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  1. Feb 1, 2012
    This game improves on virtually every single aspect from it's predecessor. How it's getting lower reviews, I can't figure out but if you read almost every outlets review you will realize this game is good, not just good, but much better than FFXIII. In fact, I believe this game is how FFXIII should have been in the first place.
  2. Oct 14, 2014
    An improvement on its predecessor and a welcome change in tone, if XIII felt stripped-out, XIII-2 has everything put back in. It isn't perfect, and has some annoying features (some worlds have random encounter rates that get really annoying, really quickly), and some puzzles were clearly designed by Satan himself (Paradox clock) but my issues with the XIII's battle system have mostly been addressed - at least, they weren't a problem in-game. I missed the lack of a proper party, but a Moogle that says KUPO all the time, and being able to recruit monsters - including Cactuars and Chocobos - kind of makes up for it, they have more personality than Snow, at any rate. XIII-2 also has its own version of Golden Saucer, which isn't as good, but it's nice to race Chocobos again. If there is one negative thing I would say about the game, it's that after 30-40 hours of effort, an unsatisfying ending was thrown in my face with a big fat TO BE CONTINUED... sign. Can't have everything, I suppose. Expand
  3. Sep 22, 2013
    A better version of Final Fantasy XIII. The gameplay is not linear anymore (you can travel to every location you have already opened anytime), a lot of stuff to do, a lot of stuff to collect, side-quests. Improved battle-system. The story is decent and somehow twisted, all the thing is about time travelling and "butterfly effects".
  4. Feb 4, 2012
    FInal Fantasy used to be the pinnacle of 'next generation' videogame during the PS 1 era.....but something along the way was lost...Square Soft seemed to lose their connection with their own customers. I remember back in the PS1 days, Square was the best game developer there is...Every game that they made were gold, even outside FF! Yes, FF 13 part 1 and 2 looks amazing, but it feels 'awkward'. They're not immersive...You don't get sucked into the worlds as you used to. There's too much cut scenes. Better yet, learn from the best JRPG of last year, XENOBLADE Chronicles. For now, FF feels like a shadow of its former self Expand
  5. Feb 13, 2013
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a great game and a huge improvement for those who wanted a similar old school like Final Fantasy experience but were disappointed with the first game. Final Fantasy XIII-2 uses everything that was great in the first game and improves at almost all aspects for a few and brings back many of the most loved aspects of the previous games such as town exploration and non-linearity. You will surely enjoy the graphics, design, music and gameplay of the game. Even if you did not enjoy the first game that much this game however will change your opinion on the series as a whole. Expand
  6. Feb 26, 2012
    I hear people saying this game is so much better than the original 13. But, is it? It makes something different, that's for sure and "improves" on what people criticized in the past. But, if this game is good is because it picked up on what a PHENOMENAL game stopped. XIII-2 is good, fact. But, for me, XIII was way better. It had a more cohesive story, epic, compelling. We actually understood what was going on. With XIII-2 we have Serah (who is very vanilla) and Noel (who is a better character) and a confusing story that appears not to be going anywhere. I enjoyed XIII-2. But it only made me miss XIII and who good it actually was back in the day. Expand
  7. May 11, 2012
    Better than XIII in most ways. I like the fact you can explore a lot more, but it has to be done through a cenrtal HUB, which really takes away the feeling of exploration and adventure. The story is lacking, but Caius is a great villian. Combat is pretty much the same as in XIII, but the monster collecting is fun.
    The soundtrack is... different from the rest in the series, but I liked it.
  8. Feb 7, 2012
    Sometimes we see prominent, successful, people have children only for that child to grow up and be unable to emerge from the shadow of their parents. That, unfortunately, describes the case with this title. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is the child of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger but fails to emerge from the shadow of either. The characters are shallow and hard to connect with, the time aspects of the story aren't very well done and makes the story more confusing than it needs to be, and the combat system - with exception to the inclusion of monster mobs in your party - has changed little from FF13. The one good change has been the ability to change party leaders, especially during combat, because in FF13 the defeat of your party leader was an instant game over - a complaint sounded by many players. Unfortunately the game is ultimately mediocre - just another Final Fantasy title that doesn't really stand out. It's really a shame Sakaguchi wasn''t able to be successful with Mistwalker Studios; I feel had Square Enix had some real competition from their former mastermind, the quality of Final Fantasy would have significantly increased. Expand
  9. Mar 26, 2012
    This is not an FINAL FANTASY game of the good ones, it appears any more DLC to beast that does not shine in excess. To your defense if I recognize your beautiful graphs and entertaining advance, but your problem is that it is not what your name sells. The essence of this saga is the story and your main characters, and in FFXIII-2 the argument is very weak and short. The trips in the time it has been definitively a wrong idea. I hate Mogu, casino, trips in the time, the ending, Chocolina, to look for the whole stage for almost invisible appliances, celebrities, Academia and the sonorous sung band. Expand
  10. Aug 16, 2012
    I'm 12 hours in and still staring at the background scenery,everything about his game is visually and dynamically stunning, I love the strategic combat system, and animal taming..
    This is a vast improvement on it's predecessor..
    I can see myself platinum-ing this title and enjoying the experience..
    Picked it up brand new for $30 (AUS), and Played nothing else since (I bought 6 games
    this month).. Expand
  11. Jan 3, 2014
    Let me start by saying that FF13 was pure crap and the worst Final Fantasy game ever made, so no one was more surprised than me by how much fun I had playing 13-2. It is not perfect but a vast improvement over its predecessor & definitely worth getting, especially since used copies currently run about $13 at Gamestop.

    Squeenix fixed a lot of what was wrong with FF13, which gives me some
    hope for the future of the company. The story, dialogue & main characters are much better, the maps are not brutally linear and actually contain secrets & treasure to hunt down, and there is a ton of optional content.

    In 13-2 you play as Serah, the sister of no-personality Lightning from 13, and Noel, a time traveler from 700 years in the future. These two are your two main party members for the entire game and this is actually a good thing. They are better characters the entire rest of the cast from 13 combined and are superbly voice acted, as well.

    The plot of 13-2 is essentially FF: Doctor Who, which again isn’t really a bad thing. Noel picks up his companion, Serah, and they go gallivanting through time & space together. Where things get interesting is that your actions change future locations & create parallel realities. You can freely visit any area you’ve unlocked and can also “reset” each one to play through story events in a different way to pick up missed items. The narrative stays remarkably cohesive despite all the jumping around in time. I only regret that no romance develops between Noel & Serah b/c they have much better chemistry than Serah does with her fiancée Snow from FF13, who is a giant tool box.

    While the game’s proper ending is, unfortunately, little more than a cliffhanger designed to get you to buy the upcoming FF13-3, there are a bunch of alternate endings you can unlock after beating the game and they are done in a clever way. Instead of creating confusion about which one is the “real” ending, these are all parallel reality endings that generally don’t go so well, showing that the “real” ending is probably the best one.

    Mog the moogle makes a return to the series, too. He’s mostly included for comic relief (as well as inexplicably turning into Serah’s weapon during battle) but feels like part of the group thanks to some good writing. He even has an invaluable and funny use during field exploration where you throw him around to find treasure amidst protesting squeals of “Kupo!” A bit on the cutesy side, but any FF series veteran will appreciate his inclusion.

    The third member to round out your battle party is a monster of your choice, which you can capture and train up with special materials that can be bought or won from battle. Think of this as FF: Pokemon. Not a terribly original idea, but one that Squeenix executes very well. Almost every monster in the game is capable of being captured, which is incredibly cool, and the growth system is quite deep.

    There is even a Gold Saucer-esque area where you can gamble and race chocobos. The system is not as in-depth as the breeding found in FF7, but you can race chocobos you tame in the wild and they will perform better if you level them up the right way. I found the racing to get repetitive, but luckily you don’t have to do it that long to get the best rewards from it.

    There are also a ton of “fragments” to be collected through defeating special bosses, completing quests or simply finding them like treasure in certain areas. Collecting them serves a variety of purposes such as powering up a set of weapons and unlocking special skills.

    The battle system is still one of the game’s negatives, however. It’s built on FF13’s combat engine, which is not a good thing. It’s admittedly better and sports a few improvements but you still feel like more of a spectator than anything else b/c the game feels like it’s playing itself.

    The music is another sticking point. It is terrible almost all the way through; even worse than the music in FF13, which is saying a lot. It swings between wildly inappropriate and teeth-grindingly annoying.

    To end on a high note, the graphics in 13-2 are even more stunning than those in 13. This is a beautiful game. So much so that there are only two FMV scenes and you’ll hardly notice. Everything else is rendered in-game. I bought a couple of the DLC outfits and was blown away by them. They aren’t merely palate swaps on the same skins but totally new & different outfits. I routinely forgot they were wearing the DLC clothes since they are seamlessly integrated into the in-game cutscenes, so it’s a shame that all the new weapons you get during the game are only palate swaps.

