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  1. Sep 30, 2011
    Play the game a few times before you really make your final judgements as the game is very different to FIFA 11. The new gameplay engine really takes a whhile to get used to, but is very rewarding once you get the hang of it - even if it's just understanding it cos I'm still trying to string together that series of wins. i played the demo to death and the full game is everything you expect from the finished product. Yes, there are minor things that you'd like to see better, but the positives far outweigh these and they are relatively minor when compared to the whole experience. It feels like a football game should feel and every player is important to his role - even though the team must function in tandem in order to get the win. A brilliant game and one that should be experienced by any person who has a remote interest in football or sports games in general. Expand
  2. Sep 29, 2011
    I guess that this year iteration of FIFA 12 is way better than its predecessors in terms of gameplay, graphics and features. The most challenging feature in FIFA 12 is to regain the ball once you've lost it; tactical defending forces you to think twice before tackling an opponent, which in case of misjudge, leaves a straight path to goal. A few moves like flair passes and flair shots enhances gameplay, just like in real life. No need to say that the new impact system feels great also, unexpected and varied player falls are welcome. Another small but great feature is the handball; free kicks and penalties may now be awarded if the ball touches a player's hand/arm. However, there is still room for improvement regarding animations, inertia and graphics. That would make FIFA 13 the perfect game! Expand
  3. Oct 3, 2011
    ok seeing as my review was removed for what I dont know heres another...I have been a Fifa fan since 09 I was a pro fan before that. Fifa for me back then started to play like pro did ie it became fun. Fifa 11 for me was the writing on the wall that somthing was starting to "break". Fifa 12 has confirmed that. When you start to play Fifa 12 you think mans this is good..looks great, the tactical defending is different, good career mode, online is a gunna be a blast..yada yada yada....After you play it for a few hours you will become severely frustrated with the game, the tactical defending is hard and while some poeple will say "na you just gotta get used to it" will frustrate you. I am an avid football gamer and this will annoy you. Also the Ai is retarded. It only seems to go forward when you use the one two pass and when you are in or near the penalty box. The game is slooooow as will want to turn it up to fast to get a decent game. As for the "player impact" the new so called engine..thats a joke, players will fall in all sorts of crazy ways ..its just not realistic..that definatly needs some work. So sorry Fifa lovers this is not the best iteration ..EA have tried something new I'll give them that, but you'll get fed up with this game unless your a Fanboy. Expand
  4. Oct 7, 2011
    The problem with FIFA and all these "positive reviews from critics is that FIFA is aimed at the masses, for the average gamer, not true fans of the sport, and in that sense FIFA fails, if youve ever played REAL soccer/football youll know FIFA is nothing like the real thing. I dont care how many license teams it has under its wings, how many "technologies" its engine offers, or how good the graphics look. The game is designed to be playable by everyone, difficulty settings do nothing to make it realistic. The whole programming code is done wring when you let the players control the physics and not the ball. Thats the difference between FIFA and PES, FIFA relies on "players" feeling realistic, but the ball physics are just appalling. ITs always magnetized to your feet, and you can never make the pass you want, its always whatever the game thinks is the best pass. Like I said before if youve ever played in a soccer team youll know FIFA plays like an arcade. PES is the closest thing to the real sport, critics praise this game but theyve never even touched a real soccer ball, they go by graphics, animations, and presentation to judge the final score. PES plays like the real thing, it gives you total freedom on how you make your lobs, passes and shots. It lets you assign your formations at free will, and you can even assign the mentality of your team, from aggressive to defensive, all shots tothe goal are ALWAYS different, based on position of the player, ball, and angle. In FIFA I can score the same goal over and over the same way with out a problem, in PES i can shoot the ball from the same angle and always have different results, you see while FIFA is busy showing great graphics and player animations, PES is busy working the physics that go with every pass of the ball, every shot to the goal. I can play 100 FIFA games and theyll all feel exactly the same, I can even score the same goals, with the same plays over and over, but in PES I can play 100 games and have every single one of them feel DIFFERENT, and have various outcomes. Real soccer/football players dont let the hype sway you away from the real soccer sim PES, as for all those who dont know anything about the real sport, FIFA is best suited for you, its a lot more arcade/user friendly, it'll make you feel like you know how to play the real sport. Expand
  5. Sep 30, 2011
    This game is as close as you will get to the real thing without leaving your room. It is amazing EA managed to improve on an already great game. The graphics look sharper and the new features and additions simply ensure hundreds of hours of entertainment until next years version comes out.
  6. Oct 9, 2011
    Para mi lejos el mejor fifa que jugue....sin dudas el online esta mas completo que nunca...La defensa tactica una vez que le agarras la mano es sorpendente. Me encanto, es un lujo este juego de ea sports! Sin duda si sos fifero este es el mejor que salio de toda la saga.
  7. Nov 23, 2011
    Best Soccer game ever...
    EA is allways improving this game, every year the game is more similar to the real sport. This is more important if you compare this game to PES wich quality has been going down every year.
  8. Oct 2, 2011
    Fifa 12 isn't a bad game. It is definitely fun to play andgives you a genuine sense of acheivement when you accomplish something but the reason I'm only giving this game a 7 is because it has been highly frustrating so far. I find myself struggling to tackle even the worst players, who seem to improve greatly in skill as soon as they're running towards my defenders. Another aspect of this game which annoys me is the goalkeepers, no matter which team I am my keeper seems to let in every shot the other team puts on target. The aspects of this game which I enjoy most are the improved Career Mode and Fifa Ultimate Team. Expand
  9. Oct 14, 2011
    Let me start off by saying FIFA 12 is a fun game, as always--but my major issues with it come from it's graphics and character models are EXTREMELY stale. It doesn't seem like they put as much as an effort in creativity as the PES series does. I chose FIFA 12 over PES this year, and I feel like I might have made a mistake. Another problem is with your team's AI, they all seem like they don't know how to play. If you pass the ball to the them they wait for it as opposed to charging for it, and none of them will voluntary will make a play on the ball. Let's just say I've touched the game maybe 4 times since I've bought it. Expand
