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Summary: Pure Shot promises to let FIFA fans feel what it is like to connect with the perfect strike while a brand new ball physics system called Real Ball Physics ensures the trajectory of the ball behaves as it would in real life. With Teammate Intelligence in FIFA 14, players have better decision-making and teams play smarter on both the attack and defense to bring the beauty of the game to life.
Rating: E
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Developer: EA Canada
Genre(s): Sim
Cast Credit
Chris Mann Character Artist
David Chen FOS Quality Engineering
Brad Cooper Programmer (Core Technology)
Kyle Harrison Programmer (Football Club Web)
Darren Wood Franchise Development Director (Ultimate Team)
Chris Long Programmer (Core Technology)
Gareth Eaves Animation Director (Gameplay)
Rob Starr Lighting Artist
Jeremy McCarron Motion Capture
Stephane Alberola Lighting Artist
Craig Koehn Animation Director (Gameplay)
John McDonald Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Mike Jones Programmer (Gameplay)
Simon Humber Creative Director
Steve Schnur Executive Music Producer
Mark Johnson Supervising Technical Director
Jaroslav Chorny Character Artist
Jonathan Moyes Animation (Gameplay)
Young Tae Son Programmer (Gameplay)
Tyler Berrie Audio Lead
Matt Jones Group Art Director
Adam Brown Programmer (Core Technology)
Alex Lindsay Programmer (Gameplay)
Karl Jensen Technical Director (Core Technology)
Xinwei Kong Technical Director
Paul McComas Programmer (Gameplay)
Arnie Misfeldt Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Melissa Shim Animation (Gameplay)
Denny Lau Animation (Gameplay)
Amos Hertzman Audio Artist
Jeff Macpherson Speech Director
Buz Reid Production Support
Ryan Hietanen Motion Capture
Cybele Pettus Sr. Music Supervisor
Manolo Lama Voice: Manolo Lama (Spanish Commentator)
Paco Gonzalez Voice: Paco Gonzalez (Spanish Commentator)
Helder Conduto Voice: Helder Conduto (Portuguese Commentator)
Evert Ten Napel Voice: Evert Ten Napel (Dutch Commentator)
Youri Mulder Voice: Youri Mulder (Dutch Commentator)
Adam Shaikh Creative Director (Ultimate Team)
Eduard Pandele Production / Design
Tim Aguilar FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Matthew Smith Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Kevin Wong Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Jeff Martens Animation (Gameplay)
Deryk Tappin Environment Art Lead
Mark Fraser Animation (Gameplay)
Claudio Ridolfo Voice: PA Announcer
Paolo Rigiroli Technical Lead (Gameplay)
Peter Trenouth Production / Design
Martin Talbot Senior Development Director (Central Technology Platform)
Mikyung Choi Character Artist Lead
Neale Genereux Lead Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Tina Merry Supervising Development Director
Andrew Tjew Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Jeff Antwi Production / Design (Gameplay)
Leo Talento Environment Artist
Tomoyuki Ishige Programmer (Gameplay)
Ionut Tudor Technical Lead
Julian Green Animation (Gameplay)
Paul Baruzzi Animation (Gameplay)
Joon Hyuk Lee Animation (Gameplay)
George Wu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
George Wu Programming (Ultimate Team)
Tom Jacobs Voice: Tom Jacobs (German Commentator)
Sebastian Enrique Producer
Bogdan Sladaru Programmer
Gilbert Wong Programming (Ultimate Team)
Steven Liu Programmer (Gameplay)
Paul Onac Lead Programmer
Kaz Makita Executive Producer
Maki Kato Programmer (Gameplay)
Ryan Cardinal Programmer (Gameplay)
Christian Chan Programming (Ultimate Team)
Tybon Wu Programmer (Gameplay)
Eric Vervaet Audio Artist
Jordan Irons Environment Art Lead
Wayne Chen Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Nigel Rankin Technical Director (Football Club Companion Team)
Charles Looker Motion Capture
Blair Leckie Motion Capture
Darryl Wright Programming (Ultimate Team)
Mike Smith Voice: Mike Smith (UK Commentator)
Randy Liu FOS Quality Engineering
Ian Jarvis Production / Design Team (Football Club Mobile)