    There are even some extra DLC packages and a battle coliseum to play around with, but this review has gone on long enough. Bottom line is that if you hated FF13 like I did but you like Final Fantasy, you will enjoy 13-2. Pick up a used copy and you won’t regret it. Here’s hoping they don’t break the series again when 13-3 is released!
  12. Feb 1, 2014
    although it tries hard to be even better than it's predecessor, this game just isn't as good. the graphics are once again beautiful, however the story is pretty confusing, and you'll find yourself questioning the logic this game uses at times, and it's all around pretty boring. the same could be said about the two main characters, Serah and Noel, the former who barely has a personality, and the latter with a personality you probably won't care about. the gameplay is, once again, very good, and paradigm shifts are faster to pull off than in XIII, which is nice. you can capture monsters in battle, as well as several secret ones hidden in the world. despite this, the music isn't great, which is a letdown. the crystarium which is how you upgraded your characters, has gone from a web-like grid, to a linear upgrade system which is a shame. this game is a bit shorter than the previous one, (i finished it around 20 hours earlier than FFXIII), it instead tries to make up for it with multiple endings. i really wanted to like this game, because i loved XIII, but it's just not as good. Expand
  13. Feb 4, 2012
    This game might not be a masterpiece for some people, but it will never be a game that get a zero. I admit, the music in this game is less amazing compare to the original and it is obvious the budget of the making this game is much lower compare to the original, but the game is still great. I enjoy this game very much and i actually enjoy this much more than the original. It's worth your money, definitely. Expand
  14. Sep 21, 2014
    An improvement compared to Final Fantasy 13 but still not as good as previous Final Fantasy games. The good things: The graphics are awesome and the soundtrack is fine. They put side quest / side activities in this game (This was a mayor complaint for Final Fantasy 13). You also have some variation at the level up. You can increase some stats more than others and can chose to acquire some skills earlier. The characters are O.K. Serah and Noel are believable (but made some stupid decisions within the story).
    The bad things: The story still had a decent amount of plot holes and dumb decisions by the main characters. Also it has the least amount of party members for all Final Fantasy games I know. The battle system still lacks direct control. A mayor complaint is the ending. It is so bad that it is only second to Mass Effect 3. I won’t spoil anything here but it makes me feel that I wasted my time. Also you must pay extra money for the real ending (DLC = Downloadable content). This is by far the dumbest thing a publisher can do. Overall this is an O.K game but it will anger many Final Fantasy fans.
  15. Aug 24, 2013
    Pros:Caius,Tragedy,sad scenes,Noel,Places,Musics (Caius battle theme the best),Snow..
    Cons:Pokemon game,A little time with snow!?,Alyssa, adult Hope,new coccoon looks ugly.

    Its a Pokemon game,I hate adult Hope its a f**king genius he is the perfect man in fabula novula crystallis world, kid hope was better not to mention the cloth, kid hope cloth was perfect! Story is ruined and the
    great fantastic FF13 ending was ruined with this too...
    FF13-2 ending was aghhhh great!? its would be a great thing if enemy (Caius) wins in FF title not only good (Lightning) sides. but Its would be better if this game release as FF15 with different heores,world and with Caius antagonist..Square Enix should stop this idiot sequels...
  16. Feb 9, 2012
    Final Fantasy XIII-2 brings new things to the series. First, the Cinematic Action : there are actually not that many of them, and then they donâ
  17. Feb 4, 2012
    While Final Fantasy 13-2 will still not be everyone's cup of tea it is far superior to its predecessor. Final Fantasy 13-2 mostly sticks to the same battle system utilised by its predecessor, however it is different enough to make it feel a lot more fun. Combat is much faster and more fluid on the whole, the paradigm shifts have no slow down as exhibited in 13 and the game in general is more about enduring the battle than a dungeon (Same as in 13 in this way). Speaking of endurance in battle 13-2 brings in the 'wound' system which makes enduring battles harder as some enemies caan wound you and make your maximum lifebar lower and lower, therefore making just healing injuries slightly more obselete. Now the next new thing in the combat system is rather hit and miss with its implementation, 'Cinematic Actions' or QTE are used at various points in battle. While the mention of QTE within a JRPG may sound ludicrous I personally found it to further expand on the fast system and add a nice layer of depth to the battle system, rather than just using auto-battle or using the paradigm shift most of the time. The gameplay is enjoyable and really thought through by Square Enix this time around most will enjoy it albeit those who thoroughly disliked the initial system in 13. Another important point to take into consideration which is new to the final fantasy series is the addition of monsters which round up the count of your party members to three. During your travels through the game you will encounter various monsters, some of which turn into a crystal and join your party during the duration of the game. There are a few main types of monsters each with their own unique job assigned (which cannot be changed through paradigm shift) for example you may put a Behemoth on your party who fulfils the commando role. Before battle however you must set your paradigms, which includes setting a specific monster to each, so that when you activate a battle during a paradigm shift the type of monster can be changed. An example of this is say you have a team of Serah (RAV), Noel (Rav) and Zwerg Scanaroid(RAV) but you want 2 Medics and a commando you could paradigm shift so the monster appropriate to this condition is within that paradigm Serah (MED) Noel (COM) Cait Sith (MED). Again within battle the monsters have a Limit Break like technique called a 'Feral Link' which can be used during battle to use a special attack which is unique to each monster, However the feral link bar must first be filled. Finally we move onto the actual equipment and levelling up system. This time around we ditch the previous crystarium system in which everything was on a set stemmed path and take up the new crystarium system, which using crystogen points received for winning battles allow for upgrades of each job seperately until you reach a bonus. Once a bonus is reached the player decides what to do with the bonus, common options include; Upgrade job bonuses (Get more HP etc... for each step taken on crystarium scale), Unlock a new job which was previously locked to the character, increase ATB gauges. This system feels much more comfortable and a lot less confused than the levelling up system that was included in the predecessor. To level up monsters the system is essentially the same except your limited to levelling up their specified job and instead of using crystogen points to level up they use special items. Next up is equipment which is mostly the same except for the fact that A) Weapons no longer have to be upgraded) and B) Accessories take up a set amount of AP for each character which can be raised by choosing this as a bonus within the levelling up system. Now away from all this technical stuff is the need to say that the linear paths seen within 13 are mostly gone and the open areas within the game definately allow for exploration to find new items or to find fragments and artifacts (More on this later). The enviroments are diverse in general although the first few are all pretty dull in the sense that they are ruins, although this is intentional as they are mostly the same location in different time zones (More on this later). NPC's are also back and really give a feeling of life in the game, they also offer up side missions which are really useful to carry out. There is also a feature commonly seen in MMO of a tab at the bottom left of the screen which has all the text of what the NPC's are currently communicating. Then there is a new system called the 'Live trigger' system which allows you to talk to NPC's in a new branching conversation and decisions way (As seen in Mass Effect). There are also new systems like the Historia Crux which allows travel to various locations within the game provided you have the key to going to these locations in the form of an artifact which can be found. Would write more but got no characters left. Gameplay: 9
    Lasting Appeal:9
    Story: 7.5
  18. Apr 3, 2012
    Even though I am lost in the story throughout the time I played it, I liked it more than XIII. Say what you will but it is hard to give a FF game a bad score since the graphics far surpass most titles out there. I wish it was not a '-2' title, it is good if not better than its predesessor. I like the changes made and the game was worth playing just to see the story through to the end.
  19. Jan 31, 2012
    Outdated Everything. Story doesn't make any sense. Annoying voice acting. Combat still unimaginative, the game plays by itself, just flashy battles. How about some real fighting. Not here. Square Enix is just milking the fanbase. The fanbase of neckbeards that like little girls with pink hair.
  20. Oct 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. FF13-2 is strictly better than his predecessor. They added town, side quests and a less linear story.
    However, combat are still as boring as FF13 (the addition of monsters in the team is great but the fact that you are forced to use both main characters kills the customization options) and the ending is.... well..... they are making another FF13 game so it says it all...
  21. Mar 14, 2012
    Boring! Ridiculous story and not captivating at all. Combat is no different from FF13 i.e. boring too. Missed the linear story of FF 13. In contrast, FF 13-2 is just made up of a bunch of episodes loosely connected together by travelling through the different eras using time-travelling gates. I wasted 40 hours of my precious time, not to mention money spent. Graphically and artistically, FF 13-2 puts GOTY titles like the Mass Effect series to shame. The character models are just beautiful. The scenary is stunning. Too bad, the story is plain garbage.

    Hmmm ... I'm still drooling over the independently flowing strands of hair from Serah and Noel. Not to mention Lightning's naturally flowing feathered-skirt. Can't imagine such beautifully rendered graphics on a last-gen console like the PS3. Bet if this title makes it to the PC, we'll really get life-like characters.

    OBTW, I missed the CGI cutscenes from FF13. The rendered cutscenes in FF13-2 just can't compare.

    Overall, FF series has reached a new low.
  22. Mar 31, 2013
    I think this game is an improvement on ff 13. I liked the monsters and levelling them up, there was more elements of exploration and Serah and Noel are simply adorable together. Again a very pretty game, I love the hair blowing in the wind and the movements of the characters. The story had potential but the endings sucked big time, Im not a fan of miserable endings.
    I also hated the
    ridiculously difficult clock puzzles, what normal person can figure them out? Luckily google saved the day. I hated with a passion the last few end areas especially the Acadamia platforms, playing on normal the monsters there were really challenging as if the whole moving platforms and crap wasnt bad enough. Just a huge time waster if you ask me.
    So for the terrible and pointless endings and awfullly frustrating puzzles and end game boss fights (that went on and on forever) and also those awful grindy battles, man this game is all about the grind! I have to score this game about a 6. Still better than ff13 tho.
  23. Mar 7, 2012
    I read a lot of complaints about every aspect of this game: music, combat, story, length. Then I realized those complaints came from people who never played it. Impossible as it may seem I think that this game is one of the best final fantasies in a long long time. Why, you may ask? To put it simply, here's why: - loved the characters: they have a troubled past but don't spend the screen time looking sad staring at the distance
    - music: people didn't like mostly because they heard "crazy chocobo" out of context, just that song
    - the monster collection: it is deep, funny and can shift the balance in battle
    - battle itself: challenging, fast-paced, spamming the X-button will lead to nowhere, really
    - story: it is simple to follow, more focused about the dynamic between characters then the overly abused: young boy that looks like a girl will save the world with the power of friendship. Then we have the ending, I'm not going to spoil it but I can understand why people would complain about it, on the other hand I think it is perfectly done as it is.

    In the end, I recommend this game to everyone who loved the previous one, and to all the people who somehow feel like they have been "betrayed" by Square: they will find an epic tale through time with likable characters.

    Stop complaining about non-issues, focus on what the game has to offer instead of features that are absent from previous games.
  24. Aug 26, 2013
    I'm really kind of conflicted about XIII-2. I came into the game thinking all the flaws of XIII were to be fixed, and the game certainly didn't disappoint in that regard. I was shocked to find problems of a whole different caliber take their place. One aspect of the game I disliked in particular was that the Cerberus-X paradigm essentially beat 99% of random encounters for you. Because Square enix made the game more open, there are a lot more random encounters in the game, making a more streamlined combat system that doesn't focus as much on staggering necessary. But this makes most of the encounters just a flashy X button mashing fest. It also hurt that the story seemed to lose focus as the game wore on, becoming convoluted and confusing, sans a few touching moments.