  10. Oct 10, 2011
    I don't care about online because i love single mode (carrer mode) and i have to say this game is very boooooring. Too slow gameplay, unbetable AI and all matches seems sames. The ways you can score are sames every time. It is the most overrated game so far. I enjoyed fifa until Fifa 10 and World cup 2010.
    Very boring game.
  11. Oct 1, 2011
    shahzadkhero and cfc and probably spiltAuras are pes fanboys and you can check their other "reviews" that prove it so. madmaz has buried all fifa games in his reviews and mostly plays racing games. One thing is for sure. Fifa 12 is the most realistic football simulator in the market in terms of physics and gameplay. I have bought Fifa 12 for the xbox and also played pes demo 12 on xbox. Pes 12 also is fun and provides a slightly realistic touch at times but feels a bit arcade and robotic while dribbling. Dont get me wrong, i like Pes 12, but Fifa 12 feels and plays much better in terms of realism. When it come to realism and physics subjective statements are out of the question. Fifa 12 > Pes 12 in the terms i mentioned is an objective statement and no troll or fanboy can prove the laws of physics wrong, period. Expand
  12. Mar 16, 2012
    Best fifa there's been since ps2 versions, love having UT from the start and head to head seasons is a good feature. Its still full of bugs and glitches though and at times it can be the most frustrating thing alive and i can often be left fuming at what sometimes my players do. I also just cannot get used to tactical defending and found myself switching back to legacy although this then hinders you online when tactical defending is the only option. Expand
  13. Oct 30, 2011
    A great experience so far. Not a good start when i played the game because it's so easy to score and so hard to defend. Really boring even if i have many high scoring matches like 5-4, 6-3, 8-8. The cpu AI is dumb when defending and clever when attacking. Not willing to give up, i tweak the user and cpu sliders to be able to adapt to the game and voila, now i am really enjoying the game due to the competitiveness. I don't mind if i lose matches in this manner. Is fifa 12 more fun than fifa 10? ( i skipped fifa11) For now, i don't have the answer, but fifa 12 has the potential to be the best soccer game ever. Expand
  14. Oct 4, 2011
    Just when you thought EA had scored the ultimate goal with FIFA 11, straight from kick off FIFA 12 outclasses its predacessor and hits the back of the net. Cliche? Nonetheless, FIFA 11 was as good as it got in terms of football (soccer) games and i'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking how they could possibly top last years incredible installment. Yet, somehow they have delivered the most authentic, definitive and revolutionary title to date. This year round it's all change. And its without a doubt a step in the direction through that change. Before FIFA 12, defending was so basic and simple it was as simple as holding a button dispossessing the opposition however that's long gone my friend! Defending is now an art and a skill and arguably the most important part of the game as now one mistake and unlike previous outings you could redeem yourself quite easily, now one misjudged tackle and your left fully exposed. It will divide opinion for sure but I endorse the decision to scrap the old system the new one brings much needed freshness and actually offers you a challenge knowing that you need to have the skill to be able to tackle. It will frustrate you but after hours of playing you soon come to grips with things. This is one part of the impact system which is pretty awesome itself besides tackling now players can be injured. Simply trying to evade a challenge can leave a player on the ground, again adding a more realistic feel to FIFA. Player likeliness is improved upon with most of the world well known faces likeness uncanny. What also sticks out is precision with the dirbbling which if you perform properly is fantastic. That extra half yard you can create can be all the difference and as for driblling and the skill moves its now straightforward and easy to do unlike past times. Obviously career mode for those who don't go online is the catch with FIFA and this year its enhanced once more. A genius addition in particular is the transfer deadline day. Anyone who enjoys the excitement it generates in real life will nlove FIFA's attempts to get that buzz in the game. Besides that players now will grow tired of staying on the bench and will come to you to inform you of their moods from retiring to requesting a transfer. Its not the biggest adjustment but its a great start and the signs seem good. There's also Be A Pro which does exactly what it says on the tin. Online is outstanding as always with so much on offer. From a simple 1 v 1 match to your Ultimate Team where you can start and build up your dream team and take on the worlds best, its addictive. Then there's also EA Sports Football Club where you choose your favourite team and take on real world scenarios to earn your side points in what could be the beginnning of something special. After sampling FIFA 12 so far (a mere 5 days) I can already see my social life disappearing as this is the BEST FIFA yet, its such a groundbreaking experience for Football fans and a huge leap forward, you really wonder what they can possibly do to top that but FIFA 12 is the perfect evidence that the boys at EA Sports have plenty in their locker. All in all, FIFA 12 is the ultimate football experience for any football (soccer) fans it simply doesn't get any better than this. It not only raises the bar but also revolutionizes the way football games will be played! As an all round package you can't go wrong as there is simply so much on offer from the addictive Career Mode and the awesome Online modes its safe to say this is genuinely a game you cannot afford to miss out. Flawless football! Expand
  15. Mar 12, 2012
    FIFA 12 improves on gameplay from the already awesome FIFA 11 by reducing auto tackling and allowing more space to move around the pitch. Defense this year is all about positioning and closing players down, rewarding patience and awarenes over aggression. The new balance between offense and defense rewards tactical and creative attacks. One of the greatest additions to the FIFA series in years is the addition of sliders to adjust gameplay parameters in addition to the standard difficulty settings. The sliders are actually very effective and with some tweaking you can get the gameplay exactly as you like it whether it be fast and fun or grindingly difficult. As a hugh relief the microfreezes which hindered FIFA 11 on some models of PS3 are resolved and gone in this years game. Expand
  16. Sep 29, 2011
    This year EA made quite a risky step with FIFA12. Changing the defense system, impact engine... Last year FIFA 11 felt quite stale, boring... but FIFA12 is much better. It's still not the ultimate football/sports game but really nice. I was FIFA and PES fan for years and always bought both games but this year PES feels worse than FIFA. PES is still fun to play, has some licences that I really like, they fixed a lot of bugs but FIFA feels more professional. Online is really good (PES is still lacking here), career mode is ok, never was FIFA's strong point, licences are great. all in all a better game than FIFA 11 or PES 2012. But hey... that's just my opinion... Expand
  17. Nov 20, 2011
    The features EA have added to FIFA this year were touted as game-changing improvements - and they are, but for the worse.