David Wong Programmer (Gameplay)
Vince Ng Motion Capture
Novy Dhillon Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Kieren Bloomfield Programmer (Gameplay)
Ricardo Rodriguez FOS Quality Engineering
Steve Wong Programmer (Core Technology)
Henson Tan Technical Artist
Paul Hossack Executive Producer (Ultimate Team)
Clive Tyldesley Voice: Clive Tyldesley (UK Commentator)
Craig Morrison Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Matthew York Development Director (Ultimate Team)
Evan Williams Lead Programmer
Christine Hubbard Animation (Gameplay)
Greg Salter Lead Development Director
Lars Wilke FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Brian Karpala FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Ryan Ackert Environment Artist
Andy Townsend Voice: Andy Townsend (UK Commentator)
Fernando Palomo Voice: Fernando Palomo (Mexican Commentator)
Mario Alberto Kempes Voice: Mario Alberto Kempes (Mexican Commentator)
Ciro Procuna Voice: Ciro Procuna (Mexican Commentator)
Peter Murray Development Director (FOS Quality Engineering)
Dominiek Meers Programmer (Core Technology)
Alessio Mellina Audio Artist
Marius Ulsamer EAtech
Padraic O'Neile Group Technical Director
David Rutter Executive Producer
Natali Altshuler Group Development Director
Phil Sinnott Franchise Development Director
Nicole Senger Maas Art Director
Todd Batty Production / Design
Adam Bell Production / Design
Munraj Hyare Production / Design
Santiago Jaramillo Production / Design
Matt Lafreniere Production / Design
Andrei Lazarescu Production / Design
Gilliard Lopes Production / Design
Florin Mircea Production / Design
Vladimir Mogaldea Production / Design
Garreth Reeder Production / Design
Andrew Vance Production / Design
Ryan Boulanger Additional Production And Design
Alex Constantinescu Additional Production And Design
Jeremy Gross Additional Production And Design
Gary Paterson Additional Production And Design
Jerry Wong Additional Production And Design
Radu-Teodor Baluta Development Director
Vlad Beu Development Director
Gaurav Bhindi Development Director
Dora Cheng Development Director
Catalin-Teodor Dogaru Development Director
Dragos Hancu Development Director
Tenille Jarvis Development Director
Andrew Kim Development Director
Victor Vernescu Development Director
Ioan Vintoiu Development Director
Kevin Yang Development Director
Lindsay Yeats Development Director
Dorin Barcan Lead Programmer
Steve Cavanagh Lead Programmer
Andrew Fei Lead Programmer
Lev Gretskii Lead Programmer
Alexei Koulikov Lead Programmer
John Lu Lead Programmer
William John James Motz III Lead Programmer
Alexandru Pascoci Lead Programmer
Kevin Pinchbeck CG Supervisor
Fed Rahal CG Supervisor
Marius Airinei Programmer
Adrian Barbuliceanu Programmer
Daniel Marian Boscu Programmer
Sam Chan Programmer
Jesse Chen Programmer
Cristian-Laurentiu Chera Programmer
Alex Chong Programmer
Cosmin Constantin Programmer
Adrian Cruceru Programmer
Mihnea Craciun Programmer
Chris Duke Programmer
Arman Fallah Programmer
Daniel Flamaropol Programmer
Mircea Stefan Ghideu Programmer
Aryan Goharzad Programmer
Bryan Graham Programmer
Luchian Grigore Programmer
Marius Grigore Programmer
Dan Ionescu Programmer
Vlad Valentin Ionita Programmer
Dragos Iordachioaia Programmer
Moses Jacob Programmer
Wendy Jiang Programmer
Rainbow Koo Programmer
Lance Lawson Programmer
Ming Li Programmer
Andrei Lucescu Programmer
Constantin Manoila Programmer
Petrut-Bogdan Matei Programmer
Alexandru Nica Programmer
Ionel Nistor Programmer
Cristian Octavian Ojog Programmer
Ciprian Paduraru Programmer
Ciprian Paduraru Programmer (Gameplay)
Catalin Pintilie Programmer
Ionut Poclitaru Programmer
Tudor Postolache Programmer
Eugen Sendroiu Programmer
Mihai-Ionut Simion Programmer
Marius Stan Programmer
Daniel Stanciu Programmer
Gabriel Stefu Programmer
Ning Tang Programmer
Remus Trif Programmer
Gabriel Zdru Programmer
Cristian Ovidiu Matei Associate Art Director
Danny Mather Technical Artist
Mihai Militaru Technical Artist
Dee Doherty UX Director
Alexandru Dumitru Tataru Interface Designer
