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  • Summary: Powered by the third generation of the EA SPORTS football engine, FIFA 09 features more than 250 core gameplay additions and enhancements that deliver the most responsive, intelligent and realistic action ever for the series. Enjoy turning defenders with more controlled dribbling and ball control, snapping off precision shots with improved first-time shooting mechanics and firing beautifully timed passes with greater accuracy, placing the ball exactly where you want it. With new player momentum physics the speed and weight of the player determines everything from the distance of a slide tackle and the power of a header to the severity of player collisions and the height of a player’s jump. Plus, players now behave according to their physical attributes with larger, stronger players dominating collisions, battles for control of the ball, and position in challenges for two player headers. FIFA 09 features new Custom Team Tactics that gives you all the tools to become a first-team coach. For the first time, go inside the game engine to customize the positioning and support play of your teammates and decide exactly how your team will play in any situation. Now you are the player, coach and manager! You have the power to adjust and customize tactical settings so CPU players and your team perform just like the real-world team plays or how you think it should play. Save your tactics and then make strategic decisions to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses, all on-the-fly. [Electronic Arts] Collapse
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  1. The beautiful game. That's what football is all about, and that's what FIFA is all about. With 30 fully licensed leagues, over 15000 players and a shed load of other features, FIFA 09 has really set the bar high and I fully expect them to dominate this genre for years to come.
  2. So, with the official license, stunning graphics, a whole host of online options, 7 player local matches and a lengthy single player campaign this is the ultimate football game.
  3. Just like Chelsea circa 2005, all that huge investment is really paying dividends and FIFA's stock just continues to rise.
  4. While you may not notice any dramatic changes immediately, the more you play FIFA 09 the more you notice that it is definitely a step up from last year's game.
  5. Without a doubt, FIFA '09 is the most fun soccer title I've ever played.
  6. FIFA Soccer 09 looks the best it ever has, the controls make it user friendly, and the improvements to player movement and animations make it the most realistic soccer game on the market.
  7. At its heart, FIFA showcases all the highlights of its past lives, with a few interesting tweaks. [Holiday 2008, p.83]

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  1. Jul 1, 2012
    FIFA Soccer 09 and FIFA Soccer 07 were my itnroduction to the FIFA series and I played them both around the same time, there were some obvious things in which 09 was superior, graphics, passing, and general controls, but the games are still very similar. Both are amazing sports game, and soon after playing 09 I realized that FIFA has to be hands down the best of the well known sports games franchises. Instead of focusing on adding new features and becoming clunky, which plagues some other sports titles, it seems to me that every year FIFA improves on any shortcomings of previous installments with the occasional cool new features. Considering how cheaply you can find FIFA 09 now, there's no reason not to have this game, or some FIFA title in your collection. Even if you dislike sports games, you and your friends can have loads of fun playing this game. Expand
  2. Nov 19, 2013
    El peor fifa junto al 08 con mucha diferencia de ps3, aunque hay que entender que eran los primeros de esta consola, la jugabilidad no es nada del otro mundo, el fifa 06 es mejor que este y eso que el otro es de ps2, aun así, gran juego...aunque a estas alturas es un poco absurdo jugarlo, solo para amantes de el mismo xDD bueno pues eso...por cierto... gráficos pésimos...hasta los de nintendo 64 son mejores :S Expand
  3. Jan 17, 2012
    Buying this game for 2.50 used is still not worth it. After playing fifa 10 and 11, you really cant go back. I would rate the game lower, but I can't seem to give decent games below a 6. Expand

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