    The collision engine produces mixed results. That ill-advised slide tackle from behind carries a lot more punch now, but at the cost of some terrible gameplay. Teammates collide with each other and leave gaping holes for an on-rushing striker.
    Attackers run into
    defenders off the ball and go sprawling backwards with the force of a thousand men.

    Whilst these aren't the norm - they do happen too frequently enough for the feature to be called either a 'success' or an 'improvement'.

    The tactical defending feature shows promise, but is left well short of its potential - being let down by some staggeringly vacant improvements in CPU AI. Back-four defenders will often leave strike players wide open - preferring to get sucked in towards the ball with the kind of naivity shown in local park under 6's.

    Crosses will enter the box and defensive players will have cement boots, not even attempting to move towards a ball twice as close to them as the oncoming attacker.

    Various improvements to the manager mode aren't enough to bring this years FIFA ahead of what I still feel is the best football game to date - FIFA 11.
  18. Feb 28, 2012
    The two major additions in FIFA 12 are well thought. In the case of tactical defending, it is also well built, but the new impact engine is somehow still in development, thrown into the game as a skipping stone, a placeholder. AI slightly changed for the better, providing a more valuable single player career mode, on the other hand making it impossible to prevail in the infamous "legendary" level.
    The main reason why FIFA (as well as other sports simulations) can't represent the best experience if compared to the actual game they are inspired by is the way they are implemented. Improvements, technological new aspects or graphical measures are injected on a too complicated basis, result of many years of development. A stack way too difficult to handle.
    The new online features are amazingly balanced and literally multiply the fun. That is the real improved side of the game, which is by far the best soccer game ever but does not reach the level of realism we are expecting this deep into gaming history.
  19. Oct 16, 2011
    I'm a big fan of the FIFA series, and even with the vast changes to defending, making it impossible at times to tackle, I'd still say that this installment is pretty good. It adds more of a challenge to career mode, rather than just winning every match easily on the higher difficulties. The new online seasons is a good addition too. I especially like the new settings options, where you can edit your players speeds and the cpu's speed and shot accuracy etc. It makes a very amusing match sprinting at light speed with the goalkeeper then scoring from the halfway line. However I do feel the collision system is slightly broken, its a good concept, but in practice players end up doing backflips over each other on the floor from the slightest bit of contact.. Expand
  20. Dec 17, 2011
    The game has a lot of improvements but Tactical Defending ruined it. Also, they're focusing only in the online part, the AI is a joke, the games are fixed, there are matches that you can't win no matter how many times you repeat it and every team plays like barca when they're in possession of the ball even if its a 1-star team, the only difference its that they wont score.
  21. Sep 30, 2011
    Great game! a much better improvement than fifa 12. I love the manager mode as its bit more realistic than fifa 11 (I know, there is always room for improvement!!)
  22. Sep 30, 2011
    l'un des meilleurs Fifa de la séries les point fort du jeux : l'impact engine qui résoudre pas mal de problème le gameplay : avec la précision dribble et les déplacement des joueurs la maniabilité du jeux parfait le jeux en ligne avec division avec tout les option du jeux il a heu des bonne idée les point faible du jeux : dans le mode carrière il heu des bonne idée avec les recruteur pour recruter les jeune talent demain je les trouve incomplet le mode carrière il manque plein chose. résoudre le problème avec l'abitre parce que avec l'impact Engine résoudre pas mal de chose mail il est pas au point encore retravailler dessus parce que il y a beaucoup contact physique que l'arbitre ne siffle pas faute résoudre le problème de l'arbitre et perfectionné l'impact engine Idée: mode carrière faire des équipe de jeune quant on recrute un jeune talent demain on le met directement dans l'équipe jeune qui puisse jouer qui développe son potentiel après qu'on puisse le prendre dans l'équipe première, crée l'apparence de l Entraîneur après qu'on puisse faire un planning entrainement pour la semaine approfondire press recruter son propre staff technique étre sélectionneurs national avoir une nouvel interface tactique pour faire sa composition est son Schéma tactique comme dans football manager avoir la licence de la ligue des champions et europa ligue ou approfondire plus les création des tournoi qu'on puisse faire des mi en scène de l'entré de la coupe affinée plus la modélisation des joueur parce que certaine joueur son bien mai les autre qui son raté fait trot cartoon dans le mode carrière : les vrais fonction d'un manager c'est recruter son propre staff , faire un planning entrainement gérai la prèss gérai le moral des joueur en gros il faut sa soi comme football manager en gros on demande que sa soi football manager il y a aussi quant on gagne des championnat ou des coupe on gagne pas assez d'argent et c'est pas normal il faut développe qu'on puisse aussi choisir le sponsor et changer les commentaire français Expand
  23. Sep 29, 2011
    This is what this loser wrote on the PES 2012 review. Clearly biased: shahzadkhero Sep 28, 201110 Pro Evo 2012 is a huge improvement from the previous titles. The structure and the concept of the game is on road to become a legend. For all pro evo lovers this is a must have game as its far better than 2011. Movements, graphics, control have all improved but still its an un finished product. But its great none the less. Expand
  24. Sep 29, 2011
    The new Fifa is definitely a huge step forward. What Fifa has done essentially is to dare change the way football games have been played defensively for years - and they have done a great job. You will have trouble getting into it, but after say a weekend of playtime, you will be used to the new defending and you will never want to go back.

    The true benefit of the tactical defending
    unfolds when you play against human players, since you have a lot more space to maneuver as the unrealistic pressing is gone. Games build up more naturally and the tactical defending is a worthy addition to the game, and I'm sure it will soon be the genre standard.

    There is one drawback of the TD though: If you want to play Fifa with your roommates or you on parties or before going out or whatnot, players who aren't used to the new system will find it difficult to get into it. That's a drawback to be considered - even though it is possible to switch back to old defending.

    Next, the precision dribbling is often left out of reviews, but I think it's a great addition. Being on the ball feels so lively now. You can maneuver on close quarters and dribble past enemies without using any skill moves. Yet it isn't overpowered. Great job and no complaints here. A perfect addition to the game.

    The impact engine is the future in all sports games, but is still in development. Yeah there are glitches, but more often than not you'll enjoy looking at your players fall. It's a nice addition but a work in progress.

    Maybe the biggest flaw of the game is AI. Playing against the computer could be more fun. Defense tends to be too perfect, and the formation is just unrealistically good. At the same time, your own players don't move quite as actively as you would expect them to. That can be mitigated by sending and double passing manually, but for a casual player that could be an issue.

    Apart from that, atmosphere has been tweaked here and there, sound is a little better (not the commentary but the atmospheric sounds), ingame scenes are cooler, menus are a lot nicer...small improvements as were to be expected.

    A nice little feature is the new "Football Club" i.e. the social network of the game. I won't go into detail here, just check out youtube for that, but it's just a cute little service that will give you some incentive to win.
    Obviously other modes were changed too, with head to head seasons, minor tweaks in Career Mode and Ultimate Team but nothing too severe.

    In the end, is Fifa worth a buy? My answer is "yes" if you are looking for a game that will keep you busy all year long and that you can especially enjoy online against other more serious players. You need some dedication for the game and if you are just playing casually, Fifa might not be the game for you as playing against the AI is not super fun and the Teammate AI feels sluggish if you don't know how to send your players manually.

    Fifa or PES? I don't want to start a war but from my point of view PES is the game that I would recommend to the casual gamer. It's really fun in a more immediate way. Your own players are always in movement and the game feels exciting and the defending is left as it was, which makes sense when playing with less experienced friends.

    Fifa is the game for the dedicated long term gamer who is looking for the online experience, from my point of view. It really is a great game and fully deserves all the praise it's getting. It dared carving new paths for the genre and did so wholly successfully. That can't be honored enough!
  25. Sep 27, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. FIFA Soccer 12 the most beautiful I've ever played, compared to the previous chapter improvements everywhere in every respect, clean graphics and sharp, contrasting ever more real and stunning ball physics also comment more precise and effective. Lacking only the champions and official competitions of the UEFA and then the perfection is near. If the next chapter will be added to this there will be no challenge from other football video games. FIFA 12 the number one. fifa 12 the best ever. Congratulations !!!!! sports and it's in the game!! Expand
  26. Sep 28, 2011
    Fifa 2012 is in my opinion not impressive. As with all previous versions this one has the same old problem where EA has worked hard on graphics but the player movements are all similar i.e. they look like zombies with their heads down and also execution of techniques are not user friendly and ridiculous. I would just add one thing to it, its a game for young people, under age may be. Its not for adults who want realism and proper usage of techniques. Its like always a disappointment. Nothing has changed. Besides, FIFA 2012 by EA is a commercial title. It lacks one important thing i.e. Game Play. Expand
  27. Sep 28, 2011
    This is the most complete interpretation of this great sport. It is miles better than Pro Evo 2012 and even Fifa 11 feels so outdated compared to Fifa 12. With the new realistic gameplay you really feel you're in complete control. One thing has always bothered me in Fifa's is the fact that when you play on harder difficulties it is not like AI plays any better, it's just they get a buff in their stats and it feels like cheating. Fifa 12 is nothing like that. In Fifa 12 if you get setbacks, if AI dominate or control the game it's only because off you are not adapting in their play style. If you leave your defend wide open and just try to one-button-pressure like in earlier Fifas AI will hurt you. You know you are not playing good enough and that you need to improve your own game and learn to adapt when you get dominated by the AI. An never because computer would cheat.