Camden Taylor Interface Designer
Doru Trascau Interface Designer
Rosa Mattia Production Support
Laresa Neufeld Production Support
Aaron McHardy Producer (Gameplay)
Kantcho Doskov Production / Design (Gameplay)
Shaun Pejic Production / Design (Gameplay)
Samuel Rivera Silva Production / Design (Gameplay)
Dominic Bouchard Technical Director (Gameplay)
Ian Davids Lead Programmer (Gameplay)
Dong Hun Kim Lead Programmer (Gameplay)
Kit Lo Lead Programmer (Gameplay)
Takahiko Yamashita Lead Programmer (Gameplay)
Brady Chen Programmer (Gameplay)
Mihai Churcu Programmer (Gameplay)
Derrick Freedman Programmer (Gameplay)
Andrew Hoo Programmer (Gameplay)
Junichi Ishito Programmer (Gameplay)
Patrick Fomo Kongpinda Programmer (Gameplay)
Victor Ng Programmer (Gameplay)
Hitoshi Nishimura Programmer (Gameplay)
Sandy Pang Programmer (Gameplay)
Stuart Rowe Programmer (Gameplay)
Jason Sanmiya Programmer (Gameplay)
Dustin Sutherland Programmer (Gameplay)
Toru Tokuhara Programmer (Gameplay)
Aleksandar Trajkov Programmer (Gameplay)
Wilson Venhola Programmer (Gameplay)
Eric Choi Animation (Gameplay)
James Dykeman Animation (Gameplay)
Fonda Louie Animation (Gameplay)
Luke Shier Animation (Gameplay)
Cecilia Velasco Animation (Gameplay)
Robbie Warriner Animation (Gameplay)
Kevin Maeng Audio Artist
Mark Stang Audio Artist
Nicholas Wlodyka Senior Producer (Ultimate Team)
Sarat Buddharaju Technical Director (Ultimate Team)
Monty Bhinder Production / Design Team (Ultimate Team)
Tyler Blair Production / Design Team (Ultimate Team)
Marcel Kuhn Production / Design Team (Ultimate Team)
Ciprian-Andrei Popescu Development Director (Ultimate Team)
Ionut Anghelcovici Lead Programmer (Ultimate Team)
Eric Herbstreit Lead Programmer (Ultimate Team)
Vlad Alecu Programming (Ultimate Team)
Mike Chiang Programming (Ultimate Team)
Mark Frederick Programming (Ultimate Team)
Ian Harrison Programming (Ultimate Team)
Otumara Harrison Programming (Ultimate Team)
Robert Icusca Programming (Ultimate Team)
Violeta Marin Programming (Ultimate Team)
Cosmin Oprescu Programming (Ultimate Team)
Marius Pietraroiu Programming (Ultimate Team)
Alex Salomon Programming (Ultimate Team)
Josh Threlfall Programming (Ultimate Team)
Hector Yu Programming (Ultimate Team)
Rain Zhang Programming (Ultimate Team)
Amara Der Interface Designer (Ultimate Team)
Jacob Lee Interface Designer (Ultimate Team)
Angela Ling Interface Designer (Ultimate Team)
Katy Poon Interface Designer (Ultimate Team)
Carl Langan Franchise Development Director (Football Club Companion Team)
Mike Barnucz Production / Design Team (Football Club Mobile)
Jeremy D. Thomson Production / Design Team (Football Club Mobile)
Sandy Maguire Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Joel Rubio Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Andrey Soubbotin Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Travis Willis Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Ardavan Kalhori Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Curtis Campbell Programmer (Football Club Mobile)
Andrew Klotz Interface Designer (Football Club Mobile)
Brian McConville Production / Design Team (Football Club Web)
Richard Walz Production / Design Team (Football Club Web)
Anton Radlien Lead Programmer (Football Club Web)
Nikola Desnica Programmer (Football Club Web)
Tyler Lange Programmer (Football Club Web)
Cody Nicoll Programmer (Football Club Web)
Ashley Agellon Interface Designer (Football Club Web)
Jeff Padgham Lead Programmer (FUT Web)
Sega Okhiria Programmer (FUT Web)
Jess Butler Interface Designer (FUT Web)
Louise Poon Interface Designer (FUT Web)
Ahsan Nanji Producer (Football Live Team)
Andrew Marks Production (Football Live Team)
Jesse McLean Production (Football Live Team)
Nathan Ng Production (Football Live Team)
Rolf Savella Production (Football Live Team)
Kartik Jayaraman Development Director (Football Live Team)
Graeme Gish Development Director (Artworks Art)
Yayoi Lisa Chorney Development Director (Artworks Art)
Eve Thring Development Director (Artworks Art)