    Why do I still give the game an 8 then? Well, the game still has its share of assets, the most prominent being presentation. The worlds of XIII-2 and absolutely astounding, especially now that they are completely open for exploration. The music in the game is also one of the best soundtracks in the series, with an unusual amount of interesting vocal arrangements for key tracks. Serah, Noel, and the rest of the cast are strong, and help mitigate the confusing story. The game's open structure can definitely attract those not as concerned with advancing the story, although completing sidequests will make the game even easier than it already is. '

    Ultimately, it's still a strong game, but with its fair share of flaws. Should you give it a shot? Yes, I think you should. Just realize that it's a very different sort of game than its predecessor, and whether that's for the better is up to you.
  25. Jan 31, 2012
    Too many ones pushin'up this thing. This game is dull as a rusted dishwater in the center of a living-room. Characters ? Silly, charismatic as a toilet. Gameplay ? Chaotic. For a non English-birth-language ones ergonomy is non-existent cause you're forced to read on the bottom of the screen a lot of things that drive away focus completely from everything. Leveling up ? Just too linear. Actions ? Too fast too many times (we are not lab-monkeys) == frustrating. Shops ? That addicted neither-too-sexy thing it's a cheap choice for programmers. Level design ? Built by the machine. Atmosphere ? Zero. Sounds ? Annoying. Musics ? Someone good but out of place and no adrenaline rush. Graphics ? Last chapter was better. The story ? What story ? That mess that someone call a "story" ? Who cares ? ...I'm a bigbetterhuge FF fan, I've always been... but this time is just too much, enough is enough, please FF staff, just go to do HARAKIRI, not FF XIII-3, shame on you, regain "love for the game" instead "love for the money" and money will come again but this time I only wish you to default. Expand
  26. Nov 27, 2012
    Ah Final Fantasy! Easily my favourite game series of all time. Now, I'm not one of the rabid fan boys who has to wipe drool from my mouth whenever Sephiroth's name is mentioned, but I can say I'm a pretty stout defender of the series. I'd go on record to say the Final Fantasy XIII is a very good game. However, after Hironobu Sakaguchi left SquareEnix and the Final Fantasy series, it's hard to deny that the series has lost some of it's magic. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an admiriable sequel to FFXIII, but there are a lot of issues that nagged at me as I played through the game. Graphically, the game is decent, but am I crazy for thinking the graphics were better in XIII? The music is sorta meh. It's not bad, it's just not particularily mememorable. The biggest problem I have is with the characters. I never grew attatched to Sarah or Noel. Honestly, I hated Sarah until about 3 quarters through the game. Her constant whining and insistence that she needs Lightning or Snow to protect her (after she fights waves of enemies big and small) grates on my nerves. I like Moogles, but I wanted to turn the moogle in this game into a stuffed animal for my daughter. Lastly, the story is serviceable, but not what I've come to expect from a Final Fantasy game. The gameplay has been tweaked to the games benefit. I've seen people complaining that there is only two characters, but the addition of trained monsters opens up a ton of variety as far as party dynamics go. The leveling system is also a massive improvement on the lame system from XIII. The open ended mission structure alleviates a lot of the issues most people had with the linearity of the first game. Overall, FFXIII-2 is a servicable game, but a game that is showing the age of my favourite franchise. Hoping for more from Lightning Returns and the inevitable FFXV. Expand
  27. Feb 4, 2012
    The new FF is simply great ! Ok,the story is stretched and functional satisfying but the game also improved in many ways.
  28. Feb 4, 2012
    I stopped playing at 12 hours of game-play, couldn't take it anymore. The game is depressing and everything is emo to the extreme. The story is just bad. The only improvement over ff13 is the combat system, which is than gimped by only having 2 characters!

    There hasn't been a good final fantasy game since the PS1 era. How can a company that creates a masterpiece like FFVII publish this
    trash? Did they all become twilight fans? Expand
  29. Feb 2, 2012
    Remember when a new FF game was the talk of the town, a sounding call for all kids to rush to the nearest store and cast their vote prematurely for game of the year? Those days are gone. But FF XIII-2 is an okay game anyway. Better, in fact, than the last eight years of Square Enix's attempts to "update" (or ruin) their games. It won't escape from the scrutiny the series has received constantly in these years, and a lot of that has to do with the wooden characters. I actually remember when the cast of FF evoked real emotion, and didn't just play off their own stereotypes (the silent cool one, the broody one, the airhead "funny" one). Serah and Noel are just about the worst the series has offered, not helped by the terrible dialogue and the contrived plot, which isn't even worth mocking. So what worked? Well, the battle system and difficulty curve are much better implemented than its predecessor. The game smartly ripped off "pokemon" and "chrono trigger" with the monster collection system and time travel world-altering mechanics. In doing so, the game up and admits that "Final Fantasy" as a unique franchise has died, and square enix doesn't know what it's doing any more. Things like the world map, large cast of interchangeable-but-unique-in-battle characters, rebels against the evil empire distracted by clever side quests... it's all gone for good it seems. Yes, there are side quests, but they boil down to WOW style fetch quests. There are towns of unique NPCs but, since you always know where to go next, there's no motivation to explore these side characters and their trials against killing some specific monster type you've already battled a hundred times. And saving the world? I guess you do... accidentally, as a sort of means to an end of finding that broody Cloud/Cecil build that was Lightning. Yes, this is a return to form for the franchise, and the game feels a bit more like old school JRPG fun. At this point, there are better JRPGs to play, with cleverer plots in place of those frame-rate-destroying HD graphics. Try "Cthulu Saves the World" instead. Hell, even the Pokemon franchise is better than this. But it's a hell of a lot more involving than the last few FF games, and at least the series seems to be getting off the ropes. Here's hoping "Versus" or the yet-to-be-announced FF 15 will be better. Expand
  30. Mar 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. FF 13 ended perfectly without any hole left to fill. So... why is there a sequel?

    because squeenix wants more money and lightning was popular, that's why.

    Lengthy intro, story is filler upon filler and the ending of the first game was out the window at the start... so... AVOID.
  31. Nov 4, 2012
    Sad, just sad... What happened with the old final fantasy style, why can't you make a new final fantasy in classic style? Why squaresoft keep making this crap. What the hell has happened with square? Why can't you produce a single final fantasy to ps3 in old style? Why? It doesn't need to have the best graphics of all, just the classic gameplay we all love! oh my god! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU SQUARE??!! I HOPE YOU GO BANKRUPT, SO THEN SOMEONE MAY BUY YOU AND DO BETTER! Expand
  32. Feb 11, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. XIII-2 address the issues of XIII, mainly the linear gameplay, but does that make it a better game? Sadly, no. I still love the fast-paced and more action-oriented battle system, it makes every battle more thrilling. The graphics is a technical marvel for seventh gen consoles. FF is known for it's strong story but sadly, the confusing story almost overshadows every good part of the game. All the time travelling nonsense doesn't even make sense. About halfway into the game, I was completely lost. I didn't know what was going on in the story and because of that, I didn't care about any of the characters. I just rushed through the game so that I can get the game's easy, but long, Platinum (because I did so in the first game) but in the end I didn't care that, and I didn't know how, Serah died. I like this game, but it's only worth a rental as I will never play this game again. For fans, you'll get much more enjoyment. For the uninitiated, give the PS1 and 2 FF a go before FFXIII. It's epic! Expand
  33. Jan 4, 2013
    This game may not be the best in the series, but it is still a great game. The story was interesting and immersive, and the game offers many new concepts, and the high amount of quests and activities will keep you going for over 30 hours.
  34. Feb 1, 2012
    * Yes this review will be pretty harsh, but in the end i will give some constructive feedback about how i think the series still can be saved. * (I'm dutch so please forgive my English.) Final Fantasy has lost it's soul, it is now nothing more than a pretty empty shell. It is merely a glimpse of the big bright beautiful star it once was. I really h... i mean... dislike the 3d engine, i dislike the characters, i dislike the story, which makes no sense at all, i dislike the combat system, i dislike the music. (My favourite song of all time, still is Cosmo Canyon from VII, when i first heard it, it gave me goosebumps from head to toe, i still have this song now, for even more then a decade in my regular mp3 play list, and it never gets old.) But since X the magic is completely gone.

    Final Fantasy has lost the spirit of adventure, and the spirit of exploration, everything that made Final Fantasy 1-10 great is sadly enough, completely gone.

    It is now a game for the masses, and dumbed down for a greater audience, for only one stinkin

    The only way of which i can think off, to restore the former glory of the series, and i think a lot of people will agree with me, but of course the new Final Fantasy playing generation will not, is this:

    Drop the new 3d engine they are using, and create a new HD engine of the same engine they used for VII, VIII, IX.

    Please bring back the turn based battle system, i truly love it, i like to think out my strategy during a fight, i also like to take my time during a fight, and don't want to be rushed ALL the time.

    Even tough technology nowadays can easily render the world map in 3d, as were they started with in XII, please don't !, and create a top down view like they did in the "real" Final Fantasy games, this because it brings variety, due to the different perspectives you get, when playing the game. So when in buildings, towns, villages, use 3d view, when on the world map, use top down view, and when in battle, once again the 3d view, or like... how do you say it, the view like it was in VII, VIII, IX, but make the battles turn based again.

    And please bring back the Aeons / GF's in their traditional form, and do not make them able to fight by your side, but only on summon bases. (I like to watch my Aeon / Gf's introduction for 2 minutes every single time i summon them :-D (This is also where the engine can really shine like it did in VII, VIII, IX) Like in VIII when you would summon Eden, it took a whole lot of time, and in the mean time i got really pumped up and started to yell at my tv saying things like; ooow now your gonna get it (Eden's animation still running and charging.) Saying again; ITS ON NOW (Eden's animation almost finished :P) Saying oww yeah it's coming now B****ES !!... And then after a minute or so Eden released it's Fury, whipping most of the baddies out, after which i put my sweaty hands back on my PS 1 controller, those where the days i tell you ! :-) And then the music, make it more adventure spirited, more magical, and traditional, like in the old days.