    Fifa 12 is the same to soccer (or football) as what NBA2k is for basketball. There's no other choice.
  28. Sep 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Forget about the haters (quite obviously PES fun boys). This game ROCKS. I have never played a sport game with that kind of realism. The ambiguity of neither purchase it or not, must come to rest. Give up the struggle of this ridiculous - last gens PES and appeal to FIFA (i play football games from the first ISS PRO on 1998, i was a huge fun of PES since 2 years ago). I personally recommend this magnificent game to all football - lovers. Believe me it's ART ( i am playing demo, waiting like crazy the real one). Expand
  29. Sep 30, 2011
    The problem with the poor ratings any of you are giving is that you clearly have never played real football. You are not suppose to score 5 goals every game. You are not suppose to be able to defend easily. The fact is that this is the most "REAL" video simulator of a sport. Stop basing your analysis of this video game on your ability to play it.
  30. cfc
    Sep 29, 2011
    New FIFA is like bad joke. Impact engine is total failure, graphics is worse than pes. AI is sometimes too much retardet. I am surprise, that fifa has 92%. EA must paid this reviews, this game deserves max 80%.
  31. Sep 29, 2011
    FIFA 12 is the first soccer game to accurately simulate the concept of individual and team defense in the game. This results in the need for more complex strategies, both defensively and offensively. Over the past few years, FIFA and PES have both gotten to the point where actual knowledge of soccer strategy and tactics improves your ability in the game. This version of FIFA takes that idea to an entirely new level. Expand
  32. Sep 30, 2011
    Anyone rating this game below 8 hasn't played it. This game is smooth, smart and polished. Best FIFA I've played so far and that is saying a lot. Well done EA.
  33. Sep 30, 2011
    Amazing! Feel free, innovative features, new player impact engine, realistic defence system. New camera system looks very good. This game deserves to be legendary. In short , Fifa 12 best sports game ever.
  34. Sep 30, 2011
    FIFA 12 has taken another step forward in trying to make the game as realistic as possible. *note if you've got problems with the movement you can make it better. Go to gameplay options and then to User player options. You will find horizontal bars you can move up or down. Go to PLAYER MOVEMENT FREQUENCY and push it up to the top and then to FULBACK positioning and push that up too. You should find that the game moves alot better.

    after extensive play I give it 8.5

    Countless animations meaning greater variety of shots, passes, headers and tackles. Defending is more satisfying although big learning curve. Manager mode is better than last year and the fatigue leading to injuries is a great addition letting you know you need to balance it out and rest some players more, or take the risk if you really need the player. The amount of teams you can be. Creation mode! havent done it yet, but apparently you can create leagues, teams and players and put them in career mode. Tight dribbling controls meaning greater freedom of movement, showing the amount of touches a player actually has on a ball when dribbling and pulling off skills is more satisfying than ever and the added contextual skills and dribbling makes it less predictable. Customisation of options and playability. Assisted, semi-assisted and manual for shooting, passing, crossing, lobbed passes, through balls ect. Fast, medium and slow gameplay options, 2 different types of Nets and how loose you want them to be and if you hate the new defending and you want it to be easier, you can go back to the FIFA 11 settings. All in all you feel you have more control of what the player you control does, whether defending or attacking which gives you a higher sense of responsibility when it comes to a win or lose situation. Goalkeepers are very good this year and the saving animations are very good, e.g. when you are in on goal and close to the keeper he will change his angle more and close his legs if the shots are close to him and the diving across goal if they get the rebound is a fantastic addition. Very good physics engine


    AI movement is pretty poor and im sometimes left wondering when im attacking what my options are. It feels as though I have to go it alone abit too much. We all get that using alot of skill moves to outfox the defenders and running in on goal to dink it over the keeper is fantastic, as is the occasional 30 yard screamer, but there has to be more options and a greater number of ways to play FIFA. Although the Physics engine is good, it can also be very stupid when your players run into eachother, giving the ball away and having big gaps that get exploited when 2 sometimes 3 of your players are lying on the floor. Referees are still awful. Spending your time one on one with someone like Pato and as you think he has got past you, you stick a leg out and knocks the ball out of play in dramatic fashion. Then the ref points to the spot... horrible. Dribbling is also a con as it can sometimes mean its one paced and struggle to get past a player, although I've had no problem winning the ball in a foot race with a player like Messi against a slower defender, on the ball Messi is a bit slower than what you would expect form players of his calibre.

    Player ratings: Arshavin, Walcott, Defoe, Bale ect are seriously overated. I wouldnt say Bale is 2 points ahead of someone like Modric and I definitely wouldnt say he is better than Pedro, Sanchez, among a few others. I also wouldn't put him on the same level as Aguero, just one behind Silva (who is better than Modric but not in FIFA) and one ahead of Pato, Suarez and yaya Toure. There are many more but Im going to stop now and just play the game and enjoy it.
  35. Jun 25, 2014
    This is where Fifa started to go downhill, they perfected it within a certain model in no. 11 and then failed spectacularly in trying to change it, they get more and more unplayable and ridiculous every year now. This is definitely where they started to pay for the high scores in the critics section.
  36. Nov 19, 2011
    This game is absolutely brilliant...if you support a top flight team. FIFA appears fluid and outstanding. But as a supporter of a team in a lower league, FIFA becomes completely unplayable. Passes go wayward, shots from mere yards go flying wide. FIFA has tried to become the most realistic game, and has failed miserably. I don't remember going to watch a low league football match and not seeing one shot on target. Unless you play on beginner mode, you are going to find little luck trying to build your way up in career mode. Buying new players is equally impossible. Budgets are pitifully small, and completely unrealistic. A League 2 football club has more than £12,000 to spend on players. As I said, this is a great game if you plan on staying as higher league clubs, but dare to go lower and it becomes unbelievably poor. What happened to FIFA of the old days when stringing 4 passes together was possible? This game is a shadow of what it was, spoiled by an unrealistic target of making it true to life. I do not want to play a realistic football video game, I want to play a football game that is fun. Until the fun element returns to FIFA, I feel it will continue going downhill. Expand
  37. Oct 2, 2011
    Player Impact Engine its a revolution, tactical defending offers a great challenge like a real life and online modes, FIFA interactive world cup, and official license of FIFA makes this game the best FIFA EVER
  38. Oct 4, 2011
    This game lack diversity and without champions and europa league it does not feel real. The only good thing about FIFA is the only mode but Konami managed to offer a smooth online expierence in this year's pes. Thats why PES2012 overall is the best soccer game of this decade and PES2013 maybe will be even better than PES6. FIFA is to commercial, its only about moneymaking. Try Master League Online on PES, which free-to play, its the best game mode in any soccer game. Expand
  39. Oct 7, 2011
    Not a waste of money, but almost...

