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  • Summary: The year is 2171 A.D. Humanity has reached for the stars once more. Keen to seize a controlling stake in this as yet unconquered region, the global superpowers have raced to build orbital elevators, swiftly turning the emptiness of space into a tangle of surveillance satellite networks and military way stations. Back on the surface, while nations no longer engage in all-out war, border skirmishes have become the more frequent. On these ever-shifting front lines, armored humanoid battle vehicles - code named "wanzers" (from "wanderpanzer") - have proven to ber the unrivaled kings. History has taught us that wherever humanity goes, war is sure to follow...and in this technological age, there is nowhere man cannot go. From the creative minds of Square Enix and Double Helix Games, FRONT MISSION EVOLVED brings the classic FRONT MISSION franchise into an action-packed third-person shooter that gives players full control of a massive humanoid war machine-the wanzer. Players battle through intense combat situations as they explore an immersive world in both the single player campaign and online multiplayer. [Square Enix] Expand
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 9 out of 42
  1. Front Mission Evolved ditches the previous entries' turn-based tactical gameplay in favor of third-person action. While a few signature series staples remain, such as a convoluted political storyline and tons of customization options, the fast-paced mech combat makes blowing the crap out of stuff far more accessible and fun.
  2. These problems aside, there is a genuinely good time to be had with portions of Front Mission Evolved, provided you bring with you a certain love for mechs. It's probably not the high point of the series, but fans of the Front Mission universe and/or giant robots might find something to like here.
  3. I really do understand the intention behind the franchise's overhaul but sadly, it just doesn't work as well as it could've. I'm just not sure who they're going to satisfy. The strategy/RPG fans won't touch it with a ten-foot cattle prod and the action fans don't usually flock to mech titles, which dominate the Japanese culture but aren't as big here.
  4. Fold in an uncomplicated multiplayer mode and lots of silly cutscenes awkwardly trying to tell a sentimental war story, and Evolved is pleasant, accessible junk food for mecha fans. [Nov 2010, p.81]
  5. Blowing stuff up is the only enjoyable part of Front Mission Evolved, a mediocre third-person shooter featuring giant mechs.
  6. A lackluster third person action game that doesn't respect the name of this cult franchise.
  7. Jan 5, 2011
    Front Mission Evolved is anything but an evolution. There is no room for tactics in this sleep inducing and frustrating third person shooter. The end bosses are a pain in the ass, customizing your robot useless and the campaign is way too easy.

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  1. Mar 21, 2011
    I was concerned that this game would be terrible. I find it quite enjoyable, It obviously has a few things that are quirky, like the missing **** textures, but overall the game is really fun for me and I love the customization, definitely a casual gamer type game. Expand
  2. Mar 26, 2012
    Even if I'm a fan of the classics FM (turn based) I'm gonna giving this game a 9/10 'cuz it's fun and enough well made. Graphics are good, sound is not bad, controls are smooth and gameplay is fun, the story and characters are not the best out there, at least not fun and charmful as in FM3 but neither too bad. Expand
  3. Sep 29, 2010
    Yup i was so scared to have preordered and spent 65 bucks for this game i almost cancelled it the day before it released. Boy, am i glad i didnt do that. I didnt by into the its not strategy game anymore crap i just wanted to see what would become of front mission. Lets see...I have played its campaign mode more than mw2, bfbc2, cod war at war campaigns. Maybe because this game explains its controls in the manual (something the bigboys need to do) reexplains it in the game and allows you to gain your trophies on the easy mode which helps you develop confidence in what you are doing while exploring its world. Maybe because wanzers are slower which allowed me to understand how to play before the difficulty kicked in. The graphics were very nice with rich detail in the explosions and the music is movie soundtrack worthy in its pacing and the way it fits into the game. The customization of the wanzers is so open depending upon what you want and how you want to play, can a human change his legs to move faster, or his arms for better accuracy no, but a wanzer can. I am sorry but the on foot missions didnt bother me it felt mw2ish but thats not a complaint mw2 is a great great game. Yes there where moments in the game were i felt confused but i really got the feeling square enix wants you to try the game and complete it as mission objectives were easily mapped out and located i never got the where am i suppose to go? and what do i do next? feeling...The online mode is straight call of duty world at war. yes there is only a few modes the genius lies in the fact that when you rank a game you get matched with people around your skill level. So no noobs i cant beat yuu down. You get killstreaks, clan tags, etc. ala customization over your wanzer arms, legs, torso, guns, shields, backpacks, and even colors and camaflouge. its a thing of beauty. The explosions, people talking junk, hey that is part of the genre but everybody gets smacked around Everybody. This is a dudes game and for girls who like to just hang out with the dudes (but get your game face on) and please no sex talk. This is square enix first try at this and I have enjoyed everything about it. Is it perfect no...NO game is...but is it right up there with the best i feel good about saying yes especially if you like mech warriors (wanzers) and mw2. I would like to see a few more modes to play but until i get to level 70 a few times and unlock all my stuff i am happy. Square Enix please downloadable content. Not now mind you the game is new to all of us but 4 months maybe? Think about it.....Also we do need a strategy rpg front mission how about running both, you cant give me this and take it away but i aslo have luv for its heritage. P.S. no you can not rank your friends in a game because if you if you are sergeant and he noob you beat him always and he cant level himself up an you get cheap kills..... but you can create rooms and play them...Pros an Cons to everything, you can thank my buddies who got about a 1000 kills off me as i learned mw2 for that. Expand
  4. Jan 14, 2011
    This game drew a lot of hate, and I can't understand why.
    Ok, so the story was a little tacky, and the cinematics were flawed. But the
    gameplay was rock solid, challenging but not impossible, the customization was great, and the battles were all memorable. Isn't that what's really important in a video GAME. GAMEPLAY? Where you PLAY the GAME? If you want awesome cinematics watch a movie, if you want a great story, read a **** book. I play video games for gameplay, the graphics and story are just icing on the cake. Yes, it's not exactly a front mission game, deal with it, it's a great game on its own merits. You can't release an AAA title as an isometric strategy game, so they didn't.

