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  1. 100
    This is one of the most amazing worlds in gaming and the fact that it's brimming with so much action and intrigue makes it that much better.
  2. 100
    Far Cry 2 has its annoying quirks, no doubt. But they can be solved via patch – the quality of fights, atmosphere, graphics and gameplay still reaches a very high level.
  3. By adopting a laissez faire attitude to player discretion, Ubisoft has crafted a brilliant follow-up.
  4. Far Cry 2 is not a game for everybody, neither is it perfect. It requires time, patience and dedication; some will be frustrated with the long car trips - avoidable - while others will struggle with the excessive freedom. Nevertheless the little objections that can be made disappear compared to its virtues. This video game is technically impeccable, it offers a very interesting multiplayer mode, and is equipped with a campaign that should appear in the dictionary under the words intensity and immersion.
  5. 91
    Despite some flaws, Far Cry 2 is almost an essential purchase this holiday retail season. The only reason to excuse yourself from picking it up might be if you're just shootered-out, which frankly is an understandable possibility.
  6. There is a tremendous amount of fine detail everywhere you look. Character models are varied to the point where it seems no two people look the same.
  7. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Challenging, immersive safari shooter with liberating tactical freedom. [Dec 2008, p.66]
  8. I really, really enjoyed Far Cry 2, and I was happy to see that it's a pretty far departure from the formula of the first title. The open world environment is absolutely beautiful at times, and the little touches in the game really help to heighten the sense that you're in a real world setting.
  9. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Whatever happens you'll believe it's a real world and a fantastic setting for the action. It's not as dense or as varied as, say, Oblivion - you'll go somewhere, kill everyone, every mission - but it's utterly convincing and engrossing. [Dec 2008, p.98]
  10. And it's also through experimentation that you'll experience the magic moments you'll not find anywhere else.
  11. Polished and innovative and extremely challenging, Far Cry 2 tests the boundaries of the FPS genre. Gamers used to exciting setpieces may find it a bit dry.
  12. Far Cry 2 is a slog for the first few hours of gameplay, but you've got to stick with it because it soon turns into one of the most revolutionary FPS games of the decade.
  13. Far Cry 2 is a deep and involving first-person shooter that propels the series forward to new and engaging heights. While it completely dismisses all the elements introduced in the original, this game has a lot more going for it and won’t fail to keep you hooked down to the last bullet.
  14. Far Cry 2 is a brilliant game, beautifully presented and intelligently executed with a few problems with the multiplayer side of things and a couple of frustrations in the story mode.
  15. Ubisoft Montreal has done it again with another ambitious game that pushes the boundaries of what we have come to expect out of our games.
  16. It’s a shame that more wasn’t done with the story, as the shallow characters and lack of moral depth sits in stark contrast to the hard work spent on some of the most impressive game technology we’ve ever seen.
  17. Far Cry 2’s gameplay is solid, and it works as both an open world game and a shooter. Its plot is light, but deep, and will make you rethink the way you look at real world conflicts like the ones represented in the game.
  18. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    As a shooter, it always succeeds, with tight control, thrilling gunfights, subdued stealth missions, and over-the-top explosions. [Holiday 2008, p.72]
  19. AceGamez
    Far Cry 2 has greatly impressed me. With gorgeous visuals, high quality sound and extremely well conceived gameplay mechanics, it's a near essential title.
  20. Far Cry 2 may be the surprise game of the holiday season.
  21. It's an experience like no other, with great potential to make your own hugely memorable story line, and for that reason alone, it comes highly recommended.
  22. 88
    The formula still needs work in terms of enemy AI, quest structure, and giving the player more to do to fill in all that open space, but as it is, it's still a standout achievement. More importantly, it has nowhere near as many bugs as something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, a title that bears many similarities.
  23. 88
    Technically its a marvel, especially when it comes to the creation of a realistic and highly immersive world. The story too is a bold and well-executed step into unfamiliar territory for gaming. But the meat of the gameplay has its failings, and every so often it just doesn't quite live up to its epic billing.
  24. The action is high-quality, free-roaming stuff, and the game earns major points for its smart way of dealing with getting shot up, patched up, and bailed out. The story does keep you on a leash and your objectives tend to repeat without too much variation, but if you enjoy this line of work, Far Cry 2's dangerous African landscape is a great place to be a merc.
  25. Although you can't say the same for the plot, Far Cry 2's first-person action squeezes every last drop of potential out of the unique African setting.
  26. But that extremely in-depth map editor is a huge bonus for those who love micromanaging the tiniest elements of the experience.
  27. Far Cry 2 meshes high-octane gunplay with open world gameplay, and it does a damn good job. There’s a lot of great games coming this holiday season, but don’t let this one go unnoticed.
  28. With open-world games there often seems to be a disjointed equilibrium between gameplay and technical execution; Ubisoft Montreal, however, have done well in bringing these two elements together.
  29. On the one hand, the game offers total freedom and the player is absorbed by the game. On the other hand, it's not a game to play in a meanwhile - you need loads of time to get from one point to another and patience to save the game at certain points. That's the reason, why some players already returned the game to the shop.
  30. 83
    Even if I find the multiplayer too staid, I find the possibility of cool user-made levels (via the easy map editor) tantalizing. Like any good Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry 2's overall package makes up for any individual flaws -- enough for it to be on a short list of best FPS games this year -- and so it's fitting to summarize it as...well, GTA: Mogadishu.
