallout game around, and Fallout 3 is that much better off for it. With a game world that's as large as a real world city, mechanics that are engaging and easy to use, on top of unparalleled depth...Fallout 3 is the no brainer choice for those looking to embark on an epic quest.
  13. So what you have here with Fallout 3 is a great addition to the series, even if you are a die-hard fan of Black Isle Studios' work with the previous Fallout titles. It has some slight faults, but the quality of the rest of the package more than makes up for it all.
  14. The game combines the strengths of two fine RPG series, which for Fallout 3 means compelling narrative in a post-apocalyptic setting and immersive gameplay in a huge, open-ended world. All of this just leaves one question to answer: is Fallout 3 a contender for Game of the Year? And the answer: undeniably, yes.
  15. In the end, Fallout 3 feels like a Fallout game, and that is absolutely the highest compliment. Despite the changes, much of the charm and fun of the franchise remains intact, and despite the similarities to "Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion", I never felt that I was playing anything but a Fallout game.
  16. This game is massive, and as your character's stature in the Wasteland grows, so does the excitement. It's not a true sequel to the Fallout series, but as a fan of the games of old, I found it to be every bit as good.
  17. 95
    Fallout 3 is among the best games I've played this year, and represents both Bethesda's legacy and the legacy of the Fallout series incredibly well. It's easy to sink hours into exploring this world, and its depth will consume you if you let it. Fallout 3 is a must buy for anyone who loves games, regardless of your preferred genre.
  18. Fallout 3 is a game that hits all the right notes and excels in being a role-playing game that wishes to challenge the genre to bring something bigger and better.
  19. There's no doubt that many people already know that they will love Fallout 3: it offers the epic world that many yearn for.
  20. Definitely, no videogame fan should let Fallout 3 escape. There are so many things you can do, places you can explore and situations to experiment, that regardless the many times we could say this is a superb title, an instant classic, there is no better way to understand the reason for such praise than to get lost in the ruinous Washington D.C. region.
  21. 94
    It's rare that a game can hit the mark in so many different and often conflicting areas. Fallout 3 offers freedom without sacrificing a focused story. It delivers fantastic combat without forgoing a deep role-playing system. The characters you meet are engaging and oftentimes hilarious without feeling out of place in this harsh world.
  22. Fallout 3 is an experience in itself, and while it may not offer as much replay value as Oblivion, it's so much more then an "Oblivion with guns".
  23. It is no surprise to anyone that has played a Bethesda game that they have come through on a beloved franchise, well worth several hundred hours of your life!
  24. Different from Oblivion but bound to be compared to it, Fallout 3 is deep, rewarding and as open-world as you get, with only a few issues that warrant a sight raise of the eyebrow.
  25. This is a massive game: in a month that's seen the release of five or six of the year's best titles, I reckon this is the absolute peach. It's packed with interesting places, with choices to make, with that nebulous sense of adventure you only find in the best RPGs.
  26. Fallout 3 represents one of the most ridiculously packed gaming experiences you're going to find this year.
  27. Fallout 3 is filled to the brim with quality, worth every cent and pays us with dozens of hours of rich exploration, combat and enjoyable – if not exactly deep – role-play elements.
  28. There's no denying Fallout 3 is little more than Oblivion in a post-apocalyptic setting. However that's more a compliment than complaint.
  29. The overall experience of Fallout 3 is unmatched, and the amount of game Bethesda has packed into this $60 title can't be ignored. Flaws aside, taken as a whole, Fallout 3 is an astounding effort and easily one this year's best gaming experiences.
  30. Imaginative, epic and brilliant, but not for instant fix gamers. [Dec 2008, p.26]
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  1. Oct 14, 2012
    Utterly amazing. Long hours of game-play, amazing story line, many side quests, large map, and amazing DLC. This is my favorite game, myUtterly amazing. Long hours of game-play, amazing story line, many side quests, large map, and amazing DLC. This is my favorite game, my previous being Fallout: New Vegas. Full Review »
  2. dlord
    Jan 26, 2009
    too long, too many repetitive side missions and worst of all game kept freezing!!!! did enjoy playing but too many problems and life is too too long, too many repetitive side missions and worst of all game kept freezing!!!! did enjoy playing but too many problems and life is too short for that! Full Review »
  3. May 28, 2011
    As with GTA,turning the series into 3D has worked phenomenally.An utter brilliant game and worthy of the many awards it received.Though notAs with GTA,turning the series into 3D has worked phenomenally.An utter brilliant game and worthy of the many awards it received.Though not without the oddglitch or annoyance,Fallout 3 is one of the best games ever made and will steal a hundred hours of your time without trying.The DLC packs are mainly excellent with Broken Steel and Point Lookout being the better of them.Buy it and wait impatiently for Fallout 4. Full Review »