Stacy Watson Development Director (Artworks Art)
Yoonjoon Chai Character Domain Lead
Jinho Choi Character Artist Lead
Stefan Klippenstein Character Artist Lead
Jason Kurtz Character Artist Co-Lead
Anna Rogalsky Character Artist Co-Lead
Jeff Plamondon Character Artist Co-Lead
Fred Simpson Character Artist Co-Lead
Victor Vedrov Character Artist Co-Lead
Ian Corbett Character Artist
Katerina Dzolganovski Character Artist
Anton Glukhovsky Character Artist
Jia Wei Hsueh Character Artist
Jason McNamar Character Artist
Enrique Sagasta Character Artist
Ray Guang Shi Character Artist
Art Su Character Artist
Karen Tristao Character Artist
Joey Wilson Character Artist
Warren Zahari Character Artist
Tom Bramall Environment Art Co-Lead
Veronica Chee Environment Art Co-Lead
Hiron Bhowmik Environment Artist
Hiron Bhowmik Lead Environment Modeler
Geoff Charters Environment Artist
Dan Dunford Environment Artist
Kelsey Homann Environment Artist
Clint Rodrigues Environment Artist
Arnaldo Rodriguez Environment Artist
Scotty Shen Environment Artist
Yuehching Hong Lighting Supervisor
Marnie Marshall Lighting Lead
Morgan Wang Lighting Co-Lead
Lily Bai Lighting Artist
Jp Chinnapen Lighting Artist
Lorelei Saez Co Lighting Artist
Blake Standard Lighting Artist
Shawn Wagner Lighting Artist
Philip Zborovsky Lighting Artist
Randy Auschrat Technical Artist
Suman Scaglione Technical Artist
Keith Walters FX Artist
Mark Therrell Rigging Supervisor
Joe Andronyk Rigging
Timothy Liu Rigging
Wayland Lo Rigging
Peter Newsome Rigging
Amir Ronen Rigging
Darren Rudy Rigging
Clayton Ryan Rigging
Evan Perret Rigging
Demetrius Apostolopoulos CG Supervisor
Daniel Araujo CG Supervisor
Steve Kestell CG Supervisor
Stephen Schick CG Supervisor
Michael Muller-Mohring Producer (Data Collection And Licensing)
Deanna Beat Development Director (Data Collection And Licensing)
Nathan Quan Development Director (Data Collection And Licensing)
Jaime Aguilera Programmer (Data Collection And Licensing)
Marija Petkova Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Omari Aldridge Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Luca Bellisomo Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Andor Berta Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Hugh Carveth Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Lino Chan Lamelas Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Ashley Chung Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Joao Cunha Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Niels Diekmann Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Matt Du Gay Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Ben Forrester Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Thomas Gauche Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Angelo Gazzola Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Olivier Hallereau Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Christophe Horoyan Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Adrien Lotfipour Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Walter Manica Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Richie McDermott Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Stefano Pompilio Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Arnold Rokus Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Tobias Rosenqvist Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Johny Scaglione Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Andre Simon Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Nick Willson Production (Data Collection And Licensing)
Rob Baron Development Director (Football Online Services)
Viorica Ghioc Development Director (Football Online Services)
Jonathan Haines Development Director (Football Online Services)
Mark Lavery Development Director (Football Online Services)
Arnaud Lebesnerais Development Director (Football Online Services)
Mike Mazurek Development Director (Football Online Services)
Keri Medeiros Development Director (Football Online Services)
Michael Paul Development Director (Football Online Services)