    I bought this game as I am a great soccer fan, all the previous FIFAs were great, but this FIFA has not enough innovation, for exemple the impact engine is useless...
  40. Oct 4, 2011
    Great Game, my parents thought it was an actual game on television. controls easy, great graphics. the perfect footie game. Tactical Defending is my personal favourite feature.
  41. Oct 10, 2011
    Fifa is the best football game i have ever played because of the realistic gameplay this means you are in complete control I just love playing this game i will rate this 10 out of 10
  42. Oct 5, 2011
    Of course 12 is an improvement over 11 in certain ways; I quite like the general texture of pitches, the default camera angle, the movement of players. but as much as I enjoy the whimsy of player collisions, the farcical nature of such events is sometimes aggravating; it's not unusual to have massive pileups during the game in the manner of a lesser sport like rugby. And while it is insanely fun to befuddle the likes of John terry or Puyol with a minor league striker whose finishing prowess matches theirs, it does get a tad annoying when minnows consistently out-manoeuvre world class defenders. I also take issue with player ratings, in what universe is a Wayne Rooney almost on par with a Cristiano Ronaldo? In FIFA 12, apparently. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I think a lot of great players are underrated (especially Italians, yes you Cassano, Pirlo, Giovinco, Rossi [85 overall doesn't do this little guy justice, why he scored 32 goals last season] and vice versa, although that's just a minor snag in the grand scheme of things. Oh as for the pes vs fifa debate, I thought they settled it back in 09 in fifa's favour. Expand
  43. Oct 8, 2011
    I play Fifa to play with friends, online and in the room with me. The new matchmaking system sucks, they need Lobbies. NEED THEM. The new matchmaking system sucks. The new matchmaking system sucks. The new matchmaking system sucks.
  44. Nov 7, 2011
    Getting more and more frustrated with this game. Seems to me only the selected player is defending (when controlling the whole team). The other defenders just run around the opponent's attackers without trying to get the ball from them, making it damn near impossible to effectively defend against enemy attacks. Attacking yourself doesn't go much better either, since the same problem arises, and your fellow A.I.-ed team members, no matter how good your team, are like they've never played a single football match before this one. Nobody is looking for an opening in the defensive lines, if you stop running allowing your fellow team members to run into openings they either run in completely wrong directions or just stop running alltogether. When you actually come to shooting the chances of the ball hitting the posts or the frame of the goal is like 400% higher than scoring. In the past 7 matches I've hit the frame about 18 times and got to score about 3 goals. It's so damn annoying, after playing this for a few matches I get so sick and tired of the way it handles I just shut it down. Forgot about the keeper causing completely unnecessary corners diving onto the ball when it's not needed and by the diving pushes the ball over the back line, the defenders being so damn moronic it leads to multiple own goals on occassion out of pure stupidity of the AI, the players being offside not being clever enough to not chase the ball, passes going to hell cuz it's impossible to specify which player should get it when you got 3 attackers running in a pretty much same area on the field, in some cases the game passes somewhere completely different from where you tell it to pass, the player you get by pressing L1 is sometimes beyond illogic, not to mention the screen freezes while playing a match, aswell as random loss of detailed frames from time to time. Alltogether I'm not getting any fun out of this game. My advice is to stick with Fifa 2011, and not get this waste of money. Expand
  45. Oct 13, 2011
    I'm a huge FIFA fan and FIFA 12 is almost a good game.
    Who in the world would think that letting the player control the GK in online modes would be a good idea?
    It's a HUGE exploit. Just press Select and watch the CPU doing your job for you.
    So now, playing online means: Your opponent will only attack, the CPU will defend for him.
    A HUGE mistake, EA. HUGE
  46. Oct 13, 2011
    The GK exploit ruins this game on H2H online modes!
    If someone wants to play against the AI CPU, there is the offline modes.
    If someone like to play like a gk, put it as option in the pre-config, previously to online selection. (taking it off would be better).
    An exploit is always an exploit. and online, it kills the online spirit and the human factor.
    online is made to play against
    humans, not AI CPU!
    Hope they removed it in the next very very faraway patch...
    It would be a good policy from EA, to announce a decision about this issue
  47. Oct 13, 2011
    I wasn't expecting FIFA 12 to be revolutionary in any way shape or form, but I expected it to be the most polished FIFA game to date which EA have pulled off very nicely. The visuals are sharp, the gameplay is smooth, which altogether brings a very nice package. One of the best sports games this year has to offer.
  48. Oct 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. -- My apologies for bad English grammar, if there is any --

    I actually want to give this game a "9", but gave it a "10" instead as some user reviews aren't based on facts (that matter) or simply someone 's frustration because they can't get the hang on it's new gameplay without learning it first for a few weeks or months, so here goes: The most impressive football game ever made so far. It's gameplay is very realistic and makes you think like a real football player, in defensive as well as offensive manners. It's hard to get into the tactical defending, especially against Legendary CPU players. It forces you to think ahead, see the spaces, and anticipate your opponent's moves to win the ball back. No longer you can just simply win the ball back without going through too much trouble, which I like. Even if you'd turn off tactical defending and switch back to the "old" defensive controls, it's harder than in previous Fifa games.
    As for the impact engine, in my opinion this feature is not useless at all and makes the game feel very realistic and alive. Emotions can run high while something is not going the way you expect it to be, as well as positive as negative emotions... That's the way it goes down on a real football field too. Also, having summed up some aspects of the game, when you are playing this game with (a) friend(s), online or together on the couch in the living room... You'll have a blast!
  49. Oct 18, 2011
    This has got to be the best FIFA yet. In the past, there hasn't seemed to be much changes between different FIFA's each year. This year however, FIFA 12 has a lot more to offer. New skills and tactics, new modes, and an all new realistic physics system called the Impact Engine. EA have really nailed it this year in creating the ultimate football experiece, for anyone to play.
  50. Oct 16, 2011
    A complete step back in the wrong direction. Sinse having a ps3 i changed from pro evo to fifa because I was impressed by fifas fast flowing gameplay and relastic version of the beautiful game. In fifa 12 i am now considering going back to pro evo. Defending has become impossible , fifa must be the first football game ever when by clicking a standing tackle button a player kicks mid air and miss times the tackle almost 9/10 times. The new defnding startegy is shocking it gives to much advantage to the attacking team all the time. Penalties are a joke nearly every time u get near an oppostion player in the box and press curcle u can garentee it will be a penalty. It seems like there trying too hjard to be realstic, why couldnt they just stick to what they already have wich was good. All the options on the game are brillinat i can credit fifa for that, but when completing an ultimate team match suddeny it dosent record it and u lose the game. Players are also overated, how is robben rated 90 and Fulham a 4 and a half star team. Keepers parry nearly every shot which has reminded me alot of pro evo. Hopefully new updates will come out to give u the option of going back to the old defneding like in every other single football game that has been released. FIFA 12 YOUR A LET DOWN. Expand
  51. Oct 18, 2011
    First the good: graphics, presentation as good as ever. The new tackling system opens up the game, there seems to be much more space. Also many off the pitch improvements to career mode add some much needed depth. The bad: When attacking your players are too reluctant to run into space. When defending players completely ignore the ball, even if it's right next to them unless they are the player you control. Passes are slow. In the rain it's so slow it's like playing in treacle. And it rains alot. New physics model means many games are decided by lucky bounces or players running into each other. still no option for 2 players in career mode.
    The ugly: blurred screen when taking a corner in the rain! Overall a good game almost ruined by lots of niggles that will have you cursing with frustration the more you play.
  52. Oct 19, 2011
    The AI is the worst of any FIFA game ever. They wanted to make the defense more "realistic" but made it so your computer defenders do absolutely nothing unless you control them and no offensive players make runs on their own.
  53. Oct 27, 2011
    I have to give this game full marks for the addition of one feature this year.... the head to head leagues! What a stroke of genius, giving you the fun of online gameplay, still with goals to reach and acheivements to complete but without meaning you have the play Ultimate Team!

    The Ultimate Team concept is brilliant, however it is far too easy for those sad acts out there to buy boost
    cards for every players and have a full team of Usain Bolts running around the pitch, WHY??? These stat boost cards need to be removed from the game. You don't see Kenny Dalglish saying to Gerrard 'you're not quick enough son, here's some extra pace for you'. Players are who they are and are good at what they do, lets eliminate the ability to make poor players into world beaters

    The graphics this year are great, although there are too many generic faces still on too many well known players. I appreciate it must be time consuming to re create people, but surely those world renowned faces deserve a little bit of effort, don't they?!?!

