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  2. Negative: 4 out of 26

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  1. Aug 12, 2011
    Old World Blues is one of the better DLCs to come out for New Vegas. It may even be better than those released with Fallout 3. Old World Blue harkens back to the Fallout games of yesteryear. Dark humor and wackiness have always been strong traits of the series, but this DLC offers some of the best players have seen yet. The world presented in Old World Blues is fun to explore and the quests are challenging. The downside tot his DLC is that the nagging loading and freezing issues associated with everything New Vegas still remain. Despite that one snafu, I highly recommend this DLC. Expand
  2. Aug 9, 2011
    This DLC is easily the best. With a fun, creative plot, and plenty of hilarious quotes you and your friend circle with share for years to come, this DLC is the one you should get! Ignore what Impure says!
  3. Jul 27, 2011
    Easily the best DLC to hit FO:NV and FO3 combined. It is the most well written, it's genuinely funny, and the additional weapons, enemies, perks, and side missions are all worth your time. Since the DLC seems to be getting better and better, I am looking forward to the release of Lonesome Road, the final DLC, whenever it comes out! P.S. You'll never look at your toaster the same way.
  4. Aug 2, 2011
    As much as I would like to give a proper review on this, I can't. After finishing the game, you aren't allowed to use the DLC after you have paid for it. So you pay $10 -$30 for more material and are locked out of it. If you like spending many countless hours enjoying a game and then to have the game come to an end and put a cherry on top by stealing your money then by all means download this DLC from Bethesda. Now if you are smart you had waited til the $60 game dropped to $10 (in a matter of mere months) and bought it later. Some of us are retarded and gave the $60 in the beginning because we thought after Fallout 3, they would have learned their lesson on taking advantage of their customers and gave better customer service by fixing their mistakes they hastily pushed out to the public . One needs not to go far to reveal the mess that both these two last games has made. Well guess what? I don't think I'm going for a third round of this when the next game comes out. So I guess in conclusion, this company can kiss my grits. I give it a one rating as I'm sure it will be fun to play but being as how I paid for it and can't use it that's as far as I can go. Don't be a sucker. Wait for them to fix the whole game, if that's possible, then get the DLC for free on the final version that will come out inevitably. Expand
  5. Sep 9, 2011
    See ImpureClient's review. Terrible. Sony better refund my money for this.
  6. Nov 9, 2011
    Not a big DLC fan, but I bought all the New Vegas DLC because I love the game so much. Old World Blues is really a fun story to play through and gives some great items in return. This DLC has alot of humor to it and I guess for $10 its worth it, I think it took me about 7 hours to go thru.

    Still not a fan of DLC, I prefer the old way with expansions that added much more content and
    story instead of nickle and diming people for short quests. But for New Vegas.. Old World Blues is the best of the DLC offered IMO. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 10 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 10
  2. Negative: 0 out of 10
  1. Sep 16, 2011
    A highly recommended piece of DLC. [Issue#209, p.99]
  2. Sep 1, 2011
    Its mad humour brings the laughs, while odd weapons and perks make the gameplay feel fresh again. [Oct 2011, p.110]
  3. Aug 18, 2011
    Old World Blues is an expansion that delivers what you probably expect. New weapons, new items, new perks and more levels for your character. In total about 8 hours worth of play time and a recommendation for Fallout fans, even though a better story would have been appreciated.