Kevin R Thompson Development Director (Football Online Services)
Keva Moskowitz Supervising Technical Director (Football Online Services)
John Bellini Technical Director (Football Online Services)
Wilson Chan Technical Director (Football Online Services)
Kallol Mitra Technical Director (Football Online Services)
Razvan Daniel Agapie Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Tyrone Ebert Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Paul Lutzer Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Neilson Mackay Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Peter Nicholas Team Lead (Football Online Services)
Enrico Altamirano FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Roman Arkhangelskiy FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Marius Candea FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Joe Caputo FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Carlton Chan FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Umang Chokshi FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Stefan Comanita FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Marc Faulise FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Danil Glinenko FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Razvan Cristian Georgescu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Charan Guru FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Cj Hawkins FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Bill Hsieh FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Dmitry Im FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Kyle Kury FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Victor Leong FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Ian Lipliavyi FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Timothy Lam FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Herbert Lim FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Razvan Manolescu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Alex Mazurok FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Martin Miller FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Bogdan Munteanu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Hubert Ngu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
George Oprina FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Chuan Pan FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Mark Poernbacher FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Razvan Mihai Popescu FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Laura Puerto FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Mohammad Raihan FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Zues Rawji FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Lars Ricaldi FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Harm Ringelenberg FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Jeff Qifeng Shen FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Dean Shi FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Alexandra Todiruta FOS Server Programmer (Football Online Services)
Emile Belair FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Yiding Chai FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Justin Franchetto FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Octavian Hodea FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Vasile Racasan FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Necqui Teja FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Silvia Tomescu FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Alister Zhao FOS Tools (Football Online Services)
Francois Anthore FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Roman Bendik FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Claudiu Ciurdariu FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Very Djong FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Renate Fieldler FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Kenny Freeman FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Steven Gosling FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Mihai Lutasu FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Serhiy Melnykov FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Jeremy Morse FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Chris O'Connor FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