    Overall though, vastly enjoyable with a brilliant career mode and a new online feature that has been the missing link all along. Well done EA
  54. Oct 29, 2011
    Fifa same old s**t different title the fact that people still waste there money on this game completely confuses me this is just save your money for skyrim or another big release this year
  55. Feb 17, 2012
    The truth is somewhere between the User Reviews and the Critic Reviews here. Whilst the wealth of options, play modes, and liscensed teams make this game stand out, there are two major missteps that hold this Fifa back from greatness. 1st is the general intelligance of the player controlled teammates, which is poor and extremely inconsistent. 2nd is the looseness of the new Tactical defending system, whilst the new system is certainly a massive step forward it needs tigthening up and developing. At times this game can be fantastic and enjoyable, but too often it can feel empty and inconsistent. However it is still the best footy sim available. Expand
  56. Nov 8, 2011
    This was my first soccer game in many years...and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Assuming you are humble enough to play at the right difficulty, the game leaves enough up to your control that you feel in charge, but doesn't make you micro-manage every movement on the field (until higher difficulties when you're actually ready to do so). The game is beautiful, smart, and downright fun. I can't speak to how well it compares to previous iterations, but that's a stupid way to critique anyway. Sports fans should enjoy this game. Expand
  57. Nov 4, 2011
    Great game but some players levels dont correspond to the real level of the player i think . Ultimate team = AWESOME
    so many tricks in the options that its impossible to know it all and the new mechanism of defence = GREAT
  58. Jan 4, 2012
    great game.better than pro evolution soccer. like a graphics including the superb texture and animation.
    but the playing it self didn't impress that much

    worth all the bucks you pay.
  59. Nov 28, 2011
    First things first. It's better than this year's PES but by how much is open to debate. Of course FIFA's slick presesntation and graphics trumps PES and the shooting in fifa is utterly beautiful love it. The only thing in FIFA which prevented it from getting a nine is the rather mundane and unatmospheric compared to PES's brilliantly immersive and deep single player experience but online it is glorious the utter uhh... computerness of the computer is eradicated completely as both players have equal chances of making mistakes with the tricky to master but utterly rewarding defending slystem. The PIE system adds a real sense of realism to the game as the players reactions to tackles are calculated real time and so are injuries. However this sometimes results in some hilarious collisions in the middle of the pitch. By no means prefect but very enjoyable and the most realistic football game ever created. Expand
  60. Nov 9, 2011
    The biggest improvement in a FIFA game. FIFA 10 was slightly better than 09, FIFA 11 was hardly better than FIFA 10, but FIFA 12 has completely raised the bar and is a 10x better than FIFA 11.

    Only downside is that the EA Servers are crap.
  61. Nov 10, 2011
    After several years of improvements to the game, FIFA 12 is a disaster of an update. The new impact engine delivers ridiculous outcomes and is basically broken, leading to frustration and infuriating unpredictability. You might say that this is part of football, well that is fair comment, but this is supposed to be a fun game and not a total simulation. The result is often 2 AI controlled defenders running into each other at crucial moments and falling over.
    The new defending makes it so easy to score online you end up with more 8-5 results than 2-1's because you can basically jink around as an attacker and unless you have the timing of , well a computer basically, the attacker gets through for a clear strike on goal.
    The animations on tricks have all changed to make them useless except for the double tap ahead which allows players to swan through defenders like they were ghosts.
    I am trading the game in I hate it so much, which, having played FIFA religously since FIFA09, is a sad state.
  62. Nov 12, 2011
    I think we should all respect EA for what they have TRIED to do with FIFA but thats not to say it works.

    From a FIFA player who sat ranked 7th in the UK, I can honestly say 12 is a step backwards.

    EA have almost compeltely abandoned making even the most obvous AI improvements. Defenders still stretch for over-the-top balls you know they won't get (same animation aswell). Players making
    off the ball runs continue to do so until they are 15+ yrds offside (i could go on...). With the 2 MAJOR new features however, I guess we could perhaps forgive EA for this... on 2nd thoughts no, the AI should improve every single year, it should be priority.

    the 2 major new features aimed to change footballing games forever.

    The first is the impact engine. And engine which calculates players spede, momentum, point of contact, and then makes them fall over accordingly. Unfortunatly however, this feature is still very much in development. It offers nothing to the game right now other than players flying up into the air and doing 360's and giving away very soft penalties. The way this feature functions right now... i'd expect to see a better version in a beta to be honest.

    The 2nd feature is "tactical defending" which again is a let down. I was excited to hear about this new feature hoping to would offer a whole new dimension of skill to defending. It does at first, as it takes some getting used to, but eventually when you figure it out, it starts to make for very boring games, and i'll explain.

