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  1. 83
    These two games are badass. Those of you who remember them fondly from your Osh Kosh days will be swept up in a wave of nostalgia right at the title screen, and everybody else will be hooked from level one.
  2. We can't say it will bowl over modern gamers who've seen better entries in the genre, but it represents an important moment in video game history, and for that reason it's worth a download, at least of the demo.
  3. If you’re a fan of fighting games then Final Fight: Double Impact is sure to make a positive impact on you.
  4. An excellent package combining two great arcade classics. The niggling annoyances don't add up to any real detriment to the title and the bonuses are pleasant.
  5. Final Fight: Double Impact does a great job of revitalizing two classics and making them relevant and enjoyable all over again with remastered visuals, audio, and the inclusion of online play.
  6. A great conversion of one of the greatest arcade games from the nineties.
  7. While a must-purchase for fans of the ‘Final Fight’ series, newcomers might balk at its higher than average price.
  8. Their simplistic yet challenging gameplay make them enjoyable even today as they did over 20 years ago. If you’re a fan of old-school gaming or have never played either of these titles then I highly recommend picking up Final Fight: Double Impact as soon as you can.
  9. That said, any brawler fans that haven’t played Final Fight should still strongly consider downloading this. And despite the fact that I’ve beaten up literally thousands of Mad Gear gang members in my lifetime, I can’t wait to do it over and over again.
  10. Double Impact is a good package, featuring two of the greatest co-op arcade games of all time. Final Fight is really showing its age now, but it's been twenty years, so that may have been inevitable. Magic Sword has aged a great deal more gracefully, and of the two, it's the one that I've been going back to.
  11. Final Fight: Double Impact is well worth the $10 investment. You’re getting two decent games who’s gameplay holds up well to the test of time. If you’re a fan of either game, love button-mashers, or just want to relive the feel of playing games in arcades, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  12. Final Fight: Double Impact is a great little package. Both of the games play as you would expect them to.
  13. Final Fight is back, probably better than ever thanks to Capcom's efforts to really deliver the feeling of being in the arcade and playing with a bunch people you don't know. The graphics are good, the controls just rock and the music is top notch. Double Impact even includes Magic Sword, which settles the deal. This is an excellent pack of retro, not to miss for anyone.
  14. Final Fight and Magic Sword were great in the early 90s, and are still great now. With the extra care Capcom has taken to make sure they can hang in the online/HD era, Double Impact has turned out to be much more than just a simple remake.
  15. There are plenty of games on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network that feel like quick ports. Double Impact goes far beyond that, and features an awesome amount of content for only $10.
  16. Authentic arcade presentation and a smart assortment of challenges make this a great way to experience two very enjoyable Capcom arcade classics.
  17. Boasting two faithfully reproduced arcade classics, Final Fight: Double Impact is a fantastic value and a must-buy for fans of old-school arcade fans.
  18. Final Fight: Double Impact packages two great games into one worthwhile download. Both Final Fight and Magic Sword hold up well, especially when they are displayed in between authentic cabinet art and visual effects.
  19. Maybe the best addition is the Vault, which ties into the in-game achievements/trophies but extends well beyond them with extra challenges like "beat this game using less than 18 continues" or "finish every level with Guy."
  20. Despite some minor rough edges, the spot-on emulation of both games makes this an easy recommendation for fans of either game.
  21. 88
    Yeah, these are the same games that were released oh-so long ago so there won’t be a million surprises, but Final Fight and Magic Sword are fun to play, the co-op integration is impressive, and there are plenty of reasons to keep playing them over and over again.
  22. A perfect recreation of an arcade classic (plus Magic Sword) and the new gold standard for retro gaming.
  23. If you have already purchased any of the remakes of Final Fight, you could easily consider this Double Impact bundle as an expensive and unattractive product. If not, this is your best chance to buy it: the game comes with a very good online multiplayer mode, and you also get a decent bonus title.
  24. Play UK
    The presentation is faultless. [Issue#193, p.102]
  25. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Final Fight may not be the longest game in the world, but it has been upscaled to HD. It’s a wonderful time capsule of fun that is worth replaying. The ‘must be online’ DRM hurts the package though. [July 2010 p76]
  26. 80
    This is for now the ultimate version of the 90s classic. Those who played the original arcade would like to remember those moments, and maybe those who lost them want to discover this legend.
  27. I can't recommend Final Fight enough. It's the perfect port of a retro classic; the original game buckles under the pressure of the fan service that's been added to it. But it's also got online co-op, making it a hugely enjoyable beat-em-up even by modern day standards.
  28. 88
    Overall, this is a fantastic package for only ten dollars. There is so much to see and do, and with the addition of co-op, you will be able to play online with your friends for hours.
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  1. Apr 2, 2017
    Final Fight and Magic Sword were two of the best arcade video games ever, and this remastered version is no less equal to their quality. AmongFinal Fight and Magic Sword were two of the best arcade video games ever, and this remastered version is no less equal to their quality. Among all the new options, playing online is definitely the most interesting one, as it mixes the virtues of the classic games with the blessings of modern video games. Full Review »
  2. Feb 19, 2017
    Game: Final Fight Double Impact
    Genre: Beat Em Up
    Publisher/Developer: Capcom System: Playstation 3 (PS3) Total Score: 92/100 Value
    Game: Final Fight Double Impact
    Genre: Beat Em Up
    Publisher/Developer: Capcom
    System: Playstation 3 (PS3)
    Total Score: 92/100
    Value Score: 9.2/10

    • Story: 7/10
    • Characters: 8/10
    • GamePlay: 10/10
    • Graphics: 10/10
    • Sound: 9/10
    • Music: 10/10
    • Length: 8/10
    • Replay Value: 10/10
    • Player Value: 10/10

    +Includes Final Fight and Magic Sword
    +Unlimited Continues
    +Online Multiplayer with the option to make a co-op or join a co-op
    +Trophy Support
    +Special Challenges added which allow you to unlock gallery items
    +Gallery items include artwork and episodes/videos of the Street Fighter anime (Final Fight) while artwork only with Magic Sword
    +Graphic options allow you to play in different resolution views (widescreen, regular aspect ratio) and to add in special effects such as CTR screen effect or arcade cabinet edges, also allows you to use classic graphics or HD remaster graphics
    +Remastered Music (with the option to play with the original OST)
    +Includes all content from Final Fight Arcade/Final Fight Guy
    +Exactly like the Arcade versions which are superior to the console (SNES) version with no limitations

    -Always connected online, there is a option to turn off online but can be annoying especially if you are just wanting to plug in and play
    -Unable to change difficulty in game
    -Some people might find the game a bit too easy since there is no option to turn off unlimited continues
    Full Review »