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  1. 91
    Fight Night Round 4 not only matches its predecessor, but improves upon it and has reclaimed it's title as the best boxing game in the world.
  2. Fight Night Round 4 is an aggressive, fast and brutal experience that manages to achieve a videogame as brilliant as the third chapter in the series.
  3. AceGamez
    Fight Night Round 4 manages to deliver boxers and fights so convincing that they're realer than Evander 'The Real Deal' Holyfield, and at almost every point where the game could have become shallow and repetitive, its subtleties shine through to such an extent that you don't need to look at any other real world fighting games to find the greatest - the champ is undoubtedly here.
  4. FNR4 is the most realistic video game portrayal of the sweet science to date as well as being incredibly enjoyable to play. It has improved upon the previous Fight Nights in every way imaginable.
  5. I never knew it, but there's a killer beast inside me! And all it took was Fight Night Round 4: Stunning graphics, a thrilling soundtrack and a challenging career mode make this game an intense experience!
  6. EA Sports Fight Night Round 4 stands as arguably the best boxing game available on next generation consoles.
  7. If you like boxing and you play video games, Fight Night Round 4 is a must have.
  8. It doesn’t matter if you care about boxing; this superb game is worth a look from everybody, especially since face button punching will be added in September. My complaints with FNR4 are mostly about ultimately trivial window dressing; the game itself is a blast to play, and that’s what stands out.
  9. It’s hard to reinvent a sport that’s…well, already a sport. But, developer EA Canada has done a marvelous job with bringing a focus to the fighting that brings out the sweet science.
  10. Its incredibly accurate physics system doesn’t just set a new bar for boxing games, but for all games across all genres. Newton’s laws of motion haven’t mattered this much in a game since Pong, and bare-chested men haven’t looked this good in a game since Cho Aniki.
  11. A beautiful and bloodthirsty representation of boxing, as well as a superb visual showpiece for either console.
  12. Fight Night Round 4 can easily be described as “the most accessible and yet challenging boxing game ever created”. The fighting mechanics have been revamped and refined to please hardcore boxing gamers but EA Canada has also found a great way to make the game incredibly less frustrating to newcomers as well. Yes, the online matchmaking world remains a daunting place to be however what the game has to offer besides that makes up for it.
  13. 90
    Fight Night Round 4 lacks some of the wow factor of its predecessor, but it builds upon the strengths of Round 3 and corrects most of its weaknesses.
  14. Fight Night Round 4 is more authentic than previous games. It chooses realism over action packed gameplay, which might scare off some fans of the franchise.
  15. Fight Night Round 4 is a masterpiece of boxing simulation. Our vote didn’t reach 10 mainly because there are no real terms of comparison out there, and we would’ve liked a new career mode as well. Other than that, the new collision system, the real-time calculation of the boxers’ body weight and arms extension (not to mention the superb graphics!) translate into an as-close-to-real-as-it-can-get boxing experience.
  16. Stepping into Fight Night Round 4's ring is definitely recommended if you have any interest in the sport whatsoever, just be aware that not everyone you come up against will be fighting in the spirit of the Queensbury rules.
  17. 90
    While it's not without its flaws, Fight Night Round 4 is still one of the most entertaining games of the year, no matter what gaming category you think it belongs in.
  18. The latest Fight Night pushes hard to deliver a game that feels realistic and authentic to the sport while also being extremely playable, and offering plenty of staying power. Even if boxing as a sport barely piques your interest, this game delivers tension, drama, and punishment to rival the best fighting games out there.
  19. Graphically, the game is stunning, and while there are a few stumbles along the way, nothing truly detracts from the strategic enjoyment one gets from this game. This is a wonderful step-up for the franchise.
  20. Fight Night Round 4 can honestly claim to be what Mike Tyson once quoted many years ago, "...I'm the best ever, my style's impetuous, my defense is impregnable, I wanna eat his children..." Well, okay, maybe not the last part, but damn if this isn't a great boxing game! If you are a fan, you are doing yourself a disservice not picking up a copy.
  21. Fight Night: Round 4 is definitively the best boxing-game this year. Also it's a bit to easy to come on top, but it's funny and interesting, especially with two players.
  22. Some of the things surrounding the boxing in Fight Night Round 4 are kind of annoying, especially if you're planning on primarily playing the game by yourself. But the fighting itself is fantastic and the online feels sharp enough to substitute for local opposition.
  23. With easy-to-pick-up controls and stunning graphics, Fight Night Round 4 is a fantastic experience with plenty of replay value and tons of unlockable content to keep any boxing fan busy for months.
  24. 88
    A wonderful boxing game. There are certainly issues to be found in the new Legacy Mode, but it’s much closer to what players want from a career mode. The online offering, while not hugely different from the previous Fight Night, still delivers where it counts.
  25. 90
    The undisputed champion of boxing games is Fight Night Round 4.
  26. Round 4 kicks off the sports season with style. There are some problematic nibbles here and there but it mar for what is a solid experience.
  27. 90
    Despite a steep learning curve for newcomers and the odd disappointing feature, Fight Night Round 4 is the ultimate boxing game and one that revels in both the skill and brutality of the Sport of Kings.
  28. Play UK
    An absorbing, burtal experience (especially in multiplayer), featuring almost-tactile physics and visuals descending the uncanny valley. Some thought is needed though as to whether a realistic portrayal of boxing necessarily brings about its most spectacular possible videogame. [Issue#181, p.76]
  29. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    It looks a treat, plays a treat and you can beat the crap out of Anthony Mundine, and unless Kyle Sandilands or Uwe Boll decide to lace up their gloves, it just doesn’t get much better than that. [Aug 2009, p.66]
  30. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    When it's good, it's absolutely bloody brilliant. But the deeper you delve, the tougher it is to ignore its few flaws. [Aug 2009, p.106]
  31. Fight Night Round 4 is not perfect, but it's the best simulation of the technical and strategic elements of boxing in any game to date.