    Also make an option to turn voice overs on or off, and when in off mode use text balloons, this might be a strange request for most people, but when "voices" are given to you, your imagination has nothing to do any more because they are filled in all ready, i like to give them their own voices, and personality in my head. to me, it has this extra dimension. So, an option for voice overs on or off, and off course an option for using Japanese voices, for those who prefer it.

    And for last, and probably the most import "thing" for a Final Fantasy game, create a descent story !! I think a Final Fantasy game can rise or fall even only just by it's story. So please try to get the original writer back, i know he said The last story on the Wii will probably be has last work, and i know he probably won't do it, but please try !

    The only RPG this generation of which i think off which comes close to a traditional Final Fantasy game, is Eternal Sonata.

    I actually feel pretty sad that i have to type this review down, this is just because i have very fond memories of the "real" Final Fantasy games, and i truly hope i can i play a descent one, once again in the near future.
  35. Feb 4, 2012
    I love this game. With the beautifully flowing graphics to the iridescent cut scenes that seem magical. The story line is involved as much as it should be for such a game. The music is more varied than its predecessor and amusing in some instances (Chocobo riding is suitably silly). I am happy with the characters and can see that the developers were mindful of creatures such as Moogle becoming overwhelming. I enjoy the new battle style that employs Monsters and the Live and Cinematic action is a real treat. For the haters that give this game a zero, I question why they purchased it (if at all). If you didn't like FF13 then why play FF13-2? Your negative comments are not helpful in the slightest. Your opinions are trite to the point of being amusing. Please feel free to not buy any more installments of this game. At least we won't have to sift through your boorish reviews with zeros attached. I, however, will continue to support this franchise till the end of time.... around 700AF. Expand
  36. Feb 2, 2012
    If you didn't have an issue with XIII then you'll probably enjoy this game. If you took issue with XIII then the nominal improvements won't fix it enough. It would be advisable to rent or barrow the game first before committing to a purchase.
  37. Aug 30, 2012
    Decent game but not a some big "no no" for me; 1) The music is not even decent 2) The jumping time system does not make it for me, basically not good enough. 3) Seeing it is the latest console FF game it is barely there in quality (graphics are very good though) when it comes to the game design. I get bored, and I really love the FF series.
  38. Oct 30, 2012
    This entry tried to build onto the last game while fixing the larger issues fans had with the first. They provided npcs to there credit however the store while many say its fixed is not and heres why. Last game randomly placed save cubes sold you items. Now a randomly placed annoying girl sells you items. Its just a save cube with a chacter model on it that doesnt let you save. So its a halfass fix but something. Combat remains overly simple but now for the big thing. The world There is no world technically. Just randomized boxed in locations. Imagin a mw3 map that you had to walk around find an item and teleport to another random map. Thats the entire layout of this game. They designed completely random areas without exits and just bounce you from one to the otherafter finding an item.

    Now for characters. The new guys pretty cool but serrah and her mog bow are not. The train a monster idea is nice but its only hiding the fact that this game seriously lacks a character roster. So in all honesty this game and its lack of story that has nothing to do with 13 mixed with the sensless area to area without any true feeling of travle (like walking from a desert area to a beach area to a slightly wooded area as seen in other games) this ff barely constitutes as a game at all. Any random thing can happen and just be called a time paradox. I really hated the feeling of traveling from 1 shoebox to the next though. That really bugged me.
  39. Nov 26, 2013
    Improvements were made in FF-XIII-2 compared to it's predecessor. Improvements: - Not as linear story and arguable better overall - New monster-pet mechanic - Cut-scene prompts/choices - Increased difficulty - Larger areas/worlds The same: - Beautiful CG, character models, and world. - The Soundtrack still good - The combat mechanics still terrible (The dreaded "Auto-battle")
    - Game items are still lackluster. e.g. weapons (just a change in color...seriously?)

    - Frame-rate drops (especially noticeable during cut-scene prompts)
  40. Jan 31, 2012
    This game is a masterpiece like the classic Final Fantasys.
    The gameplay, the music, the characters, the ambience, the graphics, etc
    Everything is awesome.
    If you like good games.
    If you like FFXIII.
    If you like Final Fantasy saga.
    Buy It!
    Buy it right now.
    It's a masterpiece.
  41. May 2, 2012
    Every person that has played Final Fantasy XIII will have some questions about its story, given that XIII was best at throwing a bunch of information (Fal'Cie,L'Cie,Cieth, etc) at you without really giving an explanation. So, with a sequel that includes time travel, they had all the opportunities to explain the story of XIII in detail. For example, let us fight along Fang and Vanille when they first attacked Pulse, give us details about Barthandelus and how he developed his plans. Background story about the other villains in the game, about the Purge, about why Cocoon was created in the first place (After all, they completely failed to explain what is bad so bad about Gran Pulse) and how the Fal'cie became so powerful. Instead, they chose to come up with another unappealing and shallow story about a seeress that dies everytime **** happens and another godess more powerful than the Fal'Cie. The time traveling in this game is absolutely meaningless. Collecting little flowers and guide books to take them to another time instead of changing the future and past. I know that this theme is difficult to pull off, but they did a terrible job. Since jumping between different eras is that meaningless in this game, they would have done better to give us a world map and a damn airplane for some FF-feeling. The whole story was build only for one purpose: so they could include Lightning. Which I respect, as she was the best thing about XIII. but the way they achieved this ridiculous. Some parts about the mechanics are quite nice, but what they promised us as "freedom" means needless complexity of even the tiniest bits. The Casino is no fun at all, the slot machine is a joke (most people hooked the controller up with duct tape to get the slot achievement/trophy) chocobo racing is no fun at all. All you have to do is build a perfect chocobo from a guide, let him win all the races and say bye-bye to fun. Fighting is still as good as it was in XIII and graphics are beautiful, but this game is pushing Final Fantasy as we know and love it even further away. Expand
  42. Jun 18, 2012
    I cannot understand why this game was not significantly more popular than it was. It is in fact my favourite entry in the series. Now I don't want my review to be elitist or offensive, so i will merely outline what I loved about it, and not why you should. The music was fantastic. a brilliant mix of classic FF and new style, the story, particulary the relationship between Caius and Noel, and just Caius in general, was great. (A highlight being a memorable interplay between the two in the endgame). The combat, for me, was a great change from the slower turn based mechanics in previous titles in 13, and it stayed that way for 13-2. Yeah, so the dlc thing is sort of annoying, but I always judge value by using a Dollar to hour ratio, and the poker in Sazh's dlc kept me going for hours and hours.
    I can honestly say there is nothing I do not love about this game.
  43. Mar 16, 2013
    I will admit that I'm part of the reason the Final Fantasy series sucks. I keep buying them even knowing they're going down hill, so I admit fault there.

    As this is running the same engine as XII, you'll find the same boring auto-combat system in place as you did in its predecessor. Thankfully, the characters are slightly less annoying, though there are very few of them. You will
    essentially only have 2 playable characters throughout the entire game. That, combined with the auto-combat and very few item or weapon upgrades, may make those who like to hunt for items in game feel very left out in the cold. It also means a complete lack of variety for most of the game.

    The story isn't abjectly terrible, as you'll find some interesting interactions as you jump to different times and places. Sadly, the story is punctuated with a fairly crap ending.

    Overall, the game has some slightly fun exploration to do, an amazing metal rendition of the chocobo theme, but it doesn't take you the places you want a game to.

    Square has openly admitted the series hasn't been what they wanted of it lately, so we can only hold out hope they do something amazing with the next generation.
  44. Feb 1, 2012
    FFXIII-3 doesn't look like a true FF game to me, it just proves that the series is dead. No longer is it Final FANTASY, is just post modern crap that has forgetten its roots. And its made by hack Nomura, one of the biggest reasons why the series has died (taking the series into an anime direction with his artwork that isfar inferior to Amano's).

    The series is dead. It may not be a corpse
    lying in a grave, but its a zombie that just won't lie down.

    The further the series has gone, the further away from its roots it has gone, the messier and more cliched the storytelling has gotten, the more style over substance it has gotten, and the need to have a more cinematic experience instead of solid gameplay has grown. Never mind the fact that the creator of the series has left after FFX, and now have a bunch of hacks writing and designing the series.
  45. Mar 3, 2012
    Final fantasy it's back, maybe it's not like the old Final fantasy, but it's very better than FFXIII and FFXII, and Caius it's e real bad-ass!!, not bad, not bad att all!
  46. Apr 22, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game ends with the words "To Be Continued". They seriously wants us to pay for an ending?! Just for that alone I would say avoid this game. I spent 30 hours getting through the story hoping for it to be resolved in someway. Whether it's a happy or sad ending I'm prepared to accept it. But no ending? Seriously?! ENDING SPOILER AHEAD

    So Serah dies, I was ok with that. Yeul has said that Serah's existence is a paradox, so I kinda expected her to die. But now it seems all her (the player's) work is in vain. Cocoon still gets destroyed, and the chaos of Valhalla is unleashed into the world. Then what's the point of the story? Why didn't Etro get her heart back from Caius? Anyways. This game was a huge letdown, avoid!
  47. Feb 7, 2012
    Where FFX-2 closed the open ending of FFX, and took you at least 40 hours to finish, FFXIII-2 took an ending that was slightly open just to tell half a story and leave you completely in the dark and frustrated when reading "to be continued..." right before the credits roll, and it took me about 15 hours to finish. So far it's pretty FF-unworthy. I didn't get lost in the game as I usually did with final fantasy installments, like 7, 8 or 10, even though I felt like I was going to when I first put the disc in my ps 3. But soon it started to feel like a mixture of Kingdom Hearts and earlier (ps 1) Final Fantasies.,(partially because for the first time they did something Kingdom Heartsy to it. A movie at the start, then the whole game only cutscenes, and a movie at the end.) Other than that, the good looking, but very tiny worlds you'd run around in, the way it's overly based on side-questing, with a very short main storyline, the storyline itself being extremely thin, almost like it's been thought up by one guy whilst being drunk and instead of filling in the blanks and making a coherent story simply left it like that and turned it into a game, making it feel more like episode 1 of FFXIII the season than a complete game. However, I'm not completely without sympathy for this game. Sure, it has some definite flaws, not to mention the ending which was horrible beyond belief.... But still, I had fun playing, despite all the minuses (at least up till the final sequence), a lot more than I had with FF XIII. I didn't really care about the storyline being kinda lame, and the way they just pointlessly added FF XIII characters into part 2 just to have them in the game... It's only now that I finished it that I'm bummed out about it. So if you don't mind an anti-climax, you'll have fun with this while it lasts Expand
  48. Sep 21, 2014
    If you're a final fantasy fan and enjoy the classic series... STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME! this destroys everything you loved about final fantasy with poor storyline and disgustingly over-bloated drama that make you wonder why you're even playing. Seriously... this is painful to play. played and beat every final fantasy that ever released before this one... I couldnt find it in myself to play another second of this solid crap. Sorry SE you've lost your touch. Expand
  49. Nov 17, 2014
    You would think that the game would be about the characters in front of the game right? But nooooo Lightning is barely even in this game she gets an amazing introduction but than she just vanishes gone but I'll forgive Square since they made Lightning Returns.

