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  • Summary: Inspired by Lionel Messi, experience the freedom and control to be more creative in attack. Face an opponent to threaten attack while moving with the ball in any direction utilizing precise dribble touches to dodge tackles, or turn and shield the ball, holding off defenders for longer stretches. With Complete Dribbling it’s easier to be more dangerous in 1v1 opportunities. Expand
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  1. Sep 20, 2012
    This is the icing on the cake of a great generation of football games. FIFA 13 achieves excellence in almost everything: gameplay, modes, social elements and online experience.
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    FIFA 13 is the most realistic and complete football game available, full of content to keep us busy till the end of the season. It looks for imperfection in every match –when controlling the ball, shooting, passing, etc.– in order to bring an experience closer to real football, something that some players might not like, even though we consider it's a fresh addition to the gameplay. Once again, the football game we would recommend.
  3. It's very good, as we now expect. This year's installment just isn't a revolutionary leap. [Nov 2012, p.81]
  4. 90
    EA Sports keeps its football/soccer franchise at the top with more realistic Match Days and gameplay in FIFA 13. The formula hasn't changed much, but the overall package is once again as good as it gets.
  5. Nov 6, 2012
    While it does more iterating than innovating this year, FIFA stands alone atop a somewhat small heap of competition to remain the soccer game you want if you only want one soccer game.
  6. Sep 24, 2012
    FIFA 13 captures a lot of the passion and pageantry of world football, but beneath the surface its gameplay flaws can hinder the beautiful movements that truly make the sport great.
  7. Sep 25, 2012
    FIFA's action on the attack and near the goal has always been subpar, but I've cut it some slack in the past due to upgrades and improvements in other areas. Not this year-this is as weak an effort as I've seen from FIFA in a decade, and the whole affair screams "Roster Update 2013" from the get-go.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 96
  2. Negative: 37 out of 96
  1. Sep 25, 2012
    FIFA is amazing!! The franchise made a massive leap with FIFA 11, this has improved incrementally with FIFA 12 and FIFA 13.

    FIFA 13 is the
    best sports game to date. Expand
  2. FRG
    Jul 24, 2013
    is way better than PES 2013,is more realistic and is more fun.Its better than any soccer game i ever played in my life,finally a good one!.Absoluty worth picking up. Collapse
  3. May 16, 2013
    I had originally given this game 9 out of 10. However after 6 months the game still freezes from time to time or has weird issues (loaned players taking 2 years to return back to your team or leave the team, etc). I can't see how they haven't fix the issues after all this time! Dropping the review to 4, since when the game doesn't freeze, it's still pretty good. Expand
  4. Nov 24, 2012
    Always been a big fan of the fifa series but to be fair it's a big disappointment compared to 11 and 12.
    First of all fifa 13 has the worst
    cover out of the series, since when did they decide to become like PES.
    Second of all there's a picture of Messi in the main menu that won't disappear, and it's not only in the main menu, it covers my formation and half my squad in th team management window.
    EA I hope your reading this, you've disappointed me and blew my trust in you. I hope you'll up you're game for fifa 14 otherwise PES is gonna take over.
  5. Feb 11, 2013
    What the hell was EA Sports thinking when they made this game its just so bad compared to fifa 12. Okay im not that bothered with the first touch system because i really come across it but its the brain dead AI its just so bad in defense they run out of possession and in attack they will not make runs. Also EA said they fixed the impact engine lies its probably even worse when my player gets taken out he will stay on the floor for about 10 seconds and he's not even injured. The only good thing about this game is probably the career mode were the glitches don't really come into play. Expand
  6. Feb 1, 2013
    Typical EA disappointment. Notwithstanding the standard server problems and constant disconnects, which never get corrected, this title gets progressively worse each year. While Ultimate Team is amazing in concept, it is underwhelming and stale in its delivery: Online play is all about pace and has a cheap arcade feel; CPU game-play is shamefully horrible. I suppose the latter might be related to EA placing less attention to CPU mode given that more money is to be made from online play. Still it nonetheless reflects EA's commitment to gimmicks over substance. Game-play in CPU mode (without the benefit of sliders in UT) is simply not fun and often characterized by what many players deem "cheating": The game is programmed so that the CPU blocks almost every shot (don't even bother with long shots); every CPU keeper is superhuman; the CPU always makes perfect tackles everywhere on the pitch; human-controlled players simply cannot take any CPU defender 1-on-1 in higher levels and forget about slide tackling; the human player will hit 3-4 posts per game; passing is a disaster; first touch and control are erratic and randomized in their feel; and, of course, the CPU becomes super-charged and cannot be stopped at the end of games. Elite players may find these complaints trivial; most of us are average in skill, however, and these cheap gimmicks, which have become more prevalent in recent years, severely undermine the quality and fun of the game. Instead of refined game-play, we get worthless Geoff Shreeves updating us on injuries and long, annoying cutaway shots that precede player substitutions. There are only so many games where you can out-shoot the CPU 20-1 (not counting blocked shots!) and lose 1-0 on a CPU goal in the 90-th minute, or play online games that are just sprint, sprint, sprint the whole time, before you reach the conclusion that the FIFA title is stale, unimaginative, and little more than an uninspired money grab by EA. Expand
  7. Apr 9, 2013
    LOL, I couldn't play this game in local multiplayer because I had a wired PS2 controller connected as Player 2 instead of a freaking Wireless PS3 controller. No, seriously, that's EXACTLY what it said, something along the lines of "You can't play with a wired controller!"

    What a joke. Good thing the game was borrowed from the same friend who tried to play on my system. The rest of the game is not that bad but this just killed it for me.

    Also, online passes? Really? That was the nail in the coffin. 0/0

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