    They now have a button called "contain" - by holding contain, you don't need to worry about using the directional stick - contain will mirror-image the attacker for you. You always maintain a distance of about 2 yards away aswell. It's very boring and forces your opponents to go backwards or play more passes. There is also very little skill in this - you are merely holding 1 button and alow the CPU to position your defender perfectly, every single time. I would actually say that the previous defence system required more skill as you didn't have this miracle "contain" button. It's a horible system that has changed the dynamic of the game - for the worse.
  63. Nov 10, 2011
    Only sports game worth buying. The old FIFAs were great and although this game does have some similar feel to FIFA 10, to those of us who have played a lot it is definitely a different feel. I've always gotten the new Madden and new MLB the show but truthfully I'll stop buying these from here on out FIFA is just that much better. Never played soccer in my life but my friends got me into it and you really do start to love the game just by playing FIFA as cliche and dumb as this sounds Expand
  64. Nov 11, 2011
    This is basically the equivalent of the COD series. Copy and Paste each year with minimal changes made to the game whilst trying to make the most money possible.
    But otherwise I have to say this is the best FIFA up to date with the Impact Engine being a huge welcome to the series. While this game is good , it doesn't deserve the high critic reiews. It is a 7.5/10 max.
  65. Nov 10, 2011
    what a waste of money, the worst fifa game i have certainly played, i feel the graphics are the same as fifa 09 and i prefare and still play fifa 11, absolutly terrable
  66. Nov 11, 2011
    Technically it is nice, but What is the most important in a game ? to Play !!! Play !!! Play !!! This FIFA12, as FIFA11 is boring to play. No fun. Don't buy this sh... !!!
    Don't buy PES2012 too... Which is worse than FIFA12 !!!
    My advice: buy PES2011, you'll save your money and will play to a great and FUN soccer game !!!
  67. Nov 14, 2011
    FIFA is still the best football game on the market, with addictive modes such as Ultimate Team and the improved Career Mode. The gameplay has slightly improved from FIFA 11, but not enough for them to base their whole advertising campaign around the new additions. However, these additions definitely make the game more realistic. Career Mode now offers a greater variety of things to do, such as scouting young players and adding them to your academy, a form system far better than the system on FIFA 10, and player morale. It seems that Career mode will never grow old due to these changes. The main issues are the frequent disconnects from EA Sports Football Club, meaning some people can't play the challenges on offer, and the error "2% of the FIFA community" have, which disconnects them from Ultimate Team after every game, making this mode unplayable. To make matters worse, even after 2 months EA have failed to fix this.
    Despite that, FIFA 12 is a good game which (most association) football fans should buy.
  68. Dec 6, 2011
    Over the years its fair to say that Fifa has made some serious ground on pro evo and in recent years been the better game peaking last year. Again this year I have played both and I just cant believe what a step back Fifa 12 has taken, its age old problems are there in that the game is too slow and the pitch is too small, but it just plays like football for dummies. Its like its almost impossible to mis place a pass or a shot. The graphics are good, the commentary superb, but when these aspects are getting called out as the games good points and not the actual game play its not a good sign. Expand
  69. Nov 15, 2011
    its ok. graphics are better game play is fun but they are lacking alot and its because people just keep buying it its the same game! with minor tweaks is bs! and the new engines in place i barely see i mean impact engine nonexistent never happens tackle ? really cmon man what about including cups or the world cup a whole game! fifa 98 still the best game
  70. Nov 15, 2011
    In FIFA 12 its as simple as it gets the soul of football(soccer) and after 2 weeks of practice you trully star to think as a football fan. The only bad thing its playing against CPU, its lenght, boring, and it lacks variety. But were this game really shines is the online mode, with seasons, tournaments, and for good players like me its a great thing to play against good players in high divisions. If you enjoy games and football FIFA 12 is for you (but in the online modes, so buy it new cause of the crap online pass) Expand
  71. Nov 16, 2011
    in terms of improvements from previous games there's not much except graphics, mainly facial features and animations have been improved but with the smaller teams the only thing they get correct is the hair everything else looks nothing like the player in real life, The impact engine is glitchy at times and is sometimes very annoying its like pinball sometimes one player falls over then another then they get back up and fall over again, ive also been experiencing a lot of connection problems when online i will get kicked out or the game is really laggy. The tactical defending is a chore it may add realism but its no fun at all, The tempo of the matches has seemed to slow down, it takes so long just to make on long pass that you'll find that you get intercepted more often. With the negatives out of the way ill get to the positives. The career mode has been improved to add more realism and the ultimate team has been much improved and is the mode i play most often, Its nothing groundbreaking but its still a fun game. Expand
  72. Dec 19, 2011
    The Perfect Game got a whole lot less perfect: I've been a huge Fifa fan for the past few years, but Fifa 12 makes me think that maybe it's time to try out PES again. As great as some of the new features are, like in the licensing of Sky Sports in the cooler than ever career mode, and the more realistic defending more problems than ever come with it. A game that was once considered to truly set apart player using skill now seems to have too many random variables for it to have any decisive competitiveness. The new impact engine is perhaps the strangest inclusion of all the new features as it adds no pro's to the game (there's nothing realistic about it) except that it adds a few good laughs everyone now and again, but more than anything it just takes away from the game as player trip over each other constantly, fall over for no apparent reason and when you're through on goal on someone randomly into you there'll be no penatly awarded as the game doesnt seem to register accidental collisions. A huge step back from what FIfa 10 and 11 brought to the table. Try PES or stick with Fifa 11 for at least another year. Expand
  73. Dec 14, 2011
    I thought this game was pretty good. It's hilarious that all the PRO fan boys gave this a negative comment. The tactical defending IS difficult but if your an avid football game fan *madmanz* and * yassir* then you'd grow a pair and over come those difficulties.
  74. Dec 13, 2011
    What do you think? FIFA 12 is back with new physics, graphic and gameplay. With start menu style like Wayne Rooney ( my favourite player ) kick the ball hell outta screen. New gameplay like precision dribble, new skills and many more. "Impact engine" gave this game more realistic unlike clipping in the previous game FIFA 11 is good but not great enough, you can see that while i was playing this game FIFA 12 in ps3, the impact engine makes it little more realistic, i mean see Rooney fly in the air and spinning with his leg go upside and an AI with pro intelligence is realistic unlike previous FIFA 11 a defender just pressuring at you while you make a skill but now FIFA 12, makes the pressure manual instead of auto replacing it with jockey and graphic and visual art are great but graphic like not so great because i can see the fan move like a plastic and the bugs and glitches came back again hoping EA would fixed it by update. Expand
  75. Nov 24, 2011
    Despite the fact that I live in Brazil, I was never a big fan of Fifa games. That notion ended with Fifa 12. The game-play feels convincing, realistic and, at the same time, fun. I would definitely recommend this game to others, as I did to all my friends.
  76. Dec 6, 2011
    The game must be one of the worst game published in at very long time. Have EA even played the game to check if it was acceptable. The players you dont control are very lame. They cant take the ball even though the ball i 1 meter next to him. Besides that the players dont make runs nearly enough. They just dont move. I could go on for 100 pages.
  77. Mar 25, 2012
    FIFA is the only football (I'm not from USA) gaming franchise that I like to play since the 90s. Mainly for the licensed teams and players but after FIFA 08 the improved gameplay was noticeable. But I can also tell this is the last iteration I'd buy. The cheating AI that, no matter what you do, scores as if it was scripted and the eternal loading times (more that five minutes to start a game) are a game breaker experience for me now. Expand
  78. Dec 22, 2011
    THE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT better than gay ass elder scrolls V :CUMrim skyrim is for little fairytale loving punales chupen le la verga chinga tu puta madre pinche skyrim vale madre
  79. Jan 26, 2012
    I can almost see the point of the new defending system, when it works it does look realistic, but there are major problems - on occasion you can end up covering a player with two men and he just runs off down his own end of the pitch and knocks it out for a very attacking throw-in. Endless tactical fiddling still hasn't left me with a team where people go for overlapping runs at the right time either, players will stick rigidly to their positions even on the most daring 'free form' setting (well, except if you play as Barcelona!), which is again incredibly frustrating, since there's no longer a button to trigger this action. Final and biggest frustration is reserved for Ultimate Team - this was one of my favourite features in the older versions of the games and has been utterly ruined by the decision to make it an online only feature - so far as I can see there is no good reason for this, and though I have a good broadband connection, I have yet to be able to make it through any game on this mode without being kicked off the servers. Really hoping Konami get their act together, the only way I can see these issues getting fixed is if EA has some proper competition once again Expand
  80. Feb 2, 2012
    If your a fan of football then this is a must, a massive improvement from Fifa 11 online and in terms of gameplay. The impact engine has its issues but at times it is incredibly realistic and adds to the realism. The only negatives are the scripted games that seem to happen too often. But still if you love football buy this!
  81. Jul 30, 2013