George Pandele FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Vadim Pestovnikov FOS Systems Operation (Football Online Services)
Lionel Haims Technical Director (FOS Quality Engineering)
Alvin Misalucha Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Jessica Tam Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Nerissa Walton Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Peter Yu Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Abraham Andrade FOS Quality Engineering
Alejandro Bautista FOS Quality Engineering
Eduardo Campos FOS Quality Engineering
Juan Esparza FOS Quality Engineering
Jorge Castilleja FOS Quality Engineering
Cesar Franco FOS Quality Engineering
Alejandra Maldonado FOS Quality Engineering
Rafael Ovalle FOS Quality Engineering
Victor Romero FOS Quality Engineering
Fernando Santoyo FOS Quality Engineering
Miguel Valle FOS Quality Engineering
Pablo Vazquez FOS Quality Engineering
Eric Dou FOS Quality Engineering
Cary Feng FOS Quality Engineering
Menes Gao FOS Quality Engineering
Rocky Gao FOS Quality Engineering
Carl Hu FOS Quality Engineering
Chris Li FOS Quality Engineering
Jenny Li FOS Quality Engineering
David Ming FOS Quality Engineering
Jerry Ping FOS Quality Engineering
David Tong FOS Quality Engineering
Jimmy Wang FOS Quality Engineering
Sunny Wang FOS Quality Engineering
Wesley Wang FOS Quality Engineering
Jeffery Yuan FOS Quality Engineering
Amber Zhang FOS Quality Engineering
Luke Zhong FOS Quality Engineering
Tiffany Zhou FOS Quality Engineering
Zorro Zhu FOS Quality Engineering
Cody Chen Tools
Dean Fan Tools
Charles Gao Tools
Kingller Tang Tools
Vash Thu Tools
Johnny Boldt EAtech
Ebor Folkertsma EAtech
Kevin Macaulay Vacheresse EAtech
Shirley Man EAtech
York Wan Chan EAtech
Alfred Blase EAtech Physics
Lee Cullen EAtech Physics
Jeremy O'Brien EAtech Physics
Jon Sewell EAtech Physics
Thanasis Vogiannou EAtech Physics
Beatriz Ronda Lobo Localisation Production
Susana Lopez Moron Localisation Production
Reiji Ryan Localisation Production
Claudia Serafim Localisation Production
Ana Ramirez Boix Localisation Coordination
Timothee Even Localisation Coordination
Begum Farah Localisation Coordination
Victor Turu Flores Localisation Coordination
Elisa Alvarez Gomez Localisation Coordination
Helene Hiere Localisation Coordination
Michael Kukawski Localisation Coordination
Yun Yue Lim Localisation Coordination
Marco Nicolino Localisation Coordination
Francesca Sorrentino Localisation Coordination
Mathias De Stordeur Localisation Coordination
David Dacosta Rodriguez Localisation Coordination
Kenji Ryan Localisation Coordination
Kelvin Toh Localisation Coordination
Herve Trouilh Localisation Coordination
Charles Ulbig Localisation Coordination
Josu Bardasco Localisation Programmer
Virginia Cano Localisation Programmer
Francisco Nunez Localisation Programmer
Alberto Ayuso Perez Localisation Programmer
Javier Santiago Ramos Localisation Programmer
Danilo Jose Guerrero Rodriguez Localisation Programmer
Gabriel Penas Rodriguez Localisation Programmer
Juan Serrano Localisation Programmer
Kent Siew Localisation Programmer
Antonio Yago Localisation Programmer
Andreas Aarup-Kristensen Localisation
Fernando Albo Localisation
Laerke Charlotte Olsvig Andersen Localisation
Cesar Arrevillaga Localisation
Beata Barath Localisation
Andrzej Bergstrom Localisation
Laura Bibard Localisation
Paul Bier Localisation
Even Bolstad Localisation
Daniel Borrull Localisation
Giulia Brusaferri Localisation
Carmen Tobar Catunda Localisation
Anel Cesko Localisation
Mohamed Chebbab Localisation
Amalia Guevara Martin De Fuentes Localisation
Brigitte Deisenhammer Localisation
Jason Dolbeau Localisation
Claudia Duraes Localisation