  31. Edge Magazine
    Combat is thrilling – each weapon packing a solid, vicious blast; movement suggesting heft and momentum. [Dec 2008, p.80]
  32. Compared to the single player adventure, the multiplayer mode comes up short, but the 16 player firefights still offer some thrills.
  33. Ubisoft has managed to strike some potent emotional chords with Far Cry 2. Combined with the depth and breadth of the sweeping African environment, they may very well be enough to overcome a combat system that isn’t nearly as intricate as the game world in which it is housed.
  34. 80
    Technical issues aside, Far Cry 2 is an epic (and epic-ly long) take on the first-person shooter. The setting, open word, and side quests make it feel more like a more action-oriented "Grand Theft Auto," or a less ridiculous "Just Cause," than the original. Which, admittedly, will annoy fans of the original (present company included).
  35. Far Cry 2 isn't able to deliver on its expectations, but is still a high quality shooter with lots of freedom and one of the most beautiful settings ever. The developers could have been more creative with the mission structure though.
  36. 80
    Far Cry 2 is a great FPS once you get by the control system.
  37. Far Cry 2 feels little like the original, but its political story and expansive vistas still make it stand out as a game of its own. The large story mode and full-fledged online capabilities make Far Cry 2 one of the best first person shooters of 2008.
  38. Thought it may be a sequel in title only, Far Cry 2 is a fantastic shooter worthy of finding a home in any FPS fan's library.
  39. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    A technical bell ringer, FC2 is set to be a cult favourite. [Christmas 2008, p.72]
  40. Lovers of linear FPS`s and those with aversion to exploration of wide sceneries - as if you were a boy scout - may not find fun in the huge world of Far Cry 2. Still, the fun multiplayer alongside the very complete and intuitive map editor, may justify this game for those who do not like the solo mode.
  41. Far Cry 2 is a solid game no matter which way it is examined.
  42. Far Cry has some excellent ideas and high production values, but some design choices and technical problems drag it down.
  43. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Still, despite the tedious travel periods, Far Cry 2 features some truly gorgeous environments, (mostly) satisfying combat, and a lengthy, entertaining campaign. [Dec 2008, p.66]
  44. 74
    Deeply flawed, but still very playable. If you can bear the frustrations involved then there’s a compelling plot and ample amount of fun with fire to be had before you’ve even started messing around in the map editor.
  45. 70
    If you can bear some of the repetition in between missions, the missions themselves are a blast. The environment is among the most compelling ever put on a screen this year. And multiplayer is strong.
  46. It falters in just enough places to make you think before you hand over your money.
  47. Some games grow on you the more you play them, as you get used to the little idiosyncrasies and learn to appreciate the finer points. Far Cry 2 is at the opposite end of the spectrum, a game that makes it harder and harder for you to like it by placing more and more junk between you and its best features.
  48. It is a beautiful, vast and incredibly well-presented game, with a small number of nonetheless extremely detrimental design decisions. It’s undoubtedly worth trying (if only to marvel at the technical and visual wizardry) but there’s a lot of unfulfilled potential here, and here’s hoping Ubisoft are paying close attention for the next entry in the series.
  49. So long as you only play the game in small bursts, Far Cry 2 is an interesting experience.
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  1. Jan 18, 2013
    Underrated. A very good FPS with impressive graphics, and it's HARD! Definitely not a place for **** If you can't take the heat stay out of Africa.
  2. Jun 29, 2011
    The graphics are beautiful, but that alone can't compensate all the flaws this game has. The missions are boring and repetitive, you'll spendThe graphics are beautiful, but that alone can't compensate all the flaws this game has. The missions are boring and repetitive, you'll spend an awful lot of time driving around to reach your goal which is also boring. While driving around you'll also encounter scout posts where you'll be attacked, and the worst is that the enemies respawn there every mission, which makes for a frustrating experience.The AI is horrible. they don't take cover or try to flank, the only thing they do is walk straight towards you while shooting at you. The stealth mechanic is broken as once an enemy catches a glance of you all enemies will immediately know the EXACT spot where you are and will continue to follow you around until either you or they are dead. The story is dull and virtually non-existant. The characters are all one-dimensional and the voice acting is atrocious; all characters talk extremely fast and sound emotionless.
    Don't believe the hype and stay away from this game, it truly was a chore to play.
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  3. AL
    Jul 25, 2009
    OVERRATED! Whilst it is a good first person shooter, with some very impressive graphics, it has severe weaknesses. My main annoyance with OVERRATED! Whilst it is a good first person shooter, with some very impressive graphics, it has severe weaknesses. My main annoyance with this game is the respawning enemies, which is basically just the game cheating in trying to kill you! The game map is huge and when you travel you need to drive in a vehicle. However the game spawns enemies in jeeps who come out of nowhere, are impossible to outrun and ALWAYS shoot your car to bits. Then you are left in the situation of being on foot and underfire.... then if you kill them and use their jeep to travel to your destination, everything is quiet for a few minutes then the game goes and respawns another group of enemies in jeeps who shoot your vehicle to bits. It's neverending and made the game unplayable!! I also felt that the whole malaria tablets thing was extremely annoying and detracted from the gameplay. I strongly agree with Jerry S's comments that it just feels extremely repetitive. This could have been one of the best games out there, but sadly falls well short. Full Review »