    FIFA 12 is the best FIFA game up to date of what I've played. It's incredibly addictive and you don't want to stop playing it, you just, well, can't. I love the stats, numbers and strategic elements of this game, I also like the customization options, these things all come together in Career Mode. Career Mode, the mode that I've spent about 200 hours of my life on, it's so good, and addictive! I also really like the inclusion of the Virtual Pro, I've only got mine to 78/79 so far as centre attack midfielder/right midfielder, his main skills are with skill moves, speed and passing. I love studying players' stats and playing around with them. Now, with the actual FIFA game playing, it's definetely improved with the last one, with the shot taking, dribbling, defending (with the inclusion of the standing tackle) and the differences between the players it really picks out the unique abilities of the individual players. My favourite players to play as are short, fast, smooth with dribbling and skillful wingers, like Hazard and Ribery. The best centre forward to play as has to be Ibrahimavic, although he isn't particularly skillful, he's fast, strong, can get past defenders easily and can score some amazing goals. My favourite midfielder is Hazard, he's amazing. My favourite defender is Dani Alves, he's quick, can tackle very well, and is very skilful and good at crossing on the wing. The best goalie is definetely Casillas. So I give this game a... 95/100! Expand
  82. Mar 14, 2012
    FIFA 12 feels like the past few fifa games. even though it has some good new features you could still stick to games like FIFA 10 or FIFA 11 and still have the same feeling as fifa 12. i like to play soccer games and this is definitely an improvement, but i feel like more could be done.
  83. Apr 20, 2012
    While the improvements made in the FIFA series in FIFA 12 from FIFA 11 make the game seem way more realistic and fun, there are some consequences for that. FIFA is back with yet another beautiful game with an all new physics engine which showcases more realistic collisions with players and more realistic ball movement. Any player moving from FIFA 11 to FIFA 12 is in for a big wake up call however, for the entire defensive side of the ball is changed with manual tackles required and no longer a full press with the click of a button. The players ranges in FIFA 12 are much more noticeably longer for there a lot more goals from outside the box. Any FIFA 11 player is going to have trouble dealing with the new defensive scheme for there are barely any instruction besides the small tutorial at the beginning of the game. This has been a recurring issue for the FIFA series to me, there has never been an in depth tutorial on any of the new aspects added to the game which leaves the gamer to basically figure it out on there own. Old time FIFA players like myself had trouble dealing with the defensive change just like the new pk style change in the previous FIFA's. Besides the new defensive scheme EA also added a cup challenge which is kind of like a tournament that you work your way through in order to reach a cup based on the division you are in. The division style is a lot like the skill level in the previous FIFA's but the cup challenge is a totally new aspect of the series. I think it is a great addition to the series, if only they could build a campaign worth play (hint to EA members :) ) Overall FIFA 12 shows us why it is still one of the best sports games out there even though it might take you some time before you can pull your own messi moment online. Expand
  84. Apr 3, 2012
    now this is the first time i have bought a fifa 12 (not fifa soccer 12) i am normally a pro evo fan but with pes 11 being just a tad awful and i don't think i will turn back the graphics are great and everything is very responsive sometimes i get annoyed but that's the same with every game my only complaint is the new ut design and the awful refs but no game has perfected them overall a win for FOOTBALL gamers Expand
  85. Apr 4, 2012
    First review ever because I love FIFA 12, HOWEVER it needs just a few fixes...
    -- I wasn't a huge fan of '11 because (I believed) the defense was simply too easily done by just hitting/holding the X button. Tackling was just too easy in '11. I do believe that more work needs to be done on Defense however the '12 game provides not enough ability to 'press or shadow' players...a missed
    tackle leaves your defender in the dust. This needs to be changed where players can make and miss tackles but still maintain some sense of stride with the ball handler. -- BIGGEST ISSUE!, I agree with other reviews that the AI is a joke and very predictable. The game unrealistically provides evening out balances or "chance creations" between two opponents of different skill levels. (If I'm better then my buddy, the game and score should more accurately reflect this). Its unreal how many times my defender line spins off of defending when the opponent needs to catch up. Or every single rebound finds its way towards the losing opponent at certain long stretches of the game. At least provide another option that provides less influential AI gameplay and overall fairness in terms of opponents simply being better then others.
    -- Please show replays on penalties in the box
    -- I'd like to see penalty shots easier in terms of more accurately hitting the 4 corners of the net. I still can't get a flat ball in the lower corners but maybe I'm doing something wrong.
    -- Online play with friends seems like it could be better designed in terms of the timing/logistics of changing teams and getting right back into game play action. Overall I think FIFA '12 is a pretty wonderfully done but the AI takes control away from users who have spent time trying to master the game and their opponents. A big part of me feels the defense plays a big role in this, as sometimes is seems to preform well, then all of a sudden defenders tend to drift off when it really matters. I'd give this game a much higher rating if it weren't for the predictability of opponents usually always finding a way to catch up.
  86. Apr 11, 2012
    Un bon jeu malheureusement, EA Sport se fout de nous en ne corrigeant jamais de gros problème de jeu, de réseau. Bref bien trop cher pour ce que c'est. Il mérite un pas plus de 6.5/10.
  87. May 2, 2012
    After playing FIFA 11 for hours on end, I eagerly anticipated the release of FIFA 12. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. The new game offers all around improvements in gameplay, graphics, online-mode gameplay, and the career mode. FIFA 12 should sit in any sports video games enthusiastâ
  88. May 6, 2012
    While I will admit this FIFA is easily the most realistic football game around. I will also admit, the stuff that all the people that are paid to review these games are afraid to admit, this game, has so many bugs in it that it's destroyed.
    Player development in career mode is broken, players on other teams will develop much quicker than your players (one player called Leandro, went from
    71, to 79 in 1 season, then when I signed him in a new season, he only went to 74). refs make very poor decisions, defenders are lazy, the auto switch rarely switches to the best player for you to use, and even when you press L1 it'll switch to a stupid player. The online is broken, pro clubs lags a lot. The only good aspect of the game is Ultimate Team. But I even had that glitch on me and I lost my entire team. Phoned EA up, they refused to give me the club value coins to get a new squad, so I actually asked them for a refund and they never replied Expand
  89. May 7, 2012
    I used to be a PES fan, but this game changed my opinion.The tricks are really nice so as the graphics.It got a nice online mod and coach/player mod.Really enjoyed the game, but there are some glitches, such as goalkeeper taking the ball away from his goalkeeping box.
  90. May 12, 2012
    best sport game ever made!fifa 12 have everything the reefere is cool but the players can shoot a ball in the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in fifa 98 you coulnt
  91. May 12, 2012
    Fifa 12, for me is a fantastic film, the ultimate team mode is better than ever and the realistic injuries and defending make you feel your watching real football from the stands. There is room for improvement such as the constant glitches where players run into each other. Plus i think its wrong that EA make you pay for fut 12 packs, it is just making more money than they need.Overall i thinks its a great Fifa game but still room for improvement Expand
  92. Jul 1, 2012
    I have to admit, I have watched as FIFA has slowly become better and better each year. Last year was great, so that's why they probably haven't changed anything. Its the same game. If you are reading this and are like, "but the new pro++ stuff and there's more precise shooting and people have changed and..." shut up. The gaming community have raped call of duty for not changing its game engine so why hasn't anyone attacked this, £40 for a game which you are likely to already have? It un-acceptable. Its the same good game though so you can't fault that. Expand
  93. Aug 26, 2012
    The best soccer simulation ever. It surpasses by far the closest competition they got ~ PES 12 ~ which doesn't compare at all. The impact engine is genius, dribble are fluid, shoots are accurate. This is the ultimate soccer game I've ever seen.
    There's only another FIFA that could beat it!
  94. Oct 31, 2012
    Played FIFA since 1997. This game takes it to a new level with improved and newly defined defense as well as fine tuned Ultimate Team - a very nice addition to an already solid game.
  95. Sep 20, 2012
    very very good football game i am very impressed. the only bad thing is the glitches when the people clash into each other but other than that it's a very well done game. 9/10
  96. Nov 19, 2013
    Bueno como empezar...graficamente mejora un poco conforme al 11, pero sigue sin ser real en las caras...innova bastante con el ultimate team, con los clubes pro online y las temporadas cara a cara, tambien con el modo manager o inlcuso con los desafios que te ponen, lo de mejorar tu virtual pro y poder jugar con el en practicamente todos los modos en un puntazo, tecnicamente en jugabilidad es un juego supremo, supera en todo al fifa 11, aunque me jode mucho la defensa tactica, no me gusta, tampoco que cuando vas ganando y se van, te lo cuentan como victoria por 3a, pero no puedes ganar trofeos...eso jode mucho, por lo demas una vez mas fifa supera a pes, veremos el año que viene... Expand
  97. May 3, 2014
    I am not a big fan of fifa in general but this game,just wow.Amazing graphics,great controls,but,the only bad thing about the game is the modes.But,for a fifa game i recommend it.
  98. Sep 12, 2014
    Still one of the best soccer game to fate in my opinion, I am still playing it and enjoying it on my PS3, I tried FIFA 13 and 14 and it was not worth it to me. I don't play online anymore and I don't even know if you can still access it, but if you are looking for a cheap soccer game go for it, you will have to spend time adjusting yourself the rosters if you want something realistic. The gameplay is a good compromise between arcade and simulation, it is challenging while still fun. Lot of leagues and teams as usual. September 2014, still playing it... Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 44 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 44
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 44
  3. Negative: 0 out of 44
  1. Mar 29, 2012
    All in all, FIFA 12 is another spectacular game in the series. The differences between this game and the real thing continue to be chipped away at, and with the depth of material available in this title you can really submerge yourself into beautiful game.
  2. Nov 29, 2011
    FIFA 12 takes realism to an all-time high in sports games. The innovative changes in gameplay mechanics, much needed changes to career mode, and additional online modes makes this one of the most complete FIFA packages to date. If you're a true football fan, you'd be remiss to pass up FIFA 12 - even if you own FIFA 11.
  3. Nov 27, 2011
    There's a feeling that FIFA might be running out of ideas. [Issue#210, p.83]