  32. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Like many games earning classic status, FNR4 generates repeated standout, jaw-dropping moments, and none of them are pre-scripted. [Aug 2009, p.64]
  33. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Intense, and looks awesome, but lack the tools of a true champion. [Aug 2009, p.66]
  34. Fight Night Round 4 is not only the most realistic simulation of the sport of boxing that's ever been produced, it also translates into a hugely satisfying game. Polished and accomplished, Fight Night truly is king of the ring.
  35. Without question the best boxing game you'll ever play. Everything from the mechanics, to the value, the fun, and to the stunning visuals will not disappoint fans of both this game franchise, as well as fans of the sport. There is a ton of things to do and that helps keep this game's replay value high.
  36. So there we have it, Fight Night returns with a more refined playing experience then we’ve seen in previous versions! Ensuring it retains its title as king of the ring. A game of note in any boxing or sports fans video game collection, highly recommended.
  37. You’ll feel every punch, grimace at every brutal knock-down and celebrate every win as if it were your last. It’s a heart-thumping, nerve-jangling gaming experience and, as a sports game, is agonisingly close to perfection. A little more finesse in its Legacy Mode could have made it an all-time classic.
  38. The new and improved mechanics are fantastic, adding some much needed depth and strategy to the game and combining it with intuitive controls that anyone should be able to get to grips with.
  39. The undisputed heavyweight champion of the world as far as boxing sims are concerned and arguably the most visually stunning sports game on the market. While a distinct lack of content in the single-player game and some fairly repetitive boxer AI does tarnish an otherwise faultless offering, it's still a must have for boxing fans and well worth a punt for anyone else with a passing interest.
  40. 85
    Boxing has in Fight Night Round 4 an excellent installment, stunning, hard and conscious of its qualities, becoming the best game in its genre, hands down.
  41. While the game isn't perfect, specifically in the areas of its deeply flawed Legacy Mode, it still manages to provide a boxing experience like no other.
  42. The physics-based fighting is simply brilliant, the career mode will last you an age and the online functionality is solid. If you're not into boxing Round 4 is simple to learn, so you could still become the next Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali with a little practice. It's not perfect, mainly down to a slightly soulless career mode, but it's still a significant step up over Round 3.
  43. 80
    Fight Night Round 4 is absolutely the best boxing title on the market right now. The controls work perfectly and it all just looks really nice. Buy this game and get ready for some punches in the ring.
  44. 90
    Perhaps the best part of the new Legacy mode is the sheer volume of stat tracking.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 97 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 61 out of 97
  2. Negative: 15 out of 97
  1. Aug 25, 2010
    This game is the best boxing game out there. With the new counter punch system and overall smoothness of fighting it is a definite improvementThis game is the best boxing game out there. With the new counter punch system and overall smoothness of fighting it is a definite improvement on FNR3. The players reach and height play a big part as you can use ali to stay on the outside and slowly beat your opponent down. No longer can a button basher simply press the hayemaker button and get a KO. That being said the graphics are too cartoony for my liking. The roster is too small and you need to pay to buy fighters that should have originally been in the game. Finally the biggest omission, no Floyd Mayweather. Full Review »
  2. GerardH
    Jul 8, 2009
    I vote this a 0 to offset the hype on this game. It's really a 7.0 at best. The game is graphically superior and the physics are as I vote this a 0 to offset the hype on this game. It's really a 7.0 at best. The game is graphically superior and the physics are as well. Unfortunately 20 min into the game you can tell that's all they spent their time on. There is NO option for buttons to be used as punches. Total Punch Control is it, but the analog stick is way to inaccurate to control everything. I jab when i should hook. I hook when i should uppercut. I throw to the body when i should be throwing to the face. Most annoying of all is i try to uppercut and throw nothing for 2 or 3 seconds. Just forget about throwing a combo. EA really screwed up by trying to force the TPC on us...2) The computer is way too difficult. In FNR3, I had a record of something like 100-2. I used to be able to play on the hardest setting and get a win. On FNR4, i'm playing on difficulty 2 out of 4 and in 20 matches with the computer, i have only gotten as far as a draw. That's it. I can't tell if the computer wants me to spam punches or try and be tactful, but it doesn't matter cause the computer blocks or dodges like 60% of your punches. At first I thought there was a new emphasis on defense. Bobbing and weaving to get to your man is a welcome addition, but it seems like the CPU counters are 5x more powerful...3) Online gameplay sux horribly! No longer do people have to watch what they throw or vary it up because they can just spam you with punches all round long. You have to either dodge the punches or time the block just right, and when i mean 'just right' i mean split second. Basically you have no hope of doing that consistently enough to beat your opponent without taking too many shots yourself. So basically give up on defense except for the occasional attempt, and analog-control-mash. Seriously. A guy i fought who had a 26-2 record completely killed me twice. Then when I finally gave up on defense and body-punch-spammed with Tyson, I started winning...Point is, anyone who tells you this game is great is only looking at the graphics and is a casual gamer who will have forgotten about this game in a week anyways. This is Street Fighter 2009, boxing edition. Full Review »
  3. formerfightnightfan
    Jun 27, 2009
    Why can't i use buttons!?!?!?! I LOVED fight night round 3 i have long awaited this game - I don't like the new engine - IWhy can't i use buttons!?!?!?! I LOVED fight night round 3 i have long awaited this game - I don't like the new engine - I don't know why they had to get rid of the old one!? I think the graphics and sound are better on the old one and again..why can't i use the frickin buttons!!! Full Review »