Lau Dybbro Localisation
Thoma Dybus Localisation
Michael Eitjes Localisation
Victor Elveljung Localisation
Mohamed Eshra Localisation
Bjorn Faerevaag Localisation
Carlos Fernandes Localisation
Akos Forster Localisation
Jessica Zamora Garrido Localisation
Francisco Javier Gomez Localisation
Ivan Hernandez Localisation
Jan Horak Localisation
Balazs Kekes Localisation
Katja Kunde Localisation
Patrycja Larecka Localisation
Raquel Laredo Localisation
Simon Holthe Lid Localisation
Janina Loureiro Localisation
Jagoda Lupicka Localisation
Marcos De Lima Localisation
Alessia Maschio Localisation
Antonin Menard Localisation
Filipe Meneses Localisation
Guy Michielsens Localisation
Igor Morais Localisation
Rafal Napora Localisation
Mate Nemeth Localisation
Bilal Noubah Localisation
Eugene Peh Localisation
Marco Piccinnu Localisation
Daniele Pilla Localisation
Andrea Pompili Localisation
Jekaterina Podsibjakina Localisation
Giuseppe Provenzano Localisation
Stefano Rapone Localisation
Anders Restad Localisation
Laetitia Roques Localisation
Andre Santos Localisation
Ricardo Santos Localisation
Ramy Sayed Localisation
Natalia Shestakova Localisation
Kirill Siline Localisation
Vitalij Sinicyn Localisation
Jan Skovajsa Localisation
Rui Soares Localisation
Marie Svedova Localisation
Jozsef Szakacs Localisation
Israel Tellez Localisation
Rostislav Uhlir Localisation
Eddy Van Der Mast Localisation
Paul Van Duijnhoven Localisation
Dany Vera Localisation
Ariel Valero Localisation
Gerald Vergara Localisation
Choon Heok Wee Localisation
Marian Zednik Localisation
Olga Zhuravleva Localisation
Paul Boulet Motion Capture
Katy Brier Motion Capture
Claire Coleman-Bee Motion Capture
Atlin Fraser Motion Capture
Mike Harrison Motion Capture
James Heather Motion Capture
Vincent Hung Motion Capture
Mike Iguidez Motion Capture
Yanna Kang Motion Capture
Joel Kucey Motion Capture
Sam Mynott Motion Capture
Nigel Nunn Motion Capture
Brad Oleksy Motion Capture
Derek Peristy Motion Capture
Melissa Powell Motion Capture
Morteza Ramezanali Motion Capture
Troy Thibodeau Motion Capture
Ken Tsia Motion Capture
Greg Wellwood Motion Capture
Gordon Durity Label Audio Director
Ricardo Almeida Music Director
Allison Kane Development Director
Genevieve King Development Director
Aram Coen Video Director
Ben Noonan Video Editor / Compositor
Chris Popkey Audio Artist
Dylan Akio Smith Video Capture Director
Judy Wolf Development Director (Core Technology)
Grace Yen Development Director (Core Technology)
Dave Cavallaro Programmer (Core Technology)
Brian Cumming Programmer (Core Technology)
Dan Elksnitis Programmer (Core Technology)
Roman Jiganchine Programmer (Core Technology)
Boris Kropivinitsky Programmer (Core Technology)
Oscar Lee Programmer (Core Technology)
Iain Macanulty Programmer (Core Technology)
Mark Tigges Programmer (Core Technology)
Travis Troup Programmer (Core Technology)
Alex Van Der Star Programmer (Core Technology)
Harry Zhang Programmer (Core Technology)
Scott Hunter Technical Director (Central Technology Platform)
Ajith Moraes Development Director (Central Technology Platform)
Pavel Margolin Development Director (Central Technology Platform)
Wasfy Ahmed Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Scott Chen Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Cecilia Deng Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Jason Duan Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Justin Kibler Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Vinay Pothnis Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Anthony Toft Programmer (Central Technology Platform)
Kevin Lim Development Director (Center Technology Operations)
Sam Cirka Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Avneet Dhanowa Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Amir Janwari Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Scott Kaminski Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Jonathan Kelly Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
