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  1. 100
    If you're a fan of the sport – real or virtual – it's a must-buy.
  2. FIFA 10 is all the best a football fan could imagine, you simply have to have it. The score is the right prize for a nearly perfect game that deserves the right prize for the work done in the last years that brought the average arcade game of the past, to the nearest thing to real football actually available. You'll stop playing FIFA 10 only when FIFA 11 will be on shelves. Great job EA, great job Moore, great job Rutter. You have to play it!
  3. Overall FIFA 10 plays a much more varied, fluid, and believable game of football, which easily sets a new standard in the genre. We spent a fair amount of time between matches wondering what it takes for a football game to get a 10 and we're inclined to believe Rutter and his team have actually achieved it this year. It's a marked improvement over last year's 9 rating and undoubtedly provides the finest videogame take on football so far.
  4. 100
    I feel pretty confident in saying that it is the most enjoyable sports game I've ever played. It has the depth that diehard and sim fans require while also offering up the option for a simplistic experience that casual fans can enjoy, and with a ton of new goodies, FIFA Soccer 10 is surefire winner all around.
  5. The intensity, excitement, and frantic pacing that FIFA brings to the table mimics the real thing so perfectly, it's hard not to become a fan after just a few scrimmages.
  6. If you love football then you will love FIFA 10. This is the most realistic football game to date.
  7. The series still has some room to improve, and that alone should be a scary piece of info for all the haters and the competition overall. Perfection might be impossible, but FIFA 10 is as close as it gets.
  8. FIFA 10 is the world's best football simulation to date.
  9. FIFA 10 stands in a league of its own in terms of quality. A truly outstanding tribute to the beautiful game.
  10. 94
    If you liked FIFA 09 and you keep liking football, you should buy this game without hesitation.
  11. The result is outstanding: FIFA 10 is a spectacular football simulation, one all fans should never miss. The good job done on the previous edition has been expanded and enhanced in this new version, adding more realism than ever to all the gameplay and animation aspects. PES 2010 has just received its final warning.
  12. 94
    In this more emotional sense FIFA 10 nails football wonderfully, its near technically perfect depiction of the beautiful game presents you with the very best bits of football letting you live the dream better than any previous virtual incarnation of the sport. It does make you wonder what they'll find to improve for next year, though.
  13. FIFA 10 is a fantastic game. It improves upon last year's version in several ways, making this the best soccer simulator to ever hit store shelves. Whether you bought the game or not last year, it's definitely time to upgrade.
  14. 93
    One of the most refined, polished and compelling takes on the beautiful game – and arguably of any given sport. While this year’s improvements might seem slight on paper, each one is perfectly pitched and works together to create an experience that’s an improvement on last year’s game in every conceivable way.
  15. This is undoubtedly the best FIFA game ever made, and by far the most accurate virtual depiction of this magical sport.
  16. FIFA 10 is the capitalization of several years of polishing, both in visual and in gameplay. A true soccer sim, various and well devised, EA Canada made a brilliant game, maybe hard to master through the first days, but very enjoyable in every of its aspects.
  17. Electronic Arts believed that 2010 could have been the right year for the definiteve soccer simulation. It's almost true, although FIFA 10 still has some little flaws, as seen with the goalkeepers. On the other hand 360° dribbling, Live Season 2.0, new physics and a lot of other stuff should be enough to point out who's going to be the champion for this year, and that the developers have done a remarkable job on their baby.
  18. The new part of the Fifa family makes everything right! The graphic effects, the controller configuration, the licenses and the great atmosphere! Enjoy it!
  19. Novice or experts of the game will benefit from EA Sports efforts in creating an easy to use, customizable soccer environment. Not a soccer fan? You could be one after FIFA Soccer 10.
  20. Soccer fans should finally be happy with what EA Sports has given them. The FIFA series is now back to its glory PS2/Xbox days and there is so much to do here. Virtual Pro options alone will occupy you for long periods of time and the on the field action sees the series soaring to new heights. This is without a doubt the best soccer game in a long time and one that every fan should own.