    Gameplay - Is pretty much the same as FFXIII but with some added additions the best addition in my opinion is the ability to
    control Monsters the 2nd best thing is the ability to return to the locations you visit unlike in FFXIII. The 3rd best thing is Paradigm Shifts are faster. The 4th best thing is the Cinematic Action Thingy which is probably the best thing in this game but there's not enough of it in the game to satisfy me. The 5th best thing is Time Traveling it feels so fun to go to all these different locations in different time periods I must admit It was really exciting.

    Story - Some cool themes were explored death oblivion paradoxes the end of the world and some good character development but unfortunately its still not as good or nowhere close to FFXIII's amazing story which is a huge disappointment. This doesn't feel like a sequel it feels like a side story a moderately good side story I might add.

    Characters - I wish there was more characters all we get is 4 Serah Noel Caius and Yeul I like them but I want more. For some reason I find Serah less likable in this game Noel is pretty cool Caius is not bad for being an Antagonist Yeul is just sad just cry for her because her story is sad. Hope is another character whose cool I like his change of clothes in FFXIII he looked gay in FFXIII-2 he looks like a man. Alyssa is another character I like. Lightning is badass as always.

    Soundtrack - At 1st I was like what the hell happened to the amazing soundtrack of FFXIII? But when I actually played the game I really liked it. Plains of Eternity New Bodhum Ruined Hometown The Battle Theme Caius's Theme & Paradigm Shift + more this game has a good and unique OST not the best but not the worst.

    Replay Value - This games replay value is low that's because its kind of short not as long as FFXIII plus the gameplay gets repetitive after awhile.

    Anyway after completing the game there's alot of extra things to do + the DLC content adds even more to the game.

    Overall - The game is good if it was a standalone game but nope its pt of the XIII Franchise which brings this all the way down because I expected alot out of this game and I didn't get it. I expected highly evolved gameplay and a very good story but we got the same gameplay with some improvements and a moderately good story. Square needs to put expectations high when making a sequel to an amazing game.
  50. Jun 1, 2013
    At first thought the idea of time travelling really sprung Chrono Trigger in mind. Unfortunately unlike Chrono Trigger the player doesn't notice any differences in the worlds when certain actions are performed. The story is a spider web of confusion and it isn't until reading all the fragment entries when you actual understand the concept of "changing the future changes the past." The story lacked real depth however introduces a new antagonist which for the first time in Final Fantasy history is not looking to destroy the world for some unknown reason. The battle system builds from XIII where the use of roles, weapons and accessories plays a significant part in ensuring a successful victory against the toughest foes. Unfortunately your skills are not exactly tested until downloading the Battle Arena Downloadable Content. This time around there are a significant number of side quests including Chocobo Racing. Don't get your hopes up, there isn't much input to be made in the lack luster mini-game. The soundtrack uses the good tracks from XIII along with some new ones that has an acquired taste. You'll find yourself for the most part farming Feral Crystals with 3% capture rates which makes it rather tedious until you complete the game and unlock Fragment Skills to increase those chances. Experienced RPGers will not find this game challenging including the Downloadable Content against the two toughest enemies in the game. The game is some what enjoyable but nowhere near the quality that has been shown by Square in the past. Mediocre but some what enjoyable. Expand
  51. Nov 10, 2014
    Hmm, did not like this game. Don't see why people say it's better than FFXIII, since I think the story was better. I can see if you do not like linearity, but then again I am used to playing JRPG's and many of them tend to be linear. Square Enix changed the series to appeal to a western audience, and while that is cool, I did not like it much. The time paradoxes were weird and not interesting. Plus I did not like having Noel randomly throw in there. Game would have made more sense with Snow and Sarah, or just Sarah and another character from the original. I did not like it, but then again a lot of my friends do so try it yourself to be the judge. Expand
  52. Feb 10, 2012
    I firmly believe the turning point for this series was the departure of Matsuno part-way through FF12. If he had stayed and finished the game I think it would be held in the same regard as 6, 7, 8 and 9. It's a shame how the series has gone, it doesn't even seem like they're stuck in the past, they just have the completely wrong idea of what their audience want.
  53. Feb 17, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Final Fantasy XIII had a lot of problems, and Square Enix have certainly made an attempt to fix that in this sequel. The corridor-shooter style level design from the first game is gone. You're now given a menu of levels to explore and unlock, each a different time and place in the future of XIII's world. This makes exploration and progress similar to the Kingdom Hearts games, allowing you to explore different areas at your own pace, without constantly forcing you to follow the plot. The battle system is pretty much the same as XIII, however enemy encounters luckily don't last 5 minutes each time anymore, and the monster taming mechanic adds to the formula somewhat, though it really lacks the depth of other RPGs that use a similar feature.

    The storyline and characters are a significant improvement over XIII-2's predecessor. Our two main characters Serah and Noel manage to be surprisingly enjoyable characters; Serah manages to avoid being bland or annoying, though her characterization is mostly limited and safe. Noel has quite an interesting and intense backstory; coming from a future where he is the last human alive. Meanwhile the ridiculously outfitted villain this time, Caius is right up there as one of the most compelling bad guys in the series, with a motivation that doesn't just boil down to killing everyone for the hell of it. The cast is small, but you manage to connect with them on this journey. The plot isn't anything great, but it's tolerable due to the character goals being made very clear to you throughout. The game comes to an end with a cliffhanger, likely to be resolved with downloadable chapters in future. Some people are going to feel cheated by the "To Be Continued" card, but the climax itself is a bold and shocking scene that is deserving of praise for subverting the series' often formulaic storytelling and trying to do something no previous entry in the series had dared to do.

    On the visual side, the game holds all the marks of SE's excellent production values, with beautiful landscapes, and detailed characters. The soundtrack isn't really up to the series' standards, but a lot of it works with it's use in-game (the Devil May Cry style metal however always seems to be played at the most unfitting of moments). While replacing XIII's A-to-B style of level design, the sequel offers wide open areas, with numerous interconnecting paths, giving us a world we can actually explore. What comes as a disappointment however is that these areas are reused often as separate eras in your journey through time. One particular area, the Yaschas Massif, is used as 4 separate levels, each one making minimal changes to layout and content. It's the sign of a rushed game, resulting in a world not as expansive as would be hoped for.

    In it's current state, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is half-finished, awaiting DLC to expand on it's content. but what it does offer us makes up immensely for the prequel; this is an RPG that's fun. It has a fast-paced battle, as well as a large array of environments to explore, with plenty of treasures to find, and a casino with Gold Saucer-esque minigames to distract you. It feels like an apology for all of Final Fantasy XIII's faults; if a rushed one at that. The game is only really a "good" RPG, that doesn't provide you with the standards that made the Final Fantasy series one of the biggest names in gaming. It's a fun adventure while it lasts, but it will need to add some impressive new stuff if it wants to become truly worth the price of admission.
  54. Mar 11, 2012
    I'm giving this a 10? Why? Because it works. The story was good, the characters were enjoyable and the gameplay was fun. It wasn't perfect and you can tell that this game was rushed, being a sequel and all, but still for a Final Fantasy sequel, it works. Highly enjoyable and highly recommended. Although I do feel cheated about having to buy DLCs just so I could see the complete ending.
  55. Nov 20, 2012
    While FF7 and FFX continue to be the best ones I've ever played this game is the closest they've been to reaching that great pinnacle they once had. The story is pretty amazing, The graphics are just simply stunning, the music is pure emotion in the form of sound organized in time, and the level of time that it takes to complete this game leaves me fulfilled. The only downfall is the DLC for storyline attachments but the overall quality of this game allows me to look past that and find myself thoroughly entertained. I've beaten it already and I still keep it to show my friends what a true game should be! Expand
  56. Feb 9, 2014
    Very Interesting game. Love the voice acting, battle system, locations but I will say this game will make your head explode with confusion. I recommend playing it. Story isn't confusing but the one minor
    problem I have is the design of the loading screens. I got a bit of motion sickness from it oddly even though I wasn't really moving but it makes the game feel more immersing. It also
    builds up to one of the IMO great games coming out this year in the form of Lightning Returns. Anyways XIII-2 is one of the more interesting FF games I've played but my favourite part has got to be how the relationship of Serah and Noel builds through the game.

    -Fun Battle System
    -How the relationship of Serah and Noel forms over the game.
    -DLC costumes (Assassins`s Creed!)
    -Unique Locations
    -Futuristic city part reminds me of a futuristic Watch Dogs
    -Time Travel!

    -Yet Locations feel bland at times
    -Time Travel Loading Screen can make you feel sick
    -Apart from the two main characters and maybe Sazh, all other characters seem forgettable.
    -Story can feel a big long winded at times.
  57. Feb 7, 2012
    Fantastic entry to the Final Fantasy series.
    Gameplay = Combat retains it's faced paced action from the original and adding a few extra tweaks to make it interesting. The new puzzles may be a little brick in the road, but at least it takes the ease away.