David Klassen Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Anthony Petitbois Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Emiliano Beronich Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Armando Flesler Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Federico Freire Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Pablo Israel Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Juan Rodriguez Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Fernando Saez Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Ignacio Tettamanti Programmer (EA Sports Online External Development)
Dan Box Executive Producer (Pulse)
Jaime Stella Senior Producer (Pulse)
Jay Gundzik Creative Director (Pulse)
Kelly Worrall Producer (Pulse)
Christopher Grose Art Director
Anthony Chou Production / Design
Jeremy Mackay Production / Design
Mark Magnusson Production / Design
Roderick McDougall Production / Design
James Cain Technical Artist
Raymon Hung Development Director (Pulse)
Navid Mohsenian Development Director (Pulse)
Timothy Mobbs Software Engineer
Michael Polak Software Engineer
Gary Stasiuk Senior Technical Artist
Polly Lau Interface Designer
Maki Miyano Interface Designer
Rafael Tan Interface Designer
Alan McInally Voice: Alan McInally (UK Commentator)
Geoff Shreeves Voice: Geoff Shreeves (UK Commentator)
Caio Ribeiro Decoussau Voice: Caio Ribeiro Decoussau (Brazilian Commentator)
Tiago Leifert Voice: Tiago Leifert (Brazilian Commentator)
Herve Mathoux Voice: Herve Mathoux (French Commentator)
Emmanuel Rausenberger Voice: Emmanuel Rausenberger (French Commentator)
Franck Sauzee Voice: Franck Sauzee (French Commentator)
Matteo Barzaghi Voice: Matteo Barzaghi (Italian Commentator)
Fabio Caressa Voice: Fabio Caressa (Italian Commentator)
Giuseppe Bergomi Voice: Giuseppe Bergomi (Italian Commentator)
Manfred Breuckmann Voice: Manfred Breuckmann (German Commentator)
Frank Buschmann Voice: Frank Buschmann (German Commentator)
Antonio Ruiz Voice: Antonio Ruiz (Spanish Commentator)
David Carvalho Voice: David Carvalho (Portuguese Commentator)
Hajdu B. Istvan Voice: Hajdu B. Istvan (Hungarian Commentator)
Farago Richard Voice: Farago Richard (Hungarian Commentator)
Loginov Alexander Voice: Loginov Alexander (Russian Commentator)
Yuri Rozanov Voice: Yuri Rozanov (Russian Commentator)
Vasiliy Soloviev Voice: Vasiliy Soloviev (Russian Commentator)
Dariusz Szpakowski Voice: Dariusz Szpakowski (Polish Commentator)
Wlodzimierz Szaranowicz Voice: Wlodzimierz Szaranowicz (Polish Commentator)
Jaromir Bosak Voice: Jaromir Bosak (Czech Commentator)
Petr Sveceny Voice: Petr Sveceny (Czech Commentator)
Issam Chaouali Voice: Issam Chaouali (Arabic Commentator)
Abdullah Al Harbi Voice: Abdullah Al Harbi (Arabic Commentator)
Takumi Horiike Voice: Takumi Horiike (Asian Commentator)
Akihiko Nishioka Voice: Akihiko Nishioka (Asian Commentator)
Fabien Briche Voice: PA Announcer
Jocelyn Demers Voice: PA Announcer
Steve Grigg Voice: PA Announcer
Mario Jakowski Voice: PA Announcer
Lotto King Karl Voice: PA Announcer
Massimo Morellato Voice: PA Announcer
Jeremy Nicholls Voice: PA Announcer
Manolo Oliveros Voice: PA Announcer
Ramon Leon Ramos Voice: PA Announcer
Pat Haskill Dialog Mastering
Tom Graham FX Artist
Mike Peters Production / Design
Sean Quinn Lead Programmer
John Shepherd Producer (Football Club Companion Team)
John McDonnell Programmer (Football Club Web)
Ryan Clark Character Artist
Nick Small Environment Artist
Tom Graham FX Artist
Chris Grant Programmer (FOS Quality Engineering)
Joel Mendoza FOS Quality Engineering
Hugo Miranda FOS Quality Engineering
Paul Wu FOS Quality Engineering
Eric Torin Development Director (Core Technology)
Chris Burns Programmer (Core Technology)
John Wong Programmer (Center Technology Operations)
Mark Lutz Senior Producer (Pulse)
Omar Khan Technical Director (Pulse)
Alan Smith Voice: Alan Smith (UK Commentator)
Mike Smith Voice: Mike Smith (UK Commentator)
Jeff Stelling Voice: Jeff Stelling (UK Commentator)
Martin Tyler Voice: Martin Tyler (UK Commentator)
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