  21. EA’s FIFA 10 is by far the best soccer simulation ever released on any console. The new gameplay implementations, along with improved visuals, will make any footie fan smile.
  22. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    This not only plays the best on-the-pitch football of any FIFA title, but it has an incredibly smart and compelling way of tying it all together, too. Brilliant, again. [Oct 2009, p.98]
  23. Improved ball physics, especially in distant shots and lob passes. It also has softened the game itself, giving a sense of fluidity and speed that it did not reach before, thanks to a faster response from the players, and the new control 360 that now allows changes to direction and dribbling with only stick address without using combos.
  24. FIFA 10 is a great football game. On almost every level it outclasses its predecessor, and that was already a fantastic game. The 360-degrees-system, the emphasis on physical elements and the improved passing-abilities ensure that this game appears even more realistic on your screen. With the adding of some interesting game-modes and the improvements over the last game, FIFA 10 is the best football game up to this date.
  25. FIFA 10 adding new dynamic dribbling to its already refined passing game is like adding Ronaldo to Chelsea. It makes a winning formula that much better. A brilliant, championship-conquering football game.
  26. For now, what we can say unequivocally is that FIFA 10 is the best FIFA ever created. And, maybe, the best football game ever created.
  27. 90
    But for all those FIFA fans who are annoyed at the dodgy AI and lack of real control in FIFA ’09 – I think it’s safe to say you won’t be disappointed with this year’s edition. Whether playing single player and pushing your team through tournaments or taking your personal ‘Be a Pro’ player online and making a name for yourself – there are hours upon hours of pure football brilliance here.
  28. FIFA 10 is the reference for license-driven soccer. Intriguing gameplay, brilliant graphics and the huge amount of different modes are driving the series towards perfection.
  29. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Football fans who go to sleep with their laces on and foam at the mouth at the prospect of creating a virtual team ... should tattoo this title’s release on their hand and sell their copy of FIFA 09 to the blind kid around the block. [Nov 2009, p.74]
  30. 90
    A new part in the franchise that becomes better and better every year. Good audio and genius gameplay, with a few great new features. Probably the best football game this year.
  31. FIFA 10 is not just a new update of the last season, and although it has not grown graphically is a game that brought a renewed gameplay, much more intuitive and real.
  32. Play UK
    It is as you might expect: marginally better than FIFA 09 in several key areas. But these improvements are all that's required to make it the best football game yet. [Issue#184, p.66]
  33. FIFA 10 offers the best gameplay in the series' history and includes even more features and game modes to boot.
  34. Not only is FIFA 10 the best EA has ever produced, it’s also one of the best football games we’ve played, period. It’s not without its niggles, but setting these aside, FIFA 10 does just about everything else exactly right.
  35. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The best FIFA yet. Will even make huge PES fans think twice. [Nov 2009, p.80]
  36. AceGamez
    For the time being at least FIFA 10 is The Special One.
  37. FIFA 10 is a soccer game that needs no more training. The mistakes made in FIFA09 are polished away and some of the important game elements – to especially realistic soccer lovers – are refined. EA has done everything to make this game the best soccer game of the year.
  38. While it contains some excellent ideas, the manager mode needs a lot of work, and it's not clear at this stage whether its list of problems can or will be fixed with a downloadable patch. It's really this that holds the game back from earning a higher score at this stage, and this is a real pity, because there isn't any football title that can compete with FIFA 10's superb core gameplay engine.
  39. Edge Magazine
    Added depth and nuance are the guiding principles for this spectacular follow up. [Nov 2009, p.100]
  40. The result being FIFA 10 now offers the most realistic and intense experience in the franchises history making it a must have for any football fan.
  41. 90
    FIFA 10 is the definitive soccer experience if there ever was one. It packages a list of modes that perform in wonderful harmony with one another thanks to Virtual Pro and the fact that the gameplay lives up to this praise should only sweeten the deal.
  42. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Fundamentally, soccer fans can rejoice, but more impressively, even casual sports fans will appreciate a perfectly conceived, wonderfully executed sports sim. [Dec 2009, p.79]
  43. 90
    FIFA 10 is is a great game and a really good improvement on FIFA 09. Other soccer games should take an example from this game.