    My only real beef with this game was the controls really didn't fit the pc, as I should have expected from a mech game. And the way you're pretty much forced to use some weapons got on my nerves. For example, I originally wanted to go sniper for the campaign mode. But then the brawlers just destroyed me every time. So I tried a speed build, but I got murdered by machineguns since you can't really avoid them. I switched to a rocket build and everything around me died instantly. Got to the boss battle against the 2 girls in new york, and died 30 times without killing either of them. I grabbed a shield and spammed rockets and all of a sudden I'm unstoppable. In comparison to the armored core series, where most builds are viable as long as you can use them properly. Another minor annoyance was the cash, which at the start has no value, and you just don't have enough of it by the end. The rate at which you get it never seems to scale. Other than that, the actual core gameplay was flawlessly put together, and it varied through 3 different styles so you never got tired of running around in a mech killing stuff (as if anybody could get tired of that).
  5. Mar 13, 2012
    On my Gaming 4 Jesus video game review ( ) , I gave the video a solid 7 out of 10. This game was CERTAINLY underrated by all the critics. They would have you believe that this game was a turd in a tuxedo. But I disagree. The game was fun, though not QUITE memorable. The mechanized game play was PERFECT along with the fact that you could customize your wanzer ("walking tank"). But the problems began once you climbed out of it. While on foot, your gaming character's reticle seemed to hover over his shoulder in third-person view in an awkward way causing the whole experience to not feel very natural. And it were these parts of the game that did not feel very polished at all. It's almost as though the designers said at the last minute, "Hey, guys! Let's add some game play outside of the wanzer so that we can add more game for the money." If this was the case, it was RIGHT to add the game play. But it feels as though they did it at the last minute, or as an afterthought, too close to deadline. So, though the game was underrated, it wasn't so by much. Expand
  6. May 2, 2011
    It's not that Front Mission Evolved is a bad game. It's not, actually. It just doesn't deserve to be called a "Front Mission" game. It does not deserve to be part of this franchise. As a third person shooter it plays just fine. It doesn't have the best graphics ever seen but, by all means, they are bad. The gameplay, although generic, is okay. The story has its moments and the game has tons of possibilities in terms of Wanzer customization. This game made me scratch my head, though, trying to understand what was Square-Enix thinking. I still have no answer to that. Why not stick to the strategy, turn-based, gameplay that made the series so famous? Why transform a game that had so much depth and turn it into a bland, mediocre shooter? Maybe this is one of those questions without answers. Front Mission Evolved is not bad. It is just not Front Mission. Call it "Evolved", only, and try your luck. Or (de)volved. Or (un)volved. Bad, bad decision here, Square-Enix. Expand
  7. Nov 12, 2010
    This was one of the most buggy disc based titles I have ever purchased. There are constant frozen menus, disappearing textures, popping and repeating sounds, just to name a few. What's more, the online portion isn't much better. Multiplayer is heavily unbalanced. Newcomers to the game will likely be 1:20 per round, because of the overpowered weapons and armor found on higher ranks. What's worse, there is no localization of multiplayer, leaving you stuck playing Japanese players that both lag and have all of the most powerful weapons unlocked after having the game several months before the North American release. You can always grit your teeth and push through those problems, but add onto that the issue of severe imbalance of weapons and you have a stinker of an experience. Machine guns, rifles, and sub machine guns are all grossly underpowered. Rocket launchers and missiles rule the game. Any game that allows 1-2 hit kills with weapons that have splash damage or an auto lock-on function are hopeless. What's more, technical weapons, like sniper rifles and assault rifles, when skilled enough to hit the target, fail to do even a fraction of the damage of those "auto kill" weapons. It feels like someone forgot to equip their brain when designing this game. Stay away if you know what's good for you! Expand

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