    Environment = Beautiful once again throughout the game, less linearity, more opportunities to explore and amazing art designs.
    Value = Tons of replay value for those interested in seeing there favourite characters back in action once again or even fighting against one of the more interesting villains, Caius.
    Voice work = The cast is amazing and does an excellent job to keep things entertaining. Liam O'brien does a great job as Caius.

    Overall this game deserves a little more credit, those that are"True" fans of Final Fantasy will love this, no doubt. Those new to the series are even welcome to it a whirl and it may even "capture" the old fans once again.

  58. Jan 31, 2012
    A huge step up from Final Fantasy XIII with more attention to exploration, minigames, and some improvements to combat. The story can get a bit confusing at times so I knocked off a point for clarity, though overall it's a decent improvement. I always dislike people who give games a 0 in ratings, that means it is UNPLAYABLE, such as too many bugs and crashes. If you want to try that type of game look at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at launch or Fallout 3: New Vegas. Expand
  59. Jan 31, 2012
    Yep.. It's the real deal this time around! ~Game is VERY good and "feels" like a final fantasy game through and through. ~Combat is extremely fluid, fast, and fun! ~Collecting the enemies you fight to aid subsequent encounters is nothing short of epic! ~Within the first hour of the game your riding Chocobos for crying out lout! Awesome. ~By only having 2 main characters the story this time around is ALOT more focused albeit a little less dire but still an overall good story that I'm very much enjoying! ~ Time travel mechanic is done in a very accessible way and fun to do instead of being a huge pain in the kiester. Did you like FFX?? BUT THIS GAME! Did you like FF13?? BUY THIS GAME! Did you like FF9?? BUY THIS GAME! Expand
  60. Jan 29, 2013
    I enjoyed FF XIII, despite its issues. FF XIII-2 is also an enjoyable game, but I don't think it surpasses its predecessor. I thought Noel was a good character and I enjoyed the mystery of what happened to Lightning. The graphics were colourful and stunning. I also really liked the idea of having tameable monsters in your party. I had some issues with the game however. I was disappointed that there were only two playable characters throughout the game. The biggest disappointment was that there were hardly any exciting or challenging battles in the game - moving forward was heavily related to running around to find fragments while jumping through timelines and solving annoying, repetitive puzzles. Many of the missions are tedious - they require no skill, just time consuming wandering and searching. It's difficult and frustrating to get through the game without a guide. The music was lacklustre (and sometimes downright bad - a nu-metal Chocobo theme? really??). The time travel idea is cool, but honestly, I think it was done as well or better back when "Chrono Trigger" came out.

    That being said, I enjoyed a lot of the game, and exploring the different worlds that are rendered so beautifully. I still enjoy the paradigm shifts in battle. Have fun with it for what it is, but don't expect it to kick XIII's butt.
  61. Feb 10, 2012
    i wont write the same has before because metacritic erase my comment, maybe metacritic is fan of FF? or much FFXIII fans crying, whatever, recognize the death of the series, j-pop completely kill the series and its linear story y predictably, epics soundtracks into shi.tty music, the game now have much more less sidequest because is too much linear, travel time epic game?,ja you have Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, and now Square have the same idea as other companies, launch DLC to gain much more money selling **** because they are not capable of delivering a complete game, with all content included and finish the story of the game in the same game and not in DLC or another **** as before, this generation of consoles and users/players kill this. Expand
  62. Jan 31, 2012
    Is it me, or are the vast majority of the top 10 most helpful reviews written in broken English? I wonder if SE pulled a Bioware and pushed their employees to create accounts for the sake of bringing up the user score. Yes, I'm being ridiculous, but I'm not joking about the poor English. Take a look for yourself.

    As for the game, I couldn't even endure the demo. I've tried to give it a
    chance (3 to be exact) but I would always end up quitting, mostly due to boredom. I've tried playing the game with and without auto-battle to see if it made a difference but to no avail. Even if you manually input the actions, with such a limited amount of abilities, you end up performing identical or similar move sets. So it seems like the more time efficient method is to select auto-battle. There's also paradigm shifting, but really, it just hot swaps your class. It doesn't make the game any more interesting, varied, or challenging. My impressions of the story were not positive. I'm not a fan of the two main leads. Having recently found out that these two are the only human (playable) main characters in the game I was immediately turned off. For every terrible FF character in recent games, there were usually a handful of other more decent characters to focus your attention on. This game doesn't offer you that luxury and if it was their intention to have you focus on these two characters, they should have taken better care to ensure that their personalities had more depth. Instead, they are bland as bland can be. Completely forgettable. The story segments I experienced were laughably bad. Pretentious, cryptic dialogue returns to give you a sense that the FF13 universe believes its own depth. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the game doesn't have a clue what its talking about at times, or that could be an instance of poor translation/writing. Apparently, the story for the full game is not as strong as previous titles so I take it my impressions were not far off the mark.

    What's worse, this game will sell. People will eat this game up because it's Final Fantasy. That's what bothers me. This game would have been acceptable in 2007, when showing off a systems graphical potential was fresh, but this is 2012. Many recent game releases already exhibit amazing graphical capabilities for severely dated consoles. Graphics are no longer a selling point, but a standard. And while this game does look and sound pretty, it doesn't bring anything else new to the table and it barely refines the source material it has to work with. It's a shame, because the artists and sound designers/musicians could be working on much better projects as opposed to being reduced to another 'phoned in' Final Fantasy title.

    Also, the old fans of Final Fantasy will not just 'move on'. We are the reason why the series got as far as it did in the first place. True fans give praise where it is due and critique on things that are either flawed or dated. They don't just say to themselves "WELL HURP DERP! It's Final Fantasy and made by Square Enix. Therefore, whatever they make I'll have to love and treasure without question". That may be why things got as bad as they are now. I don't know for sure. What I do know is that I was a fan of Final Fantasy and I'm not anymore. The series had its ups and downs, but now I only see downs. With every bold step forward (ff12) comes a cautious step back (ff13 and ff14). I really do hope that the fan base starts to take a hard look at the obvious decline in the quality of SE's recent games and take appropriate action. That is, unless you're perfectly content with slop and mediocrity.
  63. Aug 24, 2012
    FFXIII was great game. I enjoyed it a lot although it was a bit linear for the most part but the story and battle system were fantastic. FFXIII-2 improves on it's predecessor in almost every way. There is no linearity in site which was the main problem people had with XIII. The game introduces cinematic actions in battle, they are simply quick time events that help you do greater damage to your enemies, it's a nice touch but not necessary. The combat is the same as XIII but it's better. You can now switch to which party member you want to control in battle however you only have two. The third party member space is reserved for your monster or monsters which you can obtain through battles or throughout the world. Monster collecting and upgrading those monsters are fun and addicting. Conversation choices appear throughout the game and it's a good addition. The story lasts about 25-35 hours depending on how you play but there are also side quests to complete and a casino to visit. I like the story but it's not as good as XIII's. Also there is no closure at the end of the story which I have mixed feelings about. Overall FFXIII-2 is a fantastic game and I recommend it to true Final Fantasy and JRPG fans. Expand
  64. Feb 14, 2012
    Just another Enix title further destroying the multi-million dollar, detail-oriented franchise known as Final Fantasy.
    Also to all the imbeciles constantly talking about how Square went in a different direction, you're misinformed. The Final Fantasy team quit when SquareSoft and Enix merged. That team is now known as Mistwalker (developer of Xbox RPGs now). Enix basically told the FF
    team that they were going to use the FF characters however they wanted and the FF team left.

    It's humorous to me too, because the Final Fantasy franchise has taken a dive since that happened. It first began with 10 and it's only become worse with the minor intermittent blip that was 12 being decent.

    Thirteen is a monstrosity that should have been aborted and XIII-2 is a blatant followup with profit as the only goal. Game design being the last thing on the list that SquareEnix cares about. Let the sycophants pilot the new era of fad gaming. FF became the new CoD, that being pathetic. I wonder when the DLC for Coach purses will hit for XIII-2.
  65. Nov 27, 2013
    XIII-2 fixes all the inconveniences of XIII, SE listened to the fans and delivered, the stiry continues and it's fresher and it dares to do something different, it's an amazing game that purists of the series won't like, because it still carries on many of the elements from XIII, but that's exaclty what makes it special, it's still an innovation on the franchise.
  66. Apr 2, 2012
    Good game and good continuation of his predecessor. It repairs in the defects of the previous one but without being a perfect game. It neglects some elements.
  67. May 15, 2012
    Compared to its predecessor, FF13-2 is not as linear and flat. Actually, it's got some ambition, including levels and worlds not belonging to the main quest with side missions and mini games. The plot is darker which is welcomed because it weighs up the horrible corny characters. Also, the battle system is a little more diverse with the possibility to recruit monsters as a third party member. Although most revisions make this sequel better than the first game, FF13 is rotten at its core and can't be fixed. The characters are still flat, the environments still empty out all graphic surprises during the first gaming hour, the story line is still boring and worlds are still not as open as they used to be. This game is not a challenge, but merely time-consuming. What's challenging in this game is, for example, boring mini games which just takes time (like the clock anomaly) and difficult monsters (which you beat after hitting x through a bunch of battles to level up). As with the previous game, it makes a fabulous contrast to the superior quality of whatever FF game comes next. Expand
  68. Feb 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (Ratings are out of 10, where 0 is the worst, 10 is the best)
    - Story:2
    - character rating: 2
    - graphics: 10
    - Sounds: 10
    - Music: 10
    - gameplay:10

    -Where to begin?

    -The good:
    -The graphics are second to none, the sounds are unique, the music is epic, the fighting style is the best i've seen yet.

    -The bad: -No epic weapons like they had from FF13-1, none of the weapons carried over from the previous game, fighting was more of a chore that you had to do over and over, leveling up had no benefit in the game.

    -I liked the idea of puzzles, i really did, however the puzzles they had were boring, not to mention WAY too many.