  44. The beautiful flow of the game on the pitch makes this arguably the greatest football game yet, and a few problems with the online component and manager mode can't stop this from being an essential purchase for all fans of digital soccer.
  45. FIFA 10 is an all-around winner, and one of the greatest virtual translations of association football to ever grace videogame consoles.
  46. The best damn football game ever made.
  47. FIFA 10 also comes complete with an overhauled AI for the rest of the computer players, making them more reflexive and aggressive.
  48. FIFA 10 is a game that’ll make you run around your living room, shirt pulled over your face screaming in unbridled delight. It’s a game that’ll make you fall in love and obsess over its every detail. It’s a game that’ll make you smash your pad in anger, swear like a sailor and curse the day you bought it.
  49. 90
    Truly one of the most impressive years for the monstrous sports studio.
  50. FIFA 10 is a great all around game for any soccer fan. Of course, if you aren’t a soccer fan you won’t find much of any interest here.
  51. 88
    This game is the most complete Fifa you will encounter thus far. It feels more natural and the gameplay changes are implemented perfectly. A shame that the eternal aches remain and that the Manager Mode is a bit lackluster. In the end, Fifa 10 will convince more people and will be played longer. Pro Evolution Soccer has been warned: Fifa 10 is going straight for the title, with excellent and beautiful football.
  52. The dev team seems to be on the right track to bringing a realistic and compelling game – rife with the vagaries of the sport – to the PS3. A few mechanics need to be addressed, but for FIFA fans, this is a solid game.
  53. Despite the few glitches, and the complete neglect of international play, FIFA has the best game play of any soccer game to date.
  54. Chemistry is an important aspect of any championship team--even more so if you're going to win The Double--and FIFA 10 brings its pieces together nicely. [Nov 2009, p.101]
  55. FIFA 10 is currently the best footie game you can buy but not by as wide a margin as in previous years, and I’m left with the sense that EA should stop adding minor game modes that can surely only have limited appeal and get to grips with some of the oddities which stop a great game being even better.
  56. 75
    In a way, the main reason I'm somewhat disappointed is that developer EA Canada has the tough part down: the gameplay and controls. But soccer is about so much more than that -- it's about patriotism, atmosphere, and passion. For the inevitable World Cup follow-up, I'd really like to see those elements shine through -- and it wouldn't hurt to not ship with so many bugs, either.
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 38
  1. Oct 28, 2012
    I played nearly every FIFA game, also FIFA 13, and i must say that this is the best FIFA all time. But it don't gets 10 out of ten, becauseI played nearly every FIFA game, also FIFA 13, and i must say that this is the best FIFA all time. But it don't gets 10 out of ten, because the online mode is not that kind I usual see in football games. When the opponent cancels the game, it'll not be counted. So there are only 9 points for a apart from that very good game, that searches for an equal. Full Review »
  2. Jun 30, 2016
    The point where FIFA took back the title of being the best football game in the world from PES. The Virtual Pro was introduced in this titleThe point where FIFA took back the title of being the best football game in the world from PES. The Virtual Pro was introduced in this title and what a blast it was. Whether it was Pro Clubs, Be A Pro mode or a simple kick-off match it was by far the best highlight of this game. Racking those accomplishments was very satisfying.

    Let's not forget the amazing soundtracks this one had, it probably had the best FIFA soundtrack list of all time. Now the important bit - the gameplay. I remember it being vastly improved from FIFA 09, the controls were more responsive and the difficulty intervals finally had a noticeable effect between one another - at least most of the time.

    Definitely one of the better FIFA games in the past several years.
    Full Review »
  3. Jan 6, 2016
    FIFA 10 is a vast improvement on it's disappointing predecessor. Improved graphics, more fun and realistic gameplay and several innovationsFIFA 10 is a vast improvement on it's disappointing predecessor. Improved graphics, more fun and realistic gameplay and several innovations put the FIFA franchise mostly back on track. Full Review »