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  1. Oct 28, 2012
    I played nearly every FIFA game, also FIFA 13, and i must say that this is the best FIFA all time. But it don't gets 10 out of ten, because the online mode is not that kind I usual see in football games. When the opponent cancels the game, it'll not be counted. So there are only 9 points for a apart from that very good game, that searches for an equal.
  2. Jan 21, 2013
    FIFA 10 is a great soccer videogame and very fun to play especially as a Virtual Pro in Pro Clubs online. The game's speed is way too high and it's very easy to pass and score but you still had full control over what's happening on the pitch and normally the best player wins and not always the luckiest. I give this game only a 7, because later there are/were many bugs and glitches that could be used online and destroyed the online experience in the last weeks until FIFA 11 came out. Also, that FIFA 10 is more an actual "Game" than a Simulation of realistic soccer and right now it's not very motivating anymore because the online servers were taken offline. And offline, FIFA 10 is almost useless. Expand
  3. Aug 29, 2010
    A big game of football, in this type is the best for PS3. PES - Imagination & superficiality...
    FIFA - Reality & emotion in a game of football. The best of both. Simply excelent!
  4. Sep 8, 2010
    great game up to professional difficulty. after that the game becomes ridiculous. numerous apparent refereeing errors, (e.g. unfair distribution of cards) wierd team difficulties, ull find ur self losing to birmingham but smashing united and buggy too. the manager mode is atrocious. the whole game is poor. virtually unplayable with friends because the game will always give an unfair slant. still... better than pes. Expand
  5. Nov 5, 2011
    Bought a used-version of this game for $12. And i get unlimited hours of fun. Best gaming deal of my life. Oh hell yeah... Controls are brilliant, decent graphics, many fantastic game modes. I will never forget the time and memories i had with fifa 10. To quote ea sports : "It's in the game!"
  6. Dec 29, 2011
    The best football game ever... The revolution of category... I like this game very much! Miss something like manager mode online or Virtual Pro goalkeeper, but it is good.
  7. Oct 25, 2012
    Same formula over and over again. Good formula although. It becomes quickly repetitive and challenging (and frustrating) in higher difficulty. Only for those who love football. Yes football and not soccer (what a stupid name...).
  8. Feb 13, 2013
    This game is terrible. Nearly impossible to shoot, they overrate the ability of goalies, and it's impossible to get a head on the ball. It gets to the point where you don't even want a corner kick because they're so useless. When you play matches at a higher level against the computer, they make the referees extremely strict and I often get carded on plays where there was no foul whatsoever. Also, their players often blatantly foul you in the box and it's not unusual for them to call no foul even though it should be a red card. Dribbling is useless, you can't make any moves without getting ripped off. Don't ever waste your time playing this unrealistic game. Expand
  9. Nov 9, 2013
    Nothing better on the market if one's looking for a football sim. Abundant amount of leagues, superb graphics, realistic 360 degree movement, just plain fun.
  10. Nov 19, 2013
    El Fifa 10 es bastante mejor que el 09, pero aun así deja muchísimo que desear, de todas formas, se nota la diferencia jugable respecto al PES2010, mas fluido y mas real, en los gráficos, es pésimo un año mas, mejora un poco..pero aun así...parecen de play 1, luego también esta el apartado de modo manager, apenas mejorado y muy tosco, un juego que no estaba a las alturas de las menos, esa es mi opinión. Expand

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. 100
    If you're a fan of the sport – real or virtual – it's a must-buy.
  2. EA’s FIFA 10 is by far the best soccer simulation ever released on any console. The new gameplay implementations, along with improved visuals, will make any footie fan smile.
  3. Despite the few glitches, and the complete neglect of international play, FIFA has the best game play of any soccer game to date.