    -your stuck with 2 characters and a monster when it comes to fighting, I would have preferred a larger HUMAN party, perhaps some of the old cast?

    -The Ugly:
    -They ended the game with the good guys dying!, like what is this, a Korean love story?!?

    -To be continued? you need to download the ending, which means you MIGHT have to pay for it?!? thats like buying a movie from a store, watching it right up till the end, and having to pay to see the ending! ever cheap!

    -ideas for improvement:
    -Remake the 2nd part, cut out the time travel, go along with the fal'cie of pulse being awakened after the death of the coccoon fal'cie, or something! look at FF13-1, it was a really good game (sadly it didn't have HUMAN interaction, a happy reuinion with vanille and her tribe would have made the game perfect) still it had merit.

    -bring back the epic weapon building stuff from FF13-1, bring back puzzles similar to FF-10 where you HAD to use your head and look around, add more groups of people to run into on pulse.

    -If your going to add a second part to a story, re-using the old characters and adding some new ones is generally a good IDEA, it keeps the story fresh and attractive, an example, snow should have been able to follow serah and noel, as well as be usable when fighting. heck why not collect all the old members as you open up time? then have a epic battle at the end and a HAPPY FINISHED ending.

    -There you have it i've said my peace, I hope the dquare Enix dev team read this and learn form it.

    This is Aronshade from Ontario, Canada, Cheers
  69. Feb 1, 2012
    All of these idiots posting 0's for this game, and most other games these days, are really starting to get on my nerves. A 0 is supposed to represent a game that is utterly unplayable due to mechanics or bugs. Stop reviewing games when you've only played less than 20 minutes of it, and keep your fanboydem to yourself. As for FFXIII-2, it's a decent game. It's definitely not the highlight of the series, and there are some questionable story choices that Square-Enix made, but it's overall a satisfying game. The good: the presentation is fantastic: clean menus, fantastic art-design, even though the graphics themselves are a bit dated, and decent music. The battles are fast and fun, and the whole collecting monsters mechanic is kind of cool (although I would have personally rather seen a full cast of characters). The game is no longer a straight corridor from cutscene to boss to cutscene, offering many diverging paths, distractions, and even small choices, and the game allows you to go back and redo areas. The not so good: the story. It makes very little sense, and I found myself wondering why all of this was happening. There is good emotion at the end, but it's a shame that the rest was bland. Hopefully the ending will be cleaned up in future DLC. The characters were not as good as others in the series: there are only two of them, and they don't really click well. And where is Lightning? She was such a fantastic character, it's almost an insult to give her such a backseat role. Expand
  70. Feb 17, 2012
    8.5 would be my score if it was available here, it isn't so I generously bumped it up amidst the underwhelming scores given somewhat harshly on this site. I honestly don't have much to say in the way of negative things to attribute to this sequel. Perhaps the story isn't quite as captivating as XIII's was and there is frequent slow down in visiting new areas, but the combat system, soundtrack, voice acting, and the sheer amount of fun to be had here make this another top JRPG from Square Enix. It's simple if you didn't like XIII then don't buy this. If you liked, or even loved, XIII then you will very much enjoy this despite the fact that it is a little shorter in overall length. Expand
  71. Jul 12, 2012
    Though it may be an improvement over the original it is still not up to the quality the series is known for. Final Fantasy XIII-2 does fix some of the issues XIII had but I do feel that they have not been fixed in a proper or satisfactory manner. One of the biggest issues is the style of the game, unfortunately XIII-2 abandons the series japanese roots instead it has a western feel for a Final Fantasy game this is very unacceptable for the franchise (Final Fantasy is a japanese franchise for a reason) the Live Triggers, Cinematic Actions, and Time Travel feel like gimmicks instead of addressed issues I do feel that Square didn't have to westernize XIII-2 (or the franchise itself) to fix the issues XIII had. Even though the structure of the game is better than the original but it has been handled poorly the towns and the fields feel very artificial and they also feel rushed, the Historia Crux feels like a glorified "level select" Square should have made open worlds (having an open world is a huge element of non-linearity and this what XIII-2 should have had). The story is one of the game's worst aspects, the overall narrative is both muddy and incoherent and the writing is just plain bad and can be a bit grating. A host of other problems keep the game from living up to expectations. Expand
  72. May 6, 2014
    I have tried multiple times to get into FF13 and it's sequels, but Square Enix is making it hard as hell. The battles are rushed and you get rewarded for beating it as fast as possible. BORING, Final Fantasy is about strategy and good story telling. Neither of those are present in this game. The characters are overly girly and the story is so nonsensical you have to be stupid to enjoy it. I feel like I should give it a lower score, honestly. What the hell is Square trying to accomplish by releasing 2 terrible sequels on top of a mediocre FF13. If you like pressing auto battle to victory, and dealing with the cheesiest characters in any game. This is for you Expand
  73. Jan 22, 2013
    This game it´s better in the gameplay section than the original final fantasy xiii, the storytelling it´s a bit slow but it´s enjoyable. What´make´s this game so annoying it´s that you only have two main character´s in your party completely forgetting the leading role of the memorable characters from the previous installment, and a story that is cut at the end to reach the climax, leaving unfinished plot in the worst way possible,. however I recommend the game to fans from Final Fantasy, it wont disappoint. Expand
  74. Nov 4, 2013
    Although this game is a step in the right direction, FFXIII-2 pales in comparison to the older entries of the series. The graphics in this game are absolutely stunning, environments and character models have wonderful attention to detail. Recruiting monsters to fight alongside you is a very addicting game-play feature, though battles often have you constantly pressing the X button with no real need to do anything different, only occasionally switching team formations when a character is hurt. The soundtrack was hit-and-miss, some tracks really immersed you into the game while others were bland and forgettable. The story was the biggest let down in my opinion, one thing that always attracts me to FF games is the amazing character development, as well as meeting a variety of unique supporting characters along the way; FFXIII-2 however, revolves the story around a very sparse and uninteresting cast. Many occurrences throughout the storyline are simply explained with bland outcomes such as "This monster appeared because of a paradox". I also felt the fact you had to pay to fight the games toughest bosses and to retrieve the best weapons was very unappealing considering these things were already included in every other previous Final Fantasy game. Overall this game is definitely an improvement on FFXIII and can prove to be quite addictive, but it will always leave you wishing it gave you that little bit more. Expand
  75. Nov 8, 2014
    Unsure as to why people think Final Fantasy isn't great anymore. This game is fantastic, and is easily one of the best games I have played in a while. It fixes so many problems that FF XIII had that I find it hard to go back to XIII. The linear areas are gone, the halted progression is gone, the battle system is much more engaging, and the characters are much more likeable and have reasonable motivation. This game also features one of the best game soundtracks I have ever heard (Final Fantasy or otherwise). Nitpicking aside, the biggest fault this game has is that its related to FF XIII. I like that its based around new characters, but it really could have shone more if it was a game to itself. You may not enjoy this game if a plot-hole here and there upsets you a lot. With this game you kind of just have to go with it occasionally, because at its heart, it has a great story and good message. Expand
  76. Jan 31, 2012
    What's wrong with a game has a direct sequence (even if it is more a) if it is a wonderful game? What's wrong with the story complete trilogy format, or quatrolgogia or quintologia? A wonderful game can not escape the conclusion to his story ends it in an upcoming episode? Why require a "middle chapter" finish the story of the game?
  77. Aug 3, 2012
    This game exceeds is predecessor in every way. The battle system is largely the same but it did not need much changing in the first place. Combat has also been brought to life through cinematic action sequences, much like reaction commands from Kingdom Hearts. Every trace of linearity is practically gone and the soundtrack is even an upgrade. The story does not quite have as much focus as Final Fantasy XIII, but it is a heart-felt tale nonetheless. Even for those who might not see the narrative as incredibly interesting, they will find the villain Caius note-worthy. The game has plenty of post story content for the player to immerse him/herself in so they can squeeze every last bit out of this game. I would recomend this game to any of my friends Expand
  78. Sep 22, 2014
    I think XIII-2 redeemed what was lost in XIII. But fans still want Lightning which this game have different main characters with the monsters that you can infuse that is great. maybe other gamers wanted more characters which SE didn't add. They have open world, if the main character dies, other one would be the main controllable character, Open world is there, Bad ass main antagonist. maybe other fans just wanted more and each FF has its own. i still don't get the hate, and i love the series and characters. Expand
  79. Feb 3, 2012
    I've already played a much better time traveling game that has an actual story, an amazing soundtrack and some of the best characters ever in an RPG and that game is..Chrono Trigger. FFXIII-2 gets 1 point for their CG cutscenes, 1 point for the strictly ok battle system, and 1 point for the ok non rap, non metal, non j-pop music. I've played FF1, FF2, FF4, FF6, FF7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, FF12, FF13 and FF13-2. The truth is, FFXIII-2 is the worst Final Fantasy game ever created, with FFX-2 coming in 2nd. I wouldn't even bother renting this. As I finish typing this, I'm getting ready to drop it off at the post office. I just want to say thank you to gamefly for saving some $$ for me Expand
  80. Jan 31, 2012
    What can I say about this wonderfull game? better than the original in almost every single way...better than the original in almost every single way, I wanna XIII-3 now!!!!!!!!!!!
  81. Aug 19, 2012
    Square Enix tried to get into the roots, I get it, but if they tried that, they did a horrible job. Seriously. Auto-battling problems are bad enough, but Quicktime events? Seriously? This JRPG has gone to WRPG. Take the Decent FF XIII and just throw it in the garbage and pull another FF X-2. Cinematic actions downright killed the JRPG theme. Instead, making it into more of an WRPG again, where all you had to do was one button to do everything you wanted. Seriously.
    Add that with Live Trigger and Time Travel, and you got yourself a story that has gone to hell. And coming from me, I'd say that's exactly what FF XIII deserves. Put back Ivalice Alliance back, please, I cannot stand this horrible example of a JRPG.
    "They're trying something new"
    You want to know something that is absolutely great and has a innovation? Not this game.
    Look at Ys VII, they scrapped the bad parts and decided to say "Heck, why not? Let's make more characters playable!" Look how much praise in Japan it got. Does it get the same respect in USA? Nope. Why? Players don't want to think in USA, they just want to pop in, kill stuff, and win the game in one button that gives a cinematic graphic-whore killing spree filled with blood.
    And Ys VII's story? They scrapped the previous one and made a new one that has mentioning of the past games. Fresh start. FF XIII-2 does it wrong by completely just defying the original games reality.

    Square Enix, if you want money, just make Versus, and even if you do, I might still be disheartened.
  82. Feb 1, 2012
    This game is so much better than 13. It captures what made Final Fantasy great in the first place. People who say the battle system is weak are fools. All you did in games like FF7 was click attack and choose target, with the occasional spell and healing item. It's the same sort of thing. It has a great (different) soundtrack, excellent characters(better than 13 in every way). The story picks up where 13 left off, and continues it with grace and charm, unexpected in FF sequels. If you are actually a fan of Final Fantasy (not the kids on here who say everything after 8 was bad) then pick it up. It's definitely worth the money. Expand
  83. Jan 31, 2012
    Funny that almost all animes use and abuse of the To Be Continued, FF seems already prohibited from using it. There are chapters and more chapters of Dragon Ball Z for example, that are pure **** surpassing even the novels of Globo and Televisa.
  84. Jan 31, 2012
    Where are the masters of these fans of "to be continue" to criticize the decision of Square Enix? They criticize everything the company does, how DLCs. Every game company today make five hundred DLCs and nobody says anything, and when the Square do ...
  85. Sep 8, 2012
    Improves the gameplay of the previous one, but the story is a little worse. The new character Noel is a nice addition to the cast, and the same can be said about Caius and Yeul. The art direction changed a bit, and is a lot more anime-ish and colorful. The OST is very good, too.

    Anyway, the game shines in it's gameplay. There's more freedom now, for those who didn't like the linearity
    of the original title.

    It's a great experience overall, even without Lightning.
  86. Apr 3, 2012
    Many people hated Final Fantasy XIII, mostly because it was too linear, and there wasn't much to do outside the main story. No town, no NPC to talk to, pretty much nothing at all. I didn't hate that game, but I didn't like it too much either. The game looked really great, the battle system was dynamic and pretty fun, and the story was ok, but I gotta say I didn't feel like playing around much after finishing the game.

    Now, SquareEnix released a direct sequel to FFXIII. They wanted to fix the problems that players reported about the first episode, and I guess they did. You now have NPCs to talk to, quests to complete and dozens of things to do. The new game isn't as linear, mostly thanks to the "Time Travel" feature which offers interesting possibilities. The scenario revolves around that system too, requiring you to go back and forth in time in order to solve paradoxes and ultimately save the future, although some things in the story didn't really make sense to me.

    They kept the same battle system, hardly changing anything, except the fact that you may now recruit monsters after defeating them. Those monsters take the place of the 3rd party member and can evolve on their own Crystarium if you give them the right items. Apart from that, the battle system is pretty similar, with the same Active Time Battle gauge, the same jobs (roles - Commando, Ravager, etc), the same strategies (Paradigm Shift), etc. Why change a winning team, anyway? The battles were pretty fun in the first game, and here too.

    The graphics also look as good as before, there's not much to say about them. The environments are however a bit limited : You will be visiting the same zones in different time periods, but ultimately they're the same zones. I also found that the soundtrack wasn't great. The music in some areas (with lyrics) kinda reminded me of NieR, but they were not nearly as good (NieR's soundtrack is exceptionally good though). I gotta say that the "Crazy Chocobo" song is really funny and surprising.

    I'll conclude by saying that this second Final Fantasy XIII is a much better game than its predecessor. It's a pretty fun and interesting game. However, the "To Be Continued..." ending somehow feels like a "rip-off" (I hate DLCs), as Square Enix sold us an obviously unfinished game.
  87. Jul 18, 2013
    I was so disappointed with FFXIII that I almost didn't get this one. But it was surprisingly good. Felt like SE has begun to return to what made the FF series great. It's a step in the right direction. Combat system is much better (and that was good in the original). Story is immersive and characters are likable. The pet system is extremely good. Best thing is that it isn't linear.
  88. Nov 1, 2013
    It's the second worse FF games, losing only to the X-2.
    Noah and Caius are the only thing who save the game.
    Serah sux a lot, she's one of the worse characters of all time.
  89. Mar 10, 2014
    like to point out on CincyJosh review and this game is not worthy of the FF game number since it is a poorly made game with nice graphics that is just about it with it really, the battle system they made is very laughable almost made me wonder what was going on in the minds over at Square Enix but hey i hope they dont screw up on 15 like they did with this one
  90. Feb 9, 2012
    Great game. Don't listen to people that are hating the game only because of the name. The game gives you several options and brings back several elements from the classic FF games. Most fun I have had with FF since X.
  91. Feb 1, 2012
    this game is amazing. i **** hate ign prick **** they are way to critical. wtf happened to appreciating good rpg games? now everything has to be a certain way!? BS this game gets a 10.
  92. Apr 2, 2014
    I think it's a great game. Genius how SE lets you shape how long the story will be by making things optional for you to do. You also can shoot for multiple endings. Battle are WAYYY too easy. The characters can easily develop too fast. You talk to lots of people plus the soundtrack and graphics are nice in my humble opinion. The story is to and fro from time to time, but I think I still rather enjoyed the game. The gameplay was nice if anything else(besides the great music, beautiful graphics.) Points off for the ending, though. Overall, I was entertained. Would be between a 7 and 8 for me. Expand
  93. Jan 31, 2012
    Everyone has the right not to like Final Fantasy CURRENT. But when you call it "garbage" and said the series "Died," the millions of fans today, feel the least offended. Ai comes respect.
  94. Jan 31, 2012
    People just need to understand that things change, and as part of the public old leaves, comes a new audience (this includes even lower sales in Japan and higher in the West). Things are new Resident Evil ... went through it, leaving aside the terror and taking action. Final Fantasy follows changing, losing and gaining fans with each new episode, and it is not like those who no longer accept this fact, and at least respect the tastes of others, and as we said, not rate it "junk" as seen by both there. Expand
  95. Jan 31, 2012
    While vain haters saying that the series died on 8, at 9, 10, 6 ... in the game celebrates 25 years with much success, having sold until the thirteenth time about 7 million copies, and XIII-2, they lost some public in Japan, making this much success in the U.S., and pre-sales with 150 000 units more than its predecessor.
  96. Jan 31, 2012
    Final Fantasy fans have their real needs and not those that have been, but today only know how to criticize. You are a leading zero to Square Enix! Sorry, but this is the truth. Recalling that the Square already registered the name Final Fantasy XIII-3.
  97. Jan 31, 2012
    As we have reported in recent weeks, the newest RPG from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII-2 continues to surprise in pre-sales in the U.S.. Unlike Japan, where sales were not as good as its predecessor, the American territory, the game has surpassed more than 100 000 units Final Fantasy XIII on the same date, and that only the PS3 version, adding about 354 000 copies sold . In the Xbox 360 version, the game enters the top 10 with 115,000 units. Expand
  98. Jan 31, 2012
    Joguei a versao japonesa e posso dizer que foi o melhor jogo da minha vida! Claro que a historia nao se conclui, mas nao vejo mal algum em termos FFXIII-3. Estou ancioso ja para saber o que ocorre em seguida.
  99. Jan 31, 2012
    When I saw all these trailers I gotta say I was confident with this game. But then I heard THAT song, the chocobo song (which is the most aweful music I've heard in a game since Terminator on the Nes, and that sounded bad). But you're thinking one thing right : "This is just music... c'mon!" And yeah, this is just one boring song between a lot of good music.
    First of all, what's the
    problem with the name ? They're doing the number thing again. FF X-2 was a bad name and also a bad game. So what about THIS one, is it also a bad name ? Yes. But is it a bad game ? Well... yes again.

    And what about the rest of the game, well... it's kinda like FFXIII "The First".
    The game is short just like the first one and there aren't so much side quests. In one hour of gameplay you will only PLAY for like 20 minutes maximum (yeah too much cutscenes, with bad acting). Also once again we can call this game Final Fantasy Hallway #2.
    This game is sooo frustrating, I've never seen such a game and that's the problem. I really can hardly call this Final Frustration a game. And that's how I'll be talking of the lame fighting system. Which is the same one as before, that I will call "Press the X button". HOT DAMN! You can finish the game with pressing the same button over and over and over and over and over again. It's a good thing if you're playing a beat'em all game (like Streets of Rage or Final Fight). If they wanted to make an action game they should have done it, why Square? WHYYYYYY? But yeah so people like it beacause it looks cool and yeah kinda I guess...

    And here we are, THE ONLY GOOD thing about this game!
    It looks good and when I mean good, it's looking good. On the playstation 3 (and 360) and might one of the finest looking games. It's not the same style as Uncharted for example but Final Fantasy 13.2 is gorgeous.
    You know Final Fantasy always looked good, even the first ones (at least for the time) but looking good is not the most important thing, we need actual gameplay.

    I think Square has killed off one the of their biggest franchise, one of the best J-RPG franchise. Too bad...
    Square sealed the coffin with the last nail and killed Final Fantasy just like Neversoft killed Guitar Hero or like Treyarch killed Call of Duty. We're doomed!
  100. Feb 4, 2012
    It's a great game, better than FFXIII.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 53 Critics

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  2. Negative: 0 out of 53
  1. May 4, 2012
    All in all, I enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII-2 – it was a fun RPG game to play, looked spectacular and ate up a significant amount of my free time. It didn't give me everything I wanted out of the experience, but I still had fun.
  2. Mar 15, 2012
    FFXIII-2 earns its score with aplomb, and I'd go so far to call it a sleeper hit. It's a genuinely great-playing game with an imperfect story, though to its credit, it eventually engages and justifies the wait. Its greatest battle now is escaping from the shadow and stigma of its big brother, but you should ignore the anti-hype, take a leap of faith and give it a chance.
  3. Has made some really solid steps forward in combat but needs a more readily digestible plot to entice newcomers